From The Horse's Lips - Part 3: Sarah

by Niak
Published: Jul 26th, 2016
Last Edit: Jul 29th, 2016


I have finally finished part three!!! I apologise for the delay, there was alot of laziness that I had to overcome aswell as a lot of editing. A very special thanks to fiat for the amazing amount of editing he did, if there is a mistake still about then its probably caused by me. I hope you enjoy the story and make sure to read part one and two before you read this. Part 2:


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Sarah closed her front door behind the two police officers, waving to the cute one as he left. God she needed a boyfriend. She'd stared at him the entire time they were talking, undressing him with her eyes, thinking of the things they could do with his handcuffs and nightstick. She shook her head, trying to get rid of the mental pictures she'd just conjured up. It was bad enough that they'd interrupted her "alone time," but she didn't need to set herself off again. She'd never been this horny. She'd always had the same needs as any young woman, and she wasn't afraid to take care of them, but now she needed something... more. She'd been ready to tear the clothes off of the first guy that looked at her. If only the young cop had been alone.

When the police first arrived at the door, Sarah had been terrified. Her mind, mysteriously clouded by the overwhelming need that she'd been attempting to satisfy, had leapt to the worst consequences imaginable: it had convinced her that someone must have died or that she was about to be arrested. Luckily neither had been true; they'd just asked some routine questions.

Two nights ago, Sarah's friend Stephanie had disappeared from her parents' house. She hadn't yet returned. There were no signs of a struggle and the front door had been left unlocked, but the police were still investigating.

Stephanie had relaxed when she’d learned that no one had been hurt, yet the strange disappearance of her friend failed to worry her. She'd invited the officers inside, where they'd asked her a few questions: she’d told them everything they’d wanted to know, including the last time she'd seen Steph, the night before she'd disappeared. It was strange but, somehow, she knew that Steph was okay and that she'd see her friend again soon. It felt good—warm—to know it with such certainty, but also strange...

A loud screech from her kitchen snapped Sarah from her reverie. She turned from the door she'd just closed and ran into the next room, pulling the kettle from the stove. Her breathing calmed as she became absorbed in the ritual of tea making, pouring the hot water through a strainer filled with green leaves. She was a health nut and loved nothing more than eating well and exercising. And boy, had she been eating well recently; if it was a fruit or vegetable it didn't last long in Sarah's hands. Yesterday she took three trips to the supermarket just to buy carrots, lettuce, and apples and her supplies were already low.

She took a sip of the hot tea. It was refreshing, but the taste was a bit off: the leaves seemed more appetizing alone. Sarah's head recoiled as she realized how strange that thought should seem, but it didn't do anything to diminish her hunger for the now-soggy leaves. She shook the thought from her mind and decided that some fresh air might do her good. She grabbed a bag of apples, a few carrots, and her cup of tea, then stepped onto her back porch, where the sun was approaching mid-day.

Sarah had intended to make full use of the beautiful weather, but as she sat on her deck chair she became increasingly uncomfortable, twisting and fidgeting for a few minutes before she'd had enough. Sarah set aside the carrot on which she'd been nibbling and moved to her bedroom, where she slipped into a more comfortable summer dress.

The cute police officer had affected her more than she'd thought: her underwear was completely soaked, so much so that it had seeped through to her shorts, leaving a large wet spot on her crotch. Going commando wasn't something she'd normally do—that was Jamie's thing—but the gentle flow of lubrication wasn't stopping. Besides, it felt kinda... freeing. And she hadn't touched a bra all day, so why stop there?

She moved to the kitchen, placed her empty cup in the sink and grabbed an apple before heading back outside. The porch was too shaded and she pulled her deck chair to the lawn, enjoying the strong aroma of grass that strangely filled her mouth with saliva. Sarah bit into her apple, they must be in season she thought; they’d never tasted this good before. Her phone buzzed next to her and she reached for it. It was Jamie's birthday reminder. If anyone knew anything about Steph, it would be her, but the phone rang out three times. It wasn't like Jamie to ignore calls, no matter where she was, and Sarah had to settle for a text instead.

Something was off. She thought back to the last time she saw Jamie, the other night when they all went out together, and that peculiar dare. For the past few days it had played on her mind a lot. Hell she'd even been having the same dream since, well... since that night.

Sarah's eyes fluttered shut. She could see him there, in her mind again: bulging muscles, flowing mane, and those eyes... dark… but something... something was hiding in there. Her fingers dug into the arm rests of the chair, her nails threatening to tear the fabric that covered them. She bit into her lower lip as heat returned to her nethers. Beads of lubrication slipped from her puffy lips, sinking into the cotton fibers of her dress, which teased the skin and soft muscle at the back of her thighs. This was intense. She'd never needed release this much before, but she waited.

“Not yet.” Sarah scrunched her eyes together, watching as her dream played out in her mind. She was in the field again. Lucy and Jamie stood beside her, just a few feet behind Stephanie. The four of them were naked in the cool night air. Her own nipples stood at attention, but she couldn't decide if they were responding to the temperature or her lust.

Her fingers pried themselves from one of the arm rests and her right hand disappeared beneath her dress. They passed over her toned abs, skating over soft skin as they moved up, towards their target. The hunt ceased as they reached her sensitive nipple. Mmmm, there you are. Her slender fingers tweaked and circled it gently, coaxing the soft nub to erection as pleasure pulsed through her body. She arched her back slowly as the stimulus sent goosebumps down her body, centering on her raised clit.

