Old Friend, New Roommate Part 1

Published: Apr 15th, 2016
Last Edit: Apr 17th, 2016


After hanging out with an old friend, Cameron finds out something new about his friend Mari


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“AH!” Cameron woke up with a start. Looking around to try and convince himself what he saw was over, the young man’s breathing started to slow into a normal pace. He brought his hands over his face and wiped away any sweat that was there. Black, slightly curled hair swayed as his fingers slipped towards the back of his head. Cameron lived by himself so he wouldn’t need to worry about waking anyone. The 28-year-old male glanced over at his clock that stood on his nightstand. “Twelve… Just like last time… Why has this been happening once every month?” Falling backwards, Cameron sighed as his head forcefully, yet painlessly hit his pillow.  Since his birthday, Cameron noticed that once, and sometimes even twice a month, he had been getting these strange and vivid dreams. He was running, he was in the forest, and everything seemed bigger than it should. Every time he tried to look down to see why he was so short, a noise of some kind bursted through the quiet air. It was strange that not only was he having the same dream, starting and stopping at the same time, but he could actually feel and sense everything like he was really there.

Trying to get back to sleep, something told him he needed to do other things… “Oh... right.” After a quick bathroom break, Cameron walked out to his balcony. He lived in a modest house. With two stories, and plenty of room for himself, he often thought about the possibility of having a roommate, but there weren’t many options. Most of his friends were dating or married, and everyone seemed contented with their living spaces. One friend that always came to mind, however, was this one girl that he met a year ago. She had gorgeous hazel eyes, straight, dark brown hair, and pretty tan. He thought she was the most beautiful girl, and the best part was that they were very compatible, becoming the best of friends in a short amount of time. The only problem was that she had said that she had her own stuff to deal with. Usually Cameron would’ve assumed when a girl said that, she had a guy and just wanted to be polite, but he knew that if his friend, Mari, had someone, she would be honest and tell him. As he tried to get his friend out of his thoughts, he began soaking up the night sky.

In his backyard, he had the perfect view of all of the stars, and even the moon, that appeared to be very full tonight. “Wow… you know, I think this was better than the last one… I wonder if the full moon has anything to do with my dreams though… I mean every time I looked out after having these dreams the moon is always full…” Not thinking too much on it, Cameron walked back to bed and went to sleep. Fortunately he only had the dream once that night, just like all the other nights. The next morning, at work, he could feel all the sleep that he hadn’t managed to achieve, urging him to go to redeem their missed performances. Rubbing his eyes, Cameron yawned, and began typing away at his desk. He was and independent reporter of biology. It mainly consisted of mammals, and he had to keep track of discoveries that biologists of every level discovered. He was then meant to give any information to many important companies that asked for them. There wasn’t too much work to it though; there were a lot of people with the same position so sometimes he had a slow day. 

After several hours of notes, he collected finished reports and was headed to the National research center for biology. After turning in what he had, he drove off to meet with Mari. They had planned for a small get together. It had been days since they saw one another. Cameron’s dark brown eyes scanned for any sign of Mari as he parked outside of the town’s park, but so far, he didn’t see anything.  Once he got out however, a tired voice called out. “Hey, Cam.”  Trying not to look concerned, Cameron gave a crooked smile. “H-hey Mar!” He was a terrible liar. ”What’s wrong?” Mari asked. “You look really tired… did you get any sleep at all?” Mari closed her eyes a bit and smiled sleepily. “Heh, sorry Cam… That’s a negative. I know how much this get together means to you though, so I wanted to try my best…” Cameron rubbed her back gently. “Look, Mar… If you need to sl- *yawn* -leep, you don’t have to push yourself.” Mari laughed, eventually she yawned herself. “Look who’s talking? If you want we could go over to my-” “Thanks Mar, but I actually need to get these papers back home, and-” Mari then interrupted back. “Alright, how about we go to your house then!”

After talking a little more, both got into Cameron’s car and headed towards his house. “You sure this won’t trouble you in your schedule?” For a few seconds, Mari stared at Cameron as if she had no idea what he was talking about, but then realized what he meant and quickly recovered. “O-oh, yeah! I should be fine.” Mari looked away and down at the street as Cameron drove. It was a quiet drive, with the Radio acting as more of an avoidance of conversation. In several minutes, they stopped at Cameron’s house. Once inside, Cameron said a little something since Mari had never seen the inside of his house. “Well, I’m going to put these away in my office. Hey, Mari?... Not trying to sound like a tight ass, but because of my work, you can’t follow me. You can make yourself at home though! You can use my bedroom or the others if you need to sleep. I have about two others, so yeah… but if you also want, you can hang out in the living room.” Mari nodded and walked upstairs. There was a nice, spacious hallway and three doors. Not knowing which one to go to, Mari picked one at random and laid onto the bed, ignoring her surroundings.

