by TF_Hive
Published: May 6th, 2015


Anime. We know it, we love it. For Yuna, she doesn't really get a choice. Especially not when a sexy chubby panda forces her.


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It was all a bunch of nonsense anyways. Yuna couldn’t understand what all the excitement was over. Last time she checked, cartoons were for dumb kids who hadn’t realized there are more important, more real things in life. Yet all of a sudden, the biggest buzz on the internet is this weird Japanese Cartoon called Shiro to Kuro no Meinu. Yuna didn’t even bother to learn what it’s about, she saw enough of it. Tits. BIG. TITS. She was already aggravated at what the internet decided was the most important thing to take from the reveal of this show, and that was what officially made Yuna decide against ever seeing it. No matter what.

For so long she vowed to never see such disgusting creations. Yuna always hated them, but it was a bit hard for her to avoid it. Despite her hatred of most anime and cartoons, she was surrounded by friends who constantly adored them. Every day she would be made aware about was good with a show and what wasn’t so stellar. But more than likely, she was hearing them obsess about the newest show. Yuna was hearing them really get excited about the new Shiro to Kuro anime, Most of her friends were female, despite that she often caught them watching some sort of more male aimed anime. They watched some of the most perverted stuff for the sake of decent comedy, they claimed. The peer pressure became enough, though, and Yuna started to crack. 

“Just one.” She said to herself, sliding the DVD to some generic ecchi, some garbage side anime with nothing more to it than tits and babes. “Just one episode.” The night grew late. Yuna stayed on her rear, watching. She shivered. She gasped. Her room was pitch black, at times throbbing lights of skin tone emanated from the screen, filling the room with the light of the bouncing objects. 

Tried as she might, but the urge was too strong. She finished the short series by sunrise. Yuna took the day off to get some extra sleep. She laid awake in bed, the birds chirping their sleep defying whistles. Yuna was at a lost as to what happened last night. Did she like the show? “I-I think I liked it.” She said to herself, brushing her brunette bangs away from her eyes. Did she like the girls? The breasts? The blatant fanservice? “No… I don’t think I… I mean, it was interesting… I liked watching it… B-but it’s stupid!” She rumbled under her covers and reached for a pillow to toss to the floor in furstration. “No more of this shit, dammit Yuna! Get yourself together!” 

Her friends met up at the usual hangout, a local restaurant where the food is as cheap as the air. She returned the DVD to her friend she borrowed from. “So?” Her friend asked.


“What did you think, dork?”

“Well, it was okay.” There was a sudden cheer as everyone at the table broke down into laughter. “W-what?!” Yuna replied shyly.

“I can’t believe it! We got Yuna to watch an anime! I never thought I’d see the day!”

“So what?! You leant me the DVD, I was at the very least going to watch it. I didn’t say I liked what I saw either! I just said it was okay!” The fervor died down a bit, though there was still some humor to the situation as far as her friends were concerned. 

“Alright, you still win the bet. You at least gave one of the anime we like a chance. Shame you don’t like it, but I understand. This stuff isn’t for everyone.”

“With all the breasts and butts in it? Yeah, some people aren’t going to be real happy about it.”

“Well,” Her friend blushed a little, snickering into her fist. “That’s kinda the point. It’s provocative. It’s arousing, sure. But it repels the people we don’t like. If you can’t stand all the blatant fanservice, you stop watching. That means only the people who like that stuff can get through it. So it’s like, it’s our thing. It’s a right of entrance into our little club.”

“I’m not joining your anime club.” Yuna wasn’t too happy with the table for the rest of the evening. She head home, mostly ignoring the hype at the table for the new anime still over the horizon. Pre-orders had just gone up to get the DVD Box. No one was really sure what it was even about, they just knew that they should be excited.

Yuna nervously typed the last few digits of her credit card into her computer. She clicked the button, and instantly a whole season of a different anime was being downloaded onto her computer. The over-sexualized anime downloaded away. Her conflict was long, yelling at herself over how stupid it was to waste upwards of forty dollars for more of this stuff she swore she didn’t like. She just… She just knew she had to see a bit more. For the sake of research. To figure out if she really liked it or not. 

She viewed the series from start to finish over the course of the week, keeping her interest hidden from her friends. She wasn’t watching it for her friends to be happy for her or get a good laugh. Yuna was watching it for herself. To convince herself she hated it, and stop pretending there was any chance she could enjoy bland, empty fanservice. At least, she tried. 

