Kidnapped and Fattened

by ilovebe
Published: Sep 8th, 2016


This is a weight gain story focused on two hapless college co-eds who are kidnapped by pervy men to be humiliating swollen into overly curvy babes.


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Kidnapped and Fattened

“I just don’t know, Lauren. I really like Brad, but he’s always going out with his friends during the week. It’s like he doesn’t have any time for me.” Maddie looked down with a blank stare at the DVD copy of Django: Unchained on the counter that the previous customer had just returned.

“Look at it this way: He’s a full-back on the team. No, he’s not the quarterback, and no, our school isn’t Division I. But that’s pretty impressive. You already have clout on campus by being with him, and you don’t even belong to a sorority.” Lauren always looked on the bright, albeit, shallow side of things. “Thank you, this is a five-day rental, so it’s not due back until Saturday.” Lauren shifted from her conversation with Maddie to a young, slightly nerdy-looking, couple who were renting a copy of David Bowie’s Labyrinth. As soon the guy and girl left, Lauren looked over at Maddie. “I bet they think exciting sex is 2nd base at a Star Trek convention.” Her statement didn’t hint towards malice; it was just typical of the things the young co-ed would say about many of the customers who came into the video store.

“But anyways,” Lauren turned back to the conversation at hand, “You’re climbing the social ladder, Maddie. You were pretty on top of things at your high school, but in college, pretty girls are a dime-a-dozen. You need something more, and by dating a football player, you’re set for the rest of your college life.”

Lauren’s friend continued to mope. “I know. Maybe if I keep sticking around, he’ll see that I’m dedicated and change. The social perks are nice, but I want something a little more real, ya know.”

“Honey, he’s not going pro. What’s he majoring in?”

“He’s general studies,” a little bit of shame came through Maddie’s voice.

“Yeah, that’s not a real major here at the school. It’s all bird courses so he can keep his grades up so they don’t throw him off the team. You’re best bet is to ride the social wagon for all its worth and then ditch him your senior year. Find yourself someone who’s majoring in finance or engineering. You need to think about your future and getting your M-R-S degree.”

Maddie straightened out her pink and dark blue striped henley shirt, adorned with the thick stitched lettering indicating her favored mall brand. “Yeah, I suppose. Hopefully it just doesn’t all blow up in my face.”

As soon as Maddie finished her sentence, the bell to the main door rung, indicating that a new customer had come in. Maddie leaned over to her friend and whispered, “Hey, isn’t that Josh from Dr. Sanborn’s class?”

“Yeah, he usually comes in here once a week - rent’s a lot of the b-movie title stuff.”

“He’s not a bad looking guy,” Maddie whispered back.

Lauren whispered, “Yeah, he’s a nice guy, but not really boyfriend material.”

Josh walked up to the counter, and politely asked, “Hey, do you happen to have a copy of Alien From L.A.? Josh’s request was not farfetched at all. The whole reason the video store did such great business in spite of other more convenient competitors in the market was because it stocked many rare movies.

“Umm, let me look,” said Lauren as she went through the computer situated behind the counter. The computer was an old PC and contained the store’s ancient database, programmed years ago in BASIC. “Yes, it looks like we have a copy. I’ll go grab it in the back so you don’t have to go find it on the shelf for the ticket.”

Josh smiled. “Much obliged.”

“So what did you think of Dr. Sanborn’s mid-term,” asked Maddie in an effort to dispel any lingering awkwardness between the two while Josh waited at the front of the store.

“Oh, it wasn’t too bad,” Josh replied in his happy-go-lucky way. While Maddie and Josh talked, Maddie walked into the back room. She had a small, apple-shaped derriere stuffed in a khaki skirt.  The black Lacoste polo seemed the girl had on seemed to accentuate her upper-body in all of the right places. Maddie, on the other hand, was a bit softer, but soft in the way that sends many heterosexual mens’ evolutionary circuitry into overdrive. Her hips were a bit wider, which was made more obvious by her jeans, and her tummy was not as flat. Both girls had average size breasts; although Maddie’s were more rounded, whereas Lauren’s pointed out more.

A few minutes later, Lauren emerged from the backroom with a black plastic case containing a VHS tape. Maddie rang the young man up. “Okay, that’s $2.99 and this is a five-day rental.” Both Josh politely thanked the girls and made his way out of the store.

Upon Josh leaving, Maddie asked, “So, have you ever dated a guy who was just a nice guy?”

