Change for Eris Part 3

Published: Jul 20th, 2016
Last Edit: Jul 21st, 2016


Finale of this three parter, and a final change for Eris


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The truth was, was that this all-star hunter, though honestly skilled, was actually a horrible cheater. He had the worse luck in competitions, so he would kill deer earlier and quietly sneak them in to place first. A twig soon snapped loud enough that the man could hear it, and he quickly, yet quietly, began to take everything that he brought with him and leave, but as soon as he got up, even though it soon began to become pitch black, he could tell that a pair of eyes was watching him. He knew, at that moment, he could either try to outrun whatever it was, or slowly make it over to his truck nearby. Before making his choice, in a split second, Paul howled. The full moon was high in the sky, compelling both of us to sing as it shown brightly. I joined along, and that was when the man chose that moment to run…

The slightest sound he made alerted us to his escape. Without much thought or hesitation, we began to slowly make our way towards him. Our instincts told us to watch for any opportunity to pounce. As he was getting further away though, our bodies began making longer strides faster, quickly catching up. I could sense his fear, smell the beads of sweat forming on his face, and even hear the tiniest breathes he made as he ran. It was thrilling! I liked it! He was the ultimate prize. I felt the hunger in me grow. No matter how I really felt, I wanted to taste his flesh and eat him now. “Oh my God! What the hell are you?!”  He said as the light fell on our bodies. I could understand his words, like usual, but they didn’t mean anything to me now. It’s not like I could answer him anyway. Surprisingly he was holding his own, but we wouldn’t let up as well. In a split second, he tripped onto the ground, but quickly got up and continued. I tired to scream with everything I had. I can’t kill anyone! I don’t want to! Yet my body argued thinking otherwise. I must! I must! My body hesitated just for a short second, but I was back to the chase. Paul hadn’t stopped. He was a few feet ahead of me, licking his chops and smiling. Probably feeling the same way.

We were soon only steps away. The man, remembering he had a gun, quickly loaded it. Remembering the last time we saw a gun as a wolf, both of us began to slow. Taking this opportunity, the man climbed onto a tree. “Get back!” He shouted. Cocking our heads to the side, we decided to figure out a way to reach the man. Thinking we weren’t able to climb as high as he was he aimed his gun where we were. “Get! Back! I fucking swear! I’ll kill you! Don’t you understand?!” He fired one shot, and then another, but missed both times. We were quick to dodge and growled in anger.  Finally, we acted on the situation. Our hands grab the base of the tree. I bark and made other canine noises, somehow trying to talk to Paul. He nodded, surprisingly, understanding me and began to climb my body. He was inches away from a branch, and jumping hadn’t occurred to either of us when the man spoke again. “STAY BACK!” The man tried to fire again. It grazed Paul’s shoulder, but pierced my ear, clipping part of it. I howled and sat down, making Paul fall behind me. He walked closer to me and licked my injury. I nudged him, almost forgetting the man in the tree. I was happy for that… A noise soon sounded in the distance, luckily, gaining our attention.

Hearing the noise as well, the man kept quiet, nervous that we’d be able to hear his pounding heartbeat. The smell of him was the most tempting scent, but it also reminded us of the danger he posed as well as the effort we’d need to make in order to kill him. The next scent was a big herd of deer. It would be much more easier to take on any one of them. After Paul licked my wound some more, we headed for the herd. The man sighed and tried to push what he saw on his loss of sleep from hunting deer. He didn’t vow to stop, but once he felt safe enough, he headed back to his house to sleep. Back to us, we ran, feeling like if we didn’t eat anything soon, we’d probably die of starvation. Fortunately, there seemed to be about twenty deer. Lowering ourselves to the ground, Paul quietly gave out orders, and we set out. It was the easiest catch, and though there were trouble a couple of times from the stronger stags, both of us managed to take down half of the heard. We wasted no time in chowing down, and it was undoubtedly the most delicious meal I ever had. Once finished, Paul and I looked at one another, and then the moon.

