It's a Dog's Mission

Published: Nov 14th, 2015
Last Edit: Nov 20th, 2015


This involves a little science fantasy where a girl is transformed into a bitch to assist a government agency gain access to a secret cult hell bent on terrorism.


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NOTE: Special thanks to ElliAus for letting post this story :D

Elizabeth looked across the large expanse of office at the two men talking in the open doorway to Bill Costello’s office. Bill was a taciturn man of almost seventy. He ran the research company with military precision and shared only what was necessary with his staff. His meetings, with staff or clients, were invariably short and to the point lasting two or three minutes at best. Because of that fact Elizabeth was curious, this meeting with the mysterious immaculately dressed Mr. Barry West had gone on for more than an hour. What was going on she couldn’t help wonder in light of several other less than routine events in the last few days. Elizabeth was growing agitated as she once again had to placate the growing number clients waiting to see him.

Can it be done Bill and how quickly, That’s all I want to know?

Yes, I’m sure it can be. Its a challenge of course, new ground for us you understand. We’ve done all the experimental work on various animals and the results have been flawless. We have held back on the final stage with humans. One mistake there and there will be hell to play, that’s going to be a big step, ethics and all that. Not to mention the liability.

Look forget all those concerns, well cover your ass on this if you think it can happen. The old man rubbed his chin thoughtfully. He was more than tempted. Long years of private and highly secret research had got him to this point. The fact of the matter was he only stayed on at the company to see his dream come to fruition. The tight circle of those that new about the research were divided on a need for such work and most agreed it had gone beyond an obsession with the old man. Bill knew what they thought and for the most part agreed with them. It was an obsession but it was an obsession that had driven him for so long it was now a big part of his reason to live.

It has to be done this way then? Bill asked still fingering his day old stubble.

We have one shot at this, if it fails then there are no second chances well there would be none if we try conventional methods. Going in mob handed will tip them off to the fact we know what they are up to. Not to mention the loss of life that would result. That’s not the worst of it. There much more likely to react and as I said before the loss of life would be catastrophic if and when they do. I know to most people this is a totally crazy idea and it would be total science fantasy for those that are not cognizant with your work. By the way, I should explain we have known about it for some time.Bill had already realized that what he thought was secret was not secret at all.

When this Idea was floated it seemed to be a perfect solution to a very sticky problem. It May even give us an opportunity for a second shot if it doesn’t work. No one would associate the initial stages with us or anyone else for that matter. It would be just a stray bitch in heat tormenting the guard dogs nothing more and that can’t be helped can it. It will Just be good old nature and the circle of life in full flight.

I’ll need a girl of course, not a big girl, petite, yes petite there are some things that change but mass stays constant. As the two men went to the door they shook hands.

You will do it?

Yes, but I will need the right person. Barry had been holding his hat and he now returned it to his head as he looked about the office.

Don’t think you will have to look far Bill, The blond on reception over there definitely fills the petite bill. His head only inclined slightly but Elizabeth saw it.

Bill ushered Barry out into the foyer and Elizabeth watched intently as both men gave her studied looks as they passed.

Worth considering, the young receptionist heard Barry say as they passed, Bill said nothing but pursed his lips in the way that he always did when he was considering something. On the way back to his office Bill paused at reception, looked at the five waiting men for a moment then continued without saying a word.

The rest of the day continued as normal but tense for Elizabeth. Ten minutes before five o’clock the reception intercom buzzed and Bill, in an usually conciliatory tone requested Elizabeth to come to his office.

Sit down Bill gestured to the plush chair to the right of his desk. That concession in itself was unusual. Elizabeth sat straightening her skirt as she did. Most, if not all the visitors to the office sat in the chair directly in front of Bills leather padded chair on the opposite side of the desk.

Elizabth must have indicated some uncertainty as Bill turned his chair and lent forward to face her. Are you happy at reception Elizabeth? Uncertain as to the motive behind the question the girl hesitated.

Yes Mr Costello, Elizabeth tried her best to force a reassuring smile, then without further thought she retaliated with a question of her own. Why do you ask? Bill drew his lips together tightly.

Before I answer your question can I continue? Elizabeth nodded. Good, good, the man cleared his throat and wiped his mouth with a handkerchief. I have had a request from the government to advance research that I am undertaking at the moment, with the greatest urgency. This research is a radical project that is well advanced already. At this stage all that is left to be done is the last step in the trial stage before the work can be considered successful. Now with this official government request the research requires a dedicated person to make a commitment that may be a great sacrifice, No it is a great sacrifice. He paused and studied Elizabeth intently before continuing, cleared his throat nervously. Unfortunately it requires the person, you, to make a commitment to undertake this task without prior knowledge of what it will involve and that is a very great ask of anyone. A leap of faith and trust one might say. Do you understand?

Well yes and know I suppose. But why me?

Well get to that in a moment. He looked down at a pile of papers on his desk and shuffled through them idly, seemingly satisfied he selected one before he looked up at the girl opposite him. You will be rewarded in two ways if you undertake this job, and it is a job, a very important job for your country. The first way is monitory, the government will pay you a substantial bounty, a six figure amount. The second reward if you like will be a promotion to the executive of this company. Elizabeth looked confuse she struggled to find anything to say.

How long do I have to think about it? Bill looked at his watch and made that pursed lip expression he always made when thinking.

Ten minutes.

Ten Minutes, I can’t possibly decide in ten minutes. Now Elizabeth was growing very nervous indeed. Bill watched her intently.

Really you have nothing much to consider. You have been security checked right up to Interpol and your medical records and physical attributes fit exactly what is required. The girl’s eyes were wide, sparkling blue pools that reflected the tension she felt.

If I do say yes, hypothetically that is, when do I start this arrrh.... job?


A six figure sum of money and a promotion as well? Bill nodded before Elizabeth continued. Above Sandra Redman in accounts?

Bill laughed, Yes, if you want it that way.

I do, Elizabeth almost gloatingly replied, she would like to see that bitch in grovel. You spoke of risks, how serious are they?

Truth is we really don’t know. Experiments already conducted suggest that they are small but this is science, unknown science. There must be risks.

Would you ask me to do this if the risks weren’t manageable? The young girl needed reassurance.

No, no I wouldn’t, but this is a big step and I have to be honest. Elizabeth thought for maybe three more minutes then she nodded her head just once.

O...K... I’ll do it whatever it is, god I don’t believe I said yes.Bill just smiled briefly then returned to his rather normal stern demeanor.

In reality you didn’t have an option at all, he reached out and patted her knee before he stood. Bill offered Elizabeth his hand to help her stand. I’ll show you what we are about to do. With that he walked through the swinging doors that gave access to the lab. Elizabeth followed obediently.

Barry half lifted from his seat and indicated a vacant chair. Please take a seat Elizabeth, the girl sat still rather confused as to where things were heading. She had silently wondered on the trip down in the elevator why she had consented to the vague proposal Bill had made, but as he intimated she had really had no choice. That made her consider what might have happened if she had declined and the conclusion didn’t bare further thought. As she dwelt on her situation Barry was introducing her to the other two people. Miss Groves I would like you to meet Jim White; he will be your handler. Jim Nodded unsmilingly. He was a handsome man in his late thirties Elizabeth guessed.

Handler .......? The girl started to inquire.

I’ll explain in a moment. Jim interjected then continued his introduction this is Beverly, Beverly Masson she will attend to all of your day to day needs from this point on, he stopped there and looked up at Bill. Bill how much have you told Elizabeth about what we require?