“Yeah, once,” Lauren mused, “But it was boring.” The blonde looked up at the clock, her curly locks bouncing. “Twenty minutes – well since we’re closing tonight, we can probably start counting the drawer here pretty soon.” Maddie nodded in agreement.

About a half hour later, the lights went out in the video store, and the two girls emerged from the building. Maddie turned around and locked the door while Lauren looked about the parking lot. The video store was on the edge of town, flanked only by a plaza containing a bunch of stores that had already closed. Whenever they worked together, Maddie and Lauren always parked their cars next to each other so they could keep an eye on one another on the way out. Two attractive twenty-somethings closing a video store at 11:00 at night was a dangerous scenario, especially if some creep knew that they were there alone.

Lauren and Maddie began walking across the gravel parking lot to their vehicles. In the distance, the sound of an engine revving up in RPMs became more audible. “Someone driving like a maniac,” Maddie said. Before she could get any more words out of her mouth, two bright headlights faced the girls, blinding them. In a cloud of dust and gravel, a white panel van slammed its brakes, stopping in front of the girls and cutting off an exit to their cars on the other side.

The side door slid open and two large men wearing black ski masks jumped out. One of the men quickly grabbed Maddie – one arm around her waist and one holding a handkerchief around her mouth. The brown haired girl fell unconscious as the man dragged her into the dark belly of the van. Lauren, seeing that she couldn’t help her friend, attempted to run around the back of the van in a vain attempt to reach her car. The other accomplice quickly grabbed her. He easily lifted her up around the waist by his muscular arm, while she kicked profusely trying to get free. Soon, a handkerchief was placed over her mouth, and she went limp while being pulled into the door.

In a blink of an eye, the van sped away like a ghost in the night.


Lauren groggily opened her eyes, the blurred picture of a darkened room coming into view. She felt limp but noticed that she was upright. The girl started to become cogent and she felt a tightness around her mouth and head. Now aware of her surroundings and remembering the white van, her body stiffened. She tried to yell out…but her cries were muffled by the ball gag in her mouth. Lauren jerked from left to right, but she couldn’t move due to the chains and cuffs holding her arms up. Stirrups on the floor held her feet in place. She could only move her torso back and forth. But she was like a fly stuck in a web.

Lauren soon gave up the struggle, partly out of frustration and party to conserve her energy. She looked over and saw that Maddie was chained a few feet away from her in much the same manner. She was already awake and had obviously already had tried to break free as well. Maddie could only give her friend a look of acknowledged fear, sweat pouring down her face.

The sound of a creaking door somewhere in the darkness snapped both girls’ eyes forward. A man dressed in dark fatigues with a black, silk mask over his head walked from the shadows. On his belt were two plastic tubes that looked like the pumpers to syringes. Although curiously, neither tube had a needle.

The man sulked towards Lauren as she shook. The cold steel of the stirrups rubbed against her ankles. He reached out with a gloved hand, running it up on the inside of her bare leg, stopping just short of her skirt hem. “Ahh very nice,” he spoke with an almost snake-like quality in his voice. His hand went up over her stomach and stopped at her clothed right breast. “Yes, this is very nice. What are these? 30Cs? 32Bs?” The man then gave Lauren’s proud boob a squeeze. “Yeah, these are definitely 32Bs.” Lauren’s face flushed red with humiliation.

After feeling Lauren up, the man reached up to the leather strap on her gag and slowly loosened it. He pulled the device out of her mouth, the ball soaked in her drool. The girl let out a hysterical scream the moment she could move her mouth. The man grabbed one of the two-foot tubes from his belt. “We won’t be having any of that!” he sternly commanded. With her screaming, the man rammed the end of the plastic container past her lips and teeth. Lauren instinctively gagged and bit down on the tube. The man pushed the plunger, causing the syrupy green goo to slide down her throat.

Once the tube’s contents were empty, the masked man pulled the cylinder out. Lauren tried to scream out again, but her throat felt almost lethargic. Whatever that goo was, it was doing something to her vocal chords – numbing them to keep her quiet.

The man then moved over to Maddie. He placed his hand between her legs and began rubbing Maddie’s crotch through her jeans. The man spoke more quietly. “Now, I’m going to take the gag off and you’re not going to scream. You’re going to be a good girl, right?” Maddie quickly shook her head. Lifting his hand from her crotch, he undid Maddie’s gag.

“W…what are you going to do to us? What’s in those tubes,” Maddie sheepishly asked.