Its urged us to be happy and appreciate its presence, which I did think it was beautiful. I felt safe from any danger that I could possibly cause and happy that I was with Paul. With this thought, I felt my head rise, and a feeling bloom in my chest. I started our song and Paul soon joined. Now that our hunger was temporarily satisfied, I was able to really listen to our song. It was beautiful. Low, yet rich voices filled the air, but the night wasn’t over yet. The moon began to settle, but it would be hours till it was enough for us to return to normal wolves. Paul and I looked to one another again, but this time, we walked on two legs and embraced like we had when we first became this form. Nuzzling one another, we fell to the ground and began licking our muzzles. It felt right. I loved him and he loved me. Our tails wagged to prove it. Yipping and howling at times, I began to smell something familiar. I searched, inhaling the scent as much as I could till I was at Paul’s sheath. Not hesitating, I licked it gently, triggering an erection and Paul whined. I smiled and turned, moving my tail to the side. Paul began sniffing me, smelling the scent of my sex and I was ready. He jumped onto my body and began to try and penetrate me.

My human self was obviously not ready but nothing I could do did any good. It felt amazing. I had never experienced anything like this, and my movements hinted at it. Instinctually, I was licking the air, and Paul nipped at me. Grabbing the back of my neck, it helped keep me still. Soon enough, his penis had entered. I felt eager for anything to happen, even imagining pups. I was too young for this, yet I was ready. Paul began humping, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I whimpered and moaned, but Paul wasn’t stopping. It was a little while till I felt something bigger tried to enter. At the same time, I did, and I didn’t know what was coming, but soon enough, the part of me that didn’t know was given the answer. Paul’s knot soon entered my vagina and released everything he had. Both of us came and howled our pleasure. Once we had come back to reality, Paul turned his body, leaving us tied. We panted and turned our heads to face each other and licked our muzzles. I loved him and he loved me. We knew what had transpired, and I felt that part of my real self was happy that I actually did it. Most of me, though, was screaming. Why did I do this? I don’t want to be a mom now! Paul was a nice person, but we had just started our relationship…

Once his knot shrank, we licked ourselves clean; another thing I didn’t want to do. How disgusting can you get? Eventually hunger overtook us again, leading us to more hunts. Luckily, there weren’t any more hunters, but there were tons of deer in this forest. Occasionally we marked our territory as well, but that was normal. Soon, the moon was low enough that we returned into regular wolves physically and mentally. I had control of my mind again, though as much as the other two days would allow. Both of us whimpered of our activities and huddled with one another. Licking our muzzles, Paul spoke first. “Oh… Oh my God… Eris, I can’t even say how much I am so sorry.” His voice sounded done with life, I knew how he felt. It was both of us and I couldn’t let him think otherwise. “Paul! I- I just want you to know that it’s not all your fault! Please don’t beat yourself up about it!” He lowered his head and ears.  I licked his muzzle and cheek, as much as I could. “Please believe me! It’s like you said! We can’t control ourselves!” Nudging me, he began licking my muzzle.

“I still love you…” I nudged his muzzle with mine. “I do too.” Feeling exhausted from fighting ourselves, Paul and I laid against one another and finally rested. When morning came we were still wolves and yawned, stretching our paws in front of us. The first thing that came to mind when I was fully awake was my mom. Remembering why I was here as well as how I treated her. I begun whimpering. “Eris?” I looked over to Paul and placed my paws over my head. I wanted to cry. I also soon remembered the human that we almost ate. Quickly pausing I twitched my ear and raised my paw over. Paul cocked his head to the side and lowered his ears and tail. “Sorry, Eris…” He walked over and soon began licking my ear. It felt nice and I licked him in thanks. Since it was still the day after a full moon, I still felt powerful urges. Both of our tails wagged pretty hard, wafting that magnetic scent to our noses. Drifting lower, I began licking Paul’s penis again and faced my back towards him. Paul’s tail wagged at my action and begun returning the favor. His penis soon came out all the way and was starting to drip. Though I tried to fight it, I couldn’t help but catch any drop of cum that fell with my tongue. Paul whimpered, but in a pleasurable way. Soon I lifted my tail to the side and welcomed him.

