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Published: Jun 21st, 2016
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Eris, bitten by an unknown creature, fears that she will be a monster as days pass. Female to wolf


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Look... I've liked dogs. I grew up with them, but once our family dog died when I was ten, we thought it'd be better if we didn't have any more pets for a while. It's been five years since then, and I have wanted a pet pretty quickly afterwards, but a part of me didn't, feeling like I'd be replacing poor snuffs... Oh, sorry... I'm Eris! I'm pretty lanky with hazel eyes, short sandy blonde hair, and a mix of different ethnicities though filled with a light complexion. I live with my parents and though we spend some time together, I'm usually by myself... This is mainly why I wanted a dog. I love dogs a lot because they remind me of their ancestors, my favorite animals; wolves! Even though they were my favorite animals, still are, I always had a fear of them. Fortunately I got over my fear, but how I did, scares me... Even now. It's hard to talk about it, but I'll try...

It all started when my family and I were watching a bunch of movies together a few months ago. It was almost Halloween and to get into the spirit, we decided to have a movie marathon of the classic monsters... Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts, you name it! No matter how old the movies were though, I was still scared to see the monster closing in on the victims. I loved werewolves the most out of the monsters, obviously because of wolves, but they were rightfully more terrifying! We were in the middle of watching Dracula, The wolf man was next, when my dad asked me to take out the trash. "OK, dad... Thanks for bailing me." I laughed and he smiled as I left. After I gathered the trash from the house out to the front, I retrieved the garbage container and was about to load it up, when I heard a noise from behind me near the fence. Feeling a little jumpy from just watching a few movies already, I quickly turned. It was pretty dark, and my eyes hadn't fully adjusted, so I couldn't see or sense otherwise that anyone or anything was there. Assuming it was an animal or the wind, I continued to fill the container and pulled it over towards the front of the house. When I was about to close the side gate of the fence, a shadow rushed towards me. Frozen in fear, I covered my face and hoped that it was would quickly leave and not hurt me, but soon enough, a pain became apparent on my wrist.

"Aaaugh!" I put pressure on the pain, knowing I was bleeding. I tried to keep my voice down in case whatever hurt me was still around, but luckily, from what I could tell, it left for good. Not wanting my parents to worry, I quietly went to the nearest bathroom to check whatever was hurting me. When I got there, I locked the door and turned on the light. I tried to prepare myself in case it was worse than what it felt. When I looked, I was amazed to see that the bleeding had stopped, and the mark became a weird scar looking thing. Like someone or something tried to bite me... "I- what?" A knock sounded, making me jump. "Honey? A-are you ok? I saw you rush into the bathroom... Usually you would say something when you get back before doing anything else." I tried to think of something with a calm voice so they wouldn't know what had happened. I mean, it was over... I hoped, so they didn't need to worry about anything. "Yes... I'm- uh. I'm fine mom, just scratched myself on something, so I'm just getting a bandaid." That seemed to do the trick as they felt more relaxed in their response and went to see the last parts of Dracula. After I washed my wrist, in case of infection, I decided to watch the last of the movies with them before going to bed. Wolf Man had just started, and trying to enjoy the moment, I nabbed some popcorn and sat near the screen.

 As I watched the part where the character was bitten, I widened my eyes thinking about when I was bitten. There wasn't much of struggle as the movie showed, it just happened and left. It still got me thinking of if this was the same. 'No... This stuff was just fairy tales... There's no way!' I thought, but when the man began to transform himself... I just couldn't get the thought out of my head... After we saw the rest of the movies it was time for bed. I looked out my window just before I went to bed and looked at the moon. It looked like it could be full, but the more I looked, I noticed it was not entirely. "Nothing to worry about... Maybe it won't be like the movies and I wont want to- Ugh! No! This is stupid..." Unfortunately, sleep didn't help. I had this nightmare of myself becoming a shadowed figure and chasing my family, ultimately killing them. After, I moved on to the rest of the world... I woke up not wanting to believe that this could be real, but apart of me felt that I'd find out next full moon. "Breakfast!" The moment mom said that, I felt the pains of my hunger. I've never been hungry like this before, but thinking back, I didn't have too much of dinner last night, so I didn't think about it too much. When breakfast was served however, I looked around and begun craving sausages, other breakfast meat, even some eggs. Luckily there was a lot of that. "Whoa this looks great! Thanks mom and dad!" Noticing my choices in food, my dad felt concerned. "Eris? Are you sure you don't want any pancakes? Any bagels?"

 I shook my head, not finding myself wanting to eat all of that, but then, I stopped, realizing my new appetite. "Eris?" Breaking from my haze, I looked down at my plate and saw that nothing was there! I already took too many things, and yet it was gone! I ran to the bathroom deciding to wash my face, but before I grabbed a towel, I started to shake myself. After I did that, I stopped just like I had at breakfast. "Wha-?" What was going on? I just had to know! Since I was in the bathroom, I looked to see if there was any physical changes... I mean, I know that big changes if any, wouldn't happen till a full moon if this was real, but my behavior was already pretty different... As I looked I noticed my teeth were just a bit sharper, but the bigger difference was that I had a more hair on my body. "This has to be a dream!" Was I really-? Am I-? Was there really such a thing as a werewolf? I wanted to cry. If this was real, my loved ones would be doomed. I started breathing fast, and heavily. I needed confirmation of some kind! After I left the bathroom, since I still had school, I reluctantly got ready and hesitated for a moment before leaving. When I sunk to my seat on the bus, I noticed dogs behind a fence near the bus starting to bark towards my direction. Many people looked at them, a little fearfully, since their expressions seemed to look like they could sense an evil presence nearby. It made me sink even lower in my chair. Was this the confirmation? Did they know?

As if the bus ride wasn't bad, when I got to school, there were all sorts of changes in me. First, my P.E. class, to which I could run faster and longer and my other athletic abilities were way better than I normally was. It wasn't too bad then, but I started to freak. Just another step closer to being what I feared... Then it was lunch after my third class. Meatier cravings kicked in. I mean I'm pretty balanced, but I'm more of a salad person, yet now, all I could ever imagine having was meat. Thankfully I could still stomach greens, but they weren't as appetizing as before. My best friend since elementary school noticed immediately, but waited till lunch to say anything. "Eris, are you ok?" I shook my head. "Opal? Can I tell you something? Privately?" She gave a smile as she looked at my face. It seemed as if I was about to confess something horrible, which I felt it was, but Opal’s smile didn’t last long. "Eris, are you okay? You're my best friend! You know you can tell me anything!" I told her that we needed to be alone before I could really tell her what was on my mind to which she didn't question.