The man looked down, and replied in his serpentine voice, “Oh these things? These are just fun little drinks.” He pulled the second tube from his mouth and held it up to Maddie’s mouth. “And now you need to take your drink.” Maddie held her mouth closed and shook her head. Shoving the tube’s end past her lips, the man grabbed the back of Maddie’s head, forcing the goo in her mouth. Knowing that the girl may try spitting the substance out out, the man held cylinder in Maddie’s mouth until he knew that she had swallowed it.”

“Now that was a good girl. I’ll just leave you two here for the time being. You may feel a little…bloated…in a few minutes.” He walked away and disappeared back into the darkness.

Their arms lifted up over their heads, the girls stood silent in the darkened room. Three or four minutes passed by when Maddie looked over at her blonde friend. She couldn’t believe her eyes. At first, Maddie thought it was an effect of the goo acting like a drug – that her mind was playing tricks on her – but it looked like Lauren’s legs were swelling. Maddie shook her head, trying to reorient her eyes and make herself cogent. But her eyes continued to see what her brain refused to believe. Lauren’s legs were clearly becoming bigger. The flesh almost bubbled with new girth. The swelling appeared to have started at the girl’s ankles and was continuing to trek upwards towards her knees.

“Lauren!” Maddied managed to weakly yell towards her friend. “Lauren, your…your legs.” The blonde girl a few dazed moans out of her thin, pale lips before she looked down to catch a glimpse of her legs. The sight was immediately sobering.

“Oh…Oh God, what is happening?” Lauren’s voice was strained. The circumference of each of her legs was stretching out – becoming bigger. Like a snake crawling up each of her legs, the growth systematically crept up her legs and went under her skirt. Maddie and Lauren locked eyes as the latter girl’s cheeks flushed rosy red. “Oh God…my thighs feel like two pressed hams,” Lauren breathily cried out.

While the swelling in Lauren’s legs subsided, the sound of fabric crawling over skin became audible. Looking over with saucer-like eyes, Maddie saw her friend’s tight ass start to push outwards. Normally high and proud, it seemed to expand to the point that gravity pulled it down, only to be held up by the snugness of the tan skirt…the tan skirt with a quickly rising hemline, revealing more and more of Lauren’s fat, white thighs.

As Maddie watched her friend become more and more pear-shaped right before her eyes, a gurgling sound emanated from her own tummy. “What’s happening to me,” she thought. Maddie felt an acute tightness around her mid-section. It was similar to the bloated feeling that came once a month. But this feeling just wouldn’t subside. Like a small balloon, her tummy pushed out inside her shirt. Maddie was always the softer of the two, so the change may not have been as noticeable to someone who did not know her well. But the sight was clear to Lauren who had glimpsed over: Her friend’s tummy was bloating out. In response to the physiological changes happening, Maddie twisted sideways towards Lauren as far as her constraints would allow. Lauren saw a big damp spot forming on the crotch of the brown haired girl’s pants. Lauren dared not say anything to her friend about it in fear of embarrassing the self-conscious Maddie. If the girls ever got out of this predicament, Lauren would never say anything to her friend about it. It was one of those humiliating things that people don’t talk about when they get out of a hard situation. Besides, Maddie already knew she was sopping wet, but there was nothing she could do but spill her feminine juices right there in the middle of the room.

Lauren’s skirt began to audibly strain. By now, it had become bunched up around her thighs, revealing the bottom of her baby blue briefs that were digging into her sex. Popping sounds began to emanate from the garment, first slowly and then picking up speed in regular intervals. Lauren felt intense pressure around her hips, ass, and stomach. The two buttons on the front of the skirt popped off and fell unceremoniously on the floor. That gave Lauren a little bit of breathing room on the front, which was short lived. The growth was easing up into the bottom of her tummy. The girl felt a forceful snap across her mid-section. The elasticity had broken in the waistband of her skirt…but it was still held up by the shear amount of girth that the girl’s lower regions had accumulated.

Lauren’s hips slowly broadened, which initiated a severing down each side of her skirt. Her rounding stomach pushed downward on the skirt’s top, sliding it further over her overgrown hips and thighs. With no room to move, the skirt distended on her body until the sides steadily tore apart. With one last stitch holding her skirt in place blowing out, the garment ripped from her ripening body, leaving Lauren’s lower half swollen and bared, save for her stretched out panties. The moment the skirt tore off, her ass shook like gelatin in her unsupportive panties. Lauren had definitely been turned into a thunder-thighs in just a matter of minutes. The growth had overtaken her legs, hips, ass, and lower stomach and showed no intent on stopping until she was softened and thickened just right.

