Change for Eris Part 2

Published: Jul 15th, 2016
Last Edit: Apr 29th, 2017


Eric, now a werewolf, will soon experience her first full moon.


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“Uh… yeah. It was like, everything felt right, but that’s not-. I mean-.” I cursed myself mentally that I let it partially slip. “There’s another reason? Did you drop something? Did you-! Oh my gosh! Did you meet another predator? A real wolf? A human?” I hid in my covers. I didn’t want to let it slip about that wolf, and fearing that she would find out actually kinda felt like he meant more to me than a stranger… Mom sighed and let it be. “Alright, alright… I won’t say anything more, but Eris, please! Please be safe around other people and animals.” I lifted my covers and poked my head out slowly, nodding. Mom kissed me and turned off the light. The weekends soon became a thing where Mom would drive me to the forest whenever dad was pretty busy. Luckily he had started receiving a small job assignment every Saturday, which was the perfect opportunity to leave the house. It turns out, mom was right; letting whatever felt natural happen did help the instinctual urges. It was much easier on small, more dog type ones. With little effort, it was like they weren’t even there. Other instincts however, with food and emotions were still hard. It didn’t help that the wolf hadn’t returned.

While in wolf form, I was mostly ready to hunt, but it was like my instincts wanted me to look for the wolf. I mainly sat in the field, well hidden, but as minutes past, my ears lowered and hunger would finally surface to the top of the list of needs. With school, there were a few close calls, but with mom’s advice about embracing my wolf side, calming myself learned to be easy as well. It all seemed too easy, however, making me super nervous as Halloween was approaching. That fear about being the worst on the full moon, but still being horrible the day before and after still lingered in my head. The day of Halloween was luckily on a Saturday, and like the many trips before, the first thing I did after transforming was waiting for that wolf. As I was about to give up, I noticed a figure move nearby. I sniffed the air and knew it was him, immediately following his scent. Once I was close enough, the wolf finally stopped and looked back.

“Why are you following me?” His tone sounded annoyed, which surprised me… “Uh… Are you okay?” He looked away, like he wanted to change the subject or leave. A whine escaped my muzzle. The wolf looked back. “What?” I lowered my head, along with my ears and tail. “Sorry, I just thought… I thought that maybe since you probably knew what I was and how you looked when I left, that maybe you wanted to have a friend…?” The wolf tilted his head. “Uh... You seriously think I was lonely? Look, just because I guessed you were a werewolf, doesn’t mean I want anything to do with you…” He looked away and sighed; as if he knew what he said was too much. “Uh. Sorry… Look, that werewolf guess was pretty obvious. You look like you could be a two year old wolf. If it was your first time as a wolf, then I don’t know what else it could be. …Uh, I’m Paul by the way…” With a name like that, I knew that he had to be like me.

“Yeah, you could probably guess the obvious, but I don’t want you near me…”

I tilted my head. “Why do you want to be alone? I mean I don’t know how many of us there are around here, but-” He was quick to answer, and I could tell there was a hint of regret from what he said and the emotion of the answer. “Th-there isn’t… It was only me before…” I stared at him, feeling the hunger fade. He looked away and nodded. “So how is it then? The full moons? How did this happen to you?” Paul laughed a bit.  “I mean, I was bitten… on the night of a full moon… I was actually ten at the time and lived in another state. I was out with the neighborhood kids when mom called me back. Since the area was pretty spacy and pretty forested, I was an easy target. It was awful… The wolf closed in on me and came from nowhere. It was an intense struggle, but after I was bit, I somehow became more alerted and found the strength to fight it off. It wasn’t easy… I still got hurt, but it left. I learned to cope with it, and moving was only worse. This place isn’t as forested and I had my fair share of talks from my mom about running out.” He looked down. If I were in my human form, I would’ve given him a hug.

