De-evolution - Part 2

Published: Apr 3rd, 2016


Danny is forced to watch as his brother is de-evolved into a primitive ape creature like his father, but with a couple of significant differences. Will Danny share his brother’s fate?


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“No need to make such a fuss, my boy,” the Doctor chided, as the two hooded thugs struggled to get Troy to the table. “Once your intellect has been suitably reduced and your libido suitably enhanced, I promise you’ll be quite pleased with the results, just like your father.” That, of course, only made Troy struggle harder. “Let me go you fucking asswipes! Let me go or I Promise you’ll be sorry!” he growled between clenched teeth. An amateur bodybuilder, Troy had muscle to spare and knew how to use it. But strong as he was, the two thugs were simply stronger and soon had him down onto his back on that metallic table. Troy cursed a blue streak as they shackled his wrists and ankles, but as his arms and legs were raised and stretched out into a wide V, and those crystalline drill-bits descended slowly from the ceiling, he began to beg and plead. “Please, no, please…! I’ll do anything, anything, anything....!”

When Danny had been a boy, Troy had been something of a hero to him. After all, what boy wouldn’t look up to his older brother, the muscular, good-looking captain of the High School wrestling team, the hot jock who got all the girls. Watching him now, naked on his back on that table, muscular legs in the air, ass and balls on full display, begging and pleading like a scared little boy, made Danny’s stomach clench. Of course, Troy’s pleas, as well as Danny’s own, were in vain. If anything, the Doctor’s self-satisfied smile widened a little at Troy’s emphatic begging.

He was still begging when the light from those crystalline things hit him, and his words abruptly turned into the same series of surprised sounding gasps and grunts as their father had made. Danny closed his eyes and turned away. Unfortunately, with his wrists bound to the chair to which he was shackled, he could not plug his ears, so he couldn’t help but hear Troy’s cries degenerate more and more into deeper, heavier, primitive-sounding huffs and grunts.

When the light finally died down and the Doctor announced the end of “phase one,” Danny dared a peak. Troy looked much like their father had: his legs still human-looking but bulging with new muscle, and his leg hair dark and coarse. His hands and feet had clearly grown larger, and the odour of male sweat hung thick in the air. Despite knowing exactly what to expect, Danny was still taken aback by the sight of his brother’s transformation, and he silently cursed himself for having looked. He was about to turn away again when he noticed something amiss, quite literally. Danny blinked and blinked again, but no, he was indeed seeing correctly. Not only had Troy’s balls not grown like their father’s had, they seemed to have shrunk dramatically. He could barely make them out nestled as they were in the hair of Troy’s groin. What the hell…!?

“Troy?” the Doctor asked in that pleased as punch patronizing tone that Danny had quickly come to hate with a vengeance. “How do you feel? I’m sure your brother would like to know.”

“Uh…, uh…, bro-ther?” Troy grunted, sounding exactly like their father had – dazed, confused, his voice gruff and distorted. Danny winced at the sound, and his stomach churned. “Yes, bro-ther,” the Doctor repeated, speaking slowly, carefully enunciating every syllable, as if speaking to an idiot. “Bro-ther,” Troy repeated in that same distorted voice. “Hmm, interesting,” the Doctor mused. “I imagine you weren’t as bright as your father to start with, so you probably have less I.Q. left than he did at this stage. Otherwise, you look and sound very much like your father after Phase one, with one important difference, of course. The Doctor extended an index finger and poked at Troy’s groin, at his shrunken testes! “How does that feel, Troy?”

Troy abruptly started bucking his hips. “Oooh! Uh, uh, uh,” he grunted, as sperm suddenly fountained up in several long bursts from between his outstretched legs. Danny wrinkled his nose in disgust as the odor of his brother’s cum mingled with that of his sweat, but he couldn’t look away. Something was wrong, very very wrong. Where was Troy’s dick? And why could he barely see his balls?

