A father's choice

Published: May 14th, 2016
Last Edit: May 14th, 2016


A newly unemployed single father with no other options, tries to make a job, that he had recently found, work out for him. His only daughter is unfortunately affected as well


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I had never thought this was possible… There I was, Greg. A thirty-year-old single father, with an incredible five-year-old daughter named Lyla. Just lost my job and needed some pretty quick cash to help me while I was looking for another job. Unfortunately, I didn’t look like what many services wanted. No matter how hard I tried, I looked like I didn’t give a damn because of my pudginess, and wild curly black hair. I even tried to go to a hairstylist, but they just gave up… Almost like a miracle however, I noticed a help wanted flier flying around the city one windy day. It said that it would take anyone, and the pay looked perfect, so I thought, why not? Since I didn’t really have anyone close to me, who I trusted, I took Lyla with me to the address listed and rang the doorbell.  An intercom buzzed on, and a little screen popped up next to the front door of some type of facility. It really amused my daughter as she gasped and clapped her hands with a smile. Her green eyes almost seemed to glow with happiness. I tried to put on a brave face for her, but my dark brown eyes would’ve gave away how terrified I was. If this somehow didn’t work out, we were screwed.

After the female receptionist and I talked a bit, a buzz sounded and my daughter and I were let in. “Stay close to me my little lilac..” Lyla could tell something inside me was a little worried and nodded. “Ok daddy…” Her tone was soft, and I could see we were in sync. If anything were to happen, I’d do my best to protect her and make sure we would be all right. After we were let in, we were escorted to a white empty room, save for a few chairs and a desk. “Just wait here, and Dr. Calypso will attend to you shortly.” My daughter then looked around and her joyful expression she had before, had turned to fear. “Daddy? What are we doing here anyway?” I tried to be brave for her, but I was just as afraid. The description was pretty vague, saying they just need someone to test on. With a description like that, it felt like it would just be blood work so they had a basis on whatever they were experimenting. I never thought much on it, but I should’ve known better. “I’m sorry sweetie, I don’t really know much myself. I promise you that we’ll be safe and that when this part is over, things will be normal and we’ll forget all about this!” My daughter felt satisfied with that answer and gave me a crooked smile. Smiling back, I heard something on the other side of another door in the room. Weird, since I don’t remember any other doors being here before.

“Well hello there… You must be the person answering my ad! I am Dr. Jerold Calypso!” Shaking his hand, I made the first mistake, ignoring his rather grippy handshake. His demeanor looked a little menacing, but mine was pretty off from how I was, so I didn’t think too much on it. His handshake however almost seemed like he was trying to feel my hand, more than shaking it. Taking my hand back I got a good look at him. He looked like a pretty underweighted guy. Possibly Caribbean or Hispanic, but his eyes looked almost like he was blind. At the same time, it didn’t look at all like he was blind. “Uh, hi… I’m Greg Pierson, and this is my daughter Lyla.” Lyla, with her black straight hair trailing behind, hid between my legs. “Hello, young one!” He said cheerily. Shyly, she said hello back. “I’m sorry to have to tell you this Greg, but I kind of have to talk to you in private… Little one, you can play over there or watch something.” Just like the door he came from, soon a play area and a television appeared. Lyla looked at me, and I gave a reassuring nod. In a little while, I was alone with the Doctor.

“So Greg, I need to give you a brief description of how this job is going to go down. If, at the end of my spiel, you have any objections, you can leave. If you agree and sign, but have second thoughts afterwards, we will keep tabs on you! This is pretty big research we’re dealing with here, so we would appreciate any and all cooperation.” I nodded solemnly. “Ok, tell me the overview.” Missing a suspicious smile, I listened. He told me what seemed like what I thought. I would be administered a bunch of shots and they would be monitoring the results. So it wouldn’t be taking a piece of me and monitoring their own tests, but I would be tested. I was a little wary, but with the money, and not a lot of other options, I knew there wasn’t much else. Reluctantly, I agreed and was immediately brought the paperwork. As I signed, I kept thinking to myself that it was all legal, and ethical, that everything would be okay. It helped, but not with much. Once it was done they offered rides to and from here, as well as even taking care of Lyla’s medical needs. It was very generous, but I knew better than to let these people take care of my daughter. Another thing that I noticed was the scheduling of the time that I would be here taking the shots. My daughter would unfortunately accompany me.

