Of Tentacles and Eggs - Part 3

Published: Jun 18th, 2016
Last Edit: Jun 20th, 2016


As Tim falls deeper under the sway of his sadistic new masters, once known as his father and older brothers, his body begins to change. But what on earth is he turning into?


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The first thing I became aware of when I woke was the light ocean breeze caressing my skin and the warm afternoon sun flooding in through the open window. The second thing I became aware of was that I felt really good: warm, pleasantly numb, utterly relaxed. I knew this was wrong somehow, that I ought to be feeling something radically different. Gradually, I remembered why, as the events of the patio, or what I could remember of them, came back to me. Still, the emotions I should have been feeling wouldn’t come. I knew then that this was a terrible sign, but that too failed to rouse so much as a little worry.

I felt movement to my left, and the soft friction of someone’s skin against mine. I wasn’t alone. I was lying in a bed, with someone pressed up against me to both my left and right. Soft sighs, groans and moans reached my ears. I turned. Lying to my right was Sean. He was on his back, and naked, of course, but he was placidly snoring away.

I turned. To my left, Logan lay on his back, also naked, but, unfortunately, very much awake. Dad was lying on his side to Logan’s left. He had his tongue down Logan’s throat, one hand exploring the hard planes of Logan’s muscular chest and the pronounced bulge of his heavily distended stomach, as his tentacle cock pistoned slowly in and out of his cunt. A good foot of his cock was visible as it curved up from his groin, arched over and straight down into Logan. Their flawless skin glowed bronze in the soft afternoon light as they fucked. The most disturbing part was that I didn’t feel disgusted, horrified or even mildly unsettled, as some still lucid part of me knew I should have. All I felt instead was that warm, pleasant numbness, and, unfortunately, no small degree of arousal. The longer I watched, the more aroused I became. I was soon rock hard.

Dad’s moaning gradually grew more intense, his stroking of Logan’s belly more feverish, the pistoning motion of his cock quicker and quicker, until, finally, he gasped and let out a deep, guttural groan, as his cock plunged deep into Logan. The visible portion of it began to ripple as his ejaculate pulsed through it. That pushed Logan over the edge, and, with a series of high-pitched gasps, he came too.

It seemed to take Dad forever to finish pumping his load out into Logan, into his son, into my brother. When he finally did, he pulled his tongue out of Logan’s throat and looked up. Noticing me watching, he smiled. “Hey there Timmy. You’re awake. Great timing!” His cock abruptly jerked out of Logan’s pussy, eliciting a gasp and moan from Logan. Undulating, it stretched in my direction, half of its fat shaft slick with Logan’s juices, it’s thick head still leaking and still connected to Logan’s slit by two  long, thick strands of sperm. “Clean my cock, Timmy,” Dad ordered. His command seemed to seize me, to compel me to obey. “Yes, Dad,” I replied automatically, as I propped myself up on one elbow and swallowed as much of that writhing tentacle as I could. Dad gave a low groan of pleasure. The taste and scent of his cum, not to mention the feel of his cock in my mouth, or of the relatively small portion of its considerable length that I managed to swallow, immediately awakened all of my senses, as an erotic jolt shot through my body. Instead of the panic and horror I should have been feeling, I felt only pleasure and relief. What have they done to me, I wondered dimly as Dad’s monster member writhed and wriggled  in my mouth. It forced its way partly down my throat before pulling back a little and letting me go at it. As I licked and sucked, Dad groaned again with pleasure and went back to deep throating Logan, who was looking up at him adoringly, and gently rubbing his still growing belly.

After a long while of this, Dad’s cock suddenly jerked out of my mouth. I was more than disturbed to find that my only reaction was one of disappointment. “Well done, Timmy. Now clean out your brother’s cunt.” “Yes, Dad.” I obeyed without so much as a moment’s hesitation, getting on my knees between Logan’s legs and plunging my face into Logan’s still wet and swollen pussy, which elicited a long, appreciative moan from Logan. The scent of Logan’s cunt, suffuse with the scent and taste of Dad’s sperm, was incredible. It seemed to fill my body, to course through me, and made me stiffer than ever. Dad laughed and ruffled my hair as he got up. “Don’t you dare cum, boy,” he said. “I’ll tell you when you can cum.” For some reason, that order alone sent another erotic jolt through my body. My face still buried deep in Logan’s groin, “mmmm” was all I could say in reply.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dad walk around the bed over to Sean, who was lying on his back, still asleep, belly bulging. Dad looked down at him for a moment, smiling fondly, as a father should smile at his son, except of course for the lusty gleam in his eye and that monstrous tentacle cock of his waving in eager anticipation. He got onto the bed, planted his knees to either side of Sean’s legs, bent over and plunged his tongue into Sean’s cunt. The motion reminded me of a ravenous beast tearing into its prey. Sean started stirring under Dad’s vigorous ministrations and soon began to moan. Dad lifted his face from Sean’s cunt and took a long whiff, as he caressed Sean’s rapidly swelling stomach with one hand. “Mmm, good boy,” he said. “ You’re ready for Daddy.”  With that, he got up on his knees, straddling Sean, hands on his hips. His cock hovered in front of him for a moment, undulating, as if appraising the muscular, young body lying on the bed before it. It also seemed to grow a little longer. Then, without warning, and without Dad moving at all from his upright position, it plunged straight down into Sean. Sean gasped with a mix of surprise and pleasure as it penetrated him and began to piston.

The sight of Dad jackhammering Sean with his tentacle cock disappeared from view as Logan put a hand on the back of my head and pushed my face deeper into him. His moaning intensified, and, with it, so did the scent and wetness of his cunt. Somehow, I knew this meant that he was close to cumming again and my body responded automatically. I stretched my tongue as far into him as I could. He cried out and his whole vagina contracted as if to push me out, but, at the same time, he kept applying pressure on the back of my head with his hand, forcing me down into him. I stretched out my tongue again and, this time, it made contact with something, something soft yet firm. Logan cried out again and I felt his groin muscles flex as he pushed the object out of him and forced it up into my mouth. He relaxed his grip on me, and I lifted my head out of his groin with the object still in my mouth.  Opening wider, I let it drop down between his muscular thighs. It was, of course, a gleaming white, round, golf-ball sized egg.  Barely giving me a moment to catch my breath, he pushed me back down into him only to push another egg up into my mouth with another cry of ecstasy. He released my head, I dropped the egg between his thighs, and he pushed me back into his cunt to repeat the process. Logan climaxed again with every egg he pushed out, his belly slowly deflating as he spawned. I wanted to be disgusted, to beg him to let me go, but the greater part of me, the one that was now in full control of my body, wanted anything but. Waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over me every time he pushed me back down into his cunt and forced another egg into my mouth. I desperately wanted to cum, but Dad’s order seemed to prevent my body from reaching climax.

