The Milking

Published: Apr 30th, 2016
Last Edit: Mar 29th, 2017


Janitor discovers that dairy facility’s milk is being produced by hybrids and struggles with the temptation to try their equipment on himself.


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Even though he felt he was above a janitor’s position, when the choice was digging for scraps in restaurant dumpsters or scrubbing toilets, Sky would take the toilets. And after working at the Gentle Shades Dairy Facility for a few weeks, he actually became less resentful and began to enjoy what he did. He didn’t even have to handle the entire building, clean equipment, or see any animals.

There was something zen about only being responsible for menial tasks with instant gratification – sweep floor, change trashcans, mop floor. The reception area out front was his first responsibility, but behind that cozy receiving room there was the wide expanse that stretched on for at least 100 square feet…

“Do the front office right when you get in,” the dairy’s office manager had directed. She’d pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, swiped her ID card through the scanner and held the door for Sky. “But the milking area back here is most important.”

The huge room was like a slightly engorged hallway, and it was sectioned off into small individual stalls by short steel walls. In each booth, a red plush cushion sat on the floor and –

“Do the floor in front of the stations,” she added. “Don’t enter or touch the stations themselves. They contain very technical sensors and machinery, so our day operators clean them down after shifts. When you mop the floor, stay at least five inches back – I don’t want any water getting near them.”

The woman struck him as a person who’d probably take a ruler to the water line in the morning to check, so he’d made a mental note to not give her a reason to fire him – he’d stay eight inches back.

So he had, for weeks now. There was an electrical outlet on either end of the milking area that he’d measured as about eight inches from the booths. Every evening, he was careful to connect outlet to outlet in the smoothest line he could manage as he mopped the entire floor. And the office manager hadn’t complained.

Back and forth across the area with the broom and mop. Sky heeded her instructions to also leave the metallic stalls untouched, but he did wonder about them. There didn’t seem to be any actual contents to the stations other than the red cushions. When he looked into one, in front of the cushion was just a foot-length strip of regular floor followed by a silver plate. Another foot of floor, and then the wall.

Maybe the plate was a door? Something like driving a car in for an oil change – once the cow was in position it opened and they did whatever from underneath? But why the cushion? And where was the other equipment?

I guess they could pull it from above. When he looked at the high ceiling it reminded him of the type seen in a warehouse. Snaked between the beams and hanging pendulum lights were cords, pipes, and machines that he couldn’t identify. They never moved or made any noise, so they didn’t receive further thoughts.

But although a mystery, the unorthodox milking stalls weren’t the strangest aspect of the dairy facility. He wasn’t a country man by any means, but he knew the marked absence of the animals or any sign of them was unusual. Since the other end of the booths was just a wall, the cows had to enter the room by crossing the area he swept and mopped every day. There was the single door connecting the reception area, and two other doors, one on the far right and –

“Don’t bother with the doors,” the office manager had said. “Our day operators take care of the rest of the facility.” She’d given him a sharp look. “And they lock them before you arrive.”

Sky had never tried the doors to see if they were actually locked. The woman probably dusted the handles for fingerprints in the morning. He did wonder many things though – could a cow fit through a regular door? Why didn’t the room smell like animals or a farm? Why had he never had to clean up a pile of shit or piss? And if the “day operators took care of all that” why the fuck did they need a janitor in the first place?

But don’t think about it. It’s a job. Sky finished wiping a cloth along the front counter of the receiving area. He tossed it in his yellow cleaning caddy.  Would you rather wonder about what slime is covering the half-bite of burger you dug out of a trash can? No. Just –

He’d only pulled back his own door a crack, preparing to drag the caddy through. But he froze. In a large open room containing nothing except strange stalls and red cushions, the hinges of another door and footsteps echoed loudly.

The hanging lights flicked on and Sky watched as a figure crossed the expanse from one of the forbidden doors. Its back was to him, clad in what appeared to be a hooded terry cloth bathrobe, and it moved in a walk-skip to a station in the middle of the room. He heard a muttering noise as it reached the stall, and he held his breath to try and make out the words.

