Piggy Passion

by alizyk
Published: Nov 19th, 2016


A wife misunderstanding her husband leads to them finding greater love in their marriage


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Commission story from SketchySeraph


Matthew Thompson was a simple man, a farmer who enjoyed the pleasures of living on a ranch with his loving and loyal wife, Robyn. It was a peaceful way of life, full of everyday farmwork, and it gave Matthew the most calm mind he'd had in years.

Unfortunately, that all makes for a rather dull story indeed—which makes it exceptionally lucky that Matthew's dearest darling Robyn happened to be a powerful witch. Better yet, Matthew had no idea... At least, not until one fateful summer's day. Here is where their tale truly begins, a spin of flesh and fat that would change Matthew's life forever...

“Robyn? Hey, Robyn?” Matthew called as he entered his house, completely unaware as to the drastic turn for the mystical that his day would take. Instead, he only focused on the fact that he apparently needed pigs on his farm.

“Hey! Do you know where we can get a sow?” He asked, still fuming quietly over the  farmers' meeting that he'd had earlier. What kind of a messed up county required its farmers to keep a livestock minimum?

“A sow?” Robyn giggled, emerging from the kitchen with one of her typical sultry smiles. “What on earth would we need one of those for?” She slipped her arms around Matthew, her shimmering blond hair glinting as bright as her smile.

“It's some stupid thing that this town needs for us. They say that we need to keep livestock on the ranch, can you believe it?” Matthew scoffed, but gratefully accepted her hug. Robyn had always been able to calm him down, and right now the man was in sore need of calming.

“No!” Robyn exclaimed, her mouth a small 'o' of surprise. Then her brow furrowed, and she looked to her husband dubiously. “But... A pig? We already have a boar, isn't one enough?”

Matthew shook his head 'no'. “They want more than just one... So since old Potbelly isn't neutered, I think that a sow would solve pretty much all of our problems. Problem is, we need to get one soon, and I don't have the faintest idea on where to get one.” He sighed, hoping that the town council wouldn't evict them over some stupid, obscure rule.

At that, Robyn paused. Being a witch, or 'woman of magic' as she preferred to be called, wasn't one of the most well-liked professions in the world. The last time one of her kind had helped out a farmer had ended in more burnings than she'd have liked to have... But then again, Matthew did seem to really want this.

“Um... I can get us one today.” Robyn offered, a nervous smile on her face.

Matthew snickered at that, shaking his head in disbelief. “Yeah, and how are you going to do that? Magic?” He didn't know of a single way to arrange a purchase order that quickly, and he'd been researching all day!

Little did he know just how much his question meant to his wife. Robyn's eyes widened as she began to think that her husband had somehow found out about her biggest secret, and to her surprise she found that she was delighted.

It was so good to know that he was okay with her magical heritage, which also meant that he'd be okay with her methods of getting a sow! “It is!” She chirped, wrapping her arms around her husband and kissing him. She knew that Matthew was too smart to fall for some of the lame excuses she'd used to cover up accidental magic!

Before Matthew could so much as get a word in, Robyn began to put her magic into motion, gathering the energy for a simple shape-changing spell. Transformation had always been a second nature to her, so she only needed to picture her husband as a sow to get the spell on its way.

Meanwhile, Matthew was blinking in confusion, still trying to find the words to meet his wife's proclamation. “Come again?” He managed, as a tingling sensation began to spread along his body.

It was like a crackling electricity was coursing along his form, and Matthew shivered as the odd feeling coalesced around his hands. He looked down to them only to yelp aloud in surprise as his skin started to darken; his nails thickening and growing over his fingers.

“H-honey... What's happening?” He looked up, his heartrate beginning to take off. His hands felt so numb, and it almost looked like they were becoming hooves! His head swam as his body began to bloat, and soon Matthew had an entirely new problem to cope with.

Of course Robyn had no idea that her husband was surprised by these changes. Rather, she thought that he was playing cute. Naturally, it only followed that she'd tug on his ears with a grin, making them lengthen at her touch. “Hm? I wonder.” She giggled, feeling younger than she'd felt in years.

“I wonder too!” Matthew yelped, his new pig's ears flopping as he pulled away from his wife. “What the heck is happening to m—reee!” He squealed loudly at the end of his exclamation, eyes widening as he recognized the sound.

