Journey Through the Cursed Forest

Published: May 21st, 2016
Last Edit: May 22nd, 2016


Kathrin, soon finds out that the cursed forest, near where she is staying for a vacation, is really cursed. (This story might be longer than my usual work, but I just didn't want to make this another two parter)


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One day, in a remote forest, a somewhat young looking man was walking around while talking on his phone. He was pretty well covered, so no one could tell all that much what he looked like, and he would occasionally look back and forth to see if anyone happened to be passing through where he walked. “Are you sure it’s this forest?” He listened intently to the voice on the line. “Yes! Stop being a child and look for the next clue!”  The man scowled at no one in particular and quietly groaned as he moved. “Rams, I’m not to sure about this… I mean this is a sacred land to these natives! Don’t you care about curses?!” The voice sighed loudly on the line. “Look! This stiff is worth more than you and I combined, along with what we make. The boss wants the properties that was said this body could produce!” The man gagged and sighed. “Fine… So after the stone, what’s next?” “You head south till you find the waterfall. There should be a cave behind it, and only after passing a few easy to spot signs, the body should be a piece of cake.” The man sighed again, and turned off his phone. He knew it would be useless since the areas were pretty low on service. Looking down at what he had, he gripped the wheelbarrow tighter and tried to move faster.

Soon, he was finally at the waterfall and began to make his way inside the cave. Once inside the first sign welcomed him. “‘Come to pay your respects to Nashashuk? Please step forward.’ So they guide you?! Do they seriously want you to steal this guy?” Noticing more text underneath, he decided to read it to himself, paranoid of anyone possibly coming to visit. It warned of a curse; that Nashashuk, when alive, had two sides to him. He was a very kind man to his tribe and was even a medicine man. Natives from different tribes had heard how powerful his remedies were and sought to be healed by him. It helped relations between the different tribes, but it was said that he had been going to great lengths to find cures. Nashashuk had been seen, on many occasions, talking to himself, and there were reports of missing patients from him. His popularity had lessened and he soon was banished from certain tribes. Still being the best, his own tribe still tried to be on good terms with him, fearing that he might turn on them otherwise. Reading it all shook the man a little. “I told Rams there’d be a curse or something… This better be fucking worth it!” He walked further towards where the signs led when he came across the last warning.

“Curse: If you are to take his body, a curse will be brought to the land!” He sighed in relief. “It ain’t like I’m gonna be here ever again!” Reassured that he wasn’t going to be hurt or cursed in the process, the man refused to read the rest of the text.

Curse: If you are to take his body, a curse will be brought to the land! As told by Nashashuk himself; whoever shall enter the forest with his body missing from its resting spot, shall be cursed to become lost, in body and mind! Till he is brought back, the curse lives.

The man, after a few minutes, finally found the body. Candles were lit and surrounded the grave, as if guarding him from evil spirits. “What a joke… Curses… Why was I even worried about that? Stuff like that don’t exist.” Quickly, he took out a shovel and started to dig. As if he pressed some magic button. The moment his shovel it the ground, one of the candle’s flames went out.  The man stopped, but only for a second. “Probably just the force of my shovel…”As he continued to dig, and lift the body into the wheel barrow, the man failed to notice shadows moving just below his feet. All the candles had been blown out, but this was not noticed either. What he did notice however were what appeared to be whispers. “wh-…..” the man frowned, thinking, at first, that it was just his imagination. Soon, however, he heard more clear sentences… “Return me… Or curse this land…" The man felt shivers run down his spine, but he had a job to do, and after some hours, soon finished the job.

