Then The Changes Started - Part 1

Published: Jan 28th, 2016


First part of multiple transformation story. Begins with dogs.


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After long and emotionally draining days at work, walking into my house always seemed to help put me back at ease.

Except for today.

As I opened the door, I heard a dog barking. I stepped into the front room of the house, shared by my wife and my six-year old daughter, fully expecting to see our neighbor's dog ravaging our furniture; however, my feelings quickly swayed to confusion as a black lab jumped on to me and began to lick my face. I stepped back. Where did this dog come from?

"Honey? Did we get a dog? Alice? Jessica? Where are you?"

The dog dropped back to the floor, sniffing and nuzzling my leg. My daughter came into the room, "Daddy! You're home! How was your day?"

"Uh... fine", I said. "Where did this dog come from?"

"Well, you see, mommy and I were playing and uh... well..."

"Well what?"

"I turned mommy into a dog!"

Ignoring her, I decided to head upstairs. I looked in our bedroom and saw toys everywhere. I figured it would be best to put her into this room just in case the dog gets violent. I closed the door and again began to yell for my wife. Upstairs... nothing. Downstairs... nothing. As I returned to the living room, the dog was sitting by the door with an almost sad looking gaze from its dark orbs of eyes. As I continued to look at the dog, I noticed that a few small clumps of fur had fallen off of it. I walked over and bent down to try and pet the dog, but found that I was just wiping fur off like dirt with a washcloth. The dog began to help me by starting to lick itself, starting of course with its crotch.

At this point, I was reaching a high level of fear. I left the dog and ran back upstairs. "Honey, you really need to tell me what happened to mom. When did she leave and where did the dog come from?"

"Well, I was playing with her and then I said I wanted a dog to play with and then mommy looked at me and said that she would act like a doggy for me and then we started to play."

"Okay. So, then what happened?"

"Then she turned into a dog!"


"First she was walking around and then she had a tail and then..."

Suddenly, a hand on my back awoke me from my daughter's wild imagination. I quickly turned to see my wife Alice, naked and with what looked like black finger nails.

"Jessica, Matt... what happened to me? I feel so strange and I had hair in my mouth! What is going on!"

"Honey, calm down for a second. Why don't you go sit on the bed. I need to figure out what is going on." I walked back downstairs to where I had left the shedding dog. As I traveled downstairs, I noticed a trail of black hair clumps leading to the spot where the lab was licking its crotch not more than a few minutes ago. I was in denial. There was no way this could happen, it was not possible for a person to turn into a dog. I decided to head back upstairs and have a final confrontation with Jessica.

"Sweetie, please sit. I need to know...".

She interrupted quickly, "I can do it again daddy. Watch. Mommy, I wish you were a dog."

My wife turned to me and I immediately saw the same glaze I had seen downstairs.

"Alice, are you ok? Alice?"

Nothing. Then


She barked at me. This was amazing. I watched as she turned around to get off the bed backwards and started walking on her hands and knees towards me.

"Daddy, it takes a while for her to change in a doggy, but you can play with her now if you want to."

I looked down again and saw that her hips looked different and that she was no longer on her knees but rather on all fours. I tried to talk to her again.

"Alice, say something to me!"


"Alice, if you understand me, bark three times."


I turned back to my daughter.

"Jessica, how did you change her back to mommy?"

"I just said I wish you were back to mommy again."

"Can you do that now?"

"Okay. Mommy, I wish you were back to my mommy again."

After a short time, I asked her again to speak. Again, she was confused as to what had happened. I figured I had to accept this and just tell her the truth.

"Alice, this will sound like the strangest thing you have ever heard, but I think our daughter changed you into a dog. If you don't believe me, come on down to the front room and you can see the fur for yourself."

"Matt, this is so strange. I remember having a dream that I was a dog."

I figured it was best that we have dinner and try to forget this for now. I told my daughter not to wish for anything until I could go look on the Internet for what is going on. Dinner was uneventful as was most of the rest of the evening. Later in the evening, an odd thought had crept into my head. My relationship with my wife had been starting to show strains. Sex was not as fun as it once was. We would banter back and forth for one of us to try out something new. When I attempted some backdoor fun, she got angered and it further hurt the situation. I began to wonder more. That night, as I put my daughter to bed, I waited for my wife to leave the room.

"Jessica, I need you to do me a favor. You have to promise not to tell mommy, okay? You know how you wished mommy to be a dog?"


"Before you go to sleep, I want you to wish that mommy and daddy were both dogs. Can you try that for me? And you have to make sure that you wish that we were both uh... german shepards, okay? Daddy needs to do some research into how you can change people like this. Remember, you cant tell mommy, okay? Our secret."

"Okay daddy."

I kissed Jessica and walked away from the room, closing the door behind me. Wait... forgot...

"And honey, when you wake up tomorrow, you need to wish us back to ourselves so we can make you breakfast. And if you need to turn us back during the night for any reason, just do it, okay?"


Again leaving the room, I couldn't help but be overcome with fear. What if she leaves us this way? What if the house starts on fire? This is something that... Something smells good.

I began to walk downstairs. I heard a car door, I think. Feeling weird. There's Alice. She's looking at me with that glaze. I looked down. I am... walking on my hands and knees. I walked to the couch. My wife's nose looks darker. Her tongue starts to pant. Her tongue is long. Her ears look different. She smells nice. I sniff her. Is... is she in heat? She gets off the couch. Shes smaller. Must get my shorts off and shirt off. She smells my crotch. OOOH that's a good feeling. She gets her shorts off and shirt off. Her breasts are gone. She turns around and presents her back. I sniff again and then look down. My penis is pink! I look up again. My wife is growing fur. She lightly growls. It must be time. I jump on from behind and try to stick my new tool into her. Not easy, but I try again and this time I get in. We move together until I start to climax. She turns and I see a full dog face. I let go my load into her, bursting her full with my dog juices. I try to say that I love her but I realize all is coming out are barks. As I back up, I look at a german shepard. Then I look at my paws... paws and... tail? I'm a dog! My wife begins to prance up the stairs and I follow her. We both fall asleep on the bedroom floor.


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