Once the papers that Cameron brought home where safely hidden in his office, he made a stop to the living room to check on Mari. After finding that she wasn’t there, he smiled and knew it was safe to go to sleep himself. Quickly, Cameron made it into his room and changed, failing to notice a figure in his bed. Yawning, Cameron slipped into bed, and turned onto his side, finally seeing Mari next to him. All that had wanted him to sleep had immediately left his body. Cameron’s face started turning red just as Mari turned towards him. In his mind he pictured her as if she accepted his roommate offer and they really hit it off. He tried to clear his mind and focus on sleeping, but nothing seemed to be working. Then as if Mari had a day’s worth of sleeping, she slowly opened her eyes and realized where she was. “Ahhh!” She blushed as she figured that she chose Cameron’s room. “Uh Cam? I-. I’m so sorry! I- I thought that-. I didn’t know- I-”Cameron laughed a bit. “It’s ok Mari, I should’ve just left you to sleeping when I realized you where here… I guess I should have told you where everything is…”

Nodding, Mari laid back into bed and begun laughing. “Sorry, Mari… I- If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t do anything!” Giving a confused look, Mari replied. “Cam, I know you wouldn’t do anything like that to me… I could tell what kind of person you were like when we first met… It’s this tuition thing I have… but Cam? I don’t care even if you did… Look, I want to tell you something…” Cameron blushed harder at her words. ‘She didn’t care if he did?’ What was she going to say? “Look, Cam. I want to be honest. I actually really like you. I can feel this bond with you and when I hang around you… I- I feel safe! I want to take whatever kind of relation we have, and I want to be yours, if you are ok with it!” Cameron began nodding as she talked, nodding harder as she continued. It was all he wanted! He really liked her too, and he loved the bond that they had, but he could somehow see that something was still being kept away from him; that she was keeping something crucial from his knowledge. “Mar? I feel like you’re hiding something from me even after you’re telling me all these things… Is there something? Something about why you still can’t be with me then? I love you! I really do, and I want to go at a pace that you’re comfortable with, but if we do become boyfriend and girlfriend, I have to know what you’re dealing with! With what’s on your mind…”

Mari clutched her hands and kept them close to her heart. She pouted and gave a sigh, leaning close to Cameron as if she wanted to be cuddled, or at least protected from some invisible threat. “Mar-” “I’m not a normal person…” Cameron thought about laughing, but knew that this was probably serious, and quickly stopped himself. “I know this is hard to believe, but… I-“ She began breathing heavily. “U-ugh! I- I have to tell you quickly… Look I- ugh- I’m actually part wolf… A werewolf if you will… The st-s-ugh…” Her breathing begun to be more labored, as if she was trying to fight something. “Stories of my people have been skewed and messed around since we were first spotted, but something you have to kn-o-ow… Is that we trans-f-form not only on full moons, but when our emotions and stress get to a c-ce-certain level…” Cameron backed away. “Why are you telling me this now? Are you going to be ok? Will you know who you are?!” Mari looked at him with pleading eyes. Cameron thought to himself how he should know better, but he couldn’t help but stay by her side. “L-l-loo-ok. When I d-ugh when I woke up with you beside me. My feelings for you made me pretty emotional inside, and it triggered my change… I’m trying to fight them to explain to you so you won’t become afraid, and know that it’s me.”

“Wait… So does that mean you won’t hurt me?” Mari’s lip curled showing her dull human teeth sharpen into small yet rigid canine teeth. She nodded and tried to speak. “Nnnooo… I woan’t…” Her voice sounded deeper, but Cameron could still understand and trusted her. “Will you know who you are? Who I am when you’re done becoming a wolf?” She nodded and gave a whine. “Mari, are you still fighting it?! Look, I- I trust and believe you! You don’t have to fight it anymore!” Mari kissed him on the cheek and quickly got on all fours onto the floor. The changes came much more quickly and smoothly. Her hair shrunk on her head, changing it’s texture. More hair, or ‘fur’ accompanied them as it soon engulfed her whole body. Her clothes soon fell to the floor as her body changed. Her hands and feet scrunched together. Nails sharpened to become claws, the thumbs and big toes becoming dewclaws. Her spine grew giving her a longer neck and a tail. Her mouth and nose fused slightly giving it the appearance of a muzzle. As this all was happening, pops were heard, letting Cameron know that not only was her appearance changing, but it probably hurt as well. In a few minutes, Mari, was now a full grown wolf. Once all the changes had finished, Mari shook herself and sneezed. She then turned to Cameron who, though still trusted Mari, instinctively was ready to run. A whine escaped her muzzle sensing his fear. Cameron knew what was wrong and gently sat on the floor.

