De-evolution - Part 1

Published: Feb 5th, 2016
Last Edit: Apr 3rd, 2016


Two young men are captured and forced to watch as their father is de-evolved into a primitive ape-like creature with an overactive libido.


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Danny couldn’t believe it. Kidnapped! He and his older brother Troy had been kidnapped by this bald, pudgy little man, this so-called “Doctor”, who apparently had some grudge against their father!? He and Troy sat naked, firmly shackled to what looked to Danny unervingly like the chairs in a dentist’s office. Try as he might, he had been unable to even budge his restraints. Despite his considerable bulk, Troy, an amateur bodybuilder and a veteran of his college wrestling team, had managed no better, and seemed to Danny as pissed off about that as about being kidnapped in the first place. He looked about ready to murder the Doctor, massive muscles flexing and bulging as he strained against his bonds. Pity this Doctor if Troy manages to free himself, Danny thought.


The sound of a door sliding open drew Danny’s attention away from his brother and to the right, and he turned to see two of the Doctor’s hooded men entering the room, holding a prisoner between them, naked and well shackled. He did a double-take. The prisoner was their father!


On the one hand, Danny had feared for their father. Seeing him alive and apparently unharmed was something of a relief. On the other hand, it made the whole situation that much more frightening. The three of them had been camping together in what was really the middle of nowhere. The trip had been part vacation and part expedition for their father, a renowned biologist and anthropologist. If all three of them were now here, in this insane man’s clutches, how long would it take for anyone to realize that they were missing. They weren’t due back home for another two weeks!


Oddly, something about their father’s demeanour gave Danny a measure of reassurance. Despite being naked and shackled, Jack Ryer somehow managed to look largely undiminished. In part, that certainly had something to do with his physical attributes. A tall man in reasonably good shape, Jack’s face was undeniably handsome, well framed by a lustrous head of black hair very faintly peppered with just the right amount of grey. His chin was square, his jaw well defined, and his eyes were a startling shade of blue. In other words, Jack Ryer was in many ways, and in stark contrast to their apparent abductor, the perfect picture of masculinity. Together with his reputation as an intrepid and highly distinguished anthropologist and evolutionary biologist, he possessed a measure of authority others in his situation would have lacked.


All the same, Danny had trouble taking his eyes off the cuffs at his father’s wrists and the shackles around his ankles that forced him to waddle like a penguin, as the two hooded men dragged him along. Somewhat humiliatingly, the halting movement caused his heavy, fat cock, for some reason half erect, to bob and sway and slap hard against his thighs with every few steps. He swore a blue-streak as the two thugs brought him to a broad metallic table that stood a few feet in front of where Danny and Troy sat shackled. The table physically separated Danny and Troy from the Doctor, who stood on the other side of it at the keyboard of a computer sitting on a narrow metallic counter that ran along the far wall. Two sets of restraints dangled on chains from the high ceiling, cuffs gleaming in the dull light as they rested on the strange metallic table,


“Fucking assholes! What do you think you’re fucking doing!? This is kidnapping! You fucking….” The stream of invectives suddenly halted as Jack noticed his sons, naked and strapped to those chairs. His mouth fell open and his eyes widened in alarm. He went white as a sheet for a moment before suddenly turning scarlet, as raw fury contorted his features. A moment later, faster than Danny could have blinked, he lunged toward the Doctor. “My sons! You fucking pervert! You fucking son of a….” Despite Jack’s reasonably strong physique, the two hooded thugs – each well over six feet tall and built like brick outhouses – had little trouble restraining Jack as he resumed his stream of insults. The Doctor’s smile never faded. In fact, Danny was sure he had seen it broaden when his father tried to lunge for him. He had never seen anyone dare to treat his father with anything less than utmost respect if not deference. Who was this man!? And what did he want with them!?


Calmly, as if all of this were perfectly normal, the Doctor rounded the table and sauntered up to Jack only to deliver a sharp smack across his face with the back of his hand. Danny and Troy both gaped. Jack went abruptly silent as he stared at the Doctor with a mix of shock and disbelief. The Doctor’s blow had left a red mark on Jack’s cheek, but he was clearly less hurt than surprised, surprised perhaps that anyone would dare raise a hand to the eminent Jack Ryer, one of the most respected men in his field.


