Published: Nov 14th, 2015


Lust and passions mix to cause a youth to feel his oats...


horse magic stud donkey
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It was a few months after she had told me her little secret and my knowing of it had not then caused me any trouble of any kind until when.., she asked of me, wanting that we should have sex.

We had sex but once, we were teenagers, yes of consenting age, although not supposed to be sexual, but honestly! As providence would have it, my parents were gone for the weekend. Lily said her mom had the day before gone to some Timbuktu as for her part and portion in some witchery convention, so what do you think she wanted of me and would wish for to happen?

Lily bragged about that she was a virgin and so said I the same about me!

We were kind of fumbling with the whole thing and I was incredibly aroused as she felt as incredibly tight, then she said, "Stop that, you are hurting me..." To this I paused, as then I had to think on only to realize what more she said.

Lily was singing a song, it a poor rhyming tune, more like a chanting short and strange little rhyme. My dearest Lily touched her two index finger tips to the base of my inserted shaft, she smiled as I felt such a sense of horror and wonder, my penis, it was stretching longer, going deeper, was exceptionally hard, and more, the girth, at the base and to the end, it was expanding!

Then I suddenly realized what she spoke was not a rhyme but a chanted spell to enchant me and my male pride. A spell cast upon my dick to make of it something so bestial, it becoming the like of young whore as her lustier a dream. Unbeknown to me then, but what she wanted to feeling inside of her was the brute cock of a male donkey.

Lily smiled and saying to me, "Do not worry! What it became and feel would have happened ten fold had I not sequestered her spell from its bindings. My mother is a witch, a powerful witch of such age I dare not think how old she really might be, but she knows how to care well for her family.

Mom wanted to be assured her dear daughter was not to lose her blessed virginity while she was away. She did not expect me to hold to any promise, but casting a glory spell upon this house and around me, any such suitor that dared come and take from me my perfection, would lose more than his, he would become a braying ass of a stud donkey.

The fool that became the donkey would remain by force of the spell here on our property, and when mommy should return, she would sell his furred hide and body to a farm, or miners, somewhere where he would never be seen or heard from again.

You are different! You hold dear me and my lusty passions, and I prefer you and yours. The spell is now twisted, and cannot go much further unless you wish of it and want to become as is a donkey. As your pretty prick is changing to be a donkey cock, it is as ours to enjoy the weekend through.”

She and her assuring me to remain calm and except her hospitality, I could boast her virginity was then a thing of her uproarious past.

As bestial was my penis for becoming the crude, uncircumcised cock of a donkey, my thought it to our advantage my testicles swell too, gaining in size, volume of semen, but what drove me onward like a beast was the rushed flow of massive hormones, the likes no man can or could endure.

I wanted to know what it might be like having sex with a real stud!”

"What indeed," I tried to stay passionate and loving, as of caressing Lily, stroking her perky breasts, but the spell continued to do its twisting, kinking my mind to think like a beast caught up in the call to rut my female.

The words spoken only muddled me more, as at the forth massive orgasm I cried forth such a donkey bray cry, it scared even Lily. I or we then realized that my ears were getting longer as well. "You led on me to do something your mother worked a powerful spell that ensured your friend, me then...

Oh Hell’s bells are ringing in my longer ears. My cock strains at you tight vagina, it makes me sad, I being such as your private fool. Had you not lay twist upon that spell spoke of by your mother, and then come tonight, I for long hence could be at peace, not made bestial as a beast of burden, but of my kind allowed to fondle and be of good humor.”

Lily giggled said to me, "My mom thinks she is so clever. She thought the old donkey curse would be a problem, but she will reverse it as soon as she gets back…, if I ask her."

"What of me would you ask of her or no, maybe you want me to become a donkey, for forever?" I half spoke, as every other word thought to speak came out as a ragged donkey bray. The sound of me braying did not scare me as Lily thought it should. Maybe the old donkey curse was not that old, and with some newness imposed, the braying increased the surge of hormones, the cock stiffened, getting me even wilder and aroused.

Aroused sexually, the passions of it adding to my thoughts the lust as want to mate with Lily, thinking of her more as if a jennet donkey and not a pretty woman. My passion was of being more as a donkey, and then my skin began to darken of color, it becoming a black, thick hide, as it sprouted coarse fur. My fur so coarse and thick, like a show brush of fur that cloaked my body, it felt neat!

A furry and a big as long cock, huge testicles, and then sprouted my tail, the essence of difference between being either man or a beast.

I began to prefer me as the beast, bestial of desire free to rut hard at as into Lily. No matter if or how she would moan or scream, my being furry offered a sense of animal anonymity of face; if seen all anyone would see was a donkey face, head, and furry body, he, he!

Lily grinned as she carried on about her mother, said, "Because, if she does not agree, she is going to have pictures of her daughter having sex with a donkey-boy. I shall play with a donkey-boy stud and post it all over the World Wide Web."

She lay back on her bed, her legs off the side, they spread, she allowing me her changing donkey friend a direct view, one good whiff, and a direct line of entrance that pleased us both.

