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Want of no apparently good reason on what was likely to be the hottest day so far of that summer, two friends decided to hike along the steepest, most demanding, the place for only those really hearty, the unused Arcadia Trail. The trail was nothing more than the old right-of-way for a railroad track removed and the company what owned was destroyed many years ago. A reasonable if available trail to go hiking along, there were no insect infested bogs along it, those places what presented an uncomfortable problem.

Both hikers were athletic young men, the physical exertion from the climb naturally appealed to them. This one trail offered more of a challenge than some hilliness, as this was a mountainous trail, maybe for that reason it had little regular use. There were many difficulties along it for miles, the ups, the old railroad fought steep grades to climb ultimately over the rocky divide.

In addition, what made it of interesting to both friends was the sudden strange rush of winds that would come through the sharp valleys, blowing across as a surge through where the roadbed did its trek. The rumors told about occasional disappearance of some hikers walking the old right-o-way was another of the prime reasons for the lack of use of the trail. Odd still was that of those lost and supposed as dead not one were ever seen again, not even a body found. Maybe to Ken this was the best reason to hike the trail, he loved a good mystery. Moody too and easily bored with his daily responsibilities, this sort of thing only added to the allurement of hiking the trail. On this hike Ken was took the lead while his friend Dave, mister gullible, was the usual follower in such fun enterprises.

Their arriving at that State Park office, it was an old steel caboose setting on a short piece of track, as just long enough to support the bulk weight. The state had used discarded railroad cabooses for many such field offices, doing so for this park site gave the aura of the historic railroad what cut its path through the countryside and into the mountains. Dave did the honorable signing of liability release waiver. They leaving the Jeep belonging to Ken in the park parking lot beside the old caboose. The planned return was for the wife of Dave to pick them up at the far end to the first leg of the Arcadia trail. The two friends readied as each put on their daytime backpack, that with an ample water supply, some health food energy bars and a first aid kit.

A friendly wave from the Park ranger standing on the end platform to his caboose office would be the last that anyone would see or hear from Ken or Dave after they began to assault the first steep grade of their hike. Elevation and the steep climb had the two excellent hikers huffing like those steam engines of yesteryears. Even the steel behemoth engines that once hauled heavy tonnage up the same climb into the foothills of the mountain range beyond had troubles with the stout climb.

Four hours of steady hiking as climbing had the two friends stopping often to peer over the edge looking down and across the scenic view of the lower valley. The seeing of that lower valley from such height made it seem so small when then but a part of the panorama they viewed. Another couple of hours and the hot sunshine was starting to take its toll off the stamina of Dave. It was near to noon when Ken noted that Dave did not have his canteen clipped to his belt. This was a real concern, they had enough water for each of them when they set out walking, but somewhere along the hike, Dave must have left his canteen setting still on some comfortable rock.

Frustrated with Dave for being so careless, the need for that extra amount of water alone was enough reason for them to turn round and return to the Jeep. They conversed over what to do, Ken making note that this trail, its climb up was entering a portion of the hike what was more arid, rocky and were little water was available. They decided to continue to hike along a little further in hope of some small waterfall, but if not finding any water soon, Ken decoded then to cut short the planned climb. Embarrassed, Dave suggested when on their way back, they take one of the rougher still side trails that were very steep in descent down the raw face of the rocky hills.

A way further and Dave stopped to rest, he lay out stretching on a flat smooth rock, it neatly in a small shaded cleft in the rock face. Ken continued to walk further along the trail, not noticing his lazier partner had stopped. The hike had Dave tired, and with his lying down and the cool of the shade, he soon let sleep creep up on him and took a needed nap. When Ken discovered his partner was not following him, not even at a distance, at first he did not worry as Dave sometimes took a slower pace, maybe to stop and enjoy a view of the sights.

Becoming annoyed after an hour without his friend, Ken yelled for Dave to get the lead out, but after waiting and expecting to see Dave catching up, no Dave came around the last curve of the trail. Irritated, Ken turned round and began walking down grade to wherever Dave had stopped. He rounded the long curving rail bed around the dome of a hill and saw his partner lying flat out on another one of his comfortable rocks.

Walking up to where Dave lay snoring, Ken stood there by that comfortable rock bed as Dave referred to them, Ken inhaled a deep breath, and then yelled at sleeping Dave, “Hey!”