“Excellent, Troy. That’s it, expel it all,” the Doctor coaxed, still prodding at his groin. “Uh, uh, uh,” Troy haplessly grunted again, as more sperm burbled up. “There you go, Troy. I hope you enjoyed that. It was your last ejaculation of sperm. Phase two should give you the equipment you’ll need to satisfy your father’s considerable new sex drive.”

Danny gaped. “What!?” he cried out, before he could stop himself. “What the fuck!?” The Doctor turned to him, smiling maniacally. “Yes, Danny? You have a question?” Danny stared at Troy and then at the Doctor in mute horror. The Doctor’s words from earlier, when his father had lain on that same table, came back to him in a rush – “you’re going to need something to breed with.” The words hadn’t registered until now. A female! He was turning Troy into a female version of… of… that creature his father had become! The Doctor’s smile broadened as he saw comprehension dawn in Danny’s eyes.

“That’s right, Danny. You and your brother are going to become your father’s mates, the first of his troop. Oh but don’t worry. You’re going to enjoy it, I’m sure. In fact, you’re going to enjoy it so much, I expect it won’t take very long at all before he impregnates you. It will be fascinating to study you as you begin to reproduce.”

Danny could only stare in mute horror, as words failed him completely. The Doctor didn’t wait for him to recover. “Phase two,” he announced, turning back to the computer. Light flared around Troy, forcing Danny to look away again. Troy immediately began to huff and grunt, his cries gradually becoming more and more primitive, more and more bestial: “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Eee! Eee! Eee! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh...!”  He soon sounded like an ape in heat, and Danny wished once again that he could have plugged his ears.

When it was finally over, Troy looked exactly like their father had: shortened legs heavy with muscle and covered in fur, muscular buttocks, enlarged hands and feet, and ape-like toes. But, unlike their father, Troy had absolutely nothing between his legs, at least nothing that Danny could see from this angle.

“There you go, Troy. All done,” the Doctor said. “Doesn’t that feel better?” After a long moment of silence, Troy gave a loud belch, and then grunted, as if in confirmation: “Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh!” The Doctor snickered, as he slackened Troy’s restraints, sending his arms and legs, heavy with new muscle, thudding down onto the table.  “Alright Troy, why don’t you sit up and say hello to your brother.” Troy gave another series of ape-like grunts, and then slowly began to raise his hulking new frame. Danny wanted to look away, but he delayed a moment too long. He soon wished he hadn’t.

In most respects, Troy looked exactly like their father had, albeit a bit smaller in overall size. He had a broad torso, massive shoulders and biceps, and shortened but heavily muscled and furry legs with ape-like feet. As with their father, the sight of his face hit Danny like a punch to the gut. He had a pronounced brow-ridge and a rounded, protruding ape-like nose and mouth, but to Danny, he was still easily recognizable as Troy.  Upsetting as the heavy mutation of Troy’s face was, Danny didn’t have much time to dwell on it, not once he noticed the two most significant differences between Troy and Jack.

Where their father had grown massive pecks, Troy had grown what looked like a pair of large, bulbous breasts. More rounded than most human female breasts, they sat high on his chest, and they were capped by teat-like things a good three inches long, rather than nipples. Worse still was what sat between his legs. Instead of the enlarged cock and balls their father had grown, Troy had grown a large, hairy vagina. The breasts and vagina looked all the more absurd since the rest of him – arms, shoulders and legs – had grown so hulkingly muscular.

“Oooh…, Oooh…, Oooh…,” Troy grunted, as he looked blankly at Danny, all trace of human intelligence gone from his heavily mutated face. For a long moment, the brothers stared at each other open-mouthed, Danny in horror and disbelief and Troy in simple-minded confusion. Then Troy began to piss. Urine flowed out of him, soaking him as it spread out onto the table before dribbling down onto the floor. Troy looked down at the piss spilling out of him as if in surprise. Then he seemed to notice his new breasts, and things went from horrifying to… well….