Once we were finished with lunch and in the more isolated girl's bathroom, I took her into the handicap stall. "Ok... I'm going to say it." I looked out of the stall before continuing. "But before I say anything, can you please promise that you won't laugh at me or judge me?! And please! Don't tell anyone!" I must have looked desperate, because she gave a worried glance. "Eris?" I began to tell her what had happened and my growing fear of what I was. Her light blue eyes seemed to look back and forth from me and to the side. Her short curly black hair shifted a bit as her fingers fiddled with a curl. "Werewolf? Eris, please... You don't honestly bel-" I dropped my head whimpering. I lowered down wrapping my knees close to my body. "Er? I'm- I'm sorry! It's just- This is really crazy!" I looked up. "How do you think I feel?! I mean, I don't want to believe in this stuff, but these changes! They're too much to be coincidental! Dogs started to bark in my direction. My appetite's changed! I'm more athletic! I can't think of any other options and the worst thing is... I can never be normal or have a regular life with anyone! I have to leave! Become isolated from everyone once a month! As if periods weren't bad enough!" Opal looked as if she already lost me. "Eris? Please don’t give up on yourself because of these changes... I don't want you to have to go through something alone. Whatever it is, even if it's as dangerous as this, I want to help!" I shook my head.

"I don't even know what will happen to me! What's real or not... How can anyone help if I kill them? I- I have to go!" I couldn't tell Opal that I wanted her gone, but she couldn't be around me anymore. Even if werewolves were real, we didn't really know anything about them. Who knew if they actually killed or what they really looked like? All we had to go on were books and movies, but were werewolves even real? Even though these changes happened to me, I still wasn't sure. I didn't care if I still had classes, after lunch, I grabbed my stuff and left. When I got home, I locked myself in my room and cried. This was all too much, and I knew that if mom and dad asked, I couldn't tell them... They would just brush it off and I couldn't deal with that. Still crying, I looked out my window and saw that the sun was already starting to set. "What?" I looked at the clock, and jumped as it read 6. "What the-! Did- did I sleep or something?" The front door soon sounded and I jumped again. I usually couldn't hear it unless I was at least in the next room from the house's 'lobby.' Then I realized what this meant. "Oh my God... My senses must have been heightened!" my tears stopped as I listened in, noticing that my parents were headed towards my room. I knew that I couldn't let them become suspicious of me and that they probably got a call from the school, so I hid in my bed. As I tried to play the part of sick, I began sniffing the air to see if my ears weren't the only thing heightened.

I could totally smell mom's perfume, even if she didn't use too much, and dad had the scent of a burger on him, almost making me hungry, but I was more afraid of what to do to think about food. The door soon shook, forgetting that I locked it when I went home, I sighed knowing I had to unlock it. Bringing my covers with me, I unlocked the door and awaited my parents to open it. "Eris, you know that we were called by the school. You know, you haven't exactly been yourself since last night... Is there anything you want to tell us?" Again I knew they would just act like I was ridiculous, but these changes were all real! What could be another explanation?! "I- uh... I guess I'm just coming down with a little cold... Really! It's nothing..." They sighed, not knowing what else to do and left me in my room. I, again, locked the door, and slowly made my way to the window. The night was just about to start, and the moon wouldn't rise for a few hours... The moon! I thought. I looked over my calendar to find when the next full moon would be. After finding it, I widened my eyes. It was gonna be the day after Halloween! My mind began racing with billions of questions. What would really happen to me? Was there still such a thing as werewolves? Does it really only happen on full moons only? I started hyperventilating and soon, I felt a pain in my wrist as well as my head.

It started throbbing and all I could think to do was wrap my hands around the pain and hope it would go away. Then I felt the rest of my body pulsate! I removed my hands and started to look at them. My eyes widened in shock as hair grew out, becoming courser like fur. My nails grew sharp and became dark like claws. Fearing about things that seemed trivial, I quickly took off my clothes, while I still could, and was naked within seconds. When I looked over myself, my jaw dropped as I noticed my breasts shrink to nipples and a few more began to bud down my stomach. My feet began matching my hands and soon enough the pain became apparent. "Ah-!" I knew I couldn't let my parents hear me, but the pain was so intense! Fortunately, I was somehow able to keep quiet, but my focus soon drew me to my torso. My spine hurt like hell and balance was becoming more and more difficult, making me become more afraid. This didn't help, as the changes started to happen faster and within seconds, I was on all fours, feeling so uncomfortable with how comfortable it was to be in this position. It didn't help that the insides hurt just as much as my spine did, knowing that my intestines and other organs were changing as well. Then the small of my back became really painful. I begun making small whimpering noises and my fear only peeked.

Soon enough, a large tail formed with fur quickly engulfing it. My new appendage lowered as I knew there was still more to come, and my focus was now back to my head. My ears felt as if they were being pinched and yanked, to which I could tell they were moving higher on my head. I didn't bother looking any more as the rest of the changes finished up. But even though I didn't want to look at myself, I knew I had to! To see what I really was. With my new form, I walked over towards my full-length mirror and opened my eyes. In it, a regular looking wolf stared right back at me. My ears and tail perked as my mood lifted a bit. At least I didn't look like the movies did. In fact, when I thought about it, I didn't even feel that hungry, and even if I was, I still wanted just meat. Humans thankfully seemed unappetizing, but I did feel a need for eating a certain way... 'Is this what it's like?!' I tried to say, but all that I could manage were some yips and minor barks making my ears and tail lower back down. Though it wasn't that bad, and it was just a regular animal, I still wasn't human anymore. How long would I be like this?! As if on instinct, I looked up at the sky. The moon was no where yet, and if the next full moon was after Halloween, then why was I a wolf now? I started to panic again. I knew that sooner or later, my parents would find a wild animal in their daughter's room. I had to leave!  Unfortunately I didn't live near a forest, and if people saw me now, I would probably get shot or moved far away, so my only other option was to hide under my bed or in the closet till a sign told me everything would be fine...

