Being the Favorite One

by Brat
Published: Apr 15th, 2007


Young Man to Cow.


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Being The Favorite One
By Brat
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Lying in the grass on my belly, I looked at the football field that was located just beyond the pasture fence. I saw the fans and, of course, the cheerleaders of both teams. My eyes focused on a cheerleader for the home team with long blond hair who stood in the middle of her group. She was laughing and I could see she was having a really good time. While looking at her I went on chewing my food and chasing those damn flies away with my tail. I could feel clearly the movements of the calf in my belly. I will probably give birth within a few days.

It was a pity that I couldn't see the colours of the cheerleader's uniforms anymore but I knew they were blue and red.

There was a sort of commotion going on in the crowd and I saw the two teams entering the field. The third player of the home team caught my attention. He was very handsome and smiled when the cheerleaders were loudly chanting his name. He was the star of the home team and was fully aware of it.

Not only he and the public knew that, but so did I, a dairy Holstein milk cow on the Anderson's farm.

I will explain it to you in my story and maybe it will serve as a kind of warning for the guys that avoid taking their responsibilities for their girlfriends seriously.


I was listening to my favourite music when my mother suddenly entered my room. She made a sign with her hands that there was a phone call for me. I quickly pulled the headphones away from my ears and got up from my bed.

"Lisa's on the phone," she said with a smile. "Hurry up, Kevin! Move your ass, she's waiting."

Lisa Anderson had been my girlfriend for more than two years. Her parents ran a dairy farm and she's their only child. Their farm is located about one mile away from my home and next to the local football field.

I have known Lisa nearly whole my life. We were in the same classes from the start of our early schooldays. In the beginning, we didn't have much contact with each other but that changed at the age of fifteen. With her pretty face, straw blond hair and her lovely, sexy body she became the target for many of the boys in my class. I was the lucky guy who got the trophy.

I passed my mother and ran down the stairs to the hall where the phone was.

"Hello Lisa."

"Hello sweetheart. Can you come to my place now? I've got to talk to you."

"But Lisa, you know that I can't! Football practice starts in twenty minutes."

"Kevin, you must come! I must see you now…It is very important," Lisa said in a nervous tone.

I could hear that something was wrong. "Lisa, what is going on? What is so important that I have to give up practice?" I asked emphatically. I knew from my own limited experience with women that this was the best solution to handle the problem. I had no intention at all to give up my football practice.

"I can't explain this matter on the phone, but you must come. Please, it's very important for me. Kevin, please! Come to my place now…please?"

I had to give up after two minutes of further pleading from Lisa and finally I agreed that I would come to her place. I was really pissed off and smacked the phone down on the hook after the call.

"Is there something wrong honey?" I heard my mother asking from the kitchen.

I had to avoid any interference from my mother so I replied in a nonchalant way, " No, mom. Lisa just asked me to come to her place before I go to practice."

"Why?" she asked curiously.

"I don't know mom. Maybe she has a surprise for me. You know women in love act strange sometimes."

"All right Casanova. Don't make her wait. I know that women don't like to wait for their lover. And that counts especially for your girl."

"I'm on my way, commander."

I tried to let it sound calm to my mom but I was really angry at Lisa. I had the feeling that she was becoming too dominant in our relationship and that had given me a bad feeling for some time. She knows damn well that football practice is very important to me. So, I hoped for her sake that she had a good explanation for her behaviour.

When I arrived on the farm, I saw a light coming from the open door of one of the stables. I laid my bicycle against the wall of the stable and went through the door. The huge stable was empty except for Lisa and one lonely cow. She was putting a bandage on the left hind leg of the cow.

"Hello Lisa," I said in a friendly tone. I had \intended to avoid any quarrel with her because I knew her temperament damn well. There had been too many quarrels between us the last few months.

She looked up at me, smiled and continued with her work. When I approached her I noticed that the cow was Marie, her favourite one.

Lisa had to help with the birth of Marie by herself because of the absence of her parents at the time. This happened more than a year ago and from that day on she had a special bond with Marie.

"Hello Kevin, I'm nearly finished with Marie. Just give me a minute," she said.

"No problem Lisa. What's wrong with her?" I asked.

"She hurt her hind leg in the pasture near the river. I suppose she got to close to the barbed wire. Any way, it's not to serious. In a couple of days the wound will be healed. I really appreciate that you came Kevin."

"No problem dear. Your wish is my command," I replied in a pleasant way. While Lisa continued with her work, I tried to ignore my irritation with the fact she had asked me to come to the farm.

Lisa loved to work on the farm and tried on every occasion to convince me how great the job of a farmer was. Her vision of her future was to become a farmer's wife and I think I already knew who she had in mind to fill the husband role. That was the reason why she had no intention to go to college after finishing high school this year. Occasionally she would talk to me about her future, marriage and how happy she would be when that day came. I can assure you that Lisa was very serious on that point. It had become nearly a tradition in her family that the girls were married at the age of eighteen and I began to fear that Lisa would like to follow in their footsteps.

I stood there and observed with pleasure my girlfriend's amazing curves. Her jeans stretched firmly around her sexy butt left no doubt about what was behind the fabric of her jeans. I could also clearly see the form of her firm breasts under her shirt while she was working on Marie's hind leg. I was a really lucky guy to have her as my girlfriend! A picture of Lisa's body wouldn't be out of place on the cover of a men's magazine.

