From The Horse's Lips - Part 2: Jamie

by fiat
Published: Aug 6th, 2015
Last Edit: Aug 8th, 2015


I promised this to someone a long, long time ago. My continuation of Niak's "From the Horse's Lips." I hope you like it. Especially you, Niak ;3 I recommend reading the PDF I've linked below. The text is the same, but I've played with the fonts to better convey the sound of Jamie's voice at the various stages of her change.


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Jamie squirmed, grinding the seat of her pelvis against the leather of the salon chair. The stimulation gave her some relief, at which her brow visibly relaxed, smoothing the increasingly deep furrows that’d been a near-permanent fixture of her face for the past two days. Her jaw loosened, a moan parting her lips slightly as her mound met the subtle stitching in the cushion beneath her, erasing the tension in her back with tingles of sensation that pulsed up her spine and swept over her scalp. She targeted the spot, gripping the arms of the chair from the underside and using the leverage to press herself down hard, her heart pushed forward and her tailbone extended to maximize the surface area she was exposing to the wonderfully knotty texture. But just as her body began to melt with relief—just as it had these past two days—the longing returned. Stronger.


Her brow knit again as the muscles in her jaw tightened, a near-silent “fuck” escaping with a sharp exhale from behind her clenched teeth. What the hell was going on? She knew what it was like to be horny. Even extremely horny. This was different. It worried her a little. Not that she didn’t enjoy it—her brilliantly colored, variously sized, and proudly visible collection of sex toys would confirm her unabashed love of sex to anyone who opened her bedroom closet. She’d always been more willing to embrace her desire than her peers—her reserved best friend Stephanie included—but now she felt a constant pressure for release. And it only seemed to grow, no matter how hard she tried to relieve it. Especially when she tried to relieve it.


She’d spent last night tossing and turning beneath her sheets, barely sleeping between trips to her toy case. Before she’d even left bed this morning, she’d called in sick to work. She’d even begun rubbing herself through her yoga pants before she could hang up the phone, after which she’d finished herself three times. In a row. Without a break.  Hell, she might really be sick.


The right side of her mouth pulled back into a lopsided, lascivious grin. Sick in allllllll the right ways.


 I mean, if a chair can do this, imagine what a cock would feel like. Mmmm… Jamie began to squirm again, her pelvis searching for the magic spot in the leather beneath her. But with this new… ability… would a single man be enough? Why not experiment? What if it were- Before she’d had time to begin a mental inventory of all the things that might satisfy her, a single image overwhelmed her consciousness. It was the massive figure of the horse that had kissed Stephanie, standing alone in the barn, his giant member erect and pulsing with blood beneath dark, mottled skin. Jamie closed her eyes, tilted her head slightly, opened her mouth, and gave herself to the pleasure that had come roaring into her abdomen. Wetness began to pool quickly in her underwear, coating her lips, soaking through to her jeans. She could see every minute detail of that massive, wonderful cock. She could feel it pulsing. At first, the pace matched that of her pounding heart. Then her breaths shortened until they, too, kept time. As she panted, the sound of blood rose in her ears, higher with each twitch of the shaft, drowning out the noise of the salon. Drowning out all feelings in her body but pleasure. Drowning out all thought. Higher, louder, harder. Until it filled her world.


Deep inside of Jaime, the muscles of her walls flexed and contracted in a single, sudden pulse. The powerful muscles in her flanks spasmed and her spine arched, forcing most of her body from the chair. And from deep in Jaime’s throat came a sound that she’d never heard before.


Just as quickly and violently as the muscles in her back and hips had tensed, they released and she returned to her chair with a thud. She clutched her chest and tried to force her breathing back to a steady pace. One that might keep her heart from exploding.


What the fuck was that! She felt like she’d just let out the most passionate moan of her life, but it’d sounded… different. Deeper. The longing for release was still in her lower belly. If anything, it’d increased to a need. Like a growing demand that would push all other priorities aside. But it wasn’t just that…


 What was that… spasm? That feeling? She grabbed at her belly with both hands, flexing the muscles around her stomach and pelvis, trying to sense what’d happened within her body. She could feel…


Motion to her left grabbed Jamie’s attention. She turned her head with a jerk, suddenly reminded of the foil patches that were separating the still-setting dye in her hair. The chair next to her was empty but, two chairs over, a portly, middle-aged, brunette woman was glaring at her in reproach. Her brain was still fuzzy from the fading dream. It took Jamie a moment to process the woman’s glare before she realized that her spine was at rigid attention and her knuckles were still white from their grip on the arm rests. And that… that sound! How loud had it been?


As Jamie collected herself, her defiance returned. She gave the woman her best grin, wiggled her hips in the most lewd way she could, and winked. “Oh, no need for concern. Just practicing my vocal fry.”




Jamie slipped her debit card into her wallet and her wallet into her back pocket. As she strode out the door of the salon, she noticed a tray of small, pink-frosted cupcakes. She loved cupcakes, and they were obviously for customers. She grabbed one, tore off the wrapping, and devoured it greedily. As she nibbled the last few crumbs, her hair flashed in a mirror beside her and she stopped to admire it. Brilliant pinks and oranges blended into each other through pastel shades of each color. Her short hair fell just to her jawline, leaving her with the impression that her head was wreathed in a sunset.


“Perfect.” She nodded her approval and smiled at herself in the mirror, the skin around her large, blue eyes wrinkling in happiness. She wore only the faintest hint of makeup; her features were far too cute to paint over. She was proud of her body, of her face.


As she stared at her new look in the mirror, she thought back to her bedroom. She almost hadn’t been able to tear herself away from her toy case, but she was glad she’d managed. With that thought, she felt something clench low in her abdomen. Her right hand darted to her stomach, grabbing a fistful of her t-shirt as a sheen of sweat began to gather on her forehead. It felt like her stomach was growling, turning, but this was lower. And it felt… good. Her walls were tingling deep, deep inside.


“Uuuhhhnn…” Jamie let out a quiet moan as she doubled over, grabbing now with both hands as pleasure rippled through her belly. Her insides let out a growl that sounded to the world like she was just hungry. But Jamie could feel it in her body. It was different. Lower. She pressed her palms against the spot just as another contraction started. She could feel her walls begin pulsing inside her. The contractions weren’t as hard as the one she’d felt in the chair, but they came together. It felt like her body had begun to orgasm. By itself. And the usual pleasure came with it. More than the usual pleasure.


