Of Tentacles and Eggs - Part 1

Published: Jan 29th, 2016
Last Edit: Jun 18th, 2016


A young man watches helplessly as strange squid-like creatures transform his father and two older brothers into slaves, and then breed them.


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Warning: As the tags and description line suggest, this story involves heavy, non-consensual body-modification, incest, tentacles, egg-laying and lots and lots of sperm. If this is not your thing, don’t read on. Everyone in this story is at least 18 years old.

“Come on, guys, what do you say?” Dad sounded like he was leading a pep rally again. He was into his forties, but he somehow still exuded a kind of boyishness, especially when he was really excited about something. None of us knew it yet, but the something he was so excited about that day was going to change our lives forever. I don’t blame myself for not having seen it coming though. No one could have.


“Yeah, man!” Sean said, “I’m definitely in!” He was leaning against the kitchen counter, shirtless, cold energy drink in hand, still sweaty from his work out with Logan, which Dad’s latest brainwaive had just interrupted. “totally in!” Logan echoed between gulps of water. He too wore only shorts, sweat still rolling down his body. Sean and Logan were my twin brothers, two years older than me. They had both been competitive wrestlers in high school and still worked out together in our home gym in the basement, keeping in top shape. They were non-identical twins. Sean wore his brown hair short and, for all his prowess at wrestling, he had more of a swimmer’s build. Logan, meanwhile, was blonde, with a much hairier, stockier frame. Their personalities were no more identical than their looks. Sean was more out-going, more focused, and Logan a bit more retiring. But for all their differences, true to the old stereotype of twins, they tended to think alike. So that they were in agreement with each other was no real surprise. It meant, however, that all eyes turned to me. “Tim?” Dad asked. “What do you say, sport?”


What could I say? The idea that had so excited Dad that day was a family vacation. Dad had suddenly decided that we didn’t spend enough time together as a family, and that we needed to remedy that by going on a vacation together over winter break. Sean, Logan and I had all immediately begun to protest. I was 18 and Sean and Logan were 20, and we all had the same initial gut reaction: we’re a little too old for family vacations. But then Dad told us what he had in mind: a secluded beach house on an otherwise deserted, semi-tropical island off the coast of Florida. It was an offer that outdoor sports lovers like Sean and Logan couldn’t refuse. And for a sun and beach lover like me, well…. “Yeah, of course,” I said. “I’m in too.”


“Excellent! That’s the old Torrelli team spirit!” Dad exclaimed, pumping his fist. “This is going to be the best vacation ever!” I wasn’t sure why I had been hesitating. In hindsight, perhaps some sixth sense had warned me that this was all too good to be true. If only I had listened. But you know what they say about hindsight.


Dad had gotten the idea for this vacation from his brother, my Uncle Matt, who had himself just returned from a vacation on this very island with his own family, his sons Tanner and Kevin. They only lived an hour away and were the only relatives we saw regularly. Tanner and my oldest brother John, who had moved out of the house some time ago, were pretty much besties.  In fact, John had watched their house while they were away on vacation. We hadn’t seen them, or John for that matter, since they had gotten back, but Uncle Matt had raved about the island to Dad on Skype, and, surprisingly, after checking out the website, Dad had gone for it. I say surprisingly because while Dad is a pretty high-energy sort of guy, he’s a teacher by profession, a phys ed instructor to be more precise, and has a personality to match, which is to say he’s pretty straight-laced and really not the spontaneous type.  And yet, here we were. With an overexcited Dad playing field marshal, we were packed in no time, and the snow storm that threatened to delay our departure failed to materialize. Our plane actually arrived slightly ahead of schedule, and our welcoming committee was waiting for us at the docks.


In hindsight, that welcoming committee was our first real sign of trouble. Their names were Cal and Jay, and they were the ones scheduled to ferry us over to the island on their motor boat. At first, they seemed pretty cool. Cal was in his forties. He was from Texas, which seemed appropriate since he was good-looking in that hyper-masculine, cow-boy sort of way. You know the type – tall, really muscular, broad-shouldered and square jawed. He wore sandals, board shorts, a broad-brimmed hat and a bright red life jacket with no shirt underneath, which only served to emphasize his impressive physique. The other guy, Jay, was Cal’s twenty something son. He was dressed the same way and was in many ways even more impressive. He was less muscular than his father, but he was ridiculously handsome in a boyish sort of way that would not have been out of place on a fashion runway.


Anyway, they greeted us exactly as you might expect a couple of Texan guys to do, with a “Howdy folks!” and a vigorous hand-shake. On the way, they told us all about the island and what it had to offer, pretty much confirming everything we had read in the brochures. So why was any of this a warning sign you might ask? Well, first, there was Cal’s evasive answer to Dad’s question about the price. Dad hadn’t told us this, but the price was apparently ridiculously low. “Owner’s really loaded but too busy to enjoy the island,” Cal said. “Wants to give people who couldn’t necessarily afford this sort of thing a chance to experience having their own private island for a little while, and to see this beautiful part of the U. S. of A.” Dad nodded as if this made sense to him. It struck me as kind of suspect, but given that we were on the boat to the island, it seemed a little late to be raising those kinds of doubts.


Next, there was Cal’s bulge. Yes, I said his bulge. Ok – full disclosure: I am gay. But honestly, gay or straight, you would have noticed it too. To put it bluntly, it was enormous. I tried not to look, tried really hard not to look, but I just couldn’t help it. The thing was just so…. so in your face large! Then came the really really creepy part: in the moment I snuck a look at it, it moved. Actually, no. Move is the wrong word. It’s not like he got hard or anything. His dick, I guess, something at any rate, seemed to writhe in his shorts, like he had a snake or something down there. Cal caught me looking, but didn’t frown or scowl at me, or call me a faggot and throw me off the boat. Ok, given that we were paying customers and that we had him outnumbered, that last one seemed unlikely, but in hindsight, I think I might have preferred it to what he did do. He smiled at me. Now, as I said, I’m gay. I generally consider it a good thing when a really good-looking man like Cal smiles at me, no matter how age inappropriate it might seem. But this had to be one of the creepiest crooked smiles of all time. There was nothing enticing or alluring about it. There was something downright evil in that grin, and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight.


I hurriedly turned away from him and found myself looking right at Jay. I blinked. Yet again, I found myself momentarily staring at another guy’s crotch, and again, I swear, gay or straight, you would have noticed it too. He was wearing pretty thin bathing shorts, and no, it wasn’t large like his father’s. Jay seemed to have the opposite issue: what his father had in abundance he seemed to lack altogether. There was absolutely nothing visible there, as if he had no dick at all. I quickly averted my eyes before he noticed me staring, and, after that, I kept my eyes firmly locked on the horizon.


Unfortunately, the creepiness didn’t end there. After we reached the island, Cal and Jay helped us get our gear up  to the house and gave us a brief tour. As Cal took us through the kitchen and out onto the deck, I saw his crotch twitch again. This time, I wasn’t looking, well, at least not right at it. I just saw it out of the corner of my eye. I blinked and stared at it briefly wondering if I was seeing things when it moved yet again, making that same weird writhing motion I had seen on the boat, a motion no dick I had ever seen could make, well, no human dick anyway. Dad, Sean and Logan were too busy admiring the view of the ocean to notice. Cal and Jay caught me staring though, and, this time, both of them gave me that same ultra-creepy, evil grin. It occurred to me that they might have just been playing with me, but something about their expressions I couldn’t quite put my finger on made me think otherwise. Another shiver instantly went down my spine, and I excused myself and went to unpack the gear while the tour continued. I was all too glad to finally see the back of them when they finally left us.


