A Family Eggsperiment

Published: Jun 13th, 2016
Last Edit: Dec 7th, 2016


A scientist turns his troublesome sons into very happy, oversexed, egg-laying machines for the summer. Pleased with the success of his experiment, he then decides to find out if they can be bred.


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All characters in this story are over 18.


Brad Colton threw himself on the bail of hay, laughing hysterically. “Did you see his face!?” he gasped between bouts of laughter. His twin brother, Scott, was laughing just as hard, as he flopped down on a bail of hay opposite his brother. He could only nodd. “Ahhh! My hair!” Brad exclaimed, mimicking his older brother’s cry after he had tried to apply what he had thought was shampoo to his hair. “I’ll get you for this!” Scott mimicked in turn. They laughed and laughed. It took quite a while for their spasms of laughter to finally die down.


There were few things the Colton twins enjoyed more than pranking their older brother, and this particular prank had gone as well as either of them could have hoped. It would be at least a week before Todd managed to wash all the green out of his hair. Oh sure, they’d get in trouble for it, but it was worth it. Yes, definitely worth it!


After catching his breath, Brad wondered idly why they had run into the barn. The day was hot and sticky, so much so that he and Scott were both bear-chested, wearing only sandals and shorts. Hay was already sticking to his skin, which had become damp with the sweat of their escape from the house after Todd had started yelling. They hadn’t stop running until they had reached the barn. They hadn’t been running from Todd, of course. He had been wet and naked, and was in any case no match for them. Brad and Scott  played on the High School football team and were both nearly 6 feet of solid muscle. Tall, stick-thin, nerdy Todd was the one who had inherited the brains and who was bound to follow in their parents’ footsteps, become a vet and take over the management of their family’s experimental farm.


No, they hadn’t been running from him. They had run knowing that sooner or later, Todd’s yelling would bring their mother. She had been working in the greenhouse, but had likely heard the commotion from the house. So they had run to one of the barns on the far side of the main property.


Scott too had bits of straw and dust sticking to his back and arms, where he had made contact with the hay. He seemed to notice this at the same time as Brad did, and Brad knew that he was thinking the same thing he was. This was, of course, nothing unusual. Brad and Scott had that strange ability to read each other’s thoughts that so many twins seemed to have. “Fuck, we’re full of straw,” Scott said. “We should wash up.”


“Yeah,” Brad agreed, “but we can’t go back to the house, at least not just yet, and not only because Todd is probably still in the shower trying to wash the green out of his hair.” Scott chuckled. “Let’s take a dip in the creek,” he suggested. Since Brad had been about to suggest the same thing, he readily agreed, and the brothers headed for the small creek that ran through a wooded area of their family’s farm near the chicken coops. They had seen each other naked more times than either of them could count, so neither hesitated before stripping and diving into the cool, crystalline water.


They swam and splashed for a good half hour before relaxing in the dappled shade on one of the large flat rocks that dotted the shores of the creek. Idly, Brad cast an eye over his brother’s body. He admired it, not at all in a sexual manner of course, but as one might admire any object of unusual aesthetic beauty. Scott’s bronzed skin was perfectly smooth, and his black hair, still wet from their swim, fell in lush bands across his forehead, nearly reaching his deep, dark eyes. His sharp jaw line and high cheek bones made him look at once masculine and boyish. His body was heavily muscled, with strong pecs, biceps, shoulders, legs and buttocks, but it was all perfectly proportionate, and the size and shape of his manhood completed the perfect picture. Brad was, of course, aware that admiring his brother like that was more than a little narcissistic since they were, after all, identical twins, and both kept in the same great shape. But he couldn’t help it. He was proud of how good they both looked and, as he caught Scott casting a wondering eye over his own muscular frame, he knew that his brother felt the same way.


They both dozed for a time and reminisced some more about their latest prank before finally slipping back into their shorts and heading up to the house. But as they came out of the woods and passed the cluster of buildings that held the chicken coops, they heard a sharp, angry voice call: “Brad! Scott!” They turned to find their mother standing in the doorway to a barn-like building that held feed and supplies for the chickens and the great refrigerators where the eggs were stored.


Carla Delano – she had never taken her husband’s name – was a woman best described as handsome. Her short dark hair and strong features gave her a strangely boyish look. She was by no means bad-looking, but conventionally feminine she was not, something the jeans and plaid flannel shirt she presently wore only seemed to underscore. That said, as far as their mediteranean good looks were concerned, Brad and Scott took after her side of the family.


“Hey Mom!” Brad called back, giving her his most charming smile. “What’s up?”


“I need your help with the chicken coops…. You’re brother was going to help me, but now he’s busy washing the green out of his hair, so you two jokers will have to take his place.” She seemed annoyed but not overly so. Brad and Scott looked at one another, both wondering the same thing. Could it be that easy? Is she just going to let this one slide? “Sure, Mom,” Scott said. “Happy to help.”


“For a change,” Carla muttered, as she turned and headed inside. Brad and Scott gave each other another puzzled look. Shrugging, they followed and found her standing in the middle of the barn. On the far wall behind her, a door stood open, a door neither Brad nor Scott had ever noticed before. Whatever lay beyond it stood shrouded in shadow. “The new bags of that experimental feed your father wants us to give to the chickens are in there,” she said, pointing to the door and the darkened room beyond. “Pick up a couple of bags each and meet me at the chicken coops.” Their mother’s tone was brusque and strongly suggested that refusing was not an option.


Wary of angering her, Brad and Scott did as told. But when they entered the room, they found it empty. Stranger still, it didn’t look like a room so much as a large utility closet of some kind, with smooth metal walls, a smooth metal ceiling and floor. They both blinked and looked around in confusion for a moment before turning back toward the door only to find it slamming shut in their faces. “What the…?” Brad said, confused. “Mom?”  Scott asked. “What’s going on?” His only answer was a soft hissing sound. It took them a moment to realize that it was the sound of gas being pumped into the small room. That realization barely had time to sink in before they both passed out.