Five minutes later she was done with her work and she came over to me and gave me a few wet kisses on my mouth. "I love you Kevin," I could hear her saying between the kisses.

I started to get aroused and could feel her full breasts pressing against my body. She was also stroking my head with one hand while the other was on my butt. "Maybe I would miss practice with the team but I have probably the opportunity to have a good fuck this evening,' I thought. This was also some kind of physical training, but definitely in a different way.

When I placed my right hand on her breast, she stepped away and put some distance between us, "Kevin, we need to talk," she said in a serious way.

"Wow baby, I thought we were already talking."

"No Kevin. Stop it! This is not a game. We need to talk, now!"

"Ok Lisa, what's the problem?"

"I'm pregnant Kevin. Yes. Pregnant!" she shouted at me when I looked at her with disbelief.

"Pregnant? How can you be pregnant? You are taking the pill, aren't you?"

"Yes, I do and I don't know how it is possible, but I'm pregnant, Kevin," Lisa started to cry and I closed my arms around her to give her some support.

"Shush baby, everything will be all right. Are you sure?"

That question made her angry and she pushed me away. "You stupid idiot! Of course I'm sure about it! Do you think I would tell you this story just for fun?"

I couldn't react immediately and said nothing. The reality of her announcement hit me hard. I was not ready to become a father now. I had to go to the university first and become a lawyer just like my father before I could even think about having a child. I tried to figure how to explain this to Lisa.

She looked at me with her big blue eyes and said, "Kevin, I want to keep our child. You have to marry me and come to live here on the farm. My parents would be proud to have you as their son-in-law. I think I could make a good farmer of you in no time. What do you say about that Kevin? I'm really looking forward to being your wife and mother of our child."

I looked at her with disgust. Me? A farmer? I didn't like the idea of becoming a young father and I certainly didn't like the idea of becoming a farmer!

What an awful thought! I don't like animals at all. The only reason for me to come out to the farm was Lisa. It was always a major effort for me to endure the foul smells of the farm. I tried to avoid this place and when I couldn't, I had to sprinkle my body with a lot of after shave.

Why is she so stupid she can't see that I "m not interested in becoming a farmer? I told her so many times that I was not born for this way of life. Her pregnancy was probably a trap to obligate me to marry her and become the future farmer on this farm.

I had no other option than to play the game hard.

"Lisa, I have no intention of becoming a farmer on this farm or on any other farm. I intend to become a lawyer and I intend to go on living in a town where the first thing you smell in the morning is not manure. Your pregnancy has to be stopped. There is no other solution. I'm sorry for that and I will give you the money necessary for an abortion but you can,t expect any more from me. After all, it's your fault! You're responsible for taking the pill daily. If you had done that, there wouldn't be a problem at all."

Lisa stood there perplexed at my malicious words. She looked at me with a sad expression in her eyes. "Kevin, you don't mean what you are saying. Please give our future a chance, please." While saying this she started to cry and swayed her head slowly.

"I meant every word of it Lisa. The reason I took you as my girlfriend was mainly for your incredibly sexy body. I have no intention of marrying you! After this summer, I'm leaving this place to go to college and that would probably also be the end of our relationship. I "m sure you did this on purpose and I won't fall into your trap. Who do you think you are to make a claim on me and my life? You're only a female that needs a good fuck on a regular basis, just like your cow Marie. If she only had a smaller butt, I would think about making her my new girlfriend. At least she is not as stupid as you. I'm sure she wouldn't complain to me about being pregnant and she certainly would not talk to me about marriage. Maybe that's not a bad idea. After all a slit is a slit. So forget the idea of marrying me and get rid of that child Lisa. I'll give you the money next week."

I left Lisa alone in the stable and continued on my way to football practice. I was not proud of myself and I was probably a little bit too aggressive during the practice. So aggressive, that the coach pulled me from the training field early.

Two months later:

My mother asked me a lot of questions about why I broke up with Lisa but I didn't want to explain it to her; so I had to live with the never ending questions.

In the meantime, I had to endure the confrontations with Lisa at school every day. She ignored me completely and acted as if I did not exist at all. I tried to talk to her the first week after the incident but she didn't respond to my efforts. The only thing I managed to do was to drop an envelope of money in her purse. I could see by looking carefully at the size of her belly over the next weeks that she must have had an abortion. Lisa also quit being a cheerleader for our local football team.

I really regretted the words that I said to her that evening and was deeply ashamed of my selfish attitude towards her, but during the passing days it was nearly impossible for me to talk to her or give her my excuses.

In class, I didn't have the courage to look Lisa straight in her eyes and I began to avoid her whenever it was possible. I was a coward and I was well aware of it!

On the other hand, I felt depressed because I found out that I missed Lisa and her company each day more and more.

Three months later:

I was sitting near the field after a football match and enjoying the feeling of success after my performance during the game. I felt satisfied and as I closed my eyes I could see myself making the winning goal again and again.

"Hello Kevin. Are you day dreaming?"

When I looked up, I saw Morgan standing in front of me. She looked at me with her intriguing dark eyes and I could see her perfect white teeth as she was smiled at me. The wind had her long black hair gently moving and I could see her lovely long legs under a short sexy skirt.