Under the watchful gaze of the Doctor, who looked on with an extremely self-satisfied smirk, Troy grasped his breasts one at a time in his large, hairy hands, and examined them curiously, as if wondering what they might be for. Noticing his fat, elongated teat-like nipples, he began licking at them, and then sucking on them. As he licked and sucked, making the most revolting noises, his attention shifted passed his breasts and teats, and he suddenly seemed to notice what was down below. Abruptly releasing his breasts, he moved a thick, stubby finger down to his slit, traced the outline of its thick folds, and then shoved it in.

Troy’s head jerked up, eyes suddenly wide, as if the sensation had been unexpectedly pleasant. “Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!” he grunted, as he began to thrust his finger in and out of his pussy, which quickly moistened and swelled. His wide-eyed grunts gradually grew louder and louder in time with his pleasure, until, at last, he climaxed with an ear-splitting “Eee! Eee! Eee! Eee!”  Troy’s cries slowly died  down as his orgasm ebbed, and when it was finally over, he belched loudly, and casually leaned back, legs spread wide, absent-mindedly scratching at his new tits. His thickened lips curled up in a grimace of a self-satisfied smile, mirroring their father after his own orgasm.

Danny was speechless, and thought for a moment that he might actually throw up, when a deafening noise startled him into swallowing down his rising gorge. There was a sharp clang and rattle of metal on metal, accompanied by a very loud series of deep, insistent grunts. It had come from just off to Danny’s right. He turned, and it took him a moment to process what he was seeing.  

The chairs to which he and Troy had been shackled sat in a recessed area of the room, almost flush with the wall running off to their right, the wall facing the table and Troy. Danny didn’t have a clear view of that wall, but what he could see of it chilled him to the bone. There were bars along part of it, like those on the door to a prison cell. Two enormous, hairy hands gripped those bars and shook them for all they were worth. A little ways below those hands, protruding a good foot from the bars, was an inhumanly long, fat cock, a thick thread of something milky white dangling from its engorged head. Another series of deep, heavy grunts – “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” – boomed through the room, as something enormous pressed itself against the bars, sending that huge cock swinging menacingly back and forth, like a sword being readied for attack. “No,” Danny breathed aloud. “No, it can’t be…!”

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Pussy! Pussy!” the thing in the cell growled, as those bars clanged, rattled, and then began to bend. “No, please no….” Danny mumbled frantically. “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Pussy!”

"Gentlemen!” the Doctor called to his thugs, his voice tinged with a note of alarm, as he gestured urgently at the cell. The two hooded men stepped toward the bars, Tasers in hand. But before they could get close enough to use the weapons, a metallic wrenching echoed through the room, and the cell’s heavy, barred door flew through the air like a discarded tin can. One of the men grunted in pain and went down under its weight with a spectacular crash and clang. The other managed to avoid the deadly projectile, but stumbled and lost his footing for a crucial moment. He recovered just on time to take a massive, hairy fist in the face. He crumpled into a heap, and neither he nor his accomplice moved again.

Danny blinked in disbelief, as he watched his father shuffle forward on two legs, huge, hairy, elongated, ape-like arms swinging heavily at his sides, massive cock slapping from muscular thigh to muscular thigh. He took just a few steps before bringing his massive fists to the ground and loping forward for a few more steps on his knuckles, like a great gorilla. “Uh, uh, uh, pussy, pussy,” he grunted, as he made straight for Troy, who had watched their father break out of his cell with brainless bemusement. As Troy watched his father approach, his look quickly changed to curiosity, and then to vague alarm. “Ooh? Ooh?” The pitch of his grunts made them sound like a question.

“No!” Danny screamed at the top of his lungs, but his desperate cry was all but drowned out by his father’s grunting. “Ooh, ooh, ooh, pussy! Pussy!” When Jack reached the table, he rose to his full hight, completely obscuring  Troy from Danny’s view with his huge body. He beat his massive chest and grunted in apparent triumph – “Oowah! Oowah! Oowah!” – before mounting the table in a single leap, obscuring all but Troy’s legs from Danny’s view. “Eee! Eee!” Troy screeched, as Jack spread his legs, brought his fists down onto the table to either side of Troy, and unceremoniously plunged his rock-hard horse cock into his son’s wide-open cunt.