As weird as all that had been, I soon forgot all about it. The island and the house were exactly as described in the brochures, and for the first couple of days, all went well, really well. We went hiking around the island, swimming, and just lazed about on the deck, enjoying the sun and the surf. Everyone was in a good mood. “Look sharp, sport,” Dad said to Sean at one point toward the end of our first day. Sean actually hated being called sport, but the mood was so mellow that he just smiled and caught the ball. A vigorous game of beach volleyball followed.


It wasn’t until the afternoon of our second full day that things went south, way south. Dad, Sean and Logan decided that they wanted to take the boat out a little ways from shore and go scuba-diving. Scuba-diving isn’t really my thing, so I decided to stay behind. About ten minutes after they left the beach house, I noticed that Dad had left his wallet on the kitchen table, and in it was his boating licence. I didn’t think he’d really need it, not out here, but I had planned on taking a long walk along the beach anyhow, so, wallet in hand, I decided to first head down to where the boat was moored to see if they had left yet. When I rounded the last bend in the path that led down to that part of the beach, I froze. Something was wrong, very, very wrong. What on earth…!?


The boat was still moored, but Dad, Sean and Logan were being marched off down the beach, hands in the air. Walking in front and behind were creatures almost too incredible for words, something right out of a B-movie. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, sure I couldn’t possibly be seeing right, but the image didn’t change. They had large, bulbous, pair-shaped bodies, similarly shaped heads with wide mouths, thick lips and bulbous fish-like eyes, and they had no legs or arms. Where their arms should have been were two long tentacles, and where their legs should have been were six more. They appeared to be moving by slithering along on their lower tentacles. Their bodies, including their tentacles, were covered in what looked like fine scales the colour of deeply tanned caucasian human skin, which gave them a smooth, almost shiny appearance. In their top two tentacles, they held what appeared to be long-barreled guns of some kind.


I immediately ducked down behind a thicket and watched in utter disbelief as these… these things marched a terrified-looking Dad, Sean and Logan down the beach, while another started the boat and drove it away. For a moment, I thought that this had to be some kind of sick joke, but those creatures, not to mention the looks of sheer terror on Dad, Sean and Logan’s faces, looked as real as anything. For a moment, my own fear rooted me to the spot, but as I watched them disappear from view, my legs seemed to return to life and fear for Dad and my brothers spurred me forward. Keeping to the lush vegetation of the hill-side overlooking the beach, I quickly caught up with them and quietly followed until I saw the creatures march Dad, Sean and Logan into a narrow cave cut into the side of a rocky outcropping that stretched across the beach and part way out into the crashing surf. I hesitated for a moment, but then mustered my courage again and followed. If I still had any doubts about what I had seen, the deep furrows in the sand cut by the creatures’ tentacles, leading straight into the cave, seemed to provide grim confirmation.


What I found inside was incredible! The cave wasn’t really a cave at all. The crude rock tunnel quickly turned into a corridor of smoothly polished grey stone that twisted and turned until it finally came to an enormous underground chamber with two high metallic doors at the far end. I reached it just on time to catch a glimpse of those creatures marching Dad, Sean and Logan through the massive double doors as they closed behind them with a soft clang.


The first thing I did after that was panic. What the hell was I supposed to do now!? Go back to the house and try to call for help was probably the right answer. But instead, for reasons still unknown to me to this day, I managed to calm myself down and, after talking myself out of trying to open those doors and marching right in – about the worst idea I could think of, I started looking for another way inside. It took some doing, but I finally found my way in through what appeared to be a ventilation system. I kept track of my movements in my mind as I crawled on all fours through a maze of tunnels, but I eventually reached a point where I feared I might be unable to find my way back if I went any further. I was about to give up and turn back when I heard some familiar voices coming from not too far away. Following the sound, I eventually came to a vent looking out onto a large room.


I blinked; what I was seeing seemed at once too strange and too terrible to be true. The room appeared to be some kind of laboratory. Off to one side, under two bright, yellow spotlights, Sean and Logan lay on their backs, strapped to what looked like metallic examination tables of some kind. They were completely naked, and their wrists and ankles were bound to the table. They were both staring with a mix of disbelief and horror at the bulbous squid-like creature standing in front of them. It looked like the ones I had seen on the beach, except that the top of this one’s pair-shaped head was long and conical, culminating in that fleshy, triangular tip characteristic of giant squids. Looking at the creature more carefully, it bore a vague resemblance to a very fat, exceptionally ugly man, albeit with tentacles for arms and legs, a too-wide mouth, and squid-like eyes and thick, fish-like lips.


Once I was able to look passed the strangeness of the creature, I recognized what, or rather who, stood under a third spotlight on the other side of it, directly opposite Sean and Logan. It was Dad! He was naked too, but he was standing up, wrists shackled by chains connected to the ceiling and ankles shackled by chains connected to the floor. His arms and legs were spread out so that they formed an X. His expression of shock and horror mirrored that of Sean and Logan. “Let them go!” he cried, writhing and squirming in a vain attempt to free himself. “Please! You can do what you want with me, but let my sons go!” The way Dad twisted his body this way and that as he pulled at his chains was disconcerting to say the least, and not only because of the obvious. For some reason, he was half erect, and the movement of his body as he twisted and writhed together with the spotlight trained on him made that all the more obvious. Unsurprisingly perhaps, he seemed unaware of it, and if Sean and Logan noticed, well…. they clearly had more immediate concerns.


The creature gave a low chuckle, and then it spoke. “Please calm yourselves,” it said in a somewhat gravelly but relatively clear voice. I gave a start of surprise. I hadn’t expected this thing to speak, nevermind speak English. “I assure you,” it continued, “your current… distress is temporary. We are not a cruel people. We require your services in this facility for the remainder of your stay on this island, but you will then be released and freee to go home.” The promise of eventual release seemed to quiet everyone down.


“Now, let’s see what we have here,” the creature said, raising a slender metallic tablet-like object to its face on the end of one tentacle. “Brian Torrelli, 40 years of age, dark hair, brown eyes,” it said, briefly looking up at Dad as if to confirm his identity. It nodded, apparently satisfied, and returned its eyes to the tablet. “Physical education teacher. In excellent shape. 6’1, good, strong definition – well-developed pectorals, arms, shoulders, thighs, calves, abdominals and buttocks. Endowment – 8 and a half inches long. Testicles – unusually large for a human.” It looked up at him again, this time paying particular attention to his groin, and nodded in confirmation. “Yes, yes,” it said, “an excellent specimen, an excellent specimen indeed.”


Dad looked somewhere between puzzled, concerned and scandalized at being appraised like a piece of meat. The creatures words had taken me aback as well. I felt a flush of embarrassment at It’s matter of fact description of Dad’s genitals in particular. It also made me feel extremely uneasy about what was to follow. Why on earth did any of that matter? What were they going to do to him? I had a terrible feeling I wasn’t going to like the answer.


Eyes firmly trained on its tablet, the creature turned toward Sean and Logan. “Sean Torelli,” it began. “20 years of age, short medium brown hair, brown eyes.” It looke dup at Sean and nodded in confirmation before returning its attention to the tablet. “Now, let’s see…. where are the important details…. Ah, here we are: 5’11, competitive wrestler with excellent, well developed physique, with well-toned pectorals, abdominals, shoulders, arms, legs, buttocks…. Endowment – 7 inches…. Well, in your case, I suppose that’s irrelevant.” It looked up at Sean again and chuckled. Sean shot the creature a murderous look, which it studiously ignored as it returned its attention to the tablet.