I was too surprised to say something back and could only look into her mysterious, intelligent eyes. I quickly stood up and was fully aware of how clumsy I was acting.

"Did you lose your tongue during the game?" she asked in a seductive way.

"Hey, Morgan. You look great!" was the only reply I was able to give to her.

She looked great with her long legs behind her short skirt and her perfect feminine breasts protruding from a low cut blouse. Like always, she was totally dressed in black.

Some guys on the football team were shouting loud comments while they were going to the locker room.. "Do you need some help with her Kevin? Or can you find the way to her goal on your own? Why don't you bring her with you to the locker room Kevin? All of us could use a good massage from her."

"Don't pay any attention to them Morgan. They're always acting stupid in the company of a girl. I wonder why I play football with them."

"Maybe because you also act like them in the company of a girl?" She was teasing me.

"I didn't know you liked football. It's really a surprise to see you here, Morgan."

"I don't think you know anything about me Kevin, but I'm sure we can do something about that. Are you free this afternoon?"

"Huh? Sure, Morgan. Just give me ten minutes."

I quickly took my shower while thinking about her. It didn't make any sense that she was suddenly interested in me. Morgan was a year older than me and was in her first year in college to become a doctor. In our school, she had the reputation of being the smartest student ever.

I didn't see her much the last few months because she only came back home on the weekends.

I knew that she was the wet dream of many boys from our little town but as far as I knew, she didn't have a relationship with any of them. There were rumours that she didn't like guys at all and preferred to have sex with those of her own gender. Morgan was a mystery for all of us and the only thing I knew for sure about her was her fascination with magic and alternative medicine. You could often see her making trips on her bicycle early in the morning to collect herbs. It seemed to me that I was now the new "collection item' that she had collected on the grass of the football field.

We had a splendid time together that ended that evening with fantastic sex in her bed.

The next few weekends I spent all of my free time in the company of Morgan. Life was good and I loved being at her side and to make love to her as much as I could.

Morgan was the only daughter of a very rich father and had her own private rooms in her dad's huge house. Her mother had abandoned her father for a richer man when she was a kid. Morgan's rooms had their own private entrance and I never met her father during our relationship.

She was the one who always took the initiative in bed and I was the one who had to submit to her rather dominant nature, but I didn't care at all. The sex was more than great and she didn't ask any stupid questions about marriage. It was a relationship without any responsibility. I was certain that it would end even abruptly than it started.

Four months later:

"Can I ask you for a favour, Kevin?"

I lifted my head up from the pillow and looked down on her naked body. Slowly I changed my focus to her dark eyes. "Sure, baby. What's up? "

"I would like to involve you in a little experiment of mine. The only thing I want from you is some of your seed every week for seven weeks. Besides that I'd like you to also drink an herbal tea once a week." While saying this she looked at me with big pleading eyes.

"What a strange request. Why on earth do you want some of my seed, Morgan? Do you have plans to start a sperm bank? Or is it your way of collecting a souvenir from me? "

"Not at all, baby. I'm just asking you for this favour in name of science. I'm interested in resolving the problem of fertility among young couples. For this purpose, during last year, I selected a special mix of herbs and I think I'm ready for a practical test. My only problem is that I need a male test rabbit for a period of seven weeks and I think you are a perfect candidate."

"I don't know Morgan. What kind of herbs do you want to use?"

"It is too complicated to explain Kevin but, trust me, they are harmless. I just want to prove that the herbs will significantly increase the quality of your seed. So what do you think?"

"All right Morgan. You win. I'll do it." I was rewarded by an intense hot kiss and one minute later we were making love for the second time that evening.

When I left her she asked me to come to her place on Friday evening to start the experiment. I had to promise her not to masturbate during the whole week.

The Trap
Week one:

Around eight o-clock I arrived at Morgan's place. She was wearing a black bathrobe when she opened the door. I was welcomed with a quick kiss on my lips.

"Did you keep your promise, Kevin?"

I nodded at her and made a sign with a finger to my groin were you could see clearly the form of an erecting penis.

"Come on baby, we have some work to do in the name of science," she said in a sexy way.

I could see her hips swaying like a willow tree while following her to her bedroom. "My god she is hot,' I thought with satisfaction.

"Take off your clothes and lay down on the bed Kevin," she ordered me. The room was lit only with candles and gentle music was audible.

When I lay down naked on my back, she approached me while slowly opening her bathrobe. In a very seductive way, Morgan let the bathrobe slide off her body. Her splendid body was wrapped only in splendid black shining see through lingerie. She looked so damn sexy that I got very aroused by the sight of her very white skin decorated with the black lingerie.

"Relax baby. The only thing you must do is give me some of your seed when you are ready."

She started to kiss me on my chest and went slowly down to my groin. I could see that she was holding a small plastic pot, suitable for laboratory use, in her left hand.

One minute later I was having the best blow job I ever had. When I was nearly ready to come in her mouth Morgan quickly raised her head up and held the plastic pot on top of my penis. She began to stroke with her hand on the shaft of my penis and five seconds later I filled the pot with a cloud of thick seed.

"Bravo baby, you really didn't lie to me about staying clean this week," she said this with satisfaction while holding the plastic pot in front of her face. "I must put this stuff in a safe place honey. I'll be right back. Don't you move!"

