Crashed Trapped & Transformed

Published: Nov 20th, 2015
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a woman finds a new life on an island just not as expected Commissioned from


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Crashed, Trapped and Transformed

Leanne pulled the rope tighter, she knew she needed to knot the rope correctly, the forecasts said of a storm coming, deep sea storms were nasty, if she didn t secure the sails correctly, they could unfold and open during heavy winds, pulling her off course, she needed to get over 20 kilograms of the solid cocaine to the underworld associates back to the US, she had received the drugs 5 days ago in Spain, her job was to smuggle it past border controllers dotted round the shipping lanes. She was trusted with the coke, worth over 5 million pounds, 50,000 of which she would receive on completion to her account, if she did not deliver, she would be hunted down and killed. 

She was chosen for this job for her low profile, she did not possess any criminal records, she had never been involved with underworld types in the first 20 years of her life, she only go into the smuggling trade after her friend paid her a huge amount of money, to smuggle a fair amount of morphine in her anus. After which she bought a boat, small, quick and strong, a perfect smuggling ship. It could weather the roughest storm, due to its sealable top; it could remain untouched and submerged for over a week without sinking. Air tanks on board could keep a single person alive for days, and enough storage on board for a month of dehydrated meals. Her sails could be folded in the case of storms, which is what she was doing, she needed to secure the sails, otherwise they could rip off in the storm, leaving her stranded, she didn t need that, if she didn t deliver within a 3 days, her life would be forfeit.

She felt no guilt with smuggling drugs, since she was so good at it, it was like a job to her she knew it would keep her alive, she needed very little, as her funds were in a bank account, once she had finished 2 years of smuggling, she would gain enough money to live off for the rest of her life, using the interest from a million, or two million sat in her bank, she could live off it for the rest of her life, a certainly fool proof plan, it was absolutely waterproof, she didn t have any family, her parents had died when she was a child and she discarded friends when she began to smuggle. She was the best in the business but also the trickiest, because she had no weaknesses, no family or friends to threaten or kill, she was very difficult to trick or scam, only honest trade was an option. 

A waterproof plan it was indeed, however it would only remain waterproof so long as her boat did, so long as her knots remained secured, she knew if the storm was really bad, her knot may not last long, but she had to try. Leanne finished tying the knot, and walked back down into the boats hull, a small light hung illuminating the small cabin, were a small bed sat to her left, a table in the middle and a storage container filled with pellet food and water. She hated the pellet food; it was formulated for monkeys but worked with humans, providing everything she needed. 

After crunching and swallowing half of her daily intake, the foul pellets leaving a nasty aftertaste and smell in her mouth. She washed it down with some water and walked over to the map, using her GPS navigator she plotted her current position, and marked it down on the map, using the old compass she made a mark of her direction. She was bang on course with the disclosed harbour. As long as the storm didn t throw her off she would be fine, however her luck was about to run out, 5 days of clean spotless sailing was about to go topsy turvy, she knew a storm was coming.

She knew that the storm would be hard, but didn t expect the rain and winds to be as bad as they were, her boat rocked that night, she secured herself in her bed, using two restraining straps, making sure she wouldn t be thrown around. The boat rocked and rolled, it toppled upside down twice, before returning to its normal upwards stance, she didn t know what state her sails were in, nor did she know her direction. These thoughts and fears were put aside as new worries surfaced from the rapidly swallowing water, she could feel the boats tip push against sand, she Panicked and began to remove her upper strap, she knew she needed to get loose, if she was running aground she needed to get loose, otherwise the hull could cave in on her, crushing her shapely body. 

But it was too late, she tensed her body as the whole room filled with noise, the cabin filled with sounds of crashing, the front of the hull smashed into something massive and hard, her loose restraining straps caused her to move about, she screamed and her head crashed against the hard fibreglass hull, her vision dulling, her eyes catching water trickling in from the steps, she was enveloped in blackness as she lost consciousness. 

