Sealed with a kiss

Published: Nov 14th, 2015
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A direct continuation of my previous story "A dog's mission"


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NOTE: Special thanks to ElliAus for letting post this story (and continue it) :D



The sun beat down on the azure blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, Elizabeth glided effortlessly just underneath the surface. It had been six weeks now since she had returned from the mission to distract the guard dogs at the compound. Now she was on a new and completely different assignment.


For a while Bill had not known what to expect from the results of her mating with the Doberman and the Wolfhound. She had conceived but when she had returned to her human form a week later she had instantly miscarried her six tiny embryos. After a rather brief debriefing she returned to her regular work all be it a lot wealthier in both experience and cash.


Several times she had ventured to the industrial estate where she had last seen the Wolfhound but he was nowhere to be found. Elizabeth didn’t know quite why she had gone there but deep inside she felt a change taking place to her personality. Oh! It wasn’t much but now she thought a lot more about dogs now both day and night. Her old fears of the beasts had dissipated, replaced by a curiosity that worried her a lot. It wasn’t natural to be thinking the thoughts she was thinking. Never the less her curiosity flourished. So when she was approached by bill to undertake another assignment she accepted without asking any questions. She expected to be again returned to her dog form to do more work for Barrie and the government. However, this time she had a new and different mission. With the new mission she was no longer required to be a dog, it required a completely different form.


The lonely stretch of beach to her right was littered with fur seals and nothing else. It was a breeding colony and a perfect place for drug smugglers to land there poisons. The Federal police had known about the proclivity for the smugglers to use this remote place, and others nearby. They also knew that the smugglers had a sophisticated intelligence network that was able to detect and report any movement of undercover police or attempts at surveillance. They weren’t sure how it was done except to know that while they had surveillance in the area nothing happened. When surveillance was pulled out of the immediate area the drugs flowed again.


Elizabeths mission was, as a Female fur seal, she was to patrol the area and set off one of the locator beacons that were dropped into the ocean just off shore at intervals of a hundred yards along a four mile stretch of coast. Several weeks before Elizabeth arrived in the area the beacons were dropped by the police on a covert night mission.


Three weeks had past, uneventful weeks except for a few frisky young males who took a fancy to Elizabeth. Because of those brief encounters she had found a secluded place on the fringe of the colony to rest each day. But she hadn’t counted on the frustrations of the young seals as well as the older, disposed males. They too had been marginalised by the colony at large. The youngsters were marginalised because of the rising threat to the males with harems and the old Bulls because of their craft and cunning at cutting out young naive females. Elizabeth’s secluded rocky headland was only yards from the testosterone laden rock shelf around the corner from her.




Lazily Elizabeth slid into the deep water that swirled in strong eddies and currents around her resting place. The freedom of a seals life was magical the four dimentions of space to move in could only be appreciated by experiencing it. The only threat were the sharks that seemed more numerious the closer you got to the colony. However, with constant vigilance they were easily detected and avoided except for the sick or week or perhaps the young seals.


Elizabeth glided effortlessly as she swam the four or so miles to the jelly mould rock outcrop where her food rations were left every other day. A fishing boat late at night hove to off sure just outside the marine park zone and scuber divers delivered a water proof container with a special catch that she could open. The box contained her rations of cooked food. As a dog and now as a seal she could not contemplate eating uncooked meat or fish. This was part of the sensory process that was unaltered by transformation.


It was a game for Elizabeth, a fun trip of loops and jumps, deep sounding dives and endless rolls. There was no end to the fun she was having. So was having so much fun that her real mission seemed lost in the moments of personnel pleasures. As Elizabeth sounded just short of the rock a shadowy grey dart shape figure slid through the water many metres away to her right. Her heart gave a start when she saw it turn her way but no sooner had it shown interest than Elizabeth saw that the ocean bottom was coming up to meet her fast as she was suddenly arrived at the tiny beach where the food container was left among the rock rubble near the shore. Elizabeth’s belly rolled on the smooth pebbly beach with relief.


Elizabeth remained there for an hour before making her long swim back to the beach where she did a leisurely patrol the length of the breeding grounds before she headed back to the resting place she had established as hers. For a while she was tracked by a large male and it wasn’t until she crossed paths with several young females that he lost interest in her.


Sliding from the water Elizabeth took several deep breaths. She would spend an hour or two here before her next patrol, although she knew, deep down, that she was not really likely to find any dope smugglers out and about during the day. There friend was the night and she expected to find them out and about when the cloak of darkness descended. Up until now there had been no sign of smuggling activity but patience would be the name of the game in this surveillance assignment.


The sun beat down on the rock and the glare of the ocean spread additional warmth into the girls fur. Elizabeth felt lazy and slowly her eyes closed. Her belly was full and she had enjoyed her long swim immensely. There could be worse things than being a seal she thought hazily as she slowly slipped into a dozen.


