Bad Girl

Published: Nov 11th, 2015


Two high school students undergo a strange transformation brought on by an artifact found in a dumpster. Women to dog and male dog.


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"C'mon Kate, let's go," Ashley whined. She was dancing back and forth like she had to go to the bathroom, and she was constantly glancing to the left or right, wary that at any moment they could be apprehended by an authority figure. So she said once more to the dumpster, "Let's go, Kate!"


A thin face framed by straight brown hair and punctuated by an upturned nose poked out of the green metal walls of the garbage bin. Kate rolled her eyes at her friend's cowardice. She liked Ashley, but she could be a little bitch sometimes. The slight girl returned to her garbage picking.


Ashley winced as a carelessly tossed DVD case narrowly missed her shoulder. Kate was really, really cool. She was the bad girl at school. Always getting in trouble. Ashley herself was a straight-A student, and most of her friends were the same way. So she didn't mind taking a little bit of shit from Kate if it meant she got to hand out with her.


Ashley looked around again when Kate's groan echoed in the dumpster. She was a little taller than Kate, and more well-built; everybody looked fat compared to Kate, of course, but it still made her feel self-conscious. She had mousy features and thick, curly auburn hair. Thick black rims covered most of the top half of her face. Her grey eyes darted from side to side.


"Hey, come over here!" Kate shouted. Ashley darted over to the side of the dumpster. Kate's head and shoulders were visible over the green rim. Her eyes flashed with excitement. "Look what I found!"


The brown-haired girl brought one arm out of the dumpster. Clutched in her hand was a black collar with sharp metal studs all along the edge. Ashley thought it looked dumb. Why would you want to wear something like that?


"Looks cool," Ashley said.


"I know, right?" Kate unfastened the clasp, drew her hair back, and tightened it around her neck. She retrieved a   large shard of glass from the trash and admired her new look. "Oh yeah, I'm a bad girl."


"You think they'll let you wear it to school?"


"Who cares?" As Kate dropped the glass back into the dumpster, Ashley whirled at the sound of a motor. But the back of the store was totally deserted. It must have been coming from somewhere else. The mousy girl gave a sigh of relief, but then just as soon sucked it back in as she felt hands clutching at her neck.


"Jeez! Relax!" Kate admonished. "You little scaredy-cat." Ashley brought her hands up to feel cold studs all around her neck. "Turn around."


Ashley turned back to the dumpster to face a dirty reflection of herself in the wicked-looking shard of glass. The choker looked fairly ridiculous on her, but Kate gave a nod of approval. "That's more like it! You're looking hardcore, girl!" 


Ashley knew she was smiling too wide for a simple compliment, but the kind words from Kate really meant something to her. But all too soon, Kate's eyes turned upward and her expression abruptly changed to one of alarm. "Oh shit!"


"What are you kids doing?!" called out an angry voice. Ashley's legs almost failed her when she turned to see the mall security car pulling up to the left of the building. A uniformed man was getting out of the vehicle.


Kate ran past Ashley in a blur; the girl was too scared to move. They're going to arrest me, she thought. They're going to arrest me and take me to jail and I'll have to finish algebra in jail and what if


"Woods, dumbass!" Kate called out from in front of her. She jumped the curb and slid down the embankment into a scruffy smattering of trees. Ashley automatically followed her, running right past the man's outstretched hand. She tripped and tumbled headlong down the hill, but got up and kept going. She ran past tree after tree, branches whacking her in the face, before she heard a distant voice from behind her: "He's not chasing us, you know."


Kate's words brought Ashley around. She ground to a halt, panting, her hands on her knees. Burrs clung to her tights, and she had a few scratches on her arms. Her friend came up to her and gave her a big slap on the back. "There we go, girl! Your first encounter with the law!" The petite girl's jacket had insulated her from any scrapes, but she had a few shallow scratches across her pale cheeks.


"I want to go home," Ashley whined, looked at Kate with puppy-dog eyes.


Kate's smile turned to an expression of hurt. "What's wrong? I thought you were getting into this! Now you want to just go and call it quits? We got other places to go!"


Ashley stood her ground and shook her head, setting her curls to bouncing. "No. I'm done with this! We almost got arrested!"


"Arrested?" Kate rolled her eyes. "You don't know how mall security works--"


"This isn't me!" Ashley shrunk back. She'd never yelled at Kate before, and her voice dropped to a timid quaver. "We've got a test to study for--"


"A test?" Ashley's face was flushed with anger. "You're worried about a test? I thought you were cool, not some little bitch! You're hanging out with me, you're going dumpster diving, you've got a badass collar--" Kate stopped herself. "You know what, give it to me." Kate reached out a hand for her friend's neck. "If you're not going to be cool--"


Ashley snarled at her.