 “And Logan Terelli,” it continued, “also 20, medium-length blonde hair, green eyes.” It looked up again to confirm that Logan did indeed match that description and continued. “5’10, another competitive wrestler, though on the stockier side, with even larger shoulders, pectorals, arms and legs.” It looked up at Sean and Logan and nodded to itself. “Yes, excellent – good, sturdy frames….” Logan looked more scared than anything else. He was probably wondering the same thing I was: how did the creature know so much about them, and why did it seem so concerned with their… physical attributes?


“Now,” the creature resumed, “let me assure you again that while you may suffer some minor discomfort at the outset of the conversion process, the process is ultimately designed to be highly enjoyable for members of your species, and once the process is complete, you will be more than pleased with the results.”


“What!? Wha… what conversion process?’” Dad stammered, unable to keep the fear from his voice. Sean sounded more sanguine. “What the hell are you talking about, you freak!? What do you want with us?” he demanded, managing somehow to sound more angry than scared. Sean had always been especially good at bravado, but I had a terrible fealing he wouldn’t be able to keep it up for very long.


“Our species has long since lost the ability to reproduce,” the creature explained, ignoring Sean’s insult. “Fortunately, through our considerable technological know-how, we have devised a means of altering other life forms to reproduce for us by producing the semen of our species and the eggs from which we hatch. We can use a variety of beings, but we have recently discovered that humans work best. Your bodies convert most easily, and, once your intellect is reduced and your brains are appropriately recalibrated, you become extremely loyal and obedient. We will begin with you,” the creature said pointing a long, smooth tentacle at Dad. “You will be converted into what we call a sperm slave, designed to rapidly produce the kind of sperm we require in very large quantities. Once your conversion is complete, you will prepare your sons for their own conversions by ejaculating into each of them. This will allow us to mutate them into what we call incubation slaves perfectly designed for insemination by you. By the time their conversions are complete, their bodies will already have produced an initial batch of eggs. You will ejaculate into them again to inseminate those eggs. You,” he said, turning to Sean and Logan, “will then lay your eggs, which we will collect and take to the hatchery. You will then rest for a few hours while your body produces another batch of eggs and your father’s testes refill with sperm. When your eggs are ready, your father will inseminate you again, you will lay your eggs and so on. The cycle will repeat itself until your body needs sleep. You will then rest only to restart the process as soon as you wake.”  It chortled. “I know, I know. All this doubtless sounds anathema to you now, but, I assure you, once the conversion process is complete, you will be very eager to serve.”


My mouth fell open. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Dad, Sean and Logan had similar reactions. For a moment, no one said a word. Everyone stared in stunned silence at the creature. Then they all began screaming at once. “You can’t do this!” Dad cried, as he started pulling at his restraints again. “This is illegal! This is torture! Let us go! Release us immediately!”


“This has got to be some kind of sick joke! Let us go now and I may not rip your fucking face off,” Sean spat as he too struggled in vain to free himself. “Please – you can’t do this to us…!” Logan pleaded. “Let us go! Please, let us go!”


The creature ignored them all. Turning casually toward the far end of the room, it called out: “Begin the process.” For some reason, the far end of the room was poorly lit, with just a few bluish lights – a bank of screens I realized – flickering in the shadows. Squinting, I made out another squid creature by what appeared to be a keyboard in front of those screens. Its tentacles moved and the screens blinked and flashed. With a soft hiss, two rounded panels about a foot across opened up under the ceiling right above Dad, and two more slid open in the floor near Dad’s feet. My breath caught as a thick tentacle covered in the same smooth, lustrous, bronzed scales as the squid creatures slithered out of each hole. Dad gaped, disbelief and fear warring on his face, as the tentacles coming out of the ceiling wrapped themselves around his forearms, and the ones coming out of the floor wrapped themselves around his legs. Once they held him fast, the manacles at his wrists and ankles clicked opened and disappeared into the ceiling and the floor. “Hey! No! Stop! Stop this immediately!” Dad demanded, as the tentacles lifted him off his feet and held him up several feet above the ground. He was still spread-eagled, but his body now tilted back so that he was suspended at an angle a little short of horizontal, his lower body forward in Sean and logan’s direction and his head away from them. From where I sat watching, his position unfortunately gave me a clear view of his exposed hairy asshole. “Stop this! Stop this immediately and put me down! This is assault! You can’t do this…!” Dad’s voice as he cried out still vacillated between anger and fear, but fear now seemed to be gaining the upper hand.


Another panel slid open in the floor right beneath his suspended body, and a fifth tentacle slithered out. This one looked like the others except that it was capped by a mushroom-like tip that looked an awful lot like a fat, swollen, human cock-head oozing a thick, whitish liquid that looked an awful lot like sperm. Sean, Logan and I all watched, transfixed with horror as the thing slowly rose and made its way up toward Dad’s ass. Dad’s eyes widened in shock as its cock-headed tip reached his anus, and when it began to push in, he screamed. His cry sounded as much like a scream of pain as a scream of outrage. “Ahhh! What the…! Stop! Aaahhh! Stop! Mumumum….” His cries suddenly turned into mumbles. I tore my eyes away from the tentacle pushing its way into Dad’s ass to his face, only to find that another tentacle had snaked its way down from another panel in the ceiling and was forcing its way into his mouth. It was all I could do to keep from screaming, but Sean and Logan had no reason to hold back. They began yelling and screaming, hurling invectives at the squid creature as they demanded Dad’s release.


Their insults and angry protests had no effect; the creature simply watched impassively as the tentacles pushing their way into Dad’s anus and mouth began to pulse, as if some kind of liquid were being pumped through them into Dad. Dad’s struggling redoubled at first, but then, just as alarmingly, it gradually began to wane, and was it my imagination or were his muffled screams slowly turning into… into moans!? Sean and Logan must have noticed too because they ceased their tirades and went back to watching in muted horror, as Dad relaxed more and more in the grip of those terrible tentacles and began to moan. His moans were soft at first, but they gradually grew louder and steadily more sexual, until he sounded downright obscene. A viscous white liquid soon began to dribble out of his anus and down along the tentacle pumping his ass. A moment later, strands of the same white, viscous fluid began to ooze out of the corners of his overstretched lips and slowly run down along his cheeks. Long strands of the stuff were soon hanging from his face and began to plop down in heavy globs onto the ground below. Disgust twisted my stomach. The stuff could hardly have looked more like sperm, and Dad’s obscene moaning, which seemed to get louder and louder, made it all the more terrible.


Just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse, the tentacles holding Dad’s arms and legs shifted. They moved him back into an upright position and slowly began to lower him back toward the ground. He was still spread-eagled, and the change in position unfortunately made two things incredibly obvious. The first was Dad’s massive erection. He looked to be about as hard as a man can get. The second was his face. Long strands of that sperm-like liquid oozed down his face and neck, and down over his chest. His eyes were open, wide open, and completely blank, as if he were in some sort of trance. Worse still, he wasn’t struggling at all and looked like he was actively sucking on the tentacle in his mouth as he continued to moan obscenely. “D-Dad?” Logan asked. But Dad didn’t even blink, and his only reply was a long, low, disturbingly sexual moan: “mmmmm….”