It had been a long week for me without any act of masturbation but I can assure you that the sex I had that Friday evening certainly rewarded my sacrifice.

Morgan insisted that I be at her place the following evening before seven pm and I was. When I tried to get her to bed, she pushed me gently away and said, "It's time to drink your tea, honey."

I followed her to her kitchenette and saw her putting a putting a goblet into the microwave. Before she handed me the goblet I saw her looking at her watch. The tea had a sharp smell and tasted rather bad. Morgan muttered some words while I was drinking the tea. I drank it quickly and was relieved when the goblet was empty.

I saw a broad smile on Morgan's face and then we again had a great evening together in her bed. Before I left for my place she told me that she would not be home on Sunday. Then she asked me to endure another week of same sacrifice for her experiment that I had made last week and to see her next Friday evening.

It was a beautiful Sunday, so I took my bike for a little ride. After fifteen minutes I passed a pasture belonging to Lisa's farther with cows in it. Despite the fact that I didn't like farm animals at all, I stopped. I found myself looking at the cows that were grazing for the rest of the afternoon. One cow had my full attention, Marie, Lisa's favourite. I became intrigued with Marie and stared with interest at her body, especially her huge ass and slit.

When I came home that evening I was confused about my behaviour that afternoon. I couldn't understand why I had spent more than three hours just looking at cows.

Week two:

The same pattern was followed like the week before. Morgan surprised me that evening by wearing a sexy baby doll. At the moment of my orgasm I suddenly thought about Marie's slit. I found it very weird but I didn't pay any further attention to it.

The tea I got from Morgan on Saturday evening was even more awful than the week before and I had to make a great effort to drink it. When the goblet was empty, I asked Morgan what she was saying during the drinking of the tea. She laughed at my question and then said something about a spell that brings luck. I knew that Morgan had the reputation in our village of being a little weird and I certainly didn't want to know anything about her fascination about magic. Being a rational guy, the fact that people still believed in magic in the twenty first century gave me the creeps. I had the feeling that asking too many questions about her fascination with the world of magic could damage our relationship.

The next day I again spent the whole afternoon in the company of Marie and her cattle friends.

That night I dreamed for the first time about Marie. For the rest of the week Marie was the subject of most of my dreams.

Several times when I was daydreaming in class it was about Marie. I got really pissed about that cow but I assumed that my dreams had something to do with my guilty feelings about my behaviour towards Lisa.

Week three:-

That Friday night while Morgan was stroking my shaft with her fingers I tried not to think about that stupid cow but somehow, the image was even stronger in my mind. From the moment that I closed my eyes I could only think about having sex with Marie instead of Morgan. And then, at the moment that I came, I made the incredible mistake to say the name of Marie very loud.

When I opened my eyes I saw Morgan looking at me with a serious face. She was holding the plastic pot with my seed in her hand. "At least Kevin, have the decency not the mention the name of some other girlfriend while I'm giving you a good time."

"Sorry about that Morgan. I don't know why I said that name. The word just came out of my mouth. I will make it up to you, I promise. I'm not having an affair with somebody else and I never even met a girl with the name Marie. You have to believe me Morgan."

"I hope so for your sake, you unfaithful lover." While saying this she slapped me on my naked butt.

Marie came back that night in my dreams and when I woke, I noticed that I'd had a wet dream. My fascination with Marie didn't make any sense at all and I began to wonder what was going on.

The evening I drank my third cup of her special tea, visions of Marie again spoiled my evening with Morgan! While I was taking Morgan from behind I was looking with pleasure at her sexy butt as my belly was bumping against it with every thrust. At the same time I was kneading her breasts when suddenly, I had to close my eyes for a second. When I opened them again, I saw the huge back of a spotted cow instead of Morgan's beautiful butt. I began to pump with powerful strokes and when I had my orgasm I had the feeling of releasing nearly a gallon of seed into her vagina.

Afterwards I felt ashamed about this hallucination and, of course, said nothing to Morgan about it. I decided to keep it as my secret fantasy.

Morgan, for the third time, was not at home on Sunday and I tried to avoid the pasture where Marie was standing. The effort was in vain. It seemed that I had no control at all over my Sunday visits to the pasture where Marie was grazing.

During that week Marie invaded all of my dreams.

Week four:

On Friday evening I was once again the willing subject of Morgan's little experiment.

When I arrived one minute before seven on Saturday evening, Morgan was waiting for me with the door open. "At last you are here Kevin! You know it is important for the experiment that you take the herbs at exactly the same time." She took me by my hand guiding me quickly to her kitchenette. The goblet with the tea was all ready prepared. She was really angry at me, so I drank the tea immediately without losing any more time. The taste of the tea was still awful.

Marie approached me on my fourth visit to the pasture. She came very close to the fence and stared at me with her dark cow eyes. Then she seemed to welcome me with a loud mooing sound. I was intrigued by her gaze and moved closer to the fence. A moment later, I began to caress her muzzle and Marie responded by giving me some long wet licks on my hand with her large tongue. To my surprise I became very aroused by the physical contact with her. I tried to ignore the building pressure in my penis but by the time I arrived home thirty minutes later, I was obligated to change my underwear.