 “Good boy, Logan!” Dad cried. “Good boy! Master will be so pleased!“ He was still straddling Sean, hands on his hips, pistoning in and out of Sean’s cunt, but the slight strain in his voice told me that his own orgasm was building. “Thanks Dad,” Logan said, smiling proudly as I finally added the last of his eggs to the pile between his thighs. Without giving me a second look, Logan then got up, collected them and dumped them into a large bowl on the dresser. The bowl already contained quite a few eggs, doubtless those I had watched them lay in the bathroom.

“Ahhh yeah! Here it comes boy! Here it comes!” Dad roared , throwing his head back in ecstasy and plunging his tentacle cock deep into Sean. It immediately began to ripple and pulse as he started pumping out another monster load. As Dad filled him with his sperm, Sean came with a gasp and cry of his own – “Ah Dad! Ah god yeah! Fill me up! Fucking fill me up!” His belly grew larger and larger beneath my very eyes, until he looked several months pregnant. I watched, transfixed, as their orgasms reached their zenith and then slowly died down. Again, it took Dad well over two minutes to finish ejaculating. When he finally finished, his cock jerked out of Sean as abruptly as  it had out of Logan, and, slick from being inside Sean, sperm still leaking from its engorged head, it undulated over to me. Dad looked at me and smiled. This time, he didn’t have to say a word. I swallowed it immediately, pleasure and relief washing over me in equal measure. Its taste and scent made my own cock start leaking pre-cum like a faucet. “Lucky Timmy,” Sean mumbled. Somewhere behind me, Logan chuckled.

I felt the same disappointment as I had earlier when Dad’s cock abruptly pulled out of my mouth. The disappointment was forgotten in the next moment when Dad ordered me to clean Sean’s slit, and the scent and taste of Sean’s juices and Dad’s sperm filled my nose and mouth. Dad and Logan left us going at it as they headed out. I soon had Sean moaning and groaning, and it wasn’t long before my tongue felt the first of his eggs begin to push out and up into my waiting mouth. As Sean climaxed again and again, he spawned a good half dozen eggs, which I plucked out of his cunt one by one and deposited between his thighs. When he was finally done, I helped him gather them up and add them to the ones that I had watched him spawn in the bathroom.

“Wooh! Nicely done little bro!” Sean said, putting an arm around my shoulders and steering me out of the room. His stomach was almost back to normal. “I’m so glad you’re going to be our cow and sex slave. Insemination and spawning is going to be a lot more fun with you around!” “Cow?” I wanted to ask, but I said nothing. The question died in my mouth when I suddenly realized that his words had sent another erotic jolt through my body. What the hell had they done to me!?

As Sean and I walked down the hall, I felt an odd tingling sensation between my thighs. I looked down and blinked. My balls looked huge and swollen, dangling lower between my thighs than they ever had. Before I could even ponder what this could mean, we reached the kitchen, where we found Dad. He was still naked except for a sleeveless camo vest that belonged to Sean, and appeared to be preparing an actual meal, as opposed to another sperm shake. His tentacle cock hung limply down to his knees. Except for the head, it still looked more like a tentacle than a cock. His enormous balls hung almost as low and swayed visibly with every step he took.

“Ah! There you are! All done?”

“Yes sir!” Sean said. “I laid another dozen.”

“Good, good,” Dad replied a bit distractedly as he squatted to rummage through the fridge. His hard, muscular glutes looked huge, a little oversized even, as they flexed. The end of his cock rested easily on the floor and his balls very nearly so. I realized to my horror that the sight of him in that position really turned me on. My cock, which had begun to soften, immediately stiffened again. “Now why don’t you go out to the patio while I prepare something to eat,” he said to Sean. “Your brother’s already out there.  You can leave Timmy here. He can give me a hand.“

“Yes Dad,” Sean replied. His obedient tone gave me the creeps because it was so entirely unlike him. I had never known Sean to sound so eager to obey, but then I had to remind myself that this wasn’t Sean, not really, just as that wasn’t really Dad. As soon as he had gone, Dad put the carton of eggs – ordinary chicken eggs thank goodness – that he had fished out of the fridge on the counter, turned to me and gave me a lewd grin. To my horror and excitement, he casually walked up to me and passed his hands up the sides of my torso, down my arms and over to my ass, which he grabbed firmly as he pressed my naked body to his, forcing my nose into the deep ridge between his sizable pecs. He did it all as if it were a perfectly normal way of greeting me. If my cock had started to stiffen on seeing him naked again, his touch and the scent of his hard body immediately made me painfully hard. Worse still, as he held me like that, a strange kind of elation and gratitude filled me. My body quickly responded by grabbing his ass in return. I say ‘my body’ because that’s what it felt like – my body acting of its own accord, without my permission. To say that it was an unnerving feeling would be a gross understatement. Sadly, it was a feeling with which I was about to become all too familiar.

Dad chuckled softly, clearly well aware and well pleased that my reaction had been so reflexive. He ruffled my hair with one hand, as his cock rose up between my legs and gently prodded my crack. My body again responded automatically and I widened my stance and stuck out my ass a little to give him access. The fat head of Dad’s cock pressed against my sphincter. To the relief of whatever part of me was still lucid, and to the disappointment of whatever sick part was now in control of my actions, it didn’t push in.

“You must be hungry, Timmy,” Dad said, caressing my ass. “All you had to eat for lunch was my sperm-shake.”

“Yes, Dad. I’m hungry,” I replied truthfully. “Would you like more of my sperm?” Dad asked. I tried as hard as I could to say, to shout ‘NO! Anything but that!’ But the minute Dad had offered his sperm, yet another erotic jolt shot through me and I knew that it was no use. I would never get the words out. “Yes, please,” I said instead. I wasn’t even able to keep the eagerness out of my voice. Dad’s grin widened and he laughed softly again as he kissed me on the forehead before releasing me, which immediately sparked a mix of intense disappointment and relief. “You’re going to make such a good little slave and cow, Timmy. Master will be pleased, very pleased. So much so that I’m sure he will do you the honour of converting you into an incubation slave when we return next year.” His words had a lascivious quality, as if he were already picturing me as a mindless incubation slave primed for insemination.