Danny stared in utter horror, as his father’s muscular, oversized buttocks flexed, and his orange-sized balls swayed, swung and slapped against Troy, as he began to thrust. “Oowah! Oowah! Oowah!” Jack grunted in time to Troy’s higher pitcked “ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Eee! Eee! Eee!” “No, stop, please stop…,” Danny pleaded, but his words came out as little more than a desperate, helpless whisper. Far from stopping, Jack and Troy’s mating intensified. Gradually, Troy’s grunts and screeches began to sound more and more like cries of pleasure, as his thick, hairy legs came up to wrap themselves around his father’s torso, giving Jack even better access to his cunt.

The sounds of their mating – their grunting and screeching, and the harsh slap-slap-slap of flesh hitting flesh – filled the room, steadily growing louder and louder. Part of Danny screamed for him to look away, but his body refused to obey. Dimly, he wondered whether he had gone into shock, as he continued to stare in disbelief at his father’s obscenely muscular ass flexing ever faster, in time with his thrusts into Troy.

Troy seemed to cum first with another series of ear-splitting, high-pitched screeches. He was quickly followed by Jack, who raised his massive frame just enough to beat his mammoth chest – “Oowah! Oowah! OOwah! Oowah!” – as he came hard. Danny could actually see his father’s heavy testes contract, as Jack began to discharge load after load of his seed into his son.

It seemed to take an eternity for them to finish, but finish they finally did. Jack huffed and puffed like a locomotive slowly running out of steam, as he pumped the last of his cum into Troy.  He pulled out and thudded back down onto the ground, coming to rest for a moment on his hairy knuckles, as he caught his breath. The motion made his massive genitals bob and sway violently between his enormous thighs. Troy was also breathing hard, as he raised himself up on his elbows, thick lips and too-wide mouth curving up into a toothy grin. His hairy, muscular legs were unfortunately splayed just wide enough to give Danny a clear view of his still swollen pussy, wet and dribbling his father’s sperm. Danny suddenly felt his gorge rise again.

He might well have lost it then and there, if he hadn’t spotted motion off to his right. It was the Doctor, and he was creeping up on Jack, Taser in hand. “Dad! Look out!” Danny cried reflexively. Jack seemed to understand and abruptly turned, just as the Doctor lunged. Jack’s long arms gave him the advantage. His massive fist reached the Doctor before the Taser could make contact, and the Doctor actually went airborne. He flew back several feet and landed with a hard thud and a gut-churning crunch onto the barred door of Jack’s cell, which still lay across the prone body of one of the hooded thugs. Danny gasped. He could just make out the Doctor’s eyes, staring sightlessly at the ceiling, as blood gushed from a sizable crack in his skull.

Jack beat his chest again in triumph – “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” – as he bucked his hips, sending his still wet, half-hard cock slapping hard against the muscle of his stomach. Then he brought his arms back down to his sides, and, still standing, turned to face Danny. Danny looked up passed the muscle of his father’s big belly, passed the broad pecks with their thick, leathery nipples, and up into his father’s eyes. He gulped at the look his father was giving him, at the unmistakable gleam of lust shining in those all too human eyes. “D-Dad…?” he stammered.

 “Ooh, oooh, pussy?” Jack asked, as he suddenly moved, shoving a thick, hairy finger between Danny’s legs. Danny cried out, as his father pushed under his balls and straight into his anus. “No! Dad! Stop! Please!” A brief burst of pain shot through him, as Jack pushed his finger in deeper. “Pussy? Pussy?” “Ahh! No! Stop! I don’t have a pussy! Please stop! Stop!”

Jack at last seemed to understand. He abandoned his probing and pulled out as abruptly as he had pushed in. “No pussy,” he huffed, actually sounding disappointed. Danny gasped, as he struggled for breath. “N-no, Dad, I don’t have a pussy. Please, please just let me go,”  he pleaded, raising his wrists as high as he could toward his father, hoping against hope that the Doctor had been wrong about how much intelligence Jack had left, that he had just enough to understand. When Danny looked up again and met Jack’s gaze, he found a glimmer of comprehension, and for a moment, for just a moment, hope soared.

