Published: Nov 14th, 2015


Author Kevin Rooste tells a story about what if possible, he would like to see happen...


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"Mr. Rooste, Mister Rooste, can you hear me?" asked the Doctor as Ken begins to awaken.

Groaning from stiffness and his dull feeling Kevin begins to wake up, but feeling as if having a head full of cotton, what is as bad was how he had this taste in his mouth, like the dirt of a dusty road. Slowly one eye opens and then the other as he becomes alert, then seeing the Doctor makes a small grin.

Reaching shaky hands Kevin picks up a container with ice water and sips a little. Clearing his throat with a hack or two he answers the Doctor, "Yes I'm awake now!"

The Doctor smiles and makes a hand motion for his nurse to enter the room.

Kevin raised his head to see the pretty lady walk in, a pad of paper and her pen she sits down across from him ready to take notes.

"Now Mister Rooste I need to know what you remember about you recent history. Can you remember anything of what happened to you after the experiment began?" asked the Doctor now with a serious face.

Kevin laid back and thought for a minute as memories raced back. Closing his eyes the memories filled in pictures into his brain and many things became quite clear. It was almost five years ago then when he entered the medical experiment, all for the promise of gaining big money.

"Well, what can you tell me of coming here to United Research and the days following?" asked the doctor as his nurse wiggled in his chair.

"I remember coming here to sign up for some experiment which would earn me money. I was told that if I signed the contract your company would accept me as a subject for a weird experiment. The duration of the test was five years, has it been five years yet?' asked Kevin.

The Doctor looks a gaze to the nurse who looks back and then drops her eyes back to her notes. Turning again to Kevin the Doctor says, "Yes it was more than five years! In fact you accidentally signed the twenty year contract. Due to an oversight the term stretched to twenty three years in all. Now though, we have corrected the oversight and have you once again here. Please tell me what of your experience you can remember, this is very important!"

Again Kevin closed his eyes and thought long and hard. Thinking was oddly rough and memories seemed clouded as what could be remembered was just not real. At last Kevin opened his eyes as he said, "OK, I think I am ready to begin, you said twenty-three years, I was as…, for that long!"

The nurse sat up a little poised to take notes as the Doctor slides a chair up next to Kevin's bed.

"I remember.... I remember being injected and going to sleep!" began Kevin.

"I remember a dream where I stood, eying my reflection before a mirror and screaming!" said Kevin as things began come back ever faster.

"I remember hearing a Nurse scream too and drop her tray on the floor. It was then when my reflection of me in the mirror seemed dark and ugly. A Doctor ran in and pushed me onto my bed as and orderly manhandled me harshly and injected something into my neck." said Kevin slowly and as he paused.

"I can see the mirrored image, a creature; tall he was standing on hunched legs, long feet, and black hoofs. The reflection was dark of skin color and sported one huge dick, I mean penis! I remember holding out my arms and seeing them dark almost black in color and screaming, screaming of terror, knowing the reflection was really me. Then looking very close I peered into the mirror and looked at what was still as my face." said Kevin slowly as more came back to his memory.

"I remember being strapped to the bed. My arms tied with ropes were held up in the air. My legs also suspended above the end of that bed with rope tied tight around fetlocks and hoofs. I thrashed about as the Nurse injected me with more of your serums. Some of the injections she smiled when doing them, stabbing me with a syringe into the head of my black penis and me screaming. I begged her to stop and let me return home, but she laughed at me." said Kevin as he closed his eyes once again.

"Enough of this, what do you remember of the testing and the experiment you were part thereof?" asked the Doctor sounding now nervous.

Another sip on his water Kevin inched up to lean on his elbows as he spoke.

"I have to say so much of your experiment is clouded in my memory. It was many days of aches and pains until I was taken to the experiment station. The trip there comes back as I looked out between the slats of a truck. A truck which they brutally shoved me into with a rope noosed about my neck and tied into the slats. Scenery, country scenery I remember so well and the sniffing of fresh air made me feel a deep inner calm!" told Kevin as he stirred in his bed.