Dave jolted awake, but blurry eyed, he jumped up, went to grab for his backpack, but seeing Ken standing there he offered up one of his usual dumb grins as the reason for stopping the hiking. Thinking of a drink, Dave turned and looked, seeing that then too his backpack was missing, gone, and not a sole other than Ken being anywhere nearby. This being suddenly missing made Ken angry, and making it a necessity they needed to immediately turn around and begin heading back to the valley even sooner than planned.

Standing looking around, it was Dave that first took note of a narrow side trail going up and through the rock cliff of the mountain face. As he stood facing the entrance to this walking trail, the echoing sound of water falling suggested of clear water and a stream. Ken smiled; agreeing with Dave they take the side path. As the walking up this path was much steeper, the offering of refreshing water was worth the climb up. An while more of climbing more than hiking, the path lead to a cave opening. This intrigued Dave more than Ken, the sound of falling water echoing out from the cave depths. It seemed a proper choice if chancy, so they both stepped into the dimly lighted cave.

Dave noted the brisk and quite cooler refreshing blast of wind flowing through the cave. This Ken agreed was an oddity, but being it had such a refreshing feel from the heat outside the cave, the two walked further into the darker regions. Inside quite a way from the cave opening, Ken stopped, held up his hand to his face an noted he could still see his hand. There was a new source of light beaming into the cave, enough so as not requiring the need for flashlights, something they did not have with them.

Walking along, it was Ken that made mention they must of walked through the cave for as much as a hundred yards. He suggested they give up, turn around, and get back then to hiking toward the valley, and there find some refreshing water. Dave just stood there looking past Ken and as if he saw something. He pushed past Ken and began to literally jog alone as further into the cave.

Ken yelled to Dave to stop, but his friend raced ahead well beyond and because of some curves in the cave, he was out of sight when Ken heard Dave yell, “Wow, is this beautiful!”

Quickening his pace, Ken saw first Dave standing at the far opening of the cave, and beyond him was sunlight and where the refreshing breeze seemed to originate. Walking closer to the cave opening, Ken slowed his strides, stopping to stand in unbelievable awe. There a completely unknown to Ken the hike planner was a green grotto, a water fall, some trees, and built in the center of the clearing stood a white marble gazebo. So out of place was the gazebo, it not built of wood like some Ken had seen in other such parks. This structure was made of white marble. He was amazed, what builder had the heavy stone blocks flown into there by helicopter. Stranger still to bring the needed material manpower this far off the common trail.

Dave went plum nuts, he running down the easy graded path and with all his clothing on, he did a cannon ball leap into the clear pond that came likely from a chilly cold mountain spring. He yelled and shivered, splashing in the water, obviously enjoying the cold water. Meanwhile, Ken walked toward the strange, all white marble gazebo, or as a palladium of this serene place. A lover of architecture, this reminded Ken of ancient Roman structures built eons ago. He felt at the stonework, knowing was not plastic but actual marble, the columns, and in the center of it stood a pillar, as upon it stood a very large intricately cut clear crystal.

Suddenly front down in the pond, Dave screamed as frightened, and then yelled a mighty, “Oh holy shit!”

Ken turned to look, seeing Dave as doing some uncoordinated sort of splashing in the water, as if urgent in his struggling to climb back up onto drier land. Ken ran down the steps from the gazebo with thoughts then to help Dave, he in whatever his trouble!

Trouble was Dave, his middle name should be the word trouble!

Seemingly Dave stumbled and his head went beneath the water. A long moment later he surfaced again, he stopped his thrashing at the water, and coming closer to the banks of the pond, with hands, arms and legs he crawled out and up to stand there looking at Ken.

As Dave stood there looking to Ken, the expression on his boyish face that of a dumbfounded fretting. Ken stood there and gawked at his friend in complete disbelief.

“What, what the hell, what… happened, how is this you?” Ken said, he stood there amazed, horrified and a little jealous too, if but for really his own perverted reasons.

After the mad scrambling to get out of the pond, Dave stood up on shaky legs, he knew as Ken saw too that Dave was not the same as when he jumped into the pond. With his coming out of the water Dave his friend had somehow changed. His face, his ears, his entire body was covered with, sprouted dark brown very wet fur. Dave petted his hand at his furred chest, he remarking as to the coarseness to the touch. He looking up at Ken, the by then taller ears on Dave did turn as if seeking for sounds.

The clothing Dave wore when doing his cannonball leap into the pond had dissolved away leaving him naked except for his thick new fur.

