Old Friend, New Roommate Part 2

Published: Apr 22nd, 2016
Last Edit: Apr 22nd, 2016


Once Cameron is finally bitten, he goes to see how this new life affects him.


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Soon, thirty whole days had past since Mari had revealed herself to Cameron. Unfortunately, Mari hadn’t given Cam the reassurance he had been looking for. Apparently, there haven’t been many changed wolves in the past decade! She had gone to her parents but they hadn’t known themselves. As Mari search deeper into her lineage and ask elder leaders of the ‘pack,’ she was able to confirm her answers that she already gave to some of Cameron’s other questions. All that was left was the big one. Two weeks before the big night, Mari had left the town to try and find what Cameron was looking for. He missed her so much, but he knew that whether or not he could control himself, he wanted to be with Mari as much as he could. It was mid morning of the full moon, and at this point, Cameron just wanted to see his girlfriend. He wanted to know that she was safe from the public; that she was in town at least. Fortunately, a knock sounded, and Cam didn’t hesitate to answer. Mari, looking a little tired smiled and fell into his arms. “Hey Cam… S-sorry I’m so late… I know that you wanted this answer real quick.”

Cameron shook his head and began petting her in a way. “No, no, no… I understand! I feel really bad that I pushed you to even make this trip in the first place…” Mari raised her hand and gently placed it on his cheek. “You are so sweet… Unfortunately, not only have  I not gotten an answer, but that trip has left me exhausted… Can I rest a bit?” Cameron had assumed the worst, thinking that Mari might have changed several times and might have unfortunately pushed herself. “Anything… I’m sor-” “Cam… Please don’t apologize… I wasn’t much help in calming you when I showed you who I was… if anything I shouldn’t have shown you…” Cameron lifted Mari and carried her towards their bedroom. “Mar… No matter what you’re thinking, I am very glad and appreciative that you honored me with your secret… You are so brave, and I love you so much… Even though you didn’t get an answer, I-” As Cameron looked down, he noticed that she was already in a deep sleep. He smiled as he carried her the rest of the way and tucked her in. Kissing her gently on the cheek, he left to tend to some last minute reports in his office. Once he was finished, he began watching documentaries of wolves. “Researching?” Mari said with a giggle.

Joining him on the couch, Mari snuggled close by and rested her head on his chest. Cameron laughed. "Oh yeah! I can't wait to hunt and piss everywhere to show who's boss! Heh heh... You had a good nap?" Mari nodded. Kissing him for a moment, both her and Cameron watched the rest of the documentary, with her telling him what she leaned from talking with the elders. "Yeah, instincts are a little harder to control with changed wolves, but that's only because 'we' let our side be free. It's not a chore to deal with them because it's natural." Cameron slowly got up and walked towards the sliding glass door that was in the kitchen. Looking at the sky and seeing that it was starting to get dark, the smallest hint of anxiety pulled his stomach in all different directions. This was a big change, and though he kept saying it was going to be worth it and that he didn't care anymore about finding the answer to his question, deep down, he was terrified. Mari could sense his fear and quickly wrapped herself around Cameron from behind. "Cam? You don't have to do this now... You can still wait for the other full moons!" Cameron thought about it. It was true; there was no rush to be like Mari, but the thought of not being able to be with her, especially since she just returned from her trip made his choice clear.

"No... I want to do it." Mari smiled. Turning him around, they shared a passionate kiss. Cameron smiled and wrapped his arms around Mari, braking off their kiss, then bringing back his lips to Mari's. He began pecking her, kissing lower till he reached her neck. It tickled, and though Mari loved the sensation, she knew that anymore of this affection and she'd turn into a wolf before the full moon. "Cameron? I'm sorry, but we can't do anymore... This sensation when we fool around unfortunately makes a trigger... I can't progress any more with this, unless you're okay with me becoming a wolf before the moon." Cameron pouted. "What? You can’t even make love without becoming an animal?" Smiling a bit to show her apologies, she told him that's to ensure the next generation of wolves. Sighing, Cameron gave a crooked smile. "Alright... I won't. I missed you too much not to have you around." Kissing her forehead, Cameron hugged her and excused himself to the bathroom. All the while Mari wondered if Cameron even liked the wolf side of her. 'He wants to be a wolf for me, but at the same time, does he prefer me as a human and just puts up with my other self?' These thoughts kept circulating in her mind and once Cameron finished his break, she was tempted to ask him, but dismissed it as she felt herself become filled with energy.