* * *


When Brad awoke for the first time, he found that his vision was blurry. All he could see was light, bright light shining straight down into his eyes. He was fairly certain that he was lying down, but he felt strangely disconnected from his body.


‘I must be dreaming,’ he thought. ‘But what kind of dream is this? Where am I?’ He heard some distant voices, and dimly recognized his mother’s voice, his father’s voice, and that of his older brother. “It will be completely reversible and the data I will collect will be invaluable,” he heard his father say. “And besides, they need to be taught a lesson.” He heard his brother say something that sounded like emphatic agreement. “As long as its reversible,” he heard his mother say, “because if it turns out not to be, we’ll have a lot of explaining to do.” ‘What were they talking about,’ he wondered, as the dream began to slip away.


When next he woke, his vision was still blurry but the bright lights were gone and he was no longer lying down. He was sitting, reclining actually in what felt like one of those chairs dentists use. His upper body was mostly upright, but his legs stretched out in front of him at a 90 degree angle to his body. His arms lay on the chair’s armrests, but, for some reason, he couldn’t move them. He seemed able to flex his muscles though, and he eventually realized that he couldn’t move his arms because they were secured to the arm rests at the wrists. 


‘What’s going on?’ he wondered. ‘Where am I? Am I still dreaming?’ As he tugged at whatever restraints prevented him from moving his arms and felt them bite a little into the skin of his wrists, he found that he was indeed awake. Moving his legs proved no easier than moving his arms. His legs too were bound to whatever contraption of a chair he was sitting in. Looking down, he found that he was naked from the waste down except for a thin, white cloth draped across his groin so as to cover his privates, which felt strangely numb. His belly looked bloated, and his whole lower abdomen felt uncomfortably cramped.


Slowly, bewilderment gave way to worry, particularly once his vision began to clear and he realized that he was in his father’s experimental laboratory on the farm. A long, narrow metallic table lined the wall directly in front of him, and on it sat an array of instruments, some surgical-looking, along with a lap-top and what looked like a stack of x-rays. The lap-top was on but the screen saver – a hallmark moment of the whole family on vacation at Disney World – was active.


Slowly, he tried turning his head, first to the right. The movement made something shift against the sides of his face and the top of his scalp, as if something were stuck to those parts of his head. ‘Wires?’ he wondered dimly. Then he noticed the IV unit connected to his right arm. ‘What happened to me? Was I in an accident?’


That’s when he heard soft groaning coming from his left. Slowly, he turned his head. Again, he felt that strange sensation of something attached to the top of his head and to the sides of his face in front of his ears, shifting slightly as he turned. He wondered again what that might be when he saw…. Well, it took him a moment to understand exactly what it was he was seeing.


A muscular young man was strapped into a chair, his arms bound to the arm-rests, his legs outstretched in front of him and bound to leg-rests. He was naked except for a thin, white cloth covering his privates, and his rounded belly bulged beneath his muscular chest, making him look like he was in the early stages of pregnancy. His hair was black and…. And it was Scott! Or was it? Yes. Yes – it was Scott, but there was something strange about his head, something red sitting on top of it, and something attached to his face, two things actually – red flaps of skin running along the sides of his face in front of his ears and dangling down well passed his jaw line. It took Brad a moment to recognize the crest and wattles of a chicken. It looked like someone had played a practical joke on Scott while he had been passed out, attaching those red things to his face and head. And since he could feel something hanging from his own face, and sitting on his own head, that someone had probably played the same joke on him. Todd, obviously. It had to be! Who else! What a sick bastered. He was busy pranking them while they were sick and in… in Dad’s lab. Wait – why were they in Dad’s lab? If they were sick, or if they had had an accident, why weren’t they in the hospital?


Scott opened his eyes and blinked as he stared in confusion at Brad, then at the IV unit attached to his arm, and then back at Brad. He was probably asking himself the same questions Brad was. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but nothing came out except a kind of high-pitched wheeze. Brad tried to speak and found the mother of all frogs lodged in his throat. He replied with a wheeze of his own.


Just as he was about to make a second attempt at speaking, a door opened, and their mother walked in, followed by Todd. Both were clad in white lab coats. Carla only spared her sons a brief, dismissive glance before turning to the lap-top, hitting a key, and entering the password. She checked her watch and started typing. Todd, however, looked from one to the other and back again, one corner of his mouth twitching into a vicious smile. “Well, well, you’re finally awake,” he said. “Now we can proceed with Phase 2.”


“Ph-Phase 2?” Scott croaked, finally able to speak. His voice was gruff and horse. “Yeah, and what happened to us? What’s going on?” Brad put in. He had wanted to put more fight in the question, but his voice was just as horse and weak as his brother’s. “What’s going on,” said Todd, “is that Mom, Dad and I are sick and tired of the two of you lazing about with nothing better to do than play video games and prank me. Oh, I’m sorry,” he added, “you also spend hours pumping iron and admiring yourselves in the mirror while you eat like horses. Meanwhile, other guys your age around these parts are responsible enough to get a summer job….”


‘What the hell is this?’ Brad thought. ‘What’s he on about?’


“Look, can we please talk about this later,” Scott said weakly. “Why are we tied to these chairs, and why did you stick this stuff on our faces?” Todd’s predatory smile broadened, as if he had hoped one of them would ask him just that. A chill crept up Brad’s spine. “May I tell them, mother?” he asked, his gaze shifting hungrily from Brad to Scott and back. Carla briefly looked up from the computer screen and checked her watch again, appearing strangely disinterested. “If you really must gloat, Todd, I suppose you should do it now. Your father will be along shortly to see them through to Phase 2, and, after that, they won’t be able to understand what you’re saying. ” What!? thought Brad. What the hell is she talking about? From the anxious look on Scott’s face, he could tell his brother was wondering the same thing.


“This, guys,” Todd continued, still grinning viciously, “is where you start giving back a little, well, a lot actually. Mom and Dad have been working on a special mutagen, and we needed some subjects to test it out. Guess who’s volunteering.” Brad and Scott gaped incredulously at their brother for a long, tense moment. Then they smiled – first Brad and then Scott. As usual, they had read each other’s minds. “I see,” Brad said, “this is some kind of weird prank meant to teach us a lesson.” It made sense, after all. No way would their own parents run strange experiments on them. And yet, some part of him remained unconvinced. Why were they hooked up to IV units. More importantly, why was he naked, why did his belly feel so bloated and uncomfortable, and why did he generally feel like he had just been run over by a bus.