But then Danny noticed that the gleam of lust hadn’t left his father’s eyes. Jack stared down at Danny for another long moment before turning and staring back at Troy, who had gone back to exploring his nether-regions with his fingers. When Jack brought his gaze back to Danny, a horrified shiver shot up Danny’s spine. Jack did indeed have enough intelligence left, and understanding had indeed dawned in his eyes, but Danny knew with a terrible certainty that it wasn’t the understanding he had hoped for, not even close. “Ooh, ooh, pussy,” Jack grunted again, as he turned and leapt onto the table. Troy screeched in surprise, but Jack ignored him. He reached up, reached for those giant crystalline drill bit-like things and, to Danny’s horror, turned them toward him. “Dad! Dad – no!”

Jack leapt off the table and down onto the other side, right in front of the Doctor’s computer. He stared at it in confusion for a long moment, mouth half open, drool trickling out one side. Finally, he raised a hairy fist, and in a storm of mad grunting, brought it down onto the computer. It cracked and split with a crunch, and… and nothing happened. Danny breathed a sigh of relief. “Dad – Dad please…” he began, but Jack ignored him. Roaring in anger, he hit the thing again. This time, the giant drill bits began to hum, and light flared. “No!” Danny screamed, but in vain.

The light hit him, and his mind went blank. In mere moments,  his screams began to degenerate into mad huffing and grunting, as he lost all control and his body began to swell and grow. The most intense sensations, at once painful and strangely pleasurable, wracked him, as hair sprouted, muscles ballooned, and bones reshaped themselves. The strangest sensations came from his groin, where he could feel things moving, shrinking and growing. Suddenly, he began to feel horny, incredibly horny. When the light finally died down and he was able to stop grunting, all he was aware of was the sensation between his legs, a tremendous urge to cum and cum hard. He didn’t get the chance. Someone roared – “Pussy! Pussy!” There was a loud crash and crunch, and light flared again.

The sensations, both painful and pleasurable redoubled, and Danny’s cries degenerated further, as his body spasmed, more hair sprouted, muscles swelled again, and bones bent and stretched. When the light finally died down again, Danny could hardly breathe. Gradually, he realized that he was sitting bent over at a strange angle, with something heavy between his chest and his legs. He was sitting in… something he could no longer identify, his arms and legs somehow bound to the thing. What was that? Where was he? As he sat up, he found that the heavy sacks that had obstructed his breathing were in fact attached to his chest and felt strangely sensitive. The sight of them was somehow vaguely arousing. Breath came more easily once he had straightened, and he opened his huge mouth wide to take in air in great gulps. After a moment, some of the air came back up and he gave a loud belch, as he felt a trickle of drool run out one side of his gaping maw.

He heard some shuffling, heavy footfalls coming toward him. He looked to his right, and he saw…. The most beautiful, most erotic thing he had ever laid eyes on. An enormous male, with an attractively wide mouth and rounded snout; a virile brow ridge; great, hairy, hulking shoulders; a massively broad chest with bulging pecs and big, thick nipples; hairy arms and thighs the size of tree trunks; and the biggest cock and balls he had ever seen. The male loomed over Danny and looked down at him with an unmistakable gleam of lust in his eyes.

As if the sight of his virile body wasn’t enough, the male’s odor suddenly reached Danny, and it was the strong scent of a male ready to mate. Heat blossomed between Danny’s hairy, muscular legs, and he felt his groin moisten. Danny grunted his admiration and his arousal: “ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!” The big male responded in kind. He stood up even straighter and beat his broad chest: “Oowah! Oowah! Oowah! Pussy! Pussy!” he roared. That virile display aroused Danny even further. His excitement swelled, as something hot and wet trickled out of his slit.