“OoooOoOoo…” Her voice fluctuated as the pulses of pleasure jolted her body. She felt a rush of lubrication pool inside her, wetting her lips immediately. Still hunched over, she began instinctively writhing, gyrating her hips in every direction that her joints would allow, pushing her mound against the fabric of her panties, into the crotch seam of her tight jeans, seeking some sort of relief. She’d managed to conceal the small wet spot that’d formed in the salon chair: her long shirt tail had covered the seat of her jeans. But now, within seconds, her sweet juices had soaked through her panties and jeans—and made it to the fabric of her shirt. The damp spot grew from the size of a dime, to a penny, to a quarter, until it was roughly as round as a coffee mug.


The pulses began to spread down from inside her, pushing closer and closer to her opening with each throb. But it wasn’t a single sensation traveling down her tunnel: it felt as if more and more of her were being recruited to this strange pleasure. With each pulse, a new span of her walls joined the contortions, growing the ecstasy she felt. Jamie’s breath grew shorter and shorter. She could feel the sensation about to reach a spot in her tunnel. The perfect spot. She wanted it. She urged whatever was happening to her closer and closer and-


“MISS!” The desk attendant’s shout shattered Jamie’s haze of pleasure. She’d completely forgotten where she was. Like waking up from a dream, she slowly uncurled her body, craning her neck to look at the face of the attendant leaning over the desk. Over her.


As Jamie woke, her senses returned to the world outside her body. She noticed the group of five or six people outside the salon door. The door she’d been blocking. Their faces were a mix of puzzlement, concern, revulsion, and curiosity. Inside the salon, all noise had stopped. Still crouched, Jamie craned her neck to look behind her. The stylists were frozen, silent blow dryers and clippers in hand. Their clients were slack jawed, wet hair shedding a steady drip of water drops to the floor, unremarked. Everything was silent.


Jamie felt a massive swell of embarrassment rising in her. But she pushed it down. She refused to feel embarrassed by her sexuality, no matter how outside of her control it seemed. She didn’t take special pleasure from exhibiting herself to others, but she definitely wasn’t going to let others shame her for something that pleased her. Even if she wasn’t really sure what that something had been. She took a deep, full inhale, filling her lungs to their absolute capacity, and then let out a long, ragged exhale. And then, in a slow, collected, centered movement, she stood up and walked out the door, the small crowd moving eagerly aside.


It was a short walk to Jamie’s beat-up red Honda hatchback, but it felt like miles. Every time she placed one foot in front of the other, her body would jolt her with pleasure, the small sway in her hips stimulating her hyper-sensitive lips. She could feel the tiny threads of her soaked panties rubbing against her swollen exterior, each small shift in the fabric convulsing her body so hard that it became difficult to walk straight. The pleasure was so great, and the longing it stoked so deep, that it started to become uncomfortable. Jamie tried waddling, which reduced the sensation enough for her to draw full, deep breaths. Her sweaty chest heaved beneath her small breasts as she took careful steps, trying her best to freeze her hips in position. But she couldn’t keep it up for more than a few steps.


The few deep, mindful breaths cleared her head somewhat. Her car was in sight, just twenty or thirty more careful steps and she’d make it to her door. She’d reacted instinctively to the overwhelming sensation of the fabric, trying to reduce the stimulation despite the pleasure. Her body had felt that it was too much. But now she paused, her head nearly clear. And with a moment’s hesitation, her left canine bit hard into her lower lip and she made her decision.


Jamie raised her right leg and took a long, deliberate stride toward her car door, crossing her footfall slightly in front of her left leg, attempting to maximize the sensation she’d deliver to herself. And it worked.


She lost consciousness for a moment, her balance failing and her vision momentarily filled with brilliant lights. The hood of a white Lexus IS caught her fall, her arm and half of her chest landing hard against it. Hard enough to set off the alarm. But to Jamie’s mind, the loud horn and siren sounded distant. She drew herself up on the hood of the car.


Yeeeeeeesssssss. She wet her lips with her tongue, the fingers of her right hand moving along her cheek, her pinky tracing down to meet the end of her lips. That small touch—four fingers against her face—felt like a world unto itself. Her whole body was open to stimulation in a way that it had never been before.


Jamie opened her eyes and found her car. Fuck twenty or thirty waddles away. It was only nine long strides. Maybe nine and three-quarters. Or ten.


Jamie collected herself and began to leap the distance, throwing her body forward in a full run. And as her left leg pushed forward, pulling the tight denim at her groin taut against her, the feeling returned.


It was more insistent, more powerful than ever. Her entire tunnel convulsed in time with the pace of her stride, stretching and pulling and twisting with pleasure. The muscles around her walls contracted and flexed beneath her tight abdomen, which worked itself with the effort of running. She could feel whatever was happening to her in minute detail. It felt like her tunnel was growing larger from the inside, new muscles moving the organs around them to make way for their increasing mass.


Jamie took another stride and the feeling pulsed down. Her upper body jerked forward at the overwhelming pleasure, her vision blurring slightly, consciousness slipping away. But Jamie recovered, taking her momentum and diverting it into another stride, another deep, wet pulse.


Jamie was ready for the second step. She focused her eyes on her car, even as the muscles that controlled them threatened to roll her vision into her head. Rather than fighting the pleasure, she gave herself to it. Welcomed it. Let it overwhelm her. Let her mind sink into it. And fade.


As she stopped concentrating on keeping it, her balance returned. She made her third stride gracefully, without thinking, her black Converses catching the pavement of the parking lot beneath her, settling onto the balls of her left foot and pushing off again, her heel coming nowhere near the ground. Jamie could feel the wind rushing past her face, the smooth caress of air moving through her hair. She took another stride and a new breeze stirred, cooling her body from outside. A small press of wind passed through the fabric of her jeans, through her panties, and onto her soaked, glistening lips. And with that sensation, she felt the odd pulse begin in a new place. Now it was her swollen lips that twitched, pulsing slightly with her stride.


Jamie took another long stride, her pelvis pressed forward, wanting to feel more of the change. Her body obliged her. More air touched her soaked lips and they twitched, convulsed, and shifted. She could feel her opening growing larger, the flesh of her lips stretching down.