That evening I was searching for information about bovines on the internet and especially about Holstein cows. I found out that the Holstein cow originally came from the Netherlands. For many years, Holsteins were bred and strictly culled to obtain animals that would make best use of grass, the area's most abundant resource. The intermingling of these animals evolved into an efficient, high-producing black-and-white dairy cow. Holsteins are large, stylish animals with colour patterns of black and white or red and white. Holstein heifers can be bred at 15 months of age, when they weigh about 800 pounds. It is desirable to have Holstein females calve for the first time between 24 and 27 months of age. Holstein gestation is approximately nine months. While some cows may live considerably longer, the normal productive life of a Holstein is six years.

I knew that Marie was about fifteen months old. That meant that she was nearly ready to be bred. I was wondering if Lisa would allow her favourite one to endure the mating with an excited bull. At that time I had doubts about that but now I know better!

Week five:

Friday night I was again milked by the experienced fingers of Morgan.

On Saturday evening I arrived on time and had a pleasant time with Morgan, even though I was thinking most of the time about Marie while we were having sexual intercourse.

Of course I spent the whole of Sunday afternoon in Marie's company again.

When I arrived home from school on Wednesday I saw my mother standing in front of the kitchen window. She smiled at me when I came in through the door. When I entered the house I noticed the strong smell of the dinner that mom was preparing.

"Hello, Kevin. How was your day at school? You are just in time to eat. I prepared a fine steak with some French fries especially for you." While saying this she continued with her work in the kitchen.

The smell of the steak was too strong for me and I had to run to the bathroom. I arrived just in time because two seconds later I was vomiting into the toilet.

"Are you ill Kevin?"

I looked up and saw my mother looking in the door opening at me in a concerned way. "I'm fine mom. I don't know what is happening to me but I think I have to pass on the meal this time. Maybe I'll be able to eat something later this evening."

That evening I was only interested in the vegetables that my mother had prepared. I didn't touch the steak at all. Just the thought of eating meat made me sick. My little sister was teasing me with her stupid jokes about "Kevin the rabbit'.

That night I had a strange experience while lying in my bed. I felt some dizziness and when I opened my eyes, I could see that I was not in my room anymore. It seemed as if I was lying on my belly in the middle of a pasture and I could see some cows around me. Even though it was night I noticed that my vision was bathed in a shade of grey. I could see the light of the moon shining over the pasture and on the football field.

To my horror I saw the form of a muzzle in front of my vision. It seemed to be part of my head. I was astonished and had to close my eyes. When I opened them again I saw, to my relief, the ceiling of my room. To my surprise I noticed that my mouth was full with vomited food. I could taste the vegetables I had been eating some hours before.

My aversion for meat remained and I became, much to the surprise of my family, addicted to vegetables and fruit.

I now spent all of my free time in Marie's pasture and made several digital pictures of her. Back in my room I became obsessed with the pictures I had taken of her and I nearly lost myself while constantly looking at them.

I couldn't hold my promise to Morgan and had to play with myself while looking at a printed version of Marie's huge slit.

Week six:

"Kevin, are you seeing someone else?" Morgan asked me this question while holding the plastic pot in front of my face. The pot was only a third of the way filled with my seed.

"Of course not Morgan but I had an accident in my sleep last night. It is not easy to live a monk's life during the week with you constantly in my mind. "

"All right, lover boy. I believe you but you must promise to dream about me instead of that other girl Marie." My face coloured red from embarrassment and I tried to answer her but I couldn't.

Next evening I drank my sixth goblet of tea with great effort. I was still amused with Morgan's muttering while I was drinking that awful tea. "Are you laughing at me?" she said after I finished the drink.

"No, Morgan. Not at you but only with your "hocus pocus' talk."

"You know Kevin, there is a proverb that says: "He who laughs last, laughs best.' Just think about that in two weeks."

I didn't understand what Morgan was suggesting that evening but I do now.

I again had the same hallucination of Marie's big butt while I was making love to Morgan.

Marie was so familiar with me that she immediately came to me when I arrived at the pasture. I began to caress her head and she was now giving me licks on my face instead on my hands. It didn't disturb me and I felt like the happiest guy in the world. We stood there for two hours before I went home.

That night I again became aware of having that strange experience I had a week ago. I could see the football field from the pasture. I also saw a Holstein cow to the left of me lying in the grass. She was chewing on her food like I was doing. Like I was doing??? This thought frightened me at first and as a reaction I tried to spit out the food that I could feel in my mouth. Some moments later, however, I felt comfortable with the whole situation and I began to chew, with my jaws and teeth, on the vomited food. You could say that I felt satisfied and secure with the cows who were lying around me. I woke up that morning in my own bed and could remember my dream in every detail. Despite the knowledge that this experience was very bizarre, I didn't reflect on it any further.

During biology lesson on Thursday morning I suddenly passed out. The world became black before my eyes and when I opened them I saw a muzzle in front of me. I was no longer in the classroom and stood in the same pasture from my dreams during the night, but now obviously during the day. With stupefaction, I noticed that I reached my head down to the grass and I cut some grass out with my large tongue. It was as if I was being controlled. The grass tasted delicious and I quickly swallowed it. I continued with grazing for some hours without being aware of it. Then I heard some music coming from the football field. When I looked up I could see the maintenance man working on the field with his radio on. I couldn't see any colours but my hearing was certainly improved. All of sudden I felt how my tail was standing up and, a second later, I felt the rushing flow of urine leaving my body and heard it splash down on the grass.