Soon enough, Paul made his way inside me and began to hump me, pushing his penis further in. I moaned and whined at the pleasure, licking the air as if all of me felt right. Soon, the familiar bulge of his knot made its appearance. And with one final push, we came, howling together. Out of breath, Paul instinctually turned, stuck in me with his knot, but facing the other way. We licked one another, until the feeling of ecstasy faded. Both of us soon realized what we had done and whimpered. It felt like nothing could turn out right. This time, though we were upset with ourselves, we didn’t blame ourselves. I licked him and he licked me back. Soon enough, I heard my mom call for me. I tried to keep in my mind what my mom looked like and what she meant to me. Waiting until Paul’s knot shrank, we both decided to see mom together. Paul ran off to find his clothes as I waited near where my mom had called for me. “Eris! Eris?! Are you okay now? Please, Eris… It’s me, your mother!” I whimpered, hearing the pain in her voice, but luckily, Paul had returned in his human form. Petting the top of my head, I licked his hand as he moved it towards my muzzle.

Hearing noises, my mom prepared herself to see me as a regular, yet hungry wolf. Soon, she saw Paul and me. “A-ar-are you another one? Another were-… like my daughter?” Paul looked down, doubting himself and this idea, but nodded. “Uh… I’m Paul...” Mom looked at me, and I coward behind him. “Eris? Sweetie, what’s wrong? I- uh… I brought your clothes.” Handing me new clothes, I took them with my muzzle and decided to change nearby. “So… are there any other-?” he shook his head. “I-… uh. I’m the only one… I was the one to turn your daughter. I- I’m…” His voice quivered, as tears began forming and falling down his face. At that moment, I had finished getting dressed. Noticing Paul becoming emotional, I ran to his side. “Mom? Please don’t be upset with Paul! He couldn’t control himself!” Mom gave a small pity smile. “Paul? I am upset that my daughter has to deal with this now. Especially if I can’t even help her when something like yesterday happens. But I know that it wasn’t your fault either. You are just as much a victim as Eris is when she can’t control herself…” Paul smiled as he wiped his eyes.

I hugged and kiss him, not caring for the fact that mom was right in front of us. “I told you! It’s gonna be okay.” He smiled and looked at me. “Ahem.” Remembering another person was here, Paul and I jumped and blushed. “Oh, uh… Mom? Paul and I are now boyfriend and girlfriend. We thought that since we are the same, it’d-” Paul interrupted. “But, wait! It’s not just that! I- I love her Mrs. Watterson! I’ve had a crush on her since middle school!” I blushed and looked at mom. She gave a pretty genuine smile, which made me blush even more. “Alright then, heh. Just don’t do anything crazy yet!” Mom turned around letting Paul and I glance at each other for a split second; both of us blushing really hard. Mom offered Paul a ride home and he nodded shyly. “Thank you…” Mom smiled in response, and after we were all in, drove off. Once Paul was back at home, mom really began to become intrusive. “Oh my gosh, Paul is so handsome! I mean, I still have mix feelings that he’s the reason you’re the way you are now, but -! And he likes you! Oh, I’m so happy for you! Honey? I know Paul likes you, but do you like him? I mean really? Because you said it was because of your condition first!” I paused. I knew I did truly like him, but my wolf side liked him more than I did and I didn’t want to tell her that I did it with him twice.

Thinking of that moment, though, I couldn’t help but glance down. I rested a hand on my stomach and prayed that nothing would happen. “Eris?” I opened my eyes and looked up. “So do you really like him? I could see the hesitation when he interrupted. I don’t want you to be in something if you’re not willing to devote to it! Oh! Don’t tell me he’s forcing you!” I lifted my hands up and waved them, shaking my head. “No! No, I really do like him. It’s just hard to explain… Like, I do love him, but my wolf side likes him more than ‘I’ do.” Mom had to think about it for a few seconds, but soon after, gave an understanding look and nodded. “Oh…” Looking out of the back window, I noticed Paul waving and I waved back smiling. When we arrived home I should of expected it, but dad surprised me as he ran towards and embraced me. “Oh my God! Eris?! I had no idea that you were in this state! I’m sorry I didn’t pick up anything; that I wasn’t as worried as your mother!” I paused and looked at mom. “I’m sorry, Eris… I didn’t know what else to do… I was worried about you!” Dad let go and I noticed tears falling down his face. “Eris? You’re my daughter! You and your mother are all I think about when I’m at work! If I found out about what happened to you after you died or something, I would’ve never forgave myself…” I tried to remain strong, but the thought of my dad blaming himself for my death broke me. “I- I’m s-sorry… I *sniff* I didn’t want to hurt you guys or cause you any more stress… I-”