Jamie leapt forward, pushing hard off the balls of her left foot. Her tunnel and lips convulsed together, muscles contracting, flesh growing around her clit.


Jamie was at a full sprint. She pushed her head back back, her mouth hanging open to catch as much of the wind as she could, her arms flung to either side, palms open, feeling the wind rush across her skin. The sixth, seventh, and eighth strides came in quick succession, the change now divorced from her movements, rapid and continuous. Her whole tunnel pulsed with power and pleasure. Her wet lips stretched and pulled, the skin around them growing darker. The top of her opening pulsed down, down, down until the darkening flesh connected with her anus, which began to grow and push outward, puckering and pulsing and writhing.


Jamie was overwhelmed. She could think of nothing but the pleasure her body was delivering to her. Even then, it seemed to overload her capacity to feel, challenging her to stay conscious. Feeling anything but pleasure was impossible. Remaining Jamie, remaining a self, ready to receive the pleasure, was becoming increasingly difficult. She felt like a receptacle, overfull, with nowhere to expel its contents. Nothing to do other than burst. She was dissolving. Melting into the sensations of her body.


“Ooooof!” Jamie’s chest hit her car door at a full run. The only thing that allowed her to keep her wind was her impossibly flexed abdomen, which absorbed the bulk of the impact. It brought Jamie back to the world, but only slightly. Only enough to do what she needed to do. She fumbled her keys from her front pocket, searching frantically for the right one, the metal jingling as her pussy continued its transformation.


“Ughh. Ugghhnn. UgghnNNNNNNNNN.” Jamie didn’t notice the tone of her voice drop, the end of her moan low and inhuman. What little of her consciousness she could summon, what small part of her wasn’t devoted to containing the pleasure she felt, was concentrating exclusively on her keys.


“YES!” Her exclamation was half directed at her body and half at the key to her car, which her right hand quickly grabbed, inserted, and turned. She swung open the door, the key still in the lock, leapt onto the front armrest and, faced the back of the car. She placed her hips at the front of the hard, convex pleather of the armrest, grabbing a hold of the driver and passenger seat with either hand, and dragged herself forward.


As she did she heard—and felt—a series of wet pops, like too-tight joints loosening. She pulled her hips up, placed herself at the top of the armrest again, and pulled, grinding herself down as hard as she could. Her pelvis popped and cracked as her swollen, growing pussy shifted with the motion, moving slightly up her backside. She lifted herself back up, placed herself at the top of the armrest, and pulled, grinding herself as hard as she possibly could into the wonderfully firm armrest. As her groin traced forward, the pressure and friction pushed hard onto her lips and, bit by bit, they gave. Her pussy stretched and shifted, her mound moving slowly backward. She could feel her hips adjusting, cracking and popping so hard that she felt the vibrations in her chest. Her tight, soaked jeans pulled with her, the fabric grabbing her tailbone and pulling as she ground it against the armrest, space growing between her coccyx and hips, her sit bones cracking, popping, and spreading across the pleather surface, parting her bulging lips.


“UuugggGGGHHHHNNNNNNNN!” She pulled her pussy even further up her backside. The bones around her opening popped and twisted with the motion, her lips pushing outward, her hips widening and separating her flank to expose more and more of her muscular, fleshy, and nearly black lips to the inside of her straining jeans. Her bright pink panties stretched and tore, pulled deeper and deeper into the growing cleft of her pussy, the pleasure causing her to thrash her head wildly. The denim of her jeans stretched as her skeleton shifted, a small tear opening just over her bulging anus, which writhed and pulsed in time with her heartbeat, re-shaping into a ring that was now nearly as black as her pussy.


Jamie stopped her thrashing and tried to catch her breath, but her racing heart wouldn’t let her. Her jaw clenched, overwhelmed by the sensations. She caught herself, loosening the muscles of her face. Relaxing into the pleasure. And then, as a sense of peace washed over her, the image of the horse came to her again. It was insistent. She focused on it. She summoned it. But she didn’t need to. He was chasing her.


In her mind, Jamie was still herself, still human. She was naked, in the barn with him. He was erect, rigid, huge. So impossibly large. How would she fit him? She bent over, welcoming him. Then her mind’s eye turned to her pussy. It was huge, swollen. But not quite a horse’s. Still too small. Too human. Jamie shook her head, both in her mind and in her car. Too human.


She repositioned her hips at the top of the armrest again, steadying herself against the seats. In her mind, she pressed her changing opening outward, pushing with her inner thighs, turning her pelvis upward between her hips, exposing as much of herself as her body would let her. Calling him to come to her. And he obliged. She was still so small. He walked over her, no need to jump onto her back. His massive cock was so high. She stood on her toes, pressing the floor of the barn away from her with her hands. And as he pushed into her, Jamie dragged her pussy along the armrest. Slow. Hard. Deep.


Her hips popped continuously with the motion, her tailbone extending, a small, writhing nub emerging from the opening in her jeans as it tore and expanded, unable to contain her growing thighs. The feeble pink lace of her panties gave way and Jamie cried out as the pressure released from her lips. She imagined the huge cock entering her, parting her, changing her further, making her more like him. Good. Better. Perfect. His cock began to push into her, meeting resistance from her still-too-tight tunnel. He continued, gentle but firm. In her mind, her walls gave way to the giant cockhead, expanding around it, allowing it to force her open, the sinew of her walls cracking and popping around his shaft as it was forced to adopt a new size. Her hips grew, gaining muscle and girth, her still-forming, pink-colored hooves pressing hard into the dirt floor of the barn. Her spine popped, lengthening, the vertebrae growing as the cock forced its way further and further into her. Her buttocks grew until they could only be called flanks, her abdomen swelled, his cock visible from the exterior, distending the flesh of her stomach outward. He pressed again. Further. Growing her. Changing her.


In her car, Jamie screamed.






Jamie pressed down harder on the gas pedal, but it was already tight against the floor. She could feel her small, four-cylinder engine laboring under the stress, the needle on her tachometer deep in the red. She watched the speedometer’s needle wobble dangerously around 82 mph, as fast as she’d ever been able to get the car to go. It was mid-afternoon on a weekday and, as she got farther and farther from the town center—farther and farther into rural areas—the traffic dwindled to almost nothing. Faster. Faster!