“He cannot hear you at the moment,” the squid creature said. “But rest assured that he will soon regain awareness of his surroundings, and you will know it when he does.” It chortled at that, which sent a chill down my spine. “From here on in,” it continued, “the transformation process will be nothing but pleasurable for him.” Sean and Logan still looked on, stunned, speechless. I knew exactly how they felt. Just as Dad’s feet reached the ground, a mechanical droning sound drew my attention back to the ceiling. A glass cylinder began to descend toward the ground, separating Dad and the tentacles off from the rest of the room. As soon as the cylinder reached the ground, the enclosure began to fill with a strange yellowish gas, which slowly engulfed Dad and the tentacles. A strange feeling of relief welled up in me when Dad finally disappeared from view, but it was quickly overwhelmed by trepidation. What could possibly come next? What had that creature said they were turning him into?


As Dad disappeared from view, Sean and Logan started struggling again. “What the fuck are you doing to him!?” Logan cried. “Let him go or else!” Sean spat. “I swear, if you do anything to him I’ll rip off your tentacles one by one and…!” The creature only sighed, as it waived a tentacle to signal its colleague on the far side of the room. The hissing sound of the gas being pumped into Dad’s enclosure died down, and, moments later, the cloud of gas began to dissipate. Once it had cleared completely, the cylinder retreated into the ceiling, and I had to await the creature’s explanation to understand what I was seeing.


“What the fuck…?” Sean breathed, echoing my own thoughts. “What have you done to him!” Logan cried. “Calm yourself,” the creature said. “This is merely a cocoon. Your father’s conversion is taking place within. The cocoon is composed of a solid but flexible resin that will slowly adapt to the new shape of his body before ossifying and then finally cracking and falling away once the transformation is complete. The process is remarkably quick.”


Sure enough, what looked like a yellowish stone statue now stood where Dad had been standing just a moment ago. His features were indistinguishable. In fact, it looked as if someone had covered him in some sort of fast-drying yellowish wax that had solidified even as it poured over him. The different parts of his body – head, torso, arms and legs – could only be clearly made out because he still stood spread-eagled, arms and legs up and out to each side, forming an x. The tentacles that had held his arms and legs were gone. The tentacles in his mouth and ass, however, were still in place. They writhed and began to pulse again as if resuming to pump whatever they were pumping into Dad.


Dad’s obscene moaning began again, and Sean and Logan suddenly went quiet, staring once again at Dad in mute horror. It took me a moment to realize what it was they were looking at. Something was moving, writhing beneath the wax around Dad’s groin. At first, I thought, I hoped, that it was my imagination, but alas not. The groin area of the statue slowly began to bulge and push out as it grew and grew into a long, thick phallic-shaped protrusion sticking straight out from the waxy statue’s crotch. It looked as if Dad had become erect within the statue, except that the protrusion was both longer and thicker than any human cock could be. Another obscene moan echoed from within the statue, this one much deeper and louder, and a jet of milky white liquid spurted out of the tip of that cock-shaped protrusion. Logan cried out in shock and disgust, as it splattered the ground between the statue and the tables on which Sean and Logan were strapped. “What the hell is that! That better not be….” Sean spat. But the creature on the far side of the room interrupted him. “Subject has achieved initial orgasm, sir. Body growth should begin shortly.”


“Good, good,” said its colleague. “It won’t be much longer. You will soon have your father back, albeit with a few important modifications and a very different… disposition.” It chortled again as if it found all this terribly amusing. Logan started whimpering, eyes clearly trained in horror on the cock-shaped thing that had grown out of the statue’s groin, and from which a long strand of what appeared to be Dad’s sperm still hung. It dangled there for a long moment before breaking off and falling to the ground just as another long, obscene groan echoed from inside the statue. Sean momentarily gave up hurling insults at the creature in favour of devoting every ounce of effort he could muster into pulling free of his restraints, but in vain.


The moaning and groaning from inside the statue grew louder still, and the legs began to grow, as if they had suddenly begun to put on a great deal of muscle. What the hell was going on!? What was happening to him!?’


The inflation of Dad’s legs stopped a few moments later, almost as suddenly as it had begun, and the material encasing them grew pale, fading from yellow to almost white, becoming more stone-like, before beginning to crack. The cracks appeared first at the feet and spider-webbed upward, stopping just short of the groin. Large flakes of the stone-like material began to fall away, bursting into dust as they hit the ground. A long, deep, resonant groan, deeper than any so far, echoed from within the statue, and Dad slowly moved his legs, first his right then his left, shaking off what remained of the now brittle material that had encased them. He groaned again, a deep, bestial groan that was almost more of a growl, and that really sounded nothing like Dad, as he slowly stretched each one.


Sean and Logan watched in horror, completely transfixed. Besides becoming hulkingly muscular, so much so that they would not have looked out of place on a champion body-builder, Dad’s legs no longer looked fully human. I swallowed hard when I saw the deep tanned colour of the skin, which matched that of the squid creature’s, and I swallowed even harder when I realized that Dad’s leg hair was gone and that his legs were now covered in the same fine, smooth, semi-shiny scales as those that covered the squid-creature’s and the tentacles still pulsing in Dad’s mouth and ass. The toes had also changed, becoming much longer with rounded bulbous tips. They reminded me a bit of the toes of an enormous frog. A thick, milky white liquid oozed slowly along the inside of his thighs, tracing the curves of his hulking new leg muscles. “Excellent! Excellent!” the squid creature churped. ‘This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening….’ – was all I could think. The words kept echoing through my mind like a sound-track stuck on repeat, but the nightmare refused to end.


The upper part of Dad’s cocoon had so far remained unchanged. It still looked like Dad was holding out his arms up and out, in the same position as when he had been shackled. But then he growl-groaned again, and his arms began to grow. They grew both a little longer and a lot thicker, much as his legs had done, as if he were rapidly putting on a great deal of muscle. It wasn’t long before the material encasing his arms began to pale and crack. Dad roared, and, with one violent gesture, he flexed and the stony material exploded, releasing a pair of monstrous arms. If his legs looked like those of a body-builder, his arms were inhumanly large and long. In fact, their overall shape and size immediately made me think of the arms of a gorilla, with their massive shoulders and biceps, and hands simply too big for a man. His fingers, like his toes, had grown much longer, with the same large, bulbous tips. Most disturbing of all, the skin of his arms was the same tan colour as that of his legs and covered in the same fine, shiny scales. Dad gave another roaring groan as he stretched his hulking new arms out to the sides. When he relaxed them, he hunched over a little, as if the sheer weight of his new muscles were pulling his upper body forward. His arms seemed to naturally curve inward and hang in front of him, rather than at his sides, such was the size of the muscles he had grown. Had he hunched over a little further, his knuckles would have reached the ground.


He seemed to be breathing hard, sounding exhausted, but there was something inhumanly deep and heavy, and unmistakably sexual, about his breathing. He slowly took a step forward, moving just clear of the rubble at his enlarged, elongated feet. The tentacles in his mouth and ass moved with him, and I couldn’t help notice that he made absolutely no effort to get away from them even though his arms and legs were now free. I also noticed that he stood with his knees partly bent and his legs about as far apart as they had been while encased. I barely had time to wonder why he was standing that way, when the next set of radical changes began.


Dad convulsed, throwing his arms out to the sides, hands clenched into fists, raising his upper body till he was almost standing straight. He groan-roared and ejaculated again, sending a thick jet of semen fountaining from the tip of that cock like protrusion at his groin. This time, it flew so far that it partially splattered Sean and Logan. They both yelled and squirmed in horror and disgust as thick globs of Dad’s cum landed on their feet and lower legs, as well as all over the ground. “Expulsion of human semen complete,” the creature on the far side of the room called out. “Completing conversion of groin genitals.” Its colleague nodded in apparent satisfaction.