She awoke, and heard water crashing onto the tides behind her, her vision returning to normal, the hatch had blown open, light poured through the hole, sounds of wind echoed in the cabin.  ohh my head, oh crap  Leanne moaned, her head throbbing from the blow, she reached a hand up to her head, luckily only a small bump was there, no blood smeared her fingers, she was grateful she was still alive. Her hands moved downwards and removed the straps, Leanne pushed up and lifted herself off the bed, standing up, she struggled to keep her balance, obviously still dizzy from her blow. She looked around for flares and her GPS beacon, finding them in her locked drawers, she reached and hand down and picked up one of the 3 flares and her GPS beacon, a large plastic object with several buttons and a small tough LCD screen. Climbing out she could only gape at the sight before her, in front of her were sandy oranges beaches, stretched round a large island about 3 miles long in total, it was long and thin, she presumed it was kidney shaped, due to the bow and bend in the water, the tide had receded back about 20 meters, leaving her boat stuck in the sand, she looked down and saw a large rock, the ships hull bent and wedged into its mass. Looking back at the boat top, she cursed seeing her sails had snapped off, leaving just a stump of wood.  fuck, I'm screwed  she exclaimed, knowing it would take over 2 days for rescue to arrive, she had to get her drugs to the collectors, waiting for her at the shores of her location, in the US. She looked down at the GPS beacon in her right hand, she dropped the flare on the ship hull, and pressed some buttons on the GPS beacon, activating it, maybe she could signal some travelling sailors or fishermen, possibly hijack the boat if needed and get the coke to her employers. She placed the locator on the deck and picked up the flare, she walked back into the cabin and removed the flare gun which was bolted onto the wall, she walked back up and loaded the flare into the gun, and aiming upwards she pulled the trigger. The flare shot up leaving a trail of smoke, its bright light glowing like a falling star, giving off fair warning for any sailors who would see it, though she was outside the shipping lanes, hope of passers by was very slim. She decided to explore the island; know her surroudinings, straight ahead of her was a large forest that spanned what looked like the whole island, it mostly consisted of large palm trees, but the forest thickened further into the woods. 
To her right was a large mountain, a large cliff face spanning vertically upwards, it rounded down as it moved into the sea, waves hit the rocks below. To the left of the island was more beach, it spanned half the island, but solid soil and landmass kept the landmass in its shape. She decided the most logical place to explore was the forest, since the mountains were inaccessible and the vast planes were simply grassland, with only a couple of shrubs dotting its mass. Knowing what she would need she need to explore, she walked back down into the cabin, and stored the GPS beacon safely in a drawer, her Locator was smashed and her map was torn and shredded, she had no way to know where she was.  lets see what we have here  she said as she opened the food cupboards, streams of wet soggy brown fluid poured out the cupboards, the bags now emptied of food, obviously the side of the ship had been partially submerged when the tides washed her up ashore, her desk and bed were on the other side of the cabin, untouched by dampness.  well that s fucking perfect, no food  she cursed, Leanne reached up and detached a tactical machete of the wall, picked up a flare and looked around for some cloths that she wouldn t cook in, she only found a short skirt and a bra, the other clothes were soaking wet and her sock and pants drawer was also flooded, the only reason she had these two is she put them in her dirty drawer above the food locker, even though they had locking mechanisms on them, water still seeped in them, luckily for her the dirty drawer was up a high and was obviously untouched by the wet. She removed her thick waterproof overalls, and undershirt, she never wore a bra when sailing, she felt much more free inside her cloths, besides the thick layers kept her b cup boobs from bouncing around too much. She undressed and removed her thick waterproof pants, no panties were available, and so she stuck the shirt on over her exposed clit. She strapped the bra on around her breasts and grabbed a hand flare, the machete and a compass. She walked up the stairs and threw a small rope ladder down from the top of the boat deck, Leanne jumped down onto the sands her bare feet hitting the sand, it was red hot, she  hooo'd  and  Haaaa'd  as she almost danced, she saw soft grass and  welcoming shade in the forest, with hopping steps she ran to the edge of the forest, if she scalded her feet, it would be a nightmare for her to walk, she had left her shoes In the cabin while undressing and didn t think to put them on. 

After much running and a bit of cursing, she finally made it to the shade and the cool grass beneath her feet felt soothing,  ohhh much better  she remarked to herself, she expected thick undergrowth, but the grass was fairly short, the foliage was clear and light shone through the trees, sunbeams forming through the almost dusty air onto the swaying grass and leaves at the ground, the wind whooshing through the trees. She made her way further into the forest, looking around for something to eat and her efforts were rewarded when she stumbled across a patch of pear tree's; fresh plump pears hung off the branches, she noticed a couple had detached, but no pears rotted on the ground, not even a husk remained. She discarded and grabbed a pear from the tree, its leaves rustling as she ripped it off. She was starving and wasted no time sinking her teeth into the wet flesh, pear juice trickled down her face, it was perfectly ripe, sweet and wholesome, and she worked her way round the core until all of the edible flesh was devoured. She was about to grab another one when she heard a husky huff in the bushes in front of her, she froze, thinking it may be a lion or a tiger, perhaps even a bear, she dropped the fruit core in front of her feet, dropping the flare. Leanne s adrenal glands began to pump, her breathing became heavy, the sound was closing in, she gripped the base of her machete tightly ready to defend herself. Her heart sank and she sighed as the source of the noise turned out to be a horse. But not just any horse, a magnificent black stallion, he was large, far bigger than herself, and she stood at 6 foot 3 high, but not so big he overpowered her, his fur was immaculate, it shone under the beams of light in the trees, his big brown eyes looked and peered at her, showing no fear, he trotted over to her, shaking his head his mane swaying, just as dark as his coat, almost a jet black but shinier, his hooves were immaculate as well, they looked almost trimmed, but no bridle or saddle sat on him, he was a beautiful wild stallion. She loosened her grip on the machete, and stepped back a bit as he made his way towards her, huffing hoarsely. He stood not a metre away from her face, he peered at her, she was almost enchanted by his form, he bent his long muscular neck down and used his supple lips to pick her used pear core off the ground, and he sucked it into his mouth and chewed his nose sniffing her feet as he swallowed the used pear.  Well aren t you a looker  she said, giggling, he kept his head low, almost a sign of submission, as she lent a shaking hand over to the top of his head. He didn t move, he even stopped sniffing, her hand reached into his fur, and she stroked his large head, her fingers running thorough his mane, it was courser than his soft dark fur. 