The next few years were filled with stories of people disappearing into the woods and never being seen again. It was becoming more of a local story, but it eventually made its way around the world by other means… Somehow ignoring or never even hearing the woods’ stories, a woman by the name of Kathrin had made her way near the cursed wood. She had rich dark skin and black hair. Her eyes were a vibrant green, and as she drove, the wind brushed by, making her smile as she noticed the scenery. “Oh wow! This is even better than the pictures!” Ever since she had been on vacation from work, she had wondered where to go. She had a lot of friends, but most of them lived out of state, while others just couldn’t sync up with her days off. Her parents were having a little vacation of their own, and her only other sibling wasn’t too far from where she planned to stay. It was the perfect area. Not long, Kathrin had parked at a hotel near the forest. It had the best offer, and from the pictures of the hotel’s website, it looked really well kept.  “Hello ma’am. Welcome to Orielan Park. Checking in?” Kathrin smile and gave a nod. “Yes, please!” After checking in, she opened up her laptop and began looking at what to do in the town. Nothing appeared to be interesting, until she found an unusually named link.

“Huh? Orielan Park’s curse?” Trying to click on the link, Kathrin begun leaning of the stories told since the disappearance of Nashashuk. “Never to be seen?” Thinking it was just some immature teens or troll, she turned her laptop off and decided to ask anyone about what to do. Once at the lobby, Kathrin noticed that not many people were there. “Um, excuse me?” A worker, a tall and slender man with light skin, but dark features, appeared with a smile. “Hello! What can I help you with?” Kathrin, didn’t think much of what she was going to say. She usually knew and didn’t have to think twice, but something from what she read on the Internet must have intercepted her mind somehow… “What is this I hear about a curse?” Immediately, Kathrin wanted to face palm at her words. “ I-” She stopped as soon as she noticed the expression on the worker changed. His blue eyes, being the only light feature besides his skin, seemed to become lighter. His jaw tensed, and his brow curved with worry, but only for a moment, as if it was a reflex. “Oh! Uh, have you not heard it before? Apparently, that’s the only thing people hear about the town…” Kathrin cocked her head. “Really? Somehow, I managed to let it slip pass me!” So it wasn’t just for younger people. Adults knew about it as well!

After a small talk about the legends, Kathrin finally asked about what to do around the town. Most wasn’t that interesting, and even though there were some cool things, the thought of exploring the forest was becoming more and more tempting throughout the whole day. Even while she slept, she dreamt of running through the forest, and even being near wild animals! When she woke up, she decided to start the day by visiting her older brother, Amal. They were two years apart, but were still pretty close growing up, and even now. When she arrived, they hugged and laughed, talking about how long it had been since they saw one another. They ate a bit and, after a bunch of subjects, they soon began talking about the legend. “Yeah, I heard about that! I was always a little wary when traveling near there." Kathrin gave him a look, as if she couldn't believe that he believed in that stuff. "C'mon Kat, I wouldn't really believe if there wasn't some truth to it! In fact, a friend of mine had wanted to go into that forest to prove nothing happened... But you know..." Kathrin lowered her head "I'm sorry..." After spending more time with her brother, the temptation heightened. Even though Amal told her that he lost a friend, she wasn't convinced. Many people get lost, but all they had to do was go back the way they came.

There had to be a reason why people would stay missing. Maybe people heard about it and used that reason to start a new life or had come to die? Maybe they weren't careful and got eaten. It was a big forest, so it wasn't like people would immediately be found. For the sake of her brother, she decided to not go that day. The next morning, Kathrin woke up from another forest filled dream. This time, a voice had called out to her. "Come to the woods! Come...woods..." trying to keep her mind off of the forest, Kathrin decided to watch some T.V. Unfortunately what came on didn't help her forget. "Reporting live from the opening of the cursed forest of Orielan Park. A dark male has been sighted entering these woods, leaving behind this cell phone. Witnesses say that the male looked to be walking as if injured and that he most likely went in to die there." Kathrin's eyes widened. "Oh my God! God, no! Not him! Not Amal!" Quickly she grabbed her phone and called her brother. The story on the news had changed, so she wouldn't be able to tell if it was really his, but she knew he had a similar phone. Unfortunately, the phone eventually went to voicemail, worrying Kathrin further. She knew that no matter what, she had to enter the forest. Maybe all of what had happened from the moment she got there to now was a sign of some kind.