Since I looked to have everything a regular wolf had, including size, I curled up under my bed. If it weren't for the fact that I might not return to being a human, I would've probably thought this was amazing. I mean, I was my favorite animal and though my fear of this change was still front and center in my mind, I started to wonder what I could do. It was like a new set of emotions washed over my body, and no matter what I did, my body couldn't help but give in to what these emotions or 'instincts' wanted and, partially, I was actually siding with them! With these new instincts, I eventually left my spot and stood up on all fours. Becoming a little more tolerant about everything, I fully realized just how normal my body felt and even when I was curled up I didn't feel an ounce of discomfort. Not wasting time, I walked over towards the full-length mirror again, and looked over everything. My first focus was on my partially moving tail. As if I had suddenly become spastic, I couldn’t look away even if I tried really hard. It had a mind of it's own as it would occasionally wag then stop. I noticed depending on my emotions, other than actually trying to move it, my tail would do one or the other... Finally being able to look away, the next thing I focused on was my- um, my muzzle... It seemed to be a normal length for a wolf. My first thought was to see the inside, so I bared my fangs and then lolled my tongue. I almost giggled thinking how ridiculous I probably looked, but then my mind remembered how I felt about all of this; my real mind. My tail and ears lowered and my body sat as it could with these limbs and paws.

Soon enough, my ears suddenly perked up as they caught the sound of my parents. At first I didn't really pay attention to what they were saying since I was just surprised that I could hear their voices so clearly, but eventually, I listened. "For real Larry, I'm worried about Eris!" Dad groaned. "You don't think I am too? Look Mariam, if she says she's fine, then she's fine! You know how you worry too much!" my ears lowered again. I hated when they argued, but even if they didn't really know what was going on, I shared both of their emotions. I mean this was my life now! IT was such a change, but I knew even though there was no way to get back to my old and normal life, I would find a way to get used to these changes. As if I was starting to really relax, my body started to pulse like before. My eyes lowered and widened, as much as they could with the way they were, surprised that my body started to return to being human! I started to tear up, with happiness and in a little while, I was back to my normal self! Naked, mind you, but human. I had no idea how this would last, so I tried to enjoy the rest of the day. First, I put my discarded clothes back on and then walked towards the full-length mirror. I sighed with relief, as everything looked normal. At least, what's been normal since the incident. "Maybe I should call Eris for dinner..." It wasn't as clear as when I was a wolf, but I heard mom talking just as good. As I headed downstairs towards the kitchen, the scent of dinner became immediately stronger, like it was almost all I could smell as I walked. I mean, I could already smell it in my room, but I just couldn't get over how cool it kinda was. "Eris?!"

"Ugh!" Mom finally called me and with my newly sensitive ears, her call sounded as if she was yelling with a megaphone in my ear. Clenching them, I almost fell down the stairs. "Eris? Oh my gosh! Are you alright sweetie?!" I tried to play it off; like it was part of my 'cold.' "I'm fine! I'm fine... I just- um... I just had a small headache." Looking more concerned about me, mom helped me up and soon dinner was served. Luckily it was chicken, although there was broccoli and rice as sides. Because I didn't want my parents to suspect anything, I begrudgingly ate the sides first, since I always used to eat meat last. Like the other types of food that weren’t meat, the sides weren't that bad, but they weren't as appetizing as before. Once the meat was the only thing to eat, I quickly devoured it, asking for seconds. Thinking that I was better, after seeing my eating habits remain somewhat normal, they allowed it. After the second helping, I was still hungry, but I knew my parents would really start to think that something was up, so I said I would work on schoolwork. When I saw them talking to one another and not really paying attention, I snuck a bit more chicken onto a plate and rushed towards my room.

After I locked the door, I placed the plate on the floor. My stomach groaned, wanting it so badly, but a part of me wanted to enjoy it differently. As if I was back to being a wolf, I got on all fours and walked around the plate. It wasn't like it was alive and move anywhere, but in my mind, it looked as if it was cornered. My heart raced as the feeling brought new emotions inside of me. It was my prey and I was the hunter! I wanted it and was about to attack, but my humanity interrupted my new instincts. I stopped and sat up, my hands grabbing anything behind me for support. "What am I doing?! This bite!" I looked at my hand, the mark, though happened a day or so ago, was now gone, but I could feel it on me. I felt a slight pulse, but I didn't worry about it all that much... Focusing on it though, I mentally questioned it. 'What do you want? Why me? Will I lose myself because of you?' The mark pulsed again, a little stronger this time, but trying to remain calm, it soon decreased its intensity. I sighed in relief, but I was still worried. Not like I had been when I transformed, but still. I decided to leave the plate under my bed and actually do my work, not feeling that hungry anymore. Unfortunately, because of all the events today, I couldn't focus... I wanted to tell somebody! I had to vent! "Opal!" I suddenly remember talking to my friend when my phone rang, it's ringtone signaling that it was actually her. I picked it up and was about to say hi, though with how I had been feeling, I calmed myself first.


"Eris? Are you ok? I've been thinking about you all day ever since-" She paused as if she was trying to be alone to continue talking. "Well, you know..." Trying to find an area myself so my parents wouldn't hear me, I answered her. "Yeah, and it's only getting worse! Besides those minor things I've told you about, I actually transformed!" There was a small moment of silence. "A-are you serious?!"

"Yeah! I was going out of my mind! I started freaking out so bad and then I felt my whole body start to-... Well... Pulse! Then my body began stretching and having all kinds of changes! After a few minutes I was actually a wolf!" another pause soon followed. "Wait, what? I thought werewolves only transformed during the presence of the full moon! That they were a mix of canine and human! Didn't you say you were one?" I told her how even though this happened, I didn't know how it all worked. "Opal, this is all new to me! I don't have anything on this, how am i suppose to know?" sighing, she replied. "I guess you're right... I wish I knew how it works too! You're my best friend Eris! You might be dangerous when you're a wolf now, but-"

"That's another thing! Given some instincts I was still myself!" Opal as if could only react one way, paused again. "What? For real?" I told her yes and then proceeded to tell her about what I felt and how time as a wolf was. And when I finished, I realized how cool it actually was. I have powers now! Be it that I also have things that I needed to learn to control, but yeah! "Eris... I- I still feel like something is wrong... If all of what you told me is true, I can't help but think that something bad could still happen..."