On the one hand, I was vaguely relieved to hear that my conversion was apparently not imminent, but on the other, there was that bit about me being a cow again. I was afraid of what that might mean, but before I could decide whether to even try getting the words out to ask the question, it was driven from my mind by Dad returning from the fridge with a tall saran-wrapped glass half full with a milky liquid. “Here you are, Timmy. I saved some for you when your brothers made me cum to make your shake.” His smile was cruel, the smile of a predator playing with its prey, knowing that it has no hope of escape.

I wanted to scream, but a truly grateful-sounding “Thanks Dad!” was all that came out. I braced myself as my body once again went on autopilot. I took the glass from Dad, tore off the saran wrap, tipped it to my lips and waited as the viscous liquid began to ooze its way toward my mouth. Dad leaned casually against the kitchen counter, arms crossed, his tentacle cock twitching in anticipation between his muscular thighs, as he watched with wrapped delight his refrigerated sperm slowly edge its way toward the rim of the glass and my waiting lips. I eagerly flicked out my tongue to taste the first drops. A moan escaped my lips and I couldn’t stop myself from shaking the glass to make the cum move faster. It began to plop out in large globs. Most fell into my mouth, some didn’t . By the time I was done, globs of Dad’s sperm peppered my face, and a couple globs had found their way onto my chest. I licked up as much as I could with my tongue and used my fingers to wipe away the rest, which I then licked and sucked with absolute abandon, moaning as if I had never tasted anything so good. Dad was smiling from ear to ear. He reached for the tip of my rock hard cock, from which hung a long strand of pre-cum. Lifting it off my cock with his finger, he brought it to his lips and sucked it down. “Mmm, Yes,” he said, “a very good cow indeed.”

As I eagerly cleaned the last of Dad’s sperm out of the glass with my finger, Logan entered the kitchen dressed in sandals and a loose white tank-top emblazoned with a red number 7 that went down to just above his pubes. He was naked from the waist down. I had seen him ware that tank so many times. In that moment, under those circumstances, the familiarity of it seemed viciously cruel.

“Dad, I have to piss,” he said, smiling eagerly and nodding in my direction. What? What’s this about? I thought, fearing the answer. “Great,” Dad said, as he took the glass with the remnants of his sperm from my hands and gave it to Logan. “I think our little Timmy is still hungry.” Logan’s cruel grin broadened, as he squatted part way, brought the glass to his slit, and, right there in the middle of the kitchen, he let loose with a thick stream of piss. I watched transfixed as his pale, yellow urine filled the glass and became clouded as it mingled with the remaining traces of Dad’s cum. “You see, Timmy,” Dad explained, “anything that contains our hormones – our sweat, our saliva, our piss, and our sexual fluids - helps solidify our control over you, helps you enjoy what we do to you, helps you enjoy being our sex-slave, and slowly… alters you physically to be a better and better slave, and, more importantly, to be our cow.”

Dad’s words, disturbing as they were, barely registered. I could smell Logan’s piss and it was beginning to drive me wild. When Logan finally discharged the last of it, the glass – a large glass by any standards – was almost full to the brim. I reached for it, but he held it out of my grasp. “Not so fast, bro,” he said, a mischievous gleam in his eyes. “First, clean my slit.”

“Yes, Logan,” I replied eagerly, as I immediately fell to my knees and plunged my tongue into him. His chuckle at my ready obedience quickly degenerated into a moan of delight, and he almost dropped his glass of piss. Dad grabbed it from him just on time, but not before some of it trickled out onto the floor. “Good, that’s enough,” Dad said after a minute or two. From the sounds Logan had been making, and from the pressure his hand had been applying to the back of my head, he hadn’t had nearly enough, but we both instantly obeyed and I pulled my face out of Logan’s crotch. “Lick the floor clean,” Dad said, pointing to the small puddles of Logan’s urine on the floor. The taste and smell of Logan’s cunt had sent me into overdrive. I practically threw myself at the spots of piss, licking the floor with absolute abandon. Dad and Logan both chuckled. “He’s like a dog,” Logan said. “Yes, a horny little dog,” Dad agreed, “and soon, he’s going to be our cow too.” He raised a toe to prod my sphincter as I licked away. I couldn’t help it; a moan escaped my lips, and Dad laughed delightedly again.

“Ok, Timmy, that’s enough,” he said after a couple of minutes of watching me clean the floor with my tongue, ass in the air. “Here you go.” Still grinning that evil grin, he handed me the glass of piss. I didn’t even get up. Still on my knees, I grabbed it from him and began gulping it down. I drank so fast that not all of it entered my mouth. Some poured down my chin and chest, down through my groin and down onto the floor where it mixed with the small puddle of pre-cum leaking out of my own painfully hard cock. This time, no order was necessary. As soon as I had emptied the glass, I went back to licking the floor. “Excellent,” Dad said, chuckling delightedly. “Excellent work, Timmy. Keep at it until that floor is spotless.” Laughing, Logan headed back outside, no doubt to tell Sean all about what had just happened. That small lucid part of me was horrified, of course, but the rest of me was filled with eager anticipation at – of all things – the very thought that Sean too might soon need to take a piss.

After I finished licking the floor, all I could do was sit there on all fours like a dog, eagerly anticipating my master’s next order. I was practically panting as I watched Dad casually chop vegetables. Those huge, muscular glutes, those enormous balls hanging tantalizingly low between heavily muscled thighs, and that long tentacle cock twitching as it dangled down well passed those big balls were all I could see, all I wanted to see, and, eventually, I found that I was in fact panting, and I began to drool. I was aware of it trickling out one corner of my mouth and running down the side of my chin, and then eventually dangling in a long strand from my face, but I couldn’t stop it. Every now and again, Dad would glance back down at me, grin and give a low chuckle, looking very satisfied. The sheer humiliation of it sent more shivers of pleasure up my spine.

To the intense disappointment of that vicious hateful part of me now in control of my body, Sean never materialized. As I watched Dad preparing dinner, still wet with piss and sperm, drooling uncontrollably, my body began to tingle, the sensation most acute in my arms, my chest and my groin. I wanted to look down, but couldn’t tear my eyes from Dad, from his ass, his pendulous balls, his tentacle-cock. Strangely, I began to feel more and more… comfortable, physically comfortable, staring up at him dog-like from the floor, as if my body were somehow growing naturally accustomed to the position.