Once she was at the opening, she tried calling again. It didn't help that the news station had left, but whether or not they were there, she felt as if she had no other choice, but to enter the woods. "Voicemail again..." Taking a deep breath, she grabbed her bag that she brought in case she got lost. It contained a compass, flare gun, a rope, some snacks and a lot of water. With not time to loose she headed into the forest. After walking for miles, she began calling for Amal, thinking she'd have a better chance finding him in the deeper parts of the forest. Then, as if ice had been sliding down her back, her phone rang. She knew that ringtone... Pressing the talk button and putting the phone to her ear, she answered, "H-hello?" A familiar voice soon began talking. "Kat? Are you ok? I just woke up! You called me like twice. What's wrong?" Kathrin face palmed herself. "Yeah, I'm fine... I'm just being an idiot! Hey... Uh-... If you never hear from me again, I just wanted you to know that I love you... And mom and dad..." "Wha- Kat? What's going on?" She shook her head, feeling tears fall down her face. "I-uh... I was watching the news when they talked about a person that sounded like you went into the forest?" the line was silent for a moment. "Oh, God! Kathrin, you didn't!"

"I'm sorry! I was so worried that I couldn't take any chances!" Amal soon sounded like he was sobbing. "Kat... I love you! I should have been awake! I-" Kathrin gave a small sigh. She knew he'd blame himself. "Amal, please! Don't do this. This was all my fault! I should've just gone to your house! Besides... Maybe I'll be the first to find my way out!" Soon, Kathrin hung up and began making her way out. As she walked, she noticed things didn't always look how she'd remember seeing them last. It didn't help that it was getting dark quickly and the wind was blowing. Thinking fast, Kathrin pulled out her sweater that she remembered to pack in case, and put it on. A river soon met her gaze, and Kathrin fell to her knees, knowing she was lost. “No! Shit!” she place her hands onto her closed eyes, and begun to cry. She would be forever lost. The curse was real! She dwelled on this thought for a few minutes, but then, as if some newfound determination came along, she stopped and got up. “No! I can’t give up!” Kathrin took out her compass and map. According to the needle and the map, she found that there was an opening on the west side.

As she walked for several minutes however, the compass began to bug out. It began spinning rapidly, like it was determining where the wind blew. “Really?!” Sighing, Kathrin threw the compass away.  Trying to think of a substitute, she looked at the sky. Everyone knew the sun set in the west, but there was no opening in sight. In fact, there were way too many trees that it was surprising that any light shown at all. Trying to find the side with the most light, Kathrin tried to run, but soon tripped over an undetected branch.  “Wha-?” “Aaaaaaaooooooouuuuuu” Gasping, Kathrin froze in fear. “Was- was that an animal?” She knew now, that finding shelter and a means of protection was the first thing she had to do if she was going to survive. Looking for the river she found before, Kathrin picked up some sharp stones. She laughed a bit as she thought about those survival shows, but went quickly back to searching. After a while, Kathrin noticed how crisp the water looked. She closed her eyes, and began to wind down, listening to the water burble. When she opened her eyes again, she felt her tongue run across her lips. It looked really good. As if in some sort of trance, she knelt down onto all fours, and began slurping the water.

Even though the water looked pretty filthy, it was one of the most delicious and refreshing thing Kathrin felt like she had ever! She smiled and moaned at how good it was, and kept drinking for several minutes, failing to notice someone watching her nearby. The figure begun drawing nearer, sensing Kathrin had let her guard down. Soon, Kathrin felt the presence of something close behind her. Trying to make no sudden movements, she turned slowly and widened her eyes as she realized a wolf was facing her. She didn’t know when, but the next thing Kathrin knew, was that she was being woken up by something licking her. Slowly, she opened her eyes and widened them as she realized the wolf was either kissing her or cleaning her up. The wolf’s tail wagged hard as it licked her contently. Kathrin looked over the wolf, trying to find any possible clues that it could turn hostile, but luckily, nothing stuck out. The wolf seemed to be in a licking fit. Whether it was because of her scent, or the wolf thought of Kathrin as some sort of friend, it kept licking, which it soon began to lick lower. Once she felt it touch her neck, Kathrin blushed and tried to push the wolf’s snout away.