Jamie had had the orgasm of her life on her car’s armrest. It was still covered in her sweet juices, but she didn’t have any shame about placing her right forearm firmly on it. Feeling the stickiness soak into her skin. Her mind began to drift back to the farm. To the barn. To him.


Jamie shook her head and collected herself, focusing on her breathing. Too much stimulation and she wouldn’t be able to drive. She was barely able to think as it was, the seat of her jeans destroyed, exposing her changed opening to the hot pleather of the seat, constantly risking a crash if she moved her enlarged pelvis too suddenly against the warm, smooth, variegated stitching beneath it. Her pussy now looked exactly like what Jamie imagined a female horse’s genitals would look like. But it was still way too small to contain him. At least, she thought so.


At least, too small to fit what I’m imagining. Not that I’m biased, or anything. She smirked.


An internal voice reprimanded her. She was joking? Why wasn’t she freaking out about this? Her nethers had just shifted into a set of black, bestial horse lips. She’d covered the front of her car in cum thinking about fucking a horse, for god’s sake. And now, she was driving like a crazed person to find that horse. To do what?


To fuck him, she told herself. To have him fuck me.


And what was happening to her body?


That’s obvious, she told herself. I’m becoming a horse.


All of this seemed surreal. Like a dream. At least, in the abstract. Turning into a horse, going mad with lust for another horse. But she knew it was real. She knew everything about this was real. She could feel the wind as it blew in from the driver’s side window and whipped her pink-and-orange hair across her face. That was real.


She craned her neck upward, feeling the breeze as it firmly buffeted her cheeks, ran down the nape of her neck, and into her shirt. The nipples on her small breasts hardened as she imagined that her hair was a mane, that the wind she felt across her scalp was caused by her gallop. She craned her neck further forward, into the wind, her eyelids fluttering as she imagined her mane flowing behind her. She pushed her jaw forward, forward, further into the breeze, willing herself to run faster. Faster. Faster!


As she strained her neck forward, pulling her jaw away from her collarbone, she heard a loud *pop* that shook her skull. The tendons and muscles that limited her began to pulse and swell, the base flesh of her neck growing larger and thicker. She felt all this happening and pushed harder, willing her head forward, willing her neck to be stronger and more lithe, to feel more of the breeze on more of her skin. She pushed and strained, her brow furrowed, but her neck wasn’t obliging quickly enough.


Then she remembered. She smoothed her expression, concentrating on her breathing, and gave herself over to the pleasure of the change. Immediately, her neck responded with a series of pops and clicks, shoving her head forward, closer and closer to the wheel. She sighed, deep and ragged. The release of tension spread to her face and she curled her upper lip, exposing her teeth and gums to the wind.


“Neigh.” She tentatively tried to whinny, to embrace the horse that she was becoming. But the sound was entirely human. She felt silly. Again, she was trying too hard. She breathed in, her neck letting out another pop, the muscles and tendons that connected it to her collarbone now seemed more at home on a linebacker. She breathed out. And it came with it.


“NeeeEEEiiiEEEggHHHHHHHHHHH.” Stephanie’s tunnel pulsed at the sound, the stretching and popping returning to her insides, crawling upward this time, into her womb.


“Shit!” She’d denied herself that pleasure for a reason. It triggered her fear of crashing and her eyes flew open. She noticed that she’d drifted into the right lane. And as the exit sign flashed past her, she realized where she was.


“Shit! ShiIIeet! Shii- EEEE!” The sound of her voice, now deep and heavy, startled her—but only for a moment. She slammed the wheel to the right, crossing the solid white lines that separated the exit from the interstate, and just barely missed the crash barrels. Then she slammed her breaks, screeching the remaining distance to the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp.




It had been a herculean effort, but for the remaining fifteen minute drive to the farm she hadn’t touched herself. She occupied her time testing her vocal chords, feeling the change to them—and the rest of her neck—with her fingers. She realized quickly that her voice had permanently changed. She could still enunciate clearly, but the occasional vowel dragged into a whinny. And her tone sounded nothing like a human woman. Not even a human man. She really was becoming a mare.


She loved it. She wanted it so badly. Her body did, sure. And she’d always been particularly in touch with her body’s needs. But her mind did, too. Jamie did. She wasn’t simply addled by the pleasure. And she could feel… something at work. Like… magic? But she knew who she was. And what she wanted. She was Jamie. And she wanted this.


She began to notice familiar landmarks. Thankfully, there weren’t any other horse farms along the road. She wasn’t certain what her body would have done if she’d seen a stallion. Maybe… nothing. If her experience at the salon was still relevant here, just thinking that word should have sent her into ecstasy. But it seemed that she didn’t just want any stallion. She wanted this stallion.


With that, the change began again. She felt the pulse start in her walls, but now it’d reached her cervix. It pushed up, up, up, into her womb. And it spread. She could feel other parts of her belly beginning to change. Her abs tensed, flex, and became impossibly hard. And her spine began to lengthen, extending her frame and pushing her head against the ceiling of her car. When she’d put on her t-shirt this morning, the hem had been just below the curve where her butt met her thighs. Now, as her torso stretched longer and longer, the skin of her belly began to show.


“Uuugg- hheeee- EEEEEE.” The pleasure was more muted this time, competing with her fear of crashing the car, but it was still enough to drive her off the road. She managed to slide her car back onto the pavement, now hunched over the steering wheel to bring her eyes level with the top of the windshield. And as she peeked below it, craning her neck to view the road in front of her, she saw it.


The sign! The sign for the horse farm!


She pulled the car up just short of the fence that surrounded the meadow. Peering low and craning her longer neck, she could just make out the barn, far, far to the back of the property, its peaked roof visible above a line of trees. There was a dirt path that led into some dense vegetation just in front of her. She put her car in drive, but before she took her foot off the brake, she realized what she was doing.


I’m… I’m here… She breathed in deeply and exhaled. I’m here to become a mare. I’m not going to need a car. And if I hide it, it’ll just rust. Better that I leave it out for someone to find it and use it. Maybe… maybe if I leave it on the property, it’ll belong to the farmer. She smiled to herself. A down payment on the extra feed they’ll need. Well, really, the only payment I’ll be making. Unless… unless… I breed.