            “So… are the full moons really hard? What about the day before and after?” He faced me, with his ears flattened and eyes looking down. “Whatever you’ve seen, they’re kind of true. You feel the moon’s presence… It’s really hard to try and keep calm. I mean the full moon acts as a release of any limits you’ve placed on your wolf side. You are affected on the nights before and after the full moon, but they’re the easiest of the three. Even if it feels impossible, these are the days you can still steer your instincts and urges. That’s why, after I bit you, I left. I never wanted to give this to you. I didn’t want anyone to deal with this… It’s torture. On these nights, hunger is the main thing on your mind. Real wolves don’t always think about hunger though, and we can somewhat be regular wolves, even on a full moon, but hunger does occupy it 70% of the time unfortunately. If you aren’t filled, your mind will twist how you interpret anything. Though I don’t know if it affects how you see other wolves, or at least wolves like us…” Speaking of hunger, as soon as he finished, my stomach began to growl. He smiled and laughed a bit, beginning to move in some direction.

            I looked away and laughed as well, following him. “Paul… I know you might be sorry about what happened to me, and you didn’t want to put anyone in danger, but I really think you need to at least have a friend that’s in the same boat with you!” I stopped walking and he did the same. “C’mon! I mean it’s better than being alone and worrying if you’re going to cause another change…” He lowered his ears, head, and tail. “Sor-” he gave a quick bark. “No. No… Y-you’re right… I mean. You’re the first person I ever bit… I was always so careful, but then I somehow managed to wander away from the forest that night… It really feels great to have support… even if I don’t deserve any…” I whimpered and nudged my muzzle under his. I could tell his tail wagged slightly. “Paul? I forgive you… I really do! I don’t like having to deal with this either, but I know that you feel bad and regret it.” I gave his muzzle a few gentle licks. His ears perked up quickly.  Soon, we left to hunt together. It was much easier and we managed to take down a couple deer. Enjoying our spoils, I heard mom’s familiar call. “Is that your mom?” I nodded. “Does she know?!” I nodded again, and his eyes widened. “Yeah!... Don’t you have anyone that knows for you?” he shook his head. “It was hard to be on my own at first, but I just knew that it was for the best.”

            I lowered my head, tail, and ears. “I wanted to do that, but I was too stressed… I first told my friend Opal, then we came up with a plan to deal with any possible changes, and now she, my friend Manny, and my mom know…” Paul lowered his head and shifted his ears forward. “Look… I won’t tell them about you if that’s what you want… Um, but I guess I should probably go… Do you want to meet up he-” He whimpered a bit. “Hunger’s only going to get worse for you for the rest of today… and once the moon is in the sky, which feels to be about three hours or so, you’ll be forced to change… I would suggest staying here for the rest of the night!” I looked where my mom had called me and sighed. I knew he was right and rushed to mom. There, I transformed back and told her that I didn’t feel good and that she should leave me here. When mom asked what she should tell dad, I suggested that I was over at my friends house and would be for tomorrow and the next day around this time. She nodded and soon left. Quickly, I called Opal and told her that I would probably change and to cover for me if dad called. She seemed a little disappointed, but she agreed.

            The night crept quickly, and with little effort, I shifted back into a wolf, following Paul’s scent back to him. He panted and nudged my muzzle. I gave him a lick and surprisingly felt a little excited for my ‘transformation’ in a few hours. Like Paul had said, I soon felt the moon approaching and, though I was already a wolf, felt myself pulsating, as if I were changing. Quickly, my mind became hazy. Paul looked pretty handsome, and I wasted no time licking his muzzle. He licked mine, with both of our tails wagg, but shortly after, my stomach growled. I whimpered and felt like I hadn’t eaten at all today. I tried to communicate and managed to mentally say very few words to him, but it was way harder than before. “Hunger…” He nodded and we both left knowing what we had to do. With us working as a team and our hunger fueling us, we took down a lot more deer than before. I tried eating slowly so I wouldn’t be as hungry, but, just like talking, controlling myself was almost impossible. Our tails wagged as we enjoyed our victory, and after a few minutes of relaxing and licking ourselves clean, hunger was back again. In between our hunts at one point, Paul and I would occasionally mark our territory and howled at the moon. It felt so important; more important than anything ever felt before.