“You don’t seem to have a very good handle on your situation, my dear Jack. It is rather… precarious.” He waved a hand in the general direction of Troy and Danny. Jack looked at his sons again, and Danny saw something he had never seen in his father’s eyes before, genuine apprehension and even fear. The always proud, self-assured, confident Jack Ryer was afraid. Danny couldn’t hold back the shiver that shot up his spine.


Jack turned back to the Doctor, suddenly looking as cool and composed as Danny imagined a man could look under such circumstances. “Boris,” he said, “what… what do you think you’re doing? What on earth is this about?” The Doctor’s smile faltered for a moment and was then abruptly replaced by fury, as he stared at Jack, eyes blazing. “What is this about!? You, Jack, you of all people should know. For years I’ve toiled away in your shadow, watching you, the great Jack Ryer, intrepid evolutionary biologist and anthropologist, snatch the glory at every twist and turn. We both know who made those breakthroughs on gene splicing and early human DNA, and it was not you!” He jabbed an accusing finger at Jack. “Not you!” he repeated, raw anger contorting his features. “Not you!”


Jack stared at him impassively for a long moment, and then Danny noticed his eyes briefly darting from the Doctor to Troy and Danny and back. “Alright, alright fine, Boris,” he said. “You want the glory, fine, I’ll give it to you. I’ll set the record straight on those particular breakthroughs. But there is no need to hold my sons. Whatever your issues with me, they have nothing to do with it.”


The Doctor barked a maniacal laugh that made him sound more than a little mad, as his cold composure and cruel smile returned. “Oh, my dear Jack, I’m afraid it’s far too late for that. The time for apologies and excuses is over. This, Jack,” he said, waving a hand in Troy and Danny’s direction, “ is where you help pay me back for all the crap I’ve had to take from you. You and your sons are going to help me with a new experiment of mine.”


“Experiment?” Jack asked, his voice low, tinged with menace and more than a little apprehension. “What experiment?”


“Glad you asked, Jack!” The Doctor calmly strode away from Jack, rounded the table and returned to his post by the computer, on the other side of the strange metallic table. “Strap him in,” he ordered. Before Jack had a chance to react, the two thugs holding him dragged him in front of Danny and Troy, forced him onto his back on the strange table, and locked his ankles into one of the sets of cuffs attached to chains dangling from the ceiling. As soon as they had him in place, the two thugs removed the shackles that had forced him to waddle into the room. They then repeated the process with the manacles at his wrists. Jack struck out at one point, nearly braining one of the thugs, but they managed to restrain him again and lock his arms into the second set of cuffs.


Jack resumed his stream of insults, as he writhed on the table, trying to strike out at his assailants, but in vain. A mechanism somewhere above them whirred to life. The chains attached to Jack’s cuffs retreated part way into the ceiling. Jack’s arms and legs were abruptly pulled upward and out to the side a little by the cuffs at his wrists and ankles, until they were pulled taught, leaving Jack able to do little more than twitch. When the mechanical whirring finally died down, Jack’s back remained on the table, but he lay with his arms and legs up in the air in a wide V. Unfortunately, this gave Danny a perfect view of his father’s hairy asshole and large, hairy balls. In fact, since the table was almost at Danny’s eye-level, ass, balls, legs and part of both arms was now all he could see of his father. “What the fuck are you doing, you maniac! You’ll pay for this! I swear it…!”


The Doctor gave Jack a vicious smile, as he entered a set of codes into the computer in front of him. Another mechanism somewhere above whirred to life and two strange crystalline objects shaped like giant drill-bits slowly descended from the ceiling to Jack’s left and right. They stopped a couple of feet above his hands and legs, their tips pointed down at an angle toward his body.