At that thought, a rush of pleasure slammed into her abdomen. She grabbed at her stomach with hands that suddenly felt tight and cramped, then began tingling, as if she’d sat on them for too long and they’d begun to go numb. She felt her insides shifting again, the pulse of change moving deeper and deeper into her womb. Foals, Jamie thought. Yes! Give me foals…


She began to grind her exposed pussy into the seat, the haze of pleasure slowly breaking down her will. Her prohibitions. She was here after all, wasn’t she? She’d made it to the farm. She could let herself feel a bit of pleasure, couldn’t she?


Jamie sat back in the seat and raised her feet to either side of the dashboard, her small nub of a tail swishing against the steering wheel, just beneath her engorged, glistening lips. In the process, she took her foot off of the brake and the car, still in drive, began to lurch forward. But she didn’t care. She moved her right hand down to her still human clit and began rubbing it furiously, dipping her middle finger into herself to gather more of her lubricant while her index continued to tweak her nub. But as she tried to stretch her index finger into her dark and velvety pussy, she realized that she couldn’t move it that far. She looked down to see what was wrong, flexing her now rock-hard abdomen to put her longer—but still limited—neck in a better position to see her hand.


Something about that effort drew the change, and as soon as Jamie had raised her head from the seat, she slammed it back down in ecstasy. Her fingers froze at her pussy as she began to thrash about the seat, increasingly bestial sounds emerging from her longer throat.


“Oh… fuck… fu- eeeEEEE. F- f- FUCK. Eeeeee. EEeeee. EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH.” Her neighs and whinnies of pleasure drowned out the gurgling sounds that were coming from her stomach. Her womb was growing to accommodate a baby foal, shifting other organs aside to make room. And they, in turn, were undergoing their own changes. Her stomach grew, shifted, and contorted to accommodate a grass diet. And the muscles of her torso, still firm and taut, began to distend outward, giving her insides new room to grow. Her t-shirt was being drawn tight against her stomach, a small bulge of skin pressing out beneath the hem. The metal studs that held the waist and fly of her jeans closed, already stretched taut by her changed hips, finally gave under the strain of her latest expansion as each of the four studs popped through the openings to which they’d barely clung. Her fly hung completely open to the air, revealing nothing but the tattered remains of her pink panties and bare skin that’d begun to darken, growing small, coarse, black hairs. Her pussy had long since moved down, in-between her buttocks. She rubbed the bare, increasingly blackened skin with her hands, imagining the breasts that she’d soon have there.


As her hands played above her opening, her solar plexus began to push forward, accompanied by a series of wet cracks and pops. Jamie’s ribcage came with it, its increasing size swallowing nearly all of the definition her breasts had left. Her torso began to expand, her pectoral muscles flexing with power. Jamie moaned and whinnied, hands moving down to her clit, entering through the tear in the seat of her jeans. As her new chest rippled with power, the remains of her breasts began to inch down her torso. She thrashed and cried in pleasure, tears beginning to trickle down her cheeks from the overwhelming sensations.


She felt the car hit the fence, but she didn’t care. Fences were bad. They kept her in. She brought a stiff right hand to her t-shirt, just above her rigid nipples, rubbing and tweaking them as they travelled further and further down her torso. As she played with her shifting breasts, her hands began to lock, losing their dexterity. She could feel her index and middle fingers merging, just as her ring and pinky fingers did the same. Her thumbs began to separate from her palms as they extended, cracking and popping with a vibrating pleasure that she felt in her nipples, her changing palms rubbing her breasts, pushing them downward, encouraging them lower and lower.


The stallion! Her stallion! She could see him again in her mind’s eye, standing in his barn. She knew he was so close. But he was here, with her already, in her mind. She walked up to him, still on two feet. Her body was larger than it had been during her last visit, but still nowhere near his massive size. Her eyes were drawn immediately to his cock, erect and bobbing beneath his torso. She walked up to him, crouched beside his haunches, and reached out for it, eyes locked.


She grabbed air. He had stepped away. Confused, Jamie reached out again. Her elongated palms were attached to two chitin-topped fingers and a dwindling thumb, but they were still dextrous enough to grasp the air as her stallion deftly sidestepped again. Fear began to rise in Jamie. What if he didn’t want her? What would she do?


Jamie raised herself from her crouch and walked to face him. She stood in front of him, looking into each of his eyes in rapid succession, searching for an answer. He took a step toward her, craning his neck, and nuzzled her face with the end of his muzzle. And suddenly, Jamie felt it. She knew what she had to do.


He wants me to change with him. He knows I’m here.


Still in the seat of her car, Jamie’s increasingly inhuman body went rigid. The pleasure still roared in her body, but the knowledge that her stallion was so close pulled Jamie back to the present. She commanded her body to stop. She needed to preserve some of her humanity for her stallion. He needed to be the one to bring her across the threshold of a new life. Jamie concentrated on her breathing, her hoof-hands resting at her swollen, but powerfully firm, belly. She took a series of deep breaths, calming herself. She attempted to put her feet down on the floor, but her knees kept hitting the steering wheel. She’d grown too large. She placed her long, three-fingered left hand on the door latch and pulled, rolling her body out of the car. Grabbing the open door with her right hoof-hand, she pulled herself up. She wasn’t able to make it all the way to standing, her joints stopping her at a slight crouch. Her hips moved differently now. But it was enough.


Her car had crashed through the corner of the fence, but she’d landed outside the property. She thought better of leaping the fence and running in a straight line to the barn. She might encounter a human along the way. She noted the dirt path that ran along the outside of the fence, dipping into the woods that surrounded the property. She settled onto her left knee and, clumsily, began to unlace her shoes with her transformed fingers. After a few moments of fidgeting, her still-human right foot was out, the cool soil soothing her sole. She shifted her crouch and turned her attention to her left foot. Moments later the shoe was gone and her feet were free. She curled her toes, feeling the dirt press between them. And then, with a powerful push that left two deep divots in the soil beneath her feet, began to sprint toward her mate.


Tree branches and bushes lashed at her face, but she didn’t care. Despite the changes to her hips she found sprinting easy if she just kept her spine inclined slightly forward. She was ecstatic with the thrill of the run. It made her feel like a powerful beast, free and wild, crashing through the brush. She willed herself faster and faster, feeling her legs pumping beneath her, the new muscles in her chest tensing and flexing to help her keep balance. This feeling, this power, this freedom! She threw her head back and let out a giggle of joy that sounded almost entirely human.