Very little Barry, in fact nothing at all beyond getting a commitment. He looked at the girl sitting rather stiffly in her chair. She had a feeling of disquiet that made every muscle in her body grow tense.

Well, time is short and we need to get things underway I guess you had better explain to Elizabeth what will be happening in the next week or so then I can outline what is required and how things will work.

Bill sat opposite the rather intimidated girl. Elizabeth....he began then paused to clear his throat. As you know we have many different research and development projects being undertaken for commercial enterprises here at the institute. All of the profits from these operations in the last two years have been ploughed back into my own pet project. Now, I have to say that the results have been beyond my expectations. Elizabeth just stared unblinking at Bill as he paused again to clear his throat before continuing.

My premise from the beginning was to develop a way to increase the speed of human adaptation to match a rapidly changing environment. Things will happen in the next hundred years that will force the human populations to live under greatly changing climatic circumstances. We are an adaptable species as you know. Take for instance the Tuareg in the inhospitable deserts of Africa or the Inuit in the frozen north and all environments in between. They are all human and all different depending on the environment they live in. But, in the past, we have needed time to adapt to our situation. Mother nature isn’t going to give us time in the next few decades and to avoid a monumental catastrophe we will need help. To this end I have been working on ways to force our biological processes to speed up. Barry gave Bill a speed it up look and Elizabeth remained riveted to every word.

Ummh... to cut things short the results were much more wide ranging than I had anticipated. Rather than just small biological changes to the body I, that is we have tapped into a process yhat facilitates physical change beyond my wildest expectations. We, here at this lab, have developed a process that has the ability to change any animal form into any other form in a surprisingly controlled manner. We have changed dogs to Pumas and Apes to dogs and all back again without any sign of physical trauma. Those are just examples of course there have been many more. In theory, and only theory because we haven’t tested it yet, we can change the human form into any animal we wish. Providing, and this seems to be our only limitation, the subjects, are of similar body mass.

Thanks Bill, Barry was quick to end Bills outline of the transformation project. Elizabeth on the other hand was left wondering where she fitted into all this. Her gut feeling was that she was fast becoming embroiled in something that was taking her completely out of her depth. As you see Elizabeth the work her involves the adaptation of one animal form to another through a multiple process of various scientific fields, way beyond cutting edge I might add. While Bills mission is to help people adapt to the environmental changes that are about to envelop us I, as a representative of the government have a more pressing need for this science.

I’m confused, Elizabeth frowned, I just don’t know what this has to do with me.

Of course you don’t and I understand. But be assured it does now involve you. Bill has given you information about the research that he is undertaking here and up until now only a few people in the world knew about it. Now we have reached the Rubicon with you, no its more than that we have crossed the Rubicon and there will be no turning back. You, Elizabeth will be the first human to be subject to the Transformation process. The girl was visibly shaken, everyone in the room saw that but Barry pressed on. You my dear young lady will be undergoing a change that we hope will help your country and the free world avoid something that makes September 11 look like a side show, Yes that big. He reiterated as he saw Elizabeth’s expression.

But ... but...the girl stammered. Barry held his hand up.

No, let me finish. In brief you will be taking the form of a dog, a bitch to be more accurate, a malamute, lovely animals, my favorite. Elizabeth’s hand shot to her mouth and she drew a deep breath, Barry continued. Chosen that one because you are around 110lbs I believe and they, the malamute bitches, are between 70 and 85lbs that’s pretty close as fare as mass is concerned. You will be on the biggish side but that’s good. As Bill said we need you to be close to your body mass of the other animal in transformation. The process will take from eight days to twelve depending on how you cope with the transformation.

The young girl felt faint and she felt a need to pee badly. It was only with the greatest of self control that she didn’t. Fortunately her bladder control helped her focus internally and prevented her instinct to panic. However, she felt faint and her face was drained of blood giving it a sickly pallor.

Your roll will be a tease bitch to distract a pack of guard dogs away from a secure installation that we need to covertly enter. We can deal with the alarms and video security but the animals have to be distracted. We don’t want to draw attention to our self or the fact we have entered the premises. If that happens...he paused briefly. Well I don’t even want to think about that possibility. If secrecy did’t matter we would just tranquilize the dogs with darts or more drastically with baits, but as I said this is to be a covert operation that may have to be repeated a number of times in different locations. We have to do this entire operation in a way that will appear to be perfectly natural, disturbing nothing, and a bitch in heat is natural. There is one thing though; the dogs are behind the wire fence so for the most part you will have no contact with them. You will be outside the fence. Your job will be to lead them away from where we plan to enter this compound. If however the dogs get over excited and manage to escape, or worse, a stray from the vicinity fancies you. Well need I say having dog puppies may not be a good Idea and we don’t know the affects it could have, right bill? Bill nodded affirmation.

Elisabeth felt faint, her entire body trembled. What was happening to her she wondered but it was all to clear. She was to be part of an experiment. A monstrous experiment as she saw it. Oh yes, Barry could say it was in the national interest but changing her to a dog, a bitch, was too horrible to imagine. This was the stuff of science fantasy. Well it had seemed that way but these people were serious.

Jim picked up a carafe and filled a glass then passed it to the trembling girl. Here, drink this miss groves you will feel better I assure you. Elizabeth looked at the man who was tall, statuesque and handsome. His smile was reserved, his voice soft and reassuring. Elizabeth whispered her thanks and drank the entire glass full without stopping. Jim looked at Barry and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Barry continued his long, he called it brief, dialogue. Well that’s about it, from here you will be taken to the infirmary where you will be sedated and your process of transformation will take place. Elizabeth felt a warm fuzzy feeling of relaxation washing over her and she shook her head to focus on the people on the opposite side of the table. Jim will give you specific instructions when you awake but for now all I can say is that for your own future safety you must comply without descent with everything he or Beverly tell you. I don’t know how long this operation will last. However, you will be the key to our success and you will be rewarded handsomely for your work. Again I must stress you are to avoid mating with the dogs no matter how persistent they become. Be assured they will be persistent if you have ever seen a bitch in heat being perused by an ever growing pack of assorted mutts you will understand. By the very nature of your necessary condition of being in heat for the operation to succeed you will be under enormous pressure from any male dog you encounter. Barry finished speaking and stood up looking at each person in the room in turn. Well good luck folk, we will need it.

Elizabeth eyes were fluttering as she fought a losing battle to focus on events around her as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness. She heard Barry’s last advice as if it was delivered from inside a barrel. Her last conscious thought was what was in the water then all went black and she slumped forward onto the table.


Her mind buzzed and swirled with kaleidoscopic colors and there was pain, excruciating pain, unbearable pain. Memories came flooding through her mind in endless torrents of imagery. Her childhood, her birthday parties, her friends, yes friends, special friends, some that she had almost forgotten. They were there so vivid, so real. Then there was that awkward first date, how embarrassing, what was his name, Elizabeth couldn’t remember then that memory was gone as well replaced by the ever pressing torrents of fresh vivid encounters. The death of her mother and father were repeated over and over as she reached out to them physically and mentally. All the time there was pain her body seemed to be torn apart bit by bit.


It seemed like it was never going to end. Time was irrelevant and unmeasurable but the pain was constant then it was gone. Elizabeth felt a descending calm sweep over her. Like silent waves of soothing nothingness. From far of there were voices, indistinguishable voices in the dark. She tried to call out to the voices but she was unable to make a sound. Still even with the frustration that she felt the feeling of physical calmness engulfed her. Slowly, imperceptibly the sounds, the voices, grew closer and the darkness began to fade into waves of foggy greyness.