I barely had time to register what that meant before the cock-like protrusion at Dad’s groin began to grow even larger, slowly lengthening, inch after inch, before beginning to thicken, growing thickest at the base. At the same time, the wax-like material encasing his testicles began to expand. Actually, “expand” is a bit of an understatement. The area of his balls ballooned, growing until he had something the size of a football hanging low between his enormous thighs. I suddenly understood why he was standing with his legs so far apart. The word “sperm-slave”, spoken earlier by the squid-creature, echoed in my ears as I watched that thing between his thighs hang lower and lower. Finally, the material encasing it paled, and, as it had a moment ago on his arms, began to crack and fall away in large flakes. What emerged was a set of balls the size of melons, devoid of hair and covered in the same fine, tan-coloured scales as his legs and arms. Once his gargantuan new testicles were free, there was a brief pause,  and then the bat-sized protrusion at his groin paled, cracked and simply exploded. I was not prepared for what I saw and gave an audible gasp. Fortunately, Sean did the same, and Logan actually screamed, which completely obscured whatever noise I had made.  


In place of a human penis, two smooth, tan-scaled tentacles about three feet in length hung limply down from Dad’s groin. They were about as thick as my forearm at the base but tapered down to a tip that looked very much like the flared head of a large human cock. Like the insides of his thighs, they too were streaked with what looked like semen trickling along their length. Dad groaned again, an obscenely sexual groan.  “D-Dad?” Logan stammered, unable to keep the shock and disgust out of his voice. “Can you hear me? Are… are you ok!?” The question seemed so absurd under the circumstances that part of me almost watned to laugh.


“Oh, he can indeed hear you,” the squid creature said. “in fact, if you talk to him, it will help speed up his transformation by stimulating his sperm production. The only thought he will soon have left in his head is that he needs, wants more than anything to ejaculate into you in order to prepare your bodies for your own conversion into incubation slaves.”


As if on cue, Dad gave another obscene, bestial groan, and his tentacle-like cocks, still streaked with his own semen, began to twitch and writhe, before finally rising up and undulating horizontally in front of him like a pair of eels trying to feel their way toward Sean and Logan. Rendered speechless again, Sean and Logan stared in abject terror at the things that had replaced Dad’s cock, the creature’s words probably echoing in their heads, as they were in mine. “Subject’s groin testes have commenced production of our sperm,” the creature from the far-side of the room announced, “and his mind has almost completed the transition. His intellect has already been substantially diminished. Brain activity indicates that he may still have some lingering concern for his sons, but he is now more sexually aroused than concerned when he hears their voices.” I had no idea how it knew all that, but it was clearly somehow monitoring the progress of Dad’s transformation on those flickering screens. The other creature once again nodded in satisfaction.


“You’re sick!” Sean spat. “Fucking sick! You hear me! He’ll never hurt us! Never!” Dad groaned deeply again, another lascivious groan, and took a step toward Sean, his gargantuan testicles swaying between his hulking thighs and one of his tentacle cocks straining in Sean’s direction. Logan gasped, and the moment he did, Dad’s other tentacle cock began to strain toward him. Sean and Logan went completely quiet, staring at Dad in sheer horror and disgust. I couldn’t help but do the same. Unfortunately, there was worse, much worse, still to come.


Dad groaned again as another convulsion wracked his body, causing him to clench his fists, raise his upper body and arch his back. That’s when the wax-like substance still encasing his torso began to bulge. At first, I thought he was simply growing oversized pecs and abs to match his arms and legs. And he was, but he was also growing something else. His pecs began to round and push outward, as two similar bulges appeared right beneath them over his left and right ribs. All four grew until they were each about the size of a melon. His sides and stomach then began to ripple and bulge as well, though these bulges took the shape of four rings, each about as thick as an adult human forearm, wrapping around his mid-section between his groin and the lower pair of melon-sized spheres bulging from his upper torso. It looked for a moment as if he were putting on fat around his mid-section in four distinct layers.


What the hell…?  My mind reeled as I struggled to understand what I was seeing. Finally, the material encasing his torso, right up to his neck, paled and cracked. Large flakes began to fall away from his chest, and then the remainder suddenly fell away. What emerged elicited another scream of horror from Logan and a terrified gasp from Sean. The four thick rings around his now absurdly muscular stomach slipped down and unfurled to hang at his sides. His mid-section had indeed been wrapped in something: yet more tentacles! Each was thicker than an arm and longer by about half. They seemed to have grown out from the sides of Dad’s back below the level of his arms, two from the right and two from the left. All were thickest at the base and tapered to the same fat, cockhead-like tip as the shorter tentacles at his groin. At first, they hung limply, the bottom two reaching the ground, but when Sean and Logan cried out, Dad gave a lusty groan, and they rose up and began to flail about. So horrifying was this sight that it took me a moment to focus on the four large orbs of flesh attached to his ridiculously broad, body-builder-like chest and upper torso, two obscuring most of his pecs and two right below that, obscuring the area of his ribs. They appeared to be swelling as if filling with some kind of liquid. What the hell were those!?


 “Subject is beginning sperm production in thoracic testes,” the creature from the far-side of the room announced as if in answer to my question. I found myself mouthing the words “thoracic testes” again and again in utter disbelief, as their terrible implication slowly sunk in. Logan appeared to be doing the same, while Sean, now absolutely frantic, desperately renewed his efforts to free himself. They really were turning Dad into some kind of monstrous walking sperm factory!


Moments later, the creature on the far side called out again: “transformation complete.” The material encasing Dad’s head suddenly paled and cracked, and Dad shook his head from side to side as it fell away. I steeled myself for what I was about to see. I’m not sure what I had expected in that moment, but what emerged was a head that was, not too surprisingly at this stage, far from human. Dad’s hair was gone, the skin of his now bald head and faced covered in the same fine, semi-shiny, tan-coloured scales as the rest of his body. His lips had thickened considerably and now looked a bit like those of a large fish, stretching and straining as Dad continued to suck hard on the tentacle in his mouth. Thick strands of that same sperm-like liquid oozed down the lower half of his face and down his fat bull neck. But worst of all was his eyes: they were bulbous, almost round, with just a large black pupil at their center, giving him a permanently startled look. They looked like a cross between human eyes and the eyes of a large squid. For all that, Dad’s face was still eerily recognizable as his own, which somehow made it all even worse.


“Ah, welcome, slave!” the creature said casually as it snapped a collar around Dad’s neck, a collar with a chain-link leash held by the creature. That’s when the tentacles in Dad’s mouth and ass finally stopped their pulsing and withdrew. When their cock-head-like tips finally slid out of him, Dad farted and belched. A stream of that sperm-like liquid poured out of Dad’s asshole and pooled on the ground between his feet, and more of it came gushing from his mouth, running over his fat, fish-like lips, down his thick neck and down in between and over the melon-sized testies on his chest. The squid creature chuckled. “Tell us, slave,” it said, “how was your conversion?” Dad looked at the creature and blinked, which gave me the creeps because he had two eye-lids, one closing over his eye from above and one from below. He looked both startled and puzzled. “Uhhh…. Uhhh…. Uhhh…” he stammered, gaping, as the sperm-like liquid running out of his mouth ebbed, leaving only a small stream of drool running out one corner of his mouth. I remembered the words spoken by the creature on the far side of the room: “his intellect has already been substantially diminished.” Substantially diminished didn’t quite seem to cover it though. Dad looked downright mentally deficient. “Con… version very good,” he said at last, each word spoken very slowly, as if he were just learning to speak. His voice was deeper and perhaps a bit gruffer, but, like his face, it was still eerily recognizable as Dad’s. “Yes, con.. version very good, Master,” he repeated. The creature laughed delightedly as if Dad were a child who had just done something amusing. “Excellent,” the creature said. “No longer quite as articulate, are we.” Dad didn't answer. He just belched again, as drool continued to dribble out of his too-wide mouth. “Indeed,” the creature said, chuckling. “Now, tell me, slave, do you remember what you must do next?” It waived a tentacle in the direction of Sean and Logan who were staring at Dad in utter shock. Dad turned toward them and blinked again. Slowly, a terrible light seemed to dawn in his bulbous eyes as the corners of his widened mouth began to curve upwards into a terrible smile. “Yes, Master,” he finally said, still speaking very slowly. “Must fill them with sperm so that they make eggs for Master. Lots and lots of eggs.”


