by TF_Hive
Published: May 6th, 2015


A magical island resort filled with everything you could ever need. Including monster girls. All that's missing, is you~! This will be a series.


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Bitter sunlight bit between his heavy eye lids. Brian woke up from the teasing waves of sun in his face. He wasn’t familiar with the intensity of the sun, nor did he recall the sand he dug his hands into when he rose from his back. He sat up in the sandy beach, facing the ocean waving in low salty rumbles. Brian gasped. His wits slowly came back to him, awareness the latest stage of awake-ness. 

Plane corridors were the last thing he recalled. He was stapled into his seat, dealing with his fright of heights. Above the clouds he was as scared as possible. But he had family in Germany, and they were worth the visit. Especially if he could weasel some dough out of his uncle to keep his college going. Sure, visiting for the sake of funds felt low, but realistically he needed the extra boost, and he wasn’t stealing from his uncle. He was just asking.

Well, he wasn’t going to get the chance to ask. Scenarios ran rampant. He was all by himself on a measly speck of sand. It was a small splintering island, just a spec compared to a proper island. Brian stood, trying to realize what happened. He couldn’t see any wreckage of the plane, as a matter of fact he wasn’t wounded at all. A plane crash at the very least would have left him with some sort of instantly noteworthy wound. 

Concerns leapt to survival. There was no fresh water. No vegetation. He had no food on him. His suitcase was probably still with the rest of the wreckage, if the plane even crashed. Effectively, he was left to die alone on an island unless he can swim off to some larger island. It seemed unlikely at best. Brian was the five year champion of nearly drowning. He hated water like crazy, and barely survived bath time, let alone swimming god knows how long across the empty ocean to try and find a place to quench his starving stomach. He didn’t stand a cha-

“Yo!” Brian flinched. He rapidly turned his head all over, trying to find the voice that caught him off guard.

“Umm… Hello?” No response. “Damn… Maybe I have sunstroke?” He rubbed the back of his hand across his damp forehead. 

“Heya dude! Damn, you look confused.” The voice was close. Brian turned to the edge of the island to his right to see, well. It was the figure of a gorgeous woman, in short. But his eyes scanned far longer than needed, perhaps the sunstroke talking. She was fit. Her skin was kissed by the sun. She had short sandy blonde hair. Her chest was contained by a bikini, and she laid her breasts against the sand, the girl leaning over from the water onto the beach. 

“Um… Excuse me miss…” He paused, his blonde hair sweaty as all hell, his bangs hiding his eyes. He was hot, confused, and just realized he didn’t know what the hell to ask the woman. “Umm… Do you know where the food is?”

“Pffft!” She snickers, her tanned lips curling into a grin. She peered at Brian with bright blue eyes, which she proudly rolled. “You look like you could use some help. I bet there’s room back on the main island for ya! We can get ya stuffed with all ya can eat there.”

“I’d like that!” He stood with more joy, more determination. “I would be so thankful if you can get me to shelter!”

“Kay! I’ll swim ya back to the island.” She starts to move, her rear barely rising above the water before she sinks back. “Oh, just quick question.”


“Are you willing to not get scared, no matter what? Are you literally, like, I seriously mean, lit-er-all-y, ready to see something you’ve never seen anywhere else?”

“Um…” She was probably implying Brian had never seen an attractive woman. Probably. He was too tired to test his imagination. “I am. I’ll be good.” 

“Good!” She came out from the water. Brian got a really, really good look at the rest of her. Her stomach was toned like a goddess, abs perfectly chiseled for flexing her whole body. And she had gills. Right around the sides of her torso. And fins on her arms, with webbed fingers. And her legs were made out of a shark skin with a water proof shimmer. And from behind her bikini bottom, she had a huge monsterous tail of an aquatic predator. Brian noticed how large her sharp teeth where whenever she flashed a toothy grin. She grabbed Brian, and ran back into the ocean. 


“Ever see a shark girl before?”

“What do you think?” He said, the strong arm pulling him against the sands making him nervous.

“I think this is the best day of your life!” The shark girl grinned. She leapt into the water, holding tight onto Brian with both arms before tossing him onto her back. She waved her legs and thrusted her abdominals. She swam with just her tail and legs, never needing even a bit of help from her. She swam at a blinding speed, cutting across the sea like a gliding knife across a stick of butter.

