Consequences of the Talking Board: Part 1

by ilovebe
Published: Aug 27th, 2016


Be careful what you say to an ancient Swahili spirit


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Consequences of the Talking Board:

Mabel’s Transformation

Mabel trudged through the field that separated the small hamlet of Wilkinson from the slightly more bustling town of Rennisville. The moon peaked throughout the clouds, basking the pretty blonde in shimmering rays, and helping to light the way down the rocky dirt path cutting through the meadow. By leaving the main road, she could easily save two miles on her walk home from Savannah’s house.

The woman simply couldn’t take her mind off of the events that had happened while visiting with her friends. She thought back to the events that transpired a mere hour ago. While getting a slight alcohol buzz on during the earlier hours of the evening, Savannah suggested playing with a Ouija board that had been tucked away in her closet and untouched for years. Growing up in a Catholic household, Mabel didn’t feel very comfortable using the device, but after some time earlier that evening, she found herself intrigued by it. Along with Savannah and her other friend, Ashley, Mabel communicated with a number of spirits. Most of them were friendly or too incoherent to even seem harmful. But the last spirit with whom the friends had communicated made everybody in the room feel uneasy.

It went by the name Uume and claimed to be an ancient spirit that brought virility to those who were wise and noble. Immediately, Ashley made a joke, asking if Uume was the supernatural equivalent of Viagra. Savannah then made a quip about the spirit paying a visit to her boyfriend to give him a “something a little more than what he’s working with.”

Immediately after, the planchette began spelling out vile and cruel things. It called the girls “SLUTTSS” and threatened that they would “ALL KNW WHATT A BIG COCK FEELLS LIKE.” Until that moment at Savannah’s house, Mabel had been skeptical of the board, never ruling out the possibility that it was being operated by an ideomotor effect. However, the ice chilling revelation came when the planchette continued to move on its own, spelling out words. Uume insulted all of them, making crude remarks about their bodies and detailing obscene things it would like to do to each of them.

Finally, Savannah and Ashley put their hands back on the planchette and moved it over the “GOODBYE” printing, causing the insults to stop and Uume to leave the board. Savannah immediately packed the device away, saying that they all had enough fun for the evening. Later, as Mabel and Ashley were standing in the doorway saying their goodbyes, the lamps and lighting fixtures in the small house briefly flickered. Was it a power surge? Mabel hoped that was the case, and the dimming of the lights wasn’t an omen indicating that the spirit her friends had offended had manifested in the physical realm.

Mabel shook her head at these thoughts as she continued to walk through the meadow. While she would probably never use a Ouija board again, she figured there was nothing to worry about. Uume was probably just some pathetic spirit masquerading as a powerful virility god. Mabel didn’t know a lot about the occult, but she had read that spirits who communicate through a talking board often lie.

The woman had reached the middle of the field when she was overcome with a feeling of coldness. It was the middle of June in Alabama. Mabel knew that there was no way the air could be this cold, even at 1:00 in the morning. The chill was like that of a drafty attic – the kind of draft that stirs a more superstitious person’s head into thinking that a horrific event had taken place there, leaving the metaphysical remnants of some ghastly phantom.

Crimson red eyes appeared before the young female, shining through the haze of the moonbeams beating down upon the walking path. Through the misty lunar shine, an apparition formed, taking on the shape of some sort of bull-like colossal presence, yet never seeming to accumulate into a corporeal form.

The being let out a laugh that boomed across the field like thunder. Its sound sent shivers up and down Mabel’s spine. The young woman knew what this was before her. Without a doubt, it was Uume. A sense of evil emanated from the cloudy being, causing Mabel to become paralyzed with fear. She could only stand before the wicked awesomeness of the ancient magicks flowing at the center of the grassy field. The crotch of her jeans dampened, followed by a trickle that soaked through the denim and splashed into a puddle on the dirt ground.

Obviously amused that Mabel had lost control of her bladder, Uume laughed even harder. The being then spoke in an ancient tongue, drenched in the unnatural reverb of some hellish origin,  “Mwili wako ni mali yangu!” Mabel had no idea what the demonic entity had said, but the sound caused the blood to retreat from her face. The touch of the unholy fog emanating from Uume’s intangible body wrapped around the woman, ensnaring her into some sort of forced arousal. The chill tweaked her nipples to attention. Two ethereal hands grabbed her rear end and cradled the woman’s significant ass, while an unseen penetrating force seeped through the seat of her jeans and up into her anus. It teased Mabel’s g-spot and inflamed her sex. She stumbled forward and buckled at the knees. Mabel was being made subservient to the awesome being – nothing more than a sexy little toy whose buttons it could push at will.

