The Milking Part II

Published: May 2nd, 2016
Last Edit: Mar 29th, 2017


Sky continues to discover the ulterior motives of the dairy facility, including their plans for him.


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Sky woke in a room not much larger than a closet – a janitor’s closet, he might’ve even joked. If he’d been in a state to view imprisonment with lightheartedness.

He opened his eyes to an empty white ceiling, but expelled no further energy in observing the room’s details as he sensed an unfamiliar tightness around his neck. He sat up and brought his hands to his throat. His fingers were tight as he edged them around what felt like an inch-thick piece of plastic. It wound its way entirely around his neck – not constricting his airway, but snug enough to ensure its presence wasn’t forgotten.

Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Sky pulled himself onto his knees, smoothing the plastic with his thumbs to try and discover how the collar was attached.

As he moved, he couldn’t escape the feeling that something was off. Various places on his body were tingling with the same feeling he’d experienced countless times when a leg or arm had fallen asleep. But what next drew his attention also soothed his worry that something more had happened to him – his reflection.

The room was hexagon in shape and, with the exception of one door with a slat in its center, each paneled wall was a floor to ceiling mirror. He looked at the walls and saw himself at five different angles – crouched naked on the floor, his hands to the plastic at his neck. And yes, his nipples were still swollen, but from what he could see, nothing else appeared to be abnormal. Just the strange feeling – almost as if his heart was beating in a different rhythm and his circulation had slowed.

She knocked me out. Who knows with what and for how long. A side effect from the drug or being unconscious. Sky scooted closer to one of the mirrors to examine the collar. There were seven small rivulets on the right side snapped shut and he tried to dig his stiff fingertips between the layers of plastic to pry them –

A swift click as the slat on the door slid away to reveal a paned window. He kept his hands to the collar but looked to see the eyes of the office manager.

“Don’t bother trying to remove it,” she said. “You won’t be able to. Only we’re able to release it.”

“Get it off then!” Sky stumbled to his feet and walked unsteadily to the door. “I want it off and let me out! This is against the law and –”

“You’re not in much of a position to be making demands. I’d lower my tone, if I were you.”

“Fuck tone!” He curled his hand into a fist and slammed it into the door. “Fuck you! Fuck –”

Screeching. An ear-piercing shriek that made his head pound and caused him to clench his teeth with the pain. He fell to his knees and frantically cupped and pulled at his ears, trying to block out the splintering –

And it disappeared.

Sky lowered his hands and took several deep breaths. The mentholated relief of silence.

“Behave.” He looked up and saw the office manager’s stern eyes unchanged. “I hate having to do that, but if you can’t control yourself, I will.”

He wanted the fucking collar removed. He wanted to be released. Being held against his will WAS AGAINST THE LAW. But he kept silent. That noise. That God-awful –

“You know why I hate having to do that? It’s not because it impacts me in the slightest. The noise from the collar is a specific frequency only you can hear.” From the first time he’d met the office manager in the original janitorial interview, she’d never appeared like anything except a complete bitch. The way she dressed, her body language, her facial expressions – an apathetic, OCD, tight-ass. However, the lines around her eyes somewhat softened. “But I don’t like hurting you. I care very deeply about my employees. You’re our most important asset.”

“Well, I quit you stupid bitch. So –”

“No, you don’t quit. Your activities – we’ll call it showing initiative if you like – has made me decide to give you a promotion.”

“I don’t –”

“You already do. And I’m glad to have you aboard. I like enthusiasm. And don’t worry, we’ll have you up to speed in no time.” While he couldn’t see her mouth, her cheeks rose a little higher, indicating her smile.

“I won’t do it!” Sky dropped his voice as her stern look returned. “I mean, I’m sorry okay? You said not to touch the equipment and I did. I was curious, that’s all. Just fire me.”

“And have you go reporting what you’ve seen? Shut us down? We’ve worked very hard to make our operation undetectable.”

“I’ll keep quiet, I promise. Please let me go.”

“No, the risk isn’t worth how valuable you now are to me.” She was smiling again. “About seventy-two hours is all it takes and –”

“Listen, just listen,” he kept his interruption gentle. “I appreciate it, okay? But I just lost control. I’m not interested in being part of this. I –”

“It’s amusing that you seem to think you have a choice in the matter.”

“I don’t… I don’t know what was going through my head, but I don’t want to work with those… things.” Sky swallowed. He waited for his exposed dick to betray him as he imagined himself assisting the rows of cow-hybrids with their daily milking. But oddly, it kept its loyalty and didn’t stir. “They’re disgusting. I don’t –”

As the office manager laughed, the tingling sensations he’d been feeling throughout his body suddenly left. After a millisecond of nothingness, it felt like a rush of adrenalin spread through him. Or rather, through parts of him.