From the horizon appears a sand shores and a sizely resort. Brian gazed in marvelous splendor. To say the least, his mind was blown. Riding atop the girl who gave him a view of the ocean so dominated was empowering. Approaching the sands of the larger island gave him hope there was help yet to get him out of his situation. The two feelings combined left him overflowing with excitement. “What is this place?” He asks, not even knowing the first thing about where he is located. 

“That’s our island.” The shark girl said, swimming her rear off as hard as she could. Her face never showed a challenge, maintaining a cheeky grin, never once betraying her confidence. “It’s where we all end up staying. You’re gonna like it there.”

“Who’s ‘we’?”

“You’ll see!”

The arrival on the island brought with it the sensation of arriving back on solid ground after floating carelessly, lost to the speed. Brian had to adjust his blonde locks, a few golden strands having flung their way to curtain his vision. The shark girl kept on walking across the beach, turning back to face down the guy when his pace was clearly much slower. After the delay, he caught up with her and walked up the path.

A few flights of steps made from wood led them up from the lower beach into the upper area of the island. Just a short hike, and the modern resort area surrounded them now instead of the empty beaches. The beaches weren’t entirely empty, though. They had towels and umbrellas. This went well with the modern faculties atop the hill to confirm this place as some sort of resort. Brian kept his eyes glued to the shark girl just ahead of him, her figure still a mystery to him.

On her back, the grey skin crawled a little further up than the rest of her shark skin did on the front. Her human skin was very tanned. On her back was a huge fin, no doubt the fin of an aggressive predator. There were a few kinks in it. Brian found his eyes naturally drawn towards, what else, but her rear. It was the way she walked. She demanded attention in every step. She bent over at moments, shaking her rear, and then resorted back to her usual steps, pretending like she never attempted to show off. Her massive tail waved, often flying straight into the air, causing her rear to jiggle under the bikini bottom by the sudden movement. Brian was flustered. He had seen women before, loved and respected their form, admitted so many times it was all about the personality, but based off her strut, this woman’s personality always went back to ass. She wanted it to be seen. At least, that’s what Brian assumed. He could have been wrong, up until she asked.

“Have you scoped it out yet?”

“The resort?” Brian asked, looking up at the gorgeous building just a few more steps away. Modern, shimmering in the tropical sun, windows lining every wall of the few story resort. “It’s gorgeous-“

“I meant my ass, but that too.” She replied. “My name’s Ebessa, in case you wanted a name to go with the booty.” She said. 

“It’s a pleasure.” Brain replied, trying to keep a business like tone to his voice, hiding the infatuation he held for the rear. It just felt like he’d be falling for her sharky trap if he followed her obvious hints. If anything, she was blunt. “My name is Brian.”

“Brain, huh.” She shrugged. “Kinda bland.”

“Well, Evessa isn’t exactly grounded. I’ve never heard it before.”

“That’s because I made it up myself.” She turned, facing Brian head on. She had a dance like movement to her turn, revealing her beat rather clearly. Brian hadn’t noticed it before, but she had headphones on. She slapped her feet against the steps, twirled her body forward, flexing her stomach and bouncing her chest and returned to her resting position, running in place to her odd dance. “Isn’t it awesome? Unique as shit, awesome to say, and really just incredible.”

“Ummm.” Brian knew he shouldn’t hesitate, too afraid to step on any feet or not show the right manners. “I mean, yeah! I like it!” Well, he did kind of like it, so he wasn’t completely lying. 

“The hell.” She suddenly stopped. She tugged her ear buds out of her oddly long ears. They were fin like in structure. Christ, there was so much Brian missed about this girl. “You don’t like it?”

“Well, I’m not saying I love it.”

“That’s all I need. Another dick on this island who thinks I picked a shitty name. What the hell would you have named me, huh?”

“Um…” She was overbearing. She was closer with each word, snapping her bear trap teeth with each word. 

“Ebessa, it’s catchy. Ee – bess – ah! If you really wanna flatter me, you’d pronounce it Ee – BEST – Ah. But clearly, you don’t care about impressing people, huh, castaway?”

