Fatal Choice

Published: Jun 24th, 2007


Man into female donkey.


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Fatal Choice
by Ben Reilly/Devil's Donkey

(It's a very old story thread I did on CYOC but I think it works better as one big story written in second person. If it could be added to my story section I would be mighty grateful! I won't pretend it hasn't been posted to TFB way back but it would be nice to have all my stories on Doc's Lab in the interests of completeness.)

You come across a sign. "BECOME A DONKEY FOR 5 YEARS, LIVE ON A STUD FARM AND PAY YOUR WAY." The sign is outside a red bricked, professional looking building. You enter through into a reception. A blond woman on the counter looks up. "Yes?" she says.

"I've come to see about becoming a donkey," and you redden when you say it, acutely embarrassed.

She sits back and smiles, a little smugly for you. "Well that's what we are here for."

"It is free isn't it?" you ask.

"Oh yes. Just go down to the lab. Straight down the hall." She answers.

You enter the lab and a young woman in wire rimmed glasses and lab coat greets you.


"Uh…. Thanks."

"Anyway, you realize what you are doing I hope. You are going to be a donkey for 5 years if you do this. Let that fact sink in," she says as she looks at you almost pityingly but you are too excited to care.

You think for a moment about it, you know that it's a long time to be changed, but if you don't do it now you'll regret it forever. You state your agreement and she leads you into a bedroom like room. A bed and an en suite bathroom that has a shelf in it. She turns to you and says, "Let me make one thing perfectly clear. If you agree to this, once I close that door behind me, that's it, the deal is done. You won't be allowed out until your change is complete."

You half listen to her but you can't stop looking at her buoyant chest. Your penis twitches, you want her, badly. You want to fuck her so bad, you want to take her, now. You think of life as a Jackass, then any female would be yours, well, Jenny anyway. You sign the form on the spot, and she leaves you. The door shuts and the lock turns. The deal is sealed, and that was your last human conversation for the next 5 years.

You go to the bathroom and look at the shelf in there. There are two test tube bottles on it. Odd, they are different. One had a drawing of a white donkey on the label and the other had a black one. The fluid inside them was different too. You unscrew the lid of the white donkey bottle. You smell it, YUCK! It smells like spunk. You realise it probably is donkey cum. You cork it up and open the second bottle, That one is better. It smells like milk, sweet. What to do?

There is a sign on the wall informing you that you should read your manual before drinking one of them. Then only drink one, or it is poison. Blimey!

You go into the "bedroom' and look about for the manual. You look impatiently around the room. Under the bed, in all the drawers, it's nowhere to be seen. You call out at the top of your lungs that there is no manual, but no one comes to the door. You aren't going to be let out, as a human anyway.

You return to the bathroom and look at the pictures on the bottles, what do they mean? What if you choose the wrong one? You have to choose one or you'll die of old age before they'll let you out. But which one?

You think for a minute. What could the difference be? Then it hits you, MALE or FEMALE! Ack! Well, thinking logically the bottle you want must be the horrid spunky one. Obviously it's a sample of Jackass DNA and it will make you a male donkey. You shudder, thinking of what would have happened if you'd drunk the milk.

You open the white labelled bottle. The smell is strong, even without sniffing it. It's chunky looking and gross. But hey, sacrifices must be made. You tip back your head and gulp down the horrid fluid. It tastes worse than it looks, but you drink it to the last drop.

Your body begins to shake, you feel light headed and you slump against the sink. Is it happening now? You shake off the nausea and look into the mirror. Your reflection looks back at you. An empty look in your eyes. You've actually done it, and now… well you aren't really sure why you are here. Your body feels soft and strange. You try to walk over to the bed, but you find yourself stumbling over your own feet. They feel soft and weak and hard to walk on.

Your penis gets hard in your pants. Transformation have always turned you on and this is frightening, and sensual and wonderful, it's all you dreamed of.

Your penis continues to harden; it's so hard, like concrete. Good sensations shoot through it and up into your belly. You feel alive and your blood is thumping through your veins. You pull away your clothes, elatedly; you note as you pull off your shoes, you won't be needing any shoes any more. Nor any pants, shirts or any other item of clothing. As you take them off you pile them up neatly, noting that it'll be a long rime before you feel them against your flesh again. Now you'll have Donkey hair and hard hooves to walk upon.

