From The Horse's Lips - Part 1: Stephanie

by Niak
Published: May 10th, 2015
Last Edit: Aug 10th, 2015


A girl wins a dare in more ways than one.


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“Ewwwwww!” Jamie, Sarah and Lucy all cringed in unison. Stephenie was still snogging away whilst they gawped at her. She pulled away with from her suitor with a loud smack; a string of saliva stretching between their lips.

“Well you did it, I have to admit I'm kinda impressed. I feel sick, but I'm impressed.” Jamie commented. The other two girls mumbled in agreement, still taken aback by the scene they had just witnessed.

“Right then, now that the shows over, I believe you all owe me some money.” There was a small amount of grumbling as the three girls handed over their money. “All in a nights work.” Stephenie turned towards her make out parter again, giving the large horse a peck on the nose. “See-ya hun, thanks for the good time.” She said with a wink.

“Can we get out of here now?” Sarah was looking anxious.

“Yeah, can we go please?” Lucy was getting impatient, as usual.

“Alright alright, hold your horses… especially Steph.” The three girls giggled. Stephanie didn't care, she was rubbing the side of her new friends head.

“C’mon lover girl, lets get going.” The four girls began to make their way back across paddock to the fence they clambered over. Sarah felt much better to get away from the large stallion. As they climbed the fence and headed back towards the main road, Steph managed a look back towards the handsome steed. He hadn't moved since they walked away, still watching them all… watching her. A shiver creeped down her back nestling its way into her pants. Leaving her with a slight wetness.

“Hey Steph, c’mon!” Jamie’s call broke her from the daze. She ran to catch up to her friends, as the stallion stood and watched them disappear from sight.


The girls began making their way home, their conversations switching between college, boys and the film that they had seen that evening. Sarah left the group first, followed closely by Lucy as they arrived at their respective houses. As soon as Lucy was out of ear shot Jamie turned the conversation back to Steph’s dare. "So tell me" she began "What was it like making out with that fine specimen back there, eh?" She have her friend a little nudge as they walked. Steph ran her hand through her hair, tucking a few annoying strands behind her ear.

"It was... Ok." Steph said, she didn’t want to get into it.

"Ok?!" Jamie cried "You practically sucked his face off. I thought you were gonna go back to his stable for the night." The thought danced about in Stephanie's head for a moment as Jamie's laughed, the same feeling returning from before; she shook her head dismissing it, but the heat in her loins remained.

"What do you want me to say? That I liked it?" Steph was getting nervous and Jamie could tell. The pair had been best friends for as long as they could remember, nothing slipped by either of them. Jamie was always the confident one, always loud and attracting attention. She's the type of girl that could dye her hair pink and nobody would be surprised; she'd pull it off too. Stephanie is just as confident and energetic as her close friend but manages to keep more of a low profile, being able to notice when she's attracting too much attention.

"I just want to know what it was like. I know what a good kiss looks like, and I never expected to see it between my best gal and her horsey friend." Her serious tone was lost at the end.


Steph stopped walking, the road fell silent as they both stood still.

"It was the best kiss I've ever had." She confessed. Steph took a moment to check her surroundings, checking if anyone else might of heard her. Jamie just smiled as her friend continued. "His lips were delicate, not too dry or too wet. I thought I'd be gagging at his breath but it smelt of freshly cut grass." Jamie was smiling. "He tasted sweet, and he knew exactly what to do with his tongue." Her eyes glazed as her thoughts drifted back to him.

"Wait a minute. He. Gave you tongue. He Frenched you?!" Jamie sounded a little jealous but Steph was too distracted to pick up on it. Running her hand through her hair again, she nodded meekly. Her cheeks turned a bright shade of red. "Whoa, now I wish you'd dared me. Least then I'd be the one up thirty quid." The two girls started walking again, the cool night air beginning to chill them.

"Next time..." Steph looked right into her friends eyes "... You won't have to dare me." The two girls continued their walk home as Jamie teased her Steph over her new ‘boyfriend’. Stephanie just did her best to ignore the fire that had engulfed her loins. A small wet patch formed on her underwear as her slick lips began to swell.