Dad started chatting away matter-of-factly, sounding very much like his old self. This made the moment both incongruously strange and heart-breakingly cruel. Apparently, Dad was preparing a western omelet, one of his old specialties. The meal, however, was only for him, Sean and Logan. None of it was for me. I, apparently, no longer required human food.

Dad paused for a moment to adjust the heat on the stove. Part of me hoped he wouldn’t elaborate, wouldn’t explain why I no longer needed to consume “human” food. I knew I wouldn’t like the answer. But of course, he continued. He explained that the squid creatures, which, by the way, called themselves the Cephalani, had three kinds of slaves: stage 1 slaves, stage 2 slaves, and stage 3 slaves. He, Sean and Logan had been stage 2 slaves in the cave, but were converted into stage 1 slaves so that they could return to the human world and recruit more slaves even as they continued “producing” for their masters. As stage 1 slaves, they could consume, needed to consume, some human food. But human food was insufficient to allow them to keep “producing” and, perhaps even more importantly, to allow them to retain their human appearance. According to Dad, in order to continue producing and avoid reverting to something that looked a lot more like their “true selves”, they needed to ingest a special ingredient he did not name. That ingredient was to be produced by me, in my sperm. Ingesting Dad’s sperm shake had apparently kick-started some sort of transformation that would allow me to produce sperm that contained the vital ingredient.

In addition to being creepy as all hell, that explained why they kept calling me a cow. Once my body was ready, Dad, Sean and Logan were all essentially going to use me like a cow, milking me for my sperm. I didn’t really see how I could produce enough sperm for the three of them, but, once again, I figured I’d find out soon enough and maybe, if I was lucky, I’d be too out of it by then to really care. In any case, I don’t think I could have asked for details even if I had wanted to. All I could do was sit there like a dog, watching and listening, as I panted open-mouthed, tongue lolling out, drool running down my chin.

Unfortunately, Dad then finally returned to the subject of my not needing to consume human food. Even in this early stage of my transformation, my body was apparently already able to derive all the sustenance it needed from almost anything Dad, Sean and Logan’s bodies could secrete. That was one of the reasons I so craved their piss, Dad’s sperm, and Sean and Logan’s vaginal fluids. I found that I had been both right and wrong about not liking the answer. Even as part of me wanted to vomit, part of me, doubtless the part now enslaved to Dad, Sean and Logan, had never felt so turned on.

Throughout the whole, incredibly surreal conversation, whenever Dad looked down at me, I tried to focus on his face, his smile and his eyes, which helped remind me that he was no longer the Dad I had known all my life. Eyes and smile had both turned cold and cruel. His eyes, in particular, sent a chill down my spine practically every time we made eye contact. They were Dad’s eyes, and yet they weren’t. There was something deeply sadistic about them now, something that could never, would never, have been there before. It was almost as though the squid creatures, these Cephalani, had somehow re-made Dad into the exact opposite of so much of what he had been. That’s when the realization truly hit me. I wasn’t entirely sure about Sean and Logan, but Dad at least was not being controlled by the Cephalani the way he was now controlling me. They had done something to him, something deep and maybe permanent, changing him somehow to the core of his being. The realization made me incredibly, deeply sad, or would have if I had been in full control of my emotions. Instead, the thought of Dad as my sexually sadistic master turned me on as much, or, if I was being honest, probably by this time far more than anything else.

When Dad was finally finished making dinner, he loaded everything onto a tray. “Come, Timmy,” he said, as he walked passed me and out onto the patio, tentacle-cock smacking against his legs as he went. I got to my feet to follow and nearly fell onto my face, as if my body had not wanted to cooperate, as if it would have preferred to remain on all fours. My arms, chest and groin still tingled, and when I looked down, it took me a moment to process what I was seeing. My cock looked huge, not tentacle-like, but considerably bigger than it ever had, and my balls hung almost halfway down to my knees. As I stepped tentatively forward, walking out onto the patio, I felt my balls swaying heavily between my legs, and the word “cow” kept echoing through my ears.

Outside, Sean and Logan were sixty-nining on one of the lawn chairs. They had their faces so deep into one another that they didn’t even notice Dad and me coming out. Dad didn’t even blink. Instead, he smiled approvingly, as he put the tray down on the table. “Hey boys! Meal time!” he called, as if they were out in the yard playing ball or something. They looked like they were already having meal time to me.

Reluctantly, very reluctantly, they disengaged and, grinning stupidly as if they had just woken up from a particularly pleasant dream, they joined Dad at the table, their faces wet with each other’s juices, and their stomachs beginning to bulge again. Logan was still wearing his number 7 tank-top with no bottom, while Sean had only dawned a short-sleeved button-down shirt. Sean belched as he took his seat, and the only two closed buttons on his shirt popped off. The shirt opened wide, releasing his growing belley. “Omelets! Awesome!” he declared. “Not as awesome as cum, but still awesome.”

“What’s the extra glass for?” Logan asked. Dad had brought out three glasses of orange juice to wash down the food, and a fourth glass, which was empty. Dad grinned. “That’s for anyone who needs to piss,” he said. “Go in the glass and give it to Timmy here.” He gave me a pat on the back and another one of his cruel grins. “He’ll make short work of it.” Sean guffawed. “Yeah, so I heard,” he said, and they all laughed as they might have once done to some jocular joke.

As Sean and Logan started tucking into their omelets, I made to sit down even though I knew none of the food was for me, but Dad stopped me with a raised hand.”No, no, Timmy,” he said. “Slaves don’t sit at the table.” Pointing down, he indicated the stone floor next to one end of the table, the one next to Dad and Sean. My body immediately obeyed, and I resumed my dog-like position, sitting obediently to attention as they ate. All three looked at me with a mix of mockery and sadistic satisfaction, looks that sent more erotic chills through my body, and that caused me to again start leaking pre-cum.

I managed to avoid drooling again, at least until Sean got up from the table, took the empty glass from the tray, squatted a little as he brought it to his slit, and, watching me with sadistic glee, began to fill it with his piss. As I watched him, I began to drool again, which triggered a dark, satisfied chuckle from Dad, and peals of mocking laughter from Sean and Logan. They hooted and egged me on, as I down Sean’s piss with abandon, urine once again running out the sides of my mouth, over my chin and down the length of my body. I couldn’t even control the way I drank it! It seemed the more they gave me, the more I wanted and the less control I had.