She knew it was an hour or so till it was time. Cameron could soon tell that something was up with Mari as she began getting jumpy and happy with small things. "Is this how it always is on full moon nights?" Mari nodded. "Oh yeah. It's a little annoying, but at the same time, you kinda like it. Cameron smiled at her behavior. It was kind of cute to him, but he also thought back to what he said to himself in the bathroom. He knew how he seemed to act when she brought up anything that had to do with her other side. In all honesty he did really like Mari more as a human, but he also liked her wolf side. It was a little complicated... It was like even if she changed, she was still herself, so there was no reason why he couldn't love her the same way, but then there was the whole, 'she was an animal and he was a human' at certain times. Once he became an animal too, he knew all those thoughts about her would stop. He was still terrified at the thought of him changing his behavior on his human side, but he would be with Mari, and that was all he needed. An hour soon past and Mari began getting jittery with her movements. She felt her fists clench from time to time and her face partially scrunch. Sighing, she occasionally went back and forth standing and falling to the floor, waiting for the changes to come.

Cameron looked on with worry.

It looked as if she needed to vomit and it just wouldn't come out. Rubbing her back, Mari felt calm immediately by Cameron's touch. "Thanks Cam..." Both of them gave one another a patient smile, though they also felt a little uneasy from their thoughts. Soon enough Mari fell on all fours, grunting, with the sounds of pops filling the air. In a minute, Mari was a wolf again. “Are you sure you still want this! Even the slightest hesitation could trouble you. And not with becoming a wolf, just living with this choice for the rest of your life.” Cameron nodded. "Before you bite me... I just want to say if I can't control myself... I'm sorry... I love you and I just want to tell you something that I've been keeping from you..." Mari sat down and looked indifferent, like she would listen and not judge what he had to say. "It's kinda hard to explain, but I do have mixed feelings when you're like this... It's not what you think though! I really do love you! It's just that in this form no matter if you are still yourself, you're still an animal... If anyone were to see us like this I'd be looked down upon and you could be taken away from me... These thoughts are partially why I want to be a wolf with you. But know that I obviously want this to be with you... I know I've been acting a little standoffish when you told me and before I change and possibly do something I don't want to, I wanted to make sure you knew how I felt..."

Mari gave a smile and licked Cameron's cheek "Thank you for telling me... I had my own thoughts that maybe you didn't really like my other side..." Cameron shook his head and lunged at Mari. He hugged her, thinking about how she might have felt when he acted the way he did all those days. A whine broke the moment as Mari began to clench her teeth. "Wha-what's wrong?!" Mari began slowly and hesitantly moving towards the door. “The pack is calling for me... S-something must be up!" Cameron let go and looked down. "Well it must be important, so you should go." Mari pouted, sad that she would be away from Cameron again after just returning, and she knew she could fight the pull enough to give Cameron what he wanted. Quickly, she gave him a nip on his shoulder. "Augh!" Cameron looked and saw that the bite marks pierced his skin. It started to bleed, but he tried to take one more look at Mari. "Wha-?" "So you can meet me there!" She said as she smiled, letting the pull take her. Cameron felt anxious and excited at the same time as he begun feeling tingly. Admittedly he felt a little tired before, but it was quickly loosing its edge as energy was surging through him. He felt like he could do anything!

Smiling at the energy as well as curling his lips every now and then, Cameron could see what Mari meant about it being bittersweet. The happiness of the energy, however, was soon taken over by pain. "AaaaahHHHHHhhh!!!" He felt his muscles cramp in some places, but then relax as other muscles cramped. It was a rush of adrenaline, but there was nothing enjoyable about it as the pain continued. First his feet and hands cramped up. Cameron looked on in shock and wonder as his big toes and thumbs pull up and shrank, becoming dewclaws. His palms had begun to swell in some areas and took on a different texture. Fingers and toes scrunched, while nails sharpened and curled into claws. It felt as if he was being stabbed on each digit at the same time, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't help but wince and whine from the pain. It seemed like his vocals and insides began changing as well. He could feel every change that took place, and it was nauseating. He felt as if he would vomit and opened his mouth, not caring if he did, but nothing came. He did notice that his tongue began to flatten and lengthen, as well as his teeth becoming sharper and canine. Cameron winced as his nose and mouth pushed out, fusing slightly, just as he saw Mari's, at what felt like an hour ago. It soon took on a dark hue and became wet to the touch. His ears were next as they started to pull up higher on his head, changing shape.

