Classroom Chital

by alizyk
Published: Nov 19th, 2016
Last Edit: Nov 19th, 2016


Teacher is finding new ways to present animals mating rituals to her class.


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Commissioned story from SketchySeraph and inculding story concept by dkfenger


Classroom Chital

"The chital," Mrs. Gutierrez began, looking out to her class, "is a cervine ungulate native to India. It's also called the spotted deer, or the axis deer." She clicked to her next slide, bringing up a picture of an antlered specimen.

"The male chital has large, three-pronged antlers and it stands at around three feet at the shoulder. The female, meanwhile, will typically be almost half a foot shorter. Now, we all learned the word for this last week, but for any of you who've forgotten, it is..." Mrs. Gutierrez turned behind herself to write on the board. "Sexual dimorphism." She enunciated each syllable clearly, turning back towards the class with a smile.

As expected, the students looked back to her with glazed eyes, no doubt bored out of their minds. "But I suspect some of you might be sick of slides, so why don't I just show you them in person?"

Several eyebrows and heads shot up as the class heard her words. "Oh, you like that, hm? Did anyone notice that our love triangle isn't here today? That's because Paul, Cynthia, and Yvette are my volunteers for our class demonstration, a demonstration that can only be seen here at Vennmura. So, to study the mating rituals of the chital, I'd like you all to give a large round of applause!"

She turned behind herself to reveal a trio of cervines who blinked and recoiled from the fluorescent lights of the classroom. Much to the class's amusement, it looked like there was one doe and two bucks, meaning that no doubt Paul was the female and his two suitors were the males.

Even as humans, Cynthia and Yvette had constantly jockeyed for Paul's attentions. It was a love triangle worthy of Archie Comics, the two brunettes obsessing over the young man. And it seemed that though their bodies had changed, this bitter rivalry had remained a constant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Paul looked at the two uneasily, a little worried as to how this presentation would go. This was her first time both as an ungulate and as a woman, and she wasn't too keen on mating in this form... Even if she found the two bucks to be strangely attractive.

She knew that some of this was thanks to the instincts which Mrs. Gutierrez had implanted in her skull, which helped her resist the urge to nibble at their ears, letting them know she was interested.

It did not, however, allow her to resist the urge to look down between their legs at the thick and furry sheaths that hung against their bellies, and their hairy, masculine scrotums...

Her cheeks colored as she realized that everyone in the room had noticed where she was looking, and the doe brought her eyes to look at their heads. Instead, she watched as the two glared daggers at one another, despite their rearranged line of sight.

Cynthia was the most aggressive, actively growling under his breath at Yvette, a frown on his muzzle as Mrs. Gutierrez pointed him and Yvette to the center of the classroom. He'd been Venned to be a larger chital than his love rival, and he fully intended to use that to his advantage.

Mrs. Gutierrez watched the girl-turned-buck with a grin; then she looked to Paul. "The chital is a matriarchal species, meaning that the women are all the more desirable for it. Herds are usually formed of an adult female and her offspring, with the males forming a herd of their own.

"As such, the size of these little congregations is usually on the smaller side, though large herds have been spotted in the past. These herds aren't always too close to one another, and they tend to dissolve over time."

The teacher walked over to the doe with a smile, patting her on her rump. Paul huffed indignantly, tossing her ears with disdain. She wasn't just a piece of meat to be looked at! Well, not by humans. She could certainly stand Cynthia and Yvette looking at her a little more.

"That said, if any of you want to research chital, you should be aware that their herd size is seasonal. Because when does like our girl, Paul, here get pregnant; they temporarily leave the herd."

Paul shook her body to instinctively correct the fur that Mrs. Gutierrez had tousled, in the process casting some of her scent into the air.

Yvette smelled it first, the buck blushing as he caught wind of Paul. He'd always thought that Paul was sexy as a man, but as a doe? She was fuckable. It was crude, but also the only word he could think of at the time.

"Arruuuuhn!" Yvette bellowed, his heart pounding at the cervine confession of love. "Rrn rrn rrn." He added a second later, to clarify his feelings and further express himself.

Cynthia's eyes narrowed at that, and she let out a loud "GUHNORR!" In the process, scuffing her right forehoof against the ground.