“It’s got to be here. If it’s not, I don’t know where else…” It was a higher pitched voice, but definitely not belonging to the office manager. He saw the bathrobed woman crouch and extend what looked like her hand to feel around the base of the booth. “I don’t think I would’ve put –”

“Can I help you find something?”

Sky abandoned the caddy and strode into the milking area. He’d never interacted with a day operator, and more importantly he’d never been directed not to. Perhaps this would satisfy some of his curiosity about the place.

She glanced back at him briefly before continuing her search, and he wasn’t able to catch a glimpse of her face. “Sure. I’m looking for a bracelet. It’s a little gold half-moon type that’s got magnets in both ends. I checked my room and the hall, but I can’t seem to find it.”

“Well, I sweep the place out every night. If it’s here –”

His words broke off as he stopped a few feet from her. From the doorway to the reception area, the features of her uncovered appendages had been a blur. But this close, he found himself rooted to the spot as he stared at her.

This thing walked on two legs. It spoke. But it was not human.

The terrycloth bathrobe came to her calves, which appeared absolutely normal until her ankles. Where the human foot would’ve extended out, what capped the bottom of both her legs appeared to be just two large masses of flesh. Their shape resembled hooves, but he could see from how she shuffled around that they lacked the same density. As she moved, the edges seemed to have a sort of flexibility, gripping the floor somewhat like a suction cup enabling her to keep balance.

And what she used to feel still around the steel wall’s base for the missing item – the arm was normal, but the end in place of the hand was again the pliable flesh hoof.

“What? Did you find it?”

When she turned to him, her face was also strangely mutilated. Her hair under the hood was cropped short and the shape of her head was normal, but the eyes were a dark, animal brown where he couldn’t tell the iris from the pupil. Her nose began at a normal thickness, but it flattened out at the end into two large nostrils. Below the nose, her mouth was far too wide, and when she smiled he could see how her teeth were all flat. It was a terrifying amalgamation of human and cow fused together.

“What is it?” Her smile fell.

After several seconds, Sky cleared his throat and spoke. “What are you?”


“But what are you?”

“I’m a milk producer, I live and work here.”

His eyes trailed down the creature’s covered figure. She had folded her arms across her middle, and from the curves in the bathrobe he could see the outlines of her outsized breasts. It looked like there may have also been another protuberance near her middle.

An udder? He felt his dick harden, which gave him a sick feeling inside. No. It’s her stomach. And it’s not a her. It’s a monster.

“Don’t be afraid.” Abigail opened her mouth and slid her tongue along her lower lip. It was flat and thick, occupying a majority of her mouth. A cow’s tongue. And seeing it run across her lips didn’t assist with his shameful erection. “I’m not going to hurt you. It’s okay. I used to be like you.”

“Used to be like me?” He swallowed. “You weren’t born like this?”

“Definitely not.” She laughed. “I took a job here at Gentle Shades and –”

“As a janitor?” Fear coursed through him. It was like one of those horror movies. He’d been hired with an ulterior motive, to be turned into one of these freaks and –

“No, no. A milk producer. Obviously wasn’t widely advertised – more of a back door thing.”

“So they did this to you?” Sky felt his face twist in disgust.

“Well, yes. But don’t look at me like that. I could be a whore selling my body, picking up STDs left and right, getting arrested, shooting up in back alleys etcetera.” She made a lilting gesture with her hoof. “Or I could let them modify my body and sell its milk capabilities. I not only get money, but I have a nice place to stay and other friends. And the admirers who…” Abigail briefly trailed off, glancing at the obvious bulge in his pants with a smile. “Are fond of those like me, are a lot nicer than hookups on the street.”

He tried to imagine the most nauseating, rancid thing he could think of to cull his hard on. She was revolting. This disfigured, hybrid thing. But there was something about the large boobs, the curiosity of what they looked like, and the possibility of a veined, bulky udder hanging between her legs…

“That would cost you though.” She added. “Big time.”

“Believe me, I’m not interested.” Sky felt his cheeks redden and he looked toward the stall. “Let’s find your bracelet.”

“Thanks.” Abigail turned back and he tried to focus on the covered portions of terry cloth robe – the parts of her that could be just a regular woman. She was a normal human. Lost a bracelet. He’d find it. End of story. “I was at this station today, and that’s where I last saw it.”

