The Spirit's Call

Published: Jul 11th, 2016


Woman to mare. A short story about a young woman who has to confront her fear of elevators. Content might be subject to grammar corrections.


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“Nature's Call” by Guitarwolf, (c) 2016. Please re-distribute with permission only.

Jane nervously stretched out her hand towards the elevator button on the wall. She rested her pointing finger on the yellow button for a few seconds, before pressing it. “I hate elevators, I hate it... Why couldn't my brother live in a normal house instead of this stupid flat?” she thought to herself as she could hear the elevator boot up from inside the shaft. Jane bit her lower lip and slid her bag's strap over her shoulder. It wasn't often that Jane visited her brother as they didn't keep in touch very often, but she would still dread riding the elevator every single time. She wouldn't mind taking the stairs, but seeing as his apartment is located on the 19th floor, she would rather sit through her fear even if those few seconds felt like a trip to hell.

The elevator makes a clicking sound when it reaches her floor. With some hesitation and a sigh, Jane steps inside and presses the button that marks the first floor. The doors closed slowly, and ss the elevator starts to descend, Jane tries to distract herself in her mind. However, it didn't take long for her to realize that it wasn't working and only made her feel more paranoid. Instead, she turned her body to face the back of the elevator, which was adorned by a large mirror. Her reflection showed her fancy red opened jacket, and yellow sweater underneath. Visiting people always gave Jane a good excuse to show off her sense of fashion, no matter who she would meet. The bag that hangs from her shoulder makes for a nice accessory, and its dark colour matched her skin-tight black pants and dark fake leather boots. She uses her twitching left hand to swipe her blond hair our of her eyes as she tries desperately to ignore the metallic mechanical sounds coming from inside the elevator shaft. Jane tried her best to tell herself that these sounds are perfectly normal and that the elevator will stop at ground level any second now.

A loud metal bang suddenly rumbled throughout the interior. Jane almost lost her footing, though her heart is now pounding in her chest. The yellow light on the ceiling just above her head flickered for a bit. This was obviously not supposed to happen. The loud crash almost knocked open the heavy door. The elevator halted somewhere in between two floors, but Jane could see the door-frame of the floor above. She quickly moved to the emergency phone located near the control panel. Busted... The phone's electronics broke down when the elevator crashed and it didn't receive any signal. Letting the phone drop from her hand, Jane now focussed her attention on the doors. She tries desperately to pry the doors open with her fingers, but is unable to do so. “Hmmff” she groaned. “Is there anybody there?!” She yelled while banging her hand on the door.'s metal plate No reply. Her heart was beating even faster now, the panic in her body rising. Her mind was starting to flood with fear-ridden thoughts.

Shaking on her feet, she stumbled to the mirrored backside of the elevator and leaned against it with both hands for support. The surge of panic she felt throughout her body didn't stop however; it only seems to be getting worse. Jane felt a cold surge in her abdomen as she quickly realized that she triggered “it” just now. She crossed the line; a mental barrier that would prevent some primal animistic side of her from taking control. The sensations were all too familiar to her now, and memories of similar previous events sparked in her mind as she desperately tried to hold on to her still rational human mind. It was too late, however. The fear had already gotten the better of her, and fresh surges of energy blasted through her shaking body. “N-no... I can control this!!” Jane encouraged herself. Her hands are now pushing firmly against the mirrored back-wall, her fingers starting to swell up quite rapidly. Sweat quickly started pooling on her face. Her expression a mix of frustration and fear, she now finds herself defenceless against the rise of these strange changes. Though... She couldn't help but feel slightly excited as well.

Her left hand didn't show any signs of stopping their growth, as the ring on her ring-finger tightened quickly. All of Jane's fingernails now looked significantly larger as well, and without much of a struggle, her ring snapped free from her finger. Her eyes widened with terror as she looked at the changing hand. Painful muscle cramps were now emanating all over her body; as sign that the changes were just starting to kick into gear. There was now seemingly nothing left to do but to accept her fate. Besides her fear, she still felt mostly like her regular old self for now, but she could feel her other side slowly take over and rise from the depth of her soul. The rising change felt primal and fierce. Her fear triggered her prey animal soul to take control of her still human and feminine body, and it was very anxious to do so.

Her red jacket visibly strained across her broadening back. Growing muscles pulled at it until its fibres started to rip and audibly tore expanding holes near her broadening shoulders. As the rips in her jacket grew in size, more and more of her yellow sweater underneath got exposed. Finally, the jacket tore right down the middle, showing her already strained sweater that was eager to rip free and expose her skin underneath. “No... NO... I-I don't want... To be... N-naked!”, Jane sobbed. In the back of her mind, her animal mind is begging for the changes to engulf her and expose her naked skin to the atmosphere, free from its restrictive cloth. It seemed that soon this part of her mind will get its way. It was becoming increasingly more difficult not to give in to her inner horse. “I'm a horse!”, her rising animal conscious told herself. “Horses don't need clothes! Let them tear and set me free!!”, her thoughts continued.