Dad and mom interrupted me with a hug. I smiled, feeling safe, for both them and myself. “Eris. No matter what you are, we’re still with you! We love you.” I felt tears slide down my face, smiling at my dad’s words. “I love you guys too. I just don’t want to do something that I- Oh! Mom! I’m so sorry about when you just tried to help me… Paul came and-” Dad gave a questioning stare. “Paul?” I blushed and lowered my head. Mom helped fill him in, but luckily, left out the part about where he bit me. She knew that dad would’ve probably never let me see him again or organize a search party to hunt him down. “So, I just want to say sorry again! I didn’t want to hurt you or anyone! I tried to fight myself!” Mom kissed my head. “I know. Both you and Paul gave me enough time to leave, and I’m so proud of you! Though I have to ask. Are the full moons as bad as you thought?” If I were a wolf, both my ears and tail would’ve drooped. “Mom? Dad? It’s so much worse… I can’t control myself. No matter how much I try, I can’t stop killing or doing whatever my wolf side wants! I wanted to die… The was a human, but luckily he managed to escape…” Mom and dad looked at one another. At that moment, I didn’t feel too good. “C- can I go to my room?” Mom feared that it would turn into what happened on Saturday, but now that dad knew, I think it helped her trust that if I did change, at least dad could help. “Uh… I guess. Do you want us to do anything?” I shook my head and made my way to my room.

Locking the door, I went onto my bed and curled up at the end. Sweat soon formed and streaked down my face. I felt hot, like my fur was growing, I couldn’t take it. I took off my clothes and lied on my bed, naked. Keeping my eyes open was hard, but when I did, I noticed my breasts shrinking into nipples and more grew down my stomach. I whimpered, feeling myself transform again. I was worried that Paul might be having the same experience and tried to think fast at what I could do.  “Mom! Dad!” I quickly unlocked the door, but kept it closed. “Eris?! Eris, what is it?!” It tried to quickly say what I needed. “I’m- huff, I’m transforming again!” my voice sounded strained as if I was about to cry. It didn’t help that I was whimpering and whining. “I think I’ll be ok, but Paul’s family doesn’t know! Can you bring him over here or at least drive him away from his house?!” Mom and Dad paused. “Eris, you need to be out in the forest! Just get ready and come downstairs!” Struggling, I put on a blanket and headed downstairs. When we got to Paul’s house, I was surprisingly still mostly human, but my fur, tail, ears, and paws had finished. I could hear Mom head over towards the door and talk with Paul’s mom, who seemed to be the only one home. “Is Paul here?” The mom sounded worried. “Uh- yes? Why?” Thinking quick, she said what she could only think to say. “Sorry, I can’t say, but it’s very important. He needs to come with my daughter quickly!”

There was a pause, as if Paul’s mother gave my mom a look. “He’s in his room, but he keeps making these grunting noises, and I hear all of this shuffling and banging in his room! I-” Mom, knowing she had no time to waste, came in the house. “I’m sorry to intrude, but I know how to help your son.” I could tell Paul’s mom was following close behind. “Paul! It’s me! Eris’ mom! Put something on if you can understand me, like a blanket!” His mom, then, intervened. “What do you mean if he can understand you?!” Ignoring her, mom opened the door after hearing a bark sound. “Wh- what was that?!” Mom quickly helped Paul towards my parent’s car. He had enough of a human form to walk on his hind legs, helping his mom believe that he looked somewhat normal, but she walked in his room, checking for something. “Paul?! Paul! Please talk to me!” Paul had left the house and headed into my parent’s car beside me. Seeing him again made my heart race, leading us to lick one another. Dad saw us, but then turned away, feeling a little awkward and happy that we were together. “Excuse me ma’am! I do not give you the right to take my son away from me! Are you part of the government or something? My son already goes out on his own without telling either his father or I! I demand to know what is going on with my son!” My mom gave an apologetic smile. “Look, it’s important that we bring him somewhere, but when he is better, I will tell him to talk to you! I know you and your husband deserve to know.” Leaving, mom drove as fast as she could towards our forest.