Her left hand wriggled free of its grip on the armrest, pulling her dress up slightly, exposing the lower half of her body to the midday sun. The goosebumps continued to ripple over her skin, responding to tiny vibrations that rolled up and down her body, each time concentrating between her legs. Her clit began to vibrate slightly as tiny muscles flexed, trying to make it move. Her crotch tingled as her lips began to swell, straining at the limit of their human proportions for a moment, then moving beyond them, pulsing larger with each beat of her heart. Her lubrication began to flow freely and form a small pool on the inside of her dress as her pussy continued its change, the skin darkening as it began to develop a leathery texture. Sarah began thrashing in her seat, her body moving independently of her addled mind, overwhelmed by a series of images that emerged with a strange urgency from her subconscious.

He appeared before Steph. His massive, muscled bulk suddenly occupying the empty space in front of her. He was magnificent. Sarah watched in awe as he moved forward, craning his neck towards her friend, stopping mere millimeters from her lips, waiting. The four girls stood motionless. Sarah watched as Steph's face pulled into a gentle frown, her eyes closed in thought. Time stopped. Sarah moved her left hand to join the right, where they squeezed her breasts as her fingers urgently teased her nipples.

But she couldn't let her hand wander down. Not yet. Steph's expression softened, and Sarah could just make out as the corners of her mouth turned upwards: she was smiling. Without opening her eyes, Steph inclined her head forward, planting her lips on his in a delicate kiss. Her hands reached up to cup his chin gently and the dream faded to black.

It hadn't been enough. Sarah had to see him again. Her nipples were sore from long minutes of intense stimulation. She quickly recalled her dream from last night, desperate to cling to his vision. Sarah was in the field again and Lucy still stood beside her, but it was Jamie who was now in front of them. Sarah dwelled on Steph's absence momentarily; her burning loins drawing all her attention. But it wasn't long until the sound of hooves against the cold earth hit her ears and she managed to gather her thoughts. They grew louder and louder, thrumming in time to Sarah's own heartbeat. Suddenly, there was a rustling on the other side of the paddock, beyond the fence. The thunderous sound climaxed as a large brown horse jumped over the fence, followed swiftly by the stallion,the one they'd all been waiting for.

The pair of magnificent animals ran straight for the trio of naked girls. The sound of hooves on the firm ground was deafening as they galloped closer, and so much so that Sarah was relieved as they began to slow to a canter. Her heart, however, kept the tempo of their gallop.

The two animals stopped just short of Jamie, now the nearest of the three girls, before the stallion reared, flailing his hooves and neighing powerfully. The sound reached somewhere deep inside of Sarah, lingering. It made her feel good. She took a quick glance at Jamie, smirking when she noticed that her hand had snuck between her legs and was buried in her crotch. Sarah knew she shouldn't watch as her blonde friend publicly fingered herself, but it made her feel... hot.

Sarah's desire evolved into a primal need. She smiled, the feeling had escalated beyond any chance of restraint. Her breasts were sore; the constant stimulation was beginning to hurt and all feeling had gone from her nipples. It was time.

Sarah's right hand trailed back over her abs. If her eyes had been open, she may have noticed the color draining from her small nipples, turning paler as they sank into the mounds of flesh beneath them, leaving nothing but smooth skin. She reached between her legs, where her hand clumsily bumped her swollen nub, a feeling that caused burning white stars to bloom from the darkness inside of her eyelids. The strange, warm, comforting feeling from before returned, welling up from deep inside of her, much stronger and hotter than before. The heat centered on her lungs. Small bones and muscles shifted in her chest causing it to rumble, the air bubbled and boiled in her lungs until it burst from her mouth in an powerful whinny.

Despite the mind-numbing pleasure that flowed from her crotch, it still wasn't enough. Sarah pinched and rubbed her raised clit, running a finger along her sensitive lips every so often, desperate to sate the inhuman lust that had taken hold of her body. In Sarah's imagination, the brown mare trotted forwards, turning to Jaime as she passed. She couldn't quite see what the mare had done, but it left a grin on Jamie's face. The horse came to a stop just next to Sarah, gave her a nod, and turned to her stallion, leaving Sarah more confused than anything.

He pawed at the ground before approaching Jamie in slow, powerful steps. Even in her dreams, Sarah couldn't have him. She'd never been jealous of Jamie before, but this was beyond jealousy—a primal need. Jamie's resolve broke. She couldn't wait anymore. She had slowly gone from gently caressing herself to furiously masturbating. She pulled her hand out from behind her (Why had it been behind her?) and ran the last few meters to reach him. Jamie's inhibitions seemed to have left her completely.

As Jamie threw herself at the horse, she grabbed his chin and pulled him into a particularly graphic make-out session. She’d never been the shy one. But Sarah needed him, too. It wasn't fair. Her hand was vigorously rubbing and teasing her clit, but it provided little relief. She needed something to fill her. Anything would do. Her free hand fumbled by the side of the deck chair, searching through the bag of fruits and vegetables for the right- yes! From the small bag, Sarah pulled the longest and thickest carrot she could find. It was no cock—especially his cock—but it would have to do. No sooner had she gripped the improvised dildo than she made it disappear between her slick folds, her toes curling as the thick vegetable slid, inch by inch, through her tunnel, bottoming out with barely a sliver of its length left visible.

The relief was instant. This is what her body had been craving, this is what she'd needed. Sarah began to slowly pump the phallic object within her, wincing at the unbridled pleasure it produced. So this is why Jamie has such an impressive collection of toys. The carrot filled her nicely, and the copious amount of lubricant she was producing made its rough texture feel as delicate as silk.

In Sarah's daydream, Jamie and the stallion broke their kiss, their lips still linked by thick strands of saliva that quickly broke as the girl dropped to her knees, crawling under the belly of the beast. Sarah's eyes left Jamie and focused on the stallion's delicate lips, still moist from his make-out session.