Meanwhile, Maddie had grown a very respectable muffin-top – her stomach pushed out under her shirt and over her jeans with squishy but smooth flesh. The growth slowly traveled up her torso, not making her obese or even fat in the traditional sense, but turning her into te proverbial “thick girl” over which certain guys lust. Maddie’s more defined lines in her face started to disappear, her cheeks puffing outwards. Her face became heavier and finally took on the ubiquitous cherub look of an overweight girl.

Maddie’s striped shirt crept upwards and laid flush with her front section as her stomach and ab section filled out. Maddie let out a succession of moans. Her chest pushed out, pulling the stretched out shirt over her bosom. “…not this,” Maddie begged. She was already being fattened up. Now her round, modest tits were about to be bloated. Maddie’s boobs began filling up, pushing both outwards and sidewards, popping the buttons on the V-neck of her henely. The damn spot on her pants became even wetter and the girl could feel an insatiable tingling in her nipples.

Maddie grimaced and bucked in her chains and stirrups. Her butt violently swelled out, becoming a voluptuous ass that pushed against the inside of her jeans until it blew out the back seam, exposing the rear of her white panties.

Maddie looked over at Lauren, who could only scrunch her eyes closed as the growth overtaking her body rode up under the black polo shirt, ready to turn her tits into a pair of big milk missiles. Maddie turned away and looked down. Her neck was swelling. The fatness was closing in from both the south and the north, laying an assault on her formerly demure tits. Her boobs continued to grow outwards. Her shirt, now just a pathetic crop top that barely covered her modesty, was pulled taut across her front. Maddie’s big tummy started to stretch the shirt apart at the bottom, while her swelling tits began tearing it down from the V-neck. In a matter of seconds, the entire front of Maddie’s shirt tore and hung open as a ruined vest. Her chest displayed cleavage both over and under the cups of her white satin bra. Maddie was always somewhat prudish. She would never dare think of wearing a tank top without a strapless bra. And now, here she was - fattened and chained up in her bra while squirting uncontrollably into her panties.

The bra groaned as Maddie’s boobs continued to grow, becoming two giant melons of flesh and milk ducts. Her nipples clearly poked through under the fabric of her cups. Concurrently, the girl’s hips bellowed out, snapping the button on her jeans and forcing her fly down. It wouldn’t be long now until the chubbified hottie would be de-pantsed.

Lauren wasn’t doing any better. Her sides barreled out, pulling her shirt taut, the opening groans of a doomed top echoing throughout the room. Lauren tried tightening her torso. She irrationally thought that might be able to keep the growth at bay. However, her efforts were pointless. Her stomach and sides continued to expand. The right side seam of her polo shirt began to pull apart – the girl’s soft flesh seeping through. Finally, the top burst off of Lauren’s pudgy body, leaving her fattened up in her blue panties and pink bra with flowery detailing across the cups.

Until now, the growth had barely touched Lauren’s tits. That didn’t last long. With Lauren stripped to her unmentionables, the green goo wasted no time putting its expansion properties to work on her cute tits. Her bosom heaved, before Lauren bucks, thrusting her chest out. In a moment, her jugs swell out, gaining a cup size almost instantaneously. Sweat ran down her face and chest. Before Lauren could even catch her breath, her bosom heaved and her back snapped her forward again. Her tits bloated, audibly snapping the underwire in her bra and stretching it across her mammoth bosom - its side straps covering as much boob as her cups. “Oh please make it stop,” she cried. The next episode came on as sudden as the first two. Lauren thrusted her body as far forward as the restraints would allow. Her chest barreled out, stopping momentarily, her wholly inadequate bra restraining it. The tension in the garment then released when the back snaps failed, sending the brassiere across the room. Lauren’s big udders flopped out with her tasty pink areolas exposed. One last time, her chest heaved and then swelled out. Without a bra, the growth seemed uncontrolled, erupting everywhere on her chest. Finally, Lauren is left with a pair of tits that bulge out half way across her torso. She was definitely no longer a 32B.

Maddie had seen Lauren’s growth and knew that fate awaited her too. Her legs and thighs continued to expand, forcing her pants down, as if some unseen assailant was slowly stripping her.