When we arrived, mom and dad opened the car doors, allowing us to go. By the time we were there, both Paul and I were fully wolves. Looking at my parents and then back to one another, we whimpered. “Why is this happening?! Why are we being forced to transform during the day time?” Paul licked my muzzle. “Something tells me that it was because I asked you to be my girlfriend… I mean think about it! I have dealt with this for years! You are the first female I met with this, and I asked you out! You reciprocated my feelings, at least, your wolf side did, and I asked you out the day before the full moon and that’s when this started.” I nodded. It made sense. All the while, my parents were looking at one another as we were barking and whining. Soon, we all looked at one another. Paul and my tails wagged as we saw my parents and my parents smiled seeing that we hadn’t turned on them. I walked towards mom and dad with my tail still wagging. Knowing my aura at the moment was much peaceful than last time, she wasn’t afraid to stay still or reach a hand out to pet me. I licked her hand as well as my dad’s and nuzzled their palms. Soon, I soon smelt something familiar and lowered my ears. I knew what it was and almost couldn’t stop myself from closing in on Paul, but my parents were around. Their relationship to me soon blurred a bit, and I knew that we had to leave. Nudging Paul, I gestured in a direction, trying to get him to follow me.

Paul knew what I wanted and soon my parent’s were alone. Mom and Dad, not knowing how long we’d be, went back to the car and headed back home. Once I knew we were alone, no matter what I wanted, Paul’s scent wafted towards my nose, and we engaged in sex quickly. Once it was over, Paul and I were tied and licking one another. We whimpered, but other than being afraid of what would happen, we didn’t care. Surprisingly, we even did it a few more times. Being a regular wolf became easier to let happen and harder to stop as the day went on. By the time night came around, we hunted a few times, marked our territory, and had sex about ten more times. Other than the sex, I felt right. I loved Paul and he loved me. We were an alpha pair and we relished that fact. When the moon rose, though, the pulsation had never come.  We were confused at first, since Paul didn’t feel it either, but assumed that maybe it was a gift for enduring all the unusual changes this weekend. Things hadn’t changed and we continued the same activities for the rest of the night until we fell asleep. The morning came and when we awoke, I felt slightly different. Paul and I woke up as wolves like normal, but I felt something in my stomach. I sniffed myself and realized something was different. Paul stirred and noticed my sniffing. Licking my muzzled he asked what was wrong. “I- I don’t know, I feel different… I even smell strange.”

Paul walked over to my tail and began to sniff for himself.  “Uh… You’re right. Something seems different about you too.”  As I got up, Paul noticed that it was my stomach that looked somewhat different. Not knowing what else since nothing seemed to happen, we made our way to where my parents dropped us off. Suddenly, a pain became apparent on my stomach. I whined and whimpered, not knowing what the heck was going on. Paul whimpered not knowing either, but stood by my side, licking my muzzle and stomach. “Augh! M-my stomach! Huh? My nipples feel weird too!...” As I looked, I noticed my nipples looked a little swollen. Soon, the pain was gone and aside from my nipples, my stomach seemed somewhat bigger too. “Ah!?” Paul began sniffing my tummy and nipples and whimpered. “Eris? I- I think you’re-” My ears perked, then lowered. “No! No! Please don’t! Say it’s not true!!” I whimpered and looked down my stomach. As I concentrated, I could feel something that wasn’t there before. “No!” I howled, drooping my ears and tail further. My head lowered as I realized the worse. I was pregnant. At fifteen… My family and friends would be so disappointed! I would have to raise children! I couldn’t take care of myself let alone a young being. Paul lowered his ears and whimpered. “I’m sorry Eris… I will do everything I can! I will stay with you! I will help you with this pup or puppies.” We licked one another and nuzzled our cheeks.