By the time she was downloading her second series past the one she finished she knew she was in deep. She wasn’t blind, she was a fan. A real fan of it. What was it about it?! Was she aroused by the woman, the stupid big eyed fat titted woman? She sure as hell wasn’t sure. She surely wasn’t happy about the plot. They didn’t have a plot. It was bland! Tasteless! Quick flashy style and amazing excuses to get at least two boobs on the screen at all times. Women dressed as bare as possible for no reason. Peels, anything at all to make them trip onto another girl or guy. Yuna growled. “How does no one fuck each other in this damn show! Het tits swing like a yo-yo! You watch her like a damn horny fool! Juuuuuust fuck already!” Yuna moaned into her palm. 

Another thing that was coming with her rise in interest in anime was a rise in sexuality. She was doing the do a bit more often. She attributed this to having more material than ever before. Plenty of porny stuff was visible constantly. She had gigabytes of material. She was happily bleeding her bank account dry for full versions of the animes she found. She bought without reading the synopsis to the end. She just grabbed the shows that looked hot. 

It was a month before the release of Shiro to Kuro no Meinu. Yuna nervously typed away at a keyboard, entering final bits of information. She was moments away from her chance. There was a trivia challenge. First person to answer all these questions about some animes done by the same studio would get a free copy of Shiro to Kuro no Meinu before anyone else at all. There would probably be a disclosure agreement, she couldn’t tell a soul, but she had to. She had to see what this anime was all about. And the stuff the studio put out before was amazing. The girls were stylish, hot, in charge, and amazing. They went beyond the tropes, they were real amazing characters. Yuna wanted it, wanted to see it before anyone else. Of course, she won. And it was easy too. She had just seen each of those animes she was quizzed on. 

It came in the mail fast. It was at her doorstep by next week. She kept quiet about winning it, she didn’t want anyone to know. The contest she entered was opened to the US, though they were really hoping someone a bit more Japanese would have won it. Subbing it was a pain in the ass for the company, but they gladly did it for their most dedicated fan. It was destiny. And they even said they’d feature Yuna on their website when she was done watching it!

Yuna wished she couldn’t say it. She wish she couldn’t. But she was excited! She was dead excited. She was beyond ready to watch this show, worship it, and love the characters. She saved it for a Friday night, masturbating mindlessly to some rampant dick girl anime before getting to the main show. She made she sure was alone, grabbed the best snacks, some energy drinks to make sure she stayed up for it. Sleeping during the best show ever was a bit no, and she was not sleeping until this bitch was done. She went to the package and opened it up to see the case.

Contained away in the box was the DVD set. It was black and white with some regal, minimalistic patterns with paint splatters. It opened like a book, a set of 5 discs on the inside. Two were black, two where white, one was split. She was a little confused. They weren’t numbered, save for the first white one. It had a big roman numeral “I” on it. Well, that about settled it. Yuna grabbed the disc and shoved it away into her TV DVD player. 

Yuna settled in her skimp pajamas. She shoved her brunette bangs to the side. Her pulse was fast. Her wrists were shaking. She could hardly hold the remote in her hand to start playing the thing. She swallowed her resistance and started it up.

The opening sequence played. It was black and white, as expected. What was on the screen, the very first character, was some panda girl. Flat out, some furry panda. She was big. Breasts were incredibly large. Her hips would sway like a hurricane, her thick thighs bounced and shimmered. Her lips were perk and black. She had all the panda fur markings, black around the eyes, white belly, black breasts. She was a perfectly bright white, the black a bit tinted towards grey. The titled flashed; Shiro to Kuro no Meinu. The episode played on.

“Hey, dick suckers, clear a path! This is Funa’s club, and you best know the bitch who owns it when she walks with this much power!” Funa said. Funa was the anime panda on the screen. She was a professional dancer. She lived in a city centered on dancing, loud music, anime, all that nonsense. Funa was the queen of it all. She instantly captivated Yuna. Yuna was in love.

“I’m the best!” Funa said aloud to her adoring cloud.

“I want it…” Yuan whispered as she drew her hands to the screen.

“Bitches want me!”

“I want you!” 

“So come now. Just come, don’t stress it! It’s party, isn’t it?”

“I… I want to be you…” 

“That’s all you had to say darling!” Yuna screamed, yanking her arm back. She was tugged at by the panda arm reaching through the screen. “Ah come on! You were sooo into it!” Funa said. Her arm was fizzling, melting into Yuna’s. Her hand vanished into Yuna’s arm, the two conjoined. As Yuna tried to draw away, she only helped tug Funa further out from her electronic prison. 

“L-let go!” Yuna yelled.

“Babe, I can’t.” Funa stuck her tongue out from her black lips. “We’re more stuck than a dick on the north pole.” Funa rose the arm she and Yuna now shared. Funa pressed her elbow against Yuna’s. The two merged further, now all the way down to their elbows. “Please, don’t be dumb about this.”