Elizabeth could hear her heart thumping and a feeling of unusual warmth surrounded her. Yes the voices were clearer, much clearer now and the grey fog seemed to be broken by intermittent images like silhouette behind a blanket. She began to make sense of her thoughts, what was Barry saying? She would be transformed into a dog, it was a silly thought and she cursed the vivid dream that immersed her.

Elizabeth, ELIZABETH.... can you hear me. Beverly called to the fluffy mass of grey and white fur on the veterinary table. Come on sweaty, its all over and you look gorgeous, come on wake up, wake up.



Elizabeth’s eyes came open slowly and through the drugged fog she began to focus on the people next to the table. There was something wrong with her vision. Things seemed to be distinctively predominated by blue and yellow, reds and browns or any of the darker shades seemed to be missing. Slowly her eyes traversed the room and it was then that she also realized that her perspective on things had changed. She seemed to have a greater peripheral view than she had had before. Groggily she wondered what had happened before her memory came flooding back. Desperately she tried to lift her head but she was too weak to move.

Okay, your okay, Beverly confirmed, the transformation was a huge success. Can you understand me? Elizabeth could but as she tried to speak nothing happened. Well no words came from her mouth just a whining sound. It was strange sensation and she felt the vibrations in her chest that didn’t happen when she was her human form. Her chest she noticed was no longer a firm rolling bulge but a flat expanse of white and grey fir that extended down to her front legs that were where her arms used to be.

Slowly as her strength grew the girl on the veterinary table slowly took it all in her changed form which were complete, she was a dog but she felt human, they said she would retain her human mental capacities but it was a weird feeling none the less. Jim Whites face came into her line of vision and he stroked her shoulder.

Well be taking you to a kennel where you will be more comfortable you will need some time to rest and recover and we need the time to monitor you, okay. Elizabeth tried to reply but made a little bark instead. Jim laughed, well at least we know you understand, Elizabeth barked her confirmation of his observation.

The next few days were spent adjusting to her new body. Elizabeth had to change the way her mind gave instructions to her limbs. Her brain was still geared to a bipedal locomotion and now she had to learn to walk on four legs. Legs that was weak and often uncooperative. Surprisingly it didn’t take long and Beverly took her for short walks around the secure kennel compound. By the third day Elizabeth found she was able to run and jump, barking encouragement to her attendant, Beverly, to follow. It was kind of fun being so agile and so quick, she thought.


Beverly returned her to her Kennel after her afternoon romp and went to the far end of the block where she stopped to discuss Elizabeth’s progress with Jim. That was another advantage of being a dog, Elizabeth’s hearing was much better than her human hearing, she could hear every word they said. As she lay listening to the conversation about her progress the Alsatian in the adjacent kennel came to the wire and pressed his nose into the mesh sniffing.

I think she’s coming on heat already. Beverly said as she looked back along the kennel row.

So soon?

Bit of luck really, probably following close to her own human cycle. Still early days though. I had a quick look but there didn’t appear to be any swelling of the vulva, certainly no discharge. I slipped Tiger into the next Kennel, he’ll take interest if she is. Even as Beverly spoke the big Alsatian was showing an elevated interest in the Malamute bitch in the next kennel. It wasn’t necessarily a sign of the bitch’s cycle, not yet. It was only natural that he should be checking out his new neighbor.


The Alsatian was whimpering as he pressed his muzzle against the wire firmly. His tail waged vigorously as he watched the handsome grey and white neighbor with more than the normal amount of curiosity. Elizabeth had a natural fear of dogs and her fear carried on into her new dog form. She couldn’t help but note the irony but the fear was real. She felt her heart racing with fear. She was intimidated by the aggressive posture of the curious Alsatian. She slunk, cowering into the corner as far away from the dominant male as she could.

Elizabeth snarled at the Tiger the Alsatian as she watched him with one eye. Her teeth bared and her eyes had a wild fearful look about them. From her low viewpoint he looked huge. Her brain was still measuring things from her human upright perspective and this made tiger look like the biggest dog she had ever seen. More than that he wasn’t at all intimidated by her snarl.

Well he certainly is showing an interest, Jim observed.

Mite be something might be nothing. He is just showing her who’s boss and she seems to know it.

is that good or bad?

Well its normal really, Alpha males should be dominant but I would like to see Elizabeth show more assertiveness. She may need to when she starts the operation she was changed to do. We don’t want her to be screwed by all the feral mongrels out there that get her scent. I don’t know how to undo the fear she obviously has of dogs. She still thinks like a human and she obviously didn’t like big dogs a whole lot. We have to make a note to pay more attention to our subject’s fears in the future. For now though we’ll just have to hope she can take a more assertive stance when she gets used to things in her doggy form.

Elizabeth gradually got control of her trembling and was now taking a lot more notice of the handsome tan and black dog next door. He was beautifully conformed and his coat glistened in the late afternoon sun. Yes she was scared of dogs but this dog was undeniably handsome. As she took in every detail of Tigers form she couldn’t help but notice the damp pink protrusion of his pointed penis from the black orifice of his sheath. No way buddy, she thought, Put it away, I might like it but I’m human and my pussy isn’t for you. Elizabeth giggled at her own thought but wondered how things would work out if she met him face to face outside the kennel block.

Several hours later Tiger was still showing her interest and making silly playful jumps and jinks in between coming to the dividing fence to whimper pleadingly.

A scraping noise at the back of the kennel housing indicated the delivery of the evening meal. Elizabeth felt abnormally hungry and she hurried into the kennel leaving her amorous friend to whine disapprovingly. Fortunately they showed her enough respect to make it regular cooked meat and not the tinned slop she had expected. The kibble was regular dog kibble but Elizabeth found, to her surprise, that it wasn’t all that bad at all. Beverly lifted the bitches back legs and turned her slightly. I thought so, your about to come in heat Elizabeth, I’ll have to let Barry know that you will be ready tomorrow. Don’t get too excited and follow everything Jim tells you. Get over the afraid of dogs thing, your one of them now.

By the time Elizabeth had finished gulping down her meal Beverly was in the Alsatians kennel. The girl, turned dog, listened from the doorway of her own kennel as the female attendant talked to Tiger while she delivered his meal. You like her Tiger, she is kinda cute and fury isn’t she? Tiger’s attention was divided he didn’t know whether to stay outside watching the female next door or eat his meal. Beverly didn’t miss his changed demeanor, she had seen it often enough when Tiger had bred bitches. She’s getting ready to breed isn’t she boy? That’s why your distracted isn’t it?


Tiger finished his dinner and was encouraged by the actions of the Malamute next door. Elizabeth, curious, had summed up enough courage to approach the wire dividing fence. She felt something, something that was compelling her to be closer to the dog next door. Now only inches separated them. The girl could see the dark brown pools of the Alsatians eyes just inches from her own. There muzzles touched and his soft wet nasal pad brushed against hers. It felt nice she thought. Tiger whimpered at the contact, his tail wagged vigorously but all he got for his enthusiasm was a raw muzzle from pressing too fare through the chain mesh wire that separated him from what he felt was his next conquest.

Tiger sensed that the bitch was not quite ready to mate but he also knew if he got her excited enough she would eventually stand for him. The only problem was the wire divider and there was no way to get at the bitch other than with the help of the attendant, Beverly. In the past he had been in this very situation and when the bitch was considered by the human to be receptive the woman had come along and let him into the bitch’s compound. It had been a long while since he had had a bitch. Tiger felt his groin stirring and he felt the dull ache in his testacies.