As if this was bad enough, another wave of sex scent was in the air and we were at it again. Something had to be causing me to go crazy. Then it struck me. “Oh my God! I’m in heat! That’s why! I mean I love you, but your scent was so hypnotizing, I couldn’t stop having sex with you!” Paul lowered his head. “I’m sorry! I can’t stop the thought that this is all because I bit you! It’s really all my fault.” I whimpered and licked him as we were still tied. “Paul! Please don’t blame yourself… This isn’t because of the bite. I mean I’m half wolf now because of it, but so are you because of yours. Whatever created this type of creature is to blame. You can only do what’s natural and live through the consequences… Yes, I’m upset and disappointed with myself that I’m pregnant, but that doesn’t mean that it’s over for us. You promise to be there! You’re going to be a father. We really are an alpha pair now!” I smiled and licked his muzzle. Glancing at me, he began licking me as well. Once his knot was out, we cleaned ourselves and waited till my parents came over.

“Eris! Paul, you’re here! Thank you for being in control!” Both mom and dad handed us some clothes. We smiled and headed to nearby bushes to change, when a problem arose.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t change back. I whimpered, realizing because I was pregnant, I couldn’t return to normal until I had my puppy or puppies. I whimpered and whined, grabbing the attention of Paul and my parents. Paul was already dressed up, but when he saw me, he realized immediately why I hadn’t changed. “Oh my God…” Mom and dad looked at Paul and back to me, completely lost as to what was going on. “Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Watterson, we couldn’t control ourselves most of the time over this moon cycle, as well as after you left… We- uh… I- Oh God, I’m so sorry…” They still didn’t truly understand until they saw me gesture to my stomach. This time, they really took notice and figured out why Paul was so nervous and slightly unhelpful explaining what happened. Their eyes widened, and their mouths began to frown. “Oh my God…” My mom looked more afraid than upset, but dad was turning slightly pink. “What the hell did you do to my daughter?!” Mother noticed me becoming upset and nervous looking at dad and Paul.

“Larry… You’re upsetting Eris.” Dad looked at me and sighed. “You have started off on the wrong foot with me once already, boy… If you hurt or endanger my daughter any further, I will personally hunt you down! Paul frowned, feeling himself sweat, but nodded. “Y-yes sir…” Dad knelt towards me. “Eris… I’m gonna be honest. I’m not disappointed with you. I know that it was probably really hard to control. Even for him too, but… I’m just worried about you. You’re my only child, my baby girl… You’re way too young to be a mother. We’ll be here for you, but when you have your babies or puppies… Whatever it is, we want to see you home again. We’ll leave your clothes here and leave your phone too. I figured you’d probably want your phone to call your friends for a different reason, but I guess it’s good that I brought it anyway, huh?... Eris? Please try to keep in contact with us! I don’t want to lose you!”  I whimpered and lowered my ears. I had no idea what to expect, and dad didn’t help with the fact that he was basically letting me live like an adult. I had no idea how to really live like anything other than a human, and I would be missing much of that because of this pregnancy. I felt very afraid and alone. Even if Paul would be with me, the thought of needing to survive on this somewhat small forest worried me. I knew I wouldn’t last. Paul noticed my mood and looked around. It was like we were on the same page, as he thought the same thing as well as our close calls.

“Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Watterson? I have to say, that even though I don’t want to push you away from your daughter further. This forest won’t be able to sustain us for long, let alone for more mouths.” Mom and dad realized Paul was right and sighed. “Ok… We’ll look for any bigger forests. Paul? Before we leave, I want you to come along. You have to tell your mother!” My mom looked tired, probably emotionally drained from all of this information, but she had a firm yet not angry tone when telling Paul what she thought he needed to do. Paul nodded and gave a small frown. Hugging me, my parents left Paul alone to say something before leaving. “Remember, it’s just for a while. I’ll be back and then we’ll be in a new forest just for us.” I nodded and watched as my parents and mate left. An ache formed in my heart. I heard that wolves mated for life, and Paul meant so much more to me now than the beginning of this weekend. Paul, when he returned, told me about what had happened after they left. He first mentioned how he began whining, even in his human form, as him and my parents drove far enough that no one could see me anymore. His mother took it as well as he hoped. She hugged him, but was devastated that he was basically a beast. It didn’t help that she heard about how he would be a dad now, and called me a bitch. Mom and dad scowled at her and were about to say something when Paul stepped in.

