From The Horse's Lips, pt.4

by fiat
Published: Aug 7th, 2016


Lucy finally succumbs to her lust for the stallion and joins her friends in the stable, plus a new (and very special) friend.


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Lucy stood in the doorway of the stable and stared at the three new mares that had entered since she’d last visited the farm. She couldn’t see her dark stallion anywhere, but he couldn’t be far. She strolled down the central aisle of the stable, looking at each of the mares in turn. There was a dun brown (the smallest of the three), a grey percheron, and an American paint horse. Where had her black stallion gone?

She heard a rustling from the empty stall at the end of the hall and, out of curiosity, peaked her head over the door. Inside was a short, black-haired girl who crouched on her knees and seemed to be cleaning the stall as slowly as she could, picking through the hay that’d collected in the back corner of the stall. She was on her hands and knees, back to the hallway as she sniffed at the hay beneath her.

What the hells is she doing? Lucy thought. As she watched, the girl leaned her head low, hair hanging over her shoulders and around her delicate neck as she inhaled deeply, her head rocking gently side to side. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be deriving some… personal pleasure from the scent of the hay.

Lucy rapped her knuckles on the door of the stall to get the girl’s attention. At the sound of the knocking, the girl’s head jerked up from the hay. Lucy noticed that her cheeks were flushed at having been caught in her private moment, but as her eyes darted up to see who’d made the sound, the girl seemed especially taken aback. Her eyes widened and Lucy noticed that they were a deep chocolate. She was quite pretty, despite being dressed in dirty overalls and a plaid shirt.

“I’m sorry to, um… interrupt” Lucy began shyly, “but I just don’t know where this black stallion that I’ve been visiting is.

“O- oh” the girl’s voice caught in her throat. “He’s been visiting another farm near here, but he should be back before the end of the day. Would you like to hang around? It should only be an hour or three.”

Lucy seemed surprised at the question. Who wouldn’t wait for such a magnificent stallion?

Lucy extended a hand over the stable door. “O- of course, miss…?”

The girl stood up and brushed off her hands on her overalls before extending her own hand in return. “It’s Riley.”

Lucy smiled as she met the girl’s eye. “So you like horses, huh?”

Riley leaned against the door before looking up to Lucy with a particularly mischievous grin in her eye. “Like horses?” She shook her hips slightly at the suggestion and craned her neck toward Lucy to look her directly in the eye. “I looooove horses. Why, don’t you?”

Lucy was taken aback at the question. “Of course I do. Why would I not love horses?”

Riley leaned her arms over the stall, smelling at the small of Lucy’s neck. “You smell like you do. Wanna come in here and see what I was doing?”

Lucy startled at the approach of Riley’s face. What was the girl doing? She jumped back slightly as her nose neared Lucy’s skin and inhaled her scent.

“I- uh- I don’t… um… know…” She shuffled her feet together, rubbing her toes over each other as she thought about her stallion’s hooves. She could smell him here, near this stall. Was he really away from the farm today?

While Lucy lost herself in reverie, Riley opened the stall and moved toward her, grabbing her hand and pulling her in. While Lucy stood there, her eyes glazed over by the smell of her stallion still lingering in the stall, Riley stooped to grab a fistful of hay from the floor and then pulled it up to Lucy’s face, bringing her own in to drink the scent. As Riley inhaled, her eyes fluttered. The scent brought back memories of brushing her stallion’s coat, the smell of his manhood beneath him like fire in her nostrils, crawling into her sinuses and sending tingles down between her thighs.

Lucy had a slightly different reaction. She’d recognized the scent from the hay as belonging to her stallion, but the sudden shock of having it placed in her face nearly overwhelmed her. What had she been missing? Why hadn’t she done this before? She could have brought some of this hay home with her to smell when she was in her own private time. Her eyes, already cloudy from the initial shock of the scent, glazed over completely as she drew in her stallion’s smell.

When Riley had had her fill, she tossed the pile of hay to the side and grabbed Lucy around the neck, pulling her in for a kiss. Lucy was still lost in her daydream, too overwhelmed with lust to care, but the feel of Riley’s lips on her own caused her to dive deeper into the dream. She imagined herself kissing her stallion, his thick lips probing around her mouth, the feel of his breath penetrating her throat, its heat warming her insides as she wrapped her arms around Riley’s body.

While Lucy gave herself to her stallion, her mind swimming with the depth of arousal that his smell brought to her, Riley began to tease her fingers down the front of Lucy’s blouse, undoing the loose strings that held its front closed. Once the third had been freed, it began to slip down around her shoulders, falling into the floor. Riley pulled Lucy’s body, now only protected by a set of turquoise lingerie, toward her, the heat of their bodies causing them to grind their hips into one another.

The two were interrupted by the sudden stomping of an additional set of hooves in the stable. Their black stallion had walked into the barn while they were passionately inside each other’s mouths. They continued to grind their bodies and tongues into each other as the clopping grew closer and closer, but they ignored it, lost in their own fantasies, each with the other dreaming that she was her black stallion.