No sooner had I finished than Dad ordered me to “open wide, Timmy”. He brought the fat head of his tentacle-cock to my lips and began to piss into my mouth. Sean and Logan’s cat-calls became inter-mingled with pleasurable moans and groans, both theirs and mine, as Dad’s thick stream splashed into my mouth. “Ah, yeah, Dad, give it to him. Give it to him good.” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that they had started fingering themselves.

I closed my mouth to swallow, but Dad, of course, just kept pissing onto my face. He chuckled darkly, as I hurriedly opened my mouth again with a desperate, needy whimper to take in as much as I could. His stream began to ebb, and when his tentacle-cock withdrew from the edge of my lips, I couldn’t hold back from giving a disappointed whimper. “Now clean the floor, Timmy,” Dad ordered. The order had been unnecessary. I would have thrown myself at the flagstones regardless. My tongue felt long, longer than normal, as I began lapping at the small puddles of Dad’s piss. Dad, Sean and Logan all laughed, taking turns to toe my exposed asshole and balls, as they cleared the table.

“I still say he’s more of a dog than a cow,” I heard Logan say. I heard Sean snigger and say something that sounded like agreement, but Dad’s reply was lost, as he passed into the house. I wanted to hear more, to feel the erotic thrills that being denigrated like this sent coursing through me. But I couldn’t have torn myself away from that patio for anything, except maybe more of Dad’s cum, or my brothers’ wet slits.

Time passed for me in a fog of arousal, as lewd laughter, the echo of hands smacking flesh, and occasional moaning and groaning accompanied the sounds of splashing dishwater, clinking dishes and clanging cutlery that drifted out from the house. When they re-emerged, all three were completely naked, having ditched what little clothing they had been wearing. Sean and Logan looked heavily pregnant, their thighs streaked with their fluids, and their thighs and asses with Dad’s cum. Dad’s own thighs were also streaked and splattered with his cum, as his tentacle writhed and undulated in front of him, still leaking. None of them had cum yet. How I knew that, I couldn’t say, but I was sure of it. The scent of… their readiness finally allowed me to raise my head from the patio floor, drool running down my chin and pre-cum leaking steadily from my engorged cock. My ball sack, now so large it rested on the floor between my feet, felt heavy and swollen. Dad, Sean and Logan formed a semi-circle around me, grinning sadistically as they looked down at me sitting dog-like at their feet. Dad’s tentacle-cock writhed in anticipation, and it was all I could do to keep myself from begging him to fuck me raw. I barely noticed the object he was carrying in one hand.

“Ok, boys,” Dad said. “It’s time for our dessert. Timmy, get up on the table on your hands and knees.” I obeyed immediately. Grinning, they snickered with obvious delight, as they examined me standing on all fours on that table, manipulating my huge cock and balls, casually finger-fucking my ass and my mouth. “Ok,” Dad said as I sucked eagerly on two of his big fingers, “let’s see how much he can produce.” I couldn’t stop myself from giving a short whine of disappointment, as Dad pulled his fingers from my mouth, and put the object he had been holding – a large bowl – on the table right under me, so that my cock dangled down into it. He then moved behind me and started pulling on my cock as if it were the teat of a cow. Almost at the same time, I felt something large push against my sphincter. “Open up for Daddy, boy,” Dad ordered, as the engorged head of his tentacle-cock pushed into me. I cried out, or, at least, I opened my mouth wide and made a sound. To the horror of that still clear-minded part of me, what came out sounded more like a bestial bellow of some kind than like a human cry of ecstasy. ”That’s it boy, open wide.” I bellowed again, as Dad started pumping my cock with his hand, and my ass with his cock. Off to one side of me, I could hear Sean and Logan moaning with excitement. From the corner of my eye, I saw that they were fingering each other, hands all but disappearing under their now heavily distended bellies.

An eternity of tortured bliss followed, until Dad, breathing heavily, roared into my ear: “Ah yeah! Daddy’s gonna cum, boy. He’s gonna cum hard.” He gave a bestial cry of his own, as his cock spasmed inside me, and he started pumping out his load. My body seemed to cry out in relief, as it consumed his sperm. I could feel myself absorbing it. The tingling in my arms, chest and groin redoubled. Dad’s roars of pleasure were still ringing in my ears, his ejaculate still spewing into me, when my own orgasm hit. This time was even more intense than the last, than the moment I was turned by Dad. I bellowed my pleasure like the beast I had become, before everything went black.

* * * * * *

On waking, I had sort of expected to find Dad hard at work with that tentacle of his deep inside Sean or Logan. Instead, I found myself alone, in Dad’s bed but blessedly alone. For a brief moment, I wondered whether I might have dreamt it all, whether it had all just been a terrible nightmare. That vain hope was dashed when Sean walked into the bedroom naked, a pussy between his muscular thighs, and his belly grossly distended. He went straight to the closet, took what remained of the clothes inside from their hangers and stuffed them into an open suitcase on the floor. “Hey bro! Finally awake!” he said, when he noticed that my eyes were open. “Good timing. Dad said that you need your sleep until your done changing, but we’re almost ready to go. We were about to come wake you up.” He was smiling stupidly again in that way that made him look a little retarded, which he almost certainly was. “Go? Go where?” I asked, or tried to. My speech was heavily slurred, my tongue feeling oddly large and heavy in my mouth. I put it down to being groggy and still kind of exhausted from the events of the last few days. “Home of course,” Sean said, as if the question had been completely redundant. “It’s morning, and our plane leaves in a few hours.” That distant part of me that remained clear-headed was now more distant than ever, but it was still there, and, on hearing Sean’s words, it filled with a cautious measure of optimism. Home seemed synonymous with a possibility, however remote, of escape.

Sean turned back to the suitcase and bent over to zip it up, giving me a perfect view of his muscular backside and puckered asshole. He groaned as he straightened, clutching his enormous belly, and gave a loud belch before dragging the suitcase out into the hall. Why was his belly so large, I wondered dimly. Surely he had spawned this morning. It seemed like they were doing that every chance they got. The question fled my mind as Dad swaggered in, completely naked, of course. His tentacle cock hung limp between his thighs, and its fat head smacked his knees as he walked. It seemed to be leaking pre-cum, and from the milky streaks and smears on his knees, lower legs and feet, it appeared to have been doing so for a while. The sight of it, not to mention the smell of it – because I could clearly smell it! –  instantly turned me on. Suddenly, I realized that, unlike yesterday, the feeling brought almost no backlash. I could sense a measure of disgust welling up in that still lucid part of me, but only a measure, and it was so distant that I hardly felt it.