Dopily she woke as she felt something nudge into her neck. She had been laying on her belly and couldn’t see what it was until she rolled onto her side to enable her to look in the direction of the nudge. All she could see was the mass of slick dark brown fur. Her eyes slowly lifted and as they did she saw the rippling rolls of blubbery flesh


The seal was obviously a male he was too big to be a female Elizabeth thought to herself. As her eyes took in the bulk she remembered that males she had seen, although more than two hundred, maybe three hundred kg’s are stocky in build, and have an enlarged neck that is thick and wide. That described what she was looking at to a tea. His mane was coarse with longer guard hairs extending from the lower neck to the shoulders and covered the nape, neck, chest, and upper back. “Oh shit,” she thought, “this can’t be good. I know what you’re thinking sunshine.”


The head appeared short probably because of the short muzzle, and the back of the head behind the ear being obscured by the enlarged neck. This was a big boy indeed. He was at the upper end of the scale of sizes she had seen among the male bulls in the last three weeks and he was old. His numerous scars around his muzzle bore testament to that. On the other hand she was about 48kg’s.


Elizabeth looked up into the open maw of the huge Bull. It was many times her bulk and perhaps a metre longer. She wasn’t the biggest female she had seen in her travels across the bay and back. The pointed canine teeth looked ominous as he made his guttural yawning sound. His head descended onto the girl/seals face. For just a moment she cowered away expecting to be bitten but instead the foul fish breath mouth cupped her muzzle gently then rose again.


The bulls left flipper lifted and dropped across Elizabethans back. Feeling the confining pressure she tried to bite the neck of the bull to get him to back off but he wouldn’t be deterred in-fact it seemed he enjoyed it. repeatedly he ruffled his main, flared his nasal passage and lowered his gaping mouth onto her muzzle in what could only be described as a seal kiss. Each time he did this Elizabeth snapped at his neck with intent and each time he swung his upper body aside deftly then returned with his mouth open and vocalising with barking coughs. He seemed to be enjoying himself.


Although unsure of what was denial and what was accepting behaviour Elizabeth knew Instinctively that this was a prelude to mating. Perhaps it wasn’t instinct entirely because she had seen, not close up but from the fringes of the surf, bulls rutting tiny females.


Determined not to be squashed under the massive rapacious bull Elizabeth made to slither back into the safety of the sea but the bull was prepared for her avoidance. He had previously had many females, both experienced and maidens, he knew what to expect and how to deal with any eventuality.


Even as Elizabeth attempted to move away the massive bull slid his flipper further over her back and pinned her by pressing downward more firmly. Elizabeth wriggled and writhed but although her upper and lower body moved she was held firmly buy the expectant bull.


Normally he might expect to spend some hours teasing the cow as she approached oestrus but he was an outcast and this cow was already in oestrus. He puzzled at her behaviour, which even if she was a maiden cow, was extreme. She was showing abnormal reluctance. He felt his longings stir and even without a harem of cows to attend to his testicals had swollen and engorged as breading season approached.


Until now he had not been able to relieve his ache that had become uncomfortable even painful and begged release. Now he had a prime cow he was not about to release her to seek out a younger bull. It was not his way. For a minute or so the big bull let Elizabeth struggle. As she struggled he edged his lower body under her tail. His twin flippers lifting Elizabeth’s own flippers up and away exposing her urethral opening. From there he slid his penil opening up close to the struggling females slightly distended slit. Satisfied the bull lurched over the cow. Elizabeth felt the full force of his bulk bear down on her, mitigated only by the Bulls for flippers, one on ether side of the pinned cow, taking some of his weight.



Elizabeth growled and cried as the bull mounted her. The old bulls baculum boned hardened penis sought and delved with incredible accuracy into her virgin seal portal. In one hard heaving thrust he separated her hymeneal folds opening the way to lodge firmly against her cervical opening.


He was an expert stud, Elizabeth understood that as she felt his rippling thrusts probing deeper into her vaginal tract stretching, parting, pushing her mercilessly. She cried a long barking cry that was half protest half pleasure.


As best as she was able Elizabeth turned her head and looked up at the chest of the heaving monster who was delivering his seed into her unprotected belly. His head held proudly high as he unburdened his aching groin and swollen testicular sack into the tiny female under him.


Elizabeth’s human feelings were to the fore as she felt her seal genitals filled with the copious pent up seed of the bull. Squirt followed spraying squirt on a diminishing scale until the spreading warmth finally stopped. Elizabeth lay under the bull panting and praying for the bulk to be gone. However, all the time she was basking in the pleasures it brought her and wondered if a normal cow seal felt the same pleasures and that incredible flooding warmth spread inside her, she didn’t know or care too much. Perhaps it was just because she still possessed human feelings and emotions that she could feel the spreading Bull seed within her, she shrugged mentally, it was nice, surprisingly pleasant anyway.