The two girls arrived at Steph's house. They hugged and said their goodbyes, Steph going inside as Jamie ran across the road to her home. Stephanie wasted no time once she was inside. Her parents were both asleep as she tiptoed into her room, locking the door behind her. She pulled the curtains closed and stripped naked, her nipples turning hard in the cold room. The wet spot had turned into soaked underwear as the raging fire in her pussy hadn't let up, intensifying with every step she took on her way home, they visibly glistened in the light.


Steph was already rubbing her little button as she struggled to remove her socks with her other hand. She tried her best to keep her moans and gasps to a minimum but the need to get off was too distracting; she kept losing focus and making more noise as a result. With her socks off she lay down on her bed, the sheets cooling her down slightly as she tended to her visibly swollen snatch. Not that she noticed.


Her left hand tended to her stiff nipples whilst the other rubbed her nub of a clit. Her juices practically poured from her pussy, forming a puddle on top of the rapidly dampening bed. Her clit wouldn't be enough to get her of. It had never been this difficult before. Abandoning her now sore nipples she swapped her hands over, plunging two fingers into her needy cunt as she teased and rubbed her swollen clit. Steph's whole body was on fire. She could feel herself edging closer and closer to the end but it still wasn't enough. She needed to be fuller. She replaced two fingers with three. Still not enough. Shuffling backwards to sit against the head board she spread her legs wider, plunging all four fingers into her stretched snatch, stopping only when her thumb got in the way. Steph was teetering on the edge. She needed one final push. One more inch to bring her the mind destroying climax that she desperately needed. She needed something bigger. Yeah. She needed him. The magnificent beast. She needed him to fuck her. She squeezed her eyes shut, he was there in her head. His magnificent stallion cock bounced proudly in the night air.


Steph flipped onto all fours. Just like a good mare. His mare. He moved forward straddling her and in one swift motion he plunged his cock into her depths. In time with her vision, Steph plunged all five fingers deep into her slick gaping cunt, bottoming out as her wrist disappeared into the thick lipped tunnel that was now her vagina. Her inner walls clamped down on her hand as the mind blowing orgasm wracked her body. The arm propping her up lost all strength as she collapsed face first into her pillow. A torrent of girl cum squirted passed the mock cock still lodged in her passage. Steph screamed into her pillow as the climax washed over her. The noise trailing of into a very distinct equine whinny that nobody heard. In time to the rhythmic spasm of her walls, her anus bulged and swelled until it was left permanently puckered. Identical to her four legged lover's, save for the colour. Steph didn't get chance to move as she fell into a peaceful sleep. Hand still firmly lodged in her nether region. Cum still dripping from her.


The buzzing of Steph's alarm clock disturbed her from her peaceful dream. Her neck and arm ached, a result of their awkward position whilst she slept head down arse up.

"Bloody hell, that was one hell of a sleep." She said to no one in particular, propping herself up into the earlier position; the strength returned to her arm. It took her a couple of moments to work out why her right arm was stuck in such an awkward position, wincing slightly when she tried to pull it out.

"Jeez, what the hell did I do last night?" Wiggling her fingers and hand she loosened the hold on herself, the dried girl cum acting as a glue. With a wet shlop she pulled her pruned hand from herself, wincing as it stretches her enlarged feminine lips. Steph took a moment to inspect the damage to her bedding, silently thanking god that her mum didn't decided to wake her up.


Her bedding was in desperate need of a wash and she suspected her mattress would probably need a clean.

"Wow, I didn't know I had that much in me." Steph commented, strangely impressed with herself as she made her way to the bathroom to have a shower and get ready for work.

It didn't take long to get to work. She made sure to pop her bed sheets in the wash before leaving and open her window to try and air out her room. Stephanie worked at the local supermarket and had done so for the past two years, working a Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. It wasn't a hard job, her normal position was on the self checkout machines. They were a pain like every other supermarkets but she didn't mind the trouble. There were a number of regular customer that she spoke to in the morning but she couldn't help but feel distracted. Her mind kept returning to the events of last night.