In the midst of her violation, Mabel looked down towards one of her arms. She had felt the collar of her black and pink polo shirt retreat from her neck. The seam running along the shoulder ruptured, unclothing a thin beige strap that had been hidden underneath. Buttons popped from the shirt’s collar, and its neck ripped downwards, giving Mabel some deep slutty cleavage. Meanwhile, holes began forming all throughout the woman’s jeans as seams busted and popped all over her legs and ass. Uume’s touch was literally melting Mabel’s clothes right off of her. The locus of the demon’s perverse magicks was to make the girl naked and ready for whatever vile trespasses upon her body Uume intended.

With a mocking laugh, Uume boomed out, “Kurejea katika jogoo wajinga msichana!” It then felt as if a hand reached out with a touch that went straight through Mabel. She tried to scream, but only a gagging sound emerged from the girl’s mouth - her throat becoming congested. Some type of mucus was attached to her vocal chords. She hacked and coughed, trying to clear the passageway inside of her neck. Struggling, she spit up a flemmy, translucent goo onto her hands. Shaking her head in disbelief, terror shot through Mabel’s expressive eyes. She looked up at Uume – the demon still engaged in its terrifying unworldly laugh. She didn’t know what this sticky substance was on her hands. Strained by the congestion in her throat, Mabel could only mutter a defeated “Uh-hh” from her full, red lips. A ball of sticky fluid fell from her mouth and splattered all over her well-formed rack that bulged inside her quickly tapering shirt. Unbeknownst to the poor girl, the being’s touch had started a rearrangement of her womanly parts - first causing the formation of a Cowper’s gland deep within her.

The onslaught upon the woman’s clothes continued. Pieces of her top either severed at its weakest points due to shrinkage or fell away as the structural integrity surrendered to the melting properties of Uume’s touch. Rivets and buttons popped from her jeans, unable to find denim upon which to hold. Once the waistband failed, Mabel’s tattered pants simply slid from her hips, giving way to her lacy hipsters that Uume began devouring like some pair of edible panties from a sex store.

The icy ether pressed upon the small of Mabel’s back, while an unseen forced grabbed her wrists. It pulled her arms back, holding her in a position that thrusted out her ample 32C chest. Throughout the holes of what remained of the shirt, the girl’s push-up bra constricted even more on her tits, causing her to bust out even further. A shoulder strap snapped off with a pinging noise. The cups melted away, leaving nothing but scraps of beige satin and bare underwire that could no longer hold her chest. And then with the last strips of fabric falling off her body, Mabel was naked but save for her dainty black boots.   In effort to shield herself from Uume’s eyes, Mabel threw her arms around herself with a hand covering her crotch and a limb across her breasts. Even an attempt to mask her nakedness did nothing to hide the woman’s sexy and natural hourglass figure.

Sweat poured down her face and body as Mabel’s breathing became deeper. Moans of ambiguous origin escaped from her lips. A detached sensation took hold of the woman in her lower torso and then, as if she had been possessed by a wild savage creature, Mabel screamed out through the congestion gripping her esophagus. Like some magical beanstalk from folklore, the bottom of Mabel’s torso stretched up with a dry sounding timbre. She grew, her head destined skywards, until she was about a foot and a half taller than she was only seconds before. The space between her stomach and pelvis was concave but not emaciated. The nascent slab of flesh in the space where her abs once existed held her upper body with alien-like precision. Correspondently, it inflated outwards, until a new ingot of thickness occupied her lower figure. But this flesh was not the mixture of muscle and subtle fat that rested about her hips before. This tissue had a rough, slightly wrinkled texture to it.

The expansion had placed Mabel’s hands far too high to comfortably cover her genitals. She struggled to reach down with her right hand to reclaim what little remained of her decency, but her appendage just would not respond to her synaptic commands. It continually slapped against her side, and whenever she pulled it away from her body, the arm became unresponsive before cramping up to pull in once again. Each time Mabel released her arm, it seemed to stick more and more to her side.

Frustrated with the arm’s response, the woman attempted to move her left one. As she pulled it away from her body, it became apparent that a semi-liquid tissue was forming between it and her side to provide a connective bridge to the rest of the woman’s body. Was her arm and torso becoming one? The appendage began sinking into her side – her torso reclaiming her arm. Shock across her face, Mabel looked to see that her right arm was mushing into her other side as well. The skin along her ribcage sealed over top her arms, leaving her without upper limb.