“Is it okay to get closer to help you look?”

“I told you I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“No, the station – I was specifically told to stay away from them.”

“Oh, yes you’re fine. I know how they work and…” She lifted her head sharply. “Hey, maybe it slipped off and is caught in the mechanism.”

Sky shrugged.

“I bet that’s it, yes. There’s not a lot of other places it could be hiding,” she said as she crouched again.

He took a step back, watching as she knelt on the red cushion. She placed both her hand-hooves on the strip of floor above the silver plate, and he could see how her breasts would hang directly over the plate if she’d release robe. The silver door slid aside and two clear cups began to rise.

Oh, my God. He felt appalled and turned on at the same time. If she released her robe and lowered her boobs into the cups he didn’t know if he’d be able to stand it. He imagined the cups pulsating and drawing each breast in to wring the milk from it. Would she toss back her head in pleasure? Let out a long, sultry bellow? Strip off the rest of her robe to possibly reveal more – the udder, a tail even, her –

“Found it!” Abigail’s hoof folded under the stem of a cup and fished out a small gold bracelet. “I knew it had to be here. Sometimes things get a little crazy during milking time.”

Sky coughed and studied the floor as she stood. Without the pressure of her body on the cushion, the cups lowered and the silver plate slid across again.

“Great, glad you found it,” he said.

“Thanks for your help.” From her shadow, he saw her hook the bracelet above her wrist. “I guess I’ll see you around.”


He wanted her to walk away, but she remained. However, as aroused as he was he felt he couldn’t look at her again.

Just go. Please just go away. I’ll forget about any of this happening and –

“You know, they don’t have cameras in here,” Abigail said after a few seconds. “You should try it some time. If that sort of thing is what you like.”

“Try what?” Was she referring to sex with her? With one of her kind? The thought of others… Of each stall occupied with one of these cow hybrid creatures…

“Being milked. Even though you haven’t any.” She laughed. “The old janitor did it all the time. Everyone knew and no one cared.”

“They didn’t fire him? What happened to him?”

“Moved on to better things. But I’m telling you – nothing, nothing is better than that.” Sky dared to look at her and one of her black eyes winked at him. “Give it a go sometime. Just kneel like I did, and the cups will find you.”

“Thanks, but it’s not my thing.”

“Suit yourself.” Abigail grinned and turned. “Have a good night Janitor Boy.”

She began to walk toward the right door and he heard her hooves moving across the floor. He stuffed a hand in his front pocket to force his cock to heel as she left droplets of milk across the floor in her wake.


Things suddenly became different at work. More erotic. Even though he never saw the milk producer again, and the other people he encountered that were affiliated with the facility appeared normal. He began to rush through cleaning the reception area to spend more time in the milking room. There was nothing to do back there but sweep and mop the floor, but he did it slower now. Smoothly moving the sopping mop across the floor as he eyed the stations. So many tantalizing images and questions –

How did they make her look like that? How many of them are there? She said she lives here – are they all behind that door? She said things “get a little crazy at milking time.” What did that mean?

And what continued to resurface in his mind:

I don’t want her situation, but really… What would it feel like to be milked?

Some nights Sky stood the invisible five inches back from one of the milking booths and stared at the silver door and red cushion. He felt his dick rise and stiffen, and when he couldn’t bear it any longer he’d rush to the bathroom to release the aching. Then back to staring at the stall.

He’d always felt somewhat embarrassed that his chest was a hot spot for him. It seemed so… feminine. But foreplay was best when it consisted of his nipples being pulled and sucked. He’d never thought of it as “milking” but now with the name attached, he couldn’t help but consider it.

Lying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off and signal his need to leave for work, Sky pushed his hands under his t-shirt and grasped each nipple with his thumb and first finger. He twisted them with a groan and arched his back.

“The cups will find you.”

God, he wished he had a girlfriend. Not to just fuck. He wasn’t gay, but even a boyfriend would do. Anyone. Anything that would suck his nipples. He even imagined Abigail wrapping those wide lips and tongue around one while squeezing the other with her hoof hand. But what caused him to lose himself…

The cups rising. Finding my nipples. Pulling them in. Milking me.