“Y’know, I actually need to ask about that castaway part. Did you happen to see a plane go down?”

“A plane?! A plane?! Are you nuts?! Do you think I would be withholding that information? My first words to you would be ‘is that your plane?!’ Not some other shit.” She sighs, fixes her short black hair, and slaps her ear buds back into place. “I’ll forgive you for now. But dealing with you after that whole thing? Sorry, but now you’re gonna need to be kissing ass really hard to get back on good terms with me. Like, I wanna see red lip marks on my ass from how hard you are kissing it!”

“Does everything go back to ass with you?”

“I’m glad you noticed!” Ebessa grinned. She was handling that remark much better. Resigned to not question further, Brian urged them on to climb the rest of the way, and so they surmounted the short hill climb to the top.

After having to be on wooden steps for so long, the tile floor of the resort area was nice. They were outside, a little party pool area surrounding the building. The place must have had at least three pools, one for every cardinal direction except for north. That was where the main door was. Ebessa was leading Brian just in that direction. Brian got his eyes off shark ass for just a few seconds to scan the area they were passing. There seemed to plenty of more odd sights.

There were girls. Plenty of them. And all of them had the same sort of exotic additions as Ebessa. They had a variety of modifications. They were numerous, but not really comparable to the sort of population a resort like this would have. It was more like the size of two big families taking a vacation, and not the size a mega hub such as that really was prepared to handle. 

Some girls had antlers. Others were even fishier in appearance than Ebessa. Animal ears. Tails. Tentacles. Even mandibles. It was an impressive group, exclusively female by the looks of things. “Is everyone here a girl?” Brian asked.

“Last time I checked.” Ebessa replied. Brian was almost certain he saw a wink, but in the same minute he was pretty sure he saw a woman with beetle wings and antenna. 

They walked in through the main entrance. Whatever was the name of the resort, it was written in French. After Brian decided any class that wasn’t Photography wasn’t important, highschool French suddenly didn’t click with him. So the title of Nouvelle Vie didn’t hold much meaning to him. Through the entrance, they entered a very lavish resort front. Red carpet. Golden fountains. A wide open space filled with windows and expensive tile. A curved front desk was front and center, impossible to miss. Just as hard to miss was the woman manning the front desk.
She had rainbow hair. Really, that’s the first thing that would grab anyone. Once you get rainbow hair, you’re not expecting anyone to mention your eyes first. Her hair was a little punkish, shaved a bit with an overflowing lock free to compose the majority of her wavy bangs. It slid over her face like a feather in the wind. Her eyes were composed and scanning, yet somehow they allowed for appreciation, adoration even. She just held that affectionate look. Her lips were feminine as all hell. Her face was so youthful, and yet her gorgeous mouth always held such a stern expression that curled into a grin only by requirement. 

“Heya birdy.” Ebessa waved. Brian instantly noticed that she had wings behind her back. They weren’t stretched out, but they were just as rainbow-ish as her hair. Brian was really the king of sucking at noticing this stuff. He was actively pinching the bridge of his nose. “We got another lost soul.” She grinned, grabbing tightly onto Brian’s shoulder. 

“Ah?” The rainbow woman grinned. “Hello there, sir, my name is Flourette. Who might you be?” She asked, hardly looking away long enough to monitor her progression on filing her nails.

“I’m Brian. I think my plane crashed or I got thrown out or something. So um, I’m here now. Not that I’m complaining, this is probably the absolute best place I could have landed realistically, with all the resort stuff. Could you call anyone for help-“

“I cannot.” She raised a finger scolding. “The lines are dead.”

“O-oh. Do you guys have wifi, or is that also de-“

“It is dead.”

“Oh, that’s a shame. Are there any boats I can get a ticket for-“

“There are no boats.”

“… I’ll save us both the trouble of running through the rest of the ways off the island and just ask, is there a way off?”

“Not really.” Flourette sighed. Frustrated. “We’ve sent boats before. Countless girls have tried to escape the island before, but it just never works.” She places her file way, placing full attention on Brian. “You’re free to try to escape if you wish. All you will notice, is the ocean fight you. Do everything it can to anchor you to this island.” 

“O-oh…” Brian’s eyes were as wide as his astonishment. “Then how does anyone get food? Or electricity? Or anything?”