I looked down. She was right, and I knew I couldn't just pretend there wasn't anything serious with this accident. "You're right Opal... I promise I will try to find what I can on this..." Hesitating, Opal replied, "Yeah... M-me too. Eris, if anything like our movies on werewolves is true, I won't let you lose yourself!” I wanted to cry. I was so happy I had a friend like her. "Thanks Opal..." Quickly after the phone call, I decided I would finished what schoolwork I had, and then spend the rest of my free time looking up this curse or gift... Once I put my phone away and did my homework, I went on my laptop and searched what I could. 'Werewolf,' 'real wolf transformations,' and even 'werewolves are real,' but most of the sites that turned up were just ones of people pretending werewolves were real or other kinds of people with unusual fantasies... I had almost given up, until I found a link with highlighted words reading, 'mark from unidentified beast.' I immediately clicked, not caring if it was a trap or some other different creature entirely. It sounded truly promising, so what was I waiting for? Soon, I was brought to a website that had a black background and red text, obviously looking like an inexperienced designer made this, like they didn't want the viewer to stay on the site for very long. As I looked through the site however, it was exactly what I was looking for!

Seeing if I could enter this site through regular means, I opened up a new tab and looked up the site's title in different search engines. Unfortunately, it was harder than expected, and it was after going through a few different websites that I found a link to the site. I decided to bookmark it before anything else in case I lost it somehow, and then I really began looking closely at what the site had to offer. On a menu, the site was divided by pictures of either marks or footprints that were obviously canine, as well as ones that were not. It worried me on the differences between the two. Did that mean I had another form? Another section had a thread of people under anonymous talking about people they either knew or strangers they suspected and wrote about how strange they were one day. 'He was a really good friend, but something must have happened, because one day, he just totally did a 360 and stopped talking to me and many other people... It was like he didn't want to make friends or keep the ones he had. Once he was finished school, I heard he ended up moving. He began being very anti-social and isolated! Like whenever I tried to message or call him, he'd never respond... It was after fooling around that I happened to find this site (must have been drunk) and then I looked and saw many people talking about similar happenings... Maybe my once good friend is one too? It would explain a lot...' As I read more and more threads, I noticed that the people didn't like using the word werewolf either. Like they never wrote it at all! Soon I came across a symptom page.

It listed things that would tell whether or not you were a 'new species' as the site put it. Becoming more and more nervous, I looked through it checking off pretty much all of them... Heightened senses, change in diets, abnormal behavior in different animals, and an increase in emotional outbursts. That last one however, got me to think back when I changed. I was fine, until freaking out. I became really frightened to which it was totally worthy of a panic attack, but nothing except the change happened. Then I remembered when the spot of the mark began to pulse, and I calmed down. That type of transformation must happen if I experience too much of panics... Or do other emotions have a similar effect? I then decided to look to see if there were any sources the creator got their info on. Luckily, the creator was very helpful; labeling sites and books that seemed to be a mix of less "Hollywood" movie based links and ones that were. Since I didn't have books with me now, and libraries were closed, I figured I'd go tomorrow and just look at the sites now. After a few hours of looking at sites, I decided to turn in. I never knew much about the folklore around werewolves before. There were believed to be so many ways to become one, but there was no true way to really test out becoming one for me... There were ways to kill them, but there weren't any readings on how to reverse the curse... Not really knowing what else to do, I went to bed. Another round of nightmares ensued, actually waking me up in the middle of the night. My heartbeat quickened its pulse, but it wasn't the only one. I looked at my wrist. I felt the pulse spread to my hand, but as I tried to calm down, another thought occurred to me.

How long would it take to transform back to my human self? Since I knew I would be in control, I wanted to test it out. Surprisingly, I didn't feel afraid, but that didn't help my transformation. I tried to feel like I was panicking to make my body change, but my wrist slowly stopped and began to not pulse at all... Then I tried to concentrate. Could I try to transform another way? I focused on my wrist, not knowing what to do, but suddenly, I felt a small beat. Trying again, I thought of my first transformation, but this time I wasn't trying to trick my body into panicking. I knew that it wouldn't believe something that I knew wasn't real. Instead, I tried to capture its emotion, influence its effects on my wrist. Soon enough, the small pulse started to grow. I knew it was working, so I kept concentrating. Eventually my whole body pulsed and I felt the pains of my stretched body overcome me. As this occurred, I discarded my clothes and placed them on the end of the bed. Unfortunately, the transformation took a little longer and the pain felt worse, for some reason. I yelped a bit, but soon was able to keep quiet. When I finished though, I sensed noises shuffling downstairs, coming closer. Thinking quickly, I hid under the covers, pretending to be asleep. "I told you it was the neighbor's dog... Come on, let's go. We'll wake Eris!" As soon as I was sure they were gone I noticed how panicked I was and knew this was the perfect opportunity to see how long I'd last.

Quietly, I landed on my paws and walked across the room. I looked at the clock, reading 9:51 and then patiently waited till I felt any changes or pulsation. After a while, I had felt myself about to return and saw the clock reading 10:11; fifteen minutes. As the changes began occurring, I soon realized I kind of liked being this way. I mean, I knew I'd change back and I was mostly in control in this form, so it wasn't too terrible. Concentrating, I felt the pulse go away and I decided to jump up on my bed, wanting to stay in this form until I fell asleep for the night. Slowly, I woke up the next day and stretched. When I felt more awake, I realized something wasn’t right... I was still a wolf! I started panicking and ran in circles around the room, fearing that I jinxed myself by wanting to stay a wolf for the night. Remembering what I learned last night though, I tried to calm down. It had only been about five minutes when I noticed my parents, who were in the kitchen, stopped making noises I could sense and then called me for breakfast. "Eris? You up? It's almost time for the bus to get here!" I was about to panic again, but taking a deep breath, I remained calm and luckily after another minute, I felt myself changing back. When I was fully back to myself, I hugged my body, missing my form, and got ready for school. Once downstairs, I looked to see that there were pancakes and eggs. Needless to say I was disappointed, but to prevent any suspicion, I acted happy and ate.