Oh, how she wanted to press them against her own, to have his large thick tongue explore her mouth, his teeth delicately nibble on her lip. The need filled her, fueling her hands’ rapid movements. She thrust the makeshift dildo in and out of her hungry cunt at an impressive speed. She was so close. She'd reached the edge. There was no going back now, she was going to cum, it was going to happen... any... second..."NnnnnnnnEIGHhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Her vision burned white. She abandoned the now-slick carrot and grabbed for the arms of the deck chair, her nails cutting into the fabric as her legs involuntarily pulled towards her chest. The orgasm rocked her body, causing it to thrash wildly. Time slowed for Sarah. She felt each wave of pleasure as it ran up through her cunt and deep inside her belly, each pulse longer than the last.

Sarah felt new,  on the carrot, still lodged between her walls. Wave by wave, the muscles tensed and contracted, milking the length of her dildo, pulling it deeper within her body. The sensation was alien, but pleasant, as the carrot that had been protruding from her was slowly drawn inside. The path to her cervix was short, but the contractions didn't stop and the dildo pushed farther, drawn by her muscles as they stretched her tunnel, forcing the orange length to burrow deep inside of her.

She knew what was happening; it all became clear as she came down from her orgasm. Her weird cravings, her inhuman libido... he was changing her. Making her more... suitable. Sarah's climax had passed but her pussy still worked tirelessly, drawing her dildo deeper within her, making her a perfect fit for him. Her outer lips twitched vigorously, flicking her nub in and out, winking her clit in a way that only a mare can, as her lips stretched out and began to relocate.

Sarah rolled off the deck chair, landing on her hands and knees. She pushed her rear backwards, raising it up as her cheeks parted and her hips popped slightly, her pelvis widening; putting her darkening pussy on a permanent display. She relaxed, straightening her back as her lips moved to their final, rear-facing position, clearly visible as they continued to dance and twitch. She flexed her chest, thrusting her shoulders back and pumping it out. A number of wet pops resounded from her ribs as they opened up, reshaping her torso to a more rounded figure with every thrust, swallowing what remained of her breasts as it expanded. Then, overcome by fatigue, her eyes fluttered and she lost consciousness.

Sarah opened her eyes and surveyed her surroundings. She vaguely remembered rolling onto the grass. The damp earth only just registered against her skin. She felt amazing. Her sensitive body still coming down from the previous orgasm, endorphins still rushing through her brain as her heart thumped in her chest. She inhaled, filling her lungs with crisp, fresh air, her rounded chest expanding way beyond its former limits. She pulled as much air into her expanded lungs as she could manage, then exhaled with a gentle "Ahhh." Her pussy lips were still working, rhythmically pulsing around the carrot that felt sooo deep within her. She reached down between her legs, intending to remove the soiled vegetable, but her hand dawdled at two very sensitive spots just above her crotch. She probed them gently, her fingers twirling as she caressed them. They felt... familiar. She looked down, still on her hands and knees, at the perfect time. She watched with quiet curiosity as the two spots grew, swelling outwards, blossoming into something new. A voice in her head began to speak to her—no, it screamed at her—telling her to panic, to find an explanation for what was happening, but she ignored it and smiled. She knew exactly what they were—what they were for—and a different, stronger voice told her how she'd have a use for her new teats soon.

Sarah's vulva stopped winking suddenly as she returned to reality, the feel of the carrot within her becoming more apparent with every beat of her enlarged heart. The euphoric buzz wore off quickly and, as it faded, her embarrassment grew. She'd never done anything like that before, playing with herself in the open. Hell, she had a fucking carrot in her pussy. She'd bet that even Jamie had never done that, although she'd probably be proud of Sarah, probably buy her a drink to celebrate.

Sarah reached for her opening, not batting an eyelid when she had to reach around her back to find it, still oblivious to hjer changed anatomy. Her lips were moist and sticky, yet she wasted no time in plunging her hand inside, wincing slightly at their increased sensitivity before willing away her arousal. But she really didn't want to.

"The fuck?" She reached deeper, surprised at how easily her wrist slid between her thick lips with still no sign of her improvised dildo. Her heart rate began to increase. Something was wrong, the words of the strange voice were forgotten; it shouldn't be this deep. She reached further still, feeling a strange mix of relief and fear when her fingertips finally found the carrot. She looked down to find that her whole forearm was tucked inside her now-voluminous cunt. She pulled her arm out quickly, her face scrunching at the pain of the brisk withdrawal, as the carrot exited her body with a resounding shlop. She inspected the vegetable, hoping it would provide some clue as to the cause her larger anatomy. It looked normal, apart from the glistening sheen of fluids that coated it, and it smelled like a carrot... mostly.

"It's okay," Sarah consoled herself breathlessly, "you've just had a... reaction. Yeah, an allergic reaction." She was nodding to herself, doing her best to rationalize the situation, trying to calm the panic rising in her stomach. It wasn't working.

She looked at the carrot again, about to inspect it for a fungus or anything that would explain what had happened, but pulled up short when half of it was missing. It took Sarah longer than it should have to notice that the muscles of her jaw were working or that she could taste the sweet, juicy carrot on her tongue. It dawned on her suddenly. She wanted to spit it out, but it was so sweet and tasty. And so, before she stopped herself, Sarah swallowed it.

She immediately felt sick, not because of the carrot, but because of where it had been. She sniffed it again, the sweet smell filled her nostrils, and she found her mouth filling with drool. Suddenly, her head snapped forward as her mouth plucked the vegetable from her hands. She still felt sick... or was that hunger? It was hard to tell the difference. The thought of her juices covering the tasty carrot bothered her less with every chomp. Her head felt fuzzy as her mind began to cloud over. She tried to worry about her body or her current nudity, but her thoughts could only focus on the sweet taste of the carrot. As Sarah continued to much on the morsel of food her mind calmed, her eyes glazed over and her pupils widened. The bright-green irises swirled as they darkened to a light brown, her eyes relaxed and the tension left them as her mind slowed.