Sky turned to one of the mirrors and sucked in a quick breath. While he felt the subtle shifts all around him, his eyes went first to his chest where the puffiness around his nipples became less pronounced as the skin began to extend. He brought his hands to his chest as the flaps of empty skin grew at least three inches until his nipples hung wilted against his stomach.

“There has to be room for the mass and glands doesn’t there?”

But he barely heard her. Dropping the deflated pouches, he raised his hands to watch in horror as the skin of his little finger fused with that of his ring finger. And his pointer with his middle. Including his thumbs, all three thick digits on each hand curled toward his palm half an inch before stopping – leaving him with malformed claws.

“You really are pretty stupid if you think I’d give you a day operator position. Your capabilities lie elsewhere.”

Sky’s attention left his hands as four small protrusions bubbled up on his abdomen. He brushed the side of a deformed hand against the bumps.

My udder. And the thought didn’t make his cock rise though it might’ve before. The appendage hung flaccid and unmoved. But there was still a reaction from the touch –

“I’m growing an udder,” he said it aloud, feeling his mouth stretch a little wider as the arousal tickled between his legs.

“Yes, yes you are.”

The tingling sensations began again, preparing his body for further changes as he blacked out on the floor of his prison.


“I’ll warn you once, and only once.” The office manager’s voice was near his head as his eyes opened. “If you try to do anything stupid – any aggression, any backtalk, the rest of this visit will proceed with that noise in your ears.”

Sky sat up quickly, but instead of rage there was fear. He glanced around the room in panic. She was there. She and a man in a long white coat. And the mirrors. And the door. Which was open.

He didn’t look at what was left of his hands as he pushed himself off the floor and tried to stand. He’d rush out the door, make it to the outside. To freedom, to a cure, to –

He couldn’t keep balance and fell to his knees. Looking behind him, he saw the same mutilation had taken place on his feet. The toes had fused together and had begun to curl into the bottom of his foot. And God, was that – A four-inch nub of skin had risen from the base of his tailbone.

Just get out! Get out!

Sky scrambled forward on his knees and twisted hands, the pouches of empty skin on his chest flapping as he tried to reach –

The office manager rose and with a few swift steps reached the door and closed it. She shoved a key in the knob, turning it before facing him. He crumpled to the floor.

“That was your one freebie. Don’t misbehave again.” He glanced up at her. She was so much easier to look at than his own body, as she tucked the key in her pocket and gestured to the coated man. “This is our facility’s specialized physician – trained in both human and veterinary sciences. He needs to examine you to ensure you’re developing normally. You’re expected to allow him to do what he needs to complete the examination.”

Sky groaned. He was lying on his side and scrunched his knees to his chest. He could feel the tingling throughout his body – the germination of further tissue reconstruction. Had anything else happened while he’d been out?

“I can’t examine you curled up like that.” A man’s voice.

As Sky’s thighs brushed the four blooms on his abdomen the fluttering between his legs stirred. But he still had his dick – he could feel its solid –

“I need him sitting up on the floor please.”

A sharp screech and he jumped to attention. The noise let off after a second, but it seemed to ring longer in his ears. He trembled and shifted to sit up on the floor. He couldn’t help but back up as the doctor approached, a cloth tape measure in hand. As he hit the mirrored wall, the impact stung the root of his flowering tail.

“Relax, he’s not going to hurt you,” the office manager said. “Remember, you’re too valuable for me to let any harm come to you.”

The doctor mumbled as he crouched and studied Sky’s face. “Nose and mouth coming along nice.” Sky looked past him to the opposite mirrored wall – his mouth did look wider and it appeared his nose was beginning to flatten and flare at the nostrils. His eyes still looked normal, thank God. “Open the mouth please.”

He obeyed and after the doctor grunted approval, ran his tongue along his teeth. The tongue was larger, and he could also feel how his sharp canine teeth were beginning to flatten.

“Hands.” Sky held them out. The doctor palpated around the three curved fingers on each hand. “Can you still move them?”

When he tried to move the fingers, they only wriggled slightly. He bit his lip to keep back the tears.

I probably wouldn’t have even been able to open the doorknob with these things…

“Very good. Now we’ll take a look at the important bits.”

The doctor picked up one of his hanging nipples and held it out. He pinched the end and used the measuring tape with his other hand to assess how far out the skin currently extended.

Previously, any touch to his chest caused immediate erection, let alone the fondling the doctor now did – pulling the skin to test the elasticity, giving his nipples a few gentle tugs. But Sky’s cock was silent. It drooped, withered on the floor even as a pulsating began underneath his testicles where he couldn’t see.