As I left, I overheard a bit of my parent's conversation. "You caught that right?" Dad laughed. "What? That she was upset at the food, or that she ate it and left like a normal kid?" Mom paused, obviously making an angry expression. "I'm serious, Larry! Why are you acting like I'm being ridiculous? Something is off with our daughter; I can feel it!" A pause sounded and my dad sighed. "You're not going to stop until-" Soon enough I began hearing barking everywhere. We did have a lot of dogs in this neighborhood, but it was so overwhelming. I dropped to the ground and covered my ears. Luckily, Opal came and rushed to my side, seeing me in distress. "Er-! Um, Eris? Are you ok?" noticing me flinch when she yelled, Opal knew to keep it down. "I can hear almost everything, Opal... The dogs won't stop barking..." looking into her purse, Opal handed me something. Without much thought I put them in my ears and realized they were earplugs. It didn't totally make the noise go away, but it made hearing bearable. "Thanks, Opal... You're a lifesaver." we both smiled and headed for the bus. When we got on, I told her about what happened yesterday as detailed as I could. "Wow! That's actually kinda cool, but have you told anyone else?" I shook my head. "Just you... I really don't know who to tell... I mean, my mom already is getting suspicious, but I don't think I have the heart or guts to tell them their daughter's a monster now..."

I looked around to see if anyone overheard and with my new highly sensitive hearing, I took out an earplug and listened. Luckily, I couldn't pick up any talk on what we were saying. Putting it back in, Opal and I thought of ways to communicate with one another in case I couldn't help transforming. We decided on asking yes and no questions, and that if she was around, to pretend I was her pet. "Now if only we had a way to let me know if you transformed..." Even with both of us, we couldn't think of anything. "Do you think Manny has anything?" Manny was our friend that was really smart. He could basically invent or design anything unique, yet simple. "Awesome idea, E!" When we got to school, we ran straight to the engineering section. Manny was real close to the school and when his older brother went here, he brought Manny to watch over him. From that time at nine years old, he began picking up some tricks and even understood the curriculum material. Building some replications of previous inventions at thirteen, he later began designing his own material. When Opal and I got there however, I had picked up a feeling; like an instinct. "Um... Opal?" she noticed my discomfort and looked around. "Is there something silver in here? Is that a real thing?" I shook my head. "I-I... I don't know..." I was afraid to even try to test it. The werewolves in many movies could be killed if anything silver hit them. Was this really true? I didn't move any farther, not wanting to find out the hard way. Opal didn't push me and went to Manny herself. When they came back, Opal nudged me. Confused, I looked at her, tilting my head. Then she whispered in my ear.

"Do you think that we could tell Manny?" I jumped, eyes widening. I shook my head. "Sorry Manny, could you excuse us for a bit?" Opal asked nervously. He smiled at our antics and nodded. Opal then pushed me to the hall that many people didn't normally use. "Look Eris, I was thinking on the bus, this is something that we'll need a team for... There will be something that probably you and I wouldn't know what to deal with. If Manny knew, I bet he could really help us out! Besides... If we ask him for more things, he'll just become suspicious as well..." I knew she was right and started to blush. I can't believe I have to tell Manny... He wasn't a close friend, but he was still a good one! One that I hoped I wouldn't lose. "Okay Manny... Um, I have to tell you something... I was wondering if you had or could make something that's like a walky talky but more like a soundless beeper..." His eyebrows rose. Opal cleared her throat and gave me an, 'I told you so' kind of look. "First Opal, now you... What are you two hiding? You're giving me vague requests here. What do you need it for?" I lowered my head. "Alright... But first... Manny? Can you keep a secret?" He blushed a bit, but soon nodded. "Oh... Is this really important?!" I nodded, then gave a weak smile. Looking around I leaned in and whispered, "I'm a werewolf..." When I let it sink in, a smile formed on his lips. "What? Stop play-"

 "I'm being totally serious Man!" My temper flared bit, enough to make my hands pulse. I gasped and tried to calm my self down. Soon enough, it stopped. Manny looked at me, shocked. I wasn't known to lose my temper like that, but I was also known not to really joke that much. "Wow Eris, you've changed a lot since I last saw you... Well... I guess I can make what you want. It'll take a day or two, but if you're being serious, I wanna see!" I backed away in a jerking motion. "Manny... I-I... I don't want to hurt anybody... I found. That if I get too emotional I have the chance of transforming into a regular wolf! I'm in control, but I really don't know if movies are right about the full moon... I can't risk it..." He nodded at my concern. "Sorry..." I didn't want to disappoint him though, so I thought of something. "Hey. Why don't you guys come over on Saturday? We'll pretend to play games in my room, and I'll show you my tame form?" both Opal and Manny smiled and nodded. I could sense their excitement. "Alright then... But Manny, remember what I said, okay? Please don’t tell anyone this!" He nodded and started to draw. The rest of the day and Friday had no incidents, and I learned to control myself better. Soon, Saturday had arrived and it was about 1:00. "Hey, Mom? Dad? Some friends are going to come over for some games. I don't want to sound like an angsty teen, but could you only come if you're going to bring us snacks?" They laughed a bit, but agreed. Soon enough, Manny and Opal arrived and we raced towards my room, which surprisingly felt thrilling! Before anything, Manny showed Opal and I a box.