Lily paused after several minutes of moaning and thrusting, she smiling, looked at me, my donkey face and head, ears twitching, she said, "Actually, I have an even better idea. I am not up to doing proper and full transformations, but am good at transfigurations."

She brushed her fingers over her face and to my donkey witted bewilderment, her features changed slightly, changing more, aging, and the next thing I knew, she looked just like her mom.

"Mrs. Gershwin," I said and brayed, suddenly so scared of what I saw, that a surge rush of added donkey discrete change swept over me, lengthening my torso, doing donkey shape of my butt, and my legs, they changed drastically.

"No," she giggled saying with the voice of my Lily, "I am still Lily. But the web camera won't know that." She waved a hand and her computer popped on, the camera whirring to life, then she looked at me and purred, now make me look the part of a desperate debauched housewife fornicating with a…, donkey, you just became a donkey!"

Donkeys are normally incredibly horny, and Lily with her glamor as if her mother, she was more then likened to Mrs. Gershwin, as of then the vagina was considerably looser than I experienced with Lily earlier.

Highly aroused, our sex play kept turning what was the real me into a donkey colt and soon to a mature stud breeder. Lily doing some of her wild and kinky fun foreplay found a donkey cock felt like a toilet plunger stuffed inside her hot body. Even if this all was a blackmail video for her mom, to me it was becoming a desired change of lifestyle and future, if it was or could be for me my preferred choice as a possibility?

Oh but the more I changed and we did it, the better it felt, until when so good, the worse happened. I forcing it rammed in harshly, donkey beast brutally I thrust harder, feeling the urgency of need, knowing as wanting for sex from the donkey point of view. I began then the certain wish of to remain a donkey insatiable for in me my wild-bestial lust.

Lily moaned with delight at first but as the shaft enlarged, lengthened and I became more donkey than human, she realized worse things were to come her way. I would not stop doing it to her; the sensation drove me wild for getting the feelings. It decided that I follow her lusts not s a man, but do it the donkey stud way, until the donkey won out!

Uncaring about what I became, beyond hope about what others saw of me, the playful sex made an ass out of me, something I discovered as quite enjoyable!

Lily, felt rather sore, later she showered after that fact, and returning to her ole' sweet self, stood then gawking at me.

My sense of passion had swung 180 degrees, and seeing her walking around with only a bath towel to cover that slender shapely form, I found my lust overwhelming. The want to sniff at her moist slit, to lick at it if she would let me, and like a donkey stud would, I waggled my rock hard erection, having the libido of an equine, it flared and pulsating out spurts of slick cum.

Lily used her laptop computer to record the scene of what appeared as if her own mother having raw pleasures with a very virile male donkey.

I knew her plan, and at first I too thought it as worthwhile, but given the way it felt from becoming a donkey stud, me standing in a hairy body doing it, I only wanted to be forever more as a donkey!

Our mutual lusting reoccurred and as I being mostly donkey by then, brought from Lily an occasional moan. Lily reminded me of a female donkey getting mounted for the first time, and I would have laughed or chuckled if it were for real.

I need not think or imagine that Lily found her privates rather stretched, and sore from my drilling, and thrusting like some brute animal feeling the demand of rut.

Yet, like I said, at that moment I did not care what she felt whether delight or agony. What was then as the brute me, such pleasures were to a donkey stud just part of his proper domination of the submissive gender.

The greeting of a, "Oh hi Mom," did something to my very soul.

As if a renewed sense of horror struck me, it flipped and sunk down to the end of the throbbing head of one hard donkey cock. "What is happening around here and who or what is this animal doing in my house?" asked Mom, a witch, would more than likely want for to do me great harm.

Lily did one hell of a poor job of explaining her wants and how I did ask to mate with her, me begging, wishing of her let the spell make of me a donkey stud, I wanting to rut, stretch, and fulfill our mutual sexual desires.

I brayed loudly, my tail wagging, slapping at the hearing of such lies.

A witch of a mom looked at me, she knowing the silly excuse for her daughter was not anything close to the truth.

Mom took me out of the house, I braying as if begging Lily, she failed to follow us, but when Mom was alone and facing me, with a quick wave of her hand, and something happened.

Mom Gershwin then asked of me, believing this young man was a fool; she did not believe what Lily said, as only a rare few men would wish to give away his humanity and become a brute beast. The mom Gershwin asked of me as what she felt was righteous, if were I as a friend of her daughter wanting to be a donkey or regain being a young man?

A fore-knee bow to her and my erection stiffening, she said, "So then, you like it being a donkey and playing with that big dick; well you can keep it. I gift it to you along with being a donkey for the rest of your life!"

I shook my head as if to scream a pleading cry, mentally I begged of her, said in thoughts was, "No, please no, not for all of my life, but if for a year or two, my delight of being a beast might then be quelled!"

To no avail, I felt my donkey self mature some, growing a bit taller, then taller again, until I found myself so tall I looked down at Mom Gershwin and even to Lily.