She leant against one of the machines as her thoughts began to wander. She could see the paddock in her head. The same handsome stallion stood looking into her eyes. Her legs felt weak. He moved forwards, trotting to her, coming to a stop just inches from her face. She could feel his warm breath on her face. She moved forward and kissed him once more. The tingling returned to her crotch, her lips becoming moist. Her toned ass that she'd spent a number of months working on in the gym began to swell. New muscle forming causing her panties to be swallowed into the deepening cleft; her black pants beginning to stretch at the seams.
"Excuse me!" The customer snapped, bringing Steph back to reality. During her daydream three of the machines had paused, waiting for the assistant to attend. Stephanie quickly resolved the problems, apologising through red cheeks. Her underwear now rubbing against her womanhood with every step.


The rest of Stephs shift went without a hitch. The walk home was difficult. Every time she pulled her underwear out of her ass it got trapped again in about six steps. Although it felt nice, she didn't want to have another shower again but at the rate it was going she'd need a cold one anyway.


"Hey hunni. How was work?" Her mum ask as she stepped through the door.
"Same old same old." Steph began "People still don't realise that if you move the bag off the scales, then it stops working." Her mum chuckled, it was the only major complaint the Steph ever had about work. Her mum popped her head around the kitchen door.
"What would you like for lunch?" She asked. Stephs stomach rumbled. She’d had a big breakfast in work but it didn't fill her as much as it normally did.
"I don't suppose you can make me a really big salad?" She could smell the neighbors mowing their grass and it had made her fancy a salad, amongst other things.
"Sure Hun, I'll give you a shout when it's done."


Steph thanked her mum and went upstairs. Her butt cheeks were starting to get hot from being so tightly confined in her work pants. She struggled to undo them but they practically flew off when she popped the button open. With a sigh of relief she pulled her pants and underwear down in one go. Her panties sling-shotting from her rear cleavage.
"Mmmmm. Baby got back." She said, admiring her ass in the bedroom mirror. It had definitely gotten bigger. She knew it was big but God. Now it was huge. With an ass like this she could put Nicki Minaj to shame.


Steph took her top and bra off. Giving herself a good look in the mirror. She had a pretty good body. Her long brunette hair reached just past her shoulders when it wasn't in a pony tail. Her thighs were quite big but she saw that as a plus. A tiny bit of a podge forming on her belly which she jiggled in her hand. "Now let's see if we can make this disappear." She wished. "And make these get bigger too." She said, grabbing her pert C-cups in her hands with a little squeeze for good measure. "You've got some catching up to do now." Steph chuckled to herself. Turning to see her butt again; comparing the now huge difference in proportion. Letting her boobs go, Steph grabbed some joggers and a t shirt. She was about to pull her panties back on when she stopped.

"These are just gonna ride up if I wear them." She thought. She couldn't help but smile as she threw her panties and bra in the wash and pulled a t-shirt and joggers on. Her mum called up the stairs letting her know that lunch was ready. It felt liberating to go without underwear and she noted how she liked the new feeling of her cheeks pushing together as she walked down stairs.


The rest of the day moved quickly. Steph spent her time flicking between TV channels, playing some games and google-ing butt inflation; the latter ending quickly when she happened across some videos. Steph had always been smart but she didn't do very well in school; the lessons never interested her and it always seemed more fun to goof off with Jamie. She would call herself a nerd, but she was good looking enough that most people wouldn't believe that she preferred to spend her time reading or playing video games, except her close friends. Since her first year in high school Jamie has been Stephanie's best friend. They did everything together. Going to the cinema, shopping, gym, playing the same online games. They even used to work at the same place until a small incident involving a number of broken shelves lost Jamie her job.


Steph was channel hopping now. She'd abandoned playing games, getting annoyed at the screeches of ten year olds threatening to have intercourse with her mum, after she'd killed them for the eleventh time. Her mum, who was sat in her chair in the corner, had stopped watching the TV. Instead, she was playing on phone, well into the three hundredth level on candy crush probably. At about quarter to midnight Steph's mum kissed her goodnight and went upstairs to bed, making her promise she wouldn't be up all night.