The girl on all fours swallowed the tasty food and craned her head upwards. Her stomach felt empty and her appetite was growing rapidly. Something smelled good. She breathed deeply, attempting to draw in more of the scent. It was a sweet smell, not quite like what she'd just eaten, but it was strong. Slowly, she followed her nose.

Her delicate nostrils began to stretch, widening to allow more of the sweet smell to pass through them. She stopped when her head had reached the ground, where long strands of grass tickled her nostrils. She felt silly; of course it had been the grass. It smelled delicious. She delicately plucked a few strands with her front teeth, but it didn't feel right. She tried again, but it still felt wrong. Her nostrils continued to change, darkening and forcing her nose to widen just as her sinuses began to ache, a small pressure building in her larger nose. It dissipated as quickly as it had accumulated, forcing her nose and jaw to push from her face as it dissolved. The sounds of cracking bone and stretching tissue fell on deaf ears as Sarah's face transformed. As her jaw and nose realigned the delicate human skin on her lips thickened, toughening up and swelling as the muscles beneath grew in size and strength; now much more suited for grazing.

Sarah looked to the patio window as the changes finished, examining her reflection. Her face had pushed out slightly and her nose and lips were closer together, which gave a decidedly equine impression. "Good," she thought, before ducking her head back down and plucking at the grass with her enlarged lips. As she chewed, she noted how much more natural it felt, her mind slipping into a contented haze as she continued to graze in the afternoon sun, oblivious to the rest of the world.

The sun had just disappeared behind the horizon when Sarah looked up again. Her stomach was full and her dress lay abandoned by the deck chair; she was now completely naked. The last few hours had flown by and she could only vaguely remember her casual grazing. The air was beginning to chill, bringing her attention to her exposed skin. Her head was swimming with questions. But before someone saw her, she quickly gathered her belongings into her arms and headed inside.

Sarah closed the patio door behind her, the light plastic frame sliding in its track and locking with a gentle click. Inside was no warmer. The door had been left open, allowing the heat to escape, replacing it with the same cool air she’d been escaping. She headed for the thermostat, ramping it up to high. Her knees were sore and she rubbed them absentmindedly as she moved to wash her empty mug. But she didn't make it to the sink. Instead she managed to catch a look at her reflection and she stood, staring at her new face as the strength in her arms left her.

Her mug hit the floor, smashing to pieces and scattering over the laminate as the rest of her belongings landed in a heap on top of the pieces. Sarah stared into the small kitchen mirror. She looked like a freak. Tears began to well up in her vivid, green eyes as she took in her alien body. She brought her hands to her puffy face and sobbed into them, crying harder at the odd feeling. This was all too strange for her, for anyone. She couldn't go anywhere looking like this. And how was this even happening? People don't just start transforming into animals.

But that didn't really matter. It was too fast and... now it felt even weirder. It felt like someone was pushing on her face, hard. She pulled her hands away but it only made the pressure worse. It started slowly, but through teary eyes she could just make out her face moving in the mirror as her features changed again. Her nose shrank slowly and pulled back towards her head, losing its thicker skin and wide nostrils along with her lips, which were returning to their more feminine proportions.

She stopped crying, drying her eyes with her discarded dress as her face lost its horse-like appearance, returning her to the body she'd known. Sarah felt relieved. At least, she managed to convince herself that she was relieved. She touched her face, running her hands over her features, ensuring they were real before standing up with a smile. She still wasn't entirely human, but she could hide the other bits, and that would do for now. Her eyes were heavy, the day's strange activities finally taking their toll. She decided to head for bed, a free hand at her waist, idly playing with a teat as she walked towards the bedroom.

The grass was soft beneath Sarah's feet. She could feel the morning dew beginning to settle in as she flexed her toes, digging them into the cold, damp ground. The field was sheltered from the wind, but it still whistled gently through the surrounding trees. Sarah knew where she was. She knew she was dreaming, despite how real it felt. Lucy stood behind her, but she didn't look. She didn't need to; her faint breathing and nervous arm-scratching gave her presence away. Sarah's eyes were trained on something else.

He stood in front of her, no more than a meter away. When the breeze allowed it, she could smell his musky scent, thick and bestial. It pulled at her nostrils and she drank it all in, wanting to bury her nose in his long, muscular neck. But she didn't move. In the distance, behind the large horse in front of Sarah, stood two more. The two animals looked up from their grazing, sensing the eyes of the small human girl on them. They trotted over, stopping at either side of their mate, watching the small girl with interest, waiting. Butterflies darted through her stomach as the enormity of the choice before Sarah began to sink in. She looked at him, into his deep brown eyes, judging him like she would any man. Was this—was he—what she wanted?

Her eyes shot to the animals standing at either side of him. A pang of... something... rose in her chest. Why did they look familiar? It didn't matter. The choice before her was of immeasurable importance. She wanted to throw herself at him, submit to him, let him take her—like he would any other mare. She didn't need romance or foreplay. She wanted sex: unbridled, passionate, wild. And he would give it to her.

She stepped forward. She was strong and confident and really horny. But she didn't even make it that far. Instead the ground beneath her feet fell away as she, Lucy, and the three animals fell into the black void beneath them.

Her bed was soft and comforting, but Sarah didn't feel it. She bolted upright, a scream on her lips, as she fell from her dream. It took a few moments for the vertigo to wear off as she swung her feet onto the carpet, digging her toes into the plush fibers. The feeling was comforting, despite how stiff her toes felt.

As Sarah thought about her dream, a flare of heat developed in her crotch. She ignored it, focused on recalling her sleeping memories. They felt important, more so than the ones she'd had the past few nights. She felt like she'd dodged a bullet… or had it been a missed opportunity?

