Kendra's Clothing

by alizyk
Published: Nov 19th, 2016


don't ask a question you would rather not have answered


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Commission story from SketchySeraph


There are many oddities in this world, though perhaps none are odder than 'Kendra's Clothing'. It's a fashion boutique in the middle of a bustling city, and its quiet business seems almost out of pace with the rush around it.

And yet, that's hardly the oddest thing about this small venue. Indeed, perhaps the strangest thing about this little clothing store is the fact that it hardly has any clothing for sale. No matter the season; no matter the year, only a few clothes are hung on the sparse racks at a time.

It's this oddity that brings four young collegiates to the shop, and this oddity that ensures that they won't be leaving as themselves...


"So tell me again... How do you have a clothing shop without any clothes?" Bernard asked the woman behind the counter, a smirk on his face. The tall brunette always loved egging on retail workers; it was always worth a good chuckle.

Unfortunately, not all of the present company agreed with him. "Bern..." The blond girl to his right warned, shaking her head.

Nicole always disapproved of the things the young man did, but that why she was Clark's girlfriend and not his. Sadly, Clark was still a member of their group of friends, so Nicole had to join in even on these little shopping trips.

"What? I'm just having fun, right?" Bernard looked down to the cashier, reading her name from her tag. "Right, Kendra?" He added with a chuckle.

The woman sighed, no doubt hating the fact that she was the only one in the store, and thus was the only one here for him to heckle. "We make our clothing to order." She said at length. "We put out product as it's ready, and when it sells, it sells."

"Are you serious?" Simon, Bernard's flatmate, called out, laughing and bringing a grin to Bernard's face. Though Nicole was a total stick in the mud, at least Simon still had a sense of humor about him.

"I know, right?" Bernard asked his fair-haired flatmate, talking to him as though the cashier wasn't there. "It's like she doesn't even want to sell us anything!"

Kendra's lips quirked at that, and a glint of something passed behind her eyes. It sent a shiver down Bernard's spine, and he looked at her angrily. "What? Do you want to say something? You do know I'm a customer, right? I can call your supervisor at any given time."

The woman laughed, a melodic sound that held too much sibilance to be human. "First, as the owner of this store, you're talking to my supervisor. Second, I wouldn't be selling to you... But I would be selling you."

"What?" Clark asked, speaking up for the first time since the group had entered the store. "I'm sorry, I don't think I understand..."

Kendra smirked at him, a grin on her face. "Oh? Don't worry... You will."

With that, she clicked her fingers, grinning as Simon let out a loud gasp of surprise.

Bernard looked to him in confusion only to let out a gasp of his own, his eyes widening. Simon's skin was now a velvety red, and the young man seemed to be deflating before his friends' horrified eyes.

It was like all the air was being let out of him, the young man dwindling away to nothingness as he collapsed to his knees, his arms sucking themselves back into his shoulders. His own eyes widened dramatically at that, and he looked down to the hollow sleeves that were his arms; then back up to the cashier in horror.

His head began to deflate as he opened his mouth to speak, and he could only manage a soft "What are you-" before that too faded away to nothingness, leaving him a hollow and empty form within the fabric confines of his clothing.

"Oh my God!" Nicole shrieked, her eyes wide as she started to stumble back from the crumpled heap that had just been a person.

Bernard shared the sentiment, though his stance was one of fight, rather than flight. "You bitch!" He snarled to the cashier, eyes narrowed. "What did you do to him?"

Kendra grinned, tilting her head. "Hm? Why... I did the same thing that I'm going to do to them... And to you." She nodded towards Nicole and Clark; then to Bernard himself. Then she knelt down with a smug grin on her face, reaching into Simon's clothes and pulling out what looked to be a laced satin dress.

The brunette blinked, his brain trying to process that. Simon most certainly wasn't wearing that when he walked out today, so the only logical conclusion... "You made him into a dress?" Bernard gawped, staring in horrified shock at the woman he now knew to be a witch.

She nodded, folding the dress with a delighted hum. "You know, you asked how I could run a clothing shop without clothes... Well, here's your answer."

Bernard glared, but before he could think of anything to say, Nicole screamed loudly. He turned to find her and Clark staring in numb shock at their hands, watching as their skin turned a light pink.