“Dad!” Troy cried out. His brother’s cry shook Danny from his shocked stupor. “Stop it!” he screamed. “What are you going to do to him!?” The sound of his sons’ cries seemed to quiet Jack. The Doctor chuckled. “An excellent question, Danny my boy. What you see here,” he said, waving a hand at the giant drill-bits, “is my newest and greatest invention. I will spare you the details. Suffice it to say that I have devised a way to splice the DNA of a human being with that of other animals, with the hypothesized result being a form of de-evolution to a considerably more primitive state. Since it has yet to be tested, exactly how primitive remains to be seen. But we will soon find out, since your father here, the great Jack Ryer, will have the honor of being the first human being to go through the process.”


Troy and Danny both gaped in disbelief. He wasn’t serious. He couldn’t be! Could he!? That was impossible! Wasn’t it?


“Your completely insane.” Jack said after a long moment of shocked silence. “That can’t be done.” His voice was low, almost a whisper, and the note of doubt was clear.


“Can’t it?” the Doctor asked, smiling cruelly down at Jack. “Well, I suppose you wouldn’t know, since you never bothered to figure out exactly how my new gene splicing technique works.” That must have triggered some reaction from Jack because the Doctor’s smile widened. “That’s right, Jack,” he said. “This is an improved version of the technique you refused to allow me to develop. I’m essentially going to splice your DNA with that of a gorilla, that of a bonobo, and that of a Neanderthal. You’re effectively going to become a completely new species of hominid. I’m then going to use you to test out a number of fascinating new theories I’ve been working on about the ancestors of early humans.  Alas, if this works, you won’t have enough intelligence left to understand me when I gloat. Because this process won’t just de-evolve your body, it will also de-evolve your mind to a far more primitive state. In fact, I dare say, if my calculations are correct, this process should leave you with only slightly more intelligence than a common gorilla, albeit with twice the libido of a bonobo. In other words, by the time I’m done with you, my dear Jack, you’ll have little more on the brain than food and fucking just about anything that moves.”


“You’re… you’re completely insane!” Jack spat, raw anger infusing every word. “That’s not possible. That’s simply not possible”


“we’ll see in a moment,” the Doctor said, calmly turning back to his computer. “Wait!” Jack called out, voice firm and once again tightly controlled but unmistakably tinged with more than a hint of doubt and fear. “What about my sons? They’ve done nothing to you. Please, let them go.”


“What about your sons?” the Doctor echoed with a sneer, as if the answer should have been obvious. “Why, if this works, your sons will join you, of course, albeit with a few additional physical modifications. After all, with that heightened libido, you’re going to need something to breed with.”


Danny couldn’t see his father’s face, but Troy’s was contorted in a mix of shock and horror, an expression surely mirrored on his own. His mind was reeling. He hadn’t even absorbed the half of what the Doctor had just said. “Stop!” he yelled, as the Doctor turned to the computer. “Please, stop! You… you can’t do this!” But the Doctor ignored him. “Alright, phase one,” he said, as his fingers flew over the keyboard, and the giant crystalline drill bits began to glow. “No! Stop!” Jack screamed, just as two incredibly bright beams of light shot out from the drill bits straight at Jack’s body.


When the light hit him, Jack cried out, as his body, or what Danny could see of it, began to shake and convulse violently. Initially, Jack’s cries were matched if not drowned out by Troy and Danny’s own. But as his voice grew horse, Danny stopped screaming at the Doctor long enough to notice that his father’s cries sounded strange, more like cries of surprise and shock than of pain – “Eee! Oh! Ah! Ah! Eee!” Gradually, as his body continued to convulse, his cries began to degenerate into what sounded to Danny like wild huffing and grunting interspersed with occasional bestial-sounding growls and screeches: “Ahhh! Ahhh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ahh! Ahh! Ooh! Ooh!


After what felt like an eternity, the light finally died down, along with Jack’s mad huffing and grunting. Danny blinked the flaring circles of light from his eyes, and when the image in front of him swam back into focus, he gaped. No, impossible! Impossible! What he was seeing had to be impossible! His father’s legs still looked human in shape, but they had clearly changed. The hair on them was now dark and coarse, and his thighs and calves bulged with new muscle. His feet and hands had almost doubled in size, and so for that matter had his balls, which had rolled so far back between his outstretched legs that they partially obscured the cleft of his ass. Jack’s body glistened with sweat and smelled like it too. Danny couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose at the pungent odour of male perspiration that now permeated the air.