"Pfftt, yeah right." Steph thought, smiling to herself. She was midway through a text message to Jamie when the whinny of a horse reached her ears. A documentary about the selective breeding of race horses had come on; the latest recording of food factory having ended awhile ago. A man begins to describe what's happening. "The thoroughbred male trots over to the female. In the middle of estrus, she is producing strong pheromones to entice the male." Steph had sat up from laying on the couch. Teetering on the edge of her seat, the presenter continued but she wasn't listening. Steph moved closer to the TV. Dropping to her hands and knees she moved forwards, hypnotised by the mammoth cock that danced and bobbed on the TV. Steph watched as the mare on the tv lifted her tail to the side, her black velvet cunt winked before letting out a stream of urine. The presenter was commenting about how it was laden with more pheromones but it fell on deaf ears as her own bladder felt a little full. Without wasting anymore time the stallion mounted the mare on the screen, missing his mark a few times before he hit home, the horse cock disappearing into the mares slick tunnel.


Steph's own cunt began to swell again, the lips glistening with moisture as it began to look similar to the one on TV. The documentary was interrupted by adverts and Steph came back to her senses. She was horny. As horny as she had ever been before. She stood up, shaking her head as her hand went to her crotch. Gently rubbing her labia through her joggers and leaving her with a very wet camel toe.

"Nnnnn, God I need to cum." She moaned. Still standing. Steph pulled down her pants in an attempt to save them from her growing wetness, her musky scent reaching her nose. Her hand still massaging her gaping cunt. She continued her efforts until the program came back on TV, grabbing her full attention again. The stallion had finished and was trotting around the corral as the farmhands took care of soon to be pregnant mare. The presenter began talking again and again, Steph wasn't listening. She pulled up her joggers, unlocked the front door and left. A smile on her face as she remembered where she could find her own stallion cock.

Stephanie arrived at the same paddock from last night, alone. Leaning against the fence she looked for the stud, her stud. It was very late but she spotted him, grazing just outside of the one roomed stable. "What are you doing Steph." She whispered to herself yet she felt no less determined. She walked around the fence away from the road heading into the forest that bordered part of the paddock. Walking with her hand on the fence she stopped when she was well hidden from the road, away from any prying eyes. She stood in a small clearing just into the forest. It was surrounded by thick bushes and tall trees all around but with easy access to the paddocks fence. She made a mental note to have a campfire with the girls here one day.


The rational part of Steph's mind was screaming at her for what she was thinking. Calling her crazy. But it didn't matter. She needed to sate the fire between her legs. She wanted to do this. “Hell, it might not even work.” She thought. He might not even be interested. But she had to at least try. "Now or never Steph." With a deep breath she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, and pulled it off. The night air was cool and caused her nipples to harden. She gasped at the feeling. It felt good. She gave them a gentle tweak and it sent a shiver down her spine. She gasped at the sensitivity. Not wanting to waste more time Steph grabbed her elasticated waist band and pulled her pants down. Her ass had changed on her walk and so she struggled to pull the constricting clothing over her large asset, wiggling her hips to help. They crumpled into a pile around her ankles as she hefted the waistband over her wide behind. Steph couldn't tell but during her walk her hips had broadened slightly and her ass cheeks had moved apart, leaving a large cleft with easy access to her swollen cunny and pink equine ring. The night air was soothing against the heat of her nethers. She stood for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being naked. It felt... freeing.

The sound of breaking twigs came from behind her.

"Shit shit shit shit shit." Steph scrambled to pull her pants up but fell forwards in the process, her rump stuck in the air. She froze. A snort and a whinny came from behind her.

"Thank god. It's just you." She said aloud to her four legged friend. Standing up and turning around she could see him over the bushes. Stood behind the fence. Kicking her pants and shoes off she fought her way back through the bushes and climbed the fence, being careful not to stand on anything sharp.


"You scared the life out of me." She began, rubbing the side of his huge head. "I've missed you." He just looked at her. "What are you doing. He can't understand you." She felt dejected. She knew this would happen yet she still felt bad. "I'm just gonna..."


He cut her off as he move his head forward. Planting a firm kiss on her lips. Her legs felt weak again. He moved away but it wasn't enough. She needed more. Steph grabbed his chin and pulled him forwards. She kissed him again with no intention of stopping. His breath was just as sweet and his tongue danced expertly with her own. Her sweet juice began to trickle down her leg as strange things began to happen to her.