"Oh my God, it's happening to us now!" Wailed the transforming girl, clinging onto her boyfriend for support. "Please, you have to... Oh!"

Her words degenerated into a loud moan, one that was echoed by Clark. Black polka-dots raced along their bodies but they didn't seem to care, instead groaning with what sounded uncomfortably like lust.

"Um... Guys?" Bernard asked, his mind racing to try and explain the grins that spread across their faces. "What's going on? You're becoming clothing, remember?"

"I know, but... Touching Nicole feels so good!" Clark breathed loudly, shuddering in his girlfriend's arms as the two of them sank to their knees. Their shoes fell to the floor as their feet unraveled, and Bernard gawped in shock.

Their bodies were literally unravelling by the second, and yet the two seemed to be enjoying it! Worse yet, rather than kissing each other or hugging, they were frantically petting one another's fabric flesh, as though that was even more appealing to them!

"Confused?" Purred the witch, looking at the man with a delighted grin. "You should know that becoming an object is hardly a painful process." She pet the dress in her hands with a wry grin as she spoke, looking to the couple who were stroking their faces with wonder.

"In fact, it's rather the opposite, a fact to which your friends would readily attest to," Kendra continued, watching as their mouths sealed over, faces beginning to melt away. "Well, if they could."

Bernard shuddered in horror as Clark and Nicole wrapped their arms around another in a lascivious embrace only for their arms to become little more than straps, entwining the two as Clark started to unravel faster from his bottom and Nicole unraveled faster from her top.

Much to the brunette's shock and horror, the two of them met in the middle, their bodies merging into what looked like some sort of lacey midriff cover fit for a stripper. He shuddered at the thought of the two people becoming one, watching as their twinned torso joined their bottom halves on the ground.

The two crumpled to the ground as the last of the changes made their way across them, leaving them just like Simon: motionless, empty clothing. In just seconds, Clark and Nicole had become a satin three-piece set straight out of any red-blooded man's dreams.

"Oh, I do hate it when they do that." Kendra sighed, bending down to untangle the two-or three, depending on how you looked at it. "Always makes such a mess of things..."

"A mess?" Echoed Bernard, his eyes wide. "These are people you're talking about; you can't just treat them like... Like..."

"Like clothing? My dear, it's what they are..." Kendra's brow furrowed as she worked a little more at the tangled knot. It finally slipped free, and the witch grinned with delight, humming happily. "And it's what you'll soon be, as well."

Now realizing that he was the last of the group to be changed, Bernard's heart began to hammer in his chest. Kendra looked up to him as a lioness would to a gazelle, and she lazily let the slinky nightwear that used to be Clark and Nicole fall to the floor.

"As for you... Hm... What style should I use for you..." Kendra grinned, her hand stretching out towards the young man.

"G-go screw yourself!" Bernard managed, his fists falling numbly to his sides as he realized the futility of trying to fight against her. Even if he got one punch in, that would probably only make things worse for him.

Despite how pathetic he looked, Kendra's eyes glimmered with interest. "Actually, on second thought... I think I'll make you into something just for me."

Bernard let a small whimper escape his lips as he felt a tingle pass through his body, and he shuddered in horror. Having only seen the changes happen to his friends, he had no idea how they would feel for himself-though at least the last transformation had given him at least some preparation.

The first thing that he noticed was an oddly smooth feeling along his skin, as though he'd been lathered in oil that left him slick and shiny. He gently played a finger along his arms to find that his body hair had disappeared, leaving his skin completely bare. Worse yet, his skin felt oddly silky; and as he looked to his hands he found small threads stitching his body together, leaving him with a light, creamy color. He wasn't becoming as gaudy as his friends... Did this have something to do with Kendra making him into 'something just for her'?

Before he could fully come to terms with this, another shudder ran through his body-this one involuntary. His muscles all went numb, leaving his creamy body feeling weak and wobbly. The changing man desperately tried to speak, to say one last quip, but only silence passed his lips as they fused shut into seamless satin.

His features smoothed over, and he began to shrink in his clothes. He could feel himself diminishing, bit by bit of himself vanishing as he became nothing more than just stitched-together-satin. And, to his horror and disgust alike, it was oddly pleasurable in defiance of the terror he knew he should be feeling.

