Dog Sex is a No No

Published: Jun 28th, 2016


The story of how Jerry unwantingly becomes the vagina of the next door neighbor's German Shepard.


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I guess I should start by telling you my name is Jerry Umpert, and this story you're about to read is not a happy tale, at least by my standards it's not. This is how I went from being a regular teenage boy to well...I guess you're about to discover what I have become. Just remember, no matter what the naysayers say, magic is totally real. I know from first hand experience. 

I lived, well actually I still do live, in a medium sized suburb called Oak Falls, a little over a half hour outside of St. Louis. I lived there my entire life, and I had grown up, like many of my friends, believing that magic was real due to the many strange, unnatural occurrences that happened here in Oak Falls; many of which easily traced back to the mid-aged, nasty woman named Mrs. Fields that lived across the street from me and prized her gardens more than anything else in the world (although making people miserable seems to be her other great joy in life). I can remember one time when me and my friend Todd were ten and Todd threw my football too hard and it landed in one of Mrs. Fields flowerbeds. None of her flowers were damaged, but Todd woke up the next morning covered from head to toe in itchy, leafy green rashes that made him look like a Martian out of some cheesy sci-fi flick and didn't go away for a month. 

Anyway, my story starts a few months after I had turned seventeen years old. It was summer, and in fall I was going to be starting my senior year of high school. I was on my back porch, sitting on the stairs and fiddling around with not much to do. My mom was at work (and my father, well I had no ideal who or where he was) and the two buddies I had that I hung out with were away at summer camp. I had wanted to go with them, but my mom hadn't had the money for it. So yes, I was definitely bored.

I had just been sitting there when Mandy came running up to me, having entered through the broken part of the fence. Mandy was a large German Sheppard and the sweetest of dogs, which was funny considering she belonged to Mrs. Fields across the street. She also tended to be a bit of a horny dog, I had seen her many of times in Mrs. Field's front yard being humped by one of Mrs. Field's other two dogs, both male and German Sheppards.

I started petting her and scratching her behind the ears which she just loved, and after lapping up the attention for a few moments, she took notice of my lap. I had been wearing only gym shorts (it had been too hot out for a shirt or anything, and not to boast but I didn't look half bad without a shirt on), so the erection I was sporting (I was a horny seventeen year old teenager meaning I pretty much had an erection for 3/4ths of every day) was clearly visible in my lap.

Mandy rubbed her nose up my erection, and even though there was a thin layer of material between her cold, wet nose and my cock, it still had felt amazing. I'm ashamed to admit it, but at that point I was still a virgin. Like most guys my age I had jacked off to plenty of mental images of hot chicks, and I actually did have a girlfriend, but she would only let me kiss her and occasionally feel up her boobs whenever we were making out, so yeah, I was already getting far more action with this dog than I ever had with a girl from my own species.

It wasn't long before Mandy had replaced her nose with her tongue and was licking me through my shorts. Like I said, she was a horny dog. My initial thought was that I needed to put a stop to this immediately, but then the more devious, sex-crazed side of my mind became active, and I mistakenly listened to it. What I was about to do was gross, I knew that, and it was something I couldn't ever tell anybody about, but why not, I was desperate for pussy, the dog had a pussy, and the beast was clearly hungry for my sweet cock, and best of all I would no longer be a virgin. It turns out though that this was a test, and I failed it epicly.

I ditched my shorts quickly and turned her around and looked at the lips that formed the opening of the hole I was about to fuck. The lips were glistening, and I licked my own lips as I positioned Mandy just how I wanted her. My cock was harder than it had ever been, leaking pre as I grabbed hold of her belly and thrusted my cock into the loose, warm hole. I almost seeded right there, it felt so heavenly to have my cock in that hole, and with only two thrusts my cock was coming, painting the inside of her pussy walls with my seed. I had never came that hard before in my life, and it suddenly felt like it had sucked every ounce of energy out of me.