She rubbed her face in her hands and headed to the bathroom. The bedside clock read four minutes past one, but that didn't matter. She was awake and, no matter how dark it was outside, she knew she wouldn't be sleeping for a few hours.

She went about her business as usual, trying to ignore the strange feeling of her changed, rear-facing genitals rubbing against the seam of her pajamas. The water from the sink felt cool on her eyes and helped to soothe the burning sensation of the bright, fluorescent light. Her face was still human, and she traced a finger over the rim of her nostrils, not quite convinced that they were back to their old size.

She lifted her top. "This is one hell of a mess you've gotten yourself into, Sarah." Her eyes moved to her barreled chest, the large ribs outlined through her skin.

“This is too fucking weird.” She placed her hand against her ribs, pushing at them to test their strength. They didn't budge, but she could feel her heart beat. It was strong and slow, designed for a much larger, more powerful body.

"Ughhh-fffuck." Her knees felt weak as the heat returned to her crotch with a much greater intensity. It wouldn't be going away so easily this time. She steadied herself, grabbing the sides of the sink for support as it forced her into submission.

“Just ride it out, ride it out and it'll go away... ride.” That's exactly what she wanted, someone to ride her, fuck her, screw her brains out. Her grip tightened on the sink as her knees started to bend, the muscles losing all strength. Sarah wanted to bend over, stick her ass up, show it off... present herself...


She was not a slave to this. She wasn't going to be controlled by her lust. Using all the power in her arms Sarah forced herself upright.

"No!" She told herself this time. This was her choice, she would decide everything and not her quivering sex. The thought calmed her, but she could still feel the quiet pulsing of her nether lips as blood rushed through them. I've gotta get out of here.

She marched into the bedroom, grabbing a pair of Lycra shorts and a matching navy top, forgoing any underwear; it would be too distracting. She pulled her shorts on and the tight material instantly pressed between her cheeks, filling the gap and taking on a darker color as they dampened. Her new teats were also covered, slightly supported by the stretchy material, held tight enough that her nipples were clearly visible. But that was the least of her problems right now. She slipped the top on, the Lycra clinging to her more-rounded torso. Sarah needed to go for a run, she'd forgotten to go earlier thanks to her garden antics. It always helped her think.

She locked the door behind her, stowing the key in its usual hiding place before heading off for a jog.

Sarah eventually arrived at the bench. It marked the halfway point on her usual route and she sat down for a break, trying to catch her breath. Running had never been this hard for her; she was a seasoned athlete. Normally, she'd jog for miles without breaking a sweat, but her whole body was making it difficult. She started well, but lasted for about a hundred yards. The tight material had worked its way further between her cheeks, digging into her, resulting in a sizable camel toe. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but thanks to the copious amount of lubrication that she was producing, the slick material rubbed her in just the right way, making every step a challenge. It was pleasant at first, an added bonus to a routine task. But the pleasure kept on rising and, as it did, her footing became less sure and her brow dripped with sweat. She had to stop several times to keep from cumming in her pants.

It had been a long time since Sarah had needed to catch her breath at this point on the route. Her face was bright red. The cold metal of the bench between her cheeks made it obvious just how wet she'd become, but she was thankful for its cool touch.

"Why the hell is this happening to me?" She wasn't upset or angry, just curious. It's not everyday that one starts turning into a horse, after all. But what most concerned her was that she'd begun to consider encouraging the change. She knew she could stop it. Her earlier bathroom meltdown had shown her how. But now that she could think about it with some clarity, did she really want it to stop? She answered herself with a whisper, and her response should have frightened her.

Sarah grabbed her thighs, digging her fingers into the muscles beneath the thin material. They were hard, tough from hours of exercise and training. But another part of her mind told her that they were weak, puny compared to what they could be if...

“But I'd have no hands.” She released her grip, turning her hands over, flexing her fingers individually before bending them, her digits folding into her palms in a mock representation of hooves. She wouldn't need them. She'd have no job, no bills, no worries, nothing but a simple life. How many people ever got that chance? If this was all possible, turning into an animal, then she couldn't have been the first and definitely wouldn't be the last. Her stomach bubbled as butterflies danced in her gut, whether from fear or excitement she couldn't tell. But she did know what she wanted. She wanted to live one day at a time, to be un-complicated, to be... a horse. She wanted to run on all fours, to eat grass... to fuck.

Her cunt spasmed at the thought, her large nub flicking from between her folds in a very equine manner. Her face pulling into a lewd grin. Sarah grabbed hold of the thin Lycra covering her quads and pulled it into her balled fists. As the material stretched tight around her thighs she let out a long, throaty moan. The fabric hugged closer to her twitching pussy, digging in, soaking up copious amounts of fluid. The muscles in her well-toned legs bulged, her thighs and calves swelling with mass. She could barely feel the change as it happened beneath her taught fingers. Her mind was overwhelmed by pleasure, crashing in waves that pulsed in time with the rhythm of her clit drumming into the fabric that pressed so tightly against it.

As her muscles continued to develop, Sarah's bones began to change with them. Had she not been immersed in a world of pleasure, Sarah could have heard faint pops and cracks as her legs began to slowly stretch away from her body. It didn't take long for her pants to begin crawling up her legs as more of her skin became visible between her trainers and the hem of her pants. Her changing legs were too much for the old Lycra to handle. It began to burst as holes appeared in random places along its length. Finally, the weakening fabric gave way in Sarah's hands, the legs of her pants tearing from her body. Unfazed, she removed the rest of the damaged garment, ripping it off rather than attempting to pull it over her growing thighs, and threw it into a heap behind the bench. Her top came next as she peeled it off her damp skin before she lost the ability to do so.

She reveled in her nudity, running her hands down her chest and along her legs, reaching as far as she could, goosebumps trailing after her fingers. But there was a short pang of worry in her chest. What if somebody saw her? What would she do?