Then, at what felt like an explosion of a headache, Cameron slowly noticed all of his senses changing. He saw some colors fade, while others were more vibrant. Hearing and smelling had never been more amazing. It was like he could hear things going on several blocks away. There was a scent that reminded Cameron of Mari and he knew she must have left at least ten minutes ago. His joy at seeing the differences was short lived as his spine stretched out. Looking back, Cameron noticed an increasing bulge wag, then quickly retreat between his legs. All of the changes where slowly, yet closely followed by growing fur. Though there were some patches of grey and white, he was at least 85% covered in black fur. His neck stretched, making it easier in seconds to take a better look at his new features, though the pain was still apparent. All that was left were his head, torso, arms and legs, and genitals. His limbs were first stretching and bending as his bones changed sizes, split, and fused fully. Cameron whimpered, not being able to scream, but also growing numb to it. He just wanted the pain to be gone. He fell on to his side as the rest of the changes occurred at around the same pace. It felt like hours, as Cameron's head split and his ribcage pushed out fitting that of a canine.

His penis was the last part, and fortunately for him, it wasn't so painful. It was actually rather pleasurable, rising as if he was a getting hard-on. As the last changes settled, Cameron froze, letting the quiet air fill the moment. It felt instantly better as the pain was gone, but now there were also the changed senses to deal with. Everything was hyper sensitive, like he had just woken up with a hang over. Just like his physical changes, he slowly got used to his new empowered senses. After some time, he finally stood up on his new limbs and smiled. Cameron was actually a wolf! He would be able to be with Mari at any time, and she'd be able to help him as he could help her. He jumped in the air and yipped, tail wagging at the thought. Immediately after however, he feared what he'd be like after he changed back, or even if he might change later on. He stopped for a few minutes, waiting for anything to come or make him feel something, but nothing happened. Cameron, running to a mirror, officially begun looking himself over. It was a little difficult since he just got his wolf appendages, but it wasn't hard to figure out. Quickly in front of the full length mirror in Mari and his bedroom, Cameron looked with as much detail as he could and felt so surreal knowing this wolf was him. He looked pretty handsome in his opinion and made majestic poses, laughing a bit as he thought how Mari would've reacted.

It was then that Cameron remembered Mari had left before seeing him change. "Oh, God! I hope she's okay!" Cameron leaped forward, trying to quickly make his way towards where Mari left. He didn't hesitate sniffing at the ground, knowing it would find Mari faster. Somehow, he could tell who was who and began to make his exit. When he got outside, even though it was really dark, Cameron realized since he now had the body of a wild animal, he had to be stealthy. It was easy now that he could sense someone a mile a way. Minutes past and he found himself at the town's national park. It was made of 90% forest with residing deer and the rumored wolf, though now Cam knew it was true and there were more of them running freely. Looking around, sniffing and listening for anyone, Cameron sensed a few figures, possibly other wolves, closing in on him. Not knowing what else to do, he begun running after Mari's scent. He had to know she was okay, and even gained speed so naturally, almost as if he was born a wolf. He could hear the other figures, to which Cameron could tell there were three, gaining speed as well. It almost felt like a game, and he liked it. Lolling his tongue to the side, he smiled a wide smile and continued following Mari's scent. It was so freeing, but he soon felt something about all this was familiar. Looking around, Cameron instantly remembered where he was, it looked exactly like his dream! He was shorter on all fours and he was in a forest!