“Very good, slave,” the creature said, sounding genuinely pleased. “Let us not delay then.”  It signaled the creature on the far side of the room, who responded with a flurry of typing. With a hiss, holes opened in the ceiling and two pairs of tentacles descended toward Sean. He screamed as one pair wrapped themselves around his arms and the other around his thighs. The manacles holding his wrists unlocked and the tentacles lifted him off the table, which then retreated into the floor with a mechanical hum. “No! No! Please stop!” Sean cried, putting everything he had into fighting the tentacles that held him.


The creature gave Dad’s leash a shake, which seemed to spur Dad into action. Still drooling a bit and smiling grotesquely, he took a lumbering step toward Sean, whose cries grew more desperate still. ”No! No! No! Dad! It’s me – Sean – your son! Stop! Please! Dad, please no!”


“He cannot stop himself, boy,” the creature said. “He is no longer human. He is now our slave, our sperm-slave, a creature whose sole reason for existing is to produce sperm in enormous quantities and ejaculate it into the two of you. So you might as well settle down and enjoy what he is about to do to you. Once he is done, you will know how he now feels, and you will want nothing more than for him to do it over and over again.”


Dad lumbered toward Sean, apparently unphased by his cries and pleas for mercy. He walked awkwardly in a half-shuffle, with his huge legs far apart, knees slightly bent, in order to accommodate the size of his enormous balls, which swayed between his thighs, swollen and heavy with sperm. As he drew near, the tentacles holding Sean began to writhe. They spread his legs out and up into a wide V and lifted his whole body higher until his exposed anus was level with Dad’s head.


“No! No! Dad! No! I don’t want to! I don’t want to be converted! Please! Leave me alone! Leave me the fuck alone!” Sean screamed at the top of his lungs, but to no avail. Dad opened his maw and stuck an inhumanly long, thick tongue as deep into Sean’s asshole as it could go. Sean gasped and screamed again, but Dad ignored him and began pushing his tongue in and out, tongue-fucking his own son! My gut twisted. I looked away in disgust but I somehow couldn’t keep my eyes averted long.


“Stop struggling, boy!” the squid creature said again, this time sounding a bit exasperated. “Your father’s saliva contains an anesthetic that will dull sensation in your anus and make what is to come easier for you, certainly easier than it was for him.”


Dad finally withdrew his tongue from Sean. The tentacles kept Sean in the same position, legs in a wide V, but lowered his body so that his anus was level with Dad’s groin. One of Dad’s groin tentacle-cocks, engorged head already dribbling sperm, rose up to meet Sean’s gaping anus. And when I say gaping, I mean gaping. Even from where I watched, I could see that it was wide open, as if he could no longer close it.


“Stop it! You’re sick! Totally sick!” Logan cried. “You’ll change your mind on that soon enough, boy,” the squid creature said to Logan, as Sean began to cry and curse again. The fleshy, cockhead-like tip of Dad’s tentacle-cock made contact with Sean’s sphincter and then slowly began to push in, evidently meeting no resistance. Sean could only scream and plead for Dad to stop, but all to no avail. Dad still looked completely unmoved, staring blankly down at his son writhing before him, as his member slowly pushed deeper and deeper into him. Because of the way he stood, slightly hunched over because of the weight of his arms, and perhaps that of those four melon-sized testicles he had grown on his chest, Dad’s drool now dribbled down onto Sean’s stomach, but such was Sean’s horror at what was happening that I’m not sure he really noticed. Finally, after about half of his length had disappeared into Sean’s rear, with still about a foot and a half to go, Dad stopped. “Insertion complete, Master,” he said. “Target reached.”


“Good, beginn ejaculation,” the creature ordered with another flick of Dad’s leash. Dad gave a few gasps as his body shuddered once, twice, three times, before he threw his head back and roared in apparent ecstasy. The portion of his groin tentacle still exposed swelled and rippled as sperm began to course through it. Poor Sean could only keep screaming and shouting, alternately hurling abuse and begging for Dad to stop, but Dad never even blinked, grunting and groaning with pleasure as he pumped more and more of his semen into his son. It soon had an effect. Sean’s cries and curses grew weaker and weaker, and then became intermingled with moans and groans of pleasure. That hit me like a punch to the gut. Sean’s moaning and groaning slowly got louder and louder, rising in tandem with Dad’s. That’s when another hole opened in the ceiling and another tentacle, this one tipped with a thick cock-head, snaked down toward Sean’s mouth. Not only did Sean not resist, he moaned with pleasure and opened wide. The tentacle pushed into his mouth and began to pulse like Dad’s tentacle-cock, pumping something down Sean’s throat as it had down Dad’s.


In a sickeningly tender gesture, even as he kept ejaculating, Dad started to caress Sean’s body with his other tentacles, eventually beginning to jerk him off with one of them. Just as I thought the scene could not get any more obscene, with a series of loud moans and groans, Sean came all over himself. Logan stared aghast at his brother, but said nothing. He sort of looked like he might be going into shock. I didn’t blame him. I thought I might well be doing the same.


At long last, the pulsing along the exposed length of Dad’s cock died down and then ceased altogether. “Ejaculation complete, Master,” Dad said, breathing heavily, as he began pulling his tentacle cock out of his son. Sean gave a few more low moans of pleasure as Dad’s organ slithered out of him. Unfortunately, I was close enough to see the small rivulet of cum that leaked out of Sean’s exposed and still wide-open anus once Dad had pulled all the way out.


 “Bro! Bro – You okay?” Logan asked. The question sounded more than a little desperate, not to mention absurd under the circumstances. With that fat tentacle still in his mouth, pumping sperm down his throat, Sean was of course in no pposition to answer. He gave another low, sexual moan, as the tentacles holding him stood him on his feat before releasing his arms and legs and retreating back into the ceiling. The tentacle in his mouth stayed in place, pulsing away as it continued to spew its liquid into Sean. Long, milky white strands streaked Sean’s cheeks and neck, and he wore the same terrible expression Dad had worn, eyes wide, staring blankly at nothing, as he stood there, calmly sucking on that tentacle. His stomach looked strangely distended. I wasn’t sure whether Dad’s stomach had looked like that too before he began his transformation, or whether I just noticed because Sean’s belly was plastered with a disgusting mixture of his own cum and Dad’s saliva, oozing down into his groin.


“Well done, slave! Now the other one.” The creature gave Dad’s leash another flick. Logan began to whimper as two pairs of tentacles snaked down from the ceiling and wrapped themselves around his arms and legs, lifting his body off the table, which retreated into the floor. The tentacles spread his legs out into a wide V-shape and raised his sparsely hairy asshole until it was level with Dad’s head. “Dad, no, please! Don’t!” Logan pleaded as Dad lumbered into place, but his voice was soft and sad. He didn’t scream as Sean had done. My heart sank. He knew it was pointless and had already given up.