She giggled, and retraced her hand as he slowly lifted his head up, and moved it sideways to see her proper. Leanne looked into his big brown eyes, and reached upwards this time, and gently stroked him across the side of his muzzle, he closed his eyes and huffed again.  there s a good horsey, your not dangerous at all are you  she said softly, He huffed in appreciation and he edged forward, his hooves making the grass below him flatten and rustling the leaves, his head moved forwards and he gently placed his nose and head into her chest and breasts, she wrapped her hands around his face and lent her head against his, he was so warm and so very gentle, unlike the horses she used to keep as a child, they never liked their faces touched, but he seemed to be very gentle and loving. She caught a whiff of his smell, its muskiness filling her nostrils and lungs, she loved his smell, it was almost intoxicating.

He reached his nose and mouth downwards further past her belly, his head pushed further downwards till he found her exposed cunt under her skirt. He sniffed at her sex, his nostrils flaring as he caught a whiff of her own smell, just as she had to him. She froze, hoping he would leave on his own accord; sadly her luck was not on track today. His long and pliable lips opened up and his long wet tongue licked round her folds, his nose buried under her skirt, the little hairs on his mouth tickling her inner legs and groin.  Ohhh my, we are friendly  she said, her voice delicately breaking and becoming higher, he reached his tongue inside her, it was slightly warmer than her now ever moistening cunt, giving her a warm wet sensation, she reached and hand down to strike him on the head, but something stopped her and instead; she started to stoke him, almost encouraging him, his tongue pushed out deeper his head stooped lower as to get more of his tongue inside her, She groaned,  ohhh good horse, good boy  she whispered, as more of his lengthy taster pushed her folds apart. She was so close to Cumming, his hairs and tongue were driving her clit and G-spot crazy; she felt her cunt shake and twitch.  Ohhh I m goanna cum  she cried out. But before she could, his tongue retracted back into his mouth, her excitement stopped as he lifted his head up to look at her, her legs wet with her juices and his saliva.  Why did you stop for?  she asked rhetorically, knowing he could not answer. He simply closed his eyes, and bowed his head quickly, before turning his head round and clopping back the way he came, leaving her dumbstruck at what had just happened, her knees still weak from her near orgasm. She shook off the odd occurrence, heat still in her loins, and bent over to pick up the flare; Leanne sighed as she removed a handful of fruit and carried it to the edge of the forest where her boat was still stuck. Leanne then cut down a series of smallish trees with her sharp machete and started to construct a series of long wooden supports, she wedged the long thin but study wooden beams between two trees and created a piece of wood that ran between the two. Using her knife, she cut down some long bamboo like structures and stripped them of their bark, folding two of them into a primitive rope; grabbing more of the twigs she tied them across the tops of the wood support beam, producing a crude ribcage like structure. She wandered over to some smaller thicker palm plants and cut all of the leaves off, and then proceeded to lay them on top of the ridged branch forming a shelter, all the while she constructed; her mind was on the magnificent stallion who had been so kind to her, who had been so gentle and loving, she shrugged off the thought and finished constructing the hut, knowing such silly fockles were simple animal desires. 

After she had piled her fruit at under the shelter she knew she would have to find water, not seawater, but good water. She decided to follow the stallions hoof prints, maybe he would lead her to a water source. Leanne left her flare and compass by the shelter and pulled the machete out of the ground and made her way into the jungle her slightly wet skirt flapping in the wind. Sending rushes of warm wind to her naked and still wet crotch. Finally her luck had started to improve, she heard running water, excitedly Leanne ran through the undergrowth, and into a large clearing, a fairly wide and deep stream trickled quietly, he saw his hoof prints move past the water and further into the forest. She knelt down and cupped her hands sipping the clean clear cool water from her improvised glass. She decided she needed to get back to the boat to get shoes and possibly her blowtorch for warmth, she couldn t sleep in the boat, the tide would come in at night, and her only option was outside. She knew she needed to make a fire before then and picked herself up from the stream. Walking back through the undergrowth and met her shelter, she stuck the machete into the ground and walked onto the still hot, but rapidly cooling sand, the sun had begun to set in the sky, it was getting dark and she needed to get her shoes and supplies quickly. Leanne climbed up the rope ladder and into the cabin; she grabbed some shoes from under the bed, and picked up used plastic water bottle from her trash compartment. Looking in her survival kit she found a small first aid kit, and some tinder.  I m not goanna be able to carry all of this  she said to herself, and grabbed her bed sheets from the mattress, laying it down on the bed she chucked her shoes, the survival kit and tinder, the water bottle and pulled the two other flares from out of the  drawer along with a small blowtorch. Leanne tied the sheet together and pulled the items up and lifted out of the cabin they clunked as they hit the sand, dropping the bad and then herself off the boat. Making her way to the beach she saw movement in the trees before whatever was there disappeared, her interest couldn t be lesser upon the movement, she was more focussed on getting a fire going before the sun went down. Getting back to her shelter she unpacked the sheet and removed the items from inside, placing her survival pack on the far tree next to the fruit flares machete and blowtorch, she placed her boots to the side and her empty water bottle next to them, Leanne spread the bed sheet out on the ground forming a nice lying spot, much more comfortable than all those leaves.