'Is this what my dream was telling me? It was a look into the future?' His heart pounded a little faster and soon enough, he could sense more figures close by. Knowing it was most likely the pack, Cameron slowed up and caught his breath. Luckily a lake was nearby. Stopping by and not caring about the cleanliness of it, Cam began lapping up the water. It was surprisingly not that bad, and the cool temperature was a relief for his throat. A bit exhausted from running, he plopped down and panted. Unfortunately for him, the three figures had caught up with him. "Another wolf? Hey, why aren't you with the pack?!" the wolf sounded female, and her tone was that of authority. Cameron knew instantly by instinct than to act superior in front of her. At the same time he felt other instincts urging him to be the dominant one. It was actually really hard to control them too. "Oh... Uh, sorry. I'm new!" Another wolf tilted their head. "You're a turned wolf?" Cameron nodded. The authoritative female then nodded. "Alright then... I just have one or two questions for you. Was the wolf who bit you one of our own? Did they come out of nowhere or were you with them and wanted to be us?" Cameron sat up. "Um, well my girlfriend Mari-" the female gave a smile. Ah... Mari! So you must be Cameron!" Cameron nodded. "Welcome to the pack." They chuckled a bit, and gestured for Cameron to follow them.

After a few minutes, they met up with the rest of the pack. Mari, who had heard them come, looked up and stared at Cameron. She sniffed in their direction and wagged her tail. "Cameron! Oh wow, you look really handsome!" Mari began licking his face, with Cameron licking back. He felt a little awkward about it, but his instincts reassured his body that he was just acting natural. Now that he was here though, what were full moons to his life now? "So what do we do? How do you all spend the night?" Nudging him affectionately, Mari explained that after making sure the area was secure, they had to take care of their wolf side. "Since we're part animal, out animal side can get restless when we aren’t in this form and it needs time to do what comes natural. That's why if we're overwhelmed or in the nights of the Full moon we are forced to transform. It’s an animal, so it wants to do regular wolf things like hunt, and- uh... Well, it also wants to be dominant, and live like a real wolf. The more we fight it, the more aggressive it gets. We can fight it for a while, but when we inevitably transform, it clouds our human minds. We can become more savage, but in a pack, we're steered in the right direction." Cameron drooped his ears and tail. He knew there would probably be times where his instincts would make him act more animalistic while he was in human form, but now that he knew fighting it was bad, how was he suppose to act normal? Feeling a nudge against his muzzle, Cameron felt slightly better. He'd be with Mari now and she could help him deal with whatever instincts came.

Mari licked his nose gently and nuzzled him affectionately. She knew his worry, but she knew that they could both work at their problems together. "Cam? Everything is all right. You're a wolf now, and you're with us. You can let your instinct free you know.” Cameron looked around and soon felt something inside himself. He remembered feeling it being really quiet before, now felt so obvious. His instincts, now almost screaming at him, told him to do and act in many ways. Immediately he sniffed around and pissed in several areas. He felt empowered; he was the master of those areas. It hurt a little when other wolves marked over where he went, but the next activity was at hand. He was really close to Mari and began sniffing her backside. Even his wolf side really loved how beautiful she looked. Her scent was so addicting, and when he got some good whiffs, Cameron even knew things about her that he didn’t know before. Her sex was the most potent part of her scent, and his penis began poking out of his sheath. Mari quickly sensed it and began sniffing. "Cam! Your- uh... Your member is showing..." As if he was switched off autopilot, Cameron shook his head. "Wha?"  Mari giggled and licked his muzzle. “You really are handsome, Cam. I'm happy you mutually find me attractive." Confused a bit by her words, Cameron looked between his legs as the top of his penis sunk back.

 "Oh! Oh gosh, I'm sorry! I couldn't hel-" “Cam! Cam! It's okay. Your wolf side is very frisky... The others have some of that in them. Just look around when you get a chance." Feeling his instincts make a return, Cameron smelt the air and found Mari's scent again. Trying to distract his mind so he wouldn't inconvenience Mari, he walked around and soonbegan hearing talk of hunting. The thought of food fully occupied his mind and he felt like hunting was all he wanted to do. His wolf side was eager, and he didn't complain. He wanted to try himself. "May I join?" a few wolves in the group snickered, but the familiar female wolf scowled at them. "Sure Cameron, I know this will be pretty different, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it quickly. Besides, these fools weren't great their first time." The wolves stopped laughing. "Aw, come on mom! This guy's a changed wolf! Don't you think it's funny he's going from grocery shopping to hunting on all fours?" The female smiled. "It is a silly thought, but this this Mari's mate!" The grey male wolf that had spoken then turned to Cameron with squinted eyes and lowered ears. His aura gave off an authoritative one "Hey! I might be her younger brother, but if you hurt my sister, we're going to have a problem!"