Kate pulled her hand back. "Whoa! What the hell?"


Ashley looked as surprised as her friend. "I--sorry." But she was more preoccupied by a ripping sound and a shooting pain in her rear. She reached her hands behind her to grab whatever frond it was that had stabbed her  in the posterior. But as she tried to tear it away, the pain only surged. Ashley tried to turn and see what it was, but she couldn't find anything.


Kate was staring, eyes wide, mouth hanging open. "Um, Ashley?" she said in an uncharacteristically high and soft voice. "You've got....a tail."


Breathless, Ashley got a hold on the thing, ran her hand along the furry base of it and followed it back to....her back, where it was absolutely and undoubtedly sprouting from. Chills dripped through Ashley's entire body. She daren't, she musn't, she had to....


Ashley ran her hand the other way down the long, impossibly long, impossible tail, down to the tip. She took a handful of the fur and brought it around as far as it would go. As her eyes made contact with the brown-furred appendage she almost fell over. The tail slipped from her grasp and returned to its neutral position, hanging downwards, moving almost imperceptibly.


"You've got a tail," Kate repeated. "You've got a tail. A tail." Gone was the confident anti-authoritarian Kate that Ashley had known for so long. The Ashley she needed. In her place was a cowering girl who looked every inch her small stature, hyperventilating.


Kate sank to her knees, all too aware of the feeling of her....tail....folding against the dirt. How could this be happening? This must have been because she blew off studying! This was her punishment!


The bushy-haired, betailed girl was dimly aware that Kate had stopped panting and was instead groaning in panicked breaths which were ever increasing in pitch. "Athley!" she screamed. "Athley!" Ashley looked up and her eyes locked on to Kate. A tongue several inches longer than it ought to be was lolling out of her mouth. 


"What the hell ith happening?!" Kate was in full on panic attack mode. "I can't thpeak!"


"It's your tongue...." Ashley managed to moan. "It's all long."


Emboldened by this new information, Ashley stuck her tongue out far enough for her to see it with her eyes, then moved it across her face. It reached up to her nose, swept a good way into both cheeks, and reached her chin down below. "Holy thit. I...." She managed to slurp her tongue back up into her mouth. "....That's actually kind of cool."


Ashley was too preoccupied to dissent by a wave of dark hairs rippling across her arms. In a matter of moments they were covered in silky smooth fur, the same auburn as her hair. She turned her arms over. The fur mercifully seemed to have stopped short of her palms, but her relief turned to alarm when her fingers started to warp and shrink.


"Ith the collar!" Kate exclaimed. She sucked her tongue back up into her mouth, then repeated, "It's the collar! That's what's doing this!" As she nodded her head confidently, her ears lost their position and tumbled down to hang about either side of her face.


Ashley frantically reached for the collar fastened around her neck, ignoring cracking sounds and pain coming from her legs. She tried to get her stubby fingers around the clasp, but, almost as if in response, they shrunk down further until they were basically useless. The girl brought her new hands up to her face. But they weren't hands anymore. They were....paws?


Stumbling to her feet on unfamiliar footing, unconsciously using her tail for balance, she made her way over to Kate, who had just discovered her new ear situation. "Take it off!" she shouted. "Take off my collar!"


"No way!" Kate held up her hands in protest. "I'm not catching whatever you've got!"


Ashley was so taken aback by her friend's betrayal that it took her a moment to recover. "You're already changing! TAKE IT OFF!"


Kate took a step back. "I've got a long tongue and long ears. You're turning into a bigfoot or whatever!" In protest, the brown-haired girl's nose erupted outwards into an unmistakable snout, covered in yellow fur. "AAAH!" she screamed, and fell to her knees. Her own coat was coming in, soft and golden. A dog's fur.


Ashley only had a moment before she felt final movement in her legs and she took, tumbled to the ground. Her arms and paws took most of the impact, but the force shortened her arms considerably. Her vision suddenly blurred as she felt her ears just....fall down, leaving the arms of her glasses no perch to hold on to. At the same time, her nose shot forward, letting her frames dangle off of her new snout. Ashley knew better than to try to adjust the lenses with her hopeless paws.


Everything was happening at once now. A furry tail worked its way out of Kate's waistband, and her legs--or rear legs--reshaped themselves to work on all fours. As Kate's whole body shrunk, the girl was beyond caring when she walked her way out of her jeans and underwear. Only a pink bra continued to hang incongruously from the middle of her back. Though her body was continuing to morph and soon she would no longer be able to see, Kate yelped as she watched six additional nipples poke their way though the fur on her stomach. "I'rv got trts! Lrts trts!"