The fomenting tendrils of the moonlit mist circled Mabel’s sex, provoking her clit and stirring her loins. She trembled, feeling what she could only surmise was a powerful orgasm building inside of her. A weight pushed down from Mabel’s pelvis, down into her vagina. She only desired to grab her crotch to try and satiate whatever was flowing southwards through her reproductive system…but Uume had made that impossible, and had done so with purpose.

A small egg-shaped mass poked through the labia folds and just hung there. But the pressure would not subside. Mabel whipped her neck back, while she rolled her eyes into the back of her head. A second semi-spherical structure pushed its way out of her slit. The two orbs dropped further, beginning to each follow its own trajectory of growth. A sound best described as escaping air could be heard down below as the globes expanded between Mabel’s legs, pushing up against her inner thighs. This sensation drove the woman insane. She tried to resist, but couldn’t. Uume was too powerful. This transformation was too power.

From just above her hips, a sheet of skin poured and began blanketing the growing testicles in a wrinkly sheath. It expanded all around creating a balloon-like sac. Inside their newly formed scrotum, Mabel’s new beach ball-sized nards hung between her legs. Immediately, she felt a sense of heaviness consume their insides. Semen production initiated.

Tingling sensations shot throughout the woman. She felt an arousal that was consuming her entirety like nothing she had ever experienced before. Why did she no longer have arms? Why did she have a giant, swinging pair of balls? Mabel’s mind shifted between these thoughts and an irrationality lost to the throbbing sensations all throughout her tubular body.

She was snapped back to reality, however, when the congestion in her throat loosened. Like an oozing fountain, the slimy substances poured from her mouth and ran down her body like a liquidly avalanche. Preseminal fluid, glistening under the moonlight, covered her from the neck down to her balls – its lubrication a precursor to the final climax to which Mabel would have to succumb.

Mabel’s body stretched and contorted, her skeletal system dissolving into meaty fiber. The section above her hips inflated slightly as the structures of a penis bulb filled inside. The angles and curves of her midsection lost their definition, ebbing and shifting into tubular complacency. Dark veins appeared all over her stomach while Mabel’s toned abs took on a porous composition – irregular and slightly course. Muscle gave way to the outbreak of elastic corpus spongiosum.

The pink colorization of her nipples drained away, leaving the areolas flesh color. As the rest of her physique turned into a semi-hard shaft, Mabel’s proud breasts retreated into the front of the rod that was now her upper body.

Mabel’s neck bulged out with swollen pink tissue. It expanded over the entirety of its circumference, becoming one with the rest of the trembling dick. As if Uume pulled her by the hair, the woman’s head was yanked back with a large cracking sound until she was staring up at the cloud-covered moon. A protrusion erupted from her jaw, creating a ridge that began encircling her head, delineating the border of a glans penis. The breeze kissed Mabel’s face, and she moaned out like a slut in heat. The sensitivity in her face was unbearable, and she could literally feel the countless new nerve endings manifesting all over and accumulating into a network of unbridled stimulation.

Blonde hair fell to the ground as the back of Mabel’s head retracted into a bulbous form. She could no longer move her mouth, which simply gurgled with escaping pre-cum. Her cheeks puffed out, expanding over the dickified girl’s face. They swelled in every direction, creating the crown of the head. Consumed with unwanted arousal, Mabel watched the moonlight fade as her eyes succumbed to darkness. The space between the two cheeks formed into the meatus, which bubbled with sticky goo.

With the formation of the head, Mabel was now locked into the form of a big, trembling cock. Although she could no longer see, she could hear everything – a remaining sense that was made all too painfully clear by the sound of Uume’s malevolent chortle. He had clearly enjoyed turning the helpless young woman into a throbbing sex organ. The demon had devoured her sexuality and left her nothing but a big, semi-erect penis sitting on womanly legs. She stood in her little black boots as a phallic trophy for the ghostly beast.

Mabel felt arousal in every part of her being, from the top of her mushroom shaped head down to the intimate cage of her inner thighs. With all of the power she could muster, she attempted to stave the growing flood. But alas, she succumbed. Mabel’s body snapped into a rigid composure. A loud crunching resonance accompanied the stiffening of spongy skin.  Her entirety lengthened, pulling at the scrotum and causing her balls to tighten. Blood flowed throughout Mabel, causing her head to turn a deep, dark purple. Mabel, who started the day as just your everyday all-American girl, was now a big, raging, circumcised hard-on ready to explode.

