Curiosity Transformed the Family

Published: Jun 28th, 2016


Two brothers and their dad are out on a hunting trip and come upon a farm where they see something they shouldn't which results in their being transformed into animals. Male to Cow, Male to Female Dog, Male to Male Dog and Bull.


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Tyler was a good son for the most part. He got straight A's, played basketball (not that he was the star or anything) and had gotten a full scholarship already to a good university. He wasn't perfect though, he had gotten into a few fist fights, gotten a hand full of detentions, typical teenage guy stuff. The one thing he hadn't done that the rest of his click had was lose his virginity. Not that he didn't want to, he tried, but it wasn't as easy as television made it seem, and it especially wasn't easy when you were raised to be a gentleman such as he had been. Of course he dreamed and beat off his meat to the mental image of himself pounding deep into a chick's cunt, but those were only fantasies. The closest he'd come so far was getting to feel up his ex-girlfriend's clothed boob while they made out, but unfortunately she had been raised to not be a slut.

It was an early Saturday morning, the sun had only been up a few hours, and Tyler, his brother Eddie, and their father were out in the woods, following beaver tracks with their guns ready. They had hunted beaver before, but usually the tracks led them closer to the lake, not away from it. Eddie was about to give up and declare this a wild goose chase when they came upon a clearing. There was a large field with a barn a few yards away and what looked like an old farm house quite a distance farther back.

"This must be the Franster's place. We must have gone farther than I suspected. We better turn back" Their father said.

"The Franster's huh, the two from the stories grandpa's always telling us? Tyler, you wanna go check out the barn?" Tyler couldn't deny that he wanted to. He was just as curious as Eddie to see the notorious barn that their grandpa had told them about. According to their grandfather, Mr. Franster had killed his wife years ago and buried her under that barn. Then over the years, with the help of the son that lived with him, they had kidnapped young boys and girls and tortured them in the barn before killing them. Supposedly they were heavy practitioners of the Satan Worshiping kind or something like that. 

"I don't think we should be trespassing"

"Gees Dad, okay you stay back here, and me and Tyler will go check it out."

They left their guns with their father, and took off for the barn. Before getting to the opening they began hearing noises, and peeking around inside they both saw one of the most revolting things they had ever seen. Inside the thirty year old Franster son Johnny was bent over a knocked-over barrel, naked and having his ass pounded by a naked old man.

At the sight Tyler lost his breakfast, there few things more disgusting than seeing two fags go at it like that, for Tyler just seeing another dude's cock in the locker-room made him uneasy.

"Gross" Eddie declared a little too loud, and suddenly the two men stopped their fucking and looked the brother's direction. Eddie, who was standing in the two's line of sight, went to make a run for it but found his feet wouldn't let him. He couldn't get his feet to come up, it was as if they had merged with the ground. "What the hell is going on" Eddie screamed as he continued to struggle with his feet.

Tyler didn't have the same problem and took off running back the way they had came. He got back to the clearing to find his dad was running back towards Eddie while their guns had all but disappeared.

"Run Tyler, get back to the cabin" His dad yelled. Tyler didn't hesitate to follow his father's orders as the stories came back into mind and he suddenly wanted to be as far away from these freaks as humanly possible. 

In no time he was in the woods, running faster than he had ever ran before. He began sweating like never before also, his pores secreting liquid across his body rapidly enough that his clothes were beginning to dampen. His internal temperature rocketed, and yet he didn't stop. His brother and father needed his help. His mind was becoming cloudy and the only thing that he knew for sure was that he had to get to that cabin. His grandfather could help. Why he felt this so strongly within, or in what way his grandfather could be of any help he had no ideal, its just what his mind was telling him.

He was hot, so very hot. He pulled off his shirt and threw it off somewhere in a bush as he continued running, and the wind on his naked, sweat soaked chest felt good, but it was not enough. So he stopped just for a second to pull off his camo sweatpants and Family Guy boxers, before sprinting again now only wearing socks and shoes.
After another eight and a half minutes he forced himself to stop and take a breath, his heart trying to beat and pound its way out of his chest. Had he not been on the track team the past year he probably wouldn't have made it this far.