She put her shoes on, grabbing her machete and water bottle she made her way back to the stream, occasionally hearing rustling in the trees, ignoring it for the moment, she finally reached the stream and filled up the bottle with the surprisingly clean water. Luckily she found a mass of dry twigs and leaves, picking as many as she could she rushed back, her miniskirt flapping again in the wind.
The creation of a fire was easy with the assistance of a blowtorch, throwing the twigs in a pile and surrounding it with some thicker larger left over branches from her shelter building, and surrounded the thick branches with sand, lighting the fire with the torch proved very quick and soon a small but hot fire burned as the sun set in the sky, the clouds leaving sparks of red and orange. Soon it got dark and her small campsite was illuminated with the fire, she felt cold, and even with the fire she shivered slightly. She was sat down leaning against the tree when she heard the somehow familiar breath of the stallion she met back round the pear tree, her sex immediately began to become wetter at the very thought of him, she turned around to see him slowly clopping toward her, she stayed sitting down as he walked next to her, his head arching down looking at her sitting by the fire, light bouncing off her skin. Slowly he bent his furry hooved legs down and set next to Leanne, his back legs rested behind the tree she was lent against and his front legs bent toward her, not touching, but very close. She looked at his face, his eyes looking back at her, a thought accumulating in her mind. Standing up, her cunt still twitching, part of her hoping he would reach under her skirt and lick her out again as she bent down to pick a pear from her pile, no such event occurred, she walked over his face, when lying his face was at waist height, she lent out an open hand to his mouth as his thick muscular lips pulled it gently out of her hand and started to chew it. She walked over to his legs a gap between his belly and hooves, she wondered if he would let her lie down with him, she knew the only way was to try, so without further delay she carefully lay down in the gap and rested herself on his belly and upper legs. 

His fur was soft and his body warm, she reached a hand round his belly and hugged him tight, once he finished eating the pear, he arched his neck round to see what she was doing, once he saw her hugging his belly, he moved his mouth to her shoulders and gave her a small lick, before himself, planting his heavy neck and head down. Lost in her thoughts she drifted off to sleep, the breathing of the stallion in her ear, resting her head on his body, his warmth warming her, his fur soft, they served as excellent to relax her and her mind started to drift to thoughts of him running free in the forests, she was half awake half asleep, her mind kept awake by the crackling fire, her thoughts drifted to his back end and tail, his firm rump, and his cock, she thought about what it would look like, what it would taste like. She began to wake with thoughts of sex, her cunt still wet and waiting, she reached a finger down to her quivering sex, her head and body still resting on the stallion. She pushed a finger inside herself and she groaned at the sensation, she closed her eyes and imagined him riding her, she imagined his cock inside her, passionately screwing her. Her fingers began to feel odd, she stopped and looked down to see it was not her fingers, but her cunt was tightening, she pulled her fingers out, making a resounding  scholp  sound. She could feel movement and saw discolouration in her groin, she lent over to the survival kit, knowing there was a small mirror inside, her hands picked out the mirror, she nearly dropped it in the sand as a pleasurable contraction hit her cunt, and she felt her womanly folds twitching. Now awash with pleasure she moved the mirror under her skirt and nearly died at the sight, her cunt now a thick matt black, her cunt was pushing outwards her lips thickening becoming about 2cm wide, her anus was lengthening too, the skin blackening slowly, she could feel her vagina push outwards about 3cm outwards, her anus became thicker and longer the dark skin merged back behind her ass crack, leaving her with a large black cunt. Her head jerked back as she let out a loud moan, more pleasure seeped through her body as her vagina and womb shifted slightly more suited for the penis of an equine. She pulled her head back down and looked in the mirror to see her matt black thick muscular equine mare cunt, small amounts of fluids seeped from the bottom of her now muscular folds into her twitching horse anus. Slowly but certainly, her finger went back down to her groin, her mind wanting to know what it felt like, surprisingly combined with her leaking mare fluids and already wet hands her finger slid in rather effortlessly, a shiver of pleasure ran through her body, she needed something bigger, her eyes wandering over to the thick flare lying on the ground. She grabbed it from the sheet and used the uncapped end, its diameter about the same as a cardboard loo roll shell, she pushed the flare tip into her still moist equine folds, she groaned as her lips stretched far more than her human ones ever could, her new mare lips more elastic and easily took the flare, she started to slowly push the flare further and further in, letting a soft feminine squeal as she retracted, her lubricants leaking all over the flare and her hands, the slimy female cum doused the fuse, she had just wasted a flare, but she cared not, she was too busy imagining the stallion next to her ride her new equine cunt, a perfect match for his penis, she continued to groan as she took more and more of the flare inside her new cunt, the flare now wet and sticky with her lubricants. 

She felt herself climax as she imagined herself rubbing his body passionately, sucking his large mushroom shaped head, drinking his seed, all the while her hand pushing in and out of her equine lips, they quivered and tensed, sucking nearly all of the flare inside her as she orgasmed,  OHHH MY GOD!!  she screamed her orgasm rocking her body, her mind adrift with thoughts of him Cumming inside her, her equine cunt leaking fluids around the flare, leaking and dripping onto the ground. Her body relaxed and the flare slid out on its own accord, her hands lay over his legs, her mare cunt closing up again, twitching from the orgasm, she drifted off into a deep sleep, the fire still roaring and crackling shining off her fluids, wetting the leaves below, Leanne s lust faded for now, her mind at ease as she lay with her warm stallion. Who had been awake for the whole of it, he didn t need to see her cunt, he could smell it, but he didn t more, he wanted her to think he was asleep, a kind act from such Gracious creature. She dreamt about him, his beauty and handsomeness, his mane, and his nature, how gentle he noble, so very Noble.