The red jacket is now mostly torn, and only a few tatters of it hung from her shoulders. Her sweater bulged as her back expanded, until finally it too started to tear from the neck downwards and reveal Jane's light pink skin underneath. It also revealed her slightly elongated neck, and the backside of her hair that had already started to grow into more of a equine mane along the length of her neck.

Even though her change was harsh and painful, at heart she is starting to feel as though her body is blossoming, like a caterpillar shedding its cocoon and revealing a new and beautiful different form. The skin on her exposed back is still pink like that of any normal human, but already it was changing into a thicker, more durable hide suited for that of a powerful herbivore. Her pants and what remained of her sweater were now stretched tightly across her body. It didn't take long for her fancy looking black boots to start straining under the pressure as well, and as the soles tore themselves free from the black leather, it revealed her morphing elongated feet to the world.

It didn't take long for Jane's moans and cries to change into equine snorts and shrieks, though she tries hard to keep her voice under control and not match the animal she is slowly becoming. The muscles on her legs and backside were desperate to grow their way out of the restrictive black pants, and the fabric was slowly but surely giving in. The sound of the cloth groaning and fibres snapping played over Jane's muffled inhuman snorts, before finally the pants started to tear along the seams of her now muscular leg. It started small, but in just seconds more of her flesh peaked out and it didn't take long for the rips to leave very little to the imagination. Jane's thoughts clashed as an overwhelming part of her was revolted by the idea of becoming naked and feral, but another part of her mind wanted nothing but to accept her faith as a majestic mare and encouraged the human-bound clothes to finally rip free from her body. “N-noooo!!”, Jane murmured through gritted teeth, sweat dripping from her forehead.

The change was coming to a climax as Jane's mind tumbled over the edge and she finally gave in to the primal pleasure of the change erupting all over her body. The black pants ripped further, revealing powerful legs and her behind that was now at least four times as big as its human counter-part. Her white underwear is stretched across her morphing ass, barely being able to contain her growing genitals. A small nub appeared just above her underwear, and quickly grew into a tail that already started growing long flowing hair. Her huffing got louder and her muscles bulged while her body undergoes the last growth-spurt towards real equine proportions. The pulsing flesh of her vagina-lips peeked from underneath her underwear, before the undergarment snapped from her voluptuous ass to reveal her now darkened genitals and puckered anus which are now located in closer proximity to each-other..

Jane's teeth were already mostly loose-fitting during her change, but as she curiously moved her swollen tongue, it ensured that her human teeth and molars easily fell out of her gums and onto the elevator floor in a small splash of blood. It didn't take long for her new bucked herbivore teeth to push through her gums, and with each breath she took they pushed out a little further until she had a perfect set of equine teeth, including a space in the middle which Jane knew was typical for a horse. Her torso barrelled outwards continuously until there was very little left of her human primate-like physique. The feeling of her stomach churning as it grew made her slightly uncomfortable, but it was nothing she couldn't handle and she knew this was for the better.

Though Jane was quite busty as a human female, her breasts are now almost shrunken down to the point of disappearing. However, her breasts quickly returned further down her body, on her lower belly, and since she was already “well endowed” as a female human, they grow almost as big as before, though with darkened and slightly longer nipples that fit any mare perfectly. As her body's growth slowed down to a halt, her new udders stopped growing and settled on a very modest D-cup. The last few fragments of humanity she had left in her mind fell apart, and she now gladly accepted her equine fate. This acceptance made the last moments of her change a breeze as the final pieces of cloth fell from her muscular body, freeing herself from her human cocoon. Her naked body started growing small patches of short dense white fur, which quickly grew and spread into an even fur-coat. Jane gritted her now herbivore teeth as she could feel the last changes affecting her skull. Her face already stretched, she could feel her eyes slowly move closer to the sides of her head. Though confusing at first, it didn't take long for her wider field of view to feel comfortable and natural.

A sudden bang interrupted her thoughts. Jane's added weight is clearly taking its toll on the elevator, as it breaks free and tumbles down the shaft. Thankfully, the ride was short as it was located near the first floor. It was still enough to make Jane shake on her four legs, but furthermore she remained unharmed. The elevator however, is in a pretty bad state, the inner door now almost completely opened. An old lady who lives on the first floor was just checking her mail as the elevator came crashing down. She looked over the top of her glasses at the direction the sound was coming from, stumbling in her long dark blue dress. After the horrific metallic noise coming from inside the elevator shaft ceased, she rushed to the front side and pressed the call-button repeatedly. To much to her surprise, the doors responded by opening, albeit it more slowly than usual. Daylight that poured through the large windows of the front entrance hit Jane's new body. Still facing the back-side, Jane the mare turned her now large frame around even though there was just barely enough space to do so.

The sunlight that proceeded to warm her face managed to wash away any negative emotion she was still feeling up to that point. The only thing going through her mind now is “run”, and that is exactly what she did. The graceful young white mare leapt outside of her cage, as the old woman jumped to the side and looked on with a puzzled look on her face as Jane rushed through the open front door. Her equine legs are designed to run, and she needs to get away. Away from prying eyes. She would find peace in a field located nearly eight miles outside of the busy harbour town she used to call home. There are no more humans nearby, or many other animals for that matter. Just the grass underneath her hooves, and some trees and barns in the distance. It was the perfect place for her to graze in peace, though secretly she did wish she would get to see some other horses around.