The girl’s fattened tits snapped the shoulder straps of her bra as they almost consumed its cups by sucking the middle of the garment between each boob. Each tit became exceptionally heavy. Maddie winced – her panties snapped off of her shapely hips and ass. Her boobs pushed up over her bra cups. Maddie’s tits stretched out about another inch and then came to a rest. They weren’t quite as large as Lauren’s, but they seemed to stand up better to gravity.

“Ahh, so you girls held up to the growth pretty well.” The man with the snake-like voice appeared from the darkness. He walked up to Maddie and looked down at her crotch with perfectly trimmed bush. “And it looks like you actually enjoyed it.” Maddie closed together her damp swollen legs in embarrassment.

The darkened figure then walked over to Lauren. “And you…you’re all nice and fat, aren’t you?”

“F…fuck you,” was all the blonde could spit out. The man looked at Lauren. Even though his face was covered, the girl new there was anger in his eyes. He reached down and tore off her stretched panties – not a difficult thing to do as they were barley holding on by a thread. He laughed, “The carpet doesn’t even match the drapes.” Lauren was clearly a natural brunette rather than a blonde.

“Well, you are the feisty one. No matter. Boys, get these girls some more fitting clothes and take them back.” The two men from the van came behind the girls, and gave each one a shot in the arm, knocking them out cold.

Sometime later, both girls awoke in front of their cars at the video store just as the white van sped away in a cloud of dust. “Did you…did you catch the license plate,” Lauren asked in a groggy stupor.

“No, I missed it.” Maddie stumbled to her feet, partly in response to the drug wearing off and partly due to becoming accustomed to the new size of her body. Both of them were now dressed in drab green tracksuits, obviously many sizes larger than the in which clothes they began their video store shift.

Lauren walked over to her car and opened the door. She stood for a moment, and then slid the driver’s seat back. Neither Lauren nor Maddie said anything more. Each girl got in their respective car and drove off.


“So I filed a police report, but the officer just kind of laughed.” Lauren was walking back from a shelf of videos after having just returned the tags. Her big tits heaved inside her blue cardigan. “I read something on the Internet about a bunch of guys who are into turning girls fat…supposedly they share chemistry and biology secrets on the ‘net, but it sounds like such bullshit. They supposedly video tape the fattenings and share those too, but I can’t find any.”

“This is a new release so it’s just a two-day rental.” Maddie was busy taking care of an older woman. She was wearing a red A-line dress that accentuated her new curves. “I just don’t know, Lauren. I mean, who is seriously going to believe us?”

“Well, I didn’t go too crazy buying new clothes. I’m already hitting the gym more than ever and I plan to get back to my normal weight as soon as I can.” Lauren stopped on the other side of the counter and looked quizzically at her friend. “So what ever happened with you and Brad?”

Maddie shrugged. “I guess he’s not into thick girls.”

“We’re fat, Maddie! There’s no ‘thick’ with us. We’re two fat cows right now. And I don’t intend to stay that way.” Lauren’s ass jiggled whenever she became animated.

The bell rang on the video store entrance. Josh walked in with Alien from L.A. in his hand. Ever good-natured, he said, “It was awesome cheese. You two should watch some of these awesomely bad videos you have here.” As soon as Josh looked up at Maddie to hand back the tape, he almost did a slight double-take. “Hey Maddie…you look really good today.”

She blushed. “Thanks, Josh.”

“Yeah, I like what you’re doing.” He paused for a moment, “You look a lot like London Andrews.”

Maddie read the compliment as genuine, even though she had no idea who London Andrews was. “Thanks! …who’s London Andrews?” She flashed an innocent smile.

Josh stammered a bit. “Uh…she’s an actress…anyways, see you in class.”

Josh began to turn around when Maddie stopped him. “Hey Josh, can I see your cell phone.”

“Uh, yeah I guess.” He was a bit confused but reached into his pocket and pulled it out. Maddie took the phone and began typing.

Handing it back, she said, “Call me sometime.” Josh looked down at the screen to see that Maddie had entered her number into his phone. He smiled and gave an assuring nod.

Maddie looked down at the counter, a huge smile on her face clearly indicating she was pleased with herself. “Maybe Josh was always just shy when I was more of a skinny girl.”

Lauren leaned over with a stack of DVDs in her hand. “No Maddie, he’s just a chubby chaser. And you, my friend, are quite chubby nowadays.” While Lauren walked to the backroom with the video stock, Maddie contemplated what her friend had just said and then gave a dismissive shrug, the smile still on her face. 


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