“Donkey fur!” Dave exclaimed, as if by seeing it on his person he rather expected it to be there. As he took a couple of stride steps away from the pond and into tall green grass, the fur seemed as if was thickening. Ken could see best as the fur on his friend was indeed sprouting everywhere on his human frame of body. Ken watched as Dave acted like being disorientated, mesmerized as he continued to change more while both friends stood and gawked.

“It did it to me, the water chilly, it is a wishing pond! The water was so bitter cold, and while in it swimming I wished…, I had the fur of a donkey and was as much like one to help keep me warm. You know, just like what you…, we play acted last week, I thought of that. So when swimming I was reminded about it, and look what happened. Oh will you look at what happened to me, me, oh holy shit,” Dave said as he with clenched teeth stood there and bemoaned his changed self.

He had a right to be upset, as for obviously something more than rational reasoning caused it to happen. Seeing was believing, Dave had changed just as he said, gaining the thick fur of a donkey all over his body. Upset at his predicament, Dave began parading around, stomping his changing feet. As he marched around about through the very green grass, his legs showed change, as feet they growing too, becoming much longer. The high stepping manner to which Dave began to stride made notice of his heels became as strong hocks, and his toes, they darkening, looked as if caked in mud, finally noted how they were as hoofs.

Dave was becoming as a donkey, he looked quite the site, especially to Ken as from what he saw, his friend would be a completely transformed donkey in an hour or less, and he made mention as of it too, “Damn you Dave, you lucky cocksucker!”

Dave ignored his friend complimenting his changed form, he began walking in circles, babbling on about what it felt like his becoming as is a donkey. Seeming as if elated by what he saw as felt, Dave ignoring the reasons that caused it to happen, he suddenly ceased talking. Dave stopped parading around and just stood there like he were stunned. A moment of calm burst into a rash of twisting and stretching, Dave contorting his complete bodily self. His body was growing, as if by drying in the sun the water soaked fur help change him more. He shivering, looked to Ken with a helpless sort of expression said, “What, what… can I do?”

Watching, Ken saw how the belly on Dave began to barrel out into becoming the gut of a donkey. His arms shivering so fast were changing too, and became as fore legs, clenched fists changed like melding into a pair of sold hoofs. He leaned over forward, hunching his legs and stance. He began to cry, weeping as if in horror, sniffling a runny nose, the weeping became soon a ragged sort of bray. Dave jerked his body, he making groaning sounds, gaining in harshness as the further changes raked over him everywhere.

Braying and with an occasional pitiful moan, Dave was almost fully the form of a donkey, except for his face, it remain human unto the last. His shivering slowed as his body finished its transformation, he had fallen forward to stand on four legs. He again began to walk in circles, acting then as if this were perfectly a natural manner for him to do. At that point, in his complete reorganization of body to a new species, he stretched his body out long and proceeded to let go a nervous but full bladder. Shooting like a rocket, a stream of stinking yellow spurted out from the end to his then, softly hung and larger then human, donkey dong.

Seeing Dave changed, a sense of jealous feelings began to form in Ken, he an equine loving fantasy freak too! He loved to write stories and do play-acting about if becoming as a horse, a stallion, and wishing he could be a real stud. Looking then at Dave, Dave had become such a real stud, he finished his bodily urge, and turning his donkey head, with human face, he stood as one stunned, breathing, blinking his eyes, and saying nothing.

As from where Ken stood, the speaking of anything was not necessary, as Dave obviously felt it, but Ken stood gawking at it all. The donkey dong relaxing more, it tumbling out of the sheath in a full blown erection. As it extended, expanding, an inflating action, the very male organ hung huge, if but limp at first. It slowly became more rigid, aroused to show its full length, girth, contours. His seeing this, made Ken quite jealous of his fortunate friend. So filled with envy, Ken had serious thoughts of him leaping into the pond and wait for what if it would do to him.

"Hello Boys, I see that one of you has gone for a life changing swim in the pond. I trust the feelings are to your liking. A wish made while in the pond, is a wish come true, for him his want to become bestial and a donkey shall will for him to make his change as something very permanent,” said a voice. A voice that of a woman, she Ken turned and saw was standing there on the top step to the marble gazebo.

“Are you glad you came to visit," she asked, as if pointing a question toward Dave.

Dave stood there still stunned by the new sensuality he felt. His sporting a true to form donkey maleness by then, it at a fully aroused state, the trumpet flared end to his might erection meeting for him his beloved bestial desires.