Dad grunted as he opened wide and plunged his long, thick tongue into Logan’s anus, just as he had done with Sean. Logan whimpered, cringed and writhed in disgust as the tentacle monster that had been his father, our father, forced his tongue ever deeper into him. After a couple of minutes, Dad pulled out, and the tentacles lowered Logan so that his now wide open anus was level with Dad’s groin. Dad brought the tip of his second tentacle-cock, already well lubricated with his own sperm, up to Logan’s now wide-open anus, and slowly began to push in. Logan gasped and whimpered softly as Dad kept pushing and pushing, until he was about as far into Logan as he had been into Sean. “Insertion complete, Master,” Dad said. “Target reached.”


“Begin ejaculation,” the creature ordered, and, once again, Dad dutifully obeyed. As with Sean, he gasped and shuddered a few times before throwing his head back and roaring as his tentacle cock began to pulse with semen. Logan at first continued to cringe and whimper softly as Dad pumped his sperm into him, but, like his brother, his whimpers of distress slowly turned into sounds of copulation. A cock-head tipped tentacle descended from the ceiling toward Logan, and just as Logan cried out in ecstasy, cumming all over himself as Sean had done, it pushed into his mouth and forced its way down his throat, muffling the sounds of his orgasm. Logan didn’t protest. To the contrary, he struggled to swallowed the thing as it began to pulse and pump. Logan kept moaning and groaning with obvious pleasure until Dad finally finished emptying his huge load. “‘Ejaculation complete, Master,” Dad said. “Groin testicles  empty.”


“Excellent, well done, slave,” the creature said, as Dad’s tentacle cock slowly snaked its way out of Logan, eliciting a few more moans and groans of pleasure as it went. Once it was out, Dad stepped back and off to one side, and the tentacles holding Logan stood him on his feet before withdrawing, leaving only the one in his mouth, which he continued to suck with abandon. He was a mirror image of Sean, with his eyes completely blank, and that sperm-like liquid oozing out the corners of his mouth and hanging off his chin in long strands.


Dad now stood facing the vent where I was hiding, which unfortunately gave me an unobstructed view of his grotesquely mutated body, with its hulking muscles, tentacles hanging at his sides, swollen melon-sized testes bulging from his upper torso, and two tentacle-cocks hanging down from his groin, sleek and wet and still dribbling sperm. His groin tentacles were so long and fat that they almost obscured the melon sized testes dangling between his massive legs. I could also clearly see the lascivious look Dad was giving his sons, as his thorasic tentacles began to writhe in anticipation, with a couple even dribbling sperm.


Glass cylinders like the one that had held Dad lowered from the ceiling to encase Sean and logan, and no sooner were those in place that they began filling with a yellowish mist. My brothers soon disappeared from view. When the mist finally cleared and the cyllinders retreated, two yellowish wax-like statues stood where Sean and Logan had been standing. Only the tentacles in their mouths still moved, as they silently pulsed and pumped away. “Good, very good,” the squid-creature said, sounding quite pleased. “Now, you will come with me, slave. We will test the semen in your thoracic testes to ensure that you are fertile. By the time we return, their bodies will have produced the first of their eggs and be ready for you to inseminate.”


“Yes, Master – yes – eggs, inseminate,” Dad said, waving his tentacles again as he turned to follow the squid creature out of the room. I shuttered as I watched Dad go, walking with his legs awkwardly far apart and slightly bent at the knee, his obscenely large “groin testicles” swaying back and forth as he moved. Once he was gone, I turned my attention back to Sean and Logan. Unfortunately, the other squid-creature, the one at the far side of the room, remained at his station.  So all I could do was watch as my brothers slowly began to change.


I didn’t have to wait long. The process seemed to occur faster than it had with Dad. Moaning and groaning soon began to echo from within the waxy cocoons, and they began to grow. Like Dad, Sean and Logan seemed to grow more muscular, but not nearly to the same extent. Their legs emerged first after the pale wax encasing them dried, cracked and fell away. They looked a lot like Dad’s, except not as large. Their leg muscles were larger and very well defined, but if not for their feet and the texture of their skin, they could have passed for human. Predictably, they had the same tanned coloured skin covered in fine, semi-shiny scales, and the same elongated toes with bulbous tips. They both gave breathy moans as they shook off what remained of the now brittle material that had encased their legs and took a step forward. They did not, however, stand as Dad had, with their legs far apart and partly bent at the knee. Their arms broke free next, to more of that creepy sexual groaning and moaning. Their arms were also exactly like Dad’s, except much less muscular, their proportions more human. They hung at their sides as their human arms had, and didn’t leave them hunching forward.


I waited for their groins to expand, as Dad’s had done, but nothing happened. Instead, their torso’s were next to emerge, and here the difference with Dad’s transformation became even more pronounced. Their upper bodies looked a lot more human than Dad’s, sporting neither tentacles nor those horrible thoracic testes. They had grown even stockier and more muscular, with the same tan scales that covered their arms and legs. Their pecs were broad and perfectly smooth with no nipples, and their bellies had inflated still further, with no belly-buttons. The size and roundness of their ball-bellies made them look almost pregnant. I gulped, suddenly remembering that the squid-creature had said that Dad was to be the sperm slave and Sean and Logan were to be the… incubation slaves, producing eggs. I suddenly realized that only two parts of them remained encased in that yellowish wax: their heads and their groin areas. Incubation slaves, I thought, what would that mean for….


Suddenly, the material encasing their cock and balls paled, cracked and fell away. I gasped. Fortunately, the creature at the other end of the room seemed too far away to hear. Between their thighs, where their cocks and balls had once hung, Sean and Logan both now had large, leathery vaginas, swollen and oozing fluids down the insides of their thighs. It seemed absurd. They did look kind of pregnant with those bulging bellies, but their bodies had otherwise only grown more muscular, more masculine-looking. Their gaping vaginas looked completely out of place between those distinctly masculine thighs.


Sean and Logan both moaned obscenely and, almost in unison, reached for their new cunts. Sean inserted a long, ball-tipped finger and nearly doubled over as he gasped in pleasure. Logan did the same. I tried very hard not to gag as I watched them begin to masturbate. The material encasing their heads suddenly grew paler, cracked and fell away. From the neck up, they looked pretty much exactly like Dad: their heads were bald and covered in the same fine, tan-coloured scales, they had the same thick, fishy lips stretched wide around the girth of those tentacles in their mouths, and, alas, the same rounded, somewhat bulbous squid-eyes. The tentacles feeding them stopped pulsing and abruptly withdrew from their too wide mouths and they both belched like Dad, expelling a few loads of what looked like semen as they did. It clung to their fat lips and chins in long strands and oozed down their muscular chests and over their smooth, ball-bellies, which now looked even larger.


They both looked down in apparent awe at their new anatomies, their rounded squid eyes giving them a permanently startled look. Sean even inserted a second index finger into his cunt, which elicited another obscene moan. He looked at the squid-creature on the far side of the room and said something that sounded like “Reed-me, reed me.” His voice was for some reason a bit more distorted than Dad’s had been, and I realized with a horrified start that he was actually saying “breed me, breed me”.


“Calm yourself, slave,” the squid creature at the far end of the room said. “Your father will be along shortly to inseminate you.”


“Yes,” Logan said, most of one hand inside his cunt. “Inseminate. Father inseminate.”