He started to sprint forwards again when he stopped himself as pain suddenly consumed his groin. He clenched his teeth tight as it felt like someone was sticking needles in his balls and cock while whacking it with a mallet. He looked down and saw a horrid sight, his privates were rapidly shrinking, both his precious cock and hairy balls were retreating back inwards like his groin was suddenly aging in reverse. It was happening so rapidly that when he reached to grab what was left of his cock it was no longer there, nor were his balls, only smooth skin, like he was a living ken doll. Only a second latter that smooth skin split open, creating the outer lips of a new female organ that was developing within. He had a pussy!

He freaked out as tears flooded down from his eyes. No way could he have a vagina, he didnt want a vagina, pussies belonged on chicks, not guys and he was most definitely a guy. Then he remembered his mission, how he needed to get to the cabin pronto, how his grandfather could somehow fix all of this. He didn't realize these thoughts were not of his own, as he began running again.

Another five minutes and he was stopping again. He was starting to get close he knew it, and yet he knew something wasn't right. His groin obviously wasn't right, but it was something else that seemed wrong. The trees, everything was seeming taller, and as he looked down he noticed his legs had now shrunk so they were half their original length. He noticed that small black hairs had sprung up in patches all across his body and were growing before his eyes and spreading like a rash. But worst of all he could feel a strange sensation within his new sex organs, a strange ember of heat was beginning to build deep within.

He ran a few more feet before he lost his balance and fell forwards onto his hands and feet. Suddenly he was overcome with the worst pain so far, as bones throughout his body began breaking, realigning, growing and shrinking until his skeleton was that of a four legged beast. 

He had to press forwards, and he did, running on all fours with a greater speed and an ease as if he'd ran like this his whole life. The changes were speeding up, but he didn't care, he had to get to the cabin. His fur coat grew in completely, his hands became paws as his feet did and his shoes and socks came off and were left behind without notice. His ass cheeks spread apart and lost all their definition as a tail sprouted out just above his asshole. His face grew outwards forming a snout, as his teeth sharpened and his ears traveled up to the top of his head and became floppy. Then down his belly three more sets of teets grew. He reached the driveway to right outside the cabin now a full fledged, black lab bitch.

He, or rather now she, ran up to the door but the door was shut, and there was no way he was going to be able to open it in her new condition. She tried to shout for her grandfather, but all that came out was a bark, which took her by surprise even though she was aware of what she had become.

Her pussy drew her attention away from the door as the heat within began to increase and her inner walls began to lube themselves. 

She heard an impressive bark from her left and looked over to see a large black lab standing over the edge of the woods. She began to run over to it for reasons she had no ideal, and as she neared she realized the dog was male. It was clear from the pinkish-red strange looking erection hanging down between it's hind legs. The sight made Tyler's new vagina quiver and grow wetter and hotter with a sudden need foreign to any straight male.

She stood on all four paws, only feet away from the male when the scent hit her nostrils. She recognized the stench immediately, she had smelled it a few times while she was still a human, but now as a dog the stench was multiplied a hundred times in strength and coming from her own body. It was the desperate smell of a bitch in heat.
Lost in her own scent, Tyler temporarily forgot about the male dog until it was too late. The male had moved behind her and jumped onto her back. She knew instantly what was happening and she froze. She did not want this in any way, but her new pussy was telling her this was the only thing that mattered. 

With two thrusts the male had penetrated Tyler's virgin pussy and shoving its maleness in all the way. It hurt like hell at first, and she howled as she found some strength within to fight back, but when she tried her raper grabbed hold of her neck with his teeth and Tyler immediately found herself submissive to the alpha dog's desires, giving all her power over to the male, becoming his obediant bitch.

The pain ceased pretty quickly, and she was left with the feeling of fullness and being stretched. It felt plain wrong, it felt just so wrong to have a pussy period, and it felt extremely wrong to have a cock, a dog's cock at that, shoved up this new pussy, embedded between the wet, virgin inner walls.

The thrusts began, and quickly grew with speed and force. With each thrust came an ever growing pleasure within her walls, an extraordinary pleasure like none she had ever felt. And yet she didn't want this pleasure, she didn't want her own rape to feel this good. Still it continued to flood over her, pressure built and she unwantingly had her first orgasm with a pussy. It was weird, felt like nothing like when she had orgasmed from jacking off as a male teen, instead it was like a million explosions vibrating off her inner walls.