The shores echoed through her ears as she woke up in the dirt and leaves, her stallion nowhere to be seen, she could remember last night, but it felt like a dream to her, curious to see she lent a finger down to her crotch, to meet her still equine cunt, she felt not fear nor shame, she simply picked herself up from the ground and wiped herself clean, the fire smoking from the night before the now dried flare on the floor from her frantic masturbation session. And the large area of flattened grass where he lay to comfort her, she thought of him, she thought of her dream, his mane flowing in the wind, and his gentle nature, his nobleness.  Noble  she said aloud... noble, ill call you noble  she said to herself, if she was to see him again, she would need a name for him, Noble seemed a better name than Donald or Richard, No noble suited him perfectly.

She grabbed her machete and decided to think about more food, it seemed Noble had helped himself to the Fruit while she was asleep, and he somehow managed to slip away, how he did she will never know, but the fact she didn t wake told her that he meant not to wake her, he was almost human, intelligent and caring. She couldn t stop thinking about him, she was obsessed, and then the larger scene dawned on her. She had an equine cunt now, how could she live a normal life, would she forever go without sex with another fellow man, for fear of being rejected, she knew that one problem needed to be faced at a time. And right now she needed food.

She walked over to the pear tree, her legs rubbing her lengthened cunt, only served to make her moan and wince with every couple of steps, her mare folds were not destined for human legs, they needed wide hips and a tail behind them. She got to the pear tree to find no such pears, it seemed Noble wasn t so noble after all and he had eaten her food source, why would he do that, he cared so much about her, yet he had just eaten her only source of sustenance, she had no choice but to make her way deeper into the forest, to try and find more pear trees or perhaps some growing vegetables. Grabbing her machete and water bottle she headed into the undergrowth a desire line formed by her own footsteps that led straight into a the shaded grassy clearing with the stream running alongside. She made her way through the slightly thicker leaves and made her way into the grassy floor of the clearing, trees seemed to bend upwards toward the middle of the grassy clearing, shading it as if there should be trees growing there. It was quite a large clearing, about the size of a large kitchen one would find in a nice house, she never thought about a house, not since she started smuggling, she knew the coke would be safe on the boat; it was firmly wedged in the rock and wasn t going anywhere. Looking around she saw no fruit trees, nor vegetables, she decided to rest and sat down in the grass, the long strands teased her mare lips as she sat down in her miniskirt and opened the bottle of water. Leaning on the grass she felt the blades beneath her finder tips and looked down at the green shoots, her hunger swelled as she looked at the fresh juicy green grass, for some reason, looking at it made her mouth water, and her stomach churn, like a starving man would look at a sausage sandwich. Her appetite got the better of her, she secured the lid on her bottle and laid it on the grass, Leanne giggled as she kneeled on her hands and knees,  I cant believe I m doing this  she told herself, as she pushed her head into the grass, her mouth picking off several strands and her teeth pulling cutting and ripping them out of the ground, she rolled the grass into a bundle and started to chew with her back teeth, an act which seemed somehow familiar, it tasted good as well, she didn t expect grass to taste as it did, it wasn t like eating thin course sprouts as she thought it would, but more like a nice lettuce or cabbage, juicy and chewable, she swallowed her hunger sated slightly as she took another mouthful of hay, still on her hands and knees, her miniskirt to short to hide her matt black equine lips. She kept chewing before she heard the clopping of hooves behind her, Noble had returned, he walked toward her slowly and stopped at her black mare cunt, he leaned his nose forward and took a good whiff of her throbbing sex. She kept on chewing the grass, as he walked round to face her straight on; she swallowed her second mouthful of grass and pushed herself up until she was on her knees, kneeling at his face and mouth. He leaned forward slowly, his big dark lips moving slowly toward her, almost pursing at the front, she did the same, and under the light of the midday sun, beams of light hitting the green grass below, the woman and the stallion shared an intimate and gentle kiss, one which quickly accelerated into a snog of what can only be described of as a kiss of epic proportions. She opened her mouth wide and his long lips encompassed her own, their tongues pushing round each others, sharing an intimate loving kiss, her hands reached up to his face and rubbed intimately, his saliva and tongue leaving a musky aftertaste of grass, their kiss seemed to last forever, her sex throbbed and begged for attention, but it could wait, his eyes closed too, he was lost in the kiss, just as she was.