“Don’t you dare say anything about Eris! It was my fault that she ended up in this position in the first place! I was bit before we moved and I tired to hide it so I wouldn’t burden you, but I can see that you don’t really care about me. This is my life now! I can’t change it and you pretend like I’m beneath you! I may not be able to control what I do during the full moon, but if it wasn’t for Eris, I don’t know if I’d even be talking to you now! If you won’t accept me as I am, than I’m leaving!” With that he marched to my parent’s car and sat inside looking away from his mom. He felt the pulse feeling on his neck and tried to calm himself down. His mother began crying, but both Paul and my parents left for my house and researched what nearby forest would be perfect. Back with me, I knew I couldn’t just leave my friends without knowing, so with the stuff that my parents brought, I pressed a familiar devise three times and waited. Mother felt her devise vibrate and frowned, somehow knowing what I wanted. In a minute, mom got a call from Opal.

“Oh my God! Mrs. Watterson, is everything all right? My devise suddenly buzzed in class!” Mom tried to find her voice and told them what was going on. “I assume she signaled our devises so you wouldn’t be left out.”  There was a pause, but then Opal spoke, sounding like she heard that someone died. “Thank you for telling me… Manny and I will be right over.” It was after father had found the perfect temporary home that Opal and Manny had arrived. “Is she here?!” They had managed to say as they entered. Looking around, Opal was surprised to see a familiar face. “Paul Rynolds?” Paul looked down slightly, but gave a small smile. “So, you’re the father?” He nodded, and widened his eyes. Something about the word ‘father’ began to feel so good the more he heard. A smile spread across his face and he blushed. He was too young, but his wolf side was overjoyed. Opal was a little unsure about him. She mainly heard nice things about him when he moved. There were occasional rumors that he would often skip class to go have sex with older women, but knowing what she knew now, Opal assumed that it was probably due to Paul needing a place to hide. “So does anyone that you know, know about your secret?” Paul shrugged. “Before today, no… I didn’t want anyone to deal with something unstable. I saw myself as a monster and assumed that people, if I told them, would think so too. Mom just proved that there are some things I’m right about”

Opal and Manny looked at one another and turned to give Paul a hug. “We can be your friends if you want! I mean if you guys ever come back to living in the human world.” They all smiled. “Yeah, Manny’s right. I mean you have to deal with being a family now, but if you manage to come back to us, we’ll be waiting!” Paul nodded and smiled. “And since I’m their best friend, you better treat her right or-” Paul raised his hands in front of him. “I know… Mr. Watterson already got to me.” Dad then came in the room with a printed-paper. “Alright… I have the general area. It’s an hour away, so I suggest we take the van.” They all nodded and returned to where I was. Meanwhile, I had just taken down a buck and was finished cleaning myself, when I heard a vehicle. Something inside told me my mate was there and I ran, panting happily. When we met up, Paul and I embraced first. I nuzzled him and licked his cheek as he hugged me. Then I noticed everyone else. I felt like blushing, but I soon nudged everyone’s hand. Petting me, I was soon back at Paul’s side and looked up. “Okay, we need to hurry and move before the moon is in the sky. I’ll let you know when I can sense it, but we should be fine.” Everyone looked at one another and nodded. As we drove Opal and Manny being there, aside from Paul helped kept my humanity on board.