Elizabeth watched the dog keenly, she saw that the pink tip still peeked from his male sheath and the dogs actions seemed to become more agitated as he whined and yelped. Sorry boy I’m off limits. You and me are different and it isn’t going to happen Elizabeth tried to form the words but all that happened was a low guttural whimper that felt strangely frustrating. Even as she tried to communicate with the Dog the girl wondered what it might be like to have sex with such a virile stud as Tiger clearly was. As she thought the thought she got angry with herself for even thinking it. It was a silly thought anyway, she hated no it was more feared, big dogs and even in her present form she still had the fear. They had warned her that she must avoid the insistent advances of any dog that got near her.

Approaching footsteps warned Elizabeth of approaching humans. One was Beverly, another Jim but the third she didn’t recognize. Wow she thought, these new ears are something else, so sensitive she could distinguish easily the difference in the sound of steps at a distance even when those steps were mixed in with others.

Hallo Elizabeth It was Barry. I believe you can understand us all right? She could but she couldn’t speak so she barked once. Okay, seems right. Now I’m told you are in season and that’s exactly what we want you to be, in fact it is imperative. Now listen carefully. The mission we want you to carry out involves distracting the guard dogs at a terrorist compound. Not overseas but right in our very own city. We believe, but don’t know for certain that an attack on the infrastructure of our country is being planned by many of these cells. What we have to determine is when it will occur. We also have to determine, with a high degree of accuracy, where and exactly how many other cells there are. To do that we could raid the place but that would tip our hand with the other cells so the mission must be covert. Bark if you understand. Elizabeth barked.

All you have to do is distract the dogs while the seals go in and gather the other intelligence. To do that you have to use your female charm or should that be bitch charm, on the Dogs in the compound. We believe there are as many as eight patrolling the area between the perimeter fence and the establishment. Now there all males, because of aggression, and all fixed with tracking collars. As I said they are mean bastards and none of them are small dogs. There are Rottweilers, Doberman and several other assorted cross breed mongrels. I understand from Beverly that you have a fear of dogs. Well, as a bitch now, you are just going to have to get over that or you could be on the end of a rather long doggy gang bang, you know what that is? Elizabeth again barked her understanding. Good, well Jim here will fill you in on the other details and take you as close to the compound as he can in the van, from then on its up to you. You have to preoccupy the dogs for an hour from eight o’clock, What you do is up to you but we need that hour, not less, more if possible and it will be possible okay.

Good luck and I hope to see you here tomorrow to say congratulations.



A twenty minute drive in the car took them to the city limits. Warehouses dominated the landscape on either side of the road as they sped through the industrial subdivision. The dash clock read 7:30 as Jim swung the car into the last and clearly newest industrial area. Those prefabricated buildings that appear overnight, slabs of concrete bolted together to glean maximum profit per square meter for the developer, were everywhere, many not yet occupied. Suddenly they too were gone. The paved road ended abruptly so to did the street lighting. Ahead was a two rut track that led off into the woodland. Jim pulled over onto the grassy verge and got out of the car.

Here we are, this is as far as I can go, He said as he opened the back door of the car to let Elizabeth out. She still had the collar on with the lead attached. Through there, Jim bent down and pointed along the track, Just follow the track until it opens out into a grassy clearing. Dead ahead of you is the compound fence. It’s about a hundred yards from the end of the scrub until you reach the fence. My bet is that the dogs will smell you coming. They have a good sense of smell, better than ours but you know that don’t you? he laughed. Me I smell nothing but apparently you are giving of the right scent to make them horny. Horny dogs will follow a bitch for days to mate her. Makes em’ almost human doesn’t it. Off you go, good luck, he said almost cheerily as he slapped her flank to signal her to hurry.

Elizabeth had received her instructions before being bundled into the car and now she was on her own. Whatever happened it was up to her to handle it. People didn’t go to these lengths for no reason at all. The girl, still bewildered by what had happened to her, sensed there desperate urgency.

It was spooky among the trees. The moon appeared and disappeared behind racing puffs of cloud and the intermittent light cast clutching shadows of the branches across the track. Elizabeth would have admitted to anyone right there and then that she was afraid. Afraid of the night and afraid of what might unfold in a few short minutes.

A night bird screech somewhere off to her left and Elizabeth increased her pace. A moment later a dead branch crashed from a tree across her path and she skittered sideways to avoid it. It wasn’t at all that big but the nose and the suddenness of its appearance made her heart race.

The track seemed never ending, she must be going the wrong way Elizabeth thought but this was the only track, if there had been a branch in the tracks she would surely have seen it. Then just as her despair at ever reaching the compound she saw a glimmer of light ahead through the now thing scrub. Suddenly she was in a grassy field. With the wind coming from behind her she had to strained her ears and even then was just able to discern the whine of electric motors from some place within the big white building behind the compound fence.

It was different for the guard dogs in the compound, Elizabeth was upwind and her tantalizing aroma was floating down to them. Ears picked and tail erect Devil the Rottweiler, all 120lbs of him, stood motionless sniffing the air. It couldn’t be, he thought, Shut away In this compound with nine other male dogs and now he smelt the smell that made his groin tingle and his thoughts turn to one single thing.

All of his senses were now fully alert to a delicious prospect. But where was the bitch that sent her message on the breeze? Yes there she was moving south, maybe fifty yards from the compound fence. Blast his luck, she was out there and he was in here.

The Doberman, both of them, also smelt a bitch in heat and from the movement around them so did the rest of the dogs. As if by silent command they all started to follow the sent trail to the far end of the compound. The vague shape of the bitch slowly drew closer to the compound as she continued to walk southward away from the area she had been told would be the seals entry point.

About half way along the compound fence Elizabeth finally straightened and was moving parallel to the wire compound. She was now about two meters from the pack that were matching their pace to the bitches. Elizabeth cursed at not knowing what time it was. There was no way that she would be able to tell when the hour was up. She didn’t even know when the hour would start. She guessed it had taken about ten minutes, maybe a little more to reach the clearing in front of the compound and as best she could guess it must have been a little before eight o’clock.

Devil liked what he saw. He liked even more the bitches smell. He led the pack moving parallel with her on the other side of the divide. Every few meters he claimed up on the fence with his forepaws and gave an agitated bark, more like a yelp actually, that he hoped would draw the bitches attention to him.

Elizabeth had no intention of moving closer to the dog pack. They were a mean looking assortment and even with her utmost effort her bravery still failed her. The big solid mass of beast that was the Rottweiler looked especially mean and threatening. If they escaped the compound there was little she could do to resist them. The last thing she wanted to be was involved in a dog fight. Years ago she had seen about five dogs set on a smaller dog and before anyone could do anything about helping the small dog it was all over. It was awful and she could only guess that this was the catalyst for her fear of large dogs. Suddenly the fence line finished with a corner bracing post and headed at right angles toward the west. About twenty meters around the corner Elizabeth stopped and hunkered down on her belly facing the slavering pack.

It was a standoff, the dogs were not going to leave while the bitch remained so close and her smell teased them unbearably. That was the way things worked in the dog world. A bitch came on heat and the swarm of emitted pheromones signaled her preparedness to accept the dog. The problem in this case was that the bitch was not a bitch and even though she sent out the right signals she was certainly not prepared to accept a dog.

The Doberman started it and pretty soon the other dogs were following suit. Great big plumes of dry sandy soil were shooting out behind several dogs. Necessity demanded action and the action as the pack saw it was to tunnel under the fence. With heads down and paws flying they were vigorously scrabbling into the loose soil. Even as she watched Elizabeth saw that the dogs were making quick progress. It was only a matter of how deep the wire was buried or if an alarm wire was running through the soil that was going to slow the determined animals up.