“I’m… I’m sorry Mari. This is just crazy… I’m still here, but man! This is… This is incredible! You said your people when you were explaining it to me. Does that mean you are born with this?” Mari looked as if she was embarrassed, but nodded. “Sorry… I don’t want to make you answer anything you don’t have to…” “It’s all right Cam… I’m just so happy you’re taking this well!” Cameron almost fell back if it wasn’t for his bed behind him. “Woah, what? How are you-” Mari walked towards him and gave his nose a lick. “I told you… I feel this bond… and the feeling must be mutual if we are to communicate like this.” Cameron smiled and hugged Mari for a few seconds. “Look, I still love you. But how is this going to work now? I mean, I know we can work our relationship around the full moon, but what about when that night comes or you get upset or really happy? I feel as if we’d have to cover for- well, more like I have to cover for you around others… I want to spend my life with you, but what if you have to deal with things I have no knowledge about? Or-” Mari’s pleading eyes calmed him down. Something about them made his stomach fill to the brim with butterflies. “Cam… I know this is a difficult thing to think about now, so until I’m able to transform back, just relax… If you don’t want to see me like this, I can always hide out in one of the other bedrooms…” Cameron could hear her emotion in however they were communicating. He inched closer and hugged as she turned to go.  “Cam?”  Nuzzing her fur, Cameron held her close.

“Mar… I- I said I still love you. I don’t want you to go. It’s just… I guess I feel a little bit jealous…” Mari tilted her head. “Jealous? You really don’t want this Cam… Take it from someone who had to deal with this their whole life! Gosh, you’re born a pup because of all the emotions your having, and basically, when you are able to control yourself, you have to go through the whole process of learning to be human… Then there’s the controlling of your emotions as to not cause a trigger for your change. I-… Sorry… I guess I have had these thoughts bottled up inside me… I’ve never been able to tell anyone how I felt because- well… you know.” Cameron nodded, giving a crooked smile. He could see her point. That did seem unfair, especially since everybody always had two sides of people telling you how to live… “I’m sorry you feel that way Mari… I can understand that it’s probably a pain to live with this…but, if it makes you feel any better, I have this new found admiration for you.” Mari licked his cheek and budded his forehead gently with hers. “Cam… If you’re serious and really do want to be- uh, ‘part of the pack’ there is one way… There is a catch however…”

Cameron nodded, smiling at the thought of becoming like Mari. It was a little weird to think this was all possible and that Mari was actually an animal as well as a human, but she was too precious to give up on.  “I can handle it!” Mari, though tried not to show it, couldn’t help but wag her tail at his enthusiasm to be like her. Cameron smiled at her happiness and then thought of something. “Wait Mari, won’t you be staying longer like this if you are too happy or something?” Mari shook her head, telling him that as far as she knew, happiness or any other positive emotions didn’t trigger changes. ‘At least that was a plus.’ He thought to himself. He was a little worried about what had to be done though, but he knew if he was with Mari, it would be worth it. “Okay… So what do I-” Before he could finish, Mari’s muzzle scrunched, as if she smelled something foul. Then she started having a whining fit and fell to her side. “Mari!” Cameron’s eyes watered as he thought something was wrong, but sighed in relief as he noticed her loss of fur and shrinking muzzle. Soon, Mari was back to normal, although was naked, since her clothes were still strewn across the floor.

“Mar! Oh my God, the transformation back looks much worse! I thought something was wrong. Ignoring her exposed body, Cameron hugged Mari tightly. She hugged back and both could almost hear one another’s heartbeat. Once they relaxed their hug, Mari kissed Cameron on the lips. “Thank you for being so understanding…” Cameron blushed and looked down, but quickly looked back up as he remembered her condition. “Oh! Um… your clothes.” Mari blushed and collected her clothes. As she put them on, Cameron couldn’t help but stare. Though he felt turned on, he some how managed to just admire her body for what it was. She had supple tan breasts that looked to be in-between Bs and Cs. She wasn’t overweight, but she did have curves; like she was average in build. Raising her underwear, Mari stepped in one leg at a time, and then did the same with her pants. Cameron noticed as she slipped on her pants that she was a little stubbly, though he wondered if that was either from the fur still receding or if she just didn’t shave.