The alarm buzzed and he bolted upright, his head fuzzed. He panted heavily in the darkness as his mind cleared and he knew what he had to do.


The reception area had never been cleaned with such haste, and Sky practically stumbled into the milking area. The lights above crackled on and he waited a moment, looking around.

As it had been every night except when he’d encountered the milk producer, everything was silent.

You could be fired. Even though she said the other guy did it and everyone knew. You were told specifically not to get near those stations – stalls. They’re stalls. He wet his lips and gazed as the booth where Abigail had found her bracelet. Milking stalls. And I need to be milked.

Without care for noise, he ran across the expanse to the stall. He paused only a second as he reached it, looking from left to right once more before giving in.

He fumbled in undoing the buttons of his shirt, sliding it off and tossing it to the floor. As a secondary thought he also decided to remove his pants. So what? If he was going to be fired, he might as well give in to all his fantasies. He pushed the clothing pile off to the side and knelt on the cushion.

Sky was almost afraid that it wouldn’t work, but at the pressure of his body, the silver plate slid away. He placed both hands palm down on the floor strip above the plate and leaned over the opening.

As it’d happened for Abigail, the two clear cups slowly began to rise. He quivered in anticipation and felt his cock harden and start to dribble. Centering himself over the areas, he tried to breathe and relax. As they rose higher, he saw that the cups were about the size of silver dollars and extended only three inches. Their bottoms were connected to tubes that disappeared underneath the floor.

Halfway to his aching chest the cups paused as if unused to having to reach higher, but they continued their journey after only a slight hesitation.

Thank you, God. Even though he knew he could just lower himself into them, he didn’t want to. I wish my chest wasn’t flat though. That my nipples were bigger, so they’d reach faster and –

Sky’s squirming stopped. He specifically knew he didn’t want to be a cow-hybrid like Abigail, but the thought of having those breasts. Any boobs at all… To unbutton his shirt, lean over the cups and have them immediately latch on to his generous, stiff –

Pressure. Just pressure. As the rims of the cups pressed against his skin. And nothing else. Like he was just stretched across a cold counter. Everything stopped.

What the fuck… A sigh escaped him. Was it because the “technical sensors” could tell that the machine would gain nothing from giving him pleasure? It knew he wasn’t a woman, let alone a milk producer. Did it sense the lack of breast tissue and therefore wouldn’t –

As he was about to straighten his back it happened. With a whirl, each cup sucked a nipple fast and pulled it down. He gasped from the sharp, stinging motion and instinctively tried to pull away. However, the suction held him fast and he looked down to see the little cups greedily trying to suck in more and more flesh.

I don’t have more! I don’t have more! He bit his lip from the pain. I wish I did though. Oh, God!

He was about to scream – it felt amazing and when he glanced again to see that the persistent cups had managed to gather at least an inch of skin in, he moaned and reached a hand back to stroke his dick. As the pressure in his cock built for release though, the chambers within the cups changed their strong, steady pull on each nipple.

Sky curved his back as his fantasy came to fruition.

Starting with the left cup, suction was applied as his small amount of breast tissue was twisted downward. The suction released from the left and the right cup pulled, stretched, and rung his dry nipple.


Left side.


Right side.

His dick began to gush and his hips bucked forward. Milked. He was actually being milked.

The feeling was so captivating, it blocked everything else. He knew the sad little tubes weren’t pulling anything from his chest, but he pictured they were. That instead of being a flat, meager feast, the second his skin touched the cups he’d blossomed huge, weighty boobs for the hungry pulling.

Yes, oh, God! Yes! Milk me! Keep –

He froze, though the cups kept pumping. Something was behind him.

Sky glanced back to see a giant metal arm had lowered silently from the ceiling. Two carefully placed joints caused arm to be angled slightly, and while he couldn’t see over his shoulder what capped its end, he felt it.

Brushing along the skin of his ass, a dense yet flexible tip. He saw it in his mind before looking beneath him. As the suction continued to his chest, a large, veined cock crept forward, it’s tip looking for a vagina. It moved against his skin, brushing his bare testicles and nudging his own dick. But then, sensing no opening present the machine’s arm began to draw it back.