The Doctor’s smile was so wide it practically split his face in half, and Danny thought he saw a maniacal gleam appear in his eye. “It’s working!” he cried. “It’s actually working! I’m a genious! You hear me! A genius!”


For a long minute, Jack lay completely still, not even trying to tug at his restraints. That worried Danny as much as the change in the appearance of his lower body. “Dad?” he called. “Dad – it’s Danny. Please – are you ok?” After another unnervingly long moment of silence, Jack’s hands and feet twitched a little, and he moaned. It was a deep, horse moan that sounded nothing like any sound Danny had ever heard his father make. The Doctor peered down excitedly at Jack’s face, which Danny’s vantage point didn’t allow him to see. “Jack?” the Doctor asked. “I’m sorry to say that you’ve looked better, a great deal better. How do you feel?”


Another long minute of silence  followed before Jack finally grunted: “Uh! Uh! Uh!” Danny’s heart leapt into his throat. The sound wasn’t quite human. “D-Dad…?” Troy called nervously. “Uh…, uh…. What…. you… done…. to me?” Jack growled, sounding disoriented, voice deep and gruff, the words distorted as if he had forgotten how to speak. He groaned again but said nothing more.


The Doctor gave a maniacal giggle. “How fascinating! He can still speak… well, sort of. What’s happening my dear Jack is that you’re already no longer human. You’re well on your way to becoming my new pet and experimental plaything. What do you say to that?”


“Uh…. Uh…. Noooo,” Jack growled, after a long moment, as if it had taken him a while to process the Doctor’s words. “Oh yes, my dear Jack,” the Doctor said. “Oh! And what’s this? What have we here?” he asked, reaching for Jack’s groin. To Troy and Danny’s disgust, the Doctor lifted up their father’s penis. It was human-looking in overall appearance, but it looked enormous, and it was rock hard. “Are we feeling a little horny, Jack?”


“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Jack grunted loudly, as he suddenly bucked his hips several times in rapid succession, and, to Troy and Danny’s further disgust and horror, sperm suddenly fountained from his cock, spewing back toward his torso. “Well! Isn’t that fascinating!” The Doctor exclaimed, as he gave Jack’s cock a few more clinical jerks. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” Jack grunted again, as more sperm gushed out. “Hmm, perhaps I overdid it with the increase in libido…. Well, let’s see what you’re like after phase two, shall we?” Jack gave a deep groan, which to Danny’s ears bore an uncomfortable resemblance to a groan of arousal, and said nothing more. The Doctor laughed again as he released Jack’s heavy cock. It made a soft thud, as it fell back onto Jack’s stomach.


“No!” Troy and Danny screamed in unison as the Doctor returned to his computer and tapped away at the keyboard with maniacal glee. Their cries were in vain. Beams of light shot from those giant drill bits, and Jack started to convulse again, huffing and grunting madly. The sounds he made seemed to become less human with every passing moment, until they finally degenerated into a mix of the kinds of wild, high-pitched screeches, and heavy grunts and growls that Danny associated with great apes – “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh…! Eee! Eee! Eee…! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh…!”  


When the light finally died down, Danny blinked and gasped at the sight in front of him. His father’s legs seemed to have grown even more muscular and were now covered in that coarse dark hair, which Danny now realized with a shock looked more like fur. His balls had grown to the size of small oranges and were also almost entirely covered in that same coarse… fur. His feet and hands, though largely devoid of fur, looked even bigger, with fatter and stubbier toes and fingers. His toes were particularly disturbing. They had lengthened considerably, and his big toes in particular looked like something in between a toe and a thumb. For a moment, Danny thought the restraints holding his father’s legs had pulled him higher up because his lower back had been raised off the table, and Danny could see the hole of his father’s now enormous, bulging glutes, which were also covered, albeit more sparsely, in coarse fur. Then he realized with a shock that his father’s legs had actually grown shorter even as they had grown more muscular! The stench of male sweat that had tinged the air before was now little short of overwhelming.