She began to come down from the high that was her first orgasm when the thrusting came to a sudden stop and she flet something huge behind the fat cock try to breach her opening. It took only a second and her outer lips were breached, and the dogs knot was insider her. It inflated even larger, creating a worse pain than when it had all just begun, and then the sperm came shooting out of its tip, filling her aching pussy. The male came and came, no human could have possibly ever came that much.
Tyler was panting. She was no longer a virgin, but losing her virginity this way was never the plan.

A few minutes after all the cum was out of the male's balls and in her cunt, the knot began to deflate. Not knowing dog sexual anatomy, she didn't realize how strange this was, that a real male dog's knot should never have deflated so fast. As the male pulled out, sexual fluids came flowing out and down Tyler's hind legs.

"Did you have fun" came a voice that didn't vibrate through the air and penetrate her ears but instead vibrated completely within her mind. She knew the voice, it was the voice of Mr. Franster. "Now be a good doggy, and return home to the farm"

Tyler wanted to ignore the voice, but Mr. Franster was her master, and she was nothing but a submissive dog, she had to be loyal and obey her master one hundred percent. These thoughts frightened her, but she knew in some bizarre way they were true, and she found herself running back the way she had just came, whether she wanted to or not she was going back to the barn, thoughts of finding her grandfather now erased from her mind. The male dog following right behind her.

With the use of four paws it took half the time to return to the farm, which her mind now insisted on referring to as home. She knew home was back with her family, her mom and sister, brother and father all together, yet this was home now for this was where her masters lived.
Eddie's father ran up beside him while Eddie was stuck in that place, his feet refusing to separate themselves from the ground. The two Franster's came out of the barn and walked right up before the father and son, their own cock's semi hard and free of any restriction.

"You boy should know better than to trespass on someone else's property and spy on them. And you father, you should have stopped the two brats"

"What did you do to my feet. Why cant I move them" Eddie shouted out, half listening to what the two were saying. Eddies own father, Cody, was having the same problems with his feet now.

"Don't have a cow" Mr. Franster Senior said. Eddie went to argue further but an authentic 'moo' came out of his lungs instead of his voice. He slapped his hand across his mouth in terror.

"Father here dosen't like trespassers" Johnny Franster stated.

"Just stop whatever this is and let us go" Cody said.

"We didn't ask you to come watch us fuck, did we?"

"You two are seriously fucked up" Eddie said finding his voice back. "Now fix our feet and let us go you fucking Faggots"

"You boy, are going to make such a wonderful cow" Mr. Franster said. He snapped his fingers and Eddies clothes vanished off of him in an instant. "All three of you need to be punished"

"Let me the fuck go" Eddie tried to scream, but all that actually came out was Moo, Moo, Moo. The more he tried to speak, the more moos that came out of his mouth, and all the Fransers did was stand there and watch amused. He suddenly realized that his clothes were no longer there and went to cover himself up with his hands.

"Watch closely now" Mr. Franster said to Cody who had found himself unable to open his mouth at all now. "Your son's about ready to begin his brand new life"

Eddie fell forwards as his feet were suddenly unfrozen and he lost his balance. His legs instantly began to become skinnier and longer as white fur began growing up them and his feet turned pitch black and hardened. He didn't notice his arms doing the same thing, but what did draw his attention was the sudden overwhelming pain of his balls and cock shrinking inwards until they were no longer there. He couldn't see the slit form, but he could feel it as it opened up a new hole which didn't belong there. He mooed in protest.

His ass cheeks spread as his stomach barreled and a tail came out of his rear. He felt the weight as his udder form below her. It didn't fill with milk, she was a virgin cow after all, but not for long.

Eddie was scared, unable to believe what was happening, what had just happened. She was a cow, how could that be. She was no longer a he, she was a female.
She turned her head to look to her father for help. What could her father do, nothing really, but still. The problem was her father was in the middle of going through what she just went through, except her father was morphing into something different. It felt like her own transformation had taken years and yet her father's transformation occurred in just a few minutes. Cody went from a man to a bull. A large bull, whose cock was quickly filling out from its sheath.

Eddie's eyes stared at the her father's new genitalia as it became complete its complete size outside it's sheath. She couldn't take her eyes away from it for anything, she was filled with a need to have that within her, to have that cock bread her and spill its seed within. 