Just the process of hardening was too much for her. Cumming was inevitable. Mabel could sense a glob of semen push out of her oversized balls and slide up the urethra that now ran through the middle of her body. Even the juicy friction inside of her piping made Mabel shutter. She felt the pressure coagulate just below the head of her shaft, and she tried with all of her penile might to hold it back. The top of the fleshy tube retracted a bit, a dab of white cream appearing over the slit.

For what was milliseconds but seemed like hours, Mabel stood quivering in the middle of the field, Uume watching with fixated eyes. This was it. She was going to cum, and there was nothing she could do about it.

And then the top of the shaft recoiled back up. A long milky rope of hot semen shot from the lips of Mabel’s head with the power of a thousand horny bulls. Cum soared 20 feet through the air and then rained back down to Earth in blobs of splashing seed. The force of the orgasm caused her to lunge forward and buckle at the knees. It was all Mabel could do to remain balanced on legs that were never intended to hold up a giant cock.

She waited, hoping that the electricity coursing through her body would subside – that she’d become flaccid and no longer capable of climaxing. But no such relief was granted. Mabel felt her balls become heavy once again and fill with liquid that gushed against her testes’ inner-walls – a sensation that drove her lust even higher. Mabel came hard, painting the green landscape white. The power of blowing such a heavy load brought her to her knees.

In the midst of another growing orgasm, Mabel sensed Uume leave, but not before the being left a departing message: “Rafiki yako kuteseka mbaya hatma.” She did not know what the perverted demon meant, but she could feel her heart sink after hearing the words that he had spoken. Throughout the rest of the night, Mabel came hundreds of time. She spewed over and over again, until she fell over into a puddle of her own ejaculations and continued to blow until the dawn hours.


The sun beat down upon Mabel, who lied strewn about the field between Wilkinson and Rennisville. She fought the crusty adhesion over her eyes and lifted the lids from her pupils to great the painful late morning rays. Grogginess lingered in the young woman’s head as she took survey of herself. She was naked…and covered in a dry film. She squinted over towards the pathway that lay a few feet ahead of her. Shrips of what looked to have been the clothes she had worn the previous night littered the ground. Potholes previously cut into the dirt road by weathering looked to have accumulated milky puddles inside of them. But that was odd; it hadn’t rained in almost a week. At that moment, a look of disgust washed over Mabel’s face as her faculties returned.

She had been turned into a human-sized penis the night before. Mabel wondered if she dreamt it. But here she was, naked in the middle of the field and covered in her own dried semen. She looked at her arms, distinctly recalling them sinking into the rest of her body. She looked at her genitals, certain that she had a huge pair of sensitive balls between her legs. She recalled the countless times she climaxed in the field, surrendering to the powerful orgasms that took her phallic body. And she remembered the dark timbre of Uume’s voice.

Uume?! Thoughts of the demon sent Mabel back into a state of fear. What was Uume planning on doing to Savannah and Ashley? Maybe he turned them into giant dicks too last night? She needed to contact her friends, and she needed a ride home. There was no way she was walking back to Rennisville naked in broad daylight.

Mabel lifted herself up and searched the shrunken tatters of what remained of her jeans to find her cell phone. Savannah would already be at work by now and couldn’t talk on the phone. She tried to call Ashley, but it went to voicemail. Mabel didn’t jump to any conclusions. Ashley often didn’t answer her phone, especially if she was sleeping in on this lazy Saturday. The woman couldn’t just call anybody and tell him or her she was naked in a field. They would never believe her story. Mabel thought for a moment before realizing that she should call Leena. Leena was an anthropology graduate student studying supernatural folklore. She most likely did not have an actual belief in her subject matter, but Mabel figured that her brainy friend was probably the person who would be the most likely to believe her.

Mabel felt a sigh of relief when the anthropology student picked up the phone. “Hey Leena, it’s Mabel. It’s a long story, but could you pick me up by the big field in Wilkinson…Awesome, you are a lifesaver…Oh, and one thing – could you bring a change of clothes? It’s a long story.”

Mabel hung up the phone and huddled down in the field to avoid any potential gawking eyes and await her friend’s arrival. She was glad to be human again but could not shake the apprehension of her friends’ fates. When using the talking board, Mabel was the most respectful to Uume. Surely, he wouldn’t spare Savannah and Ashley after what they had said.   



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