The heavy beast rested for a several minutes unmoving, covering the smaller female he had just mated, almost completely. Elizabeth basked in the warm spreading feeling inside her but all the same wished the heavy burden of warm rolling blubber gone so she could once again breath normally. Then as if granting her wish the bull lifted his tail which served to extract his retreating penis from her distended orifice. The huge bulk moved off several yard in caterpillar undulations then flopped satiated to the rock platform his bird like eyes closely observing the sleek female.


Elizabeth was also watching the bull not quite knowing what to expect next but after several minutes she saw, at least for now, he was not going to do a thing. Satisfied she would not be molested again the girl slid into the water. Compared to the rock it was pleasantly cool on her fur. She dived and rolled and chased a small school of fish that she never intended catching. Elizabeth felt a strange euphoria that matched the delightful feeling of fulfilment. Was she becoming too seal like? Was this how seal cows felt after being inseminated? Of course she didn’t know but the light headed spontaneity was almost overwhelming.


Serfacing about thirty metres from the rock Elizabeth saw the bulk of the bull still basking there, seemingly unconcerned. For a moment she considered swimming back, she felt mischevious and sexy but her human self demanded that she do her regular patroll along the beach.


As usuall it was the same old thing. Then in the quiet bat at the end of the zeeta form beach she saw something floating, a piece of cloth, to be exact a man’s handkerchief. That was strange she thought, flotsam or any thing jettisoned didn’t get washed up on this end of the beach. The tide and wind saw to that. It was the other end of the beach that was the trap for all things that floated or had died like birds and shellfish as well as logs, bottles, rope and a catalogue of other things, she had seen them all.


Elizabeth nudged it several times, it smelled of human. Looking toward the beach she saw nothing. About to turn on her long patrol back she suddenly stopped and wheeled back toward the beach. She was bairly beyond the rather flat break and as she swam into the beach what had at first looked at first like a log laying next to a large rock on the exposed stretch of yellow sand, was a torpedo shaped tank with a propeller on one end. Nearby covered in camouflage was two scuba tanks and other assorted gear including a spear gun.


Further up the beach in a well constructed and conceeled dug out that commanded a view out over the ocean with a one hundred and eighty degree panorama. To the north and south as well as out to see. The man inside was surveying the huge expance with his powerfull binoculars. It looked like tonights landing as usuall would be no more than a milk run. His glass fell on the sleek female seal that emerged from the water near his submersible. He observed her look at the foreign objects stacked there and smiled, dumb animals, if only they could talk he thought than was thankful that they couldn’t.


He followed her progress up the beach, she was headed his way. However, almost immediately on her emergence she drew the attention of several bulls close by. She didnt seem to notice or care as she lumbered into the area of dry hot sand right up to his hide. It was there in a small band of shade that she flopped down.


“Smart girl,” the man inside said admiringly.


Elizabeth lay there for several minutes conscious of the proximity of the two following bulls who were showing what could only be amorous intent.


“Oh no not again,” Elizabeth mouthed the words that came out as a barking croak.

She had to find out as much as she could by remaining hear, for a while at least. Bull seals looking for partners not withstanding she had to remain. If it ultimately meant accommodating one or both then it had to be done. Nothing was going to side track her from her mission. Well that was what she reasoned but in fact she enjoyed being mated by the last bull and wondered if it might be just as good again.




The radio receiver crackled, immediately the man in the hide responded. It was an enquiry as to the safety of conducting a drop. The disembodied voice was brief and businesslike. The man in the hide was just as professional. “All clear seaweed, seaweed was obviously an alias, no sign of any unusual activity on or near the beach.”


Elizabeth’s curiosity had been piqued enough for her to want to know what was happening inside the hide. To find out she had to roll onto her back to look into the low bush, log and sand covered hide. As soon as she rolled onto her back she caught site of the approaching bull.


Without hesitation the two bulls made toward the supine Elizabeth. They lumbering slug like undulations made the ground shake as they approached. Suddenly they stopped. The slightly bigger and probably older bull wheeled on the competitor. Both bulls reared up and faced each other. For a brief moment they sized each other up. The sheer size of the animals was intimidating to the much smaller female, the object of their lust. As she looked up at the two magnificent males Elizabeth shivered. Then almost in unison the two protagonists lunged at each other, The impact resounded with a firm muscular slap.