Anxious deep breathing only instilled from my sheath a continuation of a massive erection, one equal in size and girth to be like a draft horse cock.

Mom laughed, as she rebuked her daughter Lily, that little whore of a witch, swooned, dropping to her knees. Her Mom knew what was best for the both of us, and pointing toward me, she motioned her daughter to take hold and lifting the end of my monster cock shaft to her mouth, she was to kiss the open end, and then giving me an affectionate lick.

If old Mom was not mad at her daughter before, she felt that by humiliating her of me, Lily would feel anger, she cursing at me, as if I were somehow at fault.

Lily taunted me and her Mom watched as listened. Then Lily announced of her making a full length four X rated video showing what appeared as if being her mom, of she sucking me, and letting a donkey rut and mate up her crotch.

Lily thought it all was a big funny time, but her mom scowled at her, her eyes a burning red in color.

As horny and so righteous as I felt being then as grown and changed more into some large breed of stud male, I actually changed my life plan from higher ideals, and thought more of wanting the mating with any big vulva female equine that offered me a ride.

While I toyed with my plaything, a disgusted mother looked at her daughter. That Mom suddenly saw through the smoke screen as of what Lily made of our relationship. She was assured then of my part and being for Lily as her pawn in some power-play. She began to argue at Lily, the witch mother made a wave of her hand and froze Lily like she were some statue in a city park.

Turning then to eye me in the face, she petted her hand to my furred cheek, and addressed me with a much more considerate a tone.

"You were a young fool, and as such a weak pawn in a game where you cannot hold to your own! Lily is a bad girl but still my daughter and I shall deal with her. You know too much, and this causes me some concern. Therefore, if by being what you are is satisfactory to you, I shall help you live well, finding for you a herd of male enjoyments befitting your stature.

Or, if you have some want or decided wish to become something else, then I command of you this Percheron stallion of a horse to say your wish and speak forth your mind!"

Hearing her words, I got immediately and soundly an erection of monstrous proportions.

Down deep in my thoughts and ideals I knew this being a stud animal could or likely would end in a brutal death someday!

The sense of horror instilled at first was since quelled by my changing more, me becoming a large as beautiful, handsome Percheron stallion horse. The massive erection I sported fought with my mental wish to return home, but to be a fool again for some woman seemed as a foolish dream.

I looking over at Lily still frozen in place by her mother a witch of quite well renowned powers, the dear girl could but move her eyes, blinking them, and trying in her own way to motion at me as if I should care what she wanted or thought.

"Well stud, I have things to do today, is there something more you would want before I send you to a place of proper masculine and bestial joy?" She asked, a mother and supreme witch, she sounding eager to give and as much to send me away to my proper doom.

Instantly the sensation returned to my lips and tongue suggesting if I tried I could then speak my mind.

I coughed, and hacking twice to clear the few sticky blades of munched grass caught there in my long throat; I stammered on my first few words, but soon enough spoke clearly of my lusty wants.

"If you please, I am as this large horse and stud, and did not ask or originally want to be in this way, but for as much as the sensations being this is appealing to me, I would ask and plead for a few perks!

First and foremost, if you would please, I would ask to remain in good health my entire life while being as an equine. As to living my life in the form of a horse, if it could be possible, allow me a long lifespan, per say as much likened to that the Bible suggests as grace given unto men."

That said, I had then a hope some of what I asked might come true, for indeed I felt extremely comfortable as such a big stud.

Lily seemed as if she were straining her lips to speak out either for or against my many wishes.

Her mother took a few steps backwards, she eyed at me with a questioning expression, her eyes dark orbs that glared and cut deep to see what lurks in the male heart.

"You would wish to be a pretty breed of stallion and stud, to this I agree! As well you would want for good health and to enjoy your exceptionally virile maleness, living three score and ten, but to such as you and with integrity I award you the next one hundred years of life. You being what you are shall change body color every fifteen years or so, making of you again as if a young two year old stud. You in your long life shall enjoy being six different stallions, living for a century of mating horny mares and luring dozens of wistful, foolhardy women like Lily that wish for you to breed them as a stallion does with his mares." And so she said, as with a wave of her hand my seeing them faded and what came into view was where I would reside, a fine stable, it breeding Percheron horses, and me as one of the prime studs.

The last I had any memory of Lily, she had a rather unappreciative look at her mother, Mrs. Gershwin.

Days later as I stood in my box stall there at the draft horse breeding stable, the groomsman walked in a pretty golden haired mare, she not a draft horse mare, but was a smaller breed. He introduced her to me, telling me her name was Spring Flower.

We were to breed, me over her, and unlike what I had come to know of mares by there size and standing, this one seemed elated at the want to mate with me. There nothing more instilling of a wondrous relationship between two horses of varied gender than of a she mare squirt her urine all over the door to my stall.

I knew we would be great friends, and her personal perfume reminded me to what Lily wore so often. We nuzzled, and the groomsman led her to the mating stall, as I stood and began to exercise my libido for some long deep loving of a sexy mare.

“Ah but the future looks as bright with delight!”


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