“It just, appears.” Flourette replies. “We’ve tried to figure out, but we can’t be bothered to discover anything more than just the fact it works. Food appears in the refrigerator as needed. Electricity just appears on our grid-“

“And my player gets any tune I could possibly need.” Ebessa chimes in, holding out her device for Brian to look at. “See?”

Brian peers into the screen. All over her music list were bands he never heard of with bizarre names and weird dates for release. “Wow… So, whatever stuff is causing all of this, is giving you music from the future?”

“No.” Flourette interrupts. “Ebessa just has really bad taste in music. “Those terrible bands don’t have the manners to use the real date.”

“Hey, shut your beak!” Ebessa growls. “Beats the shit out of whatever you listen to! How the fuck can you even listen to that basic shit, just four chords over and over?! AUUGH!” Ebessa has her ear buds out again and spins them around frantically. Brian dodges after getting struck twice by them. They were made out of some sort of metal that didn’t rust from water, not that Brian could tell, he just knew it was metal. Really good metal. Really, really good, hard, metal. Flourette fluttered over her desk, grabbed the headphones, and shoved them back into Ebessa’s ears, calmly selecting a tune and kissing the shark girl on the cheek. Ebessa was a lot taller than Flourette, but the girl could manage by standing on her toes. 

“There, better now deary?”

“Muuuuch! This shit is my jam.”

“I know it is.” Brian could hear the hum from her headphones just barely. They were clearly designed to keep music played at a sane volume in. The bursts of sound were spontaneous. The melodies were faint and often just… unmelodic. Unharmonic. Brian had no temptation to listen to a single song. “Sorry about that. Ebessa has her mood swings. She’s getting better, though.” Flourette returned behind her desk. “Anyways, I just need to get you into a room you can stay in until we try to help you leave.”

“I thought you said leaving was impossible.”

“Yes, but dreaming isn’t.” She shrugged, a complacent grin overtaking her as she slid a keycard into his hand. “You have room 213. It is a much more standard room, but most of the suites are withheld for the proven members of our island. If you decide to settle down, we can talk about trading rooms.”

“I don’t think I’ll be staying here too long, but thank you.”

“Want me to show you to your room?” Ebessa asked. “We could test your bed a little-“

“Ebessa.” Flourette scolded her. “Please. Rest.” Ebessa sighed, refraining from bothering Brian anymore. He took to the elevator, and went took off. 

On the second floor, the metal doors slid open, allowing Brian access to hall where his room was held. Despite being described as average, it was already the best hotel room Brian had ever been in. Two queen sized beds, plenty of room to walk. Fridge, huge TV, stove even. The bathroom had a gorgeous shower as he could see through the open door to his left. The view from the large window was of tropical beauty and roaring seas. He couldn’t have asked for better, though the clothing concern became a bit apparent. He wanted to shower, but would have nothing to change into. 

There was a knock at the door before he was even able to settle in. He wasn’t really sure what was in store for him. All his understandings of reality were being pretty challenged, so his guesses about what could happen was shattered. Still, none of this could delay the door opening. After all, curiosity kept the hinges of the door oiled.

The woman who so politely knocked on the door was pretty. A bit more in Brian’s tastes anyways. She had cute short hair, some sort of black in color. She’d done them up in little twin tails resting on either side of her head. She was done up in maid attire, the sort that looked more like a costume than an actual maid uniform. She was dressed up to be attractive more than functional. She looked amazing though, her black maid dress hugged her well, white plumaged clothing protecting the entirety of her chest. Modest. Also, she had a spider body.

Woman faded into arachnid just below the waist. She was a sort of spider taur. She had a huge skirt around her large spider body that supported her human torso. “Oh, hello sir! I was sent to help you adjust to the island or help you in anything you may need. My name is Vivi, I’m the lead maid here at Resort Nouvelle Vie. If you need anything, you may alert me as soon as possible.” She bowed politely, bowing the top of her body over silently, her hair fluttering just a bit, her head band staying perfectly in place. She picked herself back up from her little courtesy. 