"Here's what you wanted! This necklace is for you Eris, and these two devices are ours!” He handed the devices to us, feeling proud. They were like small plastic boxes with a button, two on the other devices, and a little dot for a light it seemed. “If you're in a jam and transform, and you need our help, just press the necklace's button three times. Once it's been pressed that amount, our devices will glow red and vibrate. Opal? Our devices have two buttons. After Eris notifies us, we either press this button, meaning we're busy, or this one meaning we're free. If busy our devices will vibrate and glow red again, and if we're free, it'll vibrate and glow green." All of us smiled. It was like we were a club! "So, Eris? Now you gotta show us! Have you seen her transform yet, Opal?" shaking her head she replied, "No. This is the first time I'll get to see as well!" I blushed knowing that since it worked, the moment it would happen, I had to undress... "Uh... Ok... But, Manny? I kind of need you to leave... I have to undress so I don't tear anything..." A little disappointed for more honorable reasons, he left, waiting outside. Feeling fortunate for being the same gender as me, Opal watched me undress and mainly focused on my wrist, along with me. Soon enough, the pulsing began, and with careful focus, it stared to spread. "Ok, It's starting." I said quietly. Opal stared in amazement and minor discomfort as my body twisted, stretched, shrank, and became engulfed with fur. Soon enough, I was a wolf. The necklace that I wore was safely holding on around my neck. Laying the plastic part on the floor, I pressed the button with my paw three times and Opal and I smiled as our devices buzzed and glowed red as Manny explained they would.

Soon, my necklace, and Opal's device vibrated a green light. The door slowly opened, allowing Manny to come into view, lighting up as he saw me. "S-so Eris? Are you still-?" I nodded and gave a quiet bark. "Ah, ah! Remember what we talked about Eris? One means no and two mean yes" My muzzle let out a whine louder than I expected, and my tail that had been wagging earlier had stopped. Soon, I could sense noises coming closer so I hid under the bed. "Eris? Wha-" "Eris? Are you alright in there?" Manny and Opal looked at one another than decided to cover for me. "Uh, we're fine Mrs. Watterson! We're watching something on the computer!" Soon, I heard mom leave and I got out from under the bed. "Wow! You are like a regular animal!" I scowled at them, but then began panting, happy that they were cool about everything. They laughed at my response. Soon I felt myself changing back and tried nudging Manny out. Luckily, he got the message and left. Once I was back to normal Opal and I called Manny back and for the rest of the day, it was basically questions and stories of the incident. I told them everything; the whole story, even what I was feeling through this whole thing. "Eris? You're so strong... I can't believe something like this happened... Is it really hard to try to be like how you were before? Keeping this all a secret?" I nodded. "You have no idea..."

Opal and Manny then looked at one another. Like they were disappointed "Guys? What’s wrong?" Frowning, they then looked at me. Opal spoke first. "Well, now that we know things like this happen, I kind of want to be one with you..." I widened my eyes, I saw Manny nod in agreement. "What?! Are you guys crazy?! T-this is dangerous! We don't even know if movies are right about this thing! If I do become a monster during the full moon, I could kill anyone! Even you! Besides, there are also all of these instincts and impulses that are hard to control! Things like eating meat and wanting it raw, wanting to run everywhere! Even tame dog stuff like going to the bathroom outside or playing catch with your mouth!" I glanced at a tennis ball that I had bought yesterday, testing my reflexes, but then spit it out, ashamed at my actions and never touched it since. Both of them lowered their heads, seeing my expressions on the subject... Manny gave a weak smile. "I-... I guess you're right, but to tell you the truth Eris, I'm a little jealous... Even if this does turn into a curse, you're fine for every other day... And you kind of have super powers!" Opal nodded and rubbed my shoulder. "Yeah! I mean even if you become this monster on a full moon, you're my best friend, and I want to be there for you!"

After Opal's words, I understood. If she or Manny had this, would I feel the same way? I looked at the tennis ball and thought of how my life has been since that bite. I mean, I wasn't even bitten during the full moon... The more I thought about it though, I began to realize something. "Wait a minute..." Opal and Manny looked at one another and then at me. "Eris?"

"That night that I was bit... The moon looked full, but it wasn't... This either means that someone wanted me to suffer, it's the only way to cure this thing, or..." Opal and Manny waited impatiently for me to continue. "What?!"

"Instincts become harder to control as the full moon closes in, I do become a monster and mellow out as the moon becomes less full..." A long silence soon filled the room. I started to breath heavily. This was way bigger than I imagined if this was true. Soon I felt my wrist pulse, and because of my mental focus, trying to get the pulsing to stop was out of the question. I rushed into the bathroom, transforming there. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone... "Eris, I'm- Eris?! Why are you-?!" I was too worried about my future to leave. Mom soon witnessed my transformation and when it was over, I then began to realize what had just occurred. "Eris?!" My ears and tail lowered, even if my friends came to help, mom would never forget something like this... I backed away, jumping when I touched the door.

"Eris? Oh my gosh! I-is that you?!" I tried opening the door no matter how futile it was, but I just couldn't face her; I couldn't face anyone anymore... Mother, on the brink of tears for what she had seen, soon opened the door for me, feeling bad even if she thought I wasn't in control. Thinking I opened it myself, I ran into a closet nearby and curled up. I cried however I could, not caring if anyone heard me. It didn't matter anymore. If that last theory was right, I'd become more of a monster until the full moon! I would kill everyone and I didn't want to... "Eris?" I looked up whimpering, seeing Opal in front of me. "Eris... I believe in you! You are going t-to... Look, I-I don't want to leave you suffering! We don't even know if what your thinking is right!" my whimpering settled for a bit, but the fear was still there. Then I felt a hand begin to pet me. Looking up, I saw it was my mom comforting me. Instinctively, I licked her hand and closed my eyes. It felt nice being comforted, even if this whole situation, from a person’s standpoint, looked ridiculous. "Eris? Are you- ?" Manny filled my mom in, telling her a bit of what I told him and Opal. "So, you still understand us? And you are in control?" I opened my eyes, though looked down, and nodded. So that whole time you were acting so different? This was why?" I nodded again. Mom soon came close and embraced me, making me feel loads better. Even if my fate in what I was, was unknown, it was still really great to know that my friends, and even my mom was still with me.

"So both of you know about this?" My friends nodded. "Well... Eris told me the day after she was bit, but we told Manny on Thursday. It's relatively new Mrs. Watterson... I mean, it just happened this week. Eris is scared... And frankly, I would be too if there was a possibility of hurting others without meaning to." Soon, I felt the new familiar feeling of transforming back and hurried into the bathroom. "Eris?" Opal stopped my mother from following. "She must be changing back." When I came out of the bathroom, I felt the tears returning, but luckily there was no pulse... My mother and friends hugged me and it was all a nice quiet moment, when I heard a car door. "Did dad go somewhere?" Mom looked surprised for a bit, but then realized I must have sensed something. "He went to get some pizza... For you all... Does your father know about-?" I shook my head. "M-mom? C-can we not tell dad?" she was about to protest when I continued. "If I'm in danger, or if he becomes really frustrated or suspicious, then you can tell him." She nodded, lowering her head. "Alright... But your father has a right to know... I love you Eris and I feel just awful that you have to deal with something like this, for some reason." Manny then handed his devise to mom. "Here Mrs. Watterson, you can have this. I'll just make another one."