"I was taken out the truck and walked past many corrals. I remember both the animals peering out between the board fences and the odors of manure, sweat, and a musky scent. It was the musky scent which bothered me the most, as I remember stopping several times as we walked along. My rope about the neck was jerked by someone who was helping me alone. I remember indignant words and tugging until I felt somehow satisfied and walked on. Memories, of feelings like my maleness hung out free and slapped side to side as we walked up the aisle between the corrals." said Kevin as he felt the flush of embarrassment.

"My memories of days and weeks after that are very uncertain. It was one morning I think, when someone came to me and clipped a rein to the steel ring on a head halter. I was led out and let loose to walk down a long narrow pathway. I remember being delighted to be out of where I'd been kept. Walking quickly along the path was blocked by an animal standing in front of me. No, the animal had its behind pointed at me! Its tail held high and to the right, legs spread slightly I remember black lips of bestial sex almost winking at me. That musky order touched my nose and I believe I walked up closer." told Kevin now thinking about each word.

"Yes, no, oh but what I did next I do not want to think about!" said Kevin as he flopped back on his bed, eyes clenched tight shut.

"Mister Rooste we need to know all of what you remember right down to the dirty little bits and pieces!" asked the Doctor.

Opening his eyes again Kevin looked at the nurse, and then he began. "I remember standing there and reaching my head forward and with my tongue licking the dripping ooze off the animal's vulva. A real lick not just a thin touch, but a full flat tongued lick and swallowing of it, as my mind and body went wild of a frenzy. I think my penis got erect and once again my tongue licked the black lips of bestial sex. I jumped up and worked my stiff arms down the flanks of the animal's body. My erection was touched by the person who walked me down and out of the place I'd been kept. I remember turning my head and try to thank him for his help, but then turning back to what I was doing a second later." remembered Kevin.

Kevin was now breathing faster and beginning to sweat as thoughts of his times came back in raw detail.

"Then it was as if I was in a blackened room. I felt, lust, lust and a passion unbounded! My erect penis drove into the animal and she grabbed it tight with her vaginal muscles. Wow, thrusting, in and deep as I pulled back and then plunged in till her vulva lips touched the base of my rigid cock. Seven or maybe more thrusts, then a surge of semen roared down out of my balls as I felt it come down the massive length of that cock. Pelvic thrusting with each spurt of semen made me real pleasure as the animal turned her head to look back and moaned in wild delight." explained Kevin.

Both Doctor and Nurse hung on every word of Kevin telling his story as he continued.

"The man who helped me and let me out, he pulled on my rein, trying to back me off the animal. I remember fighting hard to remain on or over her and stay buried deep as it pleasured me greatly. At last he won and I backed away, my long cock slipped out the animal's sex like a soft snake's body. As I fell down to a standing position the cool breeze chilled my long moistened cock. As my cock softened it pulled back up into my body. The thick slime from the animal's womb made a sticky paste which dried later. I was then put in a corral, alone and left to stand in the hot sun. It was some time later after being terribly thirsty; I broke down and had to slurp up water from an animal watering trough. Then, not long after I needed to urinate bad.

Looking around and not a person looking I tried to push out my cock to pee. I remember the strange desire to pick at it with my hands but found instead only legs and hoofs where arms and hands were once. Soon the urge peaked and crackling the dried sex paste cracked and let my cock fall out into the open air. The feeling of it as the dried paste flaked off tickled me and I became very hard. A very hardy pee, then still erect my lust returned and standing stretched out long of body I began to stiffen and swing the big cock." told Kevin as he was now sweating down his forehead.

"I masturbated, it was as if I was some brute animal in that lonely corral and just spewed my balls out onto the ground. I remember stepping back and sniff my own spunk! Then yet I licked at it and stood with eyes closed as if savoring the taste. It was then, yes then I suddenly knew and remembered the words on that contract. It all came back to me then as it does now, I was a Donkey! I became an animal by choice, as from the injections changed of body to a male Donkey! Dark brown furry body and black on legs, mane, and tail. I stood there thinking, knowing I'd had sex as a farm stud, yet feeling a personal joy in my action. I was feeling great pleasure and satisfaction in being a male dominant animal, it felt just great!" Kevin said now with a smiling face of pure pride.