“No, boys, I’m afraid not,” Todd said. “This is no prank. We infused your DNA with that of a chicken, one of our best egg-hens, and everything seems to be working according to plan. Well, almost everything. We didn’t expect you to grow a crest and wattles, but that’s neither here nor there. Your insides have mutated as we expected them to.” He reached out a hand to pad their bloated stomachs, mouth twisted in a cruel smile. Both boys gasped at the strange erotic shiver that shot up their spines at his touch. Todd’s grin widened. “In fact, it looks like your new bodies have already produced the first batch of eggs,” he announced. “Congrats, guys, you both now have the working reproductive system of a common chicken and will be spending the rest of the summer laying eggs for us, an enormous number of eggs, actually. We’re turning you into veritable egg-laying machines, very motivated egg-laying machines. You see – we’ve connected your egg-production to your sexual pleasure centers. You should experience very strong orgasms every time you lay eggs, orgasms so strong and pleasurable that you’ll want to experience them over and over and over again, particularly once we’re done brainwashing you. And every time you climax, you’ll produce eggs, perfectly good chicken eggs.”


“Well, that’s the theory, anyway,” Carla said, finaly looking up from her computer again. Oddly, Brad felt himself relax. This was simply too ridiculous. If they wanted to scare them, they should have come up with something more believable. They were doing a good job of keeping straight faces, though, particularly Mom. She looked dead serious. “Ok, ok,” Scott said, apparently reading Brad’s mind. “We get it. Pranking Todd like that was a stupid, immature thing to do. We promise not to do it again. We probably deserved all this, but enough’s enough. We’ve learned our lesson.”


“Yeah,” Brad agreed. “You can untie us now and give us our clothes back.” Their mother gave them a look that chilled them both to the bone. She looked exasperated but also a little sad. I wish there were another way, that look seemed to say. Todd, meanwhile, just looked more and more pleased with himself. He stepped forward and yanked away the sheets that covered their pelvic areas. Brad and Scott both looked down at their groins, which they could only just see passed the bulge of their bellies, and blinked, and then blinked again, and then, in unison, they screamed. “What the fuck!!! My dick!!! Where’s my dick!!! Where are my balls…!!!”


Between their masculine, heavily muscled, football player thighs, where they had always had a cock and balls, a pretty big cock and pretty big balls, was… well, what looked like a vagina, a big, smooth, somewhat swollen vagina, with something that looked like a kind of thermometer sticking out of it. Todd yanked out the thing stuck in Brad’s slit, and Carla yanked out the thing from Scott’s. The boys both gasped at the sudden, pleasurable sensation that shot through their weary bodies like an electric current. “Brad’s definitely ready,” said Todd, examining the small stick-like object, which, Brad realized through the fog of shock, looked like something out of a home pregnancy test kit. “Scott is too,” Carla said, as she threw the small stick like object into the trash and reached into a small box sitting on a shelf above the metallic table. She drew out a thick, pale, oblong object a good 9 feet long and pressed something at its base. It began to buzz and vibrate. “We may as well get this over with,” she said, turning to a horrified-looking Scott. Smiling smugly, Todd nodded as he threw out the stick that had been in Brad’s slit and grabbed a second vibrator from the box, just as big as the one Carla was holding. “Let’s see if Dad’s little experiment was a success,” he said, as he turned on the vibrator he was holding and entered a command into the computer with his ungloved hand.


Eyes wide, mouths agape, still clearly in shock, Brad and Scott gasped, as the leg-rests they were strapped to suddenly began to rise, pulling their legs up and out a little until they described a wide V. As their legs were spread, they both felt a rush of cold air against their new vaginas, now fully exposed.


Brad stared at his older brother in horror and complete disbelief. As Todd approached, vibrator in hand and moving toward his groin, he found his voice again. “St-St-Stop! No - wait! Stop!” Brad cried out as much in anger as in humiliation and fear, as his big bro slowly pushed the vibrator into the swollen, gaping vagina that had replaced his cock and balls. “Get the fuck away from me! Stop! No! Ah ah ah! Stop! Ah ah ah ah! No! Ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah!”


As soon as Todd penetrated Brad’s slit and the vibrator started to do its work, a wave of pleasure unlike anything he had ever felt surged through him, and, despite his protests and his anxiety having given way to full blown panic, more kept coming with every thrust, push and poke. His mind seemed to go blank with every new wave of pleasure, leaving him momentarily able to concentrate on nothing else.


Scott fared no better. “Mom! What the fuck! Please! No! Stop!” he had started crying out, but as his mother began prodding his pussy and manipulating his clit with the vibrator, his desperate protests soon degenerated into a serous of obscene gasps and moans. “Ah ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah!” was soon the only sound he could make. His mother gradually pushed in deeper and deeper until she could finally fit the entire vibrator into her son’s new cunt.


“Scott is certainly very open,” Carla said, with a chilling casualness. “Yes, so is Brad, and he’s clearly enjoying this,” Todd  said, grinning like a schoolboy at Christmas, as he pushed deep into his younger brother, eliciting more desperate gasps and moans, even as Brad’s features remained writhen in shock. “It shouldn’t be much longer before they climax.”


Brad had ceased his protests and abandoned any attempt to get his brother to stop fucking him with that vibrator. He could feel something inside of him building and building, yearning to be released, and with it, control over his mind and body weakening. Desperately, he fought to stay in control.  The effort left him wide-eyed and gritting his teeth, unable to do anything but hiss and moan and cry out, as waves of pleasure wracked his body. Had he been able to look over at his brother, he would have found Scott looking much the same, jaws clenched and eyes like a deer caught in headlights, instinctively fighting to hold back what was coming and stay in control.