I don’t want her to get involved, but I already signed, so inevitably the first days were the worst since I was only thinking of what my daughter might be thinking. Luckily every time the procedure was over, she would say how they always gave her a snack and let her play with tons of toys. Unfortunately, things didn’t stay happy. One day after a long procedure, I was making dinner when the meat I was cooking almost called to me. I was shocked, as it almost seemed to glow. It looked so good, and immediately I grabbed it with my mouth. I began to chew it almost like it was a chew toy. After a minute I realized what I was doing, and spat it out. “Oh God…” Even if I didn’t want to admit it, it tasted really good… Removing any rational thought in my head, I placed it in a Ziploc bag and hid it away, taking another slab of meat and cooking that instead.  Dinner was mostly uneventful, though Lyla started to eat without her silverware. I didn’t really mind all that much, since she was a kid. She even played pretend thinking she was an animal. I laughed, but after a while, I encouraged her to eat with her fork.

When I went to tuck her into bed however, she got a little fussy. “Daddy? I don’t want the covers tonight…” I nodded and watched surprisingly as she began crawling to the end of the bed. I wouldn’t have mind as much until she circled in a spot and curled up like an animal. Thinking she was still pretending I went to kiss her goodnight when she licked my cheek. I touched my cheek and stared in shock. “Uh honey? Are you okay?” She giggled and nodded. “Yes daddy! I’m just a doggy! Remember?” I gave a weak smiled and nodded. “Okay honey, but you know you’re a human though right?” She gave a little whimper and crawled back to her regular position in bed. “Yes, daddy…” Seeing her disappointed made me feel guilty, but the behavior of her and I today was freaking me out a bit… After, I made my way to bed, and was thinking of what was going on. “Maybe I’m just thinking too much.” I said quietly to myself. Kids always pretend and Lyla did like dogs… This shouldn’t be affecting me as I was letting it.

My dream, however, did little to comfort me. Whether it was my worries or not, I dreamt that I was a dog and Lyla was a puppy. We loved one another, and played in a nice field. When I woke up, I noticed I was curled up on my stomach at the edge of my own bed. I felt anxious and shook myself. “I’m just thinking too much! This is all a coincidence…” Trying to forget my dream, I walked over to Lyla’s room when I noticed she was curled up again on the edge of the bed. I tried to keep my cool. Not only was she a kid and probably doing normal kid stuff, but anyone can get uncomfortable and reposition themselves crazily. Not thinking though, using my hand and even my face, I nuzzled her awake.  “Honey? Lyla? Time to get ready! Daddy has another appointment.” Lyla stretched and squirmed, but eventually, she sat up and smiled. “Okay, daddy…” Kissing her good morning, I felt another lick on my cheek. When our ride came, I thought about if I should talk to the doctors… I knew there wasn’t many changes for me, but they weren’t even doing anything to Lyla and she was the one making changes.

“Welcome back, Greg!” The receptionist greeted me. I nodded nervously, and decided since she was usually keeping an eye on my daughter, that I should ask her about it. “Hey… Uh, Kaley, was it?” She nodded, giving a perky smile. “I need to ask you something… You see my daughter has started to act more like an animal, and I’m probably thinking too much on it since a lot of kids like to play pretend… I’m still worried though. You think that maybe something’s wrong? That maybe she’s having some kind of mental sickness happen or a stress episode?” The receptionist gave a small indication that something was up and politely excused herself. I agreed, and when she returned, had offered us a snack. I forgot to eat breakfast helping my daughter get ready and happily obliged. My daughter, being a child also happily took what looked to be a bowl of chips. I began eating and noticed the receptionist leave. She probably went to go alert the doctors that I finally arrived. Little did I know, something else was happening in another room.

A bunch of doctors were hovering over a screen. “Doctor… I have given them both the formula you requested.” Dr. Calypso smiled. “Good… so you say the formulas we’ve been administering in the child’s food have made her changes more prominent and quick?” The receptionist nodded. “Yes. Subject G said that his daughter has been experiencing some mental shifts.” The doctor massaged his head. “I had not foreseen this… It would make a lot more sense that the father changed first, but maybe that is just because the child is only that. I will make these changes immediately. This time, add a few chew toys and lessen the formula dosage with the girl’s food. I will administer the shots we have already planned for- ‘Greg,’ but I will also offer him refreshments with a stronger formula. At least, they’ll change together…” The receptionist nodded. “You’re a generous man, Dr. Calypso…” She said smiling, and left to reassure Greg that everything was normal for his daughter’s behavior. It seemed to work for him to go on with the day’s treatment.