The Doctor let out an excited yelp. “I’m a genius, a genius!” he cried out, as he peered down at Jack’s

immobile body. “Jack, can you still speak?” Silence. “Dad!” Troy cried. “Please! Say something!”


“Oooh…, Oooh…. Oooh…. Oooh...,” Jack grunted at last, the sound not at all human. Troy’s face was frozen in shock, and Danny was speechless, but the Doctor could not have looked more thrilled. “Well, well, not quite so eloquent anymore, are we Jack?” the Doctor asked. “Where are your insults and invectives?”


“Oooh, oooh, oooh,” Jack grunted again. The Doctor laughed. “Excellent! Excellent!” he chittered, looking like an excited school boy at Christmas. “Our esteemed subject has de-evolved to the point where he no longer has the capacity to speak!” he declared triumphantly, as he typed another command into the computer. The giant drill bits retreated into the ceiling.


“I will slacken his restrains so that we can all have a better look at your new, and in my opinion much improved, father,” the Doctor said, turning to Troy and Danny. “But before I do, I must warn you, boys: my little process has made some rather significant changes to your father, both physically and mentally. He is no longer his old handsome self, and while I will need some time to assess his mental capacity, I think it’s fair to say that it has been significantly reduced. You may wish to steel yourselves.” Troy and Danny said nothing. All they could do was stare in mute horror at what little they could see of the hulking mass of fur and muscle lying on the table in front of them: inhumanly big feet with thick, stubby, ape-like toes, inhumanly muscular and furry legs, and inhumanly large testes.


The Doctor typed something into the computer, and the lengths of chain that tied the cuffs at Jack’s wrists and ankles to the ceiling suddenly slackened, dropping Jack’s arms and legs back down to the table with a heavy thud. “Come now, Jack,” the Doctor said, “sit up and say hello to your sons.” Jack groaned, a deep inhuman groan. Danny wanted to run screaming, as the hulking mass of fur and muscle slowly began to stir. Jack bent his knees and tucked his huge feet in close to his glutes. He then drew his elbows back a little and began to push himself up into a kind of sitting position. Troy actually screamed as their father’s upper body and face came into view. Danny’s shock was such that he couldn’t even scream.


Jack’s mouth had widened, and his nose had broadened and turned up, exposing much larger, flared nostrils. The whole lower half of his face – mouth and nose – had begun to push outward, and his chin had all but disappeared. The bottom section of his brow had developed a pronounced ridge jutting out over his eyes. Even his hair had changed, growing darker, shaggier and looking much coarser, like something in between hair and fur. More fur-like hair sprouted in short tufts of scruff along his jaw-line. His face looked like something out of a pre-history textbook, like something somewhere between a Neanderthal and an ape. Despite the heavy mutation, he was still eerily recognizable as Jack Ryer, which, Danny thought as his mind reeled, somehow made the transformation even more grotesque.


While the change in Jack’s face was most shocking, the rest of him had changed too, and the changes were anything but minor. His whole body had grown enormously in size. His traps had thickened considerably and he had become bull-necked.  His torso had both lengthened and broadened, with inhumanly broad pectorals and large, fat, leathery nipples. His belly bulged outward with muscle, his shoulders looked nearly the size of soccer balls and his biceps were bigger than Danny’s thighs.


As he finished pushing himself up into a sitting position, Jack balled his enormous hands into fists and planted them on the table, elbows jutting outward to the sides. Danny saw that his arms had also grown disproportionately long, much like those of an ape. While his chest and belly were largely devoid of that coarse, dark fur, with only a thick ridge of it running down between his bulging pecks to his belley button, and from there down to his groin, his arms were as thick with it as his legs, the fur growing sparser as it reached toward his hulking shoulders. At his groin, between his enormous, ape-like feet, two furry, orange-sized testicles sat on the table, and, right over them, stretched the longest, thickest dick Danny had ever seen. Not that he had seen very many, but his father’s tool, while still human-looking in shape, was now about as thick as Troy’s wrists and probably over a foot long. With a start, Danny realized that his Dad’s monster cock was hard, which finally led him to notice possibly one of the most disgusting details of all: the thick globs and strands of milky white semen peppering his chest and belly and mingling with the rivulets of sweat still running down his enormous, hairy frame. He even had a glob of it on one scruffy cheek.