As she threw herself further and further into her run, Jamie could feel the change begin in her leg muscles. Her ass, already swollen from the change in her hips, began to grow, bulking in all directions, a dense haunch of powerful tissue pulsing larger and larger beneath her sweat-covered skin. Her jeans, already a tight fit, began to tear along the inseam, ripping downward from her crotch, the powerful motion of her legs and their increasing bulk working together to free her. Her calves throbbed, bulging with new strength, as her tendons began to re-arrange. With each step, her weight fell more and more onto the balls of her feet until her heels no longer touched the ground. Her toes grew increasingly numb. But Jamie could still feel her nails growing, her toes merging, hardening into hooves. She did more than keep her balance: she was moving faster.


And then something caught the end of one of her small, pink hooves. She tripped, landing chest first in the dirt of a clearing. She looked up. The barn was right there, just a few dozen feet beyond the fence, and that was almost within her reach. As Jamie pushed herself up, her eyes still locked on the barn, something draped off of her right calf. She looked down to see what’d caused the sensation to find… a shirt?


I know this shirt. Something instinctual drew Jamie to look at the tag, prying open the neck with her hoof-hands. And inside, in black sharpie, was written: Steph.


Holy shit, this is Stephanie’s! Is she here? Jamie looked down at her body, large and powerful, but strange to anyone who didn’t know what she knew. Who hadn’t experienced the pleasure that she’d experienced. What would Stephanie think?


Wait, that’s… those are her sweatpants! Jamie thought back to the dare, two days ago, and her conversation with Stephanie about the kiss. She’d seemed… really flustered. Did this… did this happen to Stephanie, too? Still clutching the t-shirt in her hand, Jamie looked up at the barn. Is she in there? Is she a horse? Jamie smiled. You beat me to it! And here I’d thought that I was the frisky one. Well, Stephanie had been the one to kiss the stallion. Maybe the effects of whatever-this-was were stronger if you touched the horse? Did that mean that the same thing was happening to Sarah and Lucy?


Maybe, but they’ll take a bit longer to realize that they want it. A wicked grin parted her lips.


Now she felt even more strongly that this was the right thing to do. She wasn’t leaving her friends behind. They were coming with her.


Jamie immediately began to disrobe, grabbing the hem of her t-shirt with her hoof hands and pulling it over her barreled torso and elongated neck. Without her breasts to keep its fit, her loose bra easily came with it. She looked down at her now-naked torso. The curve in her figure was almost entirely gone, but she was jacked. She punched her long, eight-pack abs with a hoof-hand. It landed with a thwack. She flexed her stomach, feeling the power in her core. She curled her arms in front of her. She could feel the muscles in her upper back rippling underneath her skin in response.


Then she looked down to her jeans, the last piece of clothing on her. The changes to her hips and legs had left them in tatters. Jamie grabbed the front of the waist and pulled forward. With a loud rip, the remaining denim split, falling away from her powerful thighs. She was completely naked.


Jamie threw the remains of her jeans into a pile with Stephanie’s clothes and, planting a hoof-hand on the nearest fence post, crouched, flexed her powerful quads, and leapt the four-foot-high fence in a single bound.


Her pink hooves landed on the soil just on the other side of the fence. As they did, Jamie felt a strange emotion pass through her. Relief. Comfort. Home.


She began a sprint toward the barn, closing the distance at an olympian’s pace. She reached the side of the building, a feeling of ecstatic joy rising in her changed chest. Her heart was pounding. She could feel it growing in size and strength with each contraction. She began a run to the front, to the door. She’d arrived.


The barn door was wide open and at the threshold, facing her, was Stephanie. And her stallion.


Jamie collapsed to her knees, her hoof-hands raised to her mouth. And she began to cry. Tears of joy streamed down her face, blurring her vision. They’d been waiting to welcome her home.


The brown mare that had been Stephanie walked up to her first, nudging at the track marks of her tears with her nose. Jamie felt the hairs of her muzzle tickling her cheeks and giggled, her changed vocal chords making the sound deep and rough. She placed one hoof-hand on a knee and stood, caressing the side of the mare’s face with her other hand.


“Do you recognize meeeee?” The last vowel extended into a light whinny.


The mare’s deep brown orbs stared back at her for a moment, then her eyes closed, her face nuzzled into Jamie’s hoof-hand. “I guess… you know I’m a friend?”


Jamie didn’t really know what she’d expected. Hey, sis! What’s happening? Come to get some of this wonderful horse cock? Lemme tell ya, it’s sooooo gooooood! She smiled at the scenario, but she had to admit that it scared her somewhat. This was no longer Stephanie the human. This was Stephanie the horse. She was going to be like this. But Stephanie obviously still saw her as a friend. She hadn’t lost her memory. It had just… changed. The bond of friendship still existed.


Jamie breathed deeply in, then out. For her, that was enough.


The mare that had been Stephanie seemed to sense that Jamie had made a decision. She opened her large, brown eyes, and stared deeply into Jamie’s blue irises. Then she inclined her head upward and gave Jamie a big, wet lick on the face. And then, she stepped aside.


There was Jamie’s stallion, maybe ten feet from her. He stared deeply into her eyes, his large brown gaze piercing in a way far different from Stephanie’s. Jamie stared into them, her mind clouding, the pleasure returning to her body. She sank back to her knees as her stallion approached her. As she fell to the ground, she spread her legs apart, her calves folding underneath her swollen thighs. The cool grass tickled her lips as she pressed her hips downward, spreading her knees farther apart, her pink hooves facing behind her, her fleshy, three-inch-long tail swaying between them. She brought her left hoof-hand to her clit. She began to tweak and tease it as the stallion approached, all the time keeping his gaze locked into hers. Jamie moaned and twisted her body with the pleasure, small whickers escaping her mouth in-between throaty groans. Her body wanted to tear itself away from the stallion, to give itself entirely to the pleasure that she was feeling, but Jamie kept her gaze locked firmly with his as her torso twisted and writhed with sensation.


The stallion stopped in front of Jamie and craned his neck downward, his mouth inches from hers. She could feel his strong, hot breath on her nose, lips, cheeks, and forehead. It was just as sweet as Stephanie had promised. She closed her eyes, giving her senses to that breath, letting it stir her sunset-colored hair. And she leaned in.