“What’s happening to me?” He let two of the tears roll down his cheeks.

The doctor gave each deflated breast another pull. “You’re on your way to becoming a first rate milk producer.” He turned his face to the office manager. “Don’t put him on the machines tonight. The skin is developing a little fast, so I’d recommend building the mass with some manual pumping first.”

“Pumping?” Sky quivered as the man moved down to perform the same erotic massaging on the swollen buds of his stomach.

“Yes. Coaxes tissue and gland development.” He twisted each of the miniature teats and Sky felt his malformed toes curl a little with how sensitive the area was. The doctor gave a low laugh, again looking to the woman. “This will be a very good producer.”

“Always makes it easier if there’s an internal desire,” the office manager chuckled.

“There’s not. I don’t want this, I –”

Sky moaned and involuntarily, his hips made a thrust forward as the doctor ran a gloved hand between his legs. It felt like the doctor’s fingers were firmly strumming a damp area, and the sticky friction caused him to buck again. Both of them laughed.

“Your vagina says differently.” The doctor withdrew his hand and instead began to press around Sky’s cock and testicles.

“Pussy? I have a pussy?”

“These are on their way to atrophy.” He ignored Sky, releasing his dick. “Give it another few hours and they’ll shrivel right up. And you can also probably begin dilation of the vagina during the manual pumping.” He snapped off his gloves and began to inspect Sky’s feet. “First rate indeed. Both sides of the business too, I’d say.”

“Excellent. Excellent to hear.”

He blocked out their voices. And since the doctor was no longer probing his sensitive areas, he also tried to ignore the feelings at his feet. Sky stared at beginnings of his hoof-hands as the tingling ceased again.

The doctor rocked back on his knees as Sky shut his eyes, grinding his teeth at the octane released. He didn’t need to look – he felt it. The three digits in his hands closing a little tighter together – more individual mobility being lost. He leaned his head back against the wall and to his shame, a groan of pleasure escaped his throat. The baggy nipples shakingly extended a few more inches while the developing length of his teats push outward. Between his legs, he felt a swelling sensation on the outside, but a sinking press to the middle. He scooched his ass further from the mirror wall as the tail curled further.

When the wave passed, he opened his eyes to find himself alone again in the prison.

Sky turned his face to look at himself in one of the mirrored walls.

His eyes had grown darker, and the end of his bristled tail twitched. Most of all though, he stared at his cock – as the doctor has predicted, starting to shrivel. And above it, the four bovine teats that drooped from the beginnings of his swollen udder. He brought his hoof hands to his wide mouth and began to sob as the tingling began again.


Sky was awake the next time someone entered his cell, though he’d been trying to sleep. He’d been lying on his side, as that was the only slightly comfortable position to be in. If he tried to relax on his back, he could feel the pulsating of his new tail. On his stomach, the pressure against his udder tantalized the new area between his legs and he felt the dead cock against his leg. But on his side… If he kept his eyes closed, he could imagine he wasn’t being transformed into a hybrid-cow creature.

He opened his eyes at the sound of the door.

Thankfully, it was neither the office manager or doctor.

“Hello there! It’s nice to see you again!” He watched Abigail shut the door. She didn’t lock it, but did it matter? He fidgeted the remains of his hands without looking at them. Probably not.

She was still dressed in the bathrobe that concealed her bulging breasts and udder. He inhaled sharply, tears beading his eyes as his new moist lips quivered. Apparently it didn’t matter how horrible the situation was – He was still aroused by what was beneath that robe.

They’ll soon be yours. Your own boobs. Massive udder.

“Why so sad?” Abigail set down a large bag she’d been carrying and walked over to him. He watched how she managed to move gracefully on her hooves. When his were fully formed, would he be able to walk again too? With a sway in his step to navigate the engorged udder he carried? The hefty boobs he’d wished for during the first milking –

“I didn’t want this,” he replied.

“Not what I hear.”

“I can’t help how my body reacts. I don’t know what they’ve done to cause this to happen. That’s probably part of it.”

She sat on the floor in front of him, laughing as she tightened her robe. “No, no. The only thing they give you is the transformation agent in the initial injection. It’s suspended in oil so it releases gradually. You wouldn’t act this way unless at least a part of you was enjoying it.”

Sky sat up, the saggy flesh of his boobs swishing across each other. “No, that’s not –”

“Relax. I’m not the manager. You can trust me to let your guard down.” Abigail smiled and drew the wide tongue along her lower lip. “I won’t tell anyone, and I’m just here to help you.”