Finally, Scott felt something move in his lower abdomen, and an instinct too strong to resist took over and all but ordered him to push. As he did, he felt his mind snap, and he let out a mighty “paw-kawk! pawk pawk paw-kawk! paw-kawk! paw-kawk!” Startled, Brad looked over at his brother only to see his mother pull the vibrator out of his cunt as jet after jet of what looked a lot like sperm came spewing out of Scott. More horrifying still, the sperm was followed, or maybe accompanied, by a brown chicken’s egg slowly pushing its way out. His mother caught it as Scott expelled it from his cunt, and it was soon followed by another and another, as Scott kept clucking and squawking like… like… wel, like a chicken having an orgasm.


The sight of his brother, eyes vacant, legs in the air, squawking uncontrollably like a chicken in heat as he spewed sperm from his cunt – his cunt! – and laid eggs –eggs! – shattered Brad’s concentration. He felt something move in his own nether-regions, something in his mind snap, and he let out a mighty “pa-kawk! pawk-pawk-paw-kawk! Pa-kawk! Pa-kawk!” of his own, as the most incredible orgasm wracked him and he started cumming. Todd pulled out the vibrator and stepped back just on time to avoid getting splattered by the first jet of cum to spew from his cunt. There wre several more before his nether regions contracted, and he laid his first egg, which Todd caught before it fell to the ground. It was followed by three more, and with each one, the bulge of his belly seemed to decrease in size. “Four! He laid four!” Todd called out triumphantly as he grinned from ear to ear. “It works! It really works!”


Once Brad and Scott had finished laying their first batch of eggs, Carla dumped the vibrators, now wet with her sons’ fluids, in the sink and immediately returned to typing at the computer, doubtless inputing the results of their twisted little experiment. Todd, however, took a moment to admire his handy work: his bratty twin brothers, legs splayed wide, cunts still dripping with cum between those muscular thighs, staring straight ahead of them, eyes completely blank, and still clucking – “pawk pawk pawk pawk. Pawk pawk pawk pawk….” – apparently unable to stop. He wondered whether Phase 2 was even necessary. Had their minds snapped completely? Were they already gone?


They were still clucking softly when their father, Brian, entered the room, also clad in a white lab-coat. Tall and lean, with a boyish face, bright green eyes, and a head of thick sandy brown hair, Brian Colton looked much younger than his age. He always smiled, and always seemed to be brimming with energy and confidence. Brian was a smart man, a certifiable genius actually, and he knew it.


He gave a strangely beatific smile when he saw his twin sons, legs in the air, wet cunts instead of dicks between their thighs, eyes vacant, clucking like chickens. He gave his wife and oldest son, who had just demonstrated the effectiveness of his new brainwashing technique, the same smile.


Todd excitedly showed him the eggs Brad and Scott had just laid and gave him a run-down of just how successful the experiment had been. Although Brian had watched it all through the laptop’s camera, he made a good show of listening and expressed his delight that all had gone according to plan. “Yes, the mutagen has affected their minds, but they will soon regain their faculties,” he confirmed in response to Todd’s question about whether Phase 2 was even necessary.”While we wait for them to come around, let me see the data….”


As the waves of pleasure from his multiple orgasms finally began to ebb, Brad’s mind began to revert back to normal, and he felt himself regaining control. Only then was he at last able to stop clucking. When he did, he found his father, mother and brother with their backs to him, peering intently at the lap-top on the table. He found that he had been disconnected from the IV unit, and, looking over at his brother, he found him still staring straight ahead, eyes wide and vacant, clucking softly – “pawk pawk pawk pawk pawk pawk pawk….” The sight of his twin brother with that vacant look in his wide eyes, those wattles on his face, that crest on his head, legs splayed wide – happily, he couldn’t see what lay between them from where he sat – clucking like a chicken, chased away what little now remained of the incredible sensation that had gripped his body a few moments ago. In fact, the sight of Scott made him look down at himself, at what now sat at his groin, which he could see more clearly now that the bulge of his belly had disappeared and been replaced by the hard muscle of his old toned stomach. His groin and thighs were both splattered with cum. It made him sick and triggered a new wave of panic. Real! This was real! But how!? How could it be real!? And how could their own parents and brother do this to them!?


A moment more and Scott’s clucking finally died down and ceased altogether. Brad looked over again and found Scott looking at him. He had clearly regained control and now looked as panicked as Brad felt. “Ah, it looks like they’ve come around,” Brian said, turning to his sons with an eerily self-assured smile. Their mother and brother turned as well. Brad and Scott suddenly felt more vulnerable and exposed than ever. They both would have given anything to be able to lower their legs and close them, to hide what now sat between them.


“Bradly? Scott? Can you understand me?” Brian asked. Neither answered. They both just stared at their father with expressions somewhere between fear, shock and betrayal. Brian frowned. “Oh don’t look at me like that, boys. I needed test subjects. The contribution you’re making to the science of agriculture is absolutely invaluable. In fact, this is going to make us all rich, including you two, because I assure you this is temporary. He walked between them and gripped a muscular shoulder reassuringly in each hand. “We’ll take good care of these big muscles while you’re producing for us, and well before the summer is over, we’ll turn you back into the championship football players you’re destined to become. In fact, I might even be able to… enhance you in certain ways when I convert you back, give you a little something extra to make sure you have more than what it takes to outplay any guy on the field. Now, what do you say to that!?”


A long silence followed as the twins kept staring incredulously at their father, shock and horror etched on their faces. “What did you do with my dick and balls,” Scott finally grumbled, his voice wavering as if he might be on the verge of tears. “Oh they’re just fine, son,” Brian said in a tone that seemed to say ‘oh please! What are you wining about!’ “They’re just inside your body. That’s why you still spew sperm when you orgasm. It’s a technique I call genital inversion. As I said, it’s all temporary and perfectly reversible.”


“Why are you bothering with speeches, Brian?” Carla cut in sharply, sounding annoyed. “They’re a couple of hot-blooded, American farm boys with girls and football on the brain. Nothing you say will convince them that being turned into anthro-egg-hens for the summer is a good thing. So get on with it and end their anxiety already.”