She smiled. Maybe she'd neigh at them, whinny like the horse she was, flick her tail and... shit, she'd have a tail! A long, gorgeous tail. Sarah giggled to herself. It felt like she was getting a gift, one that she never knew she wanted. Sarah leaned forward, turning her head as far behind her as she could. I can't see anything, maybe... She reached around, her fingers probing the area below her back, where her coccyx should be. Nope, nothing yet at least.

All of the fear she'd felt minutes ago had left her. Even excitement wasn't the right word to describe how she felt. Whatever the feeling was, it was making her horny. Her hands wandered lower, searching. Her fingers passed over her thick anus, its swollen ring now permanently protruding from between her cheeks, but they only slowed for a moment. She soon reached her target, her dainty fingers tracing the edges of her thick, muscular lips, lips that belonged to an equine. She was wet—too wet—her lubrication had already covered the top portion of her hand, and it hadn't even been inside her. Easy now, Sarah, it's not a race. She was determined to enjoy this: it might be the last time she would ever touch herself, if she got her wish.

Her fingers pressed forward as one, three, four, all five of her digits slipped between her folds without an ounce of resistance. Shit, I'm huge! The thought was comforting. She was ready for any stallion that could take her, but she only wanted one. She gently moved her hand back and forth, her fingers writhing inside of her.

God, that feels good. But her still-human hand wasn't big enough to hit all of her spots anymore. This was going to take a while, but she had plenty of time. As Sarah worked at her pussy, her upper legs quickly finished changing. They had grown thick, the skin stretched over powerful equine muscle as she admired her newfound thigh brows with quiet appreciation. Her hand continued to gyrate inside herself as the gentle warmth of change moved down her legs.

Through throaty moans and quick breathing, she caught a glimpse of her feet as they began to transform. They popped as they stretched, her heels slowly pulling from her shoes as her arches lengthened. The pain of confinement was short-lived as her changing feet ripped through the now-puny trainers.

Her feet felt good now that the restrictive shoes were gone. She tried to flex her toes, but the damned things didn't want to bend anymore. She fumbled with her socks, doing her best to pull them off with her changing feet. It didn't take long, but her heavy legs weren't as familiar as they used to be. As her socks came free she kicked them off, sending them flying into the bushes before inspecting her toes.

The space between them had been replaced with skin, leaving a blunt-looking foot. The nails had turned black, joined together, and were slowly growing bigger. When she rubbed the stubs together they felt hard and dense—the bones had already fused. They continued to stretch as her partial hooves swelled, rounding into a more appropriate shape for the horse that she was becoming. Her bones cracked as an extra joint formed and, finally, they lost all resemblance to human feet.

For the first time, Sarah placed her new hooves on the ground. White hairs erupted around her new ankles, the first signs of her pelt. It was strange. The reduced sensation made it feel as if she were still wearing her trainers. Although she really wasn't paying that much attention. Watching her legs and feet transform had been hot—really hot. Becoming something else, changing species… apparently she was into it. Her muscular pussy had resumed its rhythmic twitching, but her hand wasn't providing enough stimulation. She tried to reach deeper, but she could only manage another inch before she was at full stretch. C'mon, just a little more. Sarah strained her arm, stretching her muscles and tendons as far as they could reach. She was horny and desperate and her fingers wouldn't bend anymore...

Wait, why won't they bend? But she didn't have to wait; Sarah immediately felt abrupt cracks and wet pops as both of her hands stretched away from her wrists. And then her vision went blurry as her hand grew, stretching deeper into her pussy.

Sarah's tongue lolled out of her mouth. She shut her eyes tightly as they rolled to the back of her head. The stimulation was overwhelming. She could feel her steady climb to orgasm accelerate at an alarming pace. Her transforming hand provided the extra edge that she needed, but the rapid rise in pleasure still wasn't quick enough for her. She continued to gyrate her changing limb at the elbow and shoulder, despite the increasing awkwardness as her body continued its change. Her fingers wouldn't bend at all now. As they stretched within her, the skin between them joined, fusing like a zipper from her palms to the tips. The bones of her fingers came next, pulling together beneath her skin, joining and solidifying into a larger, single bone. Her individual nails had already darkened and were starting to merge.

It was becoming difficult to feel anything but pleasure. Her breathing became ragged as she sucked inhuman breaths through her large nostrils. Her nose and upper lip began to merge again, leaving Sarah with a small equine muzzle. She was so close. Her ears tingled as their rounded tips stretched into points, protruding from under her hair. New muscles caused them to flick as they meandered up her head. Her tongue had thickened slightly as it hung from her mouth, but her shame had vanished; nothing but the pleasure of her body mattered anymore.

She wanted to- no, she needed to cum. She was so, so close. The change in her hands had moved up her arms, causing them to swell with new muscles, which only stretched out her cunt even more, filling her up better than her human hands ever could. She reached her edge. Her arm pumped at her muscular pussy and her huge clit winked furiously from between her thick, black folds. Her muscled tunnel pulled eagerly at her arm, drawing it in as far as it could go, getting the practice it would need. It was ready to suck the cum from the first stallion to claim her. Ready to bear his foals. Her teats swelled at the thought before her mind collapsed.

Her tunnel, lips, and clit all clamped down together. Every muscle fiber in her body pulled taught as a small torrent of mare cum sprayed from her, pulsing out her lips from around her elbow. Her tightening chest forced her to exhale in an explosive scream that twisted and reverberated into a perfect whinny as her face cracked further into a mare's. She steadied herself with her other hand, but was only slightly surprised when she couldn't grip the side of the bench. Through blurry eyes she peeked at her hand, only to see a hoof with white hair, similar to the pelt at her ankles, growing around her wrists. I should probably call them fetlocks now. The peak had passed, although her lips still pulled at the hoof that hung lazily within her. With a lot of shivering and some loud shlop-ing noises, she extracted her arm, which still dripped with a generous amount of fluid.