She shook her head in disgust with herself for what she was just thinking.

"Go ahead and fuck your son"

It took her father only seconds to move behind Eddie, and while she knew she should run, find a way out of all this, her master's had just said they wanted her to be fucked. And she had to obey her masters, please them in any way possible. But why was she thinking of the two fags as her masters? And why was his new sex organ so wet with need?

Suddenly Eddie felt the weight of her father-bull on her furry back. The long cock suddenly struck inside her virgin hole, parting its pussy lips and filling her inner loins with the cock. Pleasure filled her immediately, she needed this. The thrust began and she found herself lost in ecstasy, in a weird pleasure. She was being fucked by her own father and she couldn't make herself care, all she could care about now was being filled with that cock.

The pleasure reached its breaking point and Eddie was sent into her first orgasm as a female beast. Not long following that Eddie's father filled her loins with hot bull seed which unknowing to Eddie would impregnate her with her first calf.

Eddies father pulled out for a rest, and in five minutes they would be going at it again.
Tyler reached the farm to find Mr. Franster and Johnny just where they had been when she had left. She was stunned though to see a bull and cow fucking like crazy. She instantly recognized the cow to be her brother. How she knew that Eddie was stuck inside that cow body, she didnt know, she could just sense it. And the bull, the bull was her father, their father was fucking her brother. 

Anger coursed through her canine body, how could the Franster's do this to them. She wanted to pounce forwards and knock Mr. Franster to the ground and use her new sharp teeth to tare him to shreds. But he was her master, and she couldn't hurt her master.

The male dog who had fucked her and followed her here came forwards and stood beside her. She looked over to him and realized who the dog was. Just like how she had been able to recognize her brother and father, she now recognized her grandfather in the body of the dog who had fucked her. Her own grandfather had bred her.

"I think its time we take you two to the pen" Johnny said kneeling down and scratching Tyler behind the ears. She obediently followed as he led her to a large fenced in part of the property.
There were three other dogs in the pen, besides herself and her grandfather, and all three of them were male and once human as Tyler was. Two of the males were humping, a chiwacha and a poodle, since that's what Master had ordered them to do. The third dog was a pit bull and he came over and sniffed Tyler.

It took Tyler a minute to recognize the dog, or really the person who the dog had once been. Memories began flooding back, the fact that she had another brother named Phil had been erased from her and everyone else's minds, but yet now she could remember. Phil had been Eddie's fraternal twin brother who had vanished three years back on one of these trips up here to the cabin.

They sniffed one another til Tyler laid down in the dirt, and went to sleep, so incredibly tired. Phil curled up next to her and joined her in slumber, as did their grandfather.
Tyler awoke the next morning already on all fours with a doggy cock shoved deep in her pussy, the knot about ready to join it. The cock belonged to Phil, but she didn't care, she needed it badly, she needed it so much, the internal heat was so intense, almost unbearable. She was in her first heat, her first of many major heats.

The heat lasted a full week, which meant a full week of being fucked without pretty much any stop. She ate while being fucked, even slept while being fucked. They all took turns, her brother, the two strangers, and her grandfather, although it was mostly her grandfather and brother who did the humping of her.

Tyler was overjoyed when the major heat came to an end. She was still in heat though, and would always remain in heat, but it was no where near as intense as the major one, now she just needed to be fucked two or three times a day. Phil seemed to go through a similar heat as well, he seemed to be fucked up the ass at least three times a day by one of the other dogs.

It didn't take long for Tyler to realize she was pregnant with her first litter. Just sixty-three days after her first day as a dog and she was giving birth to five healthy male puppies. The next day the she was back to the fucking and pregnant the day after that.

Once Tyler's first litter was able to reproduce after being only eight months old, Tyler found herself being their bitch too, being impregnated with their sperm as well as the others. Litter after litter she produced, all being males and all growing up fucking her till Mr. Franster came and sent them to a good home. This would be her life forever.
Eddie had pretty much the same ordeal. Pregnant with a baby bull of her father's making, she gave birth to it, only for it to grow old enough to begin mating her along with her father. The cycle would continue on and on, being fucked, giving birth to more bulls to fuck her, this was her life now.

This was all their lives, for now and forever more.


I enjoyed it.
Really nice setup, but in the end a much too short outline of the story.