Her lips met his, large and wet, and her tongue began exploring his mouth as her fingers increased their pace on her clit. His tongue extended to hers and she leaned in deeper, cradling his muzzle with her right hoof-hand while her left tweaked, rubbed, pinched, and prodded her soaked nub. She felt the sensation of pleasure rising again. She knew that, this time, it would consume her. She begged it to hurry.


As she ground her hoof-hand into her swollen mound, she felt the change arrive. Parts of her fingers were still sensitive and, through them, she could feel her human nub begin to bulge, growing and warping. There was more flesh to play with, more and more wonderfully exposed and dense nerves to drive her further and further into the haze of pleasure. To fill her consciousness more and more with the love that would destroy it. Her nub was the diameter of her shrunken thumb as it began to pull inside her lips. As it did, new muscles inside her tunnel began to push the large mound of flesh back out, into her hand. She rubbed and it winked back into her hoof-finger. She pressed, it pressed back. Her growing clit winked in and out, retreating deeper into her lips, winking harder out of them. Juices began to leak steadily from Jamie’s opening as she lost herself in the kiss. In the sensation of the change.


The stallion broke the kiss and Stephanie opened her eyes. He began to turn his side to her, exposing his cock—out of its sheath, but still flaccid. Seeing the mottled skin, the flared head, the massive, dark testicles that contained… Jamie licked her lips, a thin rope of saliva leaking out the side of her mouth. She scrambled forward to grasp it, her proto-hooves kicking up dirt and grass as she clawed desperately to be closer to him, to be under the massive bulk of her stallion’s body. Her extended neck stretched forward and she placed her mouth on his cockhead, her tongue licking and probing at its opening as her demi-hooves grasped the semi-hard shaft.


“MMMMmmmm.” She began to move her tongue all over his cockhead. It was far too large to fit in her mouth, but she made up for it with her tongue, licking and slurping and sucking at it, her hands coaxing more and more blood into his shaft, making him harder and harder. Her saliva was coating his head and her face in equal measure as her mouth worked furiously, desperately at him. Her hands moved up and down the shaft, gripping him, pulling more and more blood into him, making him larger. Harder. Jamie moved her head back slightly, accommodating his length as it grew. And as his cock’s increasing size pressed her mouth farther and farther back, her neck grew with him. Jamie could feel a rapid and continuous succession of pops in her neck as it grew even larger and longer, the growing shaft pushing her head further and further away from her shoulders. She moaned in ecstasy as she tasted the first drop of his precum: salty and sweet at the same time. Her nostrils flared as she took in his scent, breathing in as much of the wonderful smell as she could. She took another breath through her nose, her nostrils flaring to an impossible size. She could feel them growing larger, moving farther apart, allowing her to take in more of his bestial musk.


As her face, neck, mouth, and tongue still lapped hungrily at his head, she felt the first clicks and pops of change in her face. Her nose continued to broaden, the cartilage stretching. She wanted him in her mouth. Moving her hoof-hands up his shaft to hold his now-rigid cock in place, she stretched her jaw as far as it would open, flexing her muscles, trying to will her mouth wider, larger. She placed her top teeth just above his head and stretched her jaw as far as it would go, her tongue still playing at his opening. Her bottom row of teeth made it halfway down his head, still far too short. Then she began to bob her neck.


As her long, powerful neck pushed her face forward, her lower jaw met his rigid flesh. She pushed again and again, more and more insistently, her tongue still lapping and twirling at his opening. She felt a pop that shook her skull. Her jaw began to give to the rigidness of his member, opening her mouth wider. Her powerful neck pulled back and pushed forward again. She allowed her lower jaw to take the full force of the push, placing it between her growing neck muscles and his impossibly rigid, huge member. Forcing her body to accommodate her wish. And as she pushed, a series of four pops, each louder than the last, opened her mouth even further. She pulled back again. As she did, she felt her upper jaw begin to extend into a muzzle, her gums growing larger, the sides of her lips pulling up her cheeks, allowing her to open her mouth even further. She pushed again and again, her jaw giving more and more with a series of clicks and cracks. She pulled back and again her face extended, her nose broadening even further. Her tongue was still lapping at his tip as drops of pre-cum began to dribble steadily from him. As they did, her tongue curled around them, swallowing them, desperate to taste them. And the more she tasted, the wider and longer her tongue grew.


His cum was changing her! She licked and slurped greedily for more. Her cupped proto-hooves began to move quickly up and down the shaft as she started bobbing her inhuman neck frantically at his cockhead. With each bob, her mouth opened wider, her face stretched longer, until finally, with a giant shove, his full girth popped into her mouth.


As the first few inches of his cock passed her teeth, pressing into the wet warmth of her extending muzzle, her stallion came, spraying thick ropes of semen down her throat. Jamie closed her eyes in bliss, letting the pleasure wash over her, gulping each pulse of white, sticky liquid down her throat, welcoming it into her body, begging it to change her further. She could feel her belly swell, her torso distending further, the muscles on her back rippling, splitting, growing new mass. Her shoulders cracked and grew, their blades moving off her back and closer to her sides. Her proto-hooves, still locked onto her stallion’s shaft, began to merge, their giant pink nails growing blacker, absorbing her fingers into a hoof that pulsed larger and larger with each spurt of semen that Jamie took into her body.


It was too much. Jamie needed to breathe. Desperate for air, she opened her mouth even further, pulling away from her stallion without raking her changing teeth along his head. But he was still cumming. One, two, three streams of thick, white liquid poured from his cockhead and onto her face. Landing in her eyes, clogging her nose, covering her small muzzle.


“OooOooOOeeeeeEEEeeeEEEEEHHEEEHHEEEEHHEEEEEEE!” Her human voice was gone. Jamie thrashed her long neck in joy, pulling her almost-fully-grown hooves away from his shaft to rub the semen into her face. She felt pleasure rising deep inside her tunnel, the muscles inside her opening pulsing in pleasure, her engorged clit winking furiously from her lips. Her eyelids fluttered in ecstasy and, as they did, a pool of deep brown grew within the blue of her irises, quickly overwhelming their former color, erasing it. Each time her eyelids opened and closed, more of his semen entered her sockets, and with each flutter, less and less of her whites were visible. Her eye sockets grew, opening, expanding to accommodate larger orbs. Jamie squinted her new eyes as she felt the change split them farther apart, moving them closer to the sides of her head.