Sarah sat and relaxed on the bench, stretching her changed legs out in front of her, shaking out the kinks that had formed in her muscles when she orgasmed. Her arm was relieved to be out, too. The thick muscle had been compressed so much that it throbbed slightly, although she was too impressed by her new anatomy to feel it.

She placed her two hooves in front of her, side by side, and compared them to her legs. Her arms had definitely grown longer, but they had a long way to go before she could call them legs. Although, at the rate the small pops and cracks kept coming from them, she wouldn't have to wait too long.

C'mon, Sarah, get moving, you don't want to end up a homeless horse. She knew exactly where her new home, and her new boyfriend, would be. After a bit of wobbling she managed to stand up straight. Although she was looking forward to her future on four legs, she was glad that she could still make do with two—for now. Her long legs gave her a dizzying new height. She took a few experimental steps forward, making sure she wouldn't fall.

She rubbed her hooves over her large rear end. Although her arms were changing, they could still bend like normal. Her ass had changed again, probably during her vigorous masturbation. It was dense with muscle, but the weight was oddly comforting.

Sarah had always had a firm ass, months of training and running had taken its toll on her. She flexed her large derriere and admired herself, her thoughts drifting towards a certain someone's large and muscular behind. There was no denying it: Sarah had a horse's ass and she liked it. She took a few more careful steps on her hooves before breaking into a gentle jog, heading down a dirt path that she'd never followed. She knew where it would take her, however, and she was eager to get there. Her clothes, trainers, and human life were draped over the bench behind her.

The short run was exhilarating. She reveled in the feeling of her hooves thudding against the small dirt path. Never again would she have to wear trainers. While this run may not have been as... stimulating... as her earlier jog, it was definitely pleasurable. She couldn't decide whether it was the feel of her new legs or the thrill of her destination that made it so amazing.

The paddock fence appeared before her, snapping Sarah from her reverie. A small part of her mind encouraged her to leap over in a single, majestic bound. Luckily it was only a small part. She awkwardly clambered up the fence; hooves were definitely not meant for climbing. She managed to get over the top and halfway down the other side, but on the descent her hooves lost traction on the wooden planks. She fell the short distance to the grass, her hefty ass taking the brunt of the fall. She was unharmed and she was inside.

She remained on the grass for a moment. It was long, thick, and, even in the moonlight, Sarah could tell that it had a lush green color to it. She was just aching to have a nibble, but it could wait.

She could make out three distinct figures standing in the moonlight and all of them were looking right at her. She felt exposed, no... left out. Despite Sarah's fears, she wanted nothing more than to join her herd mates as an equal. She walked forward. There was no going back now. This was it. As she moved towards the three figures, the one from the middle moved towards her. She knew who it was; she could smell him. As she moved closer to him, she played happily with the thought that this was the moment. Her dreams flashed through her mind, their foreshadowing suddenly obvious to her. But she cut them off; she didn't want to think right now, she wanted to kiss him. And the instant he moved within her reach, that's exactly what she did, pressing her lips against his as she fell into this moment.

Their tongues danced expertly, as if they'd been lovers for years. Goosebumps rippled across her skin as they kissed, followed by small hairs that quickly pushed to form patches that spread like wildfire, each spot joining together until Sarah was covered from head to hoof in a thick pelt. But like all good things, it came to an end too soon.

Sarah took a breath. It felt good to kiss like that. It'd been too long. Her sensitive nose could smell him in great detail and his musk was intoxicating. She stood there, stooped over, just taking him in as the all-too-familiar heat returned to her nether lips with each lungful of air. But a different scent cut through the musk. It was a warm, comforting scent. She followed her large nose, which pointed towards the two mares standing silently behind him.

And then it hit her. She could have kicked herself; everything had been shown to her, but she hadn’t seen the truth until now: the dare, Steph and Jamie's vanishing act, her dreams… everything fit.

"Ste..pha...NEEEEEE! Jami....IIIEEEEEEEEH!” Sarah called to them as best as she could. The two mares bowed their heads in succession. It was them! She could feel it in her heart. She was glad that her friends were safe, despite never having worried about them. But if their changes had been anywhere near as pleasurable as hers had been so far, then it was no surprise that Jamie was already here. Same old kinky girl.

"NEEEEEEIGH!" The sound forced itself from Sarah's lips as she felt a sudden sensation from between her flanks. The shock melted into sweet bliss as the stallion put his wide tongue to work. While she had been distracted by her two friends, he had taken the opportunity to sneak to her rear, probably to inspect her own musk. Not that she was complaining. She gently arched her back, forcing his tongue deeper inside of her, her own tongue gently lolling from her mouth.

He was clearly an experienced lover. His thick tongue gently caressed her slick tunnel, causing Sarah's equine clitoris to flick from between her folds involuntarily, doubling the pleasure. The bulbous protrusion fiercely rubbed against the nose of her welcome guest.

Standing on two legs was getting very hard, very fast. Her hooves were dug, almost painfully, into her upper leg for support, but that wouldn't help for much longer. The rest of her torso and shoulders were bulking up, preparing her body for a life on four legs, but she still held on. She was determined to make the pleasure last. The stallion doubled his efforts. Sarah's balance waned as he forced his tongue even deeper, but she only arched her back more. Her breathing was heavy and she couldn't tell if the stars she was seeing were real.

Sarah had lasted as long as she could. She let her hooves slip from her legs and fell forward, hitting the ground with a thud as two large cracks resounded from within her body; her hips and shoulders had realigned. Much better.

