A Perfect Bitch

Published: May 1st, 2007


Boy into Female Anthro Wolf.


mental shift (5) transgender (3) domination (3) ftm (2) sexuality change (2) mtf (2) wolf (2)
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A Perfect Bitch
By FreezerBurns
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Alex was enjoying his life at the moment. A high school senior, he was mildly popular, but he enjoyed his popularity with the ladies greatly. He had a reputation for being good, and he enjoyed this reputation, using it to score frequently. He always kept his eye out for girls that could live up to his dreams, and so far they had all fallen a bit short. That didn't discourage Alex, after all, live for the moment!

Layn was a junior at Alex's high school, and she held the prestigious position of being his current attraction for a month now. She was a bit small, and only moderately endowed, but that was just how he liked them. She knew Alex's type well, and enjoyed playing with him. He had not actually scored with her yet, though they both knew this would change very soon, partly due to the note he had received from her in the last period of the day.

"My house, upstairs. Clothes optional.'

Alex loved it when he got messages like this, he knew how grand the night would be, and possibly the nights to come. And so, after school, he raced over to Layn's house, and knocked.

"Come on up," she whispered silkily with a slight giggle.

Alex was not one to hesitate, and dashed upstairs without a thought. He saw her waiting in her room in a spagetti strap and short shorts, motioning him in. He went to her smoothly, but as he got there, she pushed him on the bed, and closed his eyes.

"No peeking now," she said as she added a slight brush with her hand for effect.

Alex liked where this was going. He enjoyed mischevious girls, and here was another lining up for the chance to be his bitch.

Layn skimmed around her room, looking for what she needed. Tonight was going to be a grand night for both of them, and she wasn't going to spoil it. She had waited too long.

Alex was surprised to find a small weight on his chest, in the exact shape of a hand. He opened his eyes and saw Layn slowly and softly raising the spagetti strap off, revealing those C cup breasts he loved in a woman. He gazed up, noticing that her shorts were nowhere to be seen. She was indeed fine, and he mentally made notes. He had made a good choice, he mused, and potentially the best choice so far.

He was aroused from his daydreaming by a splash on his face.

"Ooh, nice and wet already. Drink it up, lover."

'Fiesty.' Alex thought as he licked up all the fluid without protest. It tasted divine, with a sweetness and richness that only served to arouse him more.

She got up, walked to the end of the bed, and began licking his now raging cock. His body exploded with joy. He couldn't believe how good it felt.

She danced around, and he felt his body soften, lighten, and float off. He closed his eyes, enjoying the dance so freely offered by his bitch.

He was awoken however, by the dimming of this feeling. He had felt no orgasm, no cum, and was wondering a little. He looked up and saw her stretching.

"We want to save ourselves for the main course, right?"

"Of course." Alex grinned, but his grin began to fade. His cock was no longer erect, and he was not sure why, as he felt hornier than he had ever felt before. He raised his hand to get up but soon found that it did not raise, he was tied down to the bed.

"Perhaps a bit too feisty.'

He looked straight up, and saw that the ceiling had a large mirror on it. As he examined, he was shocked at what he saw. His cock was indeed shrinking, but now it seemed only 2 inches long, and his balls were smaller than he remembered.


"Oh hush," Layn whispered. "This is the best part!"

Alex continued watching, but soon became mesmerized by Layn's crotch, for it too was acting peculiar. Her vagina seemed to swell, and she moaned with pleasure. Her magnificent breasts seemed to almost be shrinking, and her hourglass figure was being replaced by that of a muscular young boy. But that was…

"Impossible? Oh Alex, you've longed for grand sex and spent all your years in high school chasing it. You've always wanted that perfect bitch, right?"

Alex looked back down, and in horror, saw only the head of his penis there, his testicles and shaft submerged into his body. Seeing this soon became difficult, as his chest seemed to be expanding and his stomach was churning, squishing inward, while his hips bulged. He felt extermely loose, but all the while terribly horny.

"This can't..."

"Oh yes it can, Alex. And we're not even done! The best part is yet to come, my bitch."

Alex tried to recoil in horror, but his body gave a spasm, and he felt great pleasure shoot through his body. Alex looked down, and saw Layn's finger squirming in a... vagina?

"Oh yes, you are a bitch. You're finding that perfect bitch you've always wanted!"

Alex felt woozy, and his body was twisting like a contortionist. His face felt like it was stretching out, and he thought he could feel his back trying to stretch out of his ass. He looked down, and saw a small coat of hair, covering his body.

"No way."

Layn stopped, shocked at how silky, yet guttural his voice was. It only served to turn her on more.

"Yes, Alex. A perfect bitch in every way."

Layn was thoroughly enjoying this, and Alex watched as a massive cock swelled from Layn's front. It reached up to his belly button, and had to be at least 10 inches long.

Alex suddenly stopped himself. How could he be fantasizing about a guy? She couldn't…

Alex stopped short with another moan of pleasure, this one even louder than before. Layn was on her, squeezing the breasts she now had, and enjoying the large squirts coming out.

"I think you're ready now. Come on up, Alex."

Alex found that she could move, and slowly crawled up, looking at herself in a mirror on the wall. She was about the same height, though looked completely different. A large pelt of hair covered her, and a large wolf's muzzle rested on her face, under her almost glowing yellow eyes.

"This can't be!"

"Alex, Alex. You're not even done looking."

Alex followed Layn's prompting and gazed downwards. She now had the C breasts she had always dreamed of, and the perfect hourglass figure. She might have done without the claws or the lupine legs and feet, but… Alex stopped short, noticing how wet she was, and how even through the fur, a red blush filled her cheeks. Even in such shock, she was terribly horny, and found herself lusting after something, anything to fill her need.

"I'm right here, Alex."

Alex turned around, and saw Layn, his massive cock standing ready for a bitch. Alex dropped to all fours, then wondered why she did it.

The wondering stopped abruptly, as Layn penetrated her with ease. Alex couldn't believe that it fit, she felt that she would burst.

Layn pumped magnificently and Alex found more sexual moans escaping her muzzle.

"But this can't be happening! I'm a boy, right? I'm not supposed to be like this!'

But Alex felt another thought pop into his head. "You can't be denying this, Alex. This is what you were meant to be. The perfect bitch, enjoying the greatest sex you've ever felt!'

"No! I'm not this! I'm a…'

Alex stopped, as the word bitch ran through her mind. She couldn't believe this, even in her mind, she was starting to see herself as a bitch.

"Please, don't do this. Please, please…"

"Please what, Alex?" Layn whispered sexually.


Layn responded gladly. She filled Alex with grand sensations that he had never felt before. As Alex was pounded with the rhythm, she felt a small tremble in Layn's member, and then, an explosion.

A howl pierced the night, and Alex trembled. She was overwhelmed by the sensation, and collapsed to catch her breath.

Layn pulled out and walked out of the room. Alex lay there and soon drifted off, overwhelmed at the events of the night.

Alex awoke, to a soft scratching on her head. She looked up, to see Layn sitting there, softly rubbing her head. He whispered in her lupine ears, "Did you find your perfect bitch?"

"I'm not sure, master. Maybe one more time to make sure."

Layn smiled. He could already tell, this bitch would be a great deal of fun.

The End


Oh this is such a nice story. Wish I could be like her.