Though it moved a bit, the wolf gained a bit of strength and continued, licking her ear in the process.  Kathrin blushed and was about to push the wolf away more when a feeling suddenly built up letting her allow the wolf to continue. She soon felt her lower regions start to tingle. “Wow…” The wolf soon moved down towards her neck, and Kathrin raised her head in response. It felt so good, and a part of her wanted the feeling to continue; even for it to lick lower on her body. The wolf didn’t stop, and wagged its tail harder as it knew that this girl liked its licking. Snapping out of the trance, Kathrin gasped and pushed the wolf off. She looked down just in time to see his penis recede back into his sheath. “Woah, boy! Get off!” The wolf gave a huff and a scowl, but sat down beside her. Afraid of it attacking her again, she waited for it to leave or even show any sign for her to leave, but nothing happened. Kathrin, seeing that nothing else could be done, went back to collecting rocks. As she did, the wolf would occasionally walk up to her and nudge her.

Flattered, but determined to find sharp rocks, Kathrin would push the wolf back.  After several failed attempts at getting her attention, the wolf tried to lick her again. He started at her neck this time, and with just one, Kathrin fell to her side. She didn’t expect it, and felt weak to the touch. Quickly taking Kathrin’s fall to its advantage, the wolf began licking and sniffing all around Kathrin’s body. He then began sniffing around Kathrin’s vagina. It then tried to hop on her and stick his fully exposed penis where the smell emitted. Since she had pants on, Kathrin pushed the wolf off her again and got up. “No! Look, you’re a pretty wolf, but no!” The wolf whined, but stopped. Back to collecting rocks, Kathrin, had found some really great sharp ones, and began sharpening them further. Then, she began climbing trees and cutting branches to make tools.  All the while, the wolf was close by. As sleep was urging her to stop, Kathrin, began to make herself comfortable in the trees With some wood and leaves, it was comfortable enough to rest on. When she woke up however, she found herself on the ground. Looking around, she noticed the wolf still with her, but luckily he was asleep.

Sighing with relief, Kathrin tried to quietly leave, though it didn’t work out. With the smallest noise, the wolf stirred from it’s slumber and barked at her. Freezing from the noise, the wolf easily caught up with her. Knowing, she had no other option, she sighed with a scowl. “Fine… You can follow me… But no Licking! Whatever you’re doing, that stops!” The wolf cocked his head and continued to follow. Kathrin’s first objective was to find an opening for the sky. It was then the waiting game after that, and then all she had to do was walk in one direction. Soon as her and the wolf had been walking for what felt like an hour, a noise sounded close by. The Kathrin looked around, and let her eyes fall on the wolf. It’s ears moved around, listening intently for the source of the noise, raising his hackles. He soon found it and lowered himself to the ground. He then gave a quick look towards Kathrin and gestured his head, as if he wanted her to follow his lead. Kathrin blushed feeling kind of happy that the wolf was actually looking out for her in whatever situation they were in. After she was on the ground, he then nudged her back, as if telling her to stay.

She crawled back a bit, and watched with admiration as the wolf looked back at where the noise had come from. Still close to the ground, the wolf cautiously made his way closer. It was almost like a cat stalking a bird or squirrel. A smile spread across her face as she watched the wolf run and eventually killed what appeared to be a buck. The stag struggled for a minute or two, but with a quick movement from the wolf, the stag fell limp. “Woah…” Her mouth watered as she saw the blood leave the body, with some even staining the wolf’s muzzle. Kathrin had eaten all of her snacks, so now hunting was all that she could resort to for supporting herself. The wolf, after knowing the deer was dead, begun to return to Kathrin and placed the kill down. “ Uh, yeah! You did it!” The wolf then licked it’s lips and gestured towards the kill. Kathrin cocked her head and was confused at what the wolf wanted. Her stomach growled and then realized it probably wanted her to eat it with him. “Uh… That’s ok… I- uh. I need to make a fire and cook it first!” Kathrin moved a millimeter, but was stopped as the wolf growled and barked after her. Afraid that there was another predator or just some other animal, Kathrin dropped to the ground.