“Breed me. Breed me,” Sean repeated, as if those were now the only words in his vocabulary. For all I knew, they might well have been. Just when I thought this couldn’t get any worse, Logan took his hand out of his cunt and stepped in front of his brother. Sean stared at him in confusion for a moment, blinking with double eye-lids, and then seemed to understand. He removed his fingers from his cunt and stuck them into Logan’s, who practically doubled over with the most obscene groan. Logan then returned the favour. They were practically fisting, bulging belly to bulging belly, by the time the first squid creature returned with Dad in tow. Dad gave a deep, bestial roar and agitated his tentacles excitedly when he saw his sons going at it. On seeing him, Sean and Logan immediately pulled their hands out of each other and moved toward Dad. “Father inseminate,” Logan said, pointing to his groin as if Dad might not understand. “Breed me! Breed me!” Sean said, stretching his cunt open with his index fingers. Dad started drooling again, even more copiously than before. More disgustingly, he began massaging the enormous, swollen testicles on his chest as all four of his tentacles began to leak sperm, which oozed from their swollen cock-head tips in long white strands.


“They are ready,” the squid creature on the far side of the room told his colleague, as if that wasn’t obvious. “Excellent,” the other replied. “So is their father. Alright, slave, begin insemination.”


“Yes, Master,” Dad said, stepping up to Sean and Logan, and unceremoniously plunging his four thoracic tentacles into his sons. In a blink, each had a tentacle shoved down his throat and another shoved into his leaking pussy. Well over half of each of Dad’s thoracic tentacles disappeared into Sean and Logan, who seemed only able to twitch their arms and make high-pitched squeaking noises, as they rose up on to their frog-toes. It looked as if Dad might be about to lift them off the ground, all but impailing them on his thoracic tentacles. Neither even seemed able to moan. For a moment, I feared he might be choking them. But neither of the squid creatures showed any sign of alarm. “Ahhh...! yes…! Yes…!” Dad roared. “Insertion successful. Target reached. Beginning ejaculation, Master.” He groaned again as he massaged his melon-sized chest testes with his hands and his tentacles began to ripple and pulse, pumping Sean and Logan full of sperm from both ends. It wasn’t long before their enlarged bellies began to grow even larger, pushing outward like slowly inflating balloons.


“We are in luck. This one responded exceptionally well to our treatment. He Is unusually fertile,” the first squid creature said, waiving a tentacle in Dad’s direction. “His sons responded just as well,” the second one replied. “The number of eggs they have already produced is impressive. See the size of them. They’re going to lay an enormous first batch! Quite a feet!”


“Excellent!” said his colleague. “What a fantastic find – this family!”


I wanted to feel sick, disgusted, horrified, but I think I had already seen too much and maybe gone into shock because all I could feel was a kind of dull numbness, as I calmly watched what followed, completely transfixed. After what felt like an eternity, Dad’s orgasm finally began to subside. “Ejaculation complete, Master,” he said, once his tentacles had finally stopped pulsing and pumping. He slowly began to withdraw them from Sean and Logan, whose bellies had grown so large they both looked more than nine months pregnant. When Dad finally pulled all the way out, thick rivulets of his sperm oozed out the sides of Sean and Logan’s mouths and down their thighs from out their gaping cunts. They both belched loudly and waivered on their feet. Dad had to steadied them by wrapping a tentacle around each of them, as they stood catching their breath and struggled to avoid being thrown off balance by the size and weight of their enormous bellies. “Now, slaves,” the squid creature holding Dad’s leash ordered, “lay your eggs.”


“Yes, Master,” Sean and Logan croaked unsteadily, clutching their massive guts with both hands as if to hold them up. With obvious difficulty, they began to waddle slowly over to a strange looking object on the far-right side of the room, behind the area where Dad had been… cocooned and “converted”. At first glance, it looked like a long table, but its surface wasn’t quite flat. I made out a line of fist-sized holes at regular intervals running length-wise through the centre of the table. To the left and right of each whole were fairly wide oblong impressions. Small metallic half-tubes poked out from underneath the table-top. Each tube was on a slight incline and looked like a mini slide, ending in a square, metallic crate-like box sitting on the floor. What the hell…?


With some help from Dad, Sean and Logan struggled up onto the table and settled down in a strange position. They leaned forward onto the table, their legs stretched out behind them with each leg in one of those oblong furrows. They held their upper bodies up with their arms, allowing their huge bellies to rest on the table, and pressed their pelvic areas down over one of the holes. The position made their ridiculously large and muscular glutes bulge and exposed their ass-holes.


With another flick of his leash, the squid creature urged Dad forward. He seemed to know exactly what to do, as he brought the cock-head like tip of one of his thoracic tentacles to each of their anuses and began to press in. Sean and Logan began to moan and groan again with pleasure, as Dad started tentacle-fucking their asses. After a couple of minutes that felt to me like an eternity, Sean cried out and gasped as if he were having an orgasm, and, seconds later, a round, milky white sphere about the size of a golf  ball came rolling down the small metallic slide directly beneath him and into one of the metallic boxes. Logan gave a sharp cry and moan of his own, and a similar white sphere came rolling down the slide and into the box beneath him. They were spawning, laying their eggs!


This went on for some time, Dad gently pumping their anuses with his tentacles, and Sean and Logan giving sharp, orgasmic  moans and groans as they expelled their eggs from their cunts one at a time. When it was finally over, Dad withdrew his tentacles, and Sean and Logan slowly got up. Their stomachs had shrunk back down to what I assumed was normal size. They still bulged a little, but except for the scaly skin and the lack of a belly button, they looked more or less human. Ironically, with their enhanced new physiques, Sean and Logan now looked more than ever like the wrestlers they had been, except of course for the large, leathery cunts between their thighs.


“Excellent! Excellent! What a harvest!” The squid-creature exclaimed evidently very pleased, as more of his kin entered the room and carried off the metallic boxes containing Sean and Logan’s freshly laid eggs. Sean and Logan didn’t even blink at that. They wasted no time in getting Dad ready to breed them again. Sean started massaging Dad’s chest testicles, and Logan went to his knees and began to massage the testicles between Dad’s legs while sucking on one of his groin tentacle cocks. The first squid creature, the one holding Dad’s leash, laughed. “So eager! Calm yourselves, slaves. We must feed your father before he can inseminate you again.” At his words, a thick, cock-headed tentacle again snaked down from the ceiling, as another snaked up from the floor, both heading for Dad. Dad saw the first coming. “Feed,” he croaked, as he grabbed it and shoved it down his gullet. He gave a muffled “muh-ooh!” of surprise as the one rising out of the floor found his crack and forced its way into his anus before beginning to pulse like the one in his mouth. Sean and Logan didn’t even seem to notice. They continued blithely fondling Dad and sucking away on his tentacles as he fed.


That’s when the strange stupor that had held me suddenly shattered. I had seen more than enough! Mind still reeling, I managed to retrace my path and made my way out of the maze of vents as quickly and as quietly as I could. I then crept out of the cave and made my way back up to the beach house, encountering nothing and no one along the way. To my incredible relief, I found the house just as I had left it, with no sign that those creatures had been inside. I was still in shock from everything I had just witnessed, but there was no time to lose. By my lonesome, there was nothing I could do for Dad, Sean and Logan, and I had no doubt that If those creatures became aware of my presence here, I would quickly be sharing their fate. Still reeling from what I had witnessed, I locked all the windows and doors, and turned my attention to what now mattered most of all – escape.


The dad subtly enjoying it with his semi tho! I find it hard to visualise the dad's TF it's hard to take all that info in...Sexy as hell tho!
Awesome story. It's great to see more M/M stuff on the site. Hope we get to see more!
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