            Finally, our hunger had been temporarily satisfied, and we lounged about, licking whatever was stuck on us out of our fur. I, then, began licking him. He licked me back and our tails wagged pretty hard. It was almost as if we were grooming one another or making out, but all I knew was that we both liked it. After a couple more hours of different natural activities, we fell asleep.  When I woke up, I was in my human form and naked. I widened my eyes and hesitantly looked over to see I was lying on top of some guy who was also naked. He seemed to be around the same age as me, with dark brown hair, a few freckles and tan skin. As he began to stir, I finally realized who he was. “Paul Rynolds?” Paul finally woke up and gasped. “Ah-! Uh… Wait! Eris? Eris Watterson?” We blushed as we looked down from our embarrassment, but then realized that we weren’t dressed. “I never knew it was you!” I gave a questioning stare. “Really? I mean I thought you would’ve known since- well… you know.” He looked down again, and then looked up at the sky. “Sorry… I’ll go get my clothes!” I was about to leave, when I thought I should just transform. “Oh! Duh…” Soon, I was a wolf. Turning back, Paul was one as well.

            “Sorry, Eris. I didn’t want this… especially for you!” He widened his eyes and dropped his head, ears, and tail, whimpering. I felt myself blush, though I knew he wouldn’t have been able to tell. “Wait… Do- do you like me?” He turned away and sat on his haunches. I felt that he was probably blushing as well. “I guess I always wished I had the courage to say something when I realized, but I never thought it’d turn out to be in this form…” I walked beside him and gave him a gentle lick. “Hey… It’s okay! To tell you the truth, I think my wolf side has a crush on you!”  We laughed a bit. “Yeah, all of me kinda likes you.” I sighed as I sat and watched the morning sky change color a bit. “Is this how it really feels? I mean you were right! It was hard to control, but I don’t think I crossed any big lines yet.” Paul gave my muzzle a lick and laughed. “Well… be prepared to take that back tonight! It’ll probably happen, as well as prepare for any small changes to your physical form” I backed up, with my ears folding back. “What?!”  He nodded. “Yeah… It’s not that big of a difference, you’re just bigger, you are able to stand on two legs longer, but they’re basically the same, and your front paws change enough that you can grab things. Like last time, you can watch how the nights go and what you do, but during a true full moon, you won’t have any control. It’s like you go full wolf, with a side of monster…” I whimpered and put my paws on my head as I laid down.

            Feeling something lick me, I looked to see Paul licking my forehead. “I know… but maybe it won’t be so bad… I mean, we’re together right?” I whined a bit and nodded, still feeling kind of down. “Yeah…” As we walked towards where I kept my clothes, I gave him one last lick and went behind a tree. A howl sounded and I howled back. I could tell that it was his way of saying goodbye till tonight. After I was back to normal and fully clothed, I waited for my mom to arrive. At one point, Paul had returned with some type of wildflower in his hand. I felt myself blush and smile at his gesture. “T-thank you.” I said, hesitantly. He smiled, blushing as well, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Hey, Eris? Do… do you want to be my wolf girl?” I widened my eyes. “Huh?!” He rubbed the back of his head. “Sorry… I guess I should’ve just asked before giving you anything. Heh… Uh… Will-… will you be my girlfriend?” I could tell both of us were turning red. “Uh… um…” Though shocked, I felt a smile spread across my face. My heart was racing.  My wolf side wouldn’t have hesitated and I could feel that I did kind of like him. Maybe this would work… Soon I nodded. “Uh- ok!” He leaned in, as if he wanted to really kiss me. I looked, a little nervous, but felt better as he paused waiting for me to close the gap.

I smiled and closed my eyes, leaning as well, sharing a small peck of a kiss. When our eyes opened, we both smiled and sat down. If we were wolves, I knew that both of our tails would’ve been wagging pretty hard and we would just be non-stop licking. The thought actually made me blush a bit, tempting me to do just that, even now. Leaning on him, I soon began to focus on his heartbeat. It felt so relaxing and almost made me sleepy. Looking up at him though, I felt all the urges of my wolf form telling me to full on love him, but I knew it was too much for me now. I still couldn’t help but give him a few kisses near his mouth. He blushed, smiling, and I soon noticed his pants kind of bulge out. He probably was fighting instincts of his own. I smiled at his attraction, but nudged my head against his. “Eris?” I looked up at him and smiled. “Hmm?”