Much like Kendra had promised, every fiber of his new satin body was an erogenous zone, and even the feeling of his cloth rubbing against itself was enough to make him tremble in pleasure. If he still had a mouth, he surely would have moaned in lusty delight; but now all he could do was quake.

But soon the changes robbed him even of this means of expression, muscles and bones alike becoming simple threads, leaving him to fall to the floor. His eyes disappeared into his fabric flesh as well, and with that Brendan saw no more.

And yet... Despite his blindness, he could somehow hear and feel just fine. It was like his body was tailored for a torment of blind ecstasy, a world of pleasure and bliss. He could feel faint tremors in the world around him; hear Kendra's footsteps as she approached. But without sight, he couldn't tell how long it would be before she reached him, or if she was walking towards him at all.

He felt a pang of anticipation at that; only to shudder in horror. Wait, what was he thinking? He couldn't possibly be looking forward to her approach, could he? He wasn't clothing; he was a person!

Then he felt a pair of delicate hands scoop him up and his world exploded into overwhelming rapture. The smoothness of skin against his cloth; the warmth of human flesh! It was almost too much to bear, and Bernard almost missed the sound of a door clicking locked; then of clothes pattering to the floor.

Kendra-for who else could be holding him-slipped her arms through what Brendan soon realized were his straps, and he privately delighted as he realized that he could be only one thing, for her to slip him on in this manner.

What he now knew to be his cups slid closer and closer to her breasts, and anticipation built in his chest. He was a bra! A bra! Of all of the things that he could have been changed into, Kendra had made him the best clothing possible!

"No doubt you think this is some sort of blessing..." Kendra purred throatily, her hands playing over him as she brought the transformed man closer to her breasts. "But you don't know the half of it."

Brendan mentally moaned as she pulled him against her breasts, his cloth pressing against her nipples. He perfectly cupped her mammaries, and the man felt mute orgasmic ecstasy begin to sweep across himself.

Kendra continued, her tone light, as though she knew the pleasure he was going through. "As merchandise, your friends will be sold off, worn, then thrown away, upon which point they'll be themselves again. Confused and in a different time, yes... But they'll still be themselves.

"But as my clothing, you'll be mine forever; something that I'll never, ever let go. Even though I'll tuck you in a drawer for weeks or months, you'll still eagerly await the next time I put you on just as much; knowing that you'll never be yourself again... And in time, even your memories of your humanity will fade, until you're nothing more than a bra."

Bernard only felt pleasure at her every word, the sounds bearing with them pleasant vibrations through Kendra's full breasts. He knew that he should be horrified by her words-disgusted, even-but he couldn't dissipate the mindless pleasure that was being worn.

It was in this numb and lost state that he found himself an observer to the world around him, hearing the sound of folding cloth and the quiet hum Kendra made while working. Her every motion brought him closer and closer to a climax that his cloth body couldn't feel, and he began to lose himself to this hazy world of being an object.

Yes, this was... It wasn't so bad to be clothes, was it? He was perfectly cupping Kendra's breasts, after all; and what sort of guy didn't want to do that for the rest of their life? Better yet, her nipples pressed perfectly into his smooth satin, and...

No, no! He tried to clear his thoughts, blocking out the alien words and refusing to admit they were his. He couldn't be enjoying this, he had to escape, and yet... And yet...

He mentally moaned again as Kendra slipped on her shirt, buttoning it tight and letting it press him even closer to her smooth, supple breasts. His satiny body was in heaven from her very touch, and he wanted more!

The young man silently begged her to touch her breasts again; better yet, to squeeze them, grope them, fondle them, anything!

But his body was incapable of producing so much as a sound, and so his torment of pleasure continued, leaving him trapped in an endless void of bliss. He heard the world around him pass him by in a blur, and before he knew it the shirt was being unbuttoned once again, and Kendra's delicate hands were at his clasp.

She popped it apart teasingly slowly, and the pleasure began to fade to a distant memory as Bernard was slipped off from her body. He gave a quiet sob at the deprivation of her touch; then at the realization that he truly missed being worn.

It was barely his first day of being worn, and already he missed her touch. Bernard mentally wailed with anguish at his need and weakness alike as dusk fell on the first day of the rest of his life.


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