I went limp on Riley's back, and after shooting a few smaller ropes of cum, I went to pull out when I found that I couldn't. I was immediately on full alert again, and I tried once more, but found my cock wouldn't budge any, only slip in a little farther. The walls of the vagina came to life and began sucking my cock in as far as it could till I was balls deep again. The hole enlarged itself, and quickly swallowed my ball sacs. 

Needless to say I was scared out of my mind by this point and screaming my lungs off, yet now that I remember back to it I cant actually remember any sound coming out of my mouth when I was screaming. I was trying to pull my self away, but it wasn't working. My spine suddenly cracked and I found myself folded in half, my head now resting on the back of my feet. I continued to struggle as the hole became impossibly larger and larger, sucking me in at the waist, basically eating me whole like a snake. 
The pussy was making quick time of swallowing me, it had my neck down inside its moist cavern in less than a minute, and it didn't stop there, didn't stop until I was fully emerged inside of it, an adult baby ready to be born again. But I wasn't pushed back out, instead I...well, its hard to explain in words, I guess you would say I melted. One second I was solid and the next second I was a liquid for a second and the walls of the pussy absorbed me like a sponge. I lost consciousness for a few seconds following that.  

When I became aware again I was no longer human but simply one big, long hole. I was simply put, Mandy's vagina now. Of course I freaked out, especially when I figured out what I was. Although it did take me a few seconds to figure it out. 

It was strange, I was a hundred percent self aware, and the vaginal hole itself felt like not only my body, but also my mouth. I could feel my inner walls salivating with lube, and taste every drop as my walls lubed themselves. I could taste everything within myself, along with a salty, liquid substance that I somehow knew was the semen I had shot in here during my sexcapades. If it wasn't so disgusting it would be really cool how I could differenate the two tastes so easily.

Although I had no nose, I could still smell, and I smelt like...well...what other phrase is there than wet pussy. A minute ago I found this stench exciting and erotic, now it turned my nonexistent stomach.

I felt Mandy's body began to move and it felt like I was on a roller coaster. I would have puked right then but that's not a possibility when your just a dog's vagina. I quickly realized that I could hear things going on around Mandy's body, I could hear her paws hitting concrete and the sound of a car down the road. However I couldn't see a thing, everything was pitch black, I was blind. Instead of being blinded by the light, I was blinded by the vagina. Ha! I know, that was a lousy joke.

Mandy's body finally came to a stop, and I had no ideal where I was, that was until I heard a laugh I knew too well. It made my inner walls shiver. I had heard that laugh once before when I had accompanied Todd over to Mrs. Fields' house across the street. Todd had hoped that if he had asked her nicely enough, she might get rid of the green, itchy hue to his skin, but she had just laughed and told them to get lost before she turned Todd into a frog to go with the color of the skin. Needless to say, after that neither of us ever returned to her yard, well not until now. Although I cant deny that the aroma coming from her many flowers was quite nice.

"My, my, Jerry, arent we in a jam there boy, I just knew you was as perverted as your two older brothers were." I heard Mrs. Fields laugh once again, but it was really just background noise, for my mind was focusing on what she had said about my having two older brothers. I couldn't figure out what she meant, I had no brothers, but then why did I feel like I did. Suddenly, as if a damn was broken, magically erased memories of Jared and Jack came flooding back into my mind. I could remember playing with the two of them when I was younger. I could remember going with my mom and dad to see Jared play football at the high school...wait a minute I didn't have a dad, but I did, my memories of him had been erased also by this witch.

"What happened to them?" I demanded forgetting that I had no mouth. The words just bounced around in my head, but being a witch she could easily read them.

She laughed again before she said "If you really want to know. Lets see, your jock brother Jared, I caught him and his buddy one night when they were so wasted on alcohol that they were slurring their words and seeing who could do the best job of humping my precious Mandy. Of course they didn't go so far as to take off their clothes and actually do the deed like you my boy, but they still had to be punished, so I turned them both into horny dogs so that they could keep Mandy sexually content, you know my girl here loves sex even more than I do, and so do they, when the two studs aren't humping her their humping one another"

She paused as my mind tried to process all this new information. I had temporarily forgotten about the other two dogs, Jared and Willy. But now I could remember watching the two German Shepards in her front yard go at it with one another, and Mandy too. But that meant, oh no...