“You’re just some dumb fan service anime. This can’t be…”

“Just?! Just?! C’mon now. All those girls, the dumb bitches in the animes who bend over, who show their tits, who act all embarrassed? They do it for ME. I am the Queen of fanservice. I am the princess of all the tits, all the waifus, I own them. So don’t even compare me to their level!” Funa shoved her shoulder against Yuna’s and they merged further. Funa faced Yuna, pressing her enormous panda tits into Yuna’s smaller chest. Their breast squished against each other, Yuna’s rack devouring the fatter one pressed into her, the breasts merging. As Funa was drawn in deeper, she met her face to Yuna’s, forcing a tongue filled make out session. Funa melted into Yuna completely, as their hips met she humped a few more times until her thrusting, massive hips merged into Yuna. Yuna gasped a hot breath, as Funa was completely gone. The TV remained loud fizz.

“What the hell… What the hell…” Yuna collapsed onto her floor. Too horny to care. She was just attacked by the hottest anime girl in her life. You don’t enter the presence of such an amazing woman and not do something to sate the lusts. Yuna surrendered. She didn’t care anymore. She was a lesbian or bisexual or pansexual or whatever the hell cleared up fastest that she happily got off to flopping breasts and bouncing butts. She didn’t care anymore. 

She laid on the floor, panting heavily. She was a throbbing organ on sensations, a portal through which all of these sensations had entered. Her body recovered slowly from the situation, the TV blurrily displayed static, the speakers whispering white noise. Yuna began to rise and turned to the screen. Her shirt remained on despite her rampage which often relegated the more intense pinches to her nipples. Those sure as hell felt sore. The TV started to stir, the white noise rising in frequency.

The noise squealed and then depressed. The hertz changed fast in sudden valleys and peaks. From that static, a black figure appeared. It was a silhouette, a person shaped hole in the screen. “It’s for you.” A voice spoke in Yuna’s mind.

“The person hole there? That’s for me?” Yuna spoke aloud.

“Yes.” The voice. It belonged to the panda girl that leapt out from the screen. She spoke from inside Yuna. Funa was in her, and could very easily voice her side of things. “That hole was made with the single purpose of you.”

“But why? Why bother? This had to have cost a lot of money to make this happen or something!”

“It was a contest. A chance to give the biggest fan a life as the next biggest character. You get to be the first character, both fictional and non. You get to be me!”

“Well I don’t want to be you!”

“Reevaluate that.” Funa’s body flashed in Yuna’s mind. Those curves. That body. Those eyes. That fur. “Everyone wants to be me. I’m giving you what everyone wants. I’m offering you something more than a million dollars, a new car, or a new fuckin’ kitchen. I’m giving you the chance to be the best.”

“T-the best?”

“Like no one ever was. Here, I’ll help you take the first step.” Funa moved Yuna’s frail arm forward. “We have to get the black out of the screen. Once you have that, we’ll be done.” 

“I told you, I don’t want to!” Yuna snapped her arm back.

“And I told you that you do!” Funa swung her arm forward hard enough to land Funa on her knees. She was crawling over, tugged by her arm forever projected forward. The black abyss in the screen was ever nearer, the screen wavering like the tip of a pool. “I’m doin’ something good for you! C’mon, wake up and smell the booze you’re gonna be soaking in, the girls you’ll be doing, the praise you’ll be hearing!”

“Well, what if I want to live my normal life still?! What if I like this life?” Her fingers tipped into the pool. The blackness hugged around her fingers like tar. A new voice entered her mind. It spoke softly, still so distant, but yet so much more powerful than Funa. It spoke clearly, slowly, a husky seductive tone.

“Why bother?” It asked. “Do you want to keep being made fun of? Keep having your friends reject you? They’ll stick with you up until you aren’t cool in their eyes anymore. This is your chance to become everything they want and bleed them dry just like they intend to do with you. Those cock suckers will cling to anything, and just wait until they see us. Until they see YOU. Their loins will soak their garments like a tsunami. Can you see their skin tight panties, ripe for your taking? Peel them back, all the slippery fun just underneath. Ripe for you.”

“For me?”

“All of this is for you. It’s not a question of if it’s for you, it’s a question of WHEN will you?” Yuna’s whole hand was buried in the ooze. The other hand was falling right in as well. “It’s like getting in a cold pool. Once your head goes in, you won’t regret it.” Yuna gulped.


“This is your last chance! All the cock, all the pussy, all your chances! TAKE THEM! TAKE IT FUCKING NOW!!!” 