A small nub began to push out just above her butt. It stretched out growing quicker and quicker, the pops and cracks going unnoticed as the pair continued their make out session; oblivious to the world. As the growing slowed to a stop a cascade of brunette hair erupted from her new appendage, leaving Steph with a beautiful tail, fit for any mare. She ignored the ticking against the back of her legs as her cunt went through the last set of changes. Her already thick lips began to darken and stretch sliding her cunny till it rested just under, her now midnight black ring. Her small human lips had been replaced with a large horse cunt, the puffy lips winking in excitement. It's new position only suited for doggy, and horse, style fucking.

The stud pulled back first, blowing a snort of air in Steph's face. Clearly out of breath. The tickling on her legs had gotten annoying and she was in disbelief when she saw what was causing it. A full length horse tail hung from her ass.

"Wow." Steph wasn't scared or worried at her new development. She was proud. She tried to flick it about and was delighted when she managed a quick swish. As she ran her fingers through the hair she touched something rather large and squishy. Expertly lifting her tail up and to the side she managed to spot it was her new anus. Puckered and thick rimmed. “Just like it should be.” She thought. Just like her large horse cunt. Winking feverishly, anticipating the large organ it was now designed to accommodate. She needed it. She needed him so much. She felt the velvet lips of her cunny before pushing her hand in, smiling at how easily it was accommodated into her slick tunnel compared to last time. She leant against the fence for support as her legs began to tremble.


The stud was confused. The human looked strange, but she smelt just like a mare. Steph was feeling dizzy. Her mind was awash with new thoughts, feelings and instincts. “Maybe I should go home.” She thought. She really needed to cum but she wasn't feeling right. Grabbing hold of the wooden slats she was about to climb the fence again when something cold pressed against her pussy.

In her momentary daze the large horse had found where the scent of the mare was coming from. She could smell it herself, musky and animalistic. She was in heat and her new friend could tell. Steph moaned. This is exactly what she wanted, it was all happening. She would be his. She was going to be like him and she couldn't wait. Steph lifted her tail and planting her legs apart slightly, giving him easy access to her velvet cunt. He took the hint as his long tongue began exploring her depths. Her own mouth hanging agape, noises that not even a horse can make escaping her mouth.


As she stood and let the stud burrow into her cunt the rest of her body went through its last lot of changes. She didn't notice as her hands slowly began to climb up the fence as her legs and torso grew, taking on true equine proportions. Her arms began to crack and lengthen, beginning their transition into forelegs. She gripped onto the top wooden slat of the fence. As her growing body pushed her away from it, pushing the stallion deeper into her rear end; his tongue noisily slurping between her black velvet folds. Steph was faintly aware of  a pricking sensation sweeping up her legs and up her body. If she looked down she would of noticed her body growing a pelt of light brown hair. Her ankles adorning themselves with a nice pair of white socks.


Steph took a second to look down at herself as he took a breath from tongue fucking her pussy. A bolt of panic flashed through her head. What about her family. Her mum and dad. What about friends. What about Jamie. She couldn't see a lot of herself. Her neck was too short, for the moment, and her massive equine torso blocked her view. She felt a bit dizzy when she noticed her new height. Steph tried to grab hold of the fence, but her fingers wouldn't grip like they used to. Steph felt uneasy when she looked at her hands. Steph watched as her fur creeped down her arms towards her hands. Her hands began to stretch out. Her thumbs quickly shrunk away. The skin between her lengthening fingers fused together along with the bones. Her one big lump of nail quickly darkened and grew until she was left with a set of new hooves just as her white socks finished growing out. With no fingers to properly grip the fence Steph dropped down, landing perfectly on four legs. From the numbness in her feet she knew that they had gone the same way as her hands. From her neck down, Steph was equine in every way. The worry about her friends and family began to fade, she didn't need to worry about human things. She was barely human now.


There was a snort from behind her and she turned to meet her friend. He was stood patiently. His thick cock bobbing in the air just like she'd seen on the TV. Although he seemed to have a lot more self control. He was waiting for her. This was it she thought. She was almost exactly like him. Almost completely a horse. She said it aloud.