"Bingo Jerry, you'll soon have first hand knowledge of your doggy brother's cock. Your brother Jack can tell you all about it. After the incident with your brother Jared, I put an enchantment on Mandy, which I really dont need to explain since you have first hand knowledge of what it does. You see, I just knew that your brother Jack had to be a pervert also, and so I sent Mandy over there to test him like I did you. Jack however was an idiot. The shithole couldn't tell her asshole from her pussy and tried to fuck her up the ass, which wasn't a bad thing for Mandy, she likes it anyway she can get it, but Jack is now her asshole. Actually, you should be thanking your brother though, had he gone for her pussy like he was suppose to, the enchantment would have persuaded you to go for the other hole and you would now be the asshole.
"As for your father, the first victim from your family, well I dont remember exactly what he did, it must not have been that big of a deal, probably hit on me or something, but Mandy got himself turned into a German Sheppard bitch. And in case your brain cant put it together, that make's you your father's pussy. Although, unlike you and your brother's minds which will always stay intact, I allowed his mind to corrode, and now he is just a dog. Now how about we get you acquainted with your new role in life. Mandy, go find Jared and Willy and have them fuck you good and hard. Have fun getting reacquainted with your family Jerry"

As I felt Mandy's body begin to move, I knew she was heading to do what her owner had told her and I was soon going to be violated by a dog's cock. This wasn't fair. This wasn't right. I wished it was just a dream, a terrible nightmare, but I knew better, this was my new reality.

'Dont worry Jerry, I'm right here for you' said a voice that echoed in my head like some kind of telekinesis thing. I recognized the voice immediately and knew it was Jack. But how was he able to talk to me if Jack himself was just an asshole?

'We share the same body so we're psychically connected' Jack said as if reading my mind. 'I know this is going to be hard, my first year was torture, but you're going to get through it, and eventually you'll grow use to it like I have. And besides, you'll have a much easier go of it than I did, your body was made to accommodate dicks, mine wasn't. And you also wont have to worry about tasting shit like I do when it comes pushing out of my mouth.'

Mandy's body came to a stop. I heard a bark, and then another, and I could hear shuffling of dog feet on what sounded like a tiled floor.
'Any time now it's going to happen, and trust me it will not be fun, but once penetration begins our link will be temporarily broken until the deed is done'

Jack might have said more to me, but suddenly I was being assaulted as I felt something slimly and hard penetrate my outer folds and enter slightly into my body before it pushed its self all the way in. There was an initial shot of pain from the stretch that shot through out me, and then the pain was gone and I felt like I was choking on the invading male sex organ. My walls that had already been wet, just managed to get wetter with more lube. I could still taste the clear liquid I was sweating, but more importantly I could taste the strange taste of the beast's cock within me, a taste I have no ideal how to ever begin to explain. The taste was outright disgusting, but that wasn't the worst thing about this. The worst thing was the fact that I actually had a dog's cock inside me, that in and of itself was gross times a thousand, and then throw in the fact the doggy cock belonged to my long lost older brother, times that gross by another thousand. Up to that point in my life I had never been so outright disgusted, but as I have learned over the years since then, life always finds a way to get more disgusting.

When the cock started to retreat from my mouth/body I was relieved, only to have it go half way out and thrust right back into me harder. I wanted this over with immediately, and that thrust felt the same as if I had been punched in the stomach back when I was still human.

There was another thrust, this time faster and harder, but this time there was also a prickle of friction which began to send pleasure throughout my inner layers. With another thrust came even more pleasure, pleasure that I in no way wanted, being violated like this should never feel good. But the problem was it did feel good, and as much as I was trying to fight the pleasure, I couldn't. Instead the pleasure just got stronger, with every thrust it was increasing, and I soon lost track of reality as I was swimming in all that amazing pressure. I have no ideal how long I lasted before my body began to spasm as I was sent over the top and waves of strong, orgasmic pleasure unlike anything I had ever know overcame me. I was experiencing my first orgasm as a living vagina.