Brian had to hold himself back from smiling. He really had programmed her to perfection. “Of course. You’re right, dear,” he said, managing to sound a little sheepish and to look suitably chastised. “I’m sorry boys, but I promise you’ll enjoy this in the end, enjoy this a great deal, in more ways than one.” He had the nerve to smirk coyly as he reached somewhere behind them – Brad couldn’t see exactly where – to bring forward a strange metallic box-like contraption. It was attached to the end of a long metallic arm, and Brian swung it over to hover just above Scott’s head. Brad had no idea what the hell that was, but he was absolutely certain he wanted it nowhere near him. Scott had the same reaction. Suddenly looking panicked, he found his voice again. “Dad!? No, please, wait!,” he pleaded. “I’ll be good! I promise! I’ll do anything you want! Just change me back! Please! Plea….” His words were cut off when his father lowered the metallic box onto his head. The box covered everything from his neck on up. Brad could no longer make out Scott’s words, but he could hear muffled cries from within the box, could tell that his brother was still pleading to be let go. Scott’s hands and feet twisted and twitched as he pulled frantically at his restraints. “Oh calm down, son,” Brian said, sounding almost annoyed at the fuss Scott was making. “This won’t hurt one bit and will only take a minute.”


Brad finally overcame his shock and found his own voice again. “Dad, no, please! Don’t do this to him! He’s your son! Your own son for crying out loud!” But his father ignored him. He pressed a series of buttons on one side of the strange box, and it whirred to life with a hiss and a hum. “Mom, please! Do something!” he begged. But his mother didn’t even look up from the computer. “It’s for your own good, Bradly,” she said matter-of-factly. 


In desperation, he turned to Todd only to find him still grinning from ear to ear. “Don’t worry, bro,” Todd said in a tone of mock reassurance, “The hypnotizer, that’s what we call this baby” – he pointed to the box that had swallowed Scott’s head – “produces a mutagenic gas that triggers changes in your brain to make you more receptive to its hypnotic messaging. Right now, it’s telling Scotty that he’s not a man but an anthro-chicken, that his singular purpose is to lay eggs for us, and that he loves laying eggs and wants nothing more. It’s also providing him with a set of instructions as to how to behave as an anthro-chicken, which includes only being able to communicate with squawks and clucks. In other words, once this little beauty has done its job,” he patted the box affectionately, “you two will be brainless, squawking, clucking, very happy, egg-laying machines for the rest of the summer.”


Brad stared at his brother, incredulous. He desperately wanted to believe that what Todd had just said was completely impossible, but Scott had already gone quiet. His hands and feet still twitched a little, but he was noticeably more relaxed and had stopped pulling at his restraints, as the contraption’s mechanism hummed away. Brad’s panic suddenly vanished and was replaced with red, hot anger. “You fucking lunatics!” he cried, pulling so hard at his restraints that the chair-like contraption into which he was strapped groaned and creaked. “You monsters! Let him go and change us back! Change us back now or I swear I’ll… I’ll… I’ll kill you! I’ll fucking kill you!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, as tears stung his eyes.


Todd seemed momentarily taken aback by the virulence of Brad’s protests and actually took a step back. But his malicious smile quickly returned when Brian, who remained focused on the hypnotizer and appeared completely oblivious to his son’s outburst, placidly announced: “He’s ready!” That also stopped Brad mid-insult and prompted Carla to look up from the computer.


Brian pressed a series of buttons on the side of the hypnotizer. It hissed as if gas were being sucked up, and the soft hum of its mechanism died down. Brian lifted the thing up and swung it over to a spot right above Brad’s head. But Brad barely noticed. His attention, like everyone else’s, was riveted on his brother.


Scott had gone rigid. He was staring blankly ahead of him, eyes wide as if completely stunned. He looked like he had earlier, when they had laid those eggs, except that the irises of his eyes were now a vivid yellow, like those of a chicken. That alone sent a chill down Brad’s spine.


“Scott? Son? Can you hear me?” Brian asked. There was no response. Scott remained perfectly immobile. “Scotty!” Brad called. “Bro! It’s me, Brad. Can you hear me!? Talk to me, bro! Please – talk to me!” Suddenly, Scott blinked and, with a sharp, jerking motion turned his head to look at Brad. Brad recoiled as wide, yellow eyes, completely alien and devoid of any trace of his brother, peered curiously into his own. Scott opened his mouth as if to speak, but all that came out was a sharp “Paw-kawk!” With more abrupt jerks of the head, Scott turned to look at his father, and then at Todd and his mother. He gave an inquisitive “pawk pa-kawk?” with each jerk of his head. His movements were so abrupt that the wattles on his face waggled wildly every time he turned. “Pawk pawk pa-kawk! pawk pawk pa-kawk! pawk pawk pa-kawk!” was all he seemed able to say, and from the blank look in his eyes, there was clearly no body home. Well, nobody but a chicken. Brad was too stunned to speak.


Their father, on the other hand, looked incredibly pleased. “Excellent! It seems to have worked!” he exclaimed, clapping Scott on one of his muscular shoulders. “Todd, help me untie him and get him up.” Scott kept clucking blithely away – pawk pawk pawk, pawk pawk pawk – as Brian and Todd worked to open his restraints. Once he was free, they helped him to his feet. Seeing his brother standing there naked, with his flawless, heavily muscled, hyper-masculine body, and a wet, swollen pussy still dribbling cum between his legs where his dick and balls should have been, made Brad’s stomach lurch again, and it was all he could do not to throw up.


Scott looked unsteady for a moment as a puzzled look came over his face, as if he were trying to remember what he was supposed to do next. Then, his body seemed to spasm. With more sharp, jerking motions, he pushed out his big, muscular ass, stuck out his well-muscled chest, folded his arms against his body, bunched his fingers together and pointed them downward like miniature wings, and started strutting around the lab, bobbing his head and clucking with every step: “Pawk pawk pa-kawk. Pawk pawk pa-kawk.”