“Even though I am really sorry that this happened… I- … I’m glad it was you.” I blushed and looked down. “Heh. Yeah… me too.”

            Later, we could hear my mom approaching. “See you tonight!” I whispered. We shared a kiss and then left. I couldn’t help but smile as I walked. Looking at the flower he gave me, a bushel of small purple flowers, I tried to hide my happiness in front of my mom, in case she got suspicious. At home, dad welcomed me home, and I almost blew my cover when I gave a questioning stare, but realized what he meant. “Oh!- uh, yeah… Hey, I’m a little tired. Can I take a nap? I studied almost all night!” My parents smiled and nodded. “Of course you can sweetie, just go easy next time.” I gave a fake sleepy smile and headed towards my room. Once there, I was so tempted to tell Opal everything that happened, but I knew Paul would just be upset… Thinking carefully at what I wanted to say, I quickly picked up the phone and told her what the night was like. “Wow… so you do act kind of wild… Oh, but are you worried at all about tonight?! It’s the big one!” I nodded, remembering of my fears of this night. “Yeah… I-… I actually don’t feel very well…” My stomach gurgled and I felt faint. “I-I’m gon-gonna… t-” I passed out, leaving Opal freaking on the other side. Not thinking twice, she hung up and called my mom.

Mom was in my room in a flash. “Oh my gosh! Eris?!” As mom tried desperately to wake me, she noticed hair started to grow. Thinking I was going to transform, mom did the only thing she could and took me to her car. Luckily, dad hadn’t noticed mom panicking or moving me, so soon enough, we were back at the forest. Laying me down on the ground, Mom tried desperately to wake me, but I wasn’t moving much. My hands and feet soon began changing into paws as more hair overtook my body. Mom didn’t know if I was going to fully transform or not, but took off my clothes anyway. In a short while I did become a full wolf. Paul had come shortly after in his wolf form and mom backed away, not knowing if he would hurt her, but had enough courage to stay by my side. Paul growled at her to back off more, but mom stood her ground. Soon, I had begun to stir and heard growling. My ears perked up on alert and I looked around. I looked at mom and panted a bit, but then noticed Paul slowly approaching her like she was a meal. I wanted to protect her, and tried to stand, but soon, I began sniffing the air. Mom suddenly smelled pretty appetizing. I began to lick my chops and lifted my tail.

Noticing my change in attitude towards her, Mom froze in place. “Oh God… Eris! Eris, please! It’s me! It’s your mom!” I tried to steer my body, I tried to stop, but mom didn’t feel like mom now.  Knowing that she couldn’t get through to me, she began to slowly make her way to the car. She knew that if she ran, Paul and I would’ve chased her. Luckily Paul and I were doing everything we could to fight our wild side, helping us move slower than desired. Mom quickly drove away and left us feeling hungry. We howled and whimpered from our hunger. Paul barked and grabbed my attention. I ran to his side and began licking him a lot. He was the leader of this team, and I wanted to do everything to help us do what we needed. Licking back, Paul nudged me and gave a few barks. I could tell, somehow, what he wanted and I acknowledged him naturally for a wolf.

Using our noses, soon we found a herd of deer. They looked so delicious, it was hard to keep still, but we managed to stay hidden. After a few minutes of closing in, Paul and I finally made our way over towards the deer and took down a few. We enjoyed our meal and licked one another as if we were an alpha pair. It felt so nice, even my real side liked it. Our tails showed it, but it didn’t last long as we heard footsteps. Sniffing the air, Paul and I lowered to the ground sensing danger. Not knowing what else to do, we and ran as fast as we could to some form of shelter. Once there, we knew it would be a long time till it was safe to leave. As we laid down, I felt a lick on my muzzle. I began licking Paul back and nudged him. Our tails gently wagged back and forth uncovering a scent that I hadn’t noticed before. Looking around, I soon noticed Paul’s penis poke out from his sheath. I felt the urge to lick it, and though I tried desperately not to, I couldn’t stop myself. As I licked, more of his penis emerged and his tail wagged with satisfaction. My tail wagged as well, and getting into a better position, Paul managed to find my vagina and give it a few gentle licks. The sensation surprised me at first, but soon we couldn’t stop licking. It felt so good…