"I'm a horse." She giggled. Steph was the only person to ever of said that and it be true... almost. Her stud snorted again. He was waiting for something. She tried to think what to do. How to let him know that she wanted him to sink his long horse dick into her waiting cunt. A cunt that she had just for him. The fire in her loins was re-kindling. The tongue lashing it had received was wearing off. And then she remembered.


Steph turned her head towards him. Her neck now much longer and flexible.

"I Neeeeeeeeeiiiighhhh!" Her voice was lost to her whinny. In her head. Steph screamed out “I need you.” At the same time, she lifted her tail and emptied her bladder. That was his signal. He knew what to do. Steph heard him as he approached. Her ears slowly swiveling in his direction as they began to migrate up her head. In a single move. He climbed on her back and buried his thick stallion cock deep into her horse cunny. Her face visibly bulged as he bottomed out in her. Steph's mouth fell open again. Her mind was lost in bliss as he began long slow thrusts into her. Each time he bottomed out her face bulged out a bit more. Steph whinnied in pleasure. He quickened his pace and her face pushed outward continuously. Her nostrils flared as her nose and mouth merged into an equine snout as it finished growing. The prickling sensation returned. This time to her face as a light brown pelt engulfed her head.

As the mare finished her transformation her cunt spasmed around the studs member as she climaxed for the first time. The massaging walls of her pussy were too much for him to handle and he came moments later. Thick seed filling her up. He stayed in her for a moment. Catching his breath. As he climbed down she trotted forward as if she'd been doing it all her life. She turned her big head towards him. Snorting to get his attention. He looked up just in time to see her winking cunt as a musky smelling liquid poured from it again. His cock new what to do before he did. He trotted forward again. Ready to claim his mare for the second time tonight. She ran. The new mare ran at full gallop leaping the paddock fence in a single impressive bound. She could hear him whinny as he took up the chase. This time. He had to catch her.


Great story! :)
Wow, a well told story!
I liked the gradual change of her mindset. Her physical transformation could use some more detail though. :)

Looking forward to part 2 (or similar stories?).
Hey no worries at all Niak! Definitely don't mean to put any pressure on you! I completely understand as it takes me a while to finish projects as well.

Glad to hear that you've got some other ideas in mind and I look forward to seeing them when you've got them ready!
Hey MysteryMan, sorry for the delayed reply I've been on holiday for two weeks :D

I still haven't begun to write the next installment but it is all planned out. I have another little story that I've been writing whilst I was away and as soon as that's finished ill get on with the next part but that might talk awhile as well as I'm away with work for a few days soon too :/

Ill try not to keep you waiting too long.
Any update on the next installment of this series? Looking forward to it!
Wow, thank you. And there is definitely more to come!
Excellent work! I found this to be a very well-written story and the description of everything happening was thorough. One of the best stories I've read in a while!

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see what's in store for the next installment!
Thank you very much for the feedback. I'm really glad you liked it. I do agree that the ending is quite a bit abrupt and I will get around to editing it at some point but I do still want to keep it as a rather quick change that snowballs all into one at the end. I also hate that other line now that you mention it so I'll deal with that too.

I plan on continuing the story and I already have the next 'chapter' planned out and I will try and answer any questions that this part raises in the next bit.
Ran out of characters in the last comment; just wanted to say that I thouroughly enjoyed the story and hope to see more from you in the future. Cheers!
That was a really enjoyable story! I'm not terribly experienced in giving feedback or critiques, but I will try.

First off, I really enjoyed the descriptions of the subtle changes Steph experienced earlier in the story, but she seemed oddly unconcerned about them. I found myself wondering whether or not there was something supernatural going on affecting her thoughts.

Steph's masturbatory fantasy of the stallion mounting her and her at-work daydreaming of him were excellent; very easy to envision and quite enticing!

The sudden acceleration of her changes when she finally mates with the stallion seemed a bit abrupt to me. I think if you expanded and elaborated on the descriptions of her body changing during the last bits it would flow a lot better.

As far as the more technical parts of the writing, it was excellent! The opening line of the fourth-to-last-paragraph was a bit awkward: 'Steph was the only person to ever of said that and it be true...'