Quickly questioning the device, mother looked over it with Manny telling her all that she needed to know. Soon the door opened. "Honey! Kids! Pizza!" Quickly we all went downstairs into the kitchen and tried our best to act like nothing happened. Luckily one of the pizzas dad got was meaty. I took the first bite of one, and hoped that I would love it as much as I loved pizza before. As I chewed, I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched. As I looked around, I could see that I was right... All but dad looked at me, probably thinking what I was thinking. I blushed and looked away. "Is there something wrong? The pizza will get cold soon, if no one wants any!" My dad gave a questioning stare in my direction, but didn't think much as everyone began to dig in. Luckily the pizza, though a little less tasty, felt better than eating greens, so I ate a lot more. Thankfully, there was a lot, but even still, everyone that knew were gracious enough to let me have more slices, at least with the meatier pizzas. Once lunch was done, Manny, Opal, and I ran to my room and spent the rest of the time telling Manny what I told Opal in the beginning, with all of the communication techniques. My mom even joined for that, since she knew now. It helped me relax to have some people know, but still, I quickly felt guilty keeping my dad in the dark... Other than that, Manny, Opal, and I decided to play games to really hang out and blow off the stress of what happened earlier. Once that was over with, everyone left and it was time for bed.

Mom and dad came to tuck me in and kissed me good night. I kissed them and said goodnight back, triggering dad to leave, with mom staying in longer. "Eris? I just want you to know that- well... If anything happens tonight or even if you feel as if you need anything when that night comes, you can try and get me... Even without the beepers..." I looked down, but nodded. "Thanks mom... I'll- um, I'll keep that in mind." That night was the first in a while where I didn't have any nightmares, and when I woke up, things felt normal. Of course that went without saying all of my heightened senses kicking in immediately when I heard my mom. She talked in a normal volume, calling me down, though I could still hear her. Dad was a little confused, and became surprised as I was down. "Did you seriously hear her?" Mom blushed realizing she was basically telling dad that something was up, but I thought quickly. "Well... I was already out of my-um, my room!" Dad nodded, and quickly set up breakfast. The morning went without incident, but when I left to go into my room to do homework, I heard a bit of their conversation. "Mary? You’re worrying me a bit... Usually you spend so long worried about Eris, and now it's only been a few days and you're acting like everything is better than fine. I'm even starting to sense a strange bond or something between you two..." Mom laughed nervously. "Larry, I just thought about what you said... Besides, mothers have strong bonds with their children, just like fathers. Dad gave a chuckle. "Yeah... I guess you're right. Now I'm the one getting all antsy." They both laughed and as soon as homework was finished, I decided to try and work on controlling my instincts.

They were simple and easy in some areas, but when it came to food and attention areas, it was a lot harder. No matter what I did, if I was hungry, at least really hungry, I couldn't help but eat whatever I craved. Luckily there were a lot of meat snacks around the kitchen. With attention, I looked out my window, out in the front yard. There wasn't much to my yard; just a few trees and the mailbox before the road, along with more sidewalks and houses. But as I looked around, I noticed how ADHD I basically became. Every time there was a slight movement, I had to see where it came from... There were several instances it was a squirrel, other times, there were other animals. I felt upset at myself at how bad it got, but I just had to try and control it... It got a little better until around lunchtime, when my stomach broke my concentration. Sighing, I went down to the kitchen and got what I could to suffice my appetite. Mom happened to walk in without my knowledge, watching as I gathered several deli meats and a left over chicken. As I looked around, I hesitated staring at the bread, wondering if I could try and make a sandwich instead of just taking meat in like an animal. With each second, I stuttered in movements, internally fighting to try and have a balanced diet. It seemed so ridiculous, but I was too worried about my previous thought yesterday. I had to try to fight what I could to keep being myself...

"E-" I jumped at the sound of another person. It seemed that hunger kept my senses dulled for a while. "Mom!" mom blushed at my reaction. "Sorry... I didn't mean to make you jump. I noticed you struggling with something and I just feel like you shouldn't try to fight it." My eyes widened. "You can't be serious! Mom, you've seen me right? I might have been tame to leave you all alone, but what if I can't stop myself during the-" I let my sentence linger. Mom gave me a mixed look. It seemed to be a mix of worry and grief, as if she felt that I was close to being lost. "You can at least experiment once right? What if this thing just needs an outlet, I mean once or twice a month is hardly a window to let out tension. I apologize if that makes it worse, but it pains me that you are suffering so much with this..." I thought about it for a few minutes. I was mostly against it, but my mom did have a point. I just wanted to do so much! I looked at my plate. Not counting the bread, it was meaty, but I didn't feel that my appetite would be settled unless I had something else. I didn't know what to do, and trying to control everything to keep a normal life felt exhausting... Sighing, I nodded. "Okay... I'll try, but if something happens, I'm going back to trying to put a lid on this..." Mom looked a little better and nodded with my condition. I was still pretty surprised she wanted me to just flow with it... "I- I guess I'll head over to the forested areas or something..." Mom nodded, and picked up her coat. "In case anything goes wrong, I wanna be there!"