“Oooh…, Oooh…, Oooh…,” Jack grunted again, as he looked in confusion from Danny to Troy and back, breathing open mouthed, drool trickling from one corner of his wide ape-like maw. His eyes look blank, with no discernible trace of human intelligence. “D-Dad…?” Danny stammered. Jack opened his enormous mouth wider as if to answer his son, but instead, he let out a deep, rolling belch, as he lifted one huge hand to scratch absently at the coarse fur that had sprouted along his flank. The Doctor laughed delightedly, clearly thrilled at the sight of the hairy, malodourous hulk of a creature his hated rival had become.


“Dad, please,” Troy pleaded again, desperate to elicit some sign, any sign that their father wasn’t completely gone, that he still recognized his sons. “It’s us – Troy and Danny.” For a moment, Jack continued to stare blankly at his sons, as if wondering what he was looking at. Then his expression suddenly changed, but not for the better. Danny thought he saw some kind of dim realization dawn in those blank eyes, as his father grunted again and brought his hand around to scratch his groin, and then, to Troy and Danny’s horror, gave his hard cock a few clumsy jerks. “Uh! Uh! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!” he grunted, eyes wide, as if surprised by the sensation. Sperm spewed from his engorged cock. It flew so far that a few globs of it landed on Danny’s feet. Troy squirmed in disgust and began to whimper. Danny felt like doing the same.


Jack just kept ejaculating, sperm practically pouring from his cock like piss. When he was finally done, as if in celebration, Jack rose to his feet, the chains of his restraints clattering, and, in all his naked, hairy, ape-man glory, began to beat his massive pecks with his massive fists to loud, triumphant cries of “Oouah! Oouah! Oouah!” As he huffed and grunted, he jerked his hips, sending his enormous, pendulous testicles, and his massive, still semi-erect cock swaying obscenely between his oversized thighs.


Jack then brought his knuckles back down to the table and squatted like an ape, staring blankly at his sons, thick upper lip curving up into a grimace of a smile as he began to piss. It was as if he was unaware that he was urinating, or else he simply didn’t care. He just remained where he was, squatting as he stared at Troy and Danny, piss flowing freely from his still semi-hard member onto the table, wetting his own hands and feet before pouring down onto the ground. The pungent odour of Jack’s urine soon filled the room. Troy and Danny could only stare in mute horror at the mindless, hairy beast their proud father had become.


The Doctor laughed delightedly. “Soon, Jack, soon they’ll be all yours, and quite willingly too. I just need to make a few changes to their DNA, and they’ll be like a couple of bitches in heat.”


“Uh! Uh! Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!” Jack grunted, bobbing his head a bit, as the flow of piss from his still half-hard cock slowly abated. Was it Danny’s imagination or had his father just nodded and grunted in approval at the Doctor’s words? The Doctor merely laughed maniacally again, as he took a large syringe from a drawer near the computer and stabbed it into Jack’s right buttock. Jack reared up, screaming like an angry ape and beating his fists violently on the table, causing piss to fly everywhere, including onto Troy and Danny. But the serum soon took effect. Danny was almost relieved to see his father’s hulking frame slump and sink back down onto the table.


“Alright, gentlemen,” the Doctor said once Jack had stopped moving, “show my newest pet to his new enclosure.” The Doctor’s thugs undid his restraints and, with some difficulty, managed to lift him off the table and onto the ground. From there, they dragged his enormous, hairy, piss and sperm-splattered frame off by the wrists. The Doctor then turned his vicious smile to Troy and Danny. “Now then boys,” he said. “Which of you wants to go next?”


Glad you liked it. Yes, part 2 is on the way. Sorry, I write slowly.
Loved the story. Right up my alley, just wondering though if there's any plans for a follow up?