Cameron whimpered, feeling his tail hide between his legs. "I would never want to hurt her! I even did this for her!" Mari's mom cut her son off. "Riley, please be nice. He made a pretty permanent choice doing this.” She then turned to Cameron. “I'm sure you still have fears about how different this is... I know Mari will do what she can to help you. I also must ask you, as a mom, to make my daughter happy... As a leader, I cannot play favorites, but hurt my daughter and you are no longer welcome here.” Riley scowled whether to assist with the mood, or upset his mom basically did the same thing he did. Either way, Cameron nodded. He understood that packs were like really close knit families and he would never want to do anything bad, but now he was a little freaked out. The hunt was to start soon and Cameron, after taking in what was said, was formally introduced to Mari’s mother, Olivia. There were seven wolves total on their hunting party, including Cameron, and with Olivia’s orders, they managed to hunt down three deer. Cameron was especially proud when he was the one to take down one of the kills. He trotted back with the pack, tail high in the air to show his pride. It felt so empowering being a wolf, though in the back of his mind, Cameron begun wondering whether any downsides would come. As he and the other wolves brought the kill back, he began sniffing something captivating.

He felt his body stop, but at the same time, he felt as if he hadn’t ordered himself to do so. It was like he couldn’t help but drop the kill from his muzzle and sniff the air. He could tell by the scent it was Mari, but something about it seemed really addictive. More than it was the first time he sniffed her.

Though he tried to fight it for a minute or so, Cameron couldn’t help but run towards Mari. Instead of talking, he immediately and instinctively began sniffing her backside again. She definitely smelled different from before, and as he looked at Mari, he noticed she began sniffing his as well, and noticed that his penis extended. Then, unbelievably, she began gently licking it. It was the most pleasurable feeling he had ever experience and he wanted her to continue. Without hesitation, he started licking her moistened vagina. Both continued their actions until Mari lifted her tail to the side. One whiff told Cameron she wanted his cock inside her. A part of his humanity tried to fight. There was something in her scent as well as his that was almost hypnotizing them to act this way. He figured Mari wouldn’t have wanted this, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop himself from penetrating her. He began humping her pretty fast and Mari moaned as she felt the pleasure. Soon a knot had gotten to the top and in one forced motion, they were tied. Both howled as they orgasmed, and once it was over, Cameron stepped over Mari and faced in the opposite direction. They turned to one another and began licking their muzzles. It was the best sex he ever had, but he was still upset that he couldn’t stop himself. Once the deed was done, he had his control back, and apologized.

Oh my God… I-I’m so sorry Mar! I- I tried to stop myself but I-… I just-” He felt a lick on his cheek interrupt him. “Cam. I’m not mad that his happened… To be honest before you left, I was going to tell you that mating season was here and that’s why I was called. You see, with us, we can have sex anytime we want to, but we’re at our most fertile two times a year. I guess it’s one of the best parts about being a wolf. Unfortunately that means that I have a bigger chance at having a pup now, but everything is okay, right?" Cameron nodded. "You really are handsome…” She added, trying to make him feel better. They smiled and went back to licking one another, and once they were apart from Cameron's knot, they licked themselves clean like regular animals. After, Cameron rose and licked Mari affectionately. They didn't really care what one another had just done before. At least, Mari didn't as much as Cameron, but they soon nudged one another and began playing small wrestling games as if they were pups. It felt nice, until their stomach's grumbled. As if nothing was on his mind except hunger, Cameron stopped and began looking around for the kill he brought from the hunt. Unfortunately his kill was moved from the last time he dropped it, but he eventually saw the rest of the pack gathered in one area. He noticed some participating in the same activity that Mari and him were doing about fifteen minutes ago. "I think see what you mean now..." Cameron said with a crooked smile.

Mari laughed a bit and nipped him gently. It was cute, and he really liked this playful nature of his 'mate.' After they finished eating, the moon seemed to be really low in the sky, signaling the end of their time as wolves. The energy slowly started dissipating and some of the pack, including him and Mari were beginning to feel sleepy. "Well, it's time to go, my love." Mari said sleepily, nipping his neck. Cameron licked her muzzle and they both began heading off. "Wait... Shouldn't we say goodbye to your parents?" Mari yawned, making Cameron yawn as well. "Well if you want to wake up naked here, be my guest... Besides, we can just meet them tomorrow when were human!" Cameron almost laughed realizing it was true, but quickened his pace. Once at the house, Mari and Cameron luckily worked their way inside through a dog door and made their way to their room. In an hour or two, Mari soon transformed back, with Cameron slowly following. It was still very painful as some parts to his body stretched, while others shrunk, since he was still new. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt as much since he changed before and because Mari was with him this time. She rubbed his back as his spine began to squash, helping his body feel better. Soon Cameron was back to normal and, ignoring his nakedness, gave Mari a big hug! “Oh wow that was great!”