The wolf was quickly at her side with the deer in it’s mouth. He then placed it in front of her and gestured again. She could feel that the wolf wanted to see her eat it, but it was raw. She was sure to get sick if she ate it the way it was. Fear was stronger though, and hesitantly, Kathrin took bite and began to chew. It was horrible for a second, but then it turned into the most delicious thing she had ever eaten. Soon, she began taking more and more bites out of it and looked at the wolf with a smile. The wolf seemed pleased and began eating as well. Once they finished, they began licking themselves clean. Soon Kathrin noticed the wolf wondering off and began to follow him. After a few minutes, they stopped in front of a river. “Oh yeah! I totally need some!” taking off her socks and shoes, she waded into the water a bit and began washing the rest of the blood that was left off her hands. Then, she began to stare into the water. That same feeling she had before washed over her and she began slurping the crisp and cool water. The wolf had returned to her side and started to drink as well. Kathrin noticed it lapping the water and thought it looked fun to try.

After a few attempts, she soon got the hang of it. It was pretty surprising, but she actually kind of liked it better than slurping; it helped savor the great taste. The wolf noticed Kathrin’s new approach and begun panting contently. “I kinda see why you lap up water instead of slurping.” She said with a giggle. The wolf yipped cheerfully and began licking her face. Not thinking too much on it, Kathrin giggled and let the wolf continue. It wasn’t long till the wolf began licking lower on her body again. Another feeling built up, making Kathrin edge closer towards the wolf. The wolf welcomed her, licking her neck and towards her chest. The wolf, having trouble licking Kathrin, began nipping at her shirt. It tore a bit, but surprisingly, Kathrin began taking off her shirt, and even her shorts. Throwing her clothes on dry land, she moved closer for the wolf to continue. He didn’t hesitate and began licking the mounds of her breasts. It began making her vagina tingle. She sighed as she felt the wolf’s tongue tease its way around her cleavage. Kathrin lowered on all fours, and twisted her head in response to wherever the wolf licked.

The wolf soon began sniffing around Kathrin. He could smell something that signaled her small desire. He could tell that a part of her wanted him to further ‘appreciate’ her. His tail wagged and began to walk towards her backside. Sniffing, he could smell some information about her, but the most prominent smell was her sex. Knowing that something was in the way, the wolf started tugging at her panties. Kathrin, though still under some kind of haze, looked back and smiled as her panties slipped. Her tongue soon slipped out the side of her mouth and she began to pant. Once the underwear was out of the way, the wolf stood on it’s hind legs and began poking around with his penis. It was weird to feel it, but it was just enough of a strange experience that it finally snapped Kathrin out of her haze. “Wha-?” Looking back she notice that she was basically naked and the wolf was about to stick his penis into her. “AHHHH! Oh my God! What the fuck?!” Quickly, Kathrin got up and pulled up her panties and ran towards the deeper part of the river.

The wolf wasn’t too far behind and soon was at her side once again. Kathrin, wasting energy just to get away, stopped to catch her breath. The wolf was quickly back to licking her. Knowing that there was not much she could do, she let the wolf continue. “Will I ever lose you?” She scowled. Once she had enough energy, she walked back to the shore, she sat down to put her clothes on. Unfortunately, the wolf wouldn’t leave her alone. It started becoming more infatuated with her face this time, licking to his hearts content.  At one point, she even licked him back, not noticing. It felt so natural, that soon she began doing it more. Realizing what she was doing after several minutes of this, she gasped and covered her mouth.  She rushed towards the river and began lapping it up. Then, Kathrin dunked her face in. “What’s happening to me?!” After a minute, Kathrin turned back, expecting the wolf to be next to her or at least walking towards her. Surprisingly enough, it was still on the ground, and he even turned his head back. As if something was calling to him, he began to wander off. Kathrin, feeling curious, followed and felt off. She was walking normally, but at the same time, it didn’t feel right.

