Consequences of the Talking Board: Part 2

by ilovebe
Published: Aug 27th, 2016


The next woman must endure a night of transformation and cumming.


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Consequences of the Talking Board Part II:

Savannah’s Transformation

The sweltering June sun seeped through the blinds of Savannah’s quaint Alabama home, signaling the change from the afternoon to the early evening. Saturday evenings were rather sleepy in the Wilkinson area, a reality all too apparent to Savannah as she turned the doorknob to her front door. Exhausted from her day working the drive-through teller position at the Rennisville bank, the blond haired young woman was looking forward to a night at the local VFW. Savannah had Monday off, so she was planning on starting to unwind this evening, which was the official start of her own weekend.

Although Savannah was mentally exhausted from work, the casual eye, if cast upon the twenty-something, would be none the wiser. She was dressed in the smart light blue blouse required of all of the female Rennisville bank tellers. With gender ideals still rather conservative in rural Alabama, the silhouette created by the top was reminiscent of the feminine figure of the early 1960s. Despite having an average bust, the shirt cinched and shaped Savannah’s chest in a way that accentuated her contours without making her appear as a libertine. She wore a knee-high black pencil skirt that squeezed her relatively slim hips and firm behind. Savannah had slender legs that appeared longer than they actually were and a set of tight calf muscles. Her face was classically beautiful, with a pale complexion that clearly indicated a white Anglo-Saxon protestant heritage.

Setting her car keys on the dining room table, Savannah pulled out her cell phone to check the messages she had missed that day. She had a text from her boyfriend, Jason, wishing her a good day at work and a phone call from her mother. The woman shook her head when she saw that Mabel had attempted to call her four times that day, finally leaving a text message that said, “CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!” Mabel always had a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill. Savannah figured that her friend was probably having some sort of mini-crisis that could be easily solved with a little bit of reflection.

She put the phone away, planning on calling Mabel that Sunday to help her solve whatever asinine issue was at hand. Still, Savannah couldn’t help but think back to their experience the night before with the ouija board. There was something very unnerving about the spirit that called itself Uume. She had prior experienced malevolent entities when using the spirit-seeking device, but none had ever spoken as lewdly as did that spirit last night. She looked down at the boxed up talking board that sat against the love seat.

A wave of dread came over Savannah as she looked at the cardboard container. It took her a moment to see the hazy sunlight coming through the cracks of the blind and begin to wisp in every which way, finally aggregating into the vaguely bestial shape of a virility demon. Sickness overtook the pit of Savannah’s stomach and she began backing away, too dumbfounded to speak.

“Pu…puhleaze don’t hurt me,” Savannah eeked out in a deep Southern voice. “You’re Uume, right? I…I don’t want any trouble.”

The ghastly demon let out a deafening laugh that seemed to almost shake the foundation of the house. As if speaking at once from both nowhere and everywhere, Uume thundered, “Juu ya mikono yako na magoti, msichana mdogo!”

Savannah screamed as she lost all motor feeling in her limbs. A violent forced pushed at the bottom of her back, forcing the woman down onto all fours. The foggy light quickly dissipated all around her body. Something grabbed a hold of Savannah’s hair and yanked her head up.

“No!” she pathetically cried, but her protest was cut short by something large being shoved past her lips. It filled the entire cavity of her mouth and began moving back and forth. She tried to bite or spit it out, but this only caused the girl to choke. A salty taste began to tease her tongue, and she felt the lubing sensation of precum along the inside of her cheeks. Meanwhile, demonic vapor slipped under he taut skirt to her vulnerable ass and sex. “GRRRMMMMPPPP!” she grunted at being vaginally penetrated. The force of the first thrust was so great that it made her legs and ass involuntarily buck.

The always image-conscious Savannah felt like such a cheap slut while being on all fours, forcefully taken by this virility demon whom she had angered the night before. Even though she could not see a physical being, there was no doubt that her mouth and vaginal were being fucked by two huge penises. While she saw no hands or claws, Savannah could feel strong digits mauling her breasts and buttocks. Uume was using her for his every perverse thrill this evening.

The vaporous penises started to sputter and shake in the woman’s holes. Savannah tasted and felt loads of cum dump down her throat. Unholy semen pumped into her sex, overflowing throughout her womanhood.

While she had not enjoyed the ordeal, Savannah was horrified to feel her own orgasm swelling inside of herself. She cried out, her mouth and throat now unobstructed, “What did you do to me? I need to cum hard!” Uume could only respond with his trademark laugh. The demon knew that Savannah’s ordeal was only beginning. She would be begging to be forcefully fucked on her hands and knees after experiencing the humiliating transformation that was just about to set in.

Pressure built around Savannah’s butt and vagina. It swelled inside of her like a sexualized dam of horny fluids, ready to break down what remained of her poise. The tight skirt pulled across the front of her hips. A new sensitivity seemed to be teased out by the garment rubbing across Savannah. Fabric started to bulge out in an orbital shape. Something underneath was growing! The structure pushed forward, gaining length and girth while it tented Savannah’s skirt.