“Help me?” Thoughts of escape buoyed inside his mind. Maybe she was breaking him out and –

“The doctor ordered manual pumping and dilation. I’m here for that.” He felt his face sink and she frowned a moment. “Well, but if you promise to be good, I’ve also been authorized to remove your collar. Would you like that?”

It was small, but it was something. He nodded. “Please.”

“All right.” She turned and he marveled at her ability to manipulate her flesh hoof to draw back the zipper and remove a small remote control. “I hate these things, they’re never fun.”

Abigail pressed a button on the controller and the rivulets on the side of the collar released. He reached up, but found that his mangled hands were unable to hook the plastic.

“Here, here, let me.” She leaned over and removed it. “And don’t worry, once you get used to the hooves they’re just like hands. They keep them flexible – it’s almost like your fingers are still inside.”  

“Why do they even do it? If it’s just about milking, why the hooves? The tail? The face?” He looked at her cow-ish nose and eyes. This would be him. Soon. He was halfway there already.

“Because it’s not just about that. The milk is critical, yes. But I told you, we also have admirers. The other modifications are for them.”

“So that’s all you do? Get milked and strangers with fetishes fuck you?”

Abigail grinned. She set the open collar and remote on the floor before going back to her bag. “You’ll love it.”

“No, I –”

“Why deny yourself pleasure, hmm? Such a waste of time. Unless your admirer wants you to. Sometimes they ask that – for you to hold back and beg. Those are my favorite, even if I’m pretty bad at doing it.”

Sky watched her withdraw a machine. It looked somewhat like a small steam-cleaning vacuum with a tank to hold the fluid and a flexible hose attached. Rather than taking out a single brush, Abigail removed two large cups from the bag. The cups were larger than those he’d used in the milking room. At least six inches wide all the way around, they were attached to each other and connected to a single adapter. The cow-hybrid began to connect the cup apparatus to the flexible hose.

“This isn’t designed for milking,” she said. “At this stage your skin is too malleable to handle the milking machines – it could tear. We’ll fit these cups over your entire boob and the suction should start drawing the tissue up. Those skin bags look awful.”

“If it’s not for milking, why the tank?”

“You never know when you’ll start.”

Sky was now sitting on his knees, his small udder drooping over his shrinking cock. He silently repeated what she’d said –

“You never know when you’ll start.”

Yes, it was a horrible circumstance technically but… He was going to be milked again. Not the same as before, true. But this machine was going to pump both his breasts and there was the possibility that he might actually produce… He squirmed, feeling the juice from behind his sorry-looking testicles dribble.

Sky flushed with shame as Abigail looked at his exposed genitalia. But she just winked, gently scooping one of his empty boobs into a cup.

“Seriously, get over yourself, honey.”

“I can’t control it, I can’t –”

She flicked a switch on the machine and both cups formed a seal tight to his chest. He moaned, again jutting his hips forward. His udder and numb cock bounced and she chuckled.

“And we’ll take care of this too.”  She abruptly reached forward under his balls and rubbed the tender lips with her hoof.

He couldn’t help the motions he made –

Abdomen jumping forward repeatedly as he bit back how good it felt. Bracing his own hoof hands against the floor though they longed to join her in exploring the new area.

Yes, yes. Oh…

Abigail brought back her hoof accompanied by a loud, sucking motion. “No, you’re not big enough to take my hoof yet. You’ll get there, but we need to practice dilating you first. You’ll hurt yourself otherwise.”

“What, I –”

But he couldn’t finish the sentence. The cow-hybrid had pressed another button and the machine began to pump. He yelped, although the suction was much less forceful than the original milking. The wonderful pulling pressure was focused not on just his nipples, but the entire breast. The strong currents of air seemed to pull from deep within as they pumped and –

“There we go. Now get on your knees. Gravity helps too,” Abigail said.

Sky opened his eyes and looked down through the clear cups. They no longer held deflated skin – from the back, mounds were beginning to form. It was like air was being blown into a balloon. The sight caused more of the pussy fluid to flow.

He felt Abigail’s hoofs above his udder, helping him to get on his knees so his breasts would hang down. He thought of himself at the milking station as he placed his deformed hands on the floor and let the pleasurable suckling take him in. Glancing to the side mirror, he saw himself – on all fours like an animal, boobs growing as his udder dangled alongside the small cock. His tail flicked back and forth. It was too much, far too much.

“Oh, God. It feels so good. So good,” he panted and began to hump the air.

“Yes, I know. But you just wait.”