To Elizabeth’s surprise that was it. The smaller of the two moved off a metre or so and with resignation flopped down watching the little female intently. Without hesitation the dominant Bull closed the gap to the prone female. Elizabeth felt his radiated warmth as the Bull pressed his body on and over her. His bulk made her endeavour to move away futile, her instinctive reaction was to bight the Bull to make him back off, this was parried skilfully as the big male pinned the much smaller Elizabeth into the sand.


Elizabeth flicked a flipper full of sand at the male who was curling his lower abdomen under her fins as he lurched his copious body into alignment with the swollen vulva of Elizabeth’s seal body.


About to be mated again her two big brown eyes looked down at the enfolding tails as the males sheath swelled. The emergent tip of the bulls expanding penis seemed to extend hydraulically and run along her belly just brushing her vulva.


Elizabeth trembled, her human mind trying to cope with the thought of something so long and thick invading her body. For a moment the bull held himself fully erect before the shaft contracted as he adjusted himself once again.


His adjustment was subtle but Elizabeth felt the wet hardness against her warm swollen sex. Then with a firm lurch of his lower abdomen he pressed forward and up as he felt the females swollen flesh against his already freshly extending penal shaft. Elizabeth moaned as she felt the shaft sinking deep into her sheath. The rigid bone that supported the animals penis burrowed deep into her clutching sheath.


It was a glorious feeling of being dominated and possessed, Her lower body ached as the bulls penis filled completely. The friction of the moving penis as the beast began to surge his muscular frame, was both stimulating and exciting. It felt so natural for something this large to be inside her small body. The transformed girl knew for something this long to be able to penetrate her so fully her seal anatomy had to be so different to her human form, she shuddered.


The long rigid penis moved inside her deep tight passage, it nudging hard against something deep inside Elizabeth's seal body. The girl speculated that the long penis was nudging her seal cervix then immediately wondered if seals had one as she knew it. The feeling felt so deep within her body but it must be the tender bulge of a cervix she chastised herself then thought how bizarre it was for her to be thinking of something like this at this time.


The enthusiastic bull drove into Elizabeth several more times and each time the ravished girl made little barking cries. Inside the hide the man watched the erotic show of two seals mating and with typical male empathy cheered on the bull.


“That a boy, he encouraged give it to her good she loves it,” then he chuckled. Elizabeth wished she could have spat in the man's eye but she couldn't. It didn't help her perception of most men though.


The bull tensed and the little female felt the tightly seated penis tighten with a pulsing jerk within her snug tunnel. Elizabeth barked as she felt a warm flush serge deep within her ravished sheath. The young bull was coming inside her tiny receptive body and her human brain was aroused by the utter stimulation of his surging semen within her.


The snug fitting penis jerked and pulsed several more times as it discharging even more of his virile sperm into her hopefully barren body.


“Good girl,” the man in the hide offered his encouragement as he watched the big males tale flag in time with his throbbing penis and knew that he was delivering his seed into the female.


“You liked him didn't you girl? I bet your already preggey with his pup hay? That's what you wanted wasn't it you little slut? I saw you roll over and show off your pussy to them big boys.” She hadn't but it must have looked that way to a casual bystander. Elizabeth human side felt humiliated that someone had watched her being mated and worse felt she had begged for it.


It was only then that Elizabeth thought of the potential consequences of being mated by a seal bull. Maybe now she was be being fertilised by the little wriggling tadpoles. Perhaps the old bull had already got her pregnant anyway.


Then as the seals penis slowly withdrew from her she wondered what would happen if she was changed back to a human carrying a seal pup, maybe even twins. The long bright pink slug of a penis slipped from her vagina with a wet sound followed an instant later by a trickle of gooie ejaculate.


Elizabeth herd the radio inside the hut crackle and then a brief statement “ITS ON FOR TONIGHT”


With the big bulls flipper still covering her Elizabeth knew she had to find a way of slipping away and back into the ocean to set off the closest locator beacon to warn the police that tonight would be the night of the drop.


Minutes passed and Elizabeth was able to squirm away while the huge male dozed off. The transformed girl swam like never before, as fast as a jet to the closest beacon.


The assistance arrived at night, the beach was full of cars with said guy who watched Elizabeth’s private moment getting into a car, and Barry helping Elizabeth sneak away while the males slept. Truly the deal was sealed.


I like this continuation! Please do keep it up! For my part, since you asked what to try next, I'd say a filly would definitely work well. Perhaps a sow or cow might also be an appropriate one, assuming a rural or farmland mission. Either way, thank you for sharing your writing with us!
Great story it was an enjoyable read, could you eventually get to a cat transformation of some sort?

It would seem appropriate to have a stray cat spying in an urban setting or something , idk you can figure something out you are a good writer.

All the best to you and good luck!
To my readers: what transformation should Elizabeth be next? I was thinking either Mare or Mastiff but any other animal is welcome ;)