Thank God. He sighed moved his head front again. He hadn’t even gotten off yet, though he was close. Focus, focus on the milking to get there.

Right side.

Release. He began to hump again and fondle his dick.

Left side.


Right –

A panel on the side of the stall that he hadn’t noticed before slid open, breaking concentration again. But instead of a disturbing mechanical arm coming down from the ceiling with a dildo, the opening revealed a clear plastic device attached to another flexible tube. The equipment looked very similar to the two cups currently sucking him, but instead there appeared to be a main collection chamber topped with four longer cups.

She did have an udder. Sky moaned, so close to cumming. He could’ve, but forcibly he pulled himself back in because –

Without considering further, he grabbed the new tool, the tube easily extending. His dick was so hard it was simple to slide one of the cups over his tip.

One of the cups meant for her teats. Her long cow –

The suction on his dick began immediately. The cup pulled it in and began the wringing sequence. As if it sensed that current through the other cups wasn’t necessary, the strong, steady milking concentrated only on the section containing his dick, rhythmically squeezing and pulling ribbons of cum from the tip.

Sky threw back his head with a loud moan as his knees quivered.

Huffing and vigorously humping the air, nearly lost in both the imagined and actuality of his pleasure, he didn’t notice the mechanical arm lower again. And realizing this time that the station contained a male, not a female, the machine didn’t bother to retest for the proper opening. Instead, just as Sky was about to throw himself over the edge into orgasm, he felt the dildo’s tip creep between the cheeks of his ass and start to widen his hole.

Now he screamed. But not for fear or pain. As the cock slid into his ass to open him fully, the combination of milking his dick and nipples made the feeling ecstasy. The tight straining and repeated contractions from every zone sent his mind far away where no thoughts could form. The mechanical arm slickly fucked him with the firm cock, working in and out of his ass, while the front cups sucked his meager breasts and his dick filled the tube with cum. Somewhere amidst the sensations did he let out the moo he imagined Abigail might? Maybe. Probably. He was being milked after all.


Left side.


Right side.  


Left side.


Right side. 

He lost track of time as he came and came again until finally, all the action seemed to begin to dissipate. Not ceasing all at once, the milking lost its intensity and the dildo slowed its thrusting. Ultimately, the arm removed to the ceiling, the suction on his dick released, and the cups lowered back onto the floor.

Sky barely summoned the strength to roll on his side and allow the silver door to close. As he moved, he glanced at his nipples – they were bright right and slightly elongated. The areolas were puffy and swollen, and the skin that had been forcibly pulled into the cups puckered. If he had the energy to stay on his hands and knees and sway, the stretched little mounds would probably tick back and forth. The thought of having these tiny, deflated little boobs made him want to cum again. But his drained cock protested, burning from its own sucking attention.

Later. When I’m home.  

 He took a deep breath and tried to relax on his back with his eyes shut, his body still shaking despite the tempered withdrawal of the instruments.

“Have a good time?”

His eyes snapped open to see a woman above him. And not Abigail, the cow-hybrid.

“I was quite specific that you were not to touch these stations. That you were not to get within five inches of them!”

“I’m s –” Sky broke off not because of any interruption. He was exhausted and his words felt garbled. Just fire me, bitch. Give me five minutes to collect myself off the floor and I’ll leave.

But she said nothing else, and after a few seconds of staring into her seething face, he closed his eyes again. He felt her staring at his naked body, but who cared? Who cared about her seeing his tortured nipples and baggy little breasts? His soggy dick and the rivulets of cum on the floor? God, Abigail had been right – there was nothing better than being milked. And anyway, clothed or naked, now he’d be a dumpster diver.

Just give me a minute and I’ll get up. Go home. Figure it out –

“The only thing, the only thing,” the office manager said in a calmer tone. “That keeps me from killing you right now is that you had a good time.” He heard her suck in a breath before speaking again. “It makes things easier.”

He opened his eyes again, but rather than finding her expression twisted with rage, she smiled. A chill ran through him.

“Makes what –”

The woman lunged forward and Sky barely caught a glimpse of the syringe in her hand before the needle bit his skin. And everything went dark.

***To be continued if any interest generated***


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