Mrs. Gutierrez smirked and pointed to the two bucks, looking up to the class. "Chitals are a particularly vocal species, who communicate through bellows and barks. They're not as loud as other deer, but there is a certain expressivity that their yelps and growls can convey... And, of course, they're very vocal when mating. Males moan and females bark, which is part of why these are my very, very favorite deer to study."

As she spoke, the two males began to circle around one another uneasily, each daring the other to make a move first. They gradually began to still, instincts decreeing they turn around, showing one another their hindquarters.

"Ah, it looks like their rivalry is about to come to violence." Mrs. Gutierrez spoke calmly, looking back to the class with a grin. "The male chital marks its territory both by using glands near its eyes, and by using urine. This is why it's such an insult for them to challenge one another in such a manner."

Cynthia hissed loudly, his tail waggling in an attempt to fan some of his deer musk towards Yvette. His upper lip curled with disdain and he hissed again, lowering his head to show off how long his three-pronged antlers were.

"As we can see, males tend to jockey for the attention of a female. It's not unlike deer we're used to, though the chital is a little different. Both of the males have begun to hiss at one another, as you may have noticed. They raise their upper lips to show their teeth and lower their heads and tails alike, providing both offense and defense."

Yvette growled lowly as he stalked towards Cynthia, the fur along this nape of his neck bristling as he drew closer to his rival male. Mrs. Gutierrez had Venned him with a solid set of instincts, and he was ready to put them to good use.

Cynthia turned towards him, still sneering with disdain. He was already thinking of Yvette less as a human and more as a rival chital, and the thought that such a small male would challenge him was, quite frankly, offensive.

"The smaller male will tend to approach his competitor slowly, head down until they lock antlers." Mrs. Gutierrez said with a smile, pausing to allow the class to hear the click of antler on antler. "And now, they begin to fight."

Paul watched from the sidelines, her ears twitching with delight as the two men fought over her. Over her! It was incredible enough that they could find this delicate cervine body to be attractive; but worth fighting over? She was flattered, and she would more than reward the victor.

It was like a wrestling match, each deer grunting loudly as they pushed against one another, trying to force the other to the ground. They glared pridefully at one another, then Yvette began to bark.

"Urrn-ar-ar-AR!" He bellowed, the sound echoing throughout the classroom. Though he was the smaller deer, he wasn't going to let up here; he was going to win the right to plow Paul, and then he would fuck the shit out of him! Yvette's testosterone-fueled mind drove him to digging his hooves into the linoleum rug of the classroom, and he managed to force Cynthia backwards.

"As you can see, the smaller male will often cry loudly, producing a bellow to unnerve his opponent while preserving his dominance." Mrs. Gutierrez announced, smirking as the two chital continued to jockey for attention, grinding their antlers hard against each others'. "You may notice that they're not crashing against one another over and over; this is no typical stag fight. Chital are more civilized in that manner, an instinctive honor keeping them from seriously injuring one another."

At that, Cynthia lunged his head forward, nipping at Yvette's neck. "AOWL!" He bellowed, glaring at Yvette and re-locking their horns.

"... Of course, there are exceptions to every rule." Mrs. Gutierrez smirked, looking over to Paul. "You know, you must be quite the prize."

Paul blushed madly at that, shifting anxiously beneath the teacher's gaze. She shuffled anxiously, unknowingly wafting more of her estrus-laden scent into the air. The two males began to fight ever-harder at that, actively grunting and bellowing to assert their dominance over the other.

Then, much to Cynthia's displeasure, he began to be pushed back. The buck chital dug his heels into the ground in an attempt to slow Yvette's advance, but it was like trying to fight the tide. Somehow the smaller male was winning this; besting him!

"NUUH!" Cynthia thundered, only for his eyes to meet Yvette's. He saw in them not only determination, but also animal lust, a primal mind that had been roused by Paul's scent.

Indeed, Yvette was no longer thinking as a person, but instead just as a chital. He wanted, needed to fuck Paul. He was going to take her hard, slam into her, make her bellow with pleasure! He was going to get her pregnant and raise a herd of their own!

The smaller chital was well and truly drunk on lust, his eyes glazing over as he grunted and bellowed and pushed against his rival. And yet he was sober enough to recognize that his mind was completely clouded by lust and to marvel at just how aroused he was.

Were all men like this, or was it just male chital? Yvette had no idea; he only wanted to settle this fight and mount his mate. With a grunt, he forced Cynthia back; then broke their horned lock and trotted eagerly towards his new mate.