Ken stood for a moment, and then felt the urge to walk toward this rather scantly dressed woman.

She stood leaning there by one of the tall white columns, then turned and walked up the steps, and took a stance standing beside the pedestal holding a large crystal.

Ken had followed her, he came to stand upon the top step of the all-marble gazebo. When he turned and gave a look back at Dave, all sense of worry and dread for what became of his friend ceased. Dave stood there after relieving his bladder, was by then wholly changed, his face too having conformed, making of Dave into being as a donkey.

Much head wagging suggested to Ken that his friend was having trouble thinking clearly, the brash instincts of being a donkey were taking hold of his mind.

A muffled bray as if a sighing Dave lowered his head, lip nibbling with his muzzle he began learning the motions of grazing.

Turning again to face that woman, Ken said sternly, “What about Dave?”

She smiled, saying then, “Dave the donkey, it has a nice rhyme to it, but he to look at him is to see how content is he. In time what was human of thoughts will demean to being donkey, happy and horny, he living then as a Jack, a farm stud shall be content.”

Ken was concerned for Dave, his friend was married, his wife would not like being married to a donkey! She as fiddly and horny as was her husband Dave, not she would mind his endowment thrust into her. Becoming a donkey did for Dave what had liked as wished and became so endowed, it likely they both would appreciate his lovable self a good bit more. Ceasing with his own fantasies and wishes, he said to her, “Really, you think if he were given the chance to choose would his first choice, be to wish he could become as is a donkey?”

She shrugged and sighed, “He seems quite at ease being that animal. Just maybe he is more satisfied by being a donkey than what he was as a human? Consider the fact that he like did you, the thought of having a larger and long maleness. Such was some of his last human rational thought, that to him being worth the loss of having a wife and his human future.”

Ken stood there watching Dave, seeing how he was by then, busily grazing as if he were born to being a donkey. “I had not noticed, will his change include the loss of his mentally, forgetting all, and become then as is an ignorant animal, just another dumb-ass donkey,” Ken asked, his voice trembling, sounding as one feeling sad?

“Look at your friend Dave, his tail, how he munches, is he not a complete ease with what he became? See, he shook his neck and mane, ears flopping too, he enjoys his tail, its action swishing across the puckered black folds of his sun-warmed anus. He gains more thrill for living as does any a donkey, from grazing and his new sensualities, there is a joy felt, found being a donkey to him it is something rather invigorating.” Said the woman, as she walked closer to stand beside of Ken, as she replied to his question of concern, "Most never lose all that they knew and or learned when being first as a person. Memories are memories whether they of a human or an afterlife of being a donkey, they live on as would an animal. Go to Dave, question him he will respond, certainly not verbally, those lips and tongue cannot fathom how to speak a language. He is not ignorant, never will be, but from you being friends if his gain of being a donkey infuriates you so, would care to join him it can be easily arranged!”

Down deep Ken did want it, or to be more correct, his greatest fantasy would be to be as some sleek horse rather than as a donkey. Ken turned and looked at the woman. She knew what he was thinking and trying to coax him as keep him confident she wanted for him what was best, she smiled, and asked him to come and stand then in front of her.

He did as asked and she walking again to stand beside the large crystal.

Her touch upon the peak of the crystal sent gathered rays of that warm summer sun to engulf her with highlighting a silhouette of brilliant glowing haze. The luster did more for Ken, giving him an excellent view of her and that perfectly sensual, an alluring form.

Dire sense of arousal she was to Ken, his first other was watching Dave become a donkey, the two of them swooning at the size endowed to the stud, thoughts of it invigorating enough. The sight of this woman openly displaying her slender form, revived in Ken more fantasy thoughts.

“You led your friend to coming here, and he as I thank you for doing it. Best for you to be as a leader, I can see how boldly stand there upright, aroused as thrilled at the sight of looking at my nearly naked form, I like that," said the woman!

"What is your name, if I may ask," said Ken summing up what he could of some of his bravado to act bold.

She said then, "Name, names here are not important! You and your shy friend there, you two are important. I get so few who dare walk the Arcadia Trail. Most of them meet our one male satyr and be they male or female, their lusty ideals help him make of them what the crystal made of him. Once satiric, the wild bestial passion eats their souls, changing their species, they become as mountain goats to wander, graze, and mate.