The Rottweiler stood like some conquering war lord surveying his soldiers progress on an enemy fort. Elizabeth trembled. This hadn’t been consider or if it was hadn’t been mentioned to her. At the current rate of progress of the digging the determined canines would break free in less than five minutes. The girl dogs mind raced. What could or should she do. She could run back toward the car, that might work but if the dogs were discouraged by her departure and continued patrolling inside the compound then all would be lost. Alternatively she could remain where she was and bluff it out. Sitting on her swollen vulva would prevent the amorous advances of the studs but she wasn’t sure that this would work for long, there were so many of them. Finally, she decided that at the first sign of a dog breaking through the fence she would head off into the scrub behind her. Even now she had moved back a few metres to see what would happen but the dogs kept digging.


Abe have you seen the fu****g dogs? It was the guard or so Elizabeth believed.

Not here, I distant voice replied. Haven’t seen hide nor hear of one of them for some time.

Shit what’s happening? Here Devil hear boy. The man who had first called out tried to cajole the dog Devil to him. Elizabeth guessed the others would follow Devil, who seemed to be the Alpha dog of the guard pack, back from where they were to the guard. Apparently it wasn’t like them to be out of site for so long. Elizabeth saw the slightest turn of Devils ears when the man called but that was all. The rest of the determined dogs kept digging.

The girl/dog knew that if the dogs didn’t reply by either barking or running to him the men would start looking for them. She hesitated for a moment then made the decision. She headed off at a jog toward the voice. She figured it might be best to lure the pack back toward the guard before returning to the top end of the enclosure. That way he would see what they were up to and perhaps, just perhaps his mind would be at ease.

Less than a minute passed and Elizabeth came out of the blackness of the night and into the dull glow of the light that was shed by the guard post shelter. She had been right the dogs had followed and the agitated guard saw his charges.

It’s okay Abe, there lusting after a stray bitch, she must be in heat and outside the wire. Got there tongs lolling but they can’t get a piece of the action poor buggers. Abe laughed and all went quiet.

A stone skidded through the grass a few feet from Elizabeth followed by a more accurate shot seconds later. She wheeled and ran off in the direction she had come from. Get out of here you slut. The guard called after her. On the other side of the wire the dogs wheeled and followed her. Dam that was close Elizabeth thought as her excitement lifted when she saw that she had made a cleaver assessment of the situation. Now she was getting into the right mood for the operation and felt a certain confidence in her ability to operate as a bitch.

As Elizabeth was about to settle back in the position she had been in prior to the guards call she spotted a movement to her left and between the fence and the tree line. She strained her canine eyes at the shadowy figure. It was a dog, a large dog by the looks of it moving slow but deliberately and it was heading directly toward her. Her nose sniffed the breeze and she smelt its gamy odour. There was no faint tinge of shampoo in the wafting breeze as you would expect from a bathed and groomed domestic dog. No there was no smell of civilization about this animal at all. Instead there was the distinct smell of feral about it. The unseen swirls of scent filled air carried that wet doggy smell, tainted with a distinct odor of carrion, down to the intimidated bitch.

Elizabeth knew she couldn’t leave this spot, she had to stand her ground for the success of the operation. The dogs behind the fence had recommenced tunneling and the large feral beast drew closer. In a few minutes she was going to be faced with and confronted by a situation that she had no idea how to manage. Her hind legs felt week and her ears, formerly alert, lay flattened on her head. Her tail drew down between her legs to cover her swollen vulva. That was all she could do. God what time was it she thought as the huge wolfhound drew up to her out of the darkness.


Jim sat smoking, impatiently in his car. The night was dark here at the end of the commercial subdivision. It was as if he was in another world. He flicked on the dash light briefly and took a quick glance at his watch. 8:30, it was as if the hands on his watch had frozen. He wondered how things were unfolding at the compound. Jim flicked the cigarette butt from the window of the car then realised that it was a stupid thing to do as the dry, wild grass on the empty blocks of land could easily ignite and that sort of attention was the last thing that was needed at this time in the operation. Quickly he retrieved the butt and stomped it out.

Elizabeth looked nervously up at the lanky wolfhound. Even though she was a big bitch Elizabeth felt tiny in comparison to the new arrival. His close proximity didn’t just reveal his size it also allowed the girl to use her new doggy ability to detect scents better and he smelt awful close up. The smell was the unmistakable smell of overpowering carrion, long dead at that.

The wolfhound circled Elizabeth cautiously at first. In turn the girl/bitch followed him trying to keep a space between them. Do bitches like that smell she wondered as her stomach turned? Although the size of the dog and his unpleasant odour should have been enough his intentions were what concerned the girl as he tried to move Elizabeth into a position where he could sniff her fanny. Elizabeth was well aware of the dog’s objective. Even though sniffing was normal part of greeting in the canine world she feared, and rightly so, that things would become unmanageable after he detected clearly her condition. God I wish I knew what a real bitch might do to avoid an amorous stud she thought

The wolfhound was dividing his attention between the bitch and the pack of randy males behind the wire compound fence. This female was skittish, probably a maiden bitch and in all probability not ready to stand for a mate. He knew that from experience and with the likelihood of rivalry for her favours he decided he had to move her further from the rivals before they inevitably escaped there confinement. He needed time to tease her into accepting him, to allow him to mount her and tie her once that was done the rest of the dogs would wait. However, for now he must put some distance between himself and the other would be suitors. Another glance indicated that they were showing single minded determination at breaking free from the compound. When they did there was going to be some serious competition for this cute bitch. He didn’t want to fight for her but if he had to he would. It had been some time since he had taken a bitch and he felt a serious need tonight.

The wolfhound placed himself between the bitch and the enthusiastic pack and lowered his head to her rear. Elizabeth moved away a yard or so to avoid the unpleasant stud and the dog followed remaining between her and the compound while staying uncomfortably close.

Elizabeth’s nerves grew tight and she shivered nervously. She didn’t like the way the big dog was crowding her but she didn’t know what to do to stop it. Was this the way things worked in the animal world? Was mating not a matter of choice but inevitability where the female was just a medium of reproduction? Did the female have any say at all? No she thought it wasn’t inevitable at least not in the short term. She had seen dogs following a little bitch once, and although the bitch seemed cowered and subservient, her tail drooped covetously between her legs covering her pussy, as, she had denied the dogs for ages. In the end Elizabeth remembered the little bitch did submit to a mangy red dog, from then on others had their turn. She also remembered thinking that the little bitch was a slut the way she had acted after the first stud had taken her. However, that judgement call may yet haunt her.

As the wolfhound closed the space once more she moved some more. He had positioned himself nose to her tail and was closing the gap each time she moved away. Several times his big head dropped to her tail and she jumped sideways nervously. All the time she was being shepherded away from the compound which was her mission on this dark foreboding night. The dog was so skilled in his ferrel connivance that the naive girl was not aware of his intentions. She may have been but her reality was being tested beyond her ability to understand. Her thoughts were being confused by each new event.

Elizabeth was a very novice bitch up against an old experienced stud, who had lived most of his life ferrel and had lived by his wits and guile. Now his slyness was being used on a transformed human whose power of reasoning was probably greater than his but without the base animal cunning developed by his ferrel existence.