As the shots were administered and my first snack from the procedure was finished, I began feeling woozy. “Ohhhh….” I grabbed my head with my hand and began feeling little hairs. I tried not to think about it and sat down. “Is everything alright Greg?” I nodded trying to look strong, but I wasn’t very good at convincing him. “Do you want some water?” I nodded. Water sounded great at the moment, and once I saw the doctor return, quickly reached for the cup, that looked a little big. Unfortunately, the doctor was faster and set the cup down. Not caring at the moment, I soon got down on all fours and began lapping up the water. When I finished, my head began clearing up and I realized what I had done.  “Oh my God… Dr. Calypso, I am so sorry! I don’t know what I was thinking!” Surprisingly, he raised his hands and acted like it wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before. “No, no. That’s quite alright… I’ve had more of my fair share of seeing very strange side effects. This will hopefully end in a week or so. Do not worry, everything is going better than expected.” It comforted me a little, but was he implying that more strange things will happen to me?! How could I explain this to Lyla? Once it was time to pick her up however, she seemed to be more absorbed in her imagination than before. Occasionally, she’d walk on all fours and bark at me. She’d still talk to me sometimes and knew who I was, but this was starting to become troubling. In fact, I was acting similar and the only thing they change today was the food they gave me.

I mean, they had given me drinks before, but now I was getting food too, and these ‘breaks’ were becoming more frequent… They wouldn’t be doing something to our food and drinks would they?! When my daughter and I headed into the car, instead of sitting down normally, she jumped in and circled in place till she was curled up. After, she looked up at me like it was perfectly natural. I hesitated, but soon sat down myself and waited for us to arrive. When we did, I tried to remind Lyla that she was a person and that people outside would see her. “Lyla, hun… Remember what I said about us being human?” She gave me a blank stare, and it scared me a bit, but soon she frowned and nodded. “Yes daddy… I don’t know what it is, but right now, it’s hard to remember… I feel good how I am now!” It kind of confused me a bit, but it helped that she understood me and walked normally towards the house. As soon as I closed the door, however, she was back on all fours and begun running around the house that way. It looked very tempting, but I knew that something had to be wrong.

That night, when it was dinnertime, I had heard the doorbell ring. Lyla, surprisingly, began running on all fours towards the door and begun barking; like a dog protecting its territory. “Lyla, please!” I whispered. “Lyla, people don’t do that, love!” She frowned again and slowly walked, still on all fours, towards her room. When I finally opened the door, a man in a suit was at the door. “Hello, Greg. I am Rosco. I have been informed of your situation from Dr. Calypso and was instructed to help you further during this process.” Greg sighed in relief. “Oh thank God! I was worried that I might be in trouble! I mean, when my daughter-” the man interrupted. “No… I’m sorry Greg, but that’s not what I came here for.” The doctor said that strange side effect were starting to happen to you, so I am here to make your food for you and do other errands that you may not be up for!” I looked at what I could from his face since he wore sunglasses. I didn’t know why, but at the time, something didn’t feel right. Being deep in my mind and worrying about Lyla however, kept me from arguing with the Dr.’s order. “Uh- okay then… Sure. I’m not really sure about dinner anyway.” Soon, I began subconsciously panting. It was like my body temperature rose quickly, and lolling my tongue felt like the natural way to help. Boy did it ever, but even though I didn’t notice myself doing it, I went about doing other things around the house that needed my attention.

Soon, I felt the need to use the bathroom. Where I walked to however, wasn’t the bathroom, but in the direction of my backyard! I didn’t really see what was wrong at first. There was a big thick fence surrounding my yard though, so thank God for that. Soon, I got down on all fours and began sniffing. There wasn’t really much to discover since my nose was a regular human nose. All I could smell was dirt, but my body somehow seemed to know which spot was the best. After circling around on the ground, I took off my pants and boxers and began urinating. It felt so natural and once I was done, I noticed my daughter smile at me. She was still on all fours like me and began running towards me. She then started sniffing around where I had just gone and began urinating as well. Unlike me however, she hadn’t taken anything off. When I begun smelling a foul odor I finally snapped back to normal again. “Oh, God! No!” Lyla looked at me and cocked her head to the side. “What’s wrong daddy?” I then got up to a regular standing position and was about to lift her, when I felt off balanced. It didn’t feel right to stand up like a person anymore.