Fewer still find the path which led the two of you to this enchanting glade," she began to explain, offered then time for Ken to ask, "This monument, it is not shown on any map," said Ken he fumbling for to find a pocket what held there a Park map, planning to show it to her.

"I would suppose the reason for it not being on the map is most of those who find this place never leave it standing still upright! Oh maybe a rarer few, I do remember some who left here but I know for a fact they would as could never tell anybody of it," she said as a smile and a soft chuckle rolled out past her lips. “Ah Kyle, such a nice, well mannered young hiker! He did just as Dave, entering this our glade he leaped into the pond and floated, relaxed, and let his ambition fade away. He was no mountain man, but frail of form, his delight was to be a muscular masculine male. I met with him and saw the want in his thoughts and by what he tried to imply.

The crystal bestowed to him his wish, maybe not at the outset, as in his daydreaming he compared gaining of strength similar to that of a herd-sire bull. He became then a Minotaur form, and was a guide as well an allurement to bring people here. In time he longed again for his friends and relatives, his leaving here, the power of the crystal could not cease his bovine form from beginning its progression of change. He was off the mountain and in the valley before he fully realized his difference. What was a glorious Minotaur a form here in the glade, became in the valley as a large if common horned bull. Being as is a bull he felt the drawn tendencies from his body, the meeting with cows caused the last of his endeavoring to change, he is still a fanciful big bull and a herd sire.”

"Oh great, then we are doomed to live forever here," grumbled Ken as he backed up to bump into one of the Mable columns.

"Doomed, I should say not, no, no do not dread this place! Granted, it is different, quite peaceful and so being the glade is the only place for one when changed, you will feel at home," she said as if beckoning of Ken to accept what would come and live there in peace and full harmony as part of nature.

"Well,” Ken began to say as from the grassy scene below stood Dave, he then trotting around the open green grassy pasture, kicking up his hock heels as if thrilled by what he felt for being a donkey.

“Well, if you are offering for me to become as another like is Dave, I would ask for something more sleek and a sassy a form,” suggested Ken. He thought if not given any hope of leaving there, this woman holding great powers and control, then he would rather be and live his wonderful fantasy for real.

“So, what does a beautiful naked lady do for fun around her enchanted glade," asked Ken trying to sound bold but getting a little scared too.

"Fun is judged by the Crystal," said the woman as she stood the other side of the pedestal, it supporting a large crystal, size wise equal to a football, it stood as suspended there twinkling in the sunlight.

"Crystal, please choose as do for this man your usual warm welcome given to our newest of guests," she said as if able to talk with and it understanding of what she would ask. Suddenly the crystal put out a bright and wide ray of yellow, green, and red rays of light. As Ken stood to the shaded side, the multi colors of rays flowed around him. Ken could not move as he felt as if held by the rays keeping him from running, on the chance he would think it possible to escape an animalistic fate. Expecting something more like what happened to Dave, Ken stood stranded there and ready as of equine hope for taking on what came. He stood in a shocked stance his fingers spread out wide, his legs too stood in a sturdy stance. His eyes burned from the brightness and he let out a short groan of discomfort. He fell to sitting on the flat marble base as he watched the rays cut away his clothing, seeing hiking boots crinkle and sift away as dust. His knapsack too the rays cut the straps as it fell off his back and the contents falling out, all on the gazebo floor, some rolling off and down to the grassy ground below.

In just moments the rays had cut away or crystallized all of what Ken wore, leaving him openly naked before this strange woman. “So what now,” Ken asked? He feeling that she needed not to humiliate him or by making him naked until she changed him into whatever she had a want for Ken to become. The woman said nothing but moved her hand to block the red and yellow rays from striking at Ken, leaving the green rays to begin working about his head. Feeling singed by the warmth to his facial skin, Ken tried to turn his head, as to face away from the green rays. Unable to turn away, the rays sensed his thought to turn and increased the intensity, spreading from encompassing his head to bathing his entire form with then darker green colored light.

Ken took a deep breath and then with the most horrid of screams let loose one that echoed the glade. His scream got a response from donkey Dave; he brayed twice and went back to grazing.

The woman stood back and folded her arms over large breasts. She leaned against a pedestal with her elbow and watched with a expressionless face. Ken could only move his eyes and breathe, he looking toward the woman, the crystal, and then down to see his belly, waist, and legs. He wanted to ask something, he watched in silence seeing how his thighs sprouted thick curly hairs. The thighs narrow were broader of new muscle, making his groin ever so deep. As he sat there, his feet jutted out long, longer, a reaction to the growth of his feet, legs, and thighs jerked into a hunched pose. As then from the waistline and down he saw his lower half covered in curly brown locks of wool.