Mari then hooked her bra on and grabbed her shirt Once she put the shirt on, she then collected her hair to keep it over her clothes. Cameron stared in awe as her dark brown hair almost seemed to slowly fall onto her shirt. When she finished changing, she turned and blushed as she realized Cameron had been watching. “Cam!” He widened his eyes and looked away.  “Oop… Heh. Sorry Mar… I-“ Mari laughed and kissed him. “What were you thinking about Cam?” Cameron smiled and kissed her back. “ You are so beautiful, but I don’t know, when I saw your body, I just couldn’t fathom that a few seconds ago, you were a whole other creature…” Thinking of it as a kind of insult, Mari looked down. “Oh no! I didn’t mean to say it in a bad way. I think it’s really amazing! I can’t believe this kind of stuff is possible! I still want to be one, but you said there was a catch, right? Uh-… Well, mind filling me on what it is?” Mari leaned back and looked down. “I mean, how to turn you is fairly simple, but because you weren’t born a wolf, becoming a wolf will strain your body… All I have to do is bite you… That’s one thing the movies got right… heh. I have to do this while I’m a wolf in the full moon, and you have to be 100% agree with the process.”

It all seemed reasonable, and Mari could tell he was okay with that much, just by looking at his expressions, but now it was the cons about being bitten. “Alright… Once you’re bitten. The change begins immediately… The first change is always the worst since your body hasn’t done this before and it will be slow…  Since we have no choice to change during the full moon, you’ll be blessed with enough energy to last the night. In fact, anytime when you become a wolf, you’ll have a lot of energy, but when you are a wolf at night, and you return to human form the next day, all that no sleep and wasted energy makes you crash… I guess my least favorite part about being like this is the emotional control… And since you’ll be a changed wolf, it’ll be a little harder. Unfortunately this power makes the changed ones become more emotional and slightly aggressive. I heard that it’ll get slightly easier as time goes on, but overall those are the only cons I know of.” Cameron scowled. Looking at his hands he thought about other possibilities. Mari only heard about ‘changed’ ones. Was there even a possibility that he could become savage? That he could lose himself?

He began trembling. Mari had detected his movements. She leaned in close and embraced her shaking friend. “Cam? Mind telling me what’s on your mind? I can try and help you!” Cameron glanced up, with tears teasing their exit. “Mar… I- I love you, but if that’s true, you’d have to cover for me more than I would for you… I’d just be baggage.” Mari placed a hand gently on Cameron’s face and began kissing him. Without any argument, he kissed her back. They cherished their lips touching one another and held on to their moment of bliss. It was just pure emotion. All at once, Cameron felt, without a doubt, everything would be ok. Their arms moved to embrace one another and they moved towards the bed. Their kiss however, had gone to its limit and both had stopped. “I still want to do this… But Mar, I have to know one thing, and you can’t just guess! Will I be able to control myself as a wolf?” Mari tried really hard to think. She had only heard of changed wolves. But the subject of self-control had never been talked about. “Mari?” She looked down. “I- I’ll talk to my family about it…” Cameron smiled and nodded. He felt satisfied with that answer since they had about thirty days till the next full moon.

“Okay then… I’ll accept that. I have one more thing I want to ask you though…” Mari lifted her head from Cameron’s chest “Do you want to move in with me?” Mari smiled brightly and nodded.  She felt her stomach tickle and filled with joy. When Cameron had offered the first time, she knew that she couldn’t tell him then. She knew she couldn’t keep it from him forever since they had become so close so fast, but now that he knew, and was cool with it, everything was all right. “Yes! I would really like that…” For the rest of the day, they watched some movies, and talked about their life since they last saw one another, which wasn’t that long. At night, they ate a nice dinner and headed off back to Cameron’s room. The mood had been perfect for them, and they were going to spend all they could together. “Goodnight Cam…” Mari yawned. “’Night Mar… I love you.” He whispered. Kissing his nose, she answered in the same volume. “I love you too..”


Thank you very much! :D
Really good.
Thank you! It'll hopefully be uploaded soon. College is almost done for the semester so projects and stuff are taking most of my time. :)
An interesting start. Looking forward to the next part.