They finally retracted and parted, she gasped at his gentle snog, at his long tongue, her breathing becoming heavy and laboured as she knew what she wanted to do. She wanted him to fuck her, screw her in her new equine cunt, she knew it wasn t within a human to feel these feelings, but deep down inside, with her new nether lips, she was no longer entirely human. She turned over and displayed her firm backside, her mare cunt winking at him as went into heat, her vagina leaking equine fluids, she needed to mate, she wanted him to ride her. She looked at his face, and then at his groin, slowly the tip of his penis emerged from its fuzzy sheath, its large mushroom cock tip lengthening slowly, his patchy multicoloured skin on his length somehow turned her own further, she stuck her ass in the air, standing on her tip toes pulling her cunt at the right level, she stood on her hands and toes, ready for his large cock inside of her. He slowly walked forward, being careful not to tread on her hands until his cock was not an inch away from her aching mare lips. She moved backwards and pushed herself into his length, he pushed his hips forwards her lips taking his thickness, she moaned as he slowly but carefully pushed his cock deeper into her wet slippery cunt. She felt her ass and hips widen, her legs moved further outwards, her feet nearly slipping as they pushed mud and grass aside, her hips widening and her ass cheeks growing.  ohhh wow, oh yes that s nice, keep going noble  she groaned as he retracted and pushed back in, his cock sliding with ease around her quite elastic equine folds, after all her reproductive organs were now equine, her vagina seemed designed to take its width. He huffed an equine snort as he slowly increased the pace, her spine and ass tingling,  oh god, that s not what I think it is, oh yes it is, oh yes, keep going noble don t stop baby!  she cried, as the realisation that a tail was pushing its way out of her spine, it began long and skin covered, but soon the skin darkened to nearly the same colour as her cunt, but slightly lighter, and lengthened to her side, tingling sensations accompanied the growth as long brown coarse horse hair pushed its way through her pours in her skin and grew longer and longer, she could feel the muscles and tingling in her new tail, groaning and giggling accompanied the hair growth as slowly her new tail was coated with long horse tail hair, her new horse tail moved over Nobles cock, still inside her teasing the top of his cock and the underside of his belly  Oh yes, more, I want more!  she shouted, her hips stopped widening until they were nearly too large to fit on her, her ass now massive, for a human, her equine cunt squirting feminine juices on the floor below. 

Fur grew from the base of her tail and progressed very slowly down her ass cheeks, it was a dark brown, not nearly as dark as nobles, but just as shiny and as soft, she reached a hand and felt her furry rump, she giggled at the sensation of her finger running through her fur, she could feel her fingers on her furry ass, her tail swishing at the side, soon fur covered her whole backside and travelled ever so slowly up near her belly button.  Oh wow, more I want more, change me more baby!  she moaned, her hand moving upwards to his face, rubbing his muzzle, her feet and middle toe next began to change, they elongated and lengthened, her other toes moved to the side of her foot and shrank become vestigial, before disappearing completely, only leaving her rapidly expanding middle toe, now the same width as her feet. She felt her toe nail lengthen and thicken, they curved round and the flesh underneath her nail began to expand as well. Leanne lost in the change groaned as her nail thickened even more and became a hoof, her toe flesh covering the back of it.  Oh yes, give me horse legs, I want hooves to match my tail!  she cried out, her cunt still dripping wet from Nobles thick cock. Her feet thickened and lengthened and her legs now bent backwards, pushing her ass further upwards, her tail hitting his furry belly, fur still spreading up her belly, slowed its pace and moved down her new furless horse legs. Leanne giggled as the tickling of the growing fur moved down her new legs, her hooves stomping in the dirt, she felt her equine folds quiver and shake, she was climaxing, pleasure seeped in her loins, as an orgasm hit her, the fur finished covering around her lower back legs and round atop her hooves, she screamed at the top of her voice, as she orgasmed, her voice echoing in the forest, a scream of pure pleasure and ecstasy. Noble however did not cum, she still was not strong enough to make him cum, he backed off her now furry horse ass, the changes stopped, leaving her with the bottom half of a horse,  ohhh!!  she moaned as he pulled out of her satisfied vagina, her tail swished freely, and it covered her leaking cunt, dripping with her own fluids. She then realised what had just happened, as she was being fucked, her entire lower body was now that of a small horse, her legs were hooves, her legs and knees bent normally, but her feet and toes and become another lower leg and hooves. She slowly turned round still on her hands and now hooves, and walked over to Noble whose cock had started to recede into his sheath. She grabbed his flanks and hindquarters and pulled herself upright onto her new legs, her hooves sank into the ground, and her tail swishing, it felt incredibly odd, but she felt that with her new tail, she could keep her balance, she let go and clopped over to Nobles face, his looked up at her, she stood slightly taller than him now, she undid her bra and threw it in the river, ripped off her miniskirt and did the same, leaving her breasts wobbling in the light, moving down her body to her firm equine rump and furry legs and hooves.  Thank you for changing me baby, let me do something for you  she whispered softly in his ear. She moved back down onto all fours and moved under him, sitting down on the cool grass beneath him, her long legs and hooves lying on the grass. She pulled a hand round his shrinking cock, which served to turn it erect once more.

He huffed as his penis slowly grew to its full length, she opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, she stroked his length carefully and skilfully, he let out a small equine moan, as she massaged his cock with her hands and his mushroom shaped cock end with her tongue and mouth, pushing her tongue round and into his hole. It didn t take long, only about 5 minutes of skillfull fondling and licking for him to let out a loud equine whinny, she saw his balls churn, and felt warmth at his cock, cum rushed through it, it shot into her mouth, more than she could handle, but she swallowed it all very quickly, drinking what seemed like endless amounts of the stuff. Finally she pulled away, licking his tip clean, as he snorted, his cock shrinking and receding back into his sheath. She giggled and then looked down when her breasts began to warm up; she looked as they shrank down from a B-cup to an A-cup and then her breasts and nipples vanished completely from her chest, leaving it flat and bear. She rubbed her flat chest, and nearly panicked, her fears were put aside when more fur grew up past her belly button, midway up her body, her nipples resurfaced just above her furry groin, and they bloated out into larger equine breasts, she reached a hand down to her new horse tits and fondled them erotically,  ohhh wow  she moaned, her fingers squeezing her nipples and fondling their bounciness. Noble walked over her and turned round, she was still on the grass, her body now equine from the midsection down, her tail swished. Noble moved forward as did she, they shared another loving intimate snog, tongues entwined; she could feel his breath from his nose as they both withdrew, and he proceeded to wander off into the undergrowth. 