It was better. Much better than before. He felt like something was actually happening besides his weak little nipples being futilely rung. His chest was emptying. There was growth. Massive growth. He plunged his hips forward and could feel his boobs expanding to fill those cups. His nipples twitching –

He screamed, turning his head to the side. Abigail stood behind him, and with one hoof hand atop his udder, she looked like she was working a cock behind his testicles. He felt her bring the dildo in and out of his new pussy. The beautiful feeling of fullness while it was in, only to feel the hollow, empty hole when she removed it. He wished his lips had suction to keep it in – they were hungry for whatever she was using to fuck him.

“Leave it in! Leave it in, please!” Sky begged.

“Sure, honey, whatever you want.” Abigail stuffed the dildo in and moved her freed hoof to also clasp his udder. “Here, you’ll like this.”

With her hooves on his udder, and the cock filling his pussy, she began to thrust her own hips behind him. And it was as if he wasn’t just performing motions any longer – he was productive. Being fucked and milked like the cow he was becoming.

Sky bowed his head, the tingling sensations fading as he advanced further. He felt the swellings of his boobs as they continued to be pumped, and his fingers and toes closed tighter together. His elongated tail whipped around Abigail’s side. The features of his face shifted. And his udder –

“Ooo, good girl. Good,” Abigail shouted over his moans. “Just feel those nice long teats. You’ll be milking in no time.”

“I’m a cow. A cow being milked.” He didn’t realize he’d said it aloud until she answered.

“That’s right you are. Can you moo for me? Come on, girl. Moo.”

Part of Sky wanted to. He felt it gurgling up from his throat as he ground his udder against Abigail’s hooves. He glanced down at his cupped boobs – now at least the size of a hefty C and thought of his canal earnestly milking the dick she’d plugged him with.

“Come along now.” Abigail squeezed his teats. “Just let it out. A nice, long moo to thank me for milking those big tits of yours.”

He tipped his head back.

The sound rose from deep in his chest, burbling up over his bovine tongue and teeth – a low, garbled bellow. The low of a cow.

“That’s right girl. That’s right.”

Sky bellowed again and again. It just felt so good – the changes, the pumping, the fucking the –

His body stopped the modifications. The tingling returned. But with it also came an awareness.

He glanced to the mirror and saw his reflection again – almost a complete cow-hybrid. His face disfigured. Two large cups sucking his chest. An udder dangling between his legs and a long tail. For God’s sake, he was on all fours being fucked like an animal – squinting, he saw the flared end of the dildo emerging from his vagina.

And above him, the other mutant – her robe finally flung open, her pendulous boobs hung alongside him with their dark, inflated nipples. Her udder was double the size of his, rippling with veins and slapping against his ass as she humped him, drops of milk raining to the floor.

I don’t want this. I don’t want to be this.

He stopped his eager thrusts. He flexed his further deformed hands, feeling a little more mobility in them.

“What’s wrong, honey? I felt you grow some there. You need a larger size now?” Abigail released his udder and backed up slightly. He moaned as she pulled the cock from his pussy. “Don’t worry, I have another bigger one.”

He hesitated as she walked to her bag. Did he dare?

But then he looked down at the large cups still grasping his now D-sized breasts. And he saw near their bottoms by his nipples – a little liquid. White liquid.

No, I’m not a cow.

Sky sat up and pulled the cups from his chest. His boobs thumped to his chest, the weight of them causing his pussy to cream again. He fought the arousal back.  

“Wait, wait you’re not finished –”

He lunged at her, and even though it was only from his knees it caught her enough by surprise that he knocked her down. He pinned her with one arm and frantically pulled the discarded collar over with his hoof hand. The regained malleability was his saving grace as he was able to lock it around her neck.

“What are you doing? No! Help! Help! Hel –”

Although she fought him, the second he touched a red button on the remote control she stopped and began to scream, her hooves covering her ears.

Sky threw aside the remote and clamored off her.

He tried again to stand without success, falling to the floor on his knees.

But it didn’t matter. The door. It was unlocked.

He dragged himself to the door and was able to paw open the knob with his malformed hooves. He crawled into the hallway, Abigail’s shrieks echoing loudly. There was no time to consider it though –

Sky moved as quickly as he could down the hall, his knees burning from the short carpet. There was a door at one end which he again clawed open only to find himself in the receiving area at the facility’s front.

The room was empty except for the receptionist. She began to scream and picked up a phone.

“One’s loose! One’s loose! At the front and hurry!”

He eyed the front door. It was clear glass and the sun was shining through it into the room. There was a long silver bar that had to be pressed for it open. He scrambled desperately toward it and stood on his knees, bringing both his hooves down on the bar. The lock clicked and the door bounced open.

“I told you to behave!”

A sharp bite to his ass. The door closed and darkness again.


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