I was suddenly pulled out of the Nirvana I was in as pain overtook me. Something round and large at the base of the invading cock was forcing its way inside me, spreading me wider open to accommodate it. It took only a second for it to make it all the way inside of me, but it felt like centuries of torture, but once it was fully inside I felt outer lips enclose around it. 

The thrusts had stopped, and suddenly even more pain came over me as the round thing began to inflate, threatening to spread my walls too far apart. I felt like I was about to burst any second into a thousand pieces, or at least split right down the middle, but my vagina-self kept growing to accommodate it. I've learned over the past four years since that fatefully day that my body can grow large enough to accommodate almost anything. A few months after my transformation a door-to-door salesman had showed up on Mrs. Fields door and she had turned him into a full-fledged donkey. Of course my vagina-self was the first to accommodate his large, equine sex, and the pain from the stretching then made the knotting I went through with male dogs seem like a piece of cake.

The inflating finally came to a halt to my relief, but then Jared's cock was suddenly shooting out its cum into my body. I was quickly being filled with doggy seed, the semen was warm, and gooey and tasted salty and rather bad, although I had tasted much worse things in the world. However I was still disgusted by the taste, because I, as a former straight heterosexual male found this mentally to be one of the most disgusting things I could ever taste. 

The cock's orgasm finally came to an end and I had a mouth/body full of cum and cock, and I could taste every bit of it and wished I couldn't.

I suddenly began to feel woozy, like the one time me and a friend had gotten into his father's full-on bar in the basement and had gotten so drunk that we nearly passed out. This time however I did pass out, probably from a mixture of the trauma and sudden exhaustion. When I awoke next I was being fucked hard by a cock again, this cock tasting different and most likely belonging to the other male dog. I remained conscious for only a few moments when I passed out again. The next time I awoke was the next morning when Mandy did, and since that day my sleep cycle has synced up to Mandy's.

When I awoke I could still feel and taste my brother's cum buried deep with in me, and I could tell the second dog had seeded me, for its cum was mixed with my brother's and the two had a slight difference in taste.

It wasn't until Mandy was up and running that I realized I had a pressure built up inside me. I knew it was urine, I could taste a small drop that escaped during the running. I tried to ask Jack what exactly was happening, although I pretty well knew what was going on, but Jack's voice was muffled as if his mouth was filled with something.

Suddenly the pressure let loose, and the urine flooded out of me and I could taste every hot, salty drop of me as it exited Mandy's body through me. The taste was much worse than cum, but there was nothing I could do about it, and besides what Jack had said earlier was right. If I had to choose between tasting piss or shit for the rest of my life every time Mandy needed to relieve herself, I would definitely take the taste of piss, I didn't even want to know what a dog turd tasted like.
Over four years have passed since I began my life anew as a dog's vagina. I will live as long as Mandy does, and Mandy is cursed to remain fit and healthy until the day Mrs. Fields passes on. Unfortunately for me, being a witch, Mrs. Fields ages differently than mortals. Mrs. Fields ages one year for every one hundred human years, and witches can live up to three hundred years old, and Mrs. Fields is only now in her fifties. That means unless she dies of unnatural causes, I'm looking at another 25,000 more years of this life.

I've actually grown use to my new hell, and yeah sure, I still wish this had never happened to me, but I know I have changed since that first day. I don't mind choking down my brother and his friend's cocks three or four times a day now, sometimes I shamefully look forward to it. I'm even beginning to crave the taste of their cum like an addict does coke.

Jack and I have grown quite close since that day, we talk a lot, and we get along really good, but then that might have something to do with the fact were basically sharing a body.

Mandy got pregnant just last year, and let me tell you being a pregnant vagina was not fun, especially the part when I had to push the pups out of my womb. But that story is for another day, another time. This is my life now, and there is no escaping it.


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