Leanne couldn t believe what happened what had just happened to her, her mind a mix with confusion and love, she craved her new form enjoying the senses of her new body, her tail swishing back and fourth, her large furry hips, and winking mare cunt. She picked herself up with some difficulty, and managed to walk her way back through the undergrowth, where it had gotten slightly darker, but she still had a couple of hours left. She made it back to her campsite, her new form greeting it, she realised she had left her machete back in the grove where she had transformed into the half mare she now was. She disregarded it and would get it tomorrow, hopefully she would meet Noble again, she was still hungry, even more so after her ordeal, but there was lots of fresh grass growing just outside the camp, a couple of metres into the forest.

The past 3 hours she spent grazing on the grass, she loved her new hooves, her tail swished as she shortened the grass levels, all the time on all fours, her ass sticking in the air more than her head. Her mind swayed to her human life, her plan had been to wait it out a couple of days until rescue arrived. What would happen if they found her like this, would they take her away for genetic testing, or kill her out of fear, none of these scared as much as the thought of never seeing her noble again, a tear rolled down her eye at the thought of them killing him because of what he had done to her, she couldn t let that happen, she wouldn t.

After she finished grazing she clopped over to her campsite and lit another fire, her tail flicking as she concentrated. She lay down, her mind adrift with thoughts and plans of what she could do, her hands exploring her new body, rubbing her fur, fondling her new equine breasts, and playing with her mare cunt, which she had now gotten quite used to, she liked it better than her old cunt, this one was thicker, stretchier and much more fun to fiddle and play with.

She fell asleep, thoughts of her as his mare, she dreamed of having long furry equine ears like his own, kissing him with her own horse lips, her hands hooves instead of the clumsy ape appendages she currently possesed. She knew what she wanted, but she didn t want to leave behind her human life, in one hand she had her human life, nearly out of reach but still faintly possible, and in the other hand she hand Nobles life, she had to choose, a life she had to loose, she had to sacrifice one for the good of the other, she decided to be noble....very noble, like her stallion, and she made her choice.

She woke up the next morning to a big familiar pair of dark lips, she woke up fully to see Noble standing over her, and she lent forward and kissed him, her mind intoxicated by his tongue. She stood up and brushed herself dry, she had gotten quite used her new horse legs now, she much preferred hooves to feet, they were so much cleaner and more effective, her tail swished from side to side as she wrapped her human arms round his thick neck, giving him a warm welcoming hug,  morning baby, thanks for yesterday  she spoke to him as if he was her boyfriend, that s how she wanted to see him, she hadn t had a boyfriend for years, not since she started to smuggle drugs, She knew this was the 3rd day, she needed to make her decision soon, otherwise it could end bad. She released herself from his neck, and he knelt down beckoning her onto his back,  are you sure honey, I don t want to get on top if you don t want to  he moved his head to the side quickly, indicating her to get on, Leanne reached a hooved leg round over his deep dark furry back and wrapped her arms round his neck, her tail resting on his ass. He got back up on his hooves and started to walk away from her camp, he obviously was taking her somewhere, she was so exited to see where he would take her, she let out giggle as he kept walking, she spent the long journey massaging his long ears, most horses don t like their ears touched, but he didn t seem to mind.

Finally they reached the other side of the island more woodland at the other side, next to a sandy beach, he made his way inside the trees and into a big clearing, like the meadow where he had changed Leanne into her current form, where they shared their first kiss, leaves and twigs circles around the clearing, more trees shaded the area and in the middle there was a flat piece of dirt, grass didn t seem to grow there,  is this where you sleep?  she asked him, Noble Knelt down and signalled for her to get off, she moved her hooves back onto the ground where stood up again, and turned to face her. She moved forward and he planted his head on her flat chest, she stroked his head lovingly, it seemed he wanted her to become his mare, she had already made up her mind, there was no escaping him, his kindness and his gentle natural had imprisoned her here with him, and she was willing to change all the way, for him, he must have been so lonely, here on this island, she didn t know where he came from, and she didn t care, he needed a mare to love and care for, she was that soon to be mare.