The stallion didn't stop. She felt a familiar swell as she edged closer to the orgasm, the one that would change her completely. She had never wanted something more. She wanted this: to be an animal, a beast. She looked up at the two mares, standing side by side, watching her. She was about to get fucked by a horse with two of her three best friends watching and it didn't even bother her. I really am an animal.

The familiar pops and cracks returned to her body. Sarah craned her neck, trying to look at her behind, but her still-human neck lacked the flexibility. The popping continued as a small nub pushed from the skin above her anus. It wriggled and writhed and, with every crack, it inched further from her body. Small hairs began to grow from the appendage as Sarah craned her neck further, trying harder to witness the new addition to her anatomy. With every pull and twist of effort, her neck responded, popping and cracking as it grew longer, pushing her head away from her huge body. Muscles swelled beneath her skin and she shook her head, giving her neck a final encouragement as it reached its full length. She wasted no time in spying her growing tail, her head lifted and turned so that one eye lay on the wiggling appendage. It wriggled and grew a few more inches before she gained control over it and slapped the cute stallion in the face.

Well, she tried not to, but it was his own doing, really. His licks had become longer and slower, which only made everything better. Her short tail kept on growing while she quickly learned how to stop it from whipping her mate in the face. The small hairs that covered it began to grow at an impressive speed. As even more appeared along its increasing length, they quickly cascaded down the bony appendage, which became recognizable as a horse tail... her tail.

Despite her best efforts, Sarah couldn't keep her tail from her lover's face anymore. The gentle sway of her hair set off a reaction as the stallion backed away from her, sneezing. She laughed, or at least it felt like a laugh. Instead, it came out as a whinny and the sound comforted her. The other mares whinnied back. She wasn't sure if they were laughing too, but it was definitely encouraging. The stallion stood behind her, waiting. Her lower lips were still pulsing with lust, her clitoris winking seductively at him, but Sarah's mind was clear.

It's now or never, Sarah.

Everything she had done so far had brought her closer to becoming an animal. She could feel the finality of the choice that she faced. It was all so clear. If she walked away, she knew she'd change back. It had happened before, but... did she really want to turn this down? Sarah looked over her partially changed body. She was strong, powerful, and she even felt sexy, which was a surprise. But what about her job, her family? A pang of guilt rose in her stomach. They would never know what had happened to her. She'd never really been close with her parents, but they still cared. Her heart felt heavy, hesitant.

But what about her friends? She looked over to the pair of them. They had both made their choices. Wouldn't her parents want her to be happy, no matter what? She knew she'd be happy if she decided to stay. She'd never felt this amazing. She could spend the rest of her life feeling this way.

Sarah smiled. She balked for a moment, surprised that her lips could still do that, and then she made her choice. Her parents might miss her, but she couldn't turn this down. Even they wouldn't turn this down. She planted her hooves firmly on the ground, raised her head, and lifted her tail to the right side of her swollen, soaking equine pussy.

There were two steps behind her, followed by a heavy weight on her back, and then her vision blurred. Her clear and focused mind was obliterated as he plunged into her deep tunnel. Her world moved in slow motion. Inch by inch, he buried his cock inside of her, stretching her walls to their limit. He reached her end as he bottomed out—a perfect fit—and then drew back in a long, slow motion. If she'd had fingers, her knuckles would have been white. Every nerve in her body was exploding with pleasure. She was going to cum.

Her body had already made its decision. The sensational climb to her edge began again. Time seemed to unfreeze as her stallion, her magnificent beast, pummeled into the mare beneath him. Sara's face bulged, the rhythmic pumping of the stallion causing pressure to well in her face. Each time he bottomed out, her muzzle pushed out a bit more, inching forwards as he drove himself into her.

She felt incredible. He was fucking her into an animal and she couldn't wait to complete her change. She forced her ass into him as her face continued to move, swelling far beyond its previous change. Her nose widened and nostrils stretched as the definition between her upper lip and nose began to disappear. Her face continued to push out, the small cracks of changing bone were lost in the sounds of wild breeding as her widening bridge forced her eyes to the side, leaving her face unmistakably equine. Sarah’s hair was next to change; it was quick: the majority fell in large clumps, leaving a small trail from the top of her head down her luxuriously long neck. The thick hair extended, creeping towards her back and stopping just past her shoulders. Her mane was thick and silky, the kind of hair that even a human woman would be proud of. The pressure in her face faded as it finished its transformation, Sarah's ragged breathing replaced by snorts and chuffs as she blew through her thick leathery nostrils. But she didn't notice. A new pressure grew from inside her massive belly as she sprinted for the end. Her heartbeat drummed in her ears and her lungs drank huge gulps of air. This was it, she was gonna cum. No going back, it was gonna... she... was...

"NEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIGGGGHHHH!!!!!!" Sarah threw her head back as she whinnied into the night. Her blurry vision turned every color she could imagine before each of them dulled slightly. Her eyes went wide and the whites began to shrink, their vivid green swirling into deep pools of brown. Sarah's mind flowed with pleasure, but she could still feel it changing, instincts replacing her human mannerisms and desires.

She welcomed it. Her thoughts drifting to baser needs as she looked to her heard-mates. It calmed her, they were there for her… or were they just waiting to be next? It didn't matter. They were her friends, no matter what.

The stallion took slightly longer to finish, announcing his climax with a triumphant whinny. The mare didn't mind. The extra stimulation felt good and, as quickly as he finished, he clambered off. The new horse trotted to meet her herd mates, greeting them with a chuff and a nip before galloping into the field, chased by her friends.


Thanks MysteryMan, we shall do our best. According to fiat he had a twist planned for part 4 that even I dont know what it is :P
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Absolutely fantastic work! I have really loved the work you guys have done on this series! Although we know how each character will end up, you've still managed to find a unique and interesting way to develop the TF in a different way each time! Well done!

I look forward to more stories from you guys!
Im glad you liked it :P
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