Ken moaned his at fate, as toes melted into dark cloven hooves. Feeling the ability to move his hands and arms to reach; wanting to touch, Ken using his right hand raised it slowly to touch about his forehead. He felt about his head gingerly, the feeling there he discovered sprouted and growing horns. Feeling the sharp points Ken moaned again, the sound echoed there about the gazebo.

Able to move then, Ken scooted his furry legs up into seated Indian style, legs criss-crossed.

Ken moaned with the waves of changes as they began asserting weird feelings to his chest, as two round and shapely tapered breasts grew out of his chest. A casual look down saw his maleness as cut away from his groin, it lying black and wilted, dead meat. His maleness gone and only a flattened mount of fluffy fur surrounding what he saw as felt being a female slit. Ken began to twist and move as the green rays again blended with red and yellow colors, each doing differently to him, gradually changing him from male to female and as well to becoming, more like to an animal. "I..., I..., ah...," Ken began to say but stopped as the woman spoke first.

"The Crystal is wise; I knew of a need for more female fauns here in the glade! We have two male satyrs now, one quite old and the other quite still feeling embarrassed, so he hides away. You dear friend, are no longer worthy a manly name so for you I deem your name as changed too, become known now as Renee. Be delighted, you are an excellently healthy female faun as known in the wondrous old myths. Your duty is to greet those coming into the glade, lead them here and let the wishing pool or this crystal make of them as what may be lacking within the glade." explained the woman as Ken stands up, still gawking and stunned to be both changed part animal and female.

Ken strides to stand then to one side as the woman looks at Dave, he raised his head up, mouth full of grass as he chewed. He glances a casual look back toward his friend Ken standing there changed and atop the monument and bathed still in multi colored rays coming from the crystal. "See here,” the woman pointed toward three statues.
"What," replied a still surprised Renee, she speaking with her now sweet and soft sensual voice!

"These three seemed to accept their mutual satyr forms, but when my back was turned they tried of molest me. The Crystal is both a maker and guard of this wonderful glade. It protects with its rays and froze them in time and making of them bronze statues as a reminder to all that we, the Crystal and I rule here,” so stated the woman, she pointed to the three who lost their bodies and then their lives in the want to be free from this the glade.

“Oh, I know your next question, are they dead? No, they are quite alive, very alert, and wishing day by day that they had never tried to do hurt or escape this glade. Now and for some time to come, they are as what suits the Crystal well, all three being a fine work of its ability to make art. I suppose in time when yet another might be made a statue then these three will be granted new and maybe a good bit more animal shapes, they will serve the Crystal then too,” explained the woman as she offered a comforting hug to Renee about her fuzzy shoulders.

"But I am a female," stammered Ken/Renee, as the strange newness of her new gender blended with her change to being partially like a goat.

The woman smiled and said, "Yes, just what is needed here an alluring creature fully functional in part sensual goat and part sensual lusting, if partly human a female. Expect too that your passion shall rule your thoughts reinforcing what is the task set forth; even in your memories the being as a male human remain to help in guiding your movements. Best for you to begin by learning to appreciate being female and goat-like by laying in the tall grass and allure then our youngest satyr to show as deal with his lusts and passion. He is something to behold when feeling his thrusts into the new you; the female that is you shall learn to enjoy the quivering feeling from abundant orgasms!"

Slowly and with some apprehension Renee goes off to find a place and first sits down. She combs her long head on hair with then nimble fingers, gradually familiarized to this drastic change of form. The breeze tickles her, it brushes her where she has goat wool, or has naked skin, she shivers and finds that from touch, her entire self reacts inspiring surging orgasms so abundant her desire for want of more becomes as sexually ravenous.

A wealth of sensations surge easily to bring on her first orgasm. She slowly lays back into the foot high dark green grass. Then as from what she is and feels coming from where she has her vagina, the stimulation by her slit, what was a man, then swoons. She is enveloped in self-sustaining, continuous state of orgasms. The woman comes to Renee, kneeling by her she with her index finger intrudes it into the sensual sanctity of a new and quivering vagina. Giving Renee a fingered stir to excite, as then to remove the finger and walk on to check on a happy Dave.

