Three fantasies

by hembra
Published: May 7th, 2015


Brief descriptions of three different fantasies.


cow (2) mtf (1) nonconsensual (1) goat (0) sci-fi (0) hooved (0) mating (0) bestiality (0) ungulate (0) alien (0) magic (0) transgender (0)
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-A witch has turned me into something resembling a female faun - from the waist down I have the body of a she-goat, except my hooves are foot-like enough to allow me to stand upright, though the back is raised so it's a bit like walking while wearing high heels. My torso and head are those of a woman, but my arms are covered in white fur and my hands are really claws. I'm released in a forest, naked. Soon enough I run into a ram - but one that stands upright, is something like seven feet tall, and instead of hands or front hooves has claws like mine, but no human features. His huge erection leaves no doubt as to what he wants to do to me, and I try to run away but can't run very fast given my hooves, and I trip and fall. He catches up with me, seemingly without breaking a sweat - as I'm on the ground naked and he's faster, bigger and stronger than me, I realize that there's nothing I can do to avoid mating with him. So I lie on my back and spread my legs, hoping he'll be gentle. With his claws, he grabs my hooves, easily lifts me up in the air, flips me around, and lowers me, so my claws touch the ground first, and he puts my hooves on the ground, leaving me on all fours - and only then do we mate... I scream with pleasure and pain as he thrusts into me. As soon as he finishes, he pulls out and leaves without looking back. I look down on myself and see my torso is now covered in fur except for my breasts, and I have two pairs of teats, which I instinctively know means he'd bred me.


-I've been kidnapped for a mad science program with alien technology. With this technology, they turn me into a woman, except I have two extra pairs of breasts. As a freak and with no identity, I can't show myself to the outside world and therefore they have no need of locks or chains to keep me prisoner. I'm kept naked and they use me as their sex slave - my womb can't be impregnated by human sperm. One day they tell me that they've brought a mate for me, and they tell me as he's bigger and much stronger than me, there's no question of me refusing to mate, but if I cooperate he won't hurt me . I agree to cooperate and they tell me how to position myself and so forth - they bring him in, he's mammalian and four-legged, and it seems he isn't intelligent. As he thrusts into me, I'm glad at least I'm not a virgin, given his huge cock. Once he finishes, he pulls out and trots away, ignoring me completely. A few months later, I give birth to a litter, and I eat my placenta and lick my pups clean. I get on all fours for them to feed; all six of my breasts are full of milk. As I feed my pups, my captors put a dog bowl with food in front of me, I'm hungry and I don't want to disturb my pups' feeding, so I feed like that, on all fours. My captors then tell me I'm now part of a breeding program for an endangered alien species, and I'll be bearing an annual litter, mating within days of weaning the last litter...


-A witch turns me into a cow-human hybrid - my body's rear half is that of a cow, but the front is in between, and I have some use of my hands. I'm put into a barn, separated from a bull by a bolted steel gate. I'm told if I can avoid mating until morning, they'll turn me back into a man, or into a woman if I prefer. But if I mate, I'll become a cow completely, and they'll treat me well but they'll milk me and I'll bear them a yearly calf. Within minutes of being left alone I start going into heat, and I can't even masturbate given my new anatomy. I try thinking about women, thinking about men, but I can't help thinking of the bull on the other side of the gate, and his smell arouses me more and more. Before long I just give in, and with great difficulty, given I can't stand properly on my hind legs and I don't have full use of my hands, I manage to unbolt the gate, using my remaining human abilities to do what I knew would mean renouncing my humanity forever. As soon as the gate is unbolted my fate is sealed; I barely have time to get back on all fours before the bull is on top of me, with one thrust shoving his cock all the way in, and with each thrust I can feel my body changing to become more cow-like. When he floods my insides with sperm, I'm all cow, and I'm excited about bearing his calf.


I might write up something loosely related to that idea, actually...
i like the second one best personally :-)
Each short episode has merits for becoming a larger story!