Babysitting at the Slafencratz Manor

by kediveg
Published: Apr 22nd, 2016


A college student chooses the wrong child to babysit


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Lana Handley

19 year old college student

Red hair, brown eyes, fair skin

Was last seen 1 month ago

Wearing white top, jeans and high boots and leather bag




About one month beforehand:

Dear Diary,


I am sorry haven't had that much time to write.


There is studies of course, but the new kid I babysit is such wonderful. Jerry Slafencratz is his his name, a nice 6 year old boy

with wonderful imagination and such a lovely, warm and honest laugh. And what is best, his parents are really rich and pay me generously

- they even gave me a huge tip after today when they saw that Jerry was all laughter when they got home! He did not

want me to leave, so I stayed until he fell asleep in his mothers lap. Gosh he is so cute when asleep...

or well.. He is so cute all the time!


This was the third time I was looking after Jerry. Its strange how well we two have bonded, given previous kids

I have been working with. But Jerry is so special and clearly likes me. And I like him as well :)


Dear Diary,


Gosh it has been long time again!


Aaanyway, rest is usual: studies are not progressing but haven't had that much time to party with friends either.

That's because of Jerry. Godly Jerry. His parents have been busy at work so I have been there much.


He is such joy to spend time with! We just play, tell stories and have fun - he finds TV boring and I must

agree. And the pay certainly helps me with my bills... Oh if I could only watch after him!


Yet.. I've had some really weird feelings and dreams about Jerry.. stuff like breastfeeding him or worse... While

I do kinda hope that when one day I have a child he would be as awesome as Jerry this is getting strange. Then there is

some of the stuff what we play together, like the time when he made me do all kinds of animal noises and just laughed..

Probably should take a break from this babysitting and do other stuff...


But... I gotta go over to them tomorrow, it has been already scheduled and letting Jerry down

breaks my heart.. Only this one gig and then small break is in order! Perhaps to study dammit!


Dear Diary


Woah. Seriously. I always knew Jerrys parents were rich, but this is hardcore. They gave me an offer. They are

going to see some sick old relative back at old world - long flight and all, it would be boring for Jerry. So they

asked me to look after the kid for ten days. And Mr. Slafencratz said that he knew how much I had missed my studies -

time when I have been looking after Jerry so he offered to pay for all my studies at the university. Woah!!!!!

I was so awed, but I could not agree to it so now I am faced with really hard decision. Money would really much help

me, but I have to turn the offer down.


You see, today got weird. Extremely weeird. Jerry wants a dog and his parents have refused to buy one.

So he asked me to play dog. I did it for a while, barking noises and being on the ground and such. He was all giggles

and that wonderful smile just stayed on his face. Buuut the play kept on going and going. I could not stop - I tried but

he looked so sad and I could not break his heart. So we continued. In the end Jerry even played fetch at the garden

- so disgracing and my clothes got all dirty. Thankfully his parents called, they were coming home bit earlier than

normal. To discuss their offer. I would have to start tomorrow already as this family stuff came suddenly.


But.. Gosh I need that money and perhaps Jerry has forgotten that silly animal nonsense by tomorrow. And Jerrys

mother had said that I have been the only babysitter he has really enjoyed and darn I do like the kid. Yeah.

And hey, he is just a kid with deep imagination. And it wasn't that bad.. I have to admit I kinda liked being

running around and getting messy and being commanded... And seriously that rest of my studies for ten days?


I have to text them right away and accept the gig.


Dear Diary,


Only briefly now, decided to take lots of stuff to Slafencratz Manor for these days, including you Diary!

Brought tons of other toys and books for Jerry to distract from the animal stuff. His parents are leaving soon

and he will be a bit sad because of that, have to give him some fun other stuff right away to do!


Dear Diary,


That did not work. Jerry dismissed all the toys and other stuff (including the cool robot book) and wanted me to

"be a dog". for the whole day. Only was allowed to make us dinner, otherwise I had to crawl on my arms for the whole day.

I am bit sore but mostly it wass actually quite fun. Jerry really liked out play, always giggling and saying that "You

are a good girl" and such. I would prefer Lana though but I'll let that kid play his game for a while.


Now he is asleep, I am going to take a shower and get some well deserved sleep. Tomorrow well do some other stuff for sure!


Dear Diary,


During the day Jerry said "dogs do not talk" and when I tried to voice my opinion, he just gave me the most

disappointed look at me and I could not make him sad. So just barks an gruffs on the ground it is.


Gosh, think about the money. After this is over, I will talk to his parents and quit. Now just so tired and

throat is sore from growling. Sleeeep


Dear Diary,


We spent most of the day outside, playing in the wood. And that rascal packed our lunch, and guess what he had

for me: Dogfood! Where did he even get it? I had to eat it - from a bowl of course - because there wasn't anything

else in the forest. But he did it again for dinner and he laughed in such a sweet but slightly devious way.