Brad watched, eyes wide with horror. “What… what the fuck have you done to him!?” he gasped. “What have you done to my brother!?” They all ignored him. “Todd – why don’t you take our new anthro-chicken over to our new hen-house,” Brian said. “With pleasure, Dad,” Todd replied, laughing savagely as he slipped a black leather collar around Scott’s neck and slapped him hard on his naked, muscular ass. “Paw-kawk!” Scott shrieked at the smack, and flapped his arms a couple of times as he strutted out of Brad’s line of sight. Todd followed. The sounds of a hand slapping skin followed immediately by a sharp, surprised-sounding “Paw-kawk!” echoed again and again from somewhere behind him, growing fainter every time.


Anger surged again through Brad, but his new string of threats and expletives was cut off and reduced to angry mumbles as his father brought the hypnotizer down on his head with one quick motion. Brad struggled furiously but to no avail. The hypnotizer whirred back to life, and, gradually, his protests grew weaker and weaker, until, at last, he stopped struggling all together.


Inside the hypnotizer, even as Brad struggled furiously to free himself, the air quickly filled with a strange, sweet-smelling gas. Had he remembered what Todd had told him, he might have at least tried holding his breath for a while. But he was too agitated, desperately struggling to break his restraints, and still yelling insults at the family that had so betrayed him and his twin.


Gradually, in spite of himself, he calmed down as the gas took effect and his mind opened to the message that began to fill his ears and his field of vision: the message that he was an anthro-chicken and that his purpose was to obey his masters, formerly known as his parents, and to lay eggs for them, as many as he possibly could. He was to achieve this goal by pleasuring his extraordinarily sensitive new vagina using any of a number of methods. The first one was his brother Scott’s own beautiful body, for which he suddenly began to feel an intense attraction, as an image of his brother, naked, muscular, and strutting like a chicken, appeared before his eyes. Brad felt his cunt moisten. More images followed – images of various dildo-like devices and of a muscular anthro-chicken-like figure using them to pleasure himself, and he felt his cunt moisten still further.


Then came images of the hole over which he was to squat when laying eggs, and instructions on how a good anthro-chicken behaved. Anthro-chickens walked by strutting, could not use hands, and had no arms. The limbs at his sides were in fact nothing more than vestigial wings to be flapped when he felt excited or agitated. Anthro-chickens could only communicate by squawking and clucking and had no thoughts of their own, other than looking forward to pleasuring themselves and their fellow anthro-chickens, and, of course, to laying more eggs. Feeding occurred by placing one’s mouth on a spout like the one shown and drinking the liquid that came out when the button atop the spout was pressed with the nose. Anthro-chickens consumed no solids, so they never shat, they only sweated and urinated, and all urinating was to be done by squatting over a large, trough-shaped urinal like the one depicted. Finally, once a day, anthro-chickens washed by standing under a rainfall showerhead, which they activated with their feet.


As these messages sunk in, Brad felt his anger and fear dissipate as his personality, everything he was, retreated into a corner of his mind. At the same time, he felt his knew anthro-chicken self slowly solidify and take control of his body. Once his anger and fear were gone, the sensation was, strangely enough, not at all unpleasant. In fact, there was something incredibly liberating about it. That realization was the last that his human mind processed. A moment later, anthro-chicken Brad was firmly in control, and the hypnotizer’s mechanism wound down.


As the strange box, whose origins and function he could suddenly no longer remember, lifted from his head, anthro-chicken Brad took in his surroundings. He knew the humans were his masters, and part of him, a now distant part of him, knew how to make sense of these surroundings, but that part of him was no longer accessible. “Son? Can you hear me?” he heard one of his masters say. It was one of the males. He could not really make sense of the words, but he understood that his master wanted a response, so he clucked – “pawk pawk pa-kawk… pawk-pawk-paw-kawk….” – because that was how an anthro-chicken communicated. His other male master seemed very pleased at this. His female master, however, looked disinterested, and turned back to a strange glowing object on a high horizontal surface.


His male masters did something to whatever was holding his wings in place and his legs in the air, and allowed him to move more freely and get to his feet. He then followed his instructions to the letter, sticking out his ass and chest, folding his arms against his body and bringing what he had once thought of as his hands up to his armpits to form his new wings. Then he began to strut around the room because, well, that was what anthro-chickens did. His masters laughed and exchanged more words that he could not understand, and then placed a round thing that his old self would have recognized as a collar around his neck. One of his male masters, the younger one, slapped his ass. The brief, sharp burst of pain surprised him and anthro-chicken Brad gave a shrill “Pa-kawk!” and flapped his wings, moving quickly away from his younger master. Another slap followed, and another one after that. Each time, he shrieked and hurriedly strutted away, unaware that he was being herded like the animal he now was.


He squawked and flapped his wings as he moved away from the slapping until he finally found himself in what his old self would have recognized as a fairly large room with an observation window along one wall. There, at the other end of the room, was his fellow anthro-chicken, anthro-chicken Scott, looking extremely attractive as he strutted back and forth, squawking and clucking. His muscular glutes in particular attracted anthro chicken Brad, whose cunt immediately began to feel hot and wet.


The sensation at his groin was extremely pleasurable. Clucking, he strutted toward anthro-chicken Scott, whose own cunt began to moisten and dribble a whitish liquid along the inside of his thighs when he caught sight of anthro-chicken Brad. With a series of horny clucks, they greeted each other by rubbing their large, muscular pecs together, and then their wet, swollen cunts, which produced many more pleasurable sensations. Eventually, anthro-chicken Brad managed to get behind anthro chicken Scott and rub his groin, his cunt, against anthro-chicken Scott’s ass, smearing it with the seminal fluids now leaking freely from his slit. Waves of erotic pleasure coursed through him and caused him to squawk furiously. Anthro chicken Scott squawked as well, evidently also receiving much pleasure from their contact.