As the skirt pushed up in a pyramidal shape on Savannah’s front, the back began to ride over her inflating ass. The hemline shortened, revealing billowing mounds of milky smooth butt flesh stuffed into dampened white panties. The back of the skirt bunched up over the woman’s behind, providing ample opportunity for any opportunistic person to devirginize her anus. Savannah was all to aware of this predicament, but any thoughts she had about such a thing only seemed to make the growth protruding from her front hasten.

The swelling in the front of her skirt took on a cyclical shape, looking obscene. Savannah wasn’t dumb. She knew what was happening; her mind was rational enough to recognize what Uume had done. The demon was literally giving her a cock. Her womanly sex organ was being replaced with a big, hard, powerful dick. It was a cruel twist of fate. Savannah would now know what it would be like to be so easily aroused like the countless men who raised their dicks for her throughout the day – and to top it off, her arousal would take a visually and shamefully identifiable form.

The skirt had reached its limits. Savannah’s rock hardness and now big ass started tearing it apart and away from her body. It fluttered away in shrips of black fabric, showing the large hard-on protruding from the waistband of her feminine panties. Looking down to catch glimpse of the new feature between her legs, tears began to stream down Savannah’s face. The shaft continued to grow, preseminal fluid leaking out from the slit on the head. The sound of stretching flesh filled the room amongst Uume’s hysterical laughs. The penis only seemed to lengthen further and further, the head stopping just short of Savannah’s breasts.

The girl shuttered as a weight overtook the area right above her crotch. Like little testicle buds, two balls dropped, pushing down on the crotch of her panties, showing off her own virility as a futafied little slut in restrained heat. The testes grew and grew, stretching out her briefs until the undergarment busted apart.

Seed filled her nutsack and the head of her dick became overly sensitive. On all fours, the poor girl looked like dog, proudly showing off its malehood underneath. But Savannah wasn’t proud; she was ashamed at what she was being transformed into. As tears streamed down her cheeks, a big slimy load began traveling up her urethra. She felt it reach the end of the shaft, and she tried with all of her little Southern belle might to hold it back, not understanding that this was the point of no return for any male orgasm. Cumming was but a fait accompli at this point. Savannah shot a stream, painting white the furthest wall in her living room with a giant gob of her own sac nectar.

The debased woman pitifully yelped, her massive new dick still quivering from its very first  orgasm. Savannah’s defeated body became rigid while a sense of pressure seemed to build inside her core. Failing to become flaccid after shooting a load, her cock stiffened more and began growing even longer. It protruded, big and hard, underneath her stomach and breasts, now just stopping short of the base of her neck.

Uume cackled, “Hebu mipira yako kukua kubwa msichana mdogo.” As that ancient tongue pierced through Savannah’s ears, she felt more weight overtake her between the legs. She wanted to reach underneath, hoping that grabbing onto the pressure would help it subside, but she couldn’t bring herself to touch her newely grown unit. Instead, she simply pitched forward, shoving her naked ass into the air. The feeling of the weight expanded all around between her legs and up against her thighs. In a spectacle of warped male sexual anatomy, her balls instantly ballooned out - deliberately and almost violently - growing three times their original size. Savannah’s scrotum held her giant testes firmly upright – though they rubbed against the insides of her thighs.

Just then, Savannah experienced the most queer senesation she had ever felt in her life. A tingling sensitivity washed over her extremeities. The raw sensation of her hands on the floor and her feet in her black pumps was making her horny and ramping up her reluctant sex drive. The sensation was so strong that it bordered on numbness – much like that feeling when water is so hot that it almost feels cold. The young woman found enough courage to look down, only to see that her hands were no longer recognizable. Her fingers were swollen and had no definition. They appeared to be merging together, like a doughy balled fist. A fleshy ridge expanded out from her wrists. One slit remained between the unrecognizable masses of her middle and ring finger.

Savannah mouthed, “No…no…no” while panic was etched on her face. Meanwhile, bulbous structures spilled over the tops of her shoes. It was not enough for Uume to force the woman to grow one cock. Oh no, Savannah cumming from one penis would not be enough to satisfy the demon’s ego. He would not be satisfied until the woman was literally transformed into some sort of cock beast.

Pre-cum dripped from the glans that used to be the poor teller’s hands. Her shoes unceremonsiouly split open, revealing fully formed mushroom heads that dribbled secretions across the floor. Her legs became somewhat veiny and the skin on each one wrinkled into the spongey texture of a human dick. Savannah’s small arms expanded in circumfrence, with the growth starting at the base of her fledglin cock hands. It pushed upwards, causing her blouse sleeves to rise over the flesh that instantly wrinkled and hardened, until they bunched up around her disappearing elbows. With not more space to distend over her cock-arms, Savannah’s sleeves ruptured, revealing penis shafts where arms once were.