"Then you can now remember your life as a Donkey?" asked the Doctor.

"Yes, oh yes I was a Donkey! I had lots of fun and many times was I allowed mating! It was such fun to be so free, although I do remember some long times of required working with other animals pulling a coach. Where was I then?" asked Kevin as he felt renewed joys.

Clearing his throat and looking ever so nervous the Doctor said, "You were given growth hormones and after a time of gestation, sent then for seven years placed at an amusement park. While there you where with five other test subjects, all pulled passenger coaches about the park. You were all boarded and kept as normal working Asses. Seven days a week you were harnessed and then pulled the coaches making your animal bodies taunt and strong of bone and muscles. A regular schedule was set up for you to mate with females as from these mountings several foals were born, as total but very smart Donkeys." explained the Doctor.

"I see, yes it was mostly fun! I remember certain Jennets and how I enjoyed them more than others as they would grip my cock tighter and milk me time after time. Our work was hard and left us sore and aching, but when the offering came to mate and mount I for one was thrilled! Sexual pleasure was a hundred times that of being a man with a woman. Oh Nurse I am sorry, but once one is a male animal Donkey or otherwise the feelings are just great! I cannot say more but if you offered my to be a Donkey again I would like to stay that way for life." suggested Kevin with a smile.

The conversation went on for some time and as the day became late afternoon the Nurse got up and left. The Doctor called his office by cell phone and soon another Nurse came into the room holding a steel tray.

"Mister Rooste I am really taken by your very detailed story. You mentioned several times that if offered to be an animal again you would like to remain it for life, am I correct?" asked the Doctor looking serious but hopeful.

A moment of thought, as then Kevin remembered his twenty plus years as being free of all wants and having every need satisfied. Looking first at the Doctor and then to a Nurse, she with one stern facial expression he gave a simple nod of agreement.

The Nurse stepped right up to the bedside and quickly injected four syringes into Kevin's arm and shoulder area.

"Before we go too far, will the money I have earned thus far be sent to my parents? Oh and will you have the nice Nurse take a goodbye letter and have it sent to them as well?" asked Kevin looking at the doctor and then the Nurse.

The Doctor cleared his throat and then with a grin said, "Your earnings will be donated to our continued research! A letter was dispatched just after you signed on back twenty three years ago announcing your death. Your parents had a very symbolic funeral back then and since that time the life of Kevin Rooste has been a part of science. We don't make a habit of releasing people back to public life once they spent time in the animal world. Indeed those who were allowed to return ultimately went either mad or became sex offenders and went to prison. Lucky for them they were offered new terms in prison test programs as you Mister Kevin Rooste will soon find your new life as a stout and sturdy draft horse working the trolley car in Disney World down in Florida."

Kevin kicked his sheets off and stared down at still beastly animal legs and hoofs. Just the thought of continued animal life made his cock rise to erection and he smiled at the Doctor.

"You thought I would be upset, but your mistaken Doc! I was true about loving the Donkey life and would be most happy to become a draft horse. So let us get going, I want to feel the Florida sun baking my backbone and mount and mate once more!" said Kevin with a laughing smile.

Happy as he watched the muscles swell and felt his erection Kevin watched as Doctor and Nurse walked out his room.

The Nurse turned to the Doctor once into the hallway and asked, "You are not going to tell him that once a draft horse you plan to have him gelded and live a less sexual life, right?"

The Doctor signed Kevin into his new life and contract then leaned on the nursing station counter and looked directly at the Nurse. "NO, and know this that if you tell him of my plans a new test subject once a nurse here will join him there as a extra horny mare, get my drift?” said the Doc.

The Nurse picked up the deposition taken earlier and sat down to read what Kevin remembered in technical detail. As she sat there she wiggled and began to rub her crotch. At last she got up and walked down to Kevin's room and going inside she sat down by his bed.

"Mister Rooste I have some facts you need to know, but first I want a promise from you!" said the Nurse.

"Yes, a promise, of what?' asked Kevin Back.

The nurse took Kevin's hairy arm and asked, "If I joined you in Florida as a mare would you constantly keep mounting me and giving me such wondrous sex as you enjoyed?"

Kevin smiled!


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