Suddenly I was back again in my class. To my surprise, I noticed that the teacher in front of the class was now my math teacher. This meant that I had been "mentally' away from school for nearly six hours. Then I felt something wet in my pants and it was very uncomfortable. When I looked down I saw, to my horror, a huge wet spot on my jeans in the area of my groin. When the lesson was finished I managed to go to the toilet without any of my classmates noticing my 'accident.'

In the beginning I just laughed off those oddly real seeming dreams. They meant nothing to me but after the experience I had to endure that day, I began to have a bad feeling about it. Somehow my "body "had spent the whole day at school while I was mentally absent. According to my friends, nothing seemed out of place with me while I was away. They were acting very normal towards me, as if they hadn't noticed anything about my absence.

Was this the result of my strange fascination with Marie? I tried to reflect harder on it but the more I thought about it, the more questions I had.

To my relief the rest of the week passed without another bizarre experience.

Week seven:

"Next week you will have the greatest and most savage sex of your life. I promise you that, Kevin! You are going to get a big award for being such a good candidate for my little experiment. Just trust me." I tried not to look disappointed but Morgan's announcement that she was sick spoiled my whole Saturday evening. It meant no sex this evening despite all of her promises for the next week.

That evening, after I drank her special herbal tea for the last time, I left Morgan alone and went back home on my bicycle. It was full moon and I could clearly see the pastures and the cattle in it as I passed them. My mother was surprised to see me back home so early in the evening.

At eleven o-clock I went to bed but couldn't sleep. The image of Marie was constantly haunting me in my mind. One thought was spooking me, making love to her. I had to see her and make love to her. My blood was pulsing hard in my penis and just the thought of having sex with Marie was nearly enough to make me come.

I dressed myself rapidly and snuck from my house. Little did I know that I never would return back to this safe place!

Becoming Marie
The final step:

Ten minutes later I arrived at the Anderson farm. For some reason I knew for sure that Marie was not out in the pasture but was in her stable. The light of the full moon was strong enough for me to see that the stable door stood open.

Going inside I saw Marie standing in the middle of the stable! She turned her head to me and welcomed me with a loud lowing sound. I approached her and looked with fascination at her huge rear.

I became very aroused at the sight of her pink slit and without hesitating, I began to take of all of my clothes. I then took the wooden milk stool that stood against the wall and placed it behind Marie.

I quickly stepped up on the wooden stool and noticed to my satisfaction that my penis was now on the same level as Marie's slit. I wasted no time and placed my rather small member into her huge slit. The feeling was incredible as I began to trust into her. The light of the full moon was shining through the windows in front of me and I saw on my watch, while pumping her, that it was just one minute before midnight.

At the moment I came, I felt a strange dizziness in my head and had the bizarre feeling of leaving my body. Some seconds later, I knew something was terribly wrong. I could now see a large trough in front of me suitable for feeding cattle and a metal drink tank. Like in my "mental' escapades of the last week, everything was bathed in shades of grey. Then I felt someone withdraw himself from out of my back and a second later I heard footsteps on the straw. When I tried to look behind me I noticed that an iron bar around my neck prevented my movement.

Then the stable was bathed in the hard light of electric lighting.

"Hello Kevin." I heard Morgan saying. I was too surprised to react immediately and three seconds later I could see her standing in front of me, just behind the trough. When I tried to say something to her I found out that I was unable to say any words but instead only produced a deep lowing sound, just like a cow.

"I suppose you still don't get the whole picture, do you? No problem, I will help you with that Kevin. So, how do you like your new body? If you haven't noticed it yet, Kevin, I mean Marie's body of course, which is yours from now on."

At that moment I realised I was in the body of Marie. I could see a muzzle in front of me and when I looked down I saw Marie's two fore legs. Behind me was a huge spotted rump and I heard a rustling sound like someone was putting on clothes.

"Lost your tongue Kevin? From what I see, it looks like your tongue is still in place but you have a much larger one than you had before. Being a heifer, however, I doubt that you can say anything back to me in English.

"When I tried to react I again heard that awful sound of a lowing cow. Morgan was laughing at my attempts to answer her.

"I think it is time to explain everything that has happened to you. Why don't you come here Lisa?"

Lisa? Was she also responsible for my situation? I tried to step away but found that a metal chain around my neck prevented me from doing so.

Lisa walked just in front of me and put her arm around the waist of Morgan. She smiled at me and then placed one hand on my head. She began to caress me with slow strokes.

"Well, well, well, Kevin, or should I say, Marie? It looks as if you are now one of those females that have to be fucked on a regular basis, like you told me a few months ago. You know the great difference between you and me, now that we both are females, is the fact that I'm still a human being and that you are just an animal. An animal that is part of my parent's cattle herd. An animal that is soon to be bred in order to become a more productive milk cow . You didn't have the courage to live up to your responsibility for me like a real man, so I arranged, with the help of Morgan, a new life for you without any responsibility at all. Being such a macho guy and acting worse than an animal toward me, and probably other girls, Morgan and I laid a trap to transform you into a female animal on this farm." While saying this to me she continued to caress my head.

