Another chance at a past life

Published: Aug 14th, 2016


Short story of a young man named Wally remembering a past life and makes a choice that will affect him and his boyfriend


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            A female dog had pushed with all her might. Soon her last pup had come into view. She loved each of her five adorable huskies. The last pup whimpered fearing the unknown. Everything was so new to them, yet they knew they were safe since their mother was here. “Welcome to the world little one!” A man rose from his sleep, immediately forgetting a strange experience. Yawning, his alarm soon rang. “Whaaat?” The man got up, sighing, from his bed and begun his morning routine. He lived alone for the most part, a single man in his late twenties that occasionally had some luck with the ladies. Men too. He didn’t really bring up his sexual life too much, not that there was much to go on. It was only once, but he had remembered the pleasure and enjoyed it, when it had happened. He was a little taller than average, at about five foot ten. Sighing, he stepped into a shower. “I wonder if Matt’s been doing his job better this morning? He hasn’t really helped the business much since that fan awaited game last week.” Once out, the man brushed his hair in a neat style. His black hair had some silver strands, but they usually would be pulled away before they got too noticeable. His light blue eyes soon focused on his appearance and smiled at what he saw.

            “Not too bad… I just hope Rider likes it.” Blushing at the thought of seeing his current boyfriend, the man got dressed quickly and brushed his teeth last. Once he had everything, he met another man downstairs. Both men had a little weight on them, but they looked average to many. Kissing, Rider smiled brightly. “Wally! Ah gosh, I missed you last night! Are you sure I can’t come over tonight? I want to start round two of our little match!” He laughed, trying to cheer Wally. “Rider? I- I love you, but I don’t know… I mean it was a first time for me!” Rider gave a small smile. “I know it’s a little scary. I mean my first boyfriend wasn’t necessarily helpful, but I soon got used to the process and our relationship got stronger because of it!” Wally lowered his head, not saying anything else about it. For the rest of the time with him, Wally just tried to enjoy his boyfriend’s company. Rider usually took control of their relationship if there was ever a moment of doubt from Wally’s end, and Rider knew that bringing the subject up again would just push him the other way. Rider himself was taller, being six feet. His dark brown hair was slightly shaggy that curled at ends, but he liked his hair longer than what many guys would keep their hair.

            “Alright, Babe. I love you! And I’ll see you soon!” Wally smiled at him and kissed his mouth a little longer than a peck. They opened their eyes and smiled.  As

Wally left the car and Rider had gone, a stray husky had appeared, running past him as if on a mission. Something about it seemed familiar to him, but he pushed it to the back of his mind. However, when Wally was at his job, the husky was the only thing that he could think of. Soon, the dream had come back in full detail. His view as he dreamed, however was the last pup. In his dream, Wally could remember feeling nothing, and then all of a sudden, a slide to the right. All at once, he could see a light, or at least tell there was a light and everything was cold. Then he remembered his mom. He laughed a bit to himself, but then felt something jerk his mind. As Wally thought about it, the more he realized that it didn’t feel like a dream. He knew there were always those kinds of dreams, but it felt different from that as well. “Wallace!” Wally turned to face his boss. She was a little skinny with some pointed features, but she also had some roundness to her. “Wallace, I’m gonna be frank with you. You’re a great worker, but I’ve noticed you’ve been distracted a lot today. That’s not really like you. Is their anything you want to talk about?”

            Wally shook his head. “Uh, no… I’m fine. I’m sorry for my doddling, I’ll get back to work.” The woman gave a pity smile, but then frowned, as she didn’t feel satisfied. “Wallace, I know many people that come and go here, and when they get distracted and play it off, they start getting even worse in their work. Why don’t you walk it off? You might keep your mind on work or solve whatever it was.” Wally nodded and walked off, reaching the garage level of the building. As he felt a little better and didn’t think too much of huskies, another one as suddenly as the last one, appeared. Instead of walking past, it was sitting right in front of him. It seemed that it knew who he was or just felt connected. Closing in, Wally reached a hand out towards the dog. The husky lolled its tongue and panted contently. “Hey, -uh… dog. What are you doing all the way here?” The dog barked and licked him. “You’ve grown up so much, my little one.” Though it didn’t physically speak, Wally jumped back and was about to scream, hearing a somewhat familiar voice. “Wha-?! You-… You’re talking!” The dog had soon disappeared. The moment Wally blinked in shock and he could no longer see it, like it was a ghost “The heck?” Now, his dream was all he could think about. ‘What was going on?’ He thought. Luckily, Wally found a way to focus on work, finishing the rest of his assignments. After, Wally decided to call Rider to tell him not to pick him up just yet.