Jerry you little bastard. Yes you are still the cutest little thing in this world, but I would not have guessed

such crazy stuff to came from your imagination. I will let that pass for now but I will talk to your parents later so

this stuff does not happen when I next look after you.


Dear Diary,


I got a collar now. At first I was freaked out.. where Jerry even got it? He gave it as a present after lunch,

and I could not turn it down, so sweet he looked at me when presenting it to me. Who I am to say no? Yes our dogplay-

stuff is weird but Jerry is so awesome young kid I just want him to be happy.. All the time!


The collar is kinda cool.. All leather and small metallic stubs. No nametag. It is also a bit kinky, have to keep it for later use..

And I have to admit: dogfood tastes actually pretty good once you have gotten used to the taste! Still going to mention

 this to his parents, a bit weird for 6 year old.


Dear Diary,


Jerry commanded me to sleep at the living room, next to TV. So I had to sneak you, diary, in here. Can't stop

writing all this down!


Dogplay continues. Jerry does not use my name any more, I am just a girl for him. Sort of degrading but it somehow

makes sense. Throat really sore from dog-noises and I have small blisters on my hands due constant walking with

them. Otherwise daily routines was quite normal..


..Apart from that Jerry told me that "dogs do not wear clothes". Taking my clothes off in front of a kid was..

difficult but hey Jerry is soo naive and he is too young to actually care about my shapes so why not? Afterwards

I noticed that being totally naked is really cool! It feels natural, air inside is warm and the wooden floor

has heating so it is pleasant. And Jerry was not bothered by it all, after all I am just a dog in his mind. Tehee!


Yet sometimes I wonder.. is this play for him anymore? How much closer to a dog I could become here? How I could

help Master..  Jerry, in his fantasy even more?


Now tired, gotta hide this book before going to sleep. At least I have this blanked to cover me, hih!


Dear Diary,


I got a new name! Jerr.. Sorry, Master gave me a dog-name! I am Ruby now, and even my collar says it!


Being Ruby is wonderful, just having fun with Master and no other responsibelities. This iis just so much fun and

Master is sooo sweet to hang out with and play. We did fetch the stick, roll around in the ground, chasing the rabbit

and many other fun things together today!


So sleepy after all that.. Master told me to sleep outside this time, in the doghouse. This is really cool and smells

fresh. I was bit worried that I will catch cold here outside but after whimpering a bit Master promised me that

I will be warm and I trust him. This all feels so lovely and Master is awesome and why not continue this forever!


Gotta ask Master to wash me tomorrow.. my hair is really unkept from all the activity and gosh hair on my arms is

dense.. almost like dogs fur! Tehee!


But now it is getting really dark.. Sleepytime!



Another wonderful day with the Master! We took a long walk once more to the woods and it was so great! Barking to

birds and scaring them was awesome!


Master washed me with the hose after we got home, so dirty and sweaty I was theheee! Funny thing.. when I was

soaking wet Master looked at my breasts funnily.. and asked "do dogs have these?" I shook my head (as dogs have only

teats) and Mastrr looked a bit sad.. Apparently he likes my boobies :) Well I like him verry muuuch so all is great!


It was bit hard to shake all the water out out of my fur but I managed.. that twisting move was fun!


Oh yes diary, I have a secret to tell! ( Gosh it is getting hard to remember things! ) So: I am changing!

Yeah! I have no idea how, but Master is awesome! I have short red-brown fur now on all my limbs, backside,

lower belly and neck merging with the mess of my hair! Master spoke truth when saying I did not get cold!

Then there is the tail I grew after nap.. such fluffy and wavy! My ears have grown and I hear much better!

So coool! Walking on fours is way easier too but my fingers are bit stiffing up so sorry about mistykes!


My insides hurt a bit yet Master is so awesome! I have thank him so much and lick him reeally good tomorrow!

He likes that so much and I love Master!



Ruby does not need to write for thisss just playy with mastrrrr who I lovee


So much fun doggieplay with Masterrr! For evrr!


Fur now everywher , claws arr great butt bad foor writng. so many many small boobies ;)

Thoughts are moslty focused on funny stuff, no girl stuff left. my ass is stil girly but it will go sooon:

Masters parents coming soon, Master says he will turn me into full dog so they will not worry


now just need to get rid of the girls stuff like this book. no-one needs this anymore not at all!

Mastr says bring all to him ad he willl make them go away.. So bye bye Lana! tts Rubby Time!


Master is great adn puwerful. Ruby lovs Mastrrrrr!