"Once victorious, the chital seldom fight one another. The loser recognizes their defeat and allows the victor the spoils." Mrs. Gutierrez said, looking to Paul again with a smirk. "So if I were you, I'd get ready for Yvette's... attentions."

Paul nodded eagerly, her eyes wide as she looked to the long deer cock that trailed between Yvette's legs, swaying with his every step. God, she'd never been so aroused in her life before; and all of this at the sight of a deer cock!

Her cervine pussy trembled with anticipation, honey dewing along her furry lips as she licked her snout with anticipation. She turned her hindquarters towards Yvette with a delighted yelp, wiggling her tail and casting even more of the rich scent into the air, into Yvette's nostrils.

The buck chital didn't know what hit him. One second he was getting ready to approach his love, the next he was mounting her, driving his long deer cock towards her eager folds. "AAAHHHRN!" He thundered, slamming into Paul with all of the passion a chital could muster.

God, was this what it was like to be an animal? To be able to rut so freely despite the attention of his classmates; despite the lack of tender foreplay? Yvette loved this! He grunted and bellowed once more, humping hard at Paul's plush posterior, feeling her vagina clench tightly around his cock.

Paul yipped and yelped with ecstasy below Yvette, her eyes rolling back in her head as she began to foam at the lips. This was all good, too good! Not only was she finally fucking Yvette, but it was also the greatest pleasure of her life!

Having never been in a female body before, Paul was a virgin to the pleasures that only a woman can feel. She moaned loudly and writhed with ecstasy, loving the entirely new sensation of being filled with a thick, male cock.

She groaned and grunted beneath this onslaught of pleasure, writhing and bellowing her lust eagerly for the whole class to hear. So what if they were judging her for loving this? They weren't in her shoes-hooves-whatever! She was too pleasured to think straight; too lost to the throes of ecstasy!

Paul flexed her cervine muscles once more, grinding her ass back towards Yvette's groin with a moan of pleasure. This was beyond the most pleasurable experience of her life; transcended everything in her memory!

Could it be that sex was this good as a woman? Or perhaps it was because Yvette was Paul's soulmate? Or... Maybe it was because Paul had just seen Yvette win her in a challenge, and on some base level she responded to it.

The last thought sent a shiver of pleasure through the doe that ran all the way across her body, from head to hindquarters. It was a tremor that passed all the way to Yvette, who huffed loudly, scuffing his right forehoof against the ground.

By now the two were entirely in sync, every motion of Paul's sending Yvette into deeper pleasure; every motion of Yvette's bringing Paul to new heights. The two bellowed and groaned loudly, letting their cries of ecstasy echo through the lecture hall.

Then, just like that, they reached their limits in unison. "UNH UNH UURRRRRNNN!" Yvette groaned, almost in time with Paul's yipped "OUUU AR-AR-AR!" They both tensed, then screamed together, Yvette's cock spurting his hot seed into Paul's drenched pussy.

"AOOOOONHHH!" They thundered as one, a loud cry that died down as the need to catch their breath overwhelmed them. Their first orgasms as members of the opposite sex were too much for the two to bear, and they collapsed into a spent heap on the ground, constantly nuzzling and licking one another in an attempt to cool each other down.

The pleasant warmth of post-coital endorphins was almost as good as the pleasure of mating itself, and the two basked in one another's presence, revelling in the feeling of still being bonded together.

"Spent, our spotted specimens will typically remain close to one another, allowing defeated males no chance of claiming revenge." Mrs. Gutierrez looked to Cynthia as she spoke, and the buck huffed arrogantly.

"As far as our new pair... Well, gestation will typically take anywhere from two hundred twenty-five to two hundred thirty-five days, after which it takes anywhere from two weeks to four months before the female is ready to conceive again. That being said, since estrus lasts for up to three weeks, it's not unheard of for the male to have a little more fun with his female counterpart, just to make sure she's pregnant."

Mrs. Gutierrez laughed at both of the the deer's ears perked up, their eyes wide with anticipation. "And I can see that our presenters are more than willing to take advantage of that. But, while they have all day; we do not. So, I'll bring them back to one of our campus's Venn rooms while the rest of you come up with what species we should study next. Class dismissed."


Actually, not bad. Entertaining.