Trying several more times, I then remained on all fours. “Wha-what’s happening?” The man that had come over, soon found us in the backyard. “Ah, There you are, sir!” He then caught whiff of my daughter’s soiled clothes and looked at me. “Can you please change my daughter? I don’t know what’s going on! I tried to pick her up, but it’s like my body doesn’t feel comfortable walking like I used to!” I tried to sound fine, but I was far from it! The man, however, nodded with a smile and picked up my daughter. The way Lyla’s body rested as he picked her up looked really off. As if her bone structure wouldn’t allow her to fall naturally. I began looking behind me and noticed that I was still naked from the waist down. When I thought about putting my clothes back on though, a strong urge had fought to keep me the way I was. No matter what I tried though, the urge won, and I soon learned to ignore it. Soon my daughter had come back to me and I began kissing her. Licking me, I soon felt the urge to lick her back, and that’s just what I did. Lyla began yipping with joy and I smiled at her happiness. For some reason, her behavior didn’t feel like a problem anymore. She was just a normal pup- uh… I paused, realizing what I was just thinking. The label of what we were supposed to be started to become hazy.

Immediately I noticed my panting. When did this start? I felt myself start to panic, whimpering and whining as I was thinking about what was happening. My daughter began whimpering as well and began licking my cheek. I nuzzled her and tried to somehow explain that everything was fine when it wasn’t. I noticed that she was naked from the waste down herself, and an urge began to build, leading me to sniff her backside. Again, since I had a dull human nose, nothing really jumped out, though my body felt some what different. After a while the man opened the door and called for us to eat our dinner. On all fours, we sprinted towards the house and saw the man set our food down in bowls onto the floor. I gave a questioning stare, but the man nodded. “Since you said it’s hard to get off on all fours, I thought it’d help that the food was placed this way.” I felt that that answer was BS, but when I looked back at Lyla, she had no trouble in digging in. It was regular food, which helped me finally eat as well, but as I ate, I looked around. Something was changing! Something felt different! I looked around frantically when it finally hit me. My daughter began looking completely different. I notice a nub of a tail growing and she started looking really hairy, or furry as it seemed to be. Her nose was starting to take a different hue.

All these changes, though slow, happened simultaneously! At first when Lyla begun acting like an animal, I never thought that she’d actually begin to change into one! I whimpered my confusion and fear, and my daughter heard me. She was quickly at my side and I began licking her. There was no second-guessing. Everything was all instinctual, and I had no control. Thinking felt hard and useless, but I tried to fight for my mind. What I was becoming felt right and wrong at the same time. My daughter and I begun licking one another more enthusiastically as our energies became compatible. Even though my humanity was becoming more and more weak, I could still feel that it was happy, that I still considered my daughter, my daughter. Her longer appendage begun wagging rapidly, and in a minute, I felt a new sensation that seemed to follow Lyla’s new member. I looked back to see my own tail wag, with fur covering everything. I tried to talk to Lyla, tell her that I was scared, but happy that we were together, but all I could manage were barks and whimpers. Lyla still managed to understand me some how, and after a moment of whimpering, I suddenly began hearing her voice. “Daddy? I love you too! I don’t want you to be unhappy… What’s the matter? What’s a human?” A part of me felt more frightened now. My tail drooped, but only slightly. My canine side didn’t understand the term either, so it was just as confused as my daughter. “I-… I don’t know, but this nice creature gave us food! Maybe he knows? He seems like a nice creature!”

My daughter gave a smile and yipped. In a few short minutes, we were all dog; mostly mindless, but very loyal dogs. My daughter was very talkative, yipping and barking, but I was silent. I watched my daughter intently, making sure this figure could interact with her, but wary of him making even the smallest mistake. “Greg?” I looked up to the figure, cocking my head to the side. The word this creature used held the very faintest memory within my mind, but was gone in a flash. I looked back at my daughter and soon walked towards her. She looked as if she needed a nap, so with my muzzle, I nipped and held her neck and carried her towards some taller ground in another place. It felt soft under my paws, so I knew it would be perfect. My daughter yawned and quickly curled up. I began licking her, grooming her as she was in a deep sleep. Soon, I yawned myself and rested my head on her body. As I slept, the man came from where we ate and smiled as he called somebody.

“Dr.? Subject G, and his daughter have fully transformed! They look to be fine pair of Kerry blue terriers! … Yes, they are sleeping now.  …  Yes, sir. Right away.” The man, without disturbing us, placed us in the crate, and carried us back to the lab.


Nice one.
thank you very much. I will need time for something like that though :) It's always pretty difficult to come up with a story and kind of make the process some what natural :P
Beautiful writing as per usual. A quaint and sweet tale. I prefer your darker stories and more adult ones.