“Rise and shine, Timmy,” Dad ordered. “We’re out of here in a few.” He seemed to be doing a final look-through to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything. That seemed so much like the old Dad that it made me wonder for a moment whether there might after all be something of the man he had been left inside. Was there a still lucid part of him buried deep beneath the sadistic creature into which he had been transformed, its impulses occasionally breaking through to the surface?

“Yeff, Dad,” I answered reflexively, my tongue still feeling way too large for my mouth. Dad turned to me and smiled, another one of those cruel, lascivious smiles. The look he gave me drove away any thought of part of the old Dad somehow remaining inside. “Tongue feeling a bit heavy this morning, son?” he asked, as one might ask ‘sleep well last night?’ I nodded. “Excellent, you’re coming along nicely. I knew you would. It’s definitely time to head home.” I immediately got a sinking feeling and wanted to ask what he meant by that, but I didn’t think I could get the words out. In any event, he didn’t give me the chance. Turning, he swaggered out of the room. “Looks good in here,” he called out. “Nothing left behind, except for Timmy, who’ll be up in a minute.”

Dad’s order had left me with no choice. I slowly got to my feet. Standing felt more awkward than ever. My muscles and joints were strangely soar, not painfully so, but it felt as if I had had a rigorous work out. I cringed. I supposed, in a way, I had. The soreness, though, was especially acute in my arms, chest and groin. Looking down, I found that my arms and shoulders bulged with new muscle, and that my arms appeared to have grown longer. I didn’t have time to wonder how. If the question had time to take form, it was immediately driven from my mind when my eyes made sense of what was obscuring my view of my feet: two humps the size of half-melons bulging from my chest, and capped by fleshy protrusions so long and thick they almost looked more like teats than nipples. What the….!? How…!?

When I had recovered sufficiently to part and look passed them down to my groin, I found a monstrously long bat of a thing dangling in front of testicles almost larger than Dad’s. it was still very much phallic in shape, but it looked oddly smooth, its head having almost merged seamlessly with the shaft. Stranger and more horrifying still, my cock no longer seemed to be growing from the middle of my groin. Its base seemed to have moved over to one side a little. Beside it, an engorged helmet-like shape that looked very much like a second cock-head seemed to be growing out.

I stared in shock at my new body. “Timmy! Here boy!” Dad called, as if I really were a dog. His summons sent a jolt through me, as my body moved to obey. My arms dropped to my sides, as I shuffled with some difficulty on two legs out of the room.

Stepping out into the hall, I found Logan wearing a backpack, a ball cap, sandals and nothing else. His belly was as large as Sean’s, and he smelled ready to spawn. The scent of his readiness made my mouth water. I couldn’t help myself. My mouth opened and drool began running out one side and down my chin. Logan’s eyes widened as he took in my new body, his idiot’s grin giving way to open lust, as he reached for my newly enlarged pecs and nipples. “Wow,” he breathed. “Your almost ready. Almost ready.” The look in his eyes was creepy as all hell. His lips parted, and he seemed to be on the verge of bringing them to my right nipple when Dad walked back into the hall from the bathroom with Sean in tow.

Sean was dressed, or rather un-dressed, like Logan, wearing nothing but sandals, a baseball cap and a backpack. His stomach was the size of a beach ball. Dad wore only sandals, a backpack and his designer sunglasses. The streaks of semen on his legs once again drew my attention, and the steady trickle of drool running from my mouth thickened. “Hey! Hands off Timmy,” Dad ordered. “There’s no time for that now. We need to get down to the dock.”

“Aw,” Logan grumbled, as he released my pecs and took a step back, lust still etched on his face. Dad was holding a second backpack in one hand. it took my own lust-addled mind a moment to recognize it as mine. “Here, Timmy,” he said, lifting it toward me, “this one’s yours.” With some difficulty, I slipped my sore, elongated arms through the straps, Dad, Sean and Logan grinning as they watched me struggle. “Ok, everyone, let’s go,” Dad said, when I was finally ready. He casually cupped one of Logan’s ass cheeks in one hand and one of Sean’s in the other. Logan and Sean reciprocated, each cupping one of Dad’s oversized ass cheeks as they headed down the stairs.  I struggled to follow on two legs.

“We can dress in the boat on the way over to the mainland,” I heard Dad say in answer to a question from Logan that I didn’t catch, as we made our way down toward the dock. This puzzled me at first, when I suddenly remembered Cal and Jay. I had pretty much forgotten all about the hot but creepy father and son crew who had ferried us over. The events of the boat ride over and of the tour through the house suddenly came back to me, and, despite the fog still crowding my mind, a long-overdue light-bulb finally went on. I wasn’t too shocked when we got to the dock to find them waiting for us smiling  and stark naked except for their life-jackets, broad-brimmed hats and sandals. Between Cal’s muscular thighs hung a tentacle cock exactly like Dad’s, and between Jay’s was a big, wet pussy. Jay looked heavily pregnant. Dad, Sean and Logan grinned broadly on catching sight of them, not the least bit surprised to see them like this. Clearly, they had known what to expect, which explained why we had walked down to the dock naked.

Smiling, Jay stepped toward Dad, hands on his hips, and stuck out his enormous, bulging belly.  The sight of him standing like that, naked, fashion-model good-looking and muscular as he was, distended belly full of eggs ready for insemination, immediately turned me on. It clearly had the same effect on Dad. Grinning lasciviously, Dad practically growled, as he threw his backpack down onto the sand. “Ah yeah! Come here, boy,” he breathed, stepping up to Jay and groping at his bloated stomach, before unceremoniously plunging his tentacle cock into his cunt. Jay cried out with a mix of surprise and pleasure, as Dad grabbed hold of him by the hips and started pistoning.