            Trying to really forget about what he had seen, Wally walked around the building’s ground, not really paying attention until he soon met an alleyway. Realizing that he probably got lost, he began to look around and suddenly felt a sense of familiarity. Walking a little more towards where his heart told him to go, he soon met a dead end, with a worn down box. It was big enough to fit a large dog, but something about that whole space gave Wally a sense of déjà vu. Then it hit him. “This is where I- was what I dreamt about even a dream? I really feel like I’ve actually lived that life!” Soon, very few visions of being a puppy flooded his mind. He remembered sucking his mother’s teats, playing with his siblings, and running around the alley. His eyes widened. He remembered walking on all fours. He fell to his knees. He had lived on Earth before… As a dog. His human mind, with what he was now and what he had to do compared to his previous life felt overwhelmed. Putting his hands to his head, he didn’t know what to do with his life now. His boyfriend wouldn’t understand this. If his past life was a human, then he most likely  wouldn’t. Humans had purposes, jobs, titles, and owned dogs. All dogs had to do was mate, eat, and sleep. He felt some impulses he probably would’ve had as a dog return, feeling his penis rise. Trying to cover his bulge, he ran to a secluded area nearby; not that where his birthplace as a dog wasn’t already secluded.

            There he waited out the erection and tried to walk back home. “Wow… I can’t believe I was a dog in another life!” A woman, that happened to be nearby, sitting alone stared for a bit, until deciding to speak. “Would you like to return to that good life?” Wally paused and stood still. “W-what did you say?” The woman smiled, revealing some teeth made of silver or gold. “You say that you were a dog in another life, as if you miss it. Tell me… If you had the option to go back, would you?” Wally looked at the woman. Her appearance screamed fortuneteller, or something you’d see in the movies as someone not trustworthy. She probably had nothing of real magic. Something like transformation was impossible anyway. “Sure! Why not!” The woman began chanting something in some foreign tongue before handing him a concealed glass container of some kind. “Just drink this, and then think of whatever comes to mind about your previous life. You might not remember too much about it, but this potion will help you become who you really were.” Wally smiled politely and thanked the women, though when he left, he couldn’t help but laugh. “What a crazy women! I bet this is just a flavored drink!” Later, Wally had called for Rider as he reached a place his human side knew.

            At home, Wally knew that no matter how Rider acted, he needed to tell him. “Babe? I learned something about myself and I want to tell you, but it sounds ridiculous…” Rider gave a smirk, like he was preparing for what it could be so he wouldn’t laugh. “Wallyyy… You can tell me anything!” Wally kissed him and took a deep breath. “Ok… This isn’t my first life! I actually had a past life as a dog!” Rider’s eyes widened a bit. He believed in past lives once when he was younger, but he hadn’t thought about it since then. The way his boyfriend said he was a dog like he was sure, made him almost geek out. He heard of people just being born again as people, and the thought of a dog becoming human sounded a little funny. “So?” Rider tried to find his words. A part of him thought his boyfriend was nuts, but most of him believed him. “Well, I believe you, but why do you want to tell me this?” Wally looked at his desk in the room. It’s where he kept the container. “I think I miss it.” This time Rider laughed. “Wally, are you serious?! You’re my boyfriend! You really want to be a dog again more than you want to be with me?” Realizing what he said and how Rider took it, he quickly raised his arms. “Oh God, no! I just- Well… I realized life as a human is so crazy and tedious…why do we put ourselves through so many unnecessary things?”

            Rider moved closer to Wally’s head and began to make out with him as if trying to convince him that this life was better. Their tongues visiting the other’s mouths. It felt great, though as they kissed, Wally felt another vision of his past life return. He was licking another dog that he liked. He could feel it licking his backside? It did so as he licked its penis. Soon Wally began licking his boyfriend’s cheek. Rider felt his boyfriend’s tongue on him and felt a little turned on, with his penis rising, but he knew this wasn’t healthy for Wally. “Wally! This isn’t how we do this! Look, I admit, I like it, but if you really miss your past life, this isn’t gonna help!” Wally looked back at the desk; the potion was so tempting. He knew Rider was right. He had a pretty good life already. Why would he want to return to that of a creature that didn’t live very long? Whether or not the potion really worked, it couldn’t hurt to try. Walking towards the desk. Rider thought he hurt Wally’s feelings. “Hey, Babe... I’m sorry if I did something to upset you.” Wally shook his head, showing him the potion. “No, you’re right… I didn’t tell you this before, but when I was learning about my past life, a person overheard me and offered me this!”

            Rider looked at the container and looked a little wary. “Babe?... What’s that for?” Wally began drinking it all. Rider felt nervous. “She said that if I drink it and think about a vision or something from my past life, I’ll go back to that form! I know I shouldn’t believe her, but I figured whether or not she is telling the truth, I’ll just live whatever life I get!” Rider’s eyes widened. “Wally! Are you dumb?! That could be fucking poison!” Wally didn’t think about that. Luckily, another vision came. Unfortunately, it finally told Wally everything about what he was. It was him, this time he was becoming a mother, giving birth to several mixed breed puppies. She loved all of them and licked them, guiding them over to her teats to suckle. It wasn’t immediate, but soon, Wally felt itchy. As he looked, hairs began budding all over. “Oh my God, Rider! It’s working!” Rider’s eyes widened. “What?! So that’s it? You’re just going to become a dog and leave me?!” Wally frowned. “What? No! I still love you! I could be your pet if you want me to!” Rider shouted, “No! I want you! I want to be with you all the time! I want to marry you or at least be in a part of our relationship where we can make love whenever we want!”