Brian just now noticed she had mandibles on her face. Perception was failing Brian, a photographer of all things. His eyes just felt so heavy. It was hard to pay attention on the right things it seemed. The sensation was migraine like, gripping at his skull and tugging his attention away from the things he should be noticing more than anything. He squinted hard, his face squeezed at his brow, frustrated wrinkles writhing up around his face. 

“Are you alright?” Vivi asked. Brian awoke from his inner tantrum, alert to how awkward he must have made the situation for Vivi.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I’m just a little…”

“Scared?” Vivi asked. “If I may sir?” She was gesturing with her spider legs, pressing one of the black armored limbs at the space where hallway floor met the room.

“Oh yeah, come on in.” The spider girl grinned and entered. She walked elegantly with her legs. Perhaps Brian was just more impressed by the idea of walking with eight legs, but it sure did seem like she put some extra elegance into the way she walked. She moved like a cross between ballerina and factory assembly line. Every step was elegant, but then repeated across the other three rows of legs she had to move. 

“I know it may be causing you some fear. A lot of us were in the same boat at one point or another believe it or not.”

“Oh?” Brian was confused, but interested in her advice. “And how did that work?”

“Well, we had this. The hotel. A place we could quietly live without ever having to really worry about anything again… I know it sounds rather grim from your position but, well-“ She smirked, her mandibles were excited, fidgeting against each other, little stabby fingers playing at each other in knitting circles. “But life is better here. And we’ve all agreed to that. And that is why we aren’t trying to assemble some big boat to get out of here.”

“Well… I mean, I’m not sure where you guys would live in normal human society… Where do you guys even come from? I’ve seen a human crossed with an animal before.”

“Oh, we came from all over. There’s not just one place.”

“Yeah, but-“

The hairs at the end of her spider legs were sticking up. The girl was visible disgusted and started to plug her nose. Her eyes went wide and teared up. “OH MY! Y-Y-You smell like something dying on the beach! You need a shower!”

“Oh, I’d love to, but I don’t have anything to change into…”

“I will have an outfit arranged for you! Go into the bathroom and wait for me to help.” Brian shrugged and did as ordered. Shower time it seems. 

With the promise that she was going to be in the bathroom pretty soon, Brian didn’t touch so much as his zipper. He wanted to remain dressed around the girl. She had to probably just warn him about some weird quirk about the bathroom, or how the shower head doesn’t work or something. The spider woman emerged into the room. “I called front desk, and they will have some clothes picked out for you.” She said, looking him over. “I will help you bathe, yes?”

“Um?” Brian rose a brow as high as it would go on his head. “I prefer to take my showers alone.”

“Oh.” Vivi formed a fist at her side, her mandibles became a bit more rowdy. “I really do insist sir. I…” She turned her head away, sighing. “I am your maid. Helping you is my goal. And I really just want to help…” Brian sighed.

“I’m sorry, Vivi. I just, y’know, usually take showers alone. But you know what, I’m willing to give it a try.” He’s taken showers with weirder things. Well, not in the relatable way. Drunk friends who thought it sounded amazing. Clothed showers, of course. Until his girlfriend happened for a bit. That really was the last time he had a shower that had anything to do with being naked with someone. But, he didn’t really feel any weight about that truth. This was the way to confirm it. Bathe with a cute spider girl, get over the chance that what is holding him back could have anything to do with shit that happened at home.

“Excellent sir. I’m sorry I was so insistent. I’ve been told I’m a bit… obsessive about helping. You’re part of my web, so of course, I want to make sure you’re tended to.” She quickly undid her maid uniform. Skirt flew off, dress fell apart, and stockings went off. She was down to just her in all her human half spider half gorgeousness. Despite her modest dress, her chest was perhaps the lewdest Brian ever spotted. Fat mounds that hung from her like jelly watermelons. Her thin waist faded into her spider body. She blushed a little. “I have put on a little weight…” She said, poking at her chitinous lower body. “But there are bigger problems than my body issues.”

“Yeah, like that web methaphor-“

“Shower time!” She grabbed Brian, undressed him by force, and pushed him into the shower through the glass door. Went standing as high as she could, she was a good deal taller than Brian, but she could lean her upper half very low, to the point she was only a bit shorter. She very professionally dug her hands into his shoulders. She reached over the side of him, and turned the warm shower water on.