Meanwhile, with stomachs so large they looked about ready to burst, Sean and Logan stepped up to Cal, who looked mighty pleased. “Well, well,” he drawled, “two of you at once, huh. Come to big daddy Cal.”  He slid his hands over their enormous bellies all the way down to their groins, and stuck a finger into each of them. They moaned and groaned, as they dropped their backpacks to the sand. He pulled his finger from Sean and snaked his cock into his pussy even as he kept finger fucking Logan. I watched all this with growing desperation to get involved, to stick my tongue in somewhere. The desire came too violently for me to put up any kind of fight. My body felt hot, as if I were going into heat. My backpack slipped off, and I felt my knees buckle. I had an overwhelming urge to squat down like a monkey or an ape. I fought that urge for a brief moment only, before finally giving in and letting my knuckles hit the sand. Whatever instinct had hold of me was far too strong to fight. My tongue lolled out of my mouth and I started to drool copiously.

Dad roared and started cumming. Panting like a dog dying of thirst, tongue out and a ribbon of drool dangling from my chin, I loped like an ape over to Dad and Jay on my knuckles, and waited eagerly. Dad’s enormous balls contracted visibly with every load he pumped into Jay, who cried out in ecstasy as a massive orgasm wracked his body. After several minutes, Jay’s moaning and Dad’s grunting and roaring finally died down, and Dad slowly pulled out of Jay. He smiled when he turned and noticed me there, squatting to attention, like a dog waiting for his master to feed him. “Good boy, Timmy,” he said, as he pushed his tentacle-cock into my waiting mouth. I sucked away as if my life depended on it, but he didn’t let me suck for long. “Clean out Jay and help him spawn,” he ordered, as he yanked his dong from my desperate mouth, and slapped Jay’s muscular ass like you might do with a piece of livestock. I wanted to say “yes, sir,” or “yes, Daddy,” but all that came out was some decidedly bestial grunting and panting, as I plunged my face into Jay’s waiting slit, still wet and dripping with his juices and Dad’s cooling sperm.

Jay gasped and moaned, as my tongue went in deep, too deep. It was clearly longer than it had been. The thought flitted at the edge of my consciousness but soon slipped away as the pleasure of eating out Jay consumed me. Jay cried out again as he pressed my head into his crotch. His knees buckling, he started to lower down into a squat as he groaned and moaned. I kept my face firmly buried in his cunt, going so far as to lie flat on the sand and, finally, flipping over onto my back when he had reached a full squat so that he was effectively sitting on my face. That’s when I felt the first of his eggs begin to push out. He raised himself slightly and I reluctantly withdrew my tongue as he gave a high pitched shriek of ecstasy and pushed out the first of his eggs, which plopped down into my waiting mouth. I spit it out, letting it roll down to the side of my face and into the sand just on time to receive a second one, and then a third and a fourth. On it went. I lost count of how many he laid before Dad called me over to Sean. “Timmy, here boy, come take care of your big bro.”

Jay wasn’t done, but my body instantly responded to Dad’s order. Leaving Jay squatting in the sand, still moaning and spawning, I loped over to Sean like an ape. He was already on all fours, groaning, his belly so large it almost touched the sand beneath him. I slid under him and he lay down on me as best he could so that we were in a kind of sixty-nine position, his cunt on my face. The scene with Jay pretty much repeated itself. I shot my elongated tongue as deep into him as I could manage, as he writhed on top of me until he finally started to cry out and spawn. Like Jay, he laid his eggs right into my mouth.

The eggs were still coming when I heard Cal and Logan reach orgasm off to my right. A moment later, Dad ordered Sean to let me out from under him, which he did by shifting over to one side. He remained on all fours, moaning and groaning, as eggs continued to plop out of him into the soft white sand. I found Cal looking satisfied, hands on his hips, as his son, who had at last finished spawning,  cleaned off his tentacle cock. Logan was on all fours, belly so large it hung low over the sand. “Here, Timmy,” Dad said, slapping Logan’s ass. “Give your bro some tongue.” Long tongue hanging out, strands of drool dangling from my chin, I huffed and grunted like an ape, as I lurched over to Logan. Squatting behind him, I open my mouth and felt my long tongue snake out and into his pussy. Logan was so full of eggs he was about to burst. He cried out almost immediately, and started spawning, his eggs soon forming a sizable pile in the sand between his muscular thighs. When he was done, I fell back onto my ass in the sand, breathing hard, tongue still lolling out of my mouth, drool running down my chin.

Dad laughed and padded me on the head. “Well done, boy,” he said, as if talking to a dog, “very well done.” I sat there in the sand, panting like an exhausted dog, unable to produce anything more intelligent than a grunt in response. All five of them looked down at me, laughing sadistically.

A good ten minutes later, after all of the eggs had been packed up and all the gear loaded into the boat, I still had trouble getting to my feet and walking on two legs. It took me a few steps before I felt steady enough to reach the boat, and even then, I had an urge to get back down onto my knuckles and lope like an ape.

I sat down heavily on one of the ledges in the boat and struggled to keep my tongue in my mouth, to keep myself from panting and drooling. Cal laughed as he mussed my hair. “Well, well, it’s been a while since we’ve seen one of these, eh son?”

“Yup,” Jay replied. His six pack had returned, but he still sounded a bit winded. “The last group didn’t have one. Said they were gonna have to turn a cousin.”

“Well, well, lucky cousin,” Dad said, laughing delightedly, as he took his turn at running a hand through my hair. I was too tired to register the comment. If my mind had been clearer, I would have been able to put two and two together and known what to expect. But as it was, I struggled to even remember where we were going.

Things got better after we reached land again, said our goodbyes to Cal and Jay, and everyone put clothes on. Dad dawned the bulky Bermuda shorts and sleeveless T from yesterday, probably the only clothes he had that at least obscured the obscenely big bulge at his crotch. Sean and Logan put their artificial crotch pieces back on and dawned shorts and tank tops. I would have done the same but found that none of my old clothes fit me. My arms were so long, my shoulders were so bulky, and my newly bulging pecs stretched the material so absurdly taught that I looked as inhuman as I felt. “That won’t do, son,” Dad said, as he simply cut me out of the clothes I had struggled to put on. He helped me slip into something several sizes too large for me, and then had me sit in a wheelchair that Cal and Jay had provided.

“What’s that for?” Logan asked, pointing at the wheelchair. “He’s already too far into his transformation to pass as fully human. We’ll have to pass him off as having some kind of physical and mental disability. Cal provided some medical papers we can use if someone starts asking questions. Distantly, that still lucid part of me cried out in despair, as it felt a possible avenue for escape begin to close. Sure enough, we passed check after check at the airport without difficulty. My one feable attempt to get help earned me a “Quiet boy!” from Dad, whispered sharply in one ear. My body obeyed, and that was that.