As they rubbed against each other, squawking and clucking, anthro-chicken Brad felt his stomach gradually grow and bulge outward, until, at last, he felt a movement in his lower abdomen. His new instincts told him what to do. He immediately ceased rubbing his cunt against Anthro-chicken Scott’s behind, which was now soaked with his pre-cum, and hurried toward a horizontal surface a little ways off the ground with two shallow depressions. There was a hole at the center of each one. He stepped onto the platform, squatted over one of the depressions, and with a loud “pa-kawk! pa-kawk! Pawk pawk pa-kawk!”, he climaxed. Orgasm wracked his muscular body as he splattered the surface beneath him as well as his own feet with load after load of cum before pushing several eggs, slick with his cum, out of his slit. They rolled once around the slanted sides of the small depression, now also covered with his sperm, before disappearing down the hole at its center.


Moments later, even as he still squatted over the hole that had swallowed his eggs, clucking softly as his orgasm slowly subsided, anthro-chicken Scott joined him, squatting over the hole beside his. With a loud series of clucks and squawks, he came too, splattering cum everywhere, including a little on Brad’s left foot. He laid several cum-coated eggs of his own, which also quickly disappeared down the hole between his feet.


They continued to squat there side by side, clucking softly, until the after-effects of their orgasm subsided. Once they did, they both suddenly felt very hungry and, once again, their new instincts told them what to do. They strutted over to a far wall from which protruded two spouts. They each took one, pressed the button above it with their noses, and drank the liquid that spilled out. As he drank, Anthro-chicken Brad noticed something out of the corner of his eye, an elongated object shaped like what his old self would have recognized as a large human penis protruding up from the floor in a corner of his enclosure. He recognized it as one of the devices that would allow him to pleasure himself and heat once again flared at his groin. As soon as he had finished feeding, he made straight for the device and squatted down on it. He felt pleasurable sensations as soon as it entered him, but then, once he had settled on it, it whirred to life, beginning to vibrate. As it did so, it stimulated him further. He started clucking and then squawking as a new orgasm began to build and his stomach began to grow again. When he felt that tell-tale movement in his abdomen, he abandoned the device and hurried right back to one of the holes to lay more eggs. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Anthro-chicken Scott taking his place on the strange device, now slick with his fluids, lowering himself onto it just as he had done.


Todd smiled to himself as he watched Scott riding that enormous vibrator, clucking and flapping his arms, and Brad squawking madly as he came again and laid more eggs. This is going to be a great summer, he thought to himself, collecting his brothers eggs, as they came rolling down the shoot. That they were covered in his brother’s semen he never noticed. His own time under the hypnotizer didn’t allow it. After placing the eggs on the conveyer belt that would send them for a good cleaning, he absent-mindedly licked his fingers, as he returned to watching his brothers work toward another orgasm, unaware of being watched by his father.


Brian smiled at the sight of his eldest licking his brothers’ cum off his fingers. His plan was progressing nicely, and it would soon be time to put a new phase of it into action. But first, he would have to observe Scott and Brad to see just how much further their transformations would progress. He had some idea, a firm hypothesis, but since they were the first to go through the process, he simply couldn’t be sure.

Over the next few weeks, Scott and Brad did indeed change in ways Brian had predicted, but there were also a few changes he hadn’t foreseen. As Brian had suspected, their glutes, their thighs and their pecs grew still further, becoming still larger, still more muscular. Their spines also began to curve inward a little, and their necks thickened and lengthened somewhat, as their upper bodies began to lean forward. At the same time, their slits moved back a little toward their anuses. All of this had figured in Brian’s modeling. However, Brian had not predicted that the hair on their heads and on the rest of their bodies would turn to fine feathers of the same colour, nor that their fingers and forearms would grow long wing feathers and end up bearing a closer resemblance to wings than to arms and hands. Another suprising development was the mutation of their feet. Their toes merged into three longer versions of human big toes, and they grew a fourth from the back of their feet just above their heels. The end result was humanoid chicken feet, which appeared to help them maintain their balance as their upper bodies, particularly their big pecs, gained in bulk, causing them to lean more forward as they strutted.

When their changes finally abated, on the whole, they still looked more human than chicken. Except for their crests and waddles, their handsome faces were largely unchanged, and they sported no more feathers on their still bronzed bodies than they had sported hair. Their assholes and cunts also still looked decidedly human, as did their sperm. But their overall shape was more chicken than human, with massive, oversized thighs and glutes, bellies and pecs that looked more like flat breasts; with chicken feet and feathers covering their hands and forearms; and with thickened elongated necks rising straight up from backs that had curved noticeably inward.

Once Brian was satisfied that Scott and Brad’s transformations had stabilized, he put the next phase of his plan into action. He whispered the code word to Todd, the one that had been implanted deep into Todd’s subconscious by the hypnotizer, and he watched as Todd’s jaw went slack and his eyes went blank, indicating that he was now fully under Brian’s control. Brian led him over to his lab, and began the transformation of his eldest son, which went off without a hitch.

When Todd was finally ready, Brian led him over to Scott and Brad’s enclosure. “Come on, this way…. This way, son, this way,” Brian said as he tugged at Todd’s leash. “Paw-kawk! Paw-kawk!” cried Todd, as he strutted along behind his father. He looked exactly like Scott and Brad had immediately after their initial transformation, with three notable differences: the comb on his head was taller; he had grown the tail-feathers of a rooster just above the crack of his enlarged, muscular ass; and, of course, most important of all, he still had his dick and balls. In fact, Todd’s balls were now the size of small oranges, dangling low between his oversized rooster thighs, and Brian had mutated Todd’s dick so that it was now almost a foot and a half long when it was hard. And it was very hard indeed. In fact, it hadn’t softened at all since Brian had removed the hypnotizer from his oldest son’s head.

Brian smiled at the sight of Todd on the end of that leash, yellow eyes staring at him blankly as he clucked and squawked, oversized dick bobbing stiffly with every step and strut. “That’s it, boy, this way,” he said, as he tugged him along toward Brad and Scott’s enclosure. “Time for you to breed your brothers, boy, and see if they can produce chicks.”

“Paw-kawk! Pawk-pawk-paw-kawk!” was all Todd could say, as he strutted along behind his father. When they reached their destination, Brian unhooked the leash, opened the door to Scott and Brad’s enclosure and gave Todd a sharp smack on his oversized ass.”Paw-kawk!” Todd shrieked as he hurriedly strutted into the large room.