Suddenly Elizabeth realised what the wolfhound was doing. Shit she articulated out loud, he’s trying to separate me from the others. She couldn’t help but admire the way the big, foul smelling stud had achieved his aim. It was so obvious but so cleaver. However, what it meant was that Elizabeth had to make a decision. Her job was, even though she was steamrollered into it, to distract the pack inside the compound. It had seemed so simple it was only for an hour but the problem was she had no idea of the time. Somehow it was more difficult to tell from her new perspective as a bitch. All she could do was stay here for as long as possible or until it was obvious that more than an hour had passed.

She was halfway between the forest and the compound fence now and Elizabeth realised that if this hazing continued to happen the wolfhound would have her to himself in the forest in a few minutes. She had to act now and she did. Without warning she skipped sideways suddenly and as she did she surprised the dog who didn’t react immediately. Quickly she scampered behind the wolfhound and headed back toward the compound. Momentarily caught unaware the hound had given up all of the ground he had made. Still determined to have the bitch the dog followed Elizabeth who he had now grown to respect a lot more.

Inside the fence the Rottweiler watched the events unfolding outside the compound and was relieved to see that the bitch had managed to avoid being taken into the forest by the wolfhound.

Elizabeth now made a decision that could have repercussions for her future. She had been warned not to let the dogs mate her. To be fare it was not a serious consideration in the plans. No one had considered that it would be something she had to deal with. Immediately she decided to stand her ground.

The wolfhound was quick to arrive beside the seemingly compliant bitch. Now he was confused by the sudden change in her demeanour. The scent of the bitch was overpowering his senses. There was little doubt she was in mating condition but her moods seemed to change in a way he was not entirely familiar with. This bitch was different he decided. The Wolfhounds muzzle was immediately at the bitch’s tail. A tail that remained firmly clamped over her vulva. None the less the wolfhound was able to see the swollen genital that was not entirely shielded. The reddish stain on the bitches tail told the story of her condition. The puffy distended vagina was dripping a clear liquid tinged with red that excited the big dog. His penis tip protruded pink and wet from his fury sheath and Elizabeth was conscious of the dog’s excitement.

The first slash of the Wolfhounds tongue made the Malamute bitch flinch. It wasn’t at all like she had expected. The very idea of a dog licking her pussy had freaked Elizabeth out but to her surprise it was not unpleasant, abhorrent maybe. Elizabeth turned to see what was happening as the big dogs tongue continued to slash at her vulva enthusiastically.

Gradually Elizabeth was beginning to realise that the feelings she was having was not just human but a combination of dog and human. It was confusing her strategy of avoiding the dogs amorous advances, as basic as it was.

In spite of herself the bitch instinct resulted in her lifting her tail to allow the dog better access to her swollen vulva. Immediately the dog closed in and his intention was patiently clear to anyone who may have been watching. However, the only ones watching were the guard dogs behind the wire, and there industry of digging a huge crater was about to set them free.

Elizabeth human feelings took over as the Hounds intentions sudden switch from licking to preparing to mount her. The only way to prevent that awful prospect was to flop down on her behind. When she did it was such a sudden and awkward maneuver for her to achieve that instead of sitting she tumbled ungracefully onto her side. It wasn’t all her awkwardness but partly due to the dog at her side bumping her as he attempted to mount at the same time Elizabeth made to squat.

The attentive male, thinking that the bitch wanted to play, rolled her onto her back with his huge head all the time applying his tongue to whatever exposed part of the pretty bitch that he could. He worked toward the bitches groin and the distended vulva that hung like a black cowry shell under her tail. The maneuver so surprised Elizabeth that all she could do was lie with her forepaws up near her muzzle and her hind legs stretched in a subservient pose, something akin to the way a dog would lie to get its belly rubbed..

Finally, lying on her back looking up at the underbelly of the rank smelling Wolfhound Elizabeth could finally breathe a sigh of relief at the fortunate fall. A fall that although exposing her vulva to the smelly beast she was now in no position to be mounted. The Wolfhound on the other hand was totally frustrated with the turn of events that had prevented him from being able to mount the white and grey bitch, his groin tightened. His consolation was that he had free access to her pliant vulva and to that end he began to like the bitch feverously.

Elizabeth reveled in the moment. It was a nice feeling, she had never been tongued as a human but she liked what was happening. Her eyes closed as she focused all of her feelings to the very place that the rough tongue stimulated her pleasurably. Her imagination was running riot. Then just as she felt tightening between her vulva and anus she was rudely brought back to the moment. The wolfhound was snarling viciously. Her eyes flew open and Elizabeth saw why. The pack had broken free of their wire compound.

Oh shit, she thought as the two big dogs, the Rottweiler and the Wolfhound both with hackles up, were sizing each other up. For just a moment more the girl watched the events unfolding and she grew scared. The old human feelings about dogs were still very near the surface. Her fear heightened as little by little the pack closed in on the Wolfhound and herself. Bugger, bugger bugger, came out as a plaintive whine from the Malamute bitch. She looked from one dog to the other and realized that to stop a fight and avoid attracting the guards, she had to move and keep moving. Surely the hour was up, it must be.

With a jerk Elizabeth sprang to her feet. Looked at the preoccupied dogs and then dropping her tail and pinning her ears back she headed directly for the wooded fringe of the clearing. Immediately the dogs fell in behind her. The Wolfhound and Rottweiler were the last to move but quickly they were at the head of the chasing pack. Elizabeth looked back and felt the surreal atmosphere about the situation. She remained human in thought and feeling but she was a dog, a bitch in heat and she had the total male population of the immediate vicinity in hot pursuit with one thing on their minds. She couldn’t help but wonder what it may be like for women, girls, if this happened in the human population. Hell the morality of other species was so different so uninhibited to that of humans.

Behind them the compound remained quiet. If the girl could keep the dogs moving then she had done her job. She was feeling pleased with herself. The low shrubs closed in around her and it was now Elizabeth and the pack in the lonely, night enclosed, woodland.

As she trotted through the grabbing branches of the low understory she decided that she would gradually bare to the left and head back toward the car with the waiting Jim. Once in the relative clear of the commercial subdivision Jim would see her and if the time was up he would surely pick her up and save her from the inevitable fate of a bitch in heat. The scent of the sexually aroused males was filling her brain with unwelcome thoughts. Well not unwelcome as such, but imprudent emotions and Ideas. What might it be like to be mated by a dog? Perhaps in this canine form she could take the opportunity to find out. However the warning of Bill and Barry kept returning to her ever alert, though confused mind. Don’t let them mate you, they had warned, we don’t know what the consequences might be. She trotted on.

How long would it take the handlers to realise the dogs were missing and then find them and round them up. Yes it was a good feeling knowing she had did her job and not succumbed to the randy Wolfhound.

With an inherent sense of direction, that had not improved as a canine, Elizabeth came out on the track that she had followed to the compound earlier. She was about one hundred yards or so from the place she expected to arrive at, which was near Jims car.

Immediately on arrival on the track Elizabeth turned the direction of the subdivision and the following dogs followed expectantly. She cursed the fact that she was now in the open and as she did she saw lights dancing through the trees from the direction of the compound. The approaching lights were accompanied by a rumbling sound of approaching vehicles that bounced along the unmade track.

Without hesitation Elizabeth turned back into the scrub only just in time to avoid being seen by the people in the pickup vehicle as it swung the bend behind her. The slashing beams lit up the track and pierced into the wood casting long shadows. The girl dog felt that they had been discovered but the trucks roared past. They were loaded with men.

Again Elizabeth cursed herself. She should have remained on the track forcing the trucks to stop. Surely, she figured too late, they were looking for the dogs. Even if they caught and returned the guard dogs now it wouldn’t matter. She defiantly wasn’t thinking straight. As if to confirm that the men were searching for the dogs she saw the dull yellow beams of flashlights well back in the wood. The distant sound of men calling names she couldn’t discern, but figured that they were the names of individual dogs.