Deep inside Jane knew that she would change back to her human self after only a few hours, which disappointed her seeing as time flies. As a mare, Jane dreams of one day having a foal drink from her big horse teats. She has no idea if giving birth in her horse form is even possible, but with each change her determination to find out becomes significantly stronger. For now, Jane enjoyed every moment of her strong mare body. She felt energized and full of passion, something that she rarely experienced this strongly as a human. She always found it ironic that fear and stress triggers bring out such a majestic and content looking animal, and each time the change is set into motion, she could barely refuse the temptation to give in, but the urge to change would always win eventually. The long periods of time that she enjoyed as a horse made her feel bad about returning to her old human life, though she always secretly looked forward to that faithful moment. The moment where she sheds her humanity once again and embraces her equine nature. “Who knows what the future has in store for me”, Jane the mare thought to herself as her mind drifted off while grazing in the warm sunlit pasture...


It is a bright Monday morning and the reflections of the other cars played off of the metallic shine of Jane's expensive red BMW. The car had a deployable sunroof, though she didn't ever pull it down seeing as she did not want to risk the wind messing up her styled blonde hair. She neared her exit on the highway, and paid close attention to the signs as they zipped past her car. “Ribbonton 2 ¼ miles”, one of them read; that's her stop. Adjusting her speed, she drove her way to the exit lane. As a real estate agent her job required her to talk to many clients who are mostly interested in buying a (new) home. Her current client was an old retired man looking to sell his house, with whom she had an appointment that morning to go over a few things. The man contacted her earlier this week, and told her that he was getting too old to look after his expansive farm and was looking to settle down.

The tires of Jane's car made soft crackling sounds as she moved it on the gravel of the farm's drive-way. The village of Ribbonton seems mostly like a quiet place where most inhabitants know each-other. During the current spring time, there isn't a whole lot of activity going on, but when summer and even fall turn around Ribbonton often turns into a popular tourist attraction for hikers. After ringing the bell near the front door of the old but cosy looking cottage, the old man answered and introduced himself as Simon. He looked dressed in a casual button shirt and an old weathered brown pants. “Ah yes, come in! You look like you can use a nice cup of tea!” he mentioned with a smile. Simon escorted her to the living room with a slow pace. Jane couldn't help but feel slightly surprised by how big the house looked on the inside. While it looked outdated, the place was certainly well maintained and could perhaps be a meaningful investment for a big family. At the back of the living-room is a large bulky wooden table adorning a white old-fashioned looking table-cloth, with several chairs surrounding it. While Jane sits down, Simon pours her some tea.

Behind the table is a large window that lit up the table with sunlight. As Jane looked out of it to the porch, she noticed a large field stretching out behind the house. She could feel a striking cold sensation wash over her as she noticed two horses standing there in the distance. “You like horses?” the old man asked. He grinned. “Most women are fond of them, aren't they?”. He used his hands to balance himself as he raised himself from his chair. “Come, follow me and I'll introduce you to them”. Jane felt momentarily frozen in place, but slightly reluctantly followed him anyway. The two horses immediately seem to take note of their presence and decide to move closer to their side of the fence. Simon explained that his farm has been breeding horses for a long time, but they stopped doing that ever since he had the house all by himself. Jane's thoughts trailed off as she looked one of the horses in the eyes, and she couldn't pay any attention to Simon's story. It's been a while since Jane last transformed and it was a strange sensation to suddenly be confronted with her alter ego in this way. After all, at certain moments in her life she would look very similar to them. She felt an almost jealousy looking at them. They made her want to be more like them. Jane knows that she still has that power within herself somewhere, and just thinking about it gave her goosebumps.

Suddenly she closed her mouth, realizing she's been gazing at the horses with her mouth open for the past thirty seconds or so. “I... I gotta go” Jane spoke nervously, interrupting Simon's story about his family. “What? Already?”, the old man replied with a puzzled look on his face. Her face is starting to look flushed. Jane turns around in an instant and heads hastily for her car. Her heels made it hard to walk fast, making her slightly wobbly on her feet as she hurried. “I need to... We will discuss the other things by phone, I promise!” Jane commented before shutting her car-door.

She catches her breath before starting the car, and the same crackling sounds could be heard from her tires as the car drove off the gravel drive-way. Just out of town, Jane decided to park in order to collect her thoughts. “What am I doing...”, she thought to herself. “I'm losing my mind again”. She said it out loud this time. Her breathing almost sounds laboured, but she quickly takes control. Underneath her dress, she felt her skin collecting sweat. Absent-mindedly she moved her hand towards her crotch. When her fingers touched her neither-region, she noticed something odd. Jane's eyes widened. Did her genitals suddenly feel... swollen? It couldn't possibly be... “N-no way”, she whispered to herself as the palms of her hands started getting sweaty. “It... can't be”. Regardless, Jane couldn't help but mentally prepare herself for her clothes to start straining.


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