Wally walked over to Rider and began licking him. As he did, his tongue flattened and his teeth sharpened. His face pushed out a bit and formed a muzzle. Licking was the only option now. His fur was coming in nicely, and he felt his penis shrink. “Baeh. I stieh lolve yoh!” Wally managed to say. Rider smiled and kissed his blackening nose. Knowing that he’d just look ridiculous, Rider helped his boyfriend undress. Then he noticed more sets of nipples growing and his micro penis still shrinking. “You were a girl dog?” Wally nodded, still licking Rider. A tail had begun forming, wagging to show his happiness. In a couple of minutes, Wally was now a female husky in her adolescence, it seemed. Wally, though, stopped licking Rider and began to sniff around the room. Rider watched on and his boyfriend soon made a position with his body as if ‘she’ was going to go to the bathroom. “Wally! Not in my house!” Wally looked up, cocking her head to the side as she went anyway. Rider then began realizing that maybe his boyfriend was a dog in mind as well. “Uh… Wally?” Wally, after sniffing her mess, looked up at Rider and panted, lolling her tongue to the side.

“A-are you still in there wally?” Wally tilted her head, but showed no recognition to what he was saying. Sighing with defeat, he began to pick up the mess. As he wiped some of the mess with some paper towels, Rider noticed Wally walking towards him. “Wally? What’s up, –uh… girl?” Without another moment, Wally began licking Rider’s face, though most of the times gravitated to his lips. For logically understandable reasons, Rider tried to keep Wally away. “Babe, please! You’re a dog now!” Wally was persistent however and made her way to his backside. She tried to lick him again, but Rider was quick, swatting his former boyfriend away. Although knowing it wasn’t aggressive, Wally suddenly bit Rider for his movement. “Wally?! What the fuck was that for? I thought you loved me! Why did you bite me?” Lowering her ears and cowering, Rider realized Wally had made a mistake and sighed a defeated sigh. “Yeah… I’m sorry babe.” Kissing Wally’s nose, Wally began licking intently around his mouth and cheeks. Rider knew it was wrong, but he soon found himself licking back. It was so tempting and hard to resist that he soon even lowered onto all fours to better reach Wally’s mouth.

Though seeming impossible, Rider had felt himself changing as he continued his action, even now, his penis began rising and quickly felt prickly and becoming encased in something. When he stopped to check on himself, Rider widened his eyes to see his penis look just like a dog’s cock. He grabbed himself and felt a pleasurable sensation, but his boyfriend was still beside him, distracting him from more changes. Rider had gotten back to licking his love and soon felt his penis poke out. He hadn’t noticed his tail growing and wagging as he was basically making out with his girlfriend. “I guess I’m bisexual now?” He said to himself. His hands and feet cramped as they became stubbier and restricted. Rider’s nails curved and pointed out, becoming sharper as fur began to sprout all over his body. Most of his senses began to greatly sharpen and he could soon sense pheromones that his soon to be mate emitted. Panting, Rider and Wally began gravitating to one another’s back ends and sniffed each other. As Wally licked his penis, Rider began licking the folds of Wally’s vagina. Both shivered slightly at the pleasure and knew they had to further their action. Wally panted with satisfaction and turned away from Rider, moving her tail to the side. Instincts began to blossom in Rider, urging him to insert his member inside his mate. His humanity had been weakened and it was all animal now.

He had fully transformed into a full-blooded male husky and his mate could tell he was healthy and was just what she needed. Sliding his penis in, Wally licked the air and yipped, feeling her vagina well filled by Rider’s penis. Instinctually, Rider grabbed the scruff of Wally’s neck and thrusted his tool in and out, as if inching deeper into Wally’s vagina. Soon, his knot had made it inside and had reached its destination, releasing all of its contents. It was a rush and Wally howled as she came. The walls closed in on Rider’s stick, making him cum quickly after. Both Huskies howled in some sort of harmony. As Rider began to relax, he turned around, kept close to his mate with his knot still inside.  Forgetting what they used to be, both dogs had waited until the knot had shrunk before licking themselves clean. It was minutes before either one of them had shown interest in another round, to which they did several. Their stomachs soon growled for them to eat, and though they had managed to find some food, their minds knew that they needed more. Wally was the first to scratch at the front door. She whined and howled, hoping that someone or something could help them. After finishing what he had found, Rider soon noticed his mate making noises at the door.

He soon joined and it was an hour or so before anyone went to check on the noise. When they did the people had believed that the two huskies had been abandoned and sent the dogs to the pound. Fortunately they had been placed together, thinking that they were mates or perhaps siblings, and within around two months the pound had helped Wally deliver a nice litter of seven huskies. After the birth, Wally and Rider had gotten fixed, and all of them were eventually adopted. As if by a miracle, Wally and Rider had been adopted together and lived the rest of their lives with one another.


great story. Would be cool to turn into a huskie and have mate
Becoming a Huskie and being mated is one of my fantasies. I would love this to be a real story.