Ashley's transformation was almost complete. As she rolled around on the ground in pain, she had managed to shed all of her clothes. Of course, her new coat of fur was doing a modest job of preserving her dignity. Her vision blurred even more and when it returned the trees, the sky, Kate, everything was in shades of black and white. She couldn't see well but her senses were bolstered by her nose. She could tell that other things had been here, that it was going to rain soon. She couldn't see Kate, but she knew she was scared.


She turned on her new four legs to get a look at her former friend. The girl was almost entirely a small dog, covered in golden fur. With her eyesight as bad as it was, Ashley got up close behind Kate, just in time to see her nether regions shifting upwards to the base of her tail, which was held high in the air. Ashley was greeted with a whiff Kate's body finished shifting. It was, in every sense of the word, Kate's sex. A chill went through Ashley's doggy body and she shivered, sending a pulse which instantly changed all of her brown fur to the same shade as Kate's yellow.


Kate turned her head around to see Ashley staring at her private parts and barked. Ashley barked in return. Before long the two dogs were growling and snarling at each other, angry and confused.


Ashley was still mad over Kate's refusal to help her, and she made it known. She barked and howled at the other dog, and eventually she was worn down, whimpering, her head pointed at the ground. That's right, Ashley thought. Say you're sorry, you sexy little bitch--


Just as Ashley's thoughts took her by surprise, her body underwent one last change. She couldn't see it, but she could feel her organs shifting and her nose told her that where there had once been two female dogs, there were now one of each. No. This is impossible. I can't be....


As if in confirmation, Kate lifted up her tail, revealing a pulsing vulva that was infinitely more interesting to Ashley than it had been a moment ago. The irresistible scent coming from between Kate's legs and the pitiful whines and whimpers the former girl was making were causing a transformation in Ashley. Not like the one which had trapped her in the body of a dog. A more biological transformation. Ashley wanted Kate, not like she had ever wanted a boy, or a girl for that matter, ever before. And all of her senses told her that Kate wanted it, too. And so before she knew what was happening, Ashley's rammed herself on top of the whimpering Kate, forelegs on her back, head on top of hers, and her new length plunged deep into Kate's waiting snatch.


Unfamiliar with this new tool, Ashley let her animal brain do the maneuvering, and her hips bucked away at Ashley's little rear with automatic frenzy. The two dogs howled in unison, and all too soon they came together, both overcome by alien sensations. For Ashley, who had changed the most, it was all too much; she fainted from the pleasure brought about by their tryst, and fell to her side. Her knot, still inside of the other dog, dragged Kate along with her with a confused yelp. With no way to get away from her friend, Kate, too, accepted her fate and fell into a slumber.




Eyes still closed, Ashley hummed in satisfaction. She was curled up around something warm and smooth. It rose and fell with the gentle rhythm of sleep. Her face was buried in thick hair that smelled of sex. Her hand idly brushed against her partner's nipple, causing her to take in a short breath.




Ashley opened her eyes. Through her own thick auburn curls she could see the back of Kate's head. The back of Kate's human head. She was totally naked, and Ashley realized that she must be, too, but she was too overjoyed to care. I'm human again! We're human again!


Ashley looked down to see that she was spooning with Kate. Her first instinct was to pull away, but the memories of what she had done to Kate--with Kate--came flooding back. Ashley looked human, but she hadn't just turned into a dog, she had turned into a male dog. Was she still....


Ashley braced herself, closed her eyes, then rolled off of Kate onto the grassy forest floor. She felt no withdrawal, heard no sound. She opened her eyes and was elated at the sight of a woman's cleft between her legs. She was so excited at the return of her womanhood that she didn't even care that her pubic hair was still golden and downy.


"Wake up!" Ashley gave Kate a shove. The other girl rolled over, and Ashley noticed with interest that the girl's own pubes were also dusted gold. Something of a parting gift, she supposed.


"Wha?" Kate sat up, blinking, looking around. "Ashley, you're nude!" She looked down at herself. "I'm nude!" She made a decent effort to cover herself with her hands. "What are we doing here? Oh. Wait. Oh no--"




"We didn't--"


"We did." Ashley gathered up her friend's clothes and tossed them at her. "Come on, it's late. We've got a test to study for." Ashley slipped her skirt up her legs, followed by her panties.


Kate continued to stare blankly up at Ashley. "That's impossible. We couldn't have....done it. People don't just turn into dogs."


Ashley looked at Kate as she pulled her shirt on. "Are you gonna get dressed, bitch?" she asked. "Or are you walking back naked?"


Kate blushed and started putting on her clothes. Ashley conspicuously chose not to turn away. Once the brown-haired girl had put everything on, she looked back to Ashley for approval before heading back towards the mall. Ashley set off behind her, but not before giving Kate's butt a squeeze through her jeans.


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