Finally Paul had a full erection and began to try and insert it in. Though I knew my wolf side wanted it, hunger soon came back and I growled at him. He didn’t want to stop however and I knew I had to be more aggressive. Scratching and biting him, Paul whimpered and finally got the message. After more hunting, we found that we weren’t quite filled. Sniffing at the air, I sensed someone near by. As we got closer, we found it was a human hunting. He looked delicious… Licking our chops and baring our fangs, we began making our way closer. Luckily for the guy, he noticed us, but unfortunately, he ran. We tried to fight ourselves, which stalled just enough to give him a head start, but we couldn’t hold it for too long. Running like our lives depended on it, we were about to catch him, when he aimed his gun and tried to shoot at us. Fortunately because of the intensity of the situation, he missed, but it was enough to scare us. We began heading back to the shelter. Catching our breath at the den, both Paul and I laid on our side with our paws splayed out. For a while, our hunger actually settled and sleep began to overtake us.

When I woke up, I was human again, along with Paul. I backed up and held myself. “What the heck was that?!” Ryan soon woke up and was shaken up as well. “Wha-? Oh my God… Eris? Are you okay?!” I slowly, but surely nodded. “Oh my God. I- I mean I like you Paul, but I’m so sorry about what I did! I-” Paul nodded. “I’ve lived with this for a few years, but I don’t remember ever having this stuff happen during the day of the full moon! This is supposed to happen only at night! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry…” Paul held his hands to his face and sighed. Ignoring our nudity, I sat beside him and hugged him. “Look. It wasn’t our true selves! I don’t blame you! I mean I guess it’s partially us, but it’s not what we whole-heartedly agree on! Also, look at us! We’re human now! It’s over for now, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care that we’re naked… I’m not sure if we’ll still act like that if we go back…” Paul dropped his hands, nodding, and tried modestly to cover himself.  “Yeah… Uh, Eris?” I looked up and gave a supportive smile.

Pausing, Paul wrapped his arms around his legs. “Do you still want to be with me? I mean, I know I just asked, probably an hour or so ago, but…” I looked down. This was terrifying, but it wasn’t our fault… Something in our DNA or our instincts was telling us something… I could feel it… I looked up, facing Paul. He really was handsome. I could feel my heart racing as I looked at his features. I wanted to transform for a second, but how did ‘I’ really feel about him. In high school and even middle school, he was in half or most of my classes and we shared a few glances, but we never really talked. When we had the opportunity to, there were always things that came to take away that chance. I did remember one talk however… It was at lunch last year. I was behind him in the lunch line and there was only one of my favorite sides left and we looked at one another deciding whether he or I would have it. Paul looked away and blushed. “Y-you, uh… you c-can have it.” I gave a small smile. “Are you sure? I mean, do you like this side? I don’t want to take something you’d like!” He nodded. “O-okay. Uh, thank you!” I gave another smile and turned to take a side. When I finally saw what I would take, we realized that someone had already taken it and both of us laughed.