"You didn't deserve to be a human being, so we fixed it so that your mind and soul are now in a more fitting place. When you are in gestation with your first calf there will be no option of having an abortion, like you forced me to do! On the contrary, you are going to become the proud mother of several calves during the next few years."

I just looked sadly at her with my new cow eyes and realised that I was stuck in this awful animal body. It seemed to me that I had lost my fascination for cows and especially for Marie. The thought that I was trapped in her body was now a living nightmare for me.

"There is one player still missing from the scene. Come over here Marie." Lisa took a step backwards and to my shock, I saw my body, dressed in my clothes, standing in front of me! I saw him smiling at me and then he put his arms around Lisa. The next moment they were kissing!

"Love can be so wonderful, don't you think so Kevin?" Morgan said to me, while Lisa and Marie continued kissing each other.

"The mind and the soul of Marie went into your body, like yours did into her body. This happened exactly at midnight when your sperm filled her vagina. This is the result of an old gypsy spell that makes its possible for the mind and the soul of a human being and that of an animal to swap into each other's body. In the middle ages the gypsy women used this spell to punish members of their tribes who were too aggressive towards them. And that old purpose of this spell brings me to you Kevin. I spoke with Lisa when I met her accidentally in the fields two weeks after you broke up with her. When Lisa told me what you did to her, I felt sorry for her and decided to punish you for your dreadful behaviour. So, I told her about my knowledge of magic and that I was in possession of an old book with spells. I explained my plan to Lisa and told her about the spell we would use on you. Without hesitation Lisa wanted you to undergo a mind swap with her favourite cow Marie."

"That's right, Kevin." I heard Lisa saying." It had to be Marie because she deserved a promotion to live as a human being. All of your memories and skills remained intact in her, which means that she can replace you without any problems. The great difference between the old and new Kevin will be his kindly and friendly character. Marie will never forget her former life as a heifer. In the same way, you have her natural animal instincts but will never forget your former life as Kevin during you new life as a cow. The strange dreams you had of being a cow the last few weeks were some practical test for your mind to get used to your new body. At the same time, Marie's mind was in your body. Did you know Kevin that the crucial conditions for letting the spell do its final work is the fact that there must be sexual intercourse between the two involved bodies, with an orgasm exactly at midnight on a night with a full moon? It looks like that we succeeded in that difficult task."

I tried to say something back to Lisa but instead of words I again produced a deep lowing sound.

"What are you saying Kevin? I didn't understand you too well. Why don't you try it again."

"Stop teasing "her' Lisa." Morgan said. "I suppose you already know that my experiment was a crucial part of the spell. It was necessary that you drank my special herbal tea at seven p.m. once a week, during a period of seven weeks. Marie did the same thing as you did; also drinking a special tea exactly at the same hour and day. Her drink contained mainly your sperm, and that your tea was mainly Marie's vaginal fluid and of course some herbs to blur the taste. While you drank it I said the magic words necessary to let the spell do its work. Lisa did the same thing while Marie was drinking your sperm. I told you two weeks ago not to laugh at the magic words I spoke. Anyway, during those seven weeks the spell become stronger and stronger until it reached its final strength at midnight, some ten minutes ago. It was part of the spell that you became fascinated with the body that you possess now and also that you did not ask too many questions about the mental absences you had to endure the last few weeks. You can say that the spell prepared you gradually to have sexual intercourse with Marie. I must say that you fell into our trap very easy. You were so occupied with your own sexual pleasures with me that you didn't reflect enough on what happened to you the last weeks in relation to Marie. Any intelligent guy would have made the link between your unusual fascination with a dairy cow and with my special tea."

Morgan looked now very serious and she spoke the next words on a very severe tone. "Kevin, from now on you are a heifer ready to become a productive milk cow on this farm. The former Marie will take over your place in life and I"m pretty sure she will make a better job of it than you did. I assume that Lisa and Kevin will soon become a couple again. With some luck, he will become her husband and the new farmer of this dairy. You will spend the rest of your natural life as a milk cow until the day that the butcher's knife will make an end of it. Do you understand me Kevin? This is your punishment for your behaviour towards Lisa!"

I was astonished by Morgan's words but I knew that she spoke the truth and that there was no way back to my former life as Kevin. I looked away from Morgan and again saw Lisa and my former body. They both smiled at me as they stood very close to each other. Lisa's right hand was holding the left hand of Kevin.

"There is just one thing we have to tell you Marie before we leave you alone with your new life," Lisa said to me in a sarcastic way. "I don't know, Marie, if you know that your body is in heat now? I suppose not. I arranged with my father that you will be bred with our prize bull, "George', this Wednesday afternoon after school. I must be at your side, of course when this happens to you to give you some mental support. My father was relieved when he heard that I would allow him to make you a milk cow. For some time he feared that I would have objections to letting Marie be bred just like any other heifer. I hope you are going to like this unique experience Marie, being fucked as a female by a strong "macho' bull. After all that is what we females deserve, don't you think so Marie? I mean being fucked on regular basis, by a member of the opposite sex who is in the possession of a huge cock. And George has all those qualities, believe me!"