 Alright baby, lets do this  she said to him, she kissed him on the forehead,  make me yours, make me your mare  she continued, whispering in his ears. She knelt down in front of him and they shared one last kiss as horse and human, she savoured his taste, this would be the last time they kissed as they did. She moved onto her side and then her hands and hooves, sticking her rump in the air, her cunt quivering, almost knowing, waiting for his long horsecock to enter. He moved over her again, and his erection already grown out of his sheath slowly entered her sex. She gasped as the tingling started faster than she thought it would, now she wanted the change, she would get it. He inserted is cock further into her, her fur spreading upwards to her shoulders and covering her bare chest, looking more natural. She panted and flared her nostrils, her breathing switching to her nose, as she snorted just as he did, his cock sinking deeper inside her equine cunt, her tail flicking in pleasure. Her middle fingers started to feel stiff, and she looked down to see and feel her palms lengthen her nail moving and growing much faster than her legs and hooves had done previously, her upper human legs were starting to shrink, leaving only her reverse jointed legs, a true image of a horse, her belly began to widen as her internal organs increased inside, her heart growing and pumping rapidly, her lengthening palms and nails quickly became hooves and fur spread downwards tingling her new horse legs, her front hooves completed and her whole legs lengthened, her shoulders and upper arms shrinking into her now upper flanks, her two muscles that formed her breasts moved between her new equine legs and started to enlarge. Her legs now completly covered in fur, her ass and body now completly mare, she could feel her back rubbing against his belly, fur to fur, flank to flank, horse to horse.  That s it baby, keep going, I m almost there Hun, oh yes!  she groaned as her ears then shifted, they moved shifting upward, and lengthening, they became pointed, fur grew up her short human neck to her ears, her hair falling out and replacing it more fur, her new horse ears flicked and turned, her sex groaned and churned, she felt her loins heated up, pleasure building in her massive mare rump, she was near to climax. She begged for the changes to hurry now, she wanted to be his mare, she groaned again as he thrust his cock inside of her, her flanks twitched, she moved her front legs up and down, stomping her hooves the mud as her neck began to lengthen and thicken,  ohhh yess...oh Noble, yess, baby I looooove..youuuu..Noble...neob......Neigh...NEIGH!!  her vocal cords shifted, she kept saying his name, and she let out a long resounding Neigh, as her last human words exited her mouth.

Her nostrils flared as she neared climax, her neck tingled at the back, a mane grew and pushed its way along the entire length of her neck, she rolled her head and neck, her mane swishing as it grew, it reached from the base of the neck all the way the top of her head, her horse ears flicking in appreciation. Noble was now comply on top of her, his hooves and front legs hung down and his cock drove nearly all the way into her expanded horse vagina and womb. Her face began to push out, she closed her eyes in ecstasy, deciding to savour the feelings of her muzzle grow, implant it in her mind, so she could remember it forever, forever remember to feelings she had when she became his.

Her nose twitched and her nostrils flared, she snorted as her lips became huge, she felt her whole face push outwards, an almost creaking sound coming from her skull as her face pushed forward, it felt like a stiffness, new neurones firing, she could feel the wind on her expanding muzzle and face, her nose and mouth thickened even more at the end of her new horse face, her lips became more muscular, her tongue lengthened through her gums. Expanding bone pushed as her molars widened at the back of her mouth, more suitable for chewing grass, her front teeth changed from sharp and slicing to flat and more like slabs than teeth, her gum moulded round her new teeth and lips.

She neared orgasm, her loins flooding with pleasure, her nostrils flared, she was lost in a heaven of her own body, her cunt leaked equine fluids, his penis now all the way inside her mare lips.  NNEIGHH!!  she whinnied, as she orgasmed, her eyes pushed to the side of her head, the gap between her eyes widened, her vision changed as her eyes shifted and stopped, Another orgasm hit her, as more fur began to grow down her face, covering it. Noble let out a load Whinny as he cummed, shooting his horse load into her now able womb, the warm ejaculate seeping into her vagina and womb, caused her to orgasm one last time, a flow of pleasure for each day she spent with him as a human, three washes of pleasure to cement in her equine mind. Her pupils lengthened and became long rods, her iris's enlarged and turned from a blue to a deep rich brown, just like her precious Noble, She let out a long Whinny as her human mind, merged with her equine mind, her memories as a human, her time spent with Noble, and her equine mind, urges lusts and drives, all melded into a single coherent mind.

She bowed her neck and licked her thick horse lips, her tail swishing as Noble pulled out her vagina, her ears flicking atop her new horse head, She let out a snort when noble pulled out, leaving cum to drip slowly from her mare sex.
He clopped over to Leanne, his new mare lover, and lovingly rubbed his head across her neck in affection. She turned her head around to face his, moving their head up their lips meeting, and she finally kissed him as she wanted to, it was better than she expected, their sinuous muscular lips locked as their long tongues entwined, a kiss that sealed the bonding forever, Leanne aware of the choice she made, she decided to become a mare for his new found lover, a lover she found by accident, in a sea of uncertainty. They both laid down in his meadow, a new life growing inside her, her ears flicked, her tail switched and she snuggled against her Noble, they then drifted off into a easeful peaceful sleep; She realised that she called for a rescuier, to rescue her from her old life, she didn t see it until now....until she was truly complete.....


 Well the boat is here, no sign of Leanne  said the drug lord; he held a gun in his hand 5 dead rescue men in the water, blood seeping into the sea.  We found the coke though, she stored it in her cabin, her distress unit was active, we deactivated it to make sure nobody finds this place  replied his associate.  We're leaving, whatever happened to Leanne, she s better off, I was going to kill her anyway  replied the drug lord, he looked down at the gun, and walked back to the rescue boat his associate carrying the 20kg of coke, that Leanne had set sail for, but during her trip, she found something more valuable than drugs or money...

 .she found her Noble. 


I think that is an interesting twist. However, I agree that the main problem is the punctuation and spelling. The speaking is not clear. Capital and lower case letters are swapped around. With some editing this could be an interesting, far easier to follow, story.
The poor grammar and story flow really bring this down. Sorry, I don't think it's very good.