Scott was standing in a semi-squat not far from the door, piss flowing in a thick arc behind him and into the large trough that served as a urinal for the twins. Leaning forward like that, with those enormous pec-breasts of his, it was a wonder he simply didn’t topple forward. Brad, meanwhile, was feeding, prominent ass sticking out as he reached forward for the feeding spout.

Both anthro-chickens turned their attention to Todd as he strutted in, even as Todd turned his attention to them. “Paw-kawk, pawk-pawk-paw-kawk….” he clucked, looking back and forth between his younger brothers, as he took in their oversized, heavily mutated anthro-chicken bodies. A thick drop of pre-cum began to glisten at the tip of his engorged cock.

Scott and Brad examined their brother for a long moment, staring at him with those wide, yellow eyes that gave them both a permanently startled look. “Paw-kawk?” Scott clucked with a pitch that made it sound like a question. “Pawk-pawk-pawk-paaawk!” Brad clucked more excitedly, as he turned to face his older brother, a stream of pre-cum spilling out along the inside of his huge anthro-chicken thighs. Scott stared quizzically at his twin for a moment. “Paw-kawk!” he squawked with a note of surprise, as if taken aback by the stream of pre-cum suddenly running along the inside of his own thighs. Todd squawked proudly as he started strutting back and forth, displaying the four long, elegant tail-feathers he had grown, and his massive dick, which bobbed stiffly in front of him.

Scott and Brad started clucking softly, horny clucks advertising their readiness to breed, as they strutted up to their older brother. It wasn’t long before all three were busy rubbing up against each other, Scott and Brad taking turns to lap at the pre-cum oozing from their older brother’s big dick, and Todd taking every opportunity to plunge his face into his siblings’ rear-ends, lapping at the juices leaking from their swollen slits.

Finally, Brad strutted in front of Todd and presented him with his oversized, anthro-chicken ass, squatting a little, in a clear invitation for Todd to mount him. Todd squawked and immediately took Brad up on his offer, or tried to. He kept thrusting wide of the mark, pushing his elongated dick between Brad’s fat thighs, poking at his big belly. Like the good anthro-rooster he was, Todd kept his arms folded like wings against his body, depriving him of the use of his hands to guide his cock into Brad’s wide-open cunt.

Brian smiled, as he put down the laptop he had been using to record his observations. He entered the enclosure, and, like a farmer breeding his livestock, he interceded, grabbing Todd’s big dick and helping guide it into Brad’s pussy. “There we go, boy,” he said. “Right in here…” The reaction when Todd finally thrust into Brad was electric, with both squawking madly: “paw-kawk! pawk-pawk-paw-kawk!”

Brian moved to Todd’s rear, and watched for a moment, as Todd thrust repeatedly and none too gently into Brad. His huge balls swayed and slapped against Brad with every thrust. Brian noticed that Brad’s squawks were quickening faster than Todd’s. As soon as he felt his eggs coming, Brad would obey his programming and tear away from Todd to lay his eggs. If Todd hadn’t cum by then, the opportunity to have Todd inseminate Brad would be lost. Brian grabbed hold of his son’s balls and began to manipulate them to encourage him to cum. He was very soon rewarded by feeling them contract in his hands, as Todd thrust deep into Brad and began to ejaculate with an ear-splitting “cockle-doodle-doo!”

As Todd emptied his balls into Brad, Scott started rubbing up against Brian, clucking and squawking as he stared at him blankly with those empty yellow eyes. “Yeah, boy,” Brian said to his son, caressing his enormous glutes, “don’t you worry, you’re next. You’re big bro’s gonna fill you up real good.” Scott simply kept dumbly clucking away as he rubbed up against Brian, smearing pre-cum from his leaking cunt onto Brian’s jeans. Brian did his best to ignore him, holding on to Todd’s balls, as they kept pumping away.

Todd hadn’t finished cumming when Brad suddenly tore away from his brother and hurriedly strutted toward one of the egg-holes, squatting down over it and climaxing as cum erupted from his cunt all over his legs. Several eggs followed suit, rolling down into the egg-hole between his anthro-chicken feet. Todd meanwhile, remained standing where he was and continued to convulse, several more jets of cum spurting from his dick unassisted (Todd’s arms remained at his sides in accordance with his programming) and landing on the floor before his orgasm finally died down.

Todd’s climax was hardly over before Scott detached himself from Brian and strutted over to Todd, laping at his dick, as cum continued to trickle out of it. Todd’s soft clucking slowly grew in intensity, until Scott finally turned around and presented his large anthro-chicken rear to Todd as Brad had. Todd plunged his face into it, and after a moment of eating out his brother, he was rock-hard once again. With his father’s help, Todd mounted Scott, thrusting in deep. They squawked and clucked as they fucked, as Brian once again manipulated Todd’s testes until he felt them contract in his hands. Todd gave out another triumphant “cockle-doodle-doo!”, thrusting in deep as his sperm began to flow into Scott. As with Brad, Todd was only half done emptying his big balls when Scott tore away with a loud “Paw-kawk! Paw-kawk!” and ran over to one of the egg-holes to lay his eggs.

Brian left Todd standing there in the middle of the enclosure, squawking madly, still convulsing with the force of his orgasm, sperm still spewing from his cock, as he returned to his laptop to record the whole scene in his notes. All that remained was to test the eggs and determine whether Brad and Scott had been successfully bred by Todd. He had no doubt that they had. Once that was confirmed, he would allow Todd’s transformation to run its course and observe their interactions for perhaps another month. Only then would he begin the process of reversing their transformations. Naturally, he would make liberal use of the hypnotizer as he did. They would never quite regain their old personalities, not quite. Once they were human again, they would be eager guinea pigs for his next set of experiments: anthro-cows.



Awesome story that end was cruel... but with all those sperm covered eggs I'm guessing they might be fertilized and are making antro-chicks
Such ability for weaving a tale. I personaly preferred tentacles and eggs, but i can dig this...just hoping and praying for a return to the island. Twins are always a cool concept. The way you pair masculinity with female reproductive organs is intreging.