We talked, somewhat. Paul, like before, some how knew what I was thinking and answered Opal and Manny’s questions if they had any. It was mainly them asking about the nights. Other than the questions, it was mainly observations of my stomach and resting. When we arrived, Paul and I were at the edge of the forest while everyone else was behind us. I looked at the forest, using my ears and nose to really know where we would reside for the rest of the pregnancy. Paul patted my head, alerting me to look up and remember that we weren’t alone. He smiled at me and I somewhat smiled back. “Well. I guess this is it… Eris? Please remember what I said, okay?” I looked to see my dad tear up. I nodded and ran to them. Mom and dad hugged tight, as if letting go meant that one of us would die. I tried to let them know that I loved them and would miss them so much by licking their cheeks. The taste felt tempting at one point, but soon it became salty, helping me find them unappetizing and remember that they meant the world to me. I focused on their faces and realized that they were quietly sobbing.

I whimpered and whined, finally feeling the realness of the situation further. If I could cry I would have been drowning in tears. Finally my friends, but they were already a mess. Manny tried his best to hide them or wipe them away. “E-e-e-eris… We’ve been friends for so long! I- I don’t want to say- well I know it’s not goodbye. I just don’t like the thought that I won’t see you at school for so long…” the mention of school brought all these memories I had with Opal and Manny, as well as other friends. My ears and tail lowered; my whimpering hadn’t stopped. After everyone left, we could feel the moon’s presence. We quickly picked a spot nearby and buried our stuff. Paul and I looked at one another and smiled. He was here for me and he would be there for our pups. Once covering the burial, Paul had turned into a wolf and both of us marked the area with our scent as well as looked around for a den. Turns out pregnancy for werewolves lasts longer than they look. The change of the body happens first to prepare for the pups, but you don’t really feel any movement until the second month. By the third, your nipples are now teats and they ache like you wouldn’t believe. Then two more weeks till you finally give birth!

It was really painful, but it was simple, when my first pup came, a whole new feeling washed over me. New kinds of instincts bloomed and these were ones I never dared to argue with once. In the end, I had two pups: a girl and a boy. After at least a week of care, I decided to finally introduce them to my parents. Being a wolf for so long clouded my mind, that it was even lucky I remembered what they wanted. When I did have moments of remembering my human self, I couldn’t help wonder why people even did something or I just felt like it wasn’t natural. When I returned to human form, my breasts were still big from holding milk, but I pretty much looked the same as I did since the last time I was human. Paul came and licked my hands. I kissed his nose and held my pups close to me as I found my things. Paul had stayed a wolf for the pups, which I was happy for, yet I wasted no time to call and get what I need done so I could return to wolf form. Even being human for a little more than five minutes was disorienting. “M- oh…” Hearing myself say things other than wolf noises for little over three months was another crazy experience. Once I pressed the right buttons on the phone, I could hear my mom frantically answer. At that moment, I couldn’t help but cry at her voice. “Honey?! Oh my God, Eris! Is this you?!” I nodded, almost forgetting to speak.

“Yea-ah. I’m sorry… The pups have arrived and they’re so beautiful mom, I love them so much…” Mom began sniffling, but assured me she was just remembering when I was a pup or baby. After talking some more. Mom and dad had come to the forest to pick us up. When they arrived however, I knew that I couldn’t return. “Mom? Dad? I- I don’t think I can come back… It’s too early to say if the pups can change into human form and Paul and I can’t leave them even if they’re old enough to start a pack themselves.  I guess I mainly just really feel that they belong here and I really just want to stay with them…” Mom and dad nodded and reluctantly agreed with me. Paul had known I would choose this since our pups’ birth and nothing made me want to change my mind. Instead, my parents would plan weekly trips over where we were, sometimes bringing Opal and Manny. On full moon nights, we luckily knew our pups were ours, and surprisingly, not much changed for them. Their stamina and years living increased because of our blood, but during the full moon nights, they were only slightly beastly and did not possess the power to transform.

Our pack slowly grew, losing a few of our own here and there, but we remained the leaders of the forest. It wasn’t without some bloodshed however. There were very few times when we actually did kill someone, but we were luckily still hidden from publicity. I love this change, and I’m happy that I have Paul with me now…


Aww, thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :) To be honest I was kinda running out of steam near this last part, and I didn't really see what I could do, so I just had to end it somehow where it'd fit, but I truly appreciate your feedback! :D
Great Story. Always enjoy reading your stories though kind of bummed this story is over.