Giving a weak smile, I allowed her to come. After a quick drive, we went to a deserted forest where many deer resided. I knew if anything, deer was what my wolf side wanted. "Mom? Can you hide the car and stay there? You still have the beeper right?" I tugged at my necklace, and mom nodded holding onto the devise. Looking around, I walked over towards a bush. It had room for someone of my size to squeeze in, and with little concentration, my transformation began, which was thankfully a little easier and bearable this time. I left my discarded clothes behind and walked towards mom. She gave me a smile that seemed like she was proud of me, making me feel loads better about this agreement. It was a nice moment, until my stomach growled again. This time I sat down, whimpering. As I looked at mom, my hunger was beginning to twist her relation with me, making her feel like a threat to me. I knew what mom said, but this was something I knew without question I had to fight against. Luckily, it was a weak thought and it disappeared with little effort as I thought of deer. Although it was hard to think I was really going to hunt animals and eat them, anything was better than turning on my mom. Nudging my muzzle against my mom's palm, I began to head towards the forest. Instinct was going to have to lead this time, and I hoped, even prayed, that nothing would go wrong. My first action started when I smelt something appetizing... I became really focused without much effort and soon, I was off. The smell would become closer with each second as I sprinted.

It felt exhilarating and my body desired more! I almost was about to go against it, when I remembered, quickly, what I was doing in the first place. As I ran, I started to notice other things! I could suddenly tell more things about the scent, most of which came automatically, like my brain could pick up details in the scent! I was on the trail of a plant eater. It was around several miles, and it was male... My heart pounded at the thought of successfully hunting, which worried me a bit, but I tried my best to enjoy it as much as possible for my other half. When I felt I was close enough, I lifted my muzzle. The way the air felt, I positioned myself so I'd be down wind. Licking my chops, I crouched down to help conceal myself from sight. I was about to look for any sign to go, since this was still a first for me, when I caught the scent of another animal. It didn't smell like food, and a part of me told me that I needed to be cautious, but at the same time, it didn't feel like an enemy either... Shrugging, in a way, I went back to concentrating on the- well... the kill... I could tell that it knew I was around, so I tried to jump quickly. Unfortunately, it was fast enough to leave before I could get to it. I gave chase and luckily for me, it just fueled my instinct to kill. With a few auto steps, I had it in my muzzle. Hesitantly, I chomped hard, to which the animal flailed, trying to free itself.

Since I've never done this, and my mind would occasionally battle my instincts on accident, I hadn't sensed its hooves in time and quickly felt a deep scratch on my head. I whimpered at the pain, but quickly let go and tried to come at it with another bite. It cried in pain, only peaking my current nature and with a few more nips at it, I soon gave the final bite. It thumped on the ground and I felt a since of pride wash over me. I had actually hunted! Immediately, I began to enjoy my spoils, only stopping when I felt full. Soon I felt my humanity interfere with my feeling of pride. I had just killed an animal. I ate an animal like an animal... Another thought soon argued. 'Well, I am! And I will do it again whenever I want! I'm a- ...' Well, a wolf now! I sat down, lowering my head and ears instinctually, as my thoughts continued... Sure I'm literally an animal now, but I'll go back to being a human soon. How can I face my friends and tell them what I had done? It was natural, but it also felt wrong... Soon I sensed the presence of something nearby. Relying on instinct alone, I bared my fangs and hovered over my kill, hackles raised. After a minute I thought I heard a voice... Laughing. A rumble sounded in my chest and throat, as if I would hate whoever came and could totally handle them, but truthfully, I was terrified. Soon another wolf appeared a few feet away. Its fur was dark grey, with all kinds of black patches on its body.

It smelled like a male and aside from his gender, I could also tell he was happy about something. The wolf soon circled me and my possessive nature bloomed. I gave him a warning growl. It seemed to frighten him a bit, but immediately after, he seemed to know that deep down I was the one that was scared. "You really think you're fooling anyone? You need to work on your act!" I flinched. "You're talking-? Talking to me?" He seemed to be really humored by this, as he looked as if he was giggling. "Wha-a-t's so funny?!" He stepped closer but stood still as an instinctual growl sounded. "You! You're funny! What is this, your first time as a wolf?" I looked away, feeling a presence close in as he stood. "Wait... Are you-? Are you a-?" His tail lowered and flicked a bit. A voice I recognized began calling me. "Eris? Eris, we have to go soon! Your father will wonder where we are!" My ears and tail perked at the sound of my mother, triggering the wolf to finally notice my 'accessory.' "You are!" Without him finishing, I left as quickly as I could. If he really knew what I was, he must be one too! If not, I couldn't interact regardless. The less lives I put in danger, the better. Soon enough I was close to the bush where my clothes were. After a quick change, I was back on two legs and began making my way to mom. As I was about to meet up with her, I could tell someone was following me. Looking back, I couldn't see him, but he were there. Assuming it was that wolf I gave a warning growl, which I could somehow muster as I was.

After waiting a bit, I caught up with mom, and quickly, without talking, we left. Mom didn't say anything till we couldn't see the forest anymore, which helped me deal with my thoughts of that wolf... Looking back as we drove off, I noticed the same wolf follow us for a few seconds, but then stop to watch us leave. As the rest of the day past, I couldn’t stop thinking about the wolf. There were so many thought about him too! Who was he? Would I know his human form if he was like me. Should I keep this a secret from the others? I felt like I had to! Another thought tied in: what if he was the one that made me like this? When he realized that I was what I was, he didn’t seem too happy about it. Was it because he was the one to bite me? If he was, he seemed like a nice guy now! A little jerky at the start, but when he began to look concerned about me, I couldn’t help but feel connected with him. He probably felt the same way I did. I didn’t want him to get in trouble with anyone if I could help it. Mom tucked me in and gave me that look like she knew something was up. “Eris… I can see it. Something’s wrong.” I shook my head. “I-it’s nothing… But mom? Can we go to the forest again?” She nodded and looked a little worried. “Did you feel good when you hunted?” I could tell she felt awkward asking about it and I felt awkward when answering her.


oh my gosh xD I know my dog would eat anything edible, lol :P Thank you for the compliment :)
Wow what a great story... but I know my dog loves pizza, so I'm pretty sure werewolves would also. Granted it gives her awful gas but heck she sniffs butts so doesn't mind being gassy.
I know I wanted to make more stories less two parter, but this might even turn to three... I actually started working on this story before the room mate one (so you can sorta see some of the resemblance from these two) and lost interest after a while. Soon I kind of forgot about it, but then stumbled upon it again recently. I really like the idea of the whole transforming for werewolves to be more tough than just a full moon, and I know many powers or super natural abilities are affected by emotion, so I think if I did any werewolf stories, prepare for emotion to be apart of the transformation factor.