All three were laughing as I saw them leaving the stable. Five seconds later the light in the stable went out and I could hear the door close. Their laughing continued to hang in the air as an echo and in my head. I stood there alone in the dark and after some twenty seconds I could see enough of my environment with the light of the full moon. I was fully aware of my situation and I was praying that it was just a nightmare. Of course, I knew better!

The first night and day:

I quickly became aware of my huge body and felt how I had complete control over the movements of everything, even my tail. It was weird to stand on all fours and when I moved a leg, I could hear the sound of my hard hoof on the stones of the floor of the stable slightly muffled by the layer of straw.

I stood there for some time reflecting on the words of Lisa and Morgan. I was angry at myself because I fell so easily into their trap. Why didn't I make the link between my fascination of Marie and the herbal tea of Morgan? It really sucks! Stupid, stupid guy that I am! Guy? I realised at that moment that I was no longer a guy but instead a farm animal on her way to become a dairy milk cow. Sadness was overwhelming me and I felt sorry for myself. I didn't deserve this punishment despite of my behaviour towards Lisa. My mind was crying inside this disgusting body that was from now on mine. After some time fatigue struck me and I lay down on my belly on the straw.

The next morning I was awakened by the sound of the stable door openeing. I could hear the footsteps of two people behind me and their conversation. I quickly stood up on all four hooves. I felt a large hand on my hind legs and two seconds later some fingers were gripping my sensitive teats. Then I could see Lisa's farther near my head. He felt first with one hand on my nostrils and then with both hands he stretched the skin away from my eyes. I saw him looking carefully at the area around my eyes.

"If you want my opinion, Lisa, she looks healthy to me and not at all sick. I think you were acting too fast. there was probably no reason to bring her into the stable for observation. The only thing that I can see is that her vagina is swollen because she's in season."

"I don't know dad. Marie's behaviour in the pasture was not normal yesterday. She wasn't grazing at all and just stood there near the fence for hours. I thought it was better to take her to the stable to make sure she wasn't sick."

"Ok Lisa, let's check her temperature."

A second later two hands were holding up my tail and I felt something poking into my arse. I tried to move away but was blocked by the metal chain around my neck. "Easy Marie!" I heard Lisa saying. I was in no position to do anything and had to endure the examination.

Of course I had no fever and I could hear Lisa saying to her father that she would bring me back to the pasture after breakfast. They left the stable and left me alone with my dreadful thoughts.

Some time later I heard someone coming into the stable and a few seconds later I could see Lisa on my left side standing near my head. She was holding a cattle prod in one hand and a rope in her other hand. Without saying a word she put the rope around my head and neck and then she unchained me.

"Come on Marie. Let's go to the pasture where you belong." She drew on the rope as a sign to follow her. I followed her and was amazed at how natural the movements of my huge body were for me. It felt to me like I had always been a cow. While walking I could feel my udder swaying between my hind legs. The wind was blowing against my rear and I became very aware of my vagina.

Lisa didn't talk to me and she was holding the cattle prod firm in her hand to let me know not to do something stupid during the short walk to the pasture.

Finally, we arrived at the gate and Lisa opened it. We went into the pasture and she took the rope off from around my head. Then she returned to the gate and closed it behind her. I saw her going back to the farm without looking back at me.

I stood there for nearly ten minutes before I looked around. I was not alone in the pasture and noticed that I was in the company of at least fifteen other cows. At that moment I realised that I reassembled them as much as they reassembled me.

The other cows avoided me as I became conscious of feeling hungry. The smell of the grass was very strong and soon I bowed my head down and ripped the juicy grass out with my tongue. The grass tasted delicious and I swallowed it rapidly without chewing on it. From that moment, I started my new life; that of a common dairy cow on the Anderson's farm.


I lost my sense of time during the next few days. During the day I spent most of my time grazing and at night I was slept or chewed on my food. The most embarrassing moments for me where those when my body relieved itself without my conscious control.

The sun stood high to the sky when I heard someone calling the name of Marie. When I looked up I saw Lisa's father coming into my direction. I waited for him and when he finally arrived in front of me he put a rope around my head and neck.

I was obliged to follow him back to the barn. When we arrived in the yard I saw my old self in the company of Lisa and Morgan. Lisa's father tied the rope to a metal ring that was attached to the wall of the stable.

Suddenly I could smell the bull. My body reacted to his presence by turning my vagina moist and releasing arousing chemicals into the air. I could see the bull approaching me from my left in the company of the farmer. I was terrified when I the saw the sight of his unsheathed cock. Lisa's father brought the bull around behind me and I could feel how my tail was raising up and how a stream of urine was leaving my body. Two seconds later I felt the huge weight of the bull on my rump. At this time his huge cock was penetrating my vagina. It quickly accepted his large member, and I could felt him thrusting deeper and deeper into my body. With each thrust of him my udder was swaying more and more between my hind legs.

Waves of pleasure were invading my mind, and I was lowing loud from the pleasure. My orgasm was complete when I felt the bull realising gallons of his seed against my cervix.

The bull withdrew himself from me and I could feel how the juices were dripping out of my vagina and down my hind legs.

When I looked up I saw the smiling faces of that terrible gang of three, and I knew that this mating was just a new element in my living nightmare.

I heard Morgan saying in a sarcastic way "I promised you Kevin that you would have the greatest sex of your life this week. I hope you can agree with me that I kept my promise!"



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