“Orrnt—are you making me into a pig?” He managed, his fear-addled mind only able to come to that conclusion. His body was getting so big; his clothes were getting so tight! The only conceivable cause was that he was somehow transforming!

“You know it, baby.” Robyn said, still thinking that her husband was playing with her. She tapped his nose happily, beaming as it turned upwards on his face. The bridge to his nose crinkled as his nostrils began to expand, and Robyn clapped eagerly.

And just as Robyn was getting more and more excited, Matthew was getting more and more terrified. His body was getting so heavy that his legs were starting to cramp, and he knew that he'd have to fall onto all fours soon. Worse, the jiggling fat that was bubbling along his stomach was making his shirt creak with distress.

But of all of the sensations that were assailing him, the worst had to be the knowledge that his wife was delighting in this. How could she ever enjoy seeing her husband become an animal... Unless she was the cause. “R-oornt! Rutabaga!” Matthew half-snorted the word they used for more private times, hoping she'd get the idea.

Robyn's eyes widened as the words passed into her head, and the witch began to realize just how greatly she'd erred. “Oh. Crap.” She said, her hands flying to her blushing face. “You didn't know I'm a witch.”

“Y-urrnt uh w-w-whgneee!” Matthew squealed loudly, his eyes wide as he lost his voice and the battle to stand on two legs. He fell to his forehooves in distress, the motion making his jiggling fat pop several of the seams along his clothes.

On the bright side, it looked like Robyn had gotten the point. Though that was small comfort compared to the distress of becoming an animal. His spine ached tremendously as it started to extend from the rest of his body, its tip twirling as it grew into a curly pig's tail just above the hem of his pants.

“Okay, okay. I can fix this. I can...” Robyn trailed off as she realized that she'd changed Matthew for the express purpose of breeding, and her cheeks burned all the brighter. “Okay, funny story. Promise you won't get mad?”

Matthew snorted at her indignantly as his face began to stretch into a piggy snout, and Robyn rolled her eyes. “Right, right. Dick move of me to ask. Anyways... I kind of thought you were on board with the transformation thing, so you kind of can't change back until you give birth to a litter of piglets.” Her eyes watered slightly as she realized how hurt Matthew must be, and the woman found herself praying desperately for his forgiveness.

The transforming man huffed with irritation, his eyes wide as he contemplated what she was saying. He knew that he should probably be furious with her for transforming him like this, but then again she was trying to help. Matthew settled for a disgruntled grunt, flexing his stretched jaw as his bottom canines lengthened to form a pair of thick tusks.

On the bright side, this would solve their pig problem... Though that also meant... Matthew's thought process ground to a halt as the rest of her words finally clicked in his brain. Didn't that mean that he'd become a female pig!?

Sure enough, his cock began to ache, and the bloating man whimpered as his slacks started to get abominably tight. Robyn was mercifully there for him in an instant, kissing his cheek and trailing her fingers along the seams of his clothes.

It was like her finger was a magical knife, because they fell to pieces around him, fluttering to the floor in a series of shredded scraps. It left his excessively fleshy body free to be touched by the warm air of their house—and by his wife's hands.

Robyn smiled as she wrapped one arm around her changing husband, making his arms and legs shorten to be suited for a pig. Her spell still needed one thing to be complete: a sexual charge to drive its gender change.

A smile crossed her face as she lightly played her fingers along his husband's penis, feeling him stiffen beneath her even as his skin toughened to a porcine hide. The witch licked her fingers to moisten them and sample the rich flavor of her love, and with that she set about pleasuring him in earnest.

Matthew's heart raced with surprise at this latest turn of events. He hadn't expected today's transformation to take a turn for the pleasurable, much less to receive one of the best handjobs he'd ever had in his life! He moaned loudly, gasping with sensation and wriggling his hips to thrust into his wife's fist.

The action caused his hips to crack loudly behind him, but he didn't care! Her hand was so smooth; so supple! Moreover, his cock was more sensitive than it had ever been in his life! He let out another piggy grunt, snorting with bliss and wonder alike.

It seemed to be enough to drive to the changes to his genitals, and Matthew's fatty body jiggled with insane ecstasy as even more pleasure flowed along his form. His balls pulled back into his body, somehow eliciting a loud grunt of pleasure as they left only a hole behind; a wet and quivering hole that begged to be touch.

It was a hole that Robyn noticed, and she trailed her other hand to his groin to pet it. “Starting to like this?” She cooed, a smile on her face as Matthew nodded his head vigorously, flopping his ears with a porcine squeal.