Savannah was quickly devolving into a mass of engorged dicks. Uume took great delight in watching his victim struggle against her impossible changes. Her insulting words from the night before when the three friends were using the talking board had come back to haunt her in the most ironic way. She was being shaped and perverted with one singular purpose in mind: to cum hard in the most degrading way possible. Need and stiffness consumed her oversexed body. Although the thought disgusted her, in her head, Savannah wished that she had hands to grab onto the pulsing shaft between her legs and relieve her forced horniness…if only for a little while.

The woman’s blouse began cinching around her firm boobs. Tightness bounded her tits together as they began filling out. It was such a contradiction: Savannah was being transformed into a pile of male sex organs, yet her secondary female sex organs were beginning to expand to a cartoonish size.

Her blouse rode up her back and front, the tactile sensation driving her insane and causing cum to see[ out of her cock appendages. With a shripping sound, the back of the garment tore along the middle until the downward gravity of her ballooning chest violently tore open the front. Her simple white bra stretched over her boobs, digging into the sweet tit flesh. The violence of her shirt being torn open by her massively expanding chest only served to cause another thick rope of high-pressure jizz to blast from her crotch rifle, staining her living room upholstery.

Her bra cups started to distend over two cylindrical growths arising from the middle of each breast. Gushing sounds emanated from Savannah's chest – her mammalian biological structures being reconfigured for sperm production. With a snap, her bra popped off. Savannah's boobs hung obscenely off of her with each nipple uncontrollably growing in length, their shape already having been perverted into that of a dick.

An excess amount of saliva filled the woman's mouth, while her tongue stretched out. Savannah's lips swelled as if she had been given an overdose of collagen by some psychotic plastic surgeon, and each cheek on her face puffed up. The teleology of her facial transfiguration was unmistakable. The poor girl, now a mis-match of male and female, gazed up towards the incorporeal Uume. The look of defeat was in her eyes. She understood that there was only one possible outcome to all of this.

She knew it was pathetic, but Savannah bent her head down underneath her chest. Her meat stick was long enough that she could easily put it inside her lubed-up mouth. Savannah’s lips trembled (or at least trembled as much as the giant spectacles could) in response to what she was about to do. Closing her eyes, she slowly opened her mouth and allowed it to slide over her cock. Her whole body shuttered at the feeling of her own hardness inside her mouth. She actually felt herself stiffen even more as her lips involuntarily locked around the shaft and head.

The woman’s plan was to suck herself to climax and then let go right before she let loose. But she was much too sensitive. The moment her tongue naturally lashed over her penis’s head, it convulsed and let a torrent of cum shoot straight down her throat. And cumming didn’t serve to ameliorate Savannah’s horniness. It only ramped up her arousal. Uume was playing a villainous game with her. Her sex drive would never subside. She would just continue to cum and cum and cum, blasting bucket-loads of steamy goo everywhere: on her walls, her rug, and straight down her own throat. Cum continued to pour into her mouth until she couldn't swallow fast enough. It spilled down on the floor from her oversized lips, creating a giant puddle of her own seed.

Need shot through the rest of Savannah's transformed body. Cumming had sent off a chain reaction of hormones, lust, and just simple rock hardness. She thrusted out her big, sexy chest. The dick-nipples shuttered before spewing a twin cannon of jizz. The need then traveled to her extremities, and the unbridled arousal took the cocks that were once her arms and legs, causing them to release torrents. Before she could recover, the dick between her legs began to go off. This time, however, she couldn't stop blowing her load. Thirty seconds. Forty seconds. Cum continued to erupt from her dick like water from a fire hose.

At a minute and a half, she was still shooting her wad. Then a sudden rush took Savannah, causing all of her cocks to begin spewing. Cum shot from her tits, from her dick-arms and dick-legs. Savannah's vision went blurry and all she could hear was Uume's laugh echoing throughout the room. But it felt like a dream. The only thing she cared about was cumming. She hated cumming on any terms but her own, but her sexually cursed body did not care; it only wanted to experience the forced ecstasy that Uume had delivered upon it.

And much like Mabel had previously experienced, Savannah continually came throughout the rest of the night. Within hours, she was practically drowning in the accumulation of her own sexual discharges. Cum seeped down the stairs to the basement. It entirely covered the carpeting of the house. If anyone had walked past, it would have been hard not to notice the creamy deluge seeping out on to the porch from underneath the house door.

The Sunday morning light shown into Savannah's living room, awaking the woman who was lying naked across the floor. Upon opening her eyes, Savannah looked down and felt a ping of relief to see that her vagina was still there where it was supposed to be. She reached down  between her legs just to make sure, but moaned and quickly pulled her hand back as if she touched a hot stove. She was very sensitive down there.

She wondered if it was just a dream. Had the demon Uume really turned her into...into that thing that she didn't even want to think about? But there was the evidence, in black and white – well, technically, just in white. An encrusted film adorned the walls of the living room. Torn clothes were strewn about. The gravity of what had taken place the preceding night hit Savannah: She had really been turned into some sort of cock-beast.

It was then that Savannah decided to return Mabel's text.


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