Mari laughed at his enthusiasm. “You really liked it?” Cameron kissed her a few times before answering. “Aside from a few things, I feel like it was so natural! Like I was meant to be one!” Mari kissed his lips. “That’s how anyone feels when their wolf side is born and get to finally be free.” Cameron, smiling, lifted Mari and carried her to bed. He noticed that he was stronger than before. Pushing it off to his changed new life, he placed Mari on the bed and began kissing her more. Almost all at once, he felt a little bit more energy and began kissing her lower. His penis began rising as the sensation of pleasure was on the mind. He wanted Mari again, and soon, Mari herself accepted his advances. She placed her lips on his and they shared a passionate kiss. Their bodies slid closer together and Mari could feel Cameron’s erection on her clothes, sending chills up her spine and making her pussy wet. Cameron soon began licking Mari’s face as he got more into the mood. He was in wolf mode now, and his wolf side wanted Mari. As their passion rose, the trigger to Cameron’s and Mari’s Transformation occurred. The muzzles grew, letting their licks feel more natural, and their tails followed, wagging quickly. After they transformed they really went off. They gave themselves gentle tongue massages, and soon Mari’s tail moved to the side. Wasting no time, Cameron jumped up and guided his shaft through her moistened hole. He began pumping, and wouldn’t stop, even as he felt his humanity argue with him.

He kept at it, even clamping on the scruff of her neck as to keep her still. Mari whined and moaned as she felt her mind lose herself and orgasmed. Cameron kept humping till he too reached his climax. Once done, he turned over, just like last time and gained his human reasoning back. “Oh GOD!” Cameron whined, feeling his ears fold back. “All I remember was kissing you and then it fade to black! I did it again!..” Mari gave a small smile. She realized since it was mating season for her wolf side, there were going to be more incidences like this, but she knew that since Cameron was new, it was going to be a lot harder for him. Licking his muzzle she tried to calm him down. “Cam… Please. Take a deep breath and listen to me. This is going to happen a lot… You will have this sensation to have your way with either me or even other-” “Others? Like regular people, people that are like us? What do you mean?!” Cameron began freaking out more.” Mari then barked at him, giving off this authoritative aura like her brother and mom that night. “Listen, Cam! I will not hold it against you if you do find others of our kind and have sex with them, but this will only last for two weeks! This will stop after until the next season!” Cameron slowly began calming down.

His knot eventually shrank and both began to clean themselves, but Cameron stopped and began thinking of what he had to deal with from now on. “I’m going to take the next week and a half off… I may not be able to control myself, but I refuse to go out and have uncontrollable sex with someone other than you!” Mari gave a small smile, but inevitably looked down. “Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for me… I can’t just stay here… I’d feel so cooped up, which you might feel the same after a while. And since I can’t stay, other wolves might catch whiff of me… Besides, I thought we were going to meet my parents!” Cameron smiled, panting. “Yeah… I guess you’re right." The rest of the night was, fortunately, uneventful and overall, Cameron slowly found a way to work with his instincts. Within several weeks, the couple found out that Mari had become pregnant. To help show that Cameron would always be loyal to Mari, he proposed to her the next day.  There wasn’t a big wedding, but both of their parents and immediate family attended. Cameron, following the wishes of his new pack, didn’t tell anyone about the reason he was rushing to marry.  Though he was aloud to tell at least one person that he trusted with his life.

He decided to tell his best friend, and since they worked together, it was a big help when instincts occasionally got in the way. It was weird to him at first, but he eventually got used to seeing his friend act like an animal from time to time. Cameron’s friend even thought it was really cool when he got to see his friend become an animal. When Mari finally gave birth to her pup, Cameron realized more great things about being a wolf. He never thought he could be a good dad, but in Mari’s opinion, not only was he a great mate, be he was an awesome dad. Their son Russell was all they hoped for, growing into a normal, caring pup and human.


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