But a sudden chuff from behind them drew their attention. Both pulled away from the other and turned, eyes wide, to find the source of their fantasies standing in the open stall in front of them.

They both pounced on him immediately, grabbing whichever part of him they could. Lucy went to his mouth, stroking his muzzle gently with her hand before leaning down to place a kiss on the front of her stallion’s muzzle. He opened his lips to her, his tongue slipping out from between his fine white teeth to feel hers, their two muscles dancing and probing each other as she widened her nostrils, drinking his scent deeply.

As she did, she felt her nostrils begin to draw farther apart, the skin around them stretching and growing as she attempted to open them further and further, drawing in more of her stallion’s hot breath. Her tongue played expertly with his, but as she became more and more aroused by the kissing, her mouth started to pull back at the sides, her lips growing thicker as she drew his saliva into her mouth. Her tongue began to swell, growing thicker as she lapped at his opening, her own saliva beginning to coat her face and expanding nose as hairs grew around her lips, the blend of their fluids driving her transformation.

Riley had immediately dived for the stallion’s flaccid cock, desperate to draw it to attention. She began by leaning her nose in-between the stallion’s broad flanks, its tip barely touched the sheath as she drank in its smell. She rubbed one hand across the other side of his huge member as she extended her tongue along the sheath, drawing it up toward the base, saliva trailing along the way. She drew back and stroked again, and again, and again. Each time, her tongue grew slightly larger in her mouth, her face pulling longer to accommodate the new growth. She licked again, the taste sending shivers of pleasure throughout her body.

Lucy pulled herself back from the stallion’s face and turned. There was no coyness or human shame as she threw herself to all fours in front of him, her newly swollen and darkening lips pulsing with change and flowing with lubrication, showing him how much she needed him. He leant in, his tongue diving in-between her thighs. She encouraged him by pressing herself back into his mouth, her pussy lengthening with each lick as she moaned through her thick lips, the sound increasingly inhuman.

Meanwhile, Riley had begun to coax life from the stallion’s member. Her tongue was now hanging from a muzzle that stretched to half a horse’s full length: just long enough for her to place her mouth in front of the nearly hard cock and take its first few inches in-between her lips. She pulled her neck back and forth on the length of it, trying to get more and more of its increasingly massive size into her muzzle. Her thick tongue wrapped around the diameter of it, probing and licking as much as she could while her hands worked to remove her clothes. She took a short break, unbuttoning her jeans just as her hips began to expand.

Lucy’s back and arms began to lengthen as her stallion dove in-between her lips, her shoulder-blades rotating to the sides as her torso widened. She moaned, sighed, and heaved, each breath increasing the size of her body until it was nearly as large as her stallion’s. His tongue continued to work at her now-completely-equine lips as her neck started to expand, drawing her head further and further from her body, each draw of his slick tongue up her pussy eliciting an increasingly inhuman *neeeEEeEEEEeeEIIIIIiigiGHGH.*

Riley, now completely naked, had succeeded in bringing her stallion’s member to attention. Her head, now nearly fully transitioned to that of a horse, was no longer suited for her petite human body and so she stood on all fours beneath her stallion, willing her body to change for him as she licked and sucked at his member. Her neck lengthened first, its size growing as muscles and tendons flexed and relaxed around her changing throat, the sounds emerging from it increasingly equine. As her neck pulled forward, she moved her body out from under her stallion to his side, leaving her body room to grow as her chest and ass expanded, swelling to nearly full equine size as Riley’s mind began to sink into that of a horse’s.

She began to imagine a life with her stallion in the fields, tending to foals that her stallion had fathered with her, teaching them how to walk and run and play. She opened her large equine eyes, still blue and green, and as her thoughts drifted to a life of bestial sex with him their irises began to grow and swim with brown. As she felt her stallion release into her mouth, she felt the last of her human self merge into new, equine Riley, their consciousnesses blending and melding until they became one.

The stallion continued to lick through the orgasm, his tongue driving further and further into Lucy’s folds as the last of her ribcage expanded and her tail grew from her behind, covering her stallion’s nose first in horse hair, and then cum as her pussy contracted and squirted hard onto her stallion’s muzzle.

The two new mares turned toward each other. They recognized each other as friends and approached their herd mate, nuzzling and whinnying at the company of a good friend and thought of a new life with their stallion.


Also did any of them have foals? if so who got pregnant first and how did the farmers react when they found the 4 new mares in there barn?
really good story though it did leave questions. what happened at the farm the stallion visited and where did riley come from? also it could have been Much longer. Other than that I loved the series. hope there is gonna be a continuation.
Really enjoying this story! Wish some one would become a foal!
Good read as always, though it felt painfully short! Maybe I'm just spoiled! :o
Enjoyed reading this continuation. Thanks.