As if off balance, once she was on the shore, Kathrin fell and came to the realization that it felt right. She tried a few times to stand up again, but it soon became uncomfortable. Sighing, Kathrin stayed on all fours and began to follow the wolf. It wasn’t long until she caught up. The wolf began sniffing around and soon enough, he raised his leg and urinated. It made Kathrin realized the last time she went to the bathroom herself. Since there wasn’t any outhouses or anything, Kathrin scowled as how much she had to change. Taking off her clothes again, she walked around on all fours and urinated. Noticing the wolf moving, Kathrin watched as he began urinating on top of where she had just gone. Feeling a little hurt, she felt a rumble built up in her chest. Surprised for a moment, Kathrin began to put back her clothes. The wolf made another attempt at licking her. Not hesitating this time, she began licking back. As they licked one another, Kathrin realized a change in reason for the licks. She could somehow tell that he was proud of what she had accomplished so far. Flattered, Kathrin licked and nudged at the wolf, trying to somehow let him know she appreciated it. The wolf’s tail wagged with delight.

Remembering what Kathrin set out to do, she began searching for an opening in the trees. As they walked however, another creature had come close enough that the wolf could sense it. A growl sounded, and the creature froze. Kathrin, knowing what she had to do this time kept herself low and hidden. The wolf licked her cheek and raised his hackles. It was another quick kill and with no hesitation, Kathrin and the wolf eat together and licked themselves clean. Then, the next thing Kathrin knew, there was pain. Kathrin held herself and began to roll around. “Ahhh! Fuck! Fuck! Shit…” The wolf didn’t know what was wrong and stayed at her side, licking her head. She appreciated his sympathy and gave a lick or two back. Then when it was over, she realized something wasn’t right. As she walked she swore that she felt something moving that wasn’t suppose to be there. Looking back a tail with black fur was wagging contently. She gasped at the sight, and wanted to try and catch it. Instinctly, she tried to use her mouth first, and ran in circles. But after a minute, she realized that she could use her hands and did. It was weird feeling it, and receiving a sensation from a totally knew member on her body.

The wolf whimpered and cocked his head to the side. Kathrin repeated his action and begun panting. “I’m *pant pant* alright!”  They begun to lick one another and wagged their tails. This wolf was growing on her. They continued their walk and after a couple of hours, the light was leaving. Kathrin whimpered at no luck in finding a way out and gasped at her outburst. She felt her tail droop and whimpered more. She was scared at all of these changes but at the same time, she didn’t care too much. It was happening, and there wasn’t any sign that she was going to revert back to her normal self. Looking at the wolf to see what it was doing, she gave a small smile as she watched him urinate. He had been pissing a lot lately. Wondering if it was because he really had to go to the bathroom or because he was marking his territory, Kathrin didn’t mind and soon went after him. Seeing what he’d do, she walked over to where he went and went over it. The wolf looked at her and cocked his head to the side. Kathrin had a feeling of what he was thinking or trying to say, and laughed a bit. The wolf panted and licked her. She licked back, and soon it was time to sleep.