She massaged at him. Slow, muscle easing circles, she relaxed every physical inch of him. He relaxed, her touch so soft. Though he just prayed he wouldn’t accidently touch her spider legs. He felt her hands dart to something a little lower. He felt like saying something, but he winced long enough for her to go to town. Her gorgeous numbing hands made something so much more fiery in him. The steam swelled up from their drowned forms. His hardening length filled to the tip with his secretions. After only a few more tugs, he was shooting like a jet. She snickered, applying a wash cloth to him, cleaning him of his own mess. He never felt such a cleansing act like that before. 

Vivi excused herself and left Brian to his own devices. Brian wasn’t really in the mood to ask her about escape plans after the best shower of his life. He settled for seeing the outfits he got fitted with. Well, it was certainly varied. Jeans, pants, skirts, panties, socks, stockings… The outfits were arranged as if he didn’t really care about what he wore. Well, it did certainly catch a little pass time of his. He was very loosely gender curious. Cross dressing was a little deed he did once every rare time he felt the inclination. 

He couldn’t clearly define if he felt like he was in the wrong body, or if the body he was in just wanted to trade places once to see what it was like. Whatever the case, he was in the place where his curiosity brought him to trying on the other gender’s clothes. He picked up a simple pair of black panties. He was on an island of animal women with a magic resort that never ran out of anything and he just got a hand job from a spider. It was time to let the flood gate open. He was going to wear panties as much as he damn well pleased.

They slid up nicely, fit pretty well, as far as anything that wasn’t his dick or balls were concerned. He slid on some shorts and a shirt. He wasn’t really told what was cool or going on, but he did have a whole island to explore. It wouldn’t hurt to just get a good look around. He went out the door, and headed straight for the elevator. 

Back to the lobby the elevator slid. There were a few signs he didn’t catch a chance to read on the way up that advertised a few of the things the place had. Casinos, bars, dance clubs, restaurants… Besides the pools and the beach, that about summed up all there was to the place. Brian wasn’t exactly hungry, and maybe a bit too tired to want to hit the dance club. Since escaping went down on his priority list, checking out the beaches wasn’t as important. Pools it was.

He didn’t have a bathing suit, but he’d just be happy to get a good look at what was going on there. There were a multitude of pools to pick from, but he figured the one he passed by with Ebessa would be worth the look. There were a few girls there. Two were swimming. One had huge tendrils growing from her back, the other was a bit more on the scaly, webbed fingers end of the fish spectrum. Lounging in the sun, a girl with super scaly green legs ate up the sun with her scantily clad body. Tanned, pierced, punk. Brian was onboard the punk lizard appreciation club. Her tail lazily swayed as she rested in the illumination of the hot summer waves. 

Brian didn’t have a good excuse to bother anyone so he just rested on a chair. He gathered a few looks from them. He figured as much should be expected. They were a rather small community, so new people would stick out like a sore thumb. Brian didn’t feel pressured to leave, though. He was feeling pretty social, and as far as a nap in the sun was concerned, he was unable to be persuaded away. 

Time got away from Brian. It must have been later in the day than he thought when he initially made it. His sunbathing was interrupted by the rising of the moon. He retreated back to his room and opened up the fridge. He thrilled to see what was on the mystical menu. Oysters, crab legs, salmon, bass, any other fish he could think of was there. He was a bit ashamed he wasn’t very good at cooking fish. With little else on the menu, he turned to his service phone and tried to call up Vivi. Well, Vivi was busy with something according to front desk. Brian hung up the phone, and decided it was time for bed. 

He took a short brush up shower, this one coaxing a little private session out of him. He scrubbed, and got dressed up in a loose night gown. In the privacy of the room, especially with such an amazing wardrobe, it was hard to keep resisting such gorgeous outfits. It was hard to get to sleep. He was stirring with energy despite himself being tired an hour ago, and thoughts of home were biting at him. After a while, he was able to shove those away, and fall asleep in the comforts of the bed. He was pretty sure, it was the most comfortable bed he ever felt…

But not so comfortable as to stop his sudden late night awakening. He was overwhelmed by the urge he had to be awake. Brian was wired as if his heart was made of coffee and energy drinks. He got up out of bed and shoved on some clothes. He hardly noticed his hand went for the panties before anything else. He shrugged it off and put his clothes on in the darkness of the room. Shoving on a shirt and some shorts, he went down the elevator to see what there was to do dark.