He was such a polite guy and shy, like many people usually were in high school. There was no other person I really liked either… The thought of Paul and I being together, ignoring our wolf side, seemed like it would be a normal first relationship. With our wolf side in the mix we wouldn’t have to hide anything. He seemed like the perfect mate-…  I brought my hands to my face. Taking it as a bad sign, Paul lowered his head. I was associating animal phrases like it was who I was… But it was! I was part animal for a while now! I was also human… So how did all of me feel? Paul had already talked about how all of him liked me. Looking at him, I finally smiled and felt empathy and attraction towards him. “Yes.” He gasped, facing me. Leaning in, I kissed him and he kissed me back. Our kiss was short, but it was passionate. Our scents mixed and lingered making our hearts quicken their pace. As we broke it off, rain had begun to fall. Peaking out of the den, all seemed clear and calm. The thought of shifting back into wolves again was tempting, but I was still too frightened. Unfortunately, because of that, and our clothes weren’t available, we were left naked until something urged us to do something. The first objective soon came as Paul crouched in the den in one spot, lifting his leg and urinating almost like a regular wolf. I blushed, looking away and giggled at the sight of it.

He blushed and giggled as well. “Sorry…” I soon crouched around where he went and urinated as well.  Eventually, we surprisingly fell asleep, with our bodies against one another. When we woke up, it was nearing nighttime. The presence of the moon could be felt, and the thought of returning to what we had become before shook me. “Eris?” I looked over towards him and smiled. Kissing my cheek, he wrapped his arms around me, helping me calm down. “I know it’s scary… But we’re here together. We have each other… Everything will be fine, remember? Like you said.” I smiled and rested my head against him. “As long as we’re together…” Hunger soon made itself known and hesitantly, we transformed. We couldn’t hunt as humans, especially naked, so we had no choice. Luckily it was easier to control ourselves since the last transformation. We licked one another and headed off to hunt. The moon was finally seeable in the sky and I felt the familiar pulsation take over my body. I watched painfully as my front paws began to stretch and elongate slightly. Flexing them, it felt familiar, yet alien at the same time.

Soon, my whole body began to hurt. It was only slight as I grew from what felt like 2’ 6” to 4’ 3” I was definitely bigger than a regular wolf. Glancing at Paul, I saw him become larger as well. His shoulders and chest began to broaden as well. The forms felt a little weird, but we still saw each other with affection. I tried to stand on two legs and felt more stable than I did as a regular wolf, but it eventually felt off. Like you rested in an uncomfortable position and there was a time that you couldn’t take being in that position. I noticed Paul doing the same, but soon, my mind became hazier. As if I was just in a theater watching a movie, and anything I wanted to do wouldn’t affect the characters in any way. My body walked on my hind legs, which seemed to be more muscular, towards Paul. Paul did the same towards me and we eventually embraced. It probably looked awkward, but even I felt really happy being with Paul. We began licking one another for a bit, before falling onto all fours. It felt so good to be with my mate, but the night had other plans. Our stomachs felt like they were screaming to us to hunt, and with a nudge, we ran. The pace was quicker than I ever thought I could accomplish, and though I couldn’t do anything about it now, my stomach growled more.

I whimpered at the pain, and Paul, as we ran, ran closer to my side and licked me. Luckily, the smell of meat was approaching. The night was so perfect, with the air cool and crisp, that it was easy to track the scent. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones out there… “I got ya, you little bugger!” A man in camouflage clothing was pretty well hidden in some bushes. He had a rifle pointed at a herd of deer. He knew what he was doing. He was the deer season champion of our town. He could shoot behind him and still get a perfect shot. This night, however, he would get more than he expected. One of the deer in the herd lifted his head and began shifting his ears around till it hit our direction. It was the total opposite of where he was, so he knew at that moment, that he wasn’t alone. A little shaky, but not too frightened, he assumed another person was around. It wouldn’t have been too bad if it were illegal to hunt at this time of year, especially at night…

The truth was, was that this all-star hunter, though honestly skilled, was actually a horrible cheater. He had the worse luck in competitions, so he would kill deer earlier and quietly sneak them in to place first. A twig soon snapped loud enough that the man could hear it, and he quickly, yet quietly, began to take everything that he brought with him and leave, but as soon as he got up, even though it soon began to become pitch black, he could tell that a pair of eyes were watching him. He knew, at that moment, he could either try to outrun whatever it was, or slowly make it over to his truck nearby. Before making his choice, in a split second, Paul howled in the sky. The full moon was high in the sky, compelling both of us to sing as it shown brightly. I joined along, and that was when the man chose that moment to run…


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