And then the change slowed. The pleasure ebbed from her body. She was so close to cumming, so close to being a mare. But it hadn’t been enough. Jamie shook her head, now halfway between horse and human. Her muzzle was only a quarter of the length it should be. Her body was only slightly larger than it’d been when she’d met her stallion. The delicacy of her human features were still in her face. The bone structure too soft, too round. Too human. And she was still thinking as a human. Still Jamie.


Horse! I need to be a horse! His! I want to beEEEEEE. Eeeeee. BeeeeeeEEEEE HIS!


Jamie pulled her shins out from under her, crawling onto both sets of nearly complete hooves. His massive bulk still towered over her. He didn’t need to do anything but stand. Jamie pressed her hips backward, her ass-flanks pushing aside to expose her tunnel to him. He was still hard. Still ready. She aligned her opening with his cockhead. She could feel its size press around her swollen lips. He was still too big for her, but Jamie didn’t care. She needed to be a horse. Confident that she’d aligned herself with him properly, she breathed deeply, her last full breath as human Jamie. She filled her enlarged lungs to their fullest, taking oxygen into every part of her, expanding her massive chest as broadly as it would go, preparing to push backward.


Her stallion pushed first, shoving his cockhead past her lips, forcing her wider than she’d ever imagined, wider than she could take. With a wet pop, her soaked black lips expanded to take the first inch of him, the entrance to her tunnel widening around him, forever changed.


“NNNEeee—eEeeeeEEEeeeEEEEEEeEHHHHHHHHH.” The breath that she’d taken into her lungs exited as an equine scream of pleasure. Her mind began to dissolve into bliss.


He pushed again, her impossibly wet tunnel coating the end of his cock with her equine lubrication. Two more inches entered her, her hips popping and cracking around his cock. Jamie’s front hooves scrabbled desperately at the ground in front of her, as if a part of her mind were seeking something to hold onto, something that would keep her from drowning in the wave of pleasure that was overwhelming her self.


But that was just Jamie’s instincts. Yes! Oh, god, yes! YeeeeEEEEEEEEE! She could still think in clear English. But she hated it. She hated the words that kept her away from the pleasure. She wanted to dive into her changing body and melt. To surrender.


Her stallion pressed again. This time, three more inches entered her tunnel, pushing her open, forcing her body to yield to him. Her stomach bulged, growing, now completely inhuman. Almost completely horse. Her flanks grew, her feet making their final extension, merging into her leg, pushing her horse-sized flank up, into her stallion’s chest. Her tail extended with the push, its black length draping across the side of her stallion’s still half-exposed shaft, her long hairs whipping madly across him.


Jamie cried with pleasure, tears streaming down her face. Her sweet juices began to run down the inside of her flanks, mixing with her stallion’s copious pre-cum.


Jamie whinnied in her mind, forcing herself deeper and deeper into the lake of pleasure that had become her world. Forcing herself more and more into a horse. eeeeeeEEE! eeEEEeeeeeEEE! EEEEEEEhhhHHHH! But she was still there, it was still Jamie making those sounds.


This time, her stallion pulled back. And then he thrust. Another three inches entered her body, her flank expanding, her vision exploding into brilliant white. Her eyes moved farther apart, beginning to erase her facial features. Giving her a new identity. Her hair, still pink and orange, began to fall out at the roots, replaced by a midnight black mane. Her ears, now peaked at the top, crawled up the sides of her head slightly with the force of her stallion’s push.


Jamie’s stallion pulled back again. And then he drove forward. In the instant that Jamie felt the fullness of his cock enter her, she realized that he hadn’t been thrusting at all. That he’d been easing into her. Gently. Delicately. Now he knew that she was ready. Now he began.


Jamie shrieked in pleasure as her stallion thrust in and out of her, working his massive shaft into her continuously. Her changing ears swiveled to hear the wet shlops of her pussy. They twitched and crawled up her head as his cock pistoned in and out of her. His giant, muscular hips worked hard as they thrust against her flanks, his massive balls hitting the bottom of her opening. What little humanity had been left in her tunnel evaporated, as it extended and grew to take the full force of his thrusts. Her body swelled, mass adding continuously to her torso. Her already long neck extended further, growing outward from her shoulders as they twisted and pulled to the side of her ribcage. As his massive cock pumped in and out, she grew upwards, into his body, forcing him onto her back. Like a real mare.


Jamie’s hair began to come out rapidly. If her eyes had been open, she would have seen locks of pink and orange falling to the ground beneath her, replaced by a lush, black mane that crawled down her thickening neck.


Jamie’s face began to extend further and further. She opened her mouth to reveal two perfect rows of horse teeth, her lips curling, exposing her new gums. The skin of her face stretched to accommodate the new length, her muzzle elongating without pause, the last of her human features disappearing moment by moment. Her jaw crawled the last few inches toward its full length, pulsing with each thrust of the stallion above her. As it drew to the end, her nose rounded, her nostrils making their final separation, flaring. Black hair bristled around her face and grew steadily from her new skin. Her eyes continued to separate as her skull vibrated with change, elongating and shrinking.


Jamie had been trying to force the change before. Now it came to her. A deep part of her brain reeled in fear, afraid of the overwhelming pleasure that grew with each of her stallion’s thrusts. Afraid of what was happening to her. Jamie tried to manage the fear, to push it back, to focus on the pleasure.


Then she gave herself to her stallion. The fear evaporated, replaced by ecstasy, and she began to fall deeper and deeper into her body. Jamie submerged her mind in the pleasure. Allowing the change to overcome her. To consume her. Her self began to dissolve.




The mare that had been Jamie released a torrent of cum over her mate’s shaft, her walls spasming and contracting with orgasm. Every muscle in her massive body tightened around him, coaxing him to orgasm with her. His shaft pulsed and contracted, spraying hard inside her, the muscles of his cock undulating and pumping, his balls spasming as they emptied themselves into her. She threw her massive head back, shaking out her mane as she felt him fill her.


Another mare came forward to greet her, nibbling and nuzzling at her neck. Startled, the black mare took a moment to process this newcomer. She recognized her.




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