An old fantasy

by hembra
Published: Sep 6th, 2016


My first transformation fantasy.


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This was my earliest transformation fantasy: A witch, for some reason, puts a transformation spell on me. From the waist up, I turn into a teenage girl, except my hands turn halfway into claws. From the waist down, including genitalia, I am basically a she-goat, except my hooves allow me to stand erect but they're raised at the back - so it's exactly like walking on permanent high heels. The witch shoves me out of her cottage into the forest, naked. I walk around a little, with no idea what to do now. Then I run into something like a black ram standing erect - he's easily six feet tall, and his huge erection leaves no doubt as to what he wants from me. I instinctively know I have no say as far as he's concerned. I flee, but I can't run very far with my hooves, and he's taller. I trip and fall, and he easily catches up with me. I know there's nothing I can do - I will mate with him and probably get bred. So I lie on my back and spread my legs wide in surrender, and don't even bother with "be gentle, it's my first time...."


A short story, somewhat abrupt, could be bettered by some added detailing, although condensed, I do like it.
This is more an outline to a story that shows great promise of many exciting scenes for your readers to become avid watchers of what you write and post here at The Lab.
I'm going to put this as delicately as possible, so

this is probably the worst written story on the entire site.

There are numerous opportunities out there to improve on writing, so if it's something you're interested in, go for it, but do so before sharing your work.
Yep I would love it if a witch did that to me.