With one violent motion, the male grasped whatever kept Danny from moving his wrists, and there was a sharp snapping sound. A moment later, Danny was free. The big male pulled him up onto his feet, and shoved Danny forward so that he fell onto his big, hairy knuckles. The next thing Danny felt was pain, sharp pain at his groin, as something enormous pushed hard into his cunt. “Eee-ee-ee-ee!” he screeched, as the male penetrated him from behind. Big hands reached forward to cup the sacks of flesh dangling from his chest, as the male began to thrust. Danny grunted and screeched in pain, but, gradually, the pain gave way to incredible, mind-numbing pleasure. Danny grunted his pleasure in time with the big male’s merciless thrusting, as the frenetic pace of their mating intensified.

It was the male who came first. Danny felt him thrust in deep before releasing his chest and straightening to thud his fists against his pecs, as he roared his pleasure and began to ejaculate. Danny could feel the massive cock inside of him spasm and begin to pump out the big male’s hot sperm, in what was sure to be the first of the male’s many attempts to impregnate him. The sensation was incredible and sent Danny over the edge. He screeched and grunted in ecstasy as orgasm gripped him, his vision momentarily giving way to a see of stars.

* * * * *

Detective Landon and Detective Superintendent Blake stood at the window staring down into a leafy enclosure. A hulking creature, somewhere between a human man and a male ape, lay on its back in the grass. A second creature, this one somewhere between a human male and a female ape, was sitting on the male’s face as it suckled on the teats of its own breasts. A third female ape creature sat on the big male’s erect penis, bouncing happily up and down as if it were an amusement park ride. The two female ape creatures looked several months pregnant. All in all, it was the strangest and most disgusting spectacle the two detectives had ever seen.

“And you’re sure that’s them,” Blake asked. “Yes, sir,” Landon replied. “The DNA tests were conclusive. The biggest one, the male, is… was Dr. Jack Ryer. The one… um… sitting on his face was his eldest son, Troy; and the other one was his younger son, Danny.”

Blake made a noise somewhere between disgust and disbelief as he turned away from the window. “Is it  really necessary to… let them go on like that? Can’t they be kept in separate enclosures?”

Landon shook his head. “After the  zoo’s vets confirmed that Troy and Danny are pregnant, they tried to separate them,” he said, as he too turned from the scene. “But all three became extremely agitated. Dr. Ryer nearly broke out of the enclosure they put him in. So long as they’re together, they seem to have no problem with being in captivity. At this point, preventing any further… incidents is taking precedence over anything else.”

“And all they do is … mate like that?” Blake asked in disbelief. Landon nodded. “Other than eat and sleep –  yes, pretty much.”

“Have you confirmed that Dr. Medlov and his two associates are our only suspects?” Landon nodded. “Yes, sir. It would appear so. Medlov’s lab was just a few miles from where the Ryers’ were captured, and their DNA, both human and … not quite human, was all over it.”

“And the autopsy results?”

“The M.E. says Medlov and Rains died of brain trauma, as we suspected. We found Dr. Ryer’s DNA in that cell. It looks like our initial guess was right. Medlov locked Ryer away after… doing whatever he did to him, and Ryer broke free and killed them both.”

“And the third man? Still unconscious?”

“Yes, sir. And according to his doctors, he’s likely to remain that way for a while. If he does wake up – and that’s apparently a pretty big ‘if’ at this point – they’re not sure what condition he’ll be in.”


“Have you spoken to Medlov and Ryer’s colleagues? Is there anything that can be done for the Ryers?” Landon sighed. “Yes, we’ve interviewed them all, but some of them are still in shock. Two of them think they can reconstruct what Dr. Medlov did in that lab. If so, they may be able to… evolve them back into humans by reverse engineering Medlov’s methods, but that will take time. And even if it’s successful, they doubt any of them will ever be the same. At best, they’ll probably be blank slates who will need to be taught how to be human all over again.”

Blake shook his head, face etched with disbelief. “Thirty years with the Bureau, and I’ve never seen anything even remotely like this.”

“It’s definitely one for the books, sir,” Landon agreed, as the two men walked away. They both pretended not to hear the glass shake from Jack’s triumphant roar of pleasure and his sons’ high-pitched screeches, as they all climaxed yet again.


Great story! I have a thing for father transformations! Please continue with a dog or horse next time!