Distant music played as he entered the lobby. His ear led him down a hall towards a club. Brian opened the door to discover the dance club of the bar. The music was intoxicating, absolutely entrancing. He couldn’t figure out what it was about this particular moment, but he knew he just had to get out there and get moving. He walked amongst the mob of monsterous woman, the animal like girls moving their bodies, exposing their forms, enjoying the rapid pulsation of the lively beat. 

Dancing between the figures, he found himself high on the air of the place. It was too unreal. He just stumble upon it, and now he was throbbing to the music in all its techno glory. His eyes found endless figures to absorb into his psyche, gorgeous creatures as far as he could see. The place stank of sex, hormones flooding the air. While moving around, he saw his eyes trained onto a certain shark body. Ebessa was here, of all places.

Brian hunted her down through the crowd, and they went off together to the bar to snatch some drinks. The liquor he got was pretty strong. Two sips and he was on his ass, moaning out if wonderment over the stuff, wondering what the hell it was. It was all a blur of bright colors, but he remembers his hand clearly. He remembers removing Ebessa’s top, sliding her short rave girl get up to expose her breasts. She got a good laugh out of it and went back to the dance floor with him like that. She pulled down his pants, showed his panty covered ass, and they danced and danced and…

Morning hit like a truck. Brian’s head ached like all hell. He rolled out of the comfortable bed, hunting around for some clothes. He slid on some panties, got a skirt around his waist, and a bra over the breasts. After she slid on a black shirt, Brian took a look at herself in the mirror.

“W-what the hell?!” She grabbed at her chest, in her daze having skipped over all the details of her form. “When the fuck did this happen?” She couldn’t remember a thing about last night, but if she had had surgery to be the way she was now, she was pretty sure she would be still be feeling it. Confused, but drowsy from last night’s mayhem, she went down to grab a bowl of oatmeal, and tried her best to sleep the day away. She didn’t want to leave the room for anything. The sun made her head ache like a broken bone, her eyes burnt like melting butter in her sockets, her legs were flimsy, not to even mention the complete gender change. She figured it was at least worth dubbing herself Briana, in honor of the fact she had achieved the sudden miracle of gender transformation. She let herself slip into bed, like a zombie escaping the daily grind, and fell into slumber. 

Around lunch time. Briana rose from her sick day of slumber. Her rumbling stomach confirmed that she wouldn’t be getting any more mileage out of her nap until she humored her need for food. Opening the magic fridge, once again she found nothing but fresh fish. She grabbed one plate of sliced salmon steaks. She threw them on a frying pan, and tried out cooking them up on the stove.

The hunger she felt was intense. Too intense to wait for the fish to stop cooking. She made a good effort, but having to hang over them, smelling every second those rich steaks sizzled in the pan was torture to her starving stomach. She grabbed the half raw steak and ate it whole. She licked her chops, sinking back into bed without another word, rolling over in the covers, and falling asleep.

She awoke around dinner, slowly rising from her bed. She wiggled her tail and licked her fangs. Briana was still a good deal tired, but she was ready to at least head down and see how everyone was doing. She walked delicately on her paws and cracked the knuckles of her hands. She headed down to the lobby, happily greeting Flourette, the bird busy with her desk work.

“Ah!” Flourette waved to the girl. “Hello, miss…” She seemed lost for the name.

“Briana.” She purred.

“Ah, yes!” She reviewed her logs, casually retyping a line of the room owner’s file. “How did you sleep last night?”

“Purrfectly.” She hugged her full chest, Briana easily distracted, especially by her own assets. “Oh, do you know where Ebessa is?”

“I think she said she was out on a swim?”

“Ah, do you happen to know where it is she is off swimming?”

“Er, probably the beach to the south. You can’t miss it, especially if Ebessa is swimming in it.”

“Right! Thanks Flourette. See ya later, hot stuff~” Briana waved off, as she went out to go fuck a shark.



liked the stry
Of course you can't, of course you can't ha aha ha.
Nice story ! Sorry I just love catgirls and nekomimi, so I can't be objective .