Yuna drowned her head in the black shape. She dunked her head in, some of the goop splashing out. She felt the ooze rush between her ears, against her eyes. Her nose tickled in the stream. The shape was tugging her deeper. She panicked, finding it to be the last emotion she had, and threw herself out of the TV. She gasped for the fresh air of the room as the ink like substance rolled down across her cheeks onto the floor like mascara filled tears. 

The screen showed her reflection. She had a black nose, bright purple eyes, a white furry face with black spots around her eyes. Her hair was long and black and done up in twin tails. She brought a hand to her face to touch the furry cheek. She felt claws press against her hands. Her wide eyes starred down at her hands, as they too were now covered in fur, and had sprouted claws. The changes of her arms went all the way up to her shoulder. “Why did you stop?” Funa asked.

“I got scared! What the hell are you doing to me?!” 

“We were making you better!” Funa said aloud. Yuna’s mouth moved against her will, speaking anything Funa wanted to say.

“What the hell?! You can use my mouth now?!”

“Yo, it’s my mouth! You have my form now. So really, it’s my mouth we’re sharing, so I’d watch what you say with it!”

“This is insane!” The expression of the panda’s face changed between broken, sad, and angry, grinning. It was insane. Her black lips frowned. “Please, just let me go back.”

“We are offering you the chance to be god damn incredible! But here you are, whinin’ the whole way!” Suddenly her arms shot forward. Yuna tried to tug them back, but she no longer had control of them. Funa was calling all the shots as far as her arms were concerned. She lunged forward hard, landing Yuna back on all fours. Funa dragged her nails across the carpet, dragging Yuna back to the screen. Yuna plied her feet into the carpet behind her, trying to stop her movement. Her shirt was tugged up by the friction, her whole body was reeling. 

“D-damn it!” Yuna held back as hard as she could, but an old feeling came back, a feeling hard to fight. Arousal. Funa’s arms flipped Yuna onto her back. Her hands darted up her partially pulled up shirt, grabbing ahold of her nearly free breasts beneath her shirt. “What!? Stop that! Let go!” 

“Yuna. Stop resisting.” It was Luna’s voice again. The sinister secuction of Luna weakened Yuna, but now she wasn’t whispering. She was speaking at full volume. She wasn’t yet speaking through her lips. 

“You’re louder now…” 

“It’s part of the reason you dunked your head in there. To get me at full power.” Luna snickered. “I know its scary babe, but please. Remain calm. It all feels good, right?” A hand drifted below, sliding against her thin stomach, rubbing at her slit, diving into her panties and slipping a few digits against her folds. “Here, just feel how much better it already is!” 

Her mind flickered. All the craziest images she could hope to image filled her head. The rampantly sexual monstrosities of animation, the gorgeous creatures. It was overwhelming. Yuna’s fingers collapsed into her folds, mashing her digits between her pillowy lips. Her secretions spewed like butter, her fingers wriggled and pained as her tempo never lessened, never weakened. She moaned, “I get iiiit! Ooooh, it feels so much better!” She climaxed against her fingers, her slit swelled around her fingers. She crawled at the screen. She reached her free hand for the black space in the static, reemerging at last. 

“Do it. Quit humanity. Fuck your friends. Fuck everyone. Get them to suck your dick.”

“G-GET THEM TO SUCK MY DICK!” Yuna flung herself into the screen with a splash. 

Out from the abyss she clawed out. She grinned, the black goo sliding from her form. Her thighs were chubby, garbed only in rear hugging shorts. She was rounded, flatteringly chubby. Her breasts were huge, bouncing with the exaggerated physics of the trashiest animes. She had the form of Funa. She had become the anthro panda bitch, the queen of the anime. The plot was in her mind now. She knew exactly who she was.

She was the queen of the dance. She owned every second she moved through the cyber punk cities of her futuristic world. People bowed to her, worshipped when she came in to really get the party started. And she even had a cute gimmick. For her white, she had a black. Funa could change to become Luna, as she so quickly tested. Her breasts trembled, swelling further out, bursting with milk at the tips. Her shorts burst, ripping open. Her fat panda cock stood at the end, completely erect, white dew dipping out. Luna was Funa’s dark side. She was sadistic, needy, and of course, a herm. Something she was rather proud of. 

Yuna’s old friends came knocking at the door. Funa invited them over to see the new show. They adored the chance to see a show that no one else had even seen yet, and came over right away. Imagine the expression on their faces when the hottest girl from the newest anime shoved a cock down their faces and happily took them on as pets. Imagine as Funa converted Yuna’s old house into a dance club. Now imagine the panda queen owning her throne, and fucking anyone she likes. Now give in. Now stop resisting. 

Just do it.

Give in to it.

Because you know you’ve wanted it for a while.

Watch some.

Some good stuff.

Not Hyper Dimension Neptunia.


Have some standards about your fanservice anime.



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