Several minutes later Elizabeth again emerged from the undergrowth and this time she was in the right place but immediately her heart sank. Jim’s car had gone replaced by the two pickup trucks. Jim must have seen the vehicles coming. He had moved away to avoid being detected and worse, questioned. Just one hundred yards from completing her task and this happened. It was then that she made a fatal mistake. She stopped.



The Wolfhound was the closest in the line of the following would be suitors. When Elizabeth stopped he immediately dropped his head onto her back and slid it along her side pushing her slightly sideways. Moments later was sliding over her.

Elizabeth was stunned at the speed of the dog. Instantly she felt the probing lance against her tail as the dog sought her puffy vulva with some authority. The girl dog felt a fine spray of precum spitting against her warm distended flesh as he managed to negotiate around her tail with surprising skill. The Rottweiler had the same thought but was a second or so slower. He bared his teeth and snapped at the wolfhound who retaliated in kind while remaining firmly clutching Elizabeth’s hips as he tried to line himself up with her.

Elizabeth was trembling as she tried desperately to dislodge the rutting male. Her fear was on several fronts. Firstly her inherent fear of dogs as a human had not diminished added to that her fear of being mated with consequences as yet unknown. She would probably conceive as she was in season, she had to be by necessity.

The clutching forepaws of the big smelly Wolfhound was raking her thigh, dragging Elizabeth under his groin. At the same time he was pushing her reluctant hips into position so that the difference in their height matched up. All the while he was probing with his hips. Several times his penal sheath contacted the swollen mass of Elizabeth’s vulva. However, all the time he was being distracted by the Rottweiler who considered himself the Alpha male of the dog pack and this entitled him to the bitch in heat. That the Wolfhound was bigger and not part of his immediate circle, was not a consideration.

Feeling the Wolfhounds agitated preoccupation through the vibrations emanating from deep inside the animals chest. She now began to circle to her right trying to get away from the snapping teeth of the Rottweiler while endeavoring to dislodge her amorous suitor. Suddenly the wolfhound yelped, more like a scream, as the slashing teeth of the Rottweiler clamped onto his hind quarters. His reaction was immediate. Jumping sideways he disengaged from the bitch, much to Elizabet’s relief, and went for his protagonist.

Within seconds a snarling whirl of angry dogs was tumbling and rolling in the dried grass of the allotment near the wood. Several more dogs joined the fray and in the dark it was hard to know what was happening apart from one all mighty din. The cacophony of squeals and blood curdling snarls sent shivers through Elizabeth. Although the fight was brutal and vicious it was her salvation.

Ahead of her at the road verge she saw the torch lights of the searchers who had alighted from the two pickup trucks. They had heard the din, it was imposable not to. Now they were heading in the direction of the melee. Seeing her opportunity Elizabeth slipped away into the darkness. Moving rapidly she was soon thirty yards from the dog fight. Stopping, feeling safe, she looked back to see what would happen. What she hadn’t seen was that she had company. One of the Doberman beside her. He appeared he appeared to be the only dog not involved in the fracas and was following her. By the time Elizabeth realized it the sleek dog was already mounting her.

Oh dam, dam, dam she muttered this was becoming a mess. Elizabeth looked about her quickly but there was no sign of Jim or his car in site. She realized in an instant that while the men from the compound were searching for the dogs she was on her own. She felt the despair of loneliness and hopelessness of avoiding the inevitable.

The Doberman clutched her hips firmly and his racing heart matched hers. His warm belly cupped around her hips as he probed with his penis. Again Elizabeth felt the spraying of precum on her protruding puffiness. He was close. She trembled with a mixture and excitement, but didn’t move. The pointed tip parted her distended vulva. The dog paused, gripped the bitch even more tightly as his own loin muscles tightened and vibrated. With a long thrusting push he unleashed his bony shaft deep into the bitch. Elizabeth Whimpered and turned her head to look into the face of the slender muzzled lover, she whimpered again. In one movement the dog had fully embedded himself in her warm receptacle. the Doberman moved around and over the bitch under him with a series of shuffles of his hind legs. Now his hips were hunched over the bitch’s rump slamming at her with enthusiasm. His forelegs were tightly wrapped around and under the bitch’s hips. Elizabeth felt the intimate contact like that of a ardent lover.

Elizabeth trembled, but it wasn’t a tremble of fear but one that can only be derived from fulfilment. The bitch and human feelings were intermingled and confused.

Elizabeth felt the spreading warmth deep inside her vagina as the dogs penis inflated within her. She knew without experience that it was the dogs semen spraying against her breeding channel that was causing the spreading warmth deep in her belly. The dog slowed then stopped thrusting as he locked fully with her.

Elizabeths human feelings were in denial, not wanting to accept that she was allowing this sleek and wonderful creature breed her. Right at that very moment the dogs potent sperm were swamping her cervical channel and some of the most robust were making their hazardous journey to her egg. Or was it eggs. Was she a human inside or a bitch. It was then that she realized that she didn’t know what had actually happened to her body during the change.


The sleek brown and black dog had only bred a bitch once before but he felt certain that there was something different about this gorgeous grey and white bitch. He couldn’t determine what it was but she was different none the less. She didn't entirely act like a bitch in such an advanced state of heat. However, in spite of the undetermined difference she felt good to him and seemed to devour him once he had entered her. Now that he was tightly enclosed within her silkiness she gripped him tightly with her vaginal muscles, so tight was the clasping walls that it hurt. He was tender already from the huge distended engorgement that had inflated his penis to fit her sheath and the additional pressure only added to his need to withdraw from the bitch.

The Doberman whimpered uncomfortably and got agitated when he was unable dislodge himself. Elizabeth turned once more to look at her canine lover and she too whimpered. The dog tugged uncomfortably at her tender vagina as he dropped his left forelegs down on her right side as he attempted to detach from the tie. The dogfight across the open ground had long since become queit. The eary scene of busy flashlights moving between the pickup and the place where the fight had started indicated that the men were collecting and removing the dogs one by one.

"One short Tony, a voice called from Elizabeth's left and thirty yards infront of her.

"Which one?"

"Its the Doberman," suddenly flashlights scanned the open ground. "There he is over there, looks like another dog with him."

"With him be fu***d he's rooting that bitch that led them off, lucky bugger."

"Go get him and let's get out of here," another voice called from back near the vehicals.

"Holy shit there tied good, Tony"

"Well help him out for Christ sake wont you."

"It ain't that easy," One of the men already with the two dogs call back to Tony who appeared to be the boss.

Elizabeth was mortified, there were three men watching her stand tied to a dog that was still discharging his warm semen into her. If dogs could blush she was certainly blushing now.

"Will you just look at that," A flashlight focused on the dogs penis lodged in the bitch, a swollen red lump of dog knot was all that could be seen. All three men drew close and inspected Elizabeths distended pussy and the swollen knot.

"Makes you wonder though," one man ventured

"Wonder what?" came a reply as a finger pressed against Elizabeths engorged vagina.

"How he gets it in her."

"Owhh that's easy to explain it swells up while the dog fucks her, but your right look at that big ball, wonder if it hurts?" Elizabeth wanted to answer that, far from it hurting, it felt ... well kind of... comfy snug. She wasn't sure just how to describe it but hurt, it didn't. That was except when the dog first pulled at her to try to break the tie. Even then it was a pleasant kind of pain.