It wasn’t long before Sean and Logan started growing again, their stomachs gradually beginning to bulge with a new batch of eggs ready for Dad to fertilize. By the time our flight landed, their bellies were so large that their tank tops had begun to ride up over their belly buttons. They looked quite simply like a couple of pregnant men, young, muscular pregnant men. Their growing readiness for insemination in turn affected Dad, whose crotch began to wriggle and writhe uncontrollably in his shorts, as he cast ever more lust-filled glances their way. Naturally, the scent of all three of them in heat plunged me right back into the thick of things as far as my mental fog was concerned.

Anyone taking a good look at us couldn’t possibly fail to notice that something was seriously amiss. If the two muscular young men who looked pregnant wasn’t a give-away, the incredibly creepy way Dad was looking at them together with the movement at his crotch really should have been. If they somehow missed all that, there was always me, with my growing pecs looking more and more like breasts, even through the baggy shirt I was wearing, my too-long arms, and my indability to speak due to my ever-lengthening tongue. Airports, however, are busy places. It’s amazing how many odd characters you can spot if you stop to people watch for long enough. If we got a few strange looks, no one stopped us. We found our car, which we had left at the airport before leaving for our too-good-to-be-true family vacation at the beach, and drove away without incident.

Dad sat me in the back between Logan and Sean, who wasted no time getting their hands into my shorts and up my shirt. They groped at my growing pec-breasts, tug on my growing nipple-teats, and pumped my cocks – because, yes, I now seemed to have two cocks. The one was still smaller than the other, but it seemed to be growing fast. I remembered that Dad had grown two tentacle-cocks when the Cephalani had first turned him. Was I turning into that? Into what Dad had called a stage 2 slave? The question fled from my mind as quickly as it had formed. Logan soon had my larger cock down his throat, as Sean sucked on one of my nipples. Spikes of erotic pleasure shot through me, and all I could do was moan, as I started drooling again.

I was so distracted by my brothers’ ministrations that I never noticed where we were going, that Dad wasn’t taking us back to our house. “Ok, boys, let Timmy go,” Dad ordered when the car finally glided to a stop. Sean and Logan obeyed very reluctantly. I couldn’t stop a plaintiff whine from escaping my lips. Dad chuckled. “Don’t worry, boy,” he said. “You’ll soon have plenty of that, more than you can take in fact.”

When I stepped out of the car, I immediately fell to my knuckles, apparently no longer able to stand on two legs unaided. Dad, Sean and Logan all laughed, as they left me behind and walked toward the house. “Escape! Now! Escape!” that still lucid part of me screamed. But before I could even consider acting on its distant cry, Dad called. “Timmy – here boy!” My body obeyed, and I loped forward over the grass like an ape. As I did, I looked up at the house that stood in front of me and blinked. It was familiar but not my house, or was it? The mental fog made it hard to think, but… no. As I stared at the house, I was certain it wasn’t mine. So where was I? Why was this house familiar? The answer hoverd at the edge of thought, and it seemed about to break through when the front door opened. A figure stood in the shadows just beyond its threshold.

 “Yo! Ya’ll made it!” a familiar voice exclaimed, as Dad, Sean and Logan entered, exchanging warm and familiar greetings with their host. I followed and heard that distant, clear-minded part of me cry out in despair yet again when the door closed behind us with a soft thud. “We made it in the nick of time,” Dad said. “Timmy’s transformation progressed more quickly than we expected.”

“Yeah, the process is remarkably quick,” our host replied. “We found that out ourselves.” Before he could elaborate, Sean moaned impatiently. “How about some cum, cuz. We’re about ready to burst.” Cuz? I looked up to see my cousin Tanner standing in the hall, ridiculously muscular and completely naked, hands on his hips, massive tentacle cock writhing between his legs in front of a huge, low-hanging ball sack. Behind him, just as muscular and just as naked, but sporting swollen pussies and pregnant bellies, stood my Uncle Matt, Tanner’s Dad and my own Dad’s brother, and Matt’s other son, my cousin Kevin. “Hey there, bro, Kevin,” Dad said to them, as they stepped toward him. “You two look… mmmm…. delicious,” he breathed, pushing fingers into each of their cunts. Matt and Kevin groaned as they clutched their bellies full of eggs. Tanner greeted Sean and Logan in the same way. “Let’s move over to the living room,” Tanner suggested, hands already up to the wrists inside Sean and Logan, whose eyes were rolling back into their heads with pleasure.

As he guided Sean and Logan through to the livingroom after Dad, Matt and Kevin, Tanner gave a sharp whistle. “Johnny! Here boy!” he called. “Come say hi to your bro, Timmy. We’re gonna need  you both real soon.” There was the sound of something heavy lumbering down the hall, and then, he appeared. He came forward walking on his knuckles, arms bigger than my thighs. “A gorilla?” my fog-addled brain thought, until he came closer and I recognized my oldest brother John; John who had been house-sitting for Uncle Matt and his sons while they were on the island; John who had been here when they had returned transformed; John whose own transformation into their slave had probably been already well underway when we boarded our flights south what seemed like an eternity ago.

His eyes were completely empty, vacant gaze betraying not so much as a flicker of intelligence. His mouth was too wide, inhumanly long tongue lolling out, as he panted like a happy puppy, saliva hanging from his chin. His body was massive and muscular and had taken on the overall shape of a gorilla, with gargantuan shoulders, elongated arms bulging with muscle, and equally muscular but shortened and bow-shaped legs. The most horrifying part, however, was his torso and groin. Between those inhumanly long and muscular arms, right where his pecs should have been, hung two enormous udder-like breasts the size of water-melons, capped by teats shaped vaguely like large cocks. Between his thighs hung a ball sack so large it looked more like a gord-shaped udder than like a scrotum. At his groin, right in front of the udder between his legs, dangled two long, thick cock-like teats similar to the ones capping his udder-breasts. Looking at me with his empty eyes, he panted excitedly like the dumbest of dogs. As that distant, still lucid part of me let out its final cry of despair, I opened my own gaping maw and reciprocated, panting with anticipation at what was to come.

* * * * * * *

This story will conclude with Part 4, where Tim will return to the island with his family and discover what a stage 3 slave is.


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