Renee moaning from her first female sensations, it is the friend Dave then a donkey stud that comes to sniff of and give a tongue lapping of his changed friend, he helping Renee into another exciting, body wrenching orgasm. Renee knows of who and what the donkey was, she petting his face as his tongue enjoys more of her then flowing juices; she sees from lying there what a donkey stud has to offer a female.

Lust and passions run wild as orgasmic pleasures come in successive waves, she seeing something she wants, begins to coax Dave to bring his donkey erection closer for her to enjoy. A whisk of cool mountain breeze comes to tickle every new curl of goat wool sprouting out her tanned skin. Renee has begun appreciating her new female self; she lifted her head up for her mouth to meet the low hung, fully engorged donkey penis. Wide eyed she finds the cock thing to large to have it pushed in where she would like, she plans then to suck it.

Off to her left by a stand of trees hunches down a woolly figure watching, he a young satyr then, feels his new lusty desires. He moves through the grass with sleek agility coming from walking on goat legs and with cloven hooves to aid with toehold. He comes to be near Renee, she who he can smell, knowing she is in a heightened state of sexual arousal. His fuzzy hand grips the donkey cock, helping to steady it, as by then Renee has several inches of it inside her caressing mouth. A forced smile showing her white teeth and strings of saliva trailing out the corners of her full mouth, what she eyes is more than appealing to her than the taste coming from Dave.

This was that young male satyr the woman spoke about, he waits until Dave loses his interest in Renee, as he had hopes of inserting his mighty shaft where it could sink to the fullest depths, encompassing his cock with hot sensuality.

"Hello," said Renee in as much a sensual tone of voice as she could try to muster.

"Feeling warm," asks the young satyr in reply.

"Please, I was told you would come and pleasure me," said Renee still surprised in her male human mind she was beckoning a satyr creature over to molest her with having sex.

"I have not had any experience at giving pleasure, the old satyr said it makes the change continue until in due time it makes of us as a mountain goats, then to be like all the others," grumbles back the young satyr, He stands there fidgeting with his own sheath and the brightly red colored shaft protruding from it, was arched away from his abdomen.

"What happened," asks Renee, as she sits up and reaching her arms and fuzzy hands to take hold of the young satyr about his shoulders. Insistently pulling on him, wishing to coax her equal lie down and mate. She wanting him to do to her what she knows she wants and he will have want of it once he tries enjoying his sexual sensual animalistic self. They hug as Renee peers over and down his backside; sees there the excited wiggling tail of a goat. Holding him with one hand and arm surrounding his shoulder, she takes her other hand and surrounds his shaft, stroking it into something steel hard with excitement.

The young satyr turns his head slowly and lustful eyes gaze at the aroused Renee. He has a mood swing, smelling her scent it drives him to act the part of a true satyr. His long tongue peaks out past dark lips. In a split second, his head drops and a long tongue begins to dance about her aroused nipples, her breasts as perky and tapered, the sensation continue exciting of Renee as Dave the donkey watches.

Slow movement to the satyr then kneeling, his tongue tracing a trail from beautiful breasts, down to her navel, he soon began a deep penetration of a goat tongue into her vagina. The smell of her excitement, the flavor he realized, he forgot his apprehensions, the long goat tongue passed easily the soft sexual lips to make Renee jump. As a tongue tingles and dances about inside of Renee, they both are drawn into want for more wild and bestial wanting of sensations felt from coupling.

Minutes go by as the young satyr wriggles his face pressed into the crotch of Renee. They each feel as a tongue does its merry dancing, it reached deep and inside her womb. Renee feels the want to moan and with her fuzzy hands, as she pressed the face of her lover tighter and deeper for want more as greater an intense sensation. Vague memories of what happened next ended up later with Renee waking, she laid over a old tree stump, looking up to see her young satyr still at work harshly humping his long red shaft deep inside her wondrously sexual body.

"I know this is wrong for both of us, but you allured me so I must. I must, I must," groaned the young satyr to Renee. He then exploding another hot load inside of Renee, as she looking at him can note the youth getting ever more growth of facial and chest goat wool.

His backbone, down to tail and over buttocks has black colored wool thickening, as too on his youthful face he seems to be dwelling into an more evil and seductive expression. Renee too sees her arms now growing a fine covering of curls in wool. Her vaginal muscles become able to tighten and sung around this or any invading male organ as it extends to fill her smooth and shapely femininity.

She feels more in tune with delighting of as for him to stay within her, as she knows the pleasuring shall make her change too.