The next morning, Kathrin noticed a couple of changes. One of which was how she was sleeping. When she went to sleep, she was laying on her back in a normal human position. When she woke up, she was on her side, with her limbs splayed out.  The other changes were her limbs altogether. They were that of a dog or wolf and covered in the same black fur as her tail. She whimpered her displeasure and fear. Feeling her tail go between her hind limbs, Kathrin knew there was no point in her clothes and struggled to free herself from them. The rest of herself was still human, but since she would really only be walking on all fours, and no one really dared to go in the forest in the first place, she didn’t care. The wolf had watched the display and whined, concerned for her. Kathrin looked at him and felt the strong urge to lick him, as well as other affectionate actions, to make sure he knew that in a way, she was okay. Nuzzling her, the wolf began the affectionate licks. Kathrin blushed and began licking him back. She tried to speak, even though she knew he wouldn’t really understand, but words started to become difficult to form. She whimpered once more, while the wolf began licking her nose and mouth.

Pains interrupted Kathrin’s anxious mind. Scrunching her face, Kathrin could physically feel her face push out. Like her nose and mouth were being pulled through some type of pipe. The wolf could tell something was wrong and watched with Kathrin as her face soon formed a muzzle.  Putting a paw to it, Kathrin noticed how quickly the fur took over once the change was complete. She shook herself and sat down. What was she to do? It was obvious something was changing her into an animal, and she wouldn’t be left alone until she was an actual wolf or some type of dog. She whimpered, and the wolf nudged and licked her. She licked him back, and soon, she noticed her nose became wicked strong. She stood on all fours and began sniffing the ground. She could tell where the wolf and even herself relieved themselves. Then, something caught the attention of her nose. She hadn’t really paid attention to where she was headed, until she found the source. Looking up, she realized that the wolf’s scent was coming from his penis and was addicting.

Not caring where it came from, she began looking for any clues as to why she liked it. Her tongue soon began gently feeling it. The wolf’s penis began to emerge as a reaction. He panted contently and realized that, though Kathrin wasn’t aware of it herself, she wanted him. His tongue lolled to the side and he began sniffing her backside to see if she was ready to accept him fully.  Her sex soon was the only thing he could find and began licking her. She felt herself blush. ‘Wow! He really loves me!’ She began licking his penis as a sign that she liked him too. Kathrin continued until his penis became a full erection. He couldn’t take it anymore and began to stand, wrapping his legs around Kathrin. Another change had soon occurred, but it was thankfully not painful at all. As the wolf placed his paws on her waist, Kathrin noticed parts of her stomach felt more sensitive than usual. Knowing it meant that she had more nipples, she went back to focusing on the wolf’s appreciation of her. A part of Kathrin knew that this wasn’t right, but she was already becoming one of him, and the rest of her didn’t care. Poking her a bunch like last time, the wolf soon found her newly changed vagina and began to hump her

 It was a totally new experience that she had never thought was possible. She began licking the air as her new private area was being massaged and filled. It sent jolts of pleasure through her body and she began whining from the sensations. Taking it as a signal of hesitation, the wolf grabbed her neck, which soon had a bunch of fur covering it, making it less painful. Then the knot came, almost making Kathrin orgasm on the spot. It was coming and she tried to brace herself. In one big push it was in. She gasped and melted. ‘wow…’ Both of them howled their pleasure, cumming. Once they finished, they licked one another’s muzzles. The wolf then turned so they were facing butt to butt.  Continuing to lick one another, more changes occurred. Once the knot shank and they separated, Kathrin was finally all wolf. She shook herself and looked at the wolf that had been with her since the beginning of her journey. She began sniffing him, as if spotting him for the first time. Immediately she headed for the sheath and began sniffing. Cocking her head to the side, she had smelled herself, but had no idea why.

She then smelled her vagina and could smell him. After a minute of thinking, she began to lick herself clean. The wolf did the same to himself, and after several more minutes, they had sex again. Kathrin then mindlessly cleaned herself and licked the wolf’s muzzle. He licked her back and they soon made their way to the nearest river. Kathrin forgot who she was the moment the last changes had finished. Amal had not heard anything from his sister since that phone call and knew the curse must have taken her. Occasionally he would park just outside the forest’s opening and enjoyed a meal in her memory. Once or twice he’d see a black figure for a second, but before he got a good look, it was gone. 


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