Right now the men were trying to ease them apart and Elizabeth could feel her opening stretching as bit by bit the dogs knot was being dislodged. "Here it comes," Elizabeth whimpered and a man patted her head reassuringly. "Yep that's it, its almost there...." With a Splooooort , the dogs penis and knot slithered from the itches vagina followed by a copious stream of excess semen. Elizabeth felt open and vulnerable.

"There there girl, was he nice did you enjoy him? Bet you're full of Dobie puppies right now hay? You'll make a good mum I bet," He patted her again rather kindly as he held her by the collar. Two other men lead the dog away from her. In the glare of a flashlight beam she saw the enormous misshapen penis dangling down between her lovers back leg and was shocked by its size and brutal appearance in the bold glow of the yellow beam. The Doberman squatted and licked himself and the Elizabeth watched with a mixture of fascination and disgust.

The man holding Elizabeth called out to Tony to see what he wanted done with the bitch.

"Come here and get a spare chain and tie her up to that stanchion over there, don't want her following us back she's caused enough trouble for one night."


The two pickup trucks disappeared into the night and were soon engulfed by the surrounding trees that fringed the twin rutted track. Elizabeth was alone with the chirping crickets and the occasional hoot of a night owl calling its melancholy call. She grew restless. Surely Jim would arrive soon once he had seen the vehicles disappear. She looked around not frightened but hopeful that Jim would return soon. It was a new experience to be restrained, as she was, but if Jim didn’t arrive soon then her apprehension would certainly rise. She searched the night for any sign of an approaching vehicle but none could be seen.

Minutes passed then a strange smell wafted downwind to the restrained bitch. It was instant recognition, she had smelt the smell before. It was the same smell of carrion that meant the Wolfhound was near.

The hound’s sharp eyes saw her his sensitive nose smelt her she was only yards away. Out of the shadows of the night she appeared. The bitch was only meters away and she seemed to be restrained. His desire rose immeasurably as he approached the grey and white bitch. His loins stirred as he cautiously approached. He needed her, he needed a bitch to relieve the pent up expectation that was almost, but not quite fulfilled less than an half hour ago.

Elizabeth’s own keen eyes saw the big stud approaching. Each cautious step brought him nearer. Just two meters from her he stopped. She saw the blood on his muzzle and the open flesh on his neck and hip. The fight had been vicious and brutal. Elizabeth, the human Elizabeth felt sorry for the big dog and his hurt. There was no way she could express it of course but she felt responsible for what happened. Of course she wasn’t it was just what happened in the cruel animal world at all levels. Humans had mostly but not quite detached themselves from the baser instincts. However, when there are competing males, all anxious to pass on their genes to the next generation, there is bound to be conflict.

The dog moved in close, sniffing the air deeply. He saw that the bitches tail was raised exposing her distended and leaking vulva. He sidled around her and sensed that this time the previous reluctance had gone replaced by an acceptance he had not expected. His muzzle nestled under her raised tail and he smelt dog, another dog. She had been with a dog just recently and he both smelt and saw the seminal fluid on her. The smell excited him as he realized the need to place his own seed inside the bitch became urgent. The longer he waited the less chance he would have of fathering the litter.

Elizabeth felt an unexpected need within her. Her reluctance and resistance before her first mating had gone replaced by a need to feel the very special sensation of the dog inside her one more time. The damage had been done she was almost certainly pregnant and another mating was going to make little difference. With that in mind her tail raised and her ears became alert she was showing a wantonness that only a bitch in heat can show.

The wolfhound was not prepared to wait and he was quickly covering the smaller bitch. His penis sprayed the exposed vulva with his slick precome as he made little searching pokes at her even more swollen vagina. A slight adjustment brought his groin closer to the bitches behind.

Elizabeth felt a thrill as the warm pointed tip, spraying his thin lubricating liquid, touched her extremely sensitive vulva. The first mating had resulted in expanding her portal and in the process making it extremely sensitive. The dogs hips swung at her exploring and preparing her for his entry. Several more probing prods and Elizabeth felt the tip slide between the puckered slit she was offering wantonly to the mounting stud. He paused briefly then with a hopping lunge he sunk himself into her fully. It was like a searing hot needle driving deep into her inner depths. Elizabeth gave a yelp at the sudden invasion but also felt the thrill of being penetrated by the vigorous stud.

The big hounds thrusting groin buffeted the bitch who was whimpering as the bulb of the throbbing penis grew along with the shaft which was spitting warm spirits of seamen inside the expanding portal. Elizabeth felt the difference in the way the two dogs had filled her vagina. The big hound was more brutal with his initial entry and rougher in his enthusiasm to plant his seed than the Doberman had been. However, Elizabeth had a need of her own that defied explanation to her human mind.

The thrusting stopped and the girl felt a dull ache of the thickening penis knot as it stretched her vaginal channel to the very limit. Even as the warm feeling of dog seamen spread within her Elizabeth heard the approaching sound of a car engine. Looking up she saw the scything lights that cut through the darkness like a knife. Her heart sank, she realized she would be seen by Jim, and suddenly she felt sick.


Jim alighted from the car at looked at the two tied dogs now standing rump to rump. Elizabeth was glad Jim couldn’t see her blushing, for she was blushing deeply underneath her doggy exterior. What he could see was extremely mortifying to the transformed girl. The fact that she would have to face him at a later date, with full knowledge that he had seen her conjoined with a dog, when she was returned to her human form made her wish for the earth to open up right there and swallow her.

Elisabeth’s doleful eyes looked up at the man standing smoking while he waited. She was making a silent plea to him to not breathe a word of what he was witnessing. If he understood he said nothing just watched and patiently waited. The Wolfhound got restless as Elizabeth felt his not slowly deflate. His penis was not as tight inside her although she could feel an occasional twitch and knew he was still discharging his seed inside her. Then with a sudden tug he was gone. A slithering feeling followed by a trickling of his copious seed from her now void vagina signaled the end.

Casually Jim reached down and took Elizabeth’s collar even as the Wolfhound gave her one last languid lick. Then he flopped down to tend his now blood drained penis, still hanging loose , which was unable to retract because of the bulbous knot that had still not shrunk enough.

Come on Liz, Jim held the door open and helped her into the back of the car with a tug on her collar. Somehow I think we may have a problem here. You will have to tell me later how he was. He laughed but his laugh was at best a nervous laugh.


I really enjoyed this story. I would love to read a followup or continuation of this one :)
I've read both of your stories and they are very, very good stories. However there are a few things that greatly detract from the story. You do not present dialog in the proper format in quotes and with individuals separated. You have a problem with misspelling words or using the wrong word such as there, their, and they're. for example. There are many other errors in your writing that a good proofreading should correct. If you would like, I'd be happy to correct one of your stories as an example for you,.
I enjoyed the story but it does need some editing and polishing. Please continue writing and bring us more of this naughty little story.
Enjoyable, and a decent new submission for the lab!

I too would like to suggest you proofread for standardized formatting and grammar. You're missing apostrophe's on all of your contractions and quote marks for all dialogue. That makes what would otherwise be an excellent submission to merely an average-good submission.

On an encouraging note, it does seem that the story might benefit from either a follow-up or an epilogue. Please do keep up your writing and consider revisiting this story for more addition in the future!
Great story but you should have ended it with Bev letting Tiger fuck her
Very, very, very long, and not really worth it. The lack of quotation marks and proper formatting for dialog also made it more of a chore to read. It wasn't *horrible* though
Nice story, but you Really should use proper story writting, aka use " before and after a dialog sentence, and space before and after it. ;)
you need to do a follow up to this story please :)
Great story