“Well... I think you'll love its conclusion, then.” Robyn purred, gliding her fingers into her husband's new love hole, driving his changes to a new frenetic pace; spurring them on with sex.

Matthew's bones cracked and popped; his insides twisted. And yet he didn't care. The only thing in the world that mattered to him was how incredibly pleasurable this all was; how good it felt to have his sensitive skin stroked! He moaned loudly, drool spilling from his mouth as his cock began to slip back within himself.

It should have been uncomfortable, but it was like its shrinking form was able to hold all of the pleasure of its old length; like all of the orgasmic bliss of his cock was now centered around a small nub. Some part of Matthew's mind realized that he now had a piggy clit; that his body was now that of a woman's. But he didn't care; the only thing that mattered to him was the insane pleasure running through his body; the pleasure that was building to a mind-numbing climax!

With a loud squeal, Matthew's porcine pussy clenched around his wife's fingers, and he orgasmed harder than ever before. It was an insanely euphoric bliss, an ecstasy that swam along all of his limbs and left him breathing raggedly to try and catch his bearings; to familiarize himself with his transformed body.

Impossible as it was, he was a sow now.

The thought passed through his head as Robyn hugged him tightly in her arms, squealing with delight. “Oh my God, you're just too cute!” She chirped, her eyes twinkling as she looked him up and down. “And you know... I think that I think you're just about ready to be bred.”

Matthew's eyes widened at that, but he was too tired to protest. Perhaps it was his new body's intrinsic subservience, but he found himself being led easily into their pig's pen, waiting for his wife to release Potbelly and for nature to take its course.

It was a horrible thought to bear and a necessity for their farm at the same time, and Matthew closed his eyes as he awaited his own cross to bear. A loud grunting heralded the pig's approach, and the man kept his eyes shut as their boar forcibly tackled him from behind, its curled cock pressing at his pussy.

Matthew shuddered inwardly with horror at that, the realization passing through his mind that he was actually enjoying this; and he squealed loudly as the pig continued to thrust at him, squirming its hips to coax its cock within within his cervix. It was pleasurable to his piggy body, and Matthew found his squeals of delight joining Potbelly's, his mind awash with bliss.

But the porcine pleasure wasn't to last, and Potbelly's cock finally curved within the firm fold of Matthew's love hole. It was like this was all the boar needed to climax, and the pig ejaculated deep within him, filling him with its potent seed.

Matthew's gut curled at the thought of being pregnant with a boar's children; of how his wife would look upon him now that he'd done this intimate act with a pig of all things.

But the awkward sensation lasted only a moment, as a pair of delicate hands stroked his sides from behind. Matthew turned in surprise to find his wife straddling him in place of the pig, a sly smile on her face.

Of course Robyn wouldn't allow her husband's first time to be with some pig; she was too much of a romantic for that. And with a pig transformation so fresh in her mind, it was child's play to shapeshift into a boar—though climax seemed to have worn off her spell.

“Hey there, miss piggy.” Robyn giggled at the gobsmacked look on the pig's face beneath her; only to squeak in surprise as Matthew shook her off of him into the mud. Before she had the chance to be offended, he tackled her and covered her face in sloppy licks, grunting loudly with delight.

“Easy, easy!” Robyn laughed, hugging him tightly. “You know I wouldn't leave you to that old boar... At least, not for your first time.” Her eyes glimmered as she kissed his snout, feeling his stomach with her hands. “But we'll give it a few days; see if my seed took hold.”

Matthew nodded, snorting again and licking his wife. He'd have to ask her why she didn't just change herself into a sow; though that could come later. For now, the only thing that mattered was being with her and reveling in her rich presence.

Much to the new sow's delight, his wife took to sleeping with him in the sty. Even though Robyn preferred a porcine form for this nightly visits, it was nice to cuddle with someone and feel his litter growing in his uterus.

And grow they did, until the point where Matthew farrowed nine whole and healthy piglets—all of them female, as fate would have it. His humanity was restored soon after, and the man eagerly planned to return to his idyllic lifestyle.

But he realized after just one day that he couldn't go back to a normal life. Having tasted how enjoyable change could be, he and his wife made it into a regular part of their routine. Their fields soon swelled with animals, and the married couple were happier than they'd ever been before—all thanks to a night of piggy passion.


Nice pig/sow transformation with impregnation.