"Oh my…,” exclaims Renee, as the young satyr then has changed greatly, he gaining the appearance of an older and mature goat satyr. He feels it too, realizing his youthful self as having gained in muscular mass and even in his maleness, it flaying about as he stands up, pulling free from the sensual connection with Renee.

Renee looks up and there before her stands now a satyr with much greater a virile form, suggesting of his able self, he willing and of wanting to rut with any a female.

"I was John, am but a nameless satyr and of you I wish to rut and thrust well, R-e-n-e-e," he said to Renee as she begins to position herself for yet having more frolicking fun. Hours passed by and Renee wakes with face down in the grass her female sex stretched to the breaking point, as she feels sick to her stomach. The massive satyr John had wandered off leaving his raped victim to find her own comforts.

"Psst," she heard the sound.

"You had your fun for today,” asked the woman as she knelt by Renee.

Renee cannot speak, after having her body racked with pains from John doing to her his wickedest of sexual molestation, almost to the point of her wishing death.

"I know or can reflect back on my experiences, so if you can stand, I shall take you to meet the crystal. It bathing you in its magical light grants you your fondest wish," says the woman.

Renee got up slowly and on goat legs walks off with the woman for to see the crystal and learn her fate. Up the marble steps strode Renee as she climbs then with each step leaves globs and drips of goat satyr semen on every step.

"Oh, sorry but I am so damn full of semen from John'," groaned Renee.

Finally, the two topped the monument and a little unsteady Renee stood on cloven hooves before the Crystal.

"Expectation good showing of alluring both animal and young male to come and indulge, you have pleased me well, my Renee,” said a voice originating from within the crystal.

Renee stood there stunned but feeling overindulged and used, she did not care what might happen next.
Laughing, the voice then said, "Your partner John has shown too his greater interest in the art of sensual interaction, as the two of you could be of great help here in the grotto, it is best that you become as writers of stories to allure and bring more into our order. Prepared now with knowledge of feelings dealing with transformation, animalism, and for you Renee the transitioning of gender should give fuller orientation proper for posting short sensual stories on the Internet.”

“What,” Renee perked her pretty head up, eyes wide with surprise!

"I see by your sudden reaction you have hopeful interests in doing for us as we here have a continuous need of new and young flesh.” The voice admitting, if but to the surprise of Renee who by then had lost everything she knew and or owned, felt attached to and planned for her being a him and a male future.

Suddenly a bright white light flowed from the sparkling crystal. The rays of light bathed Renee from head to foot ah hoof. It was like a draining feeling as the light made her feel clean and more human. Then the rays stopped suddenly. Renee looked around finding herself a total female human.

"I am still female," she asked.

"Your gender suits best the plans for you and your future. Having achieved your fullest endeavor of orientation here, to become a writer your preparation gives insight, and ability to tell of what others might well expect if they come here into our grotto. Having given up being male, now as a female, the satyr in you still will erupt monthly. As by the new moon phase each month you must have a passionate copulation with a man, lest the goat in you will most assuredly take fuller control, and…becoming more goat like, well you get the idea,” said the voice, as it laughed softly about what all it had done to Ken.

“We are seeking to enlighten the public as a whole on the benefits to transformation, whether a change of gender or species, imagine the benefits to the controlling of population, of what would be human born instead as diverted into cattle, hunger and world famine would disappear.

You and others like you once out in the fields of marketing and procurement can begin the mass reorganization. Helping with the selecting of those whom society would gain a benefit and those better suited to become as animals for as well varied duration of existence and or shorter usage they introduced into feedlot and later for processing.
Ultimately the world shall be better organized. I command you to take up your torch, to allure others, whether male or female!

I grant to you your freedom, but only for the reason of bringing before me those people willing to accept and enjoy their forms changed. What for them is as the predicaments they invoke because of meeting you, you have but one means as how to remain human, your want for having sex.

A must, as once during any week you must copulate with a male goat, you ceasing this habitual needing will begin again your slower changing to become a Satyress and then a nanny goat. You would discover that being a nanny goat in form and lifestyle is greatly degrading. Once the changing to be a nanny has begun it shall not cease until what was a trusted help to me is made into a animal, body and of mind!" ordered the Crystal.

So that end come this my story and I wish you had not asked about why I like the want of a man to fondle and or mate. However, if your really are wanting the delights of a bestial animal existence, then come with me up the Arcadia Trail.


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