You reach out and stroke your shirt where it lies. You won't be able to touch as a Donkey. You look at your fingers, a little regretful of losing the gift they give, the gift of touch? Is it your imagination or are your fingers a little stubbier than they were? It seems so to you.

Your penis aches suddenly. You look down at it, my word it's huge, almost bursting. It's everything you dreamed of. The head is dark, dark purple and it feels like it's going to explode. But there is pain as well, this bursting feeling is slightly uncomfortable. Plus your balls are itching heavily, they are getting hairier and you realise that the hair isn't normal. It's heavier and stubbier than normal.

A grinding pain in your stomach knocks you to your knees. The carpet bumps you knees as you double over. There is a pulling sensation in your penis. It feels like it is contracting within. You look at it and see the skin writhing, this feels wrong, wrong. Spunk is leaking out of it as the pulling continues and you cry out as you begin to orgasm. It is the best sensation you have ever known spunk dribbles out of you. It's not like normal ejaculation, it's welling and welling, it's not stopping. Your eyes roll back into your head with the delight of your release.

"Oh'nnnnnn' arrrgh…"

Pain streaks through you, your penis is still jumping as it orgasms, but the spunk is now water-like. Your balls ache as it continues and you reach down to them, only to find you no longer have testes, only flappy pieces of empty flesh. Your penis continues to contract and pull back in on itself. Now you can see it pulling back into your body and disappearing between your legs. You scream in a crazed falsetto but it stays gone. No new donkey dick for you.

In a terror filled moment, you touch the hairy, hairy flaps between your legs and find a slick dripping maw. Are you becoming a woman?

You feel your ears burn and touch them, feeling them grow into your hands. They're lengthening, "Nooooooooooooooooooo!"

You can feel muscles spasming all over your body. You struggle to your feet in terror at what is happening to you. You run to a full-length mirror that shows you now have exceptionally wide hips and your ribcage is expanding. In addition, everywhere brown hair forces itself out in bunches and your body is slowly becoming covered with it. Covered in Jennet hair! You're becoming a Jenny!

You start to scream with terror, you didn't want this but It is to no avail, the door stays resolutely closed. Your belly begins to ache, you look down. It's getting more and more rounded and hair continues to sprout and itch fiercely but you are transfixed by the sight of your enlarging belly. It is growing heavy now, you place your stubby fingers beneath it. It's so heavy.

Then, a kick hits you in the ribs, there is something alive inside you! The swelling is huge now, you roll down onto your back, and cry out a voice mixed with animal cries and brays. Your voice creaks out of you uncontrollably, sounding like a rusty gate, "Pleee--eee--ee-eaaawwwsse, Noooooeeeeeehaaaaarh, not this. I didn't want this."

The world grows blurred about you. There is pain your ribs, the creature inside you is too big for your frame, something has to give.

Your tailbone aches terribly, you feel a whip like feeling from beneath and a crackling feeling from behind. Then you see it. A tail half covered in fur greets your eyes. The bones in it make lumps through the thin, tough, new-skin. They shift before your blurry sight.

The PAIN! It seeps through you now, your bones crack and shift. Your chest is heaving heavily. You look down and see the dark spots that are Jennet nipples force themselves outward from your toughening skin and you touch them with the remnants of your hardening fingers. They leak liquid, that looks uncannily like the liquid in the vial you didn't drink. Milk.

Your hands begin to burn, and you see the skin on them splitting open to reveal simple hard bone. Or rather hooves. You feel your vision shift even more. In fact all goes black. You can't see. But the pain you can feel as if seeing as your back cracks hard against you.

You are screaming a sound now, but it's no longer human. It's a bray. All your bones are crackling now and you are in agony, but the greatest pain is reserved for your face which feels like it is coming off as you roll onto all four hooves, snapping your elongating jaws viciously at mid air.

All four hooves?


Your vision returns and in a mirror a blurred sight greets you.

You are a Jennet.

How could you have been so dumb?

But even worse than that sight is the pain in your belly and the stretching of your new vagina. Its leathery folds opening wide. You bray wildly as you fall to your side and begin to force your foal, your child from your belly.

You are giving birth.

You are a young mother.

If only you'd wondered where the Jennies would be supplied from before you'd entered the building.

The End


Interesting. I like the concept.