Published: Apr 26th, 2015
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The story of a man trying to survive a mutagenic apocalypse while retaining his humanity. As everyone around him turns into sex-crazed mutants, will he be able to hold on to his sanity, or will he give in to the beast within? A short, diary-style story set in the world of Flexible Survival ( (Man to herm/female deer, woman to herm/male deer)


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A Flexible Survival Short Story by Sasquatchman

*Disclaimer*  This story contains many adult themes, including, but not limited to: consensual sexual intercourse, non-consensual sexual intercourse, really really graphic descriptions of said sexual intercourse, people having sex with weird animal-like creatures, people turning into said animal-like creatures, and some adult language.  Enjoy!


 April 4th, 20XX

            It’s been about two days now since all hell broke loose.  I’m not going to be overly dramatic and call it the ‘end of the world’, but it sure seems like it out there.  One moment I was going about my day, eagerly counting down the last few minutes until the end of my shift; and the next, I’m literally running for my life from a pack of some kind of werewolves.  I’m pretty sure I’m not hallucinating, but damn if it doesn’t feel like I’m in a movie of some kind. 

            For now, I’m safely locked here in the security office at the mall.  Thankfully, the power and water are still working.  Unfortunately, all I’ve got left to eat is a few bags of chips.  For now, however, the biggest enemy is boredom.  I’ve decided to start this little journal mostly to pass the time, but it’s also helping me recollect the insanity that’s happened. 

            If anyone manages to find this journal, hopefully it will just seem like the ramblings of a madman and none of what is going on out there is actually real - just hyper-realistic hallucinations.  Maybe one of my co-workers slipped some weird drug into my drink.  Or… maybe I suddenly became schizophrenic in a really messed up way.    

            Anyways... My name is Jason.  I am (was?) a mall cop at the Smith Haven mall.  After all that’s happened, I don’t think I’m going to have a job there anymore.  Here’s what I remember of what’s happened thus far:

            It all started around 1:45 in the afternoon.  I was eagerly counting down the minutes left of my shift.  The first half of the day went by pretty routinely.  It was pretty quiet for a Friday, and I hadn’t run into any real jerks at all.  Around noon, I began overhearing bits of odd conversations from the customers.  People were complaining about how their satellite radio was cut off or how the stores wouldn’t accept their credit cards because the mall’s internet had gone out.  I talked with a few kiosk operators, who confirmed that out internet access had gone out.  They were obviously pretty pissed, as it cut into their sales.  Still, it was a problem out of my hands, and I was secretly a bit happy with the situation, as the malls patrons soon began to dwindle, which made my job all the easier. 

            Things stayed quiet until around 2:30, when I was patrolling around the food court.  I was talking with Christine, the cute girl working at McDonalds, and we heard a huge commotion coming from the other side of the food court.  Aside from the sounds of smashed glass, yelling, screaming, and other assorted clattering, I thought I could hear the sound of moaning; and not the kind associated with pain, mind you.  I remember cursing under my breath while heading in the direction of the commotion.  I assumed I would have to break up a couple of irate customers fighting.  Every now and then I've had to deal with angry and/or drunk customers picking fights with each other.  I was certainly not prepared to deal with what I found. 

            From a distance, I could see about a dozen people fighting amongst themselves.  Maybe another dozen were fleeing the area in all directions.  I had to shove my way past a few people to get a good look at what was going on, and it took my mind a few seconds to process exactly what it was that I saw.  It was like some kind of weird sci-fi porno flick was being filmed right there in the food court.  At first I thought I was simply seeing things, and then I assumed it was some kind of weird stunt or flash-mob thing.  But as I got closer to the scene, I could see that what was going on was certainly real, and the terrified screams from the customers being assaulted confirmed that this was not a scripted event.

            I’m not entirely sure of how to describe what I saw.  There, in the middle of the food court, a group of five or six… creatures were actively raping customers.  They looked almost like werewolves from a movie.  But I had never seen a costume that looked that real before, or even that anatomically correct.  They were huge, standing six-six to maybe seven feet tall.  Each one was covered with a thick pelt of greyish brown fur.  The way their legs bent was all wrong, like they were actually the legs of a dog or wolf.  And, judging by the varied ways they were chasing down and violating customers, they seemed equally comfortable on either their hind legs or on all fours. 

As they were actively running down and pouncing on customers, I got a clear look at the uncovered crotch of one of the wolf-men… it certainly wasn’t human.  Jutting out of his sheath was a massive, foot-long, pointed cock.  It was red, veiny, and had a large bulge at the base of the shaft.  This wolf-man knocked down a frightened shopper and began ripping off her clothing. I could see copious amounts of pre-cum dribbling down his shaft and soaking into his prey’s clothing.  With feral tenacity, the wolf-man tore the panties off of the shopper and slammed his cock into her.  Part of my mind was telling me to get the hell out of there, but for some reason, I couldn’t pull my eyes off of the scene.  As the wolf-man continued brutally pumping into the woman, she fruitlessly tried to push him off.  If anything, the wolf-man seemed to enjoy her struggles; his pace quickened the more she struggled.  Then… things began to get weird.  The shopper, once all too eager to get away from the beast, began to moan in enjoyment at the continued assault.  She stopped struggling, and instead actively embraced her attacker.  Moans gave way to cries of pleasure, and soon she was literally begging for more.  With a particularly brutal thrust, the wolf shoved the huge knot of his cock into his prey, which elicited a loud cry of passion from her.  The wolf-man’s pace quickened as he bit down on the neck of his now eager lover.  And with one final, massive thrust, he and his new mate cried out in orgasm.  

As the two remained joined and pacified in their afterglow, I watched in horror and fascination as the shopper began changing.  Her ears were the first to change: they twisted up like soft clay being sculpted and began to move to the top of her head.  Within seconds, she had pointed, wolf-like ears just like her new lover.  As she sat back, still enjoying the sexual bliss, I saw two nubs of flesh on her chest form directly under her breasts.  At first I had no idea what they were; but then the flesh underneath began to rapidly swell.  She now had two rows of tits on her chest; with a passionate moan, she grabbed her new assets and began to fondle them.  She certainly seemed to be enjoying her changes. Next, a thick layer of fur began to rapidly grow over her body, matching that of the wolf-man, still firmly stuck inside her.  When the former shopper’s face contorted and stretched out into a muzzle, I finally snapped out of my stupor and looked around me.

 I must have watched for several minutes as these huge, hulking creatures ripped off the clothing and mounted both male and female customers alike.  Customers were bent over tables and taken from behind.  Some were on their hands and knees and being mounted.  One woman eagerly sucked off the massive cock of one wolf-man while another viciously pounded into her rear.  What really struck me was the fact that none of these customers were struggling anymore; they all eagerly ground their bodies against their attackers and passionately moaned.  My nose was overpowered by the musky scent of the wolves mixed with the unmistakable aroma of cum.  I could feel myself getting warmer and warmer while I watched the orgy in front of me, and soon my own erection was feeling painfully constricted in my pants.  My mind was clouded with lust, and some primal part of me wanted nothing more than to jump into the group and present myself to these huge, masculine wolf-creatures.  Thankfully, this odd realization was enough to snap me out of my hypnotic daze and clear my head. 

Suddenly, fear overtook me.  The next thing I knew, I was running.  I’m not entirely proud of myself for this.  I always imagined that if I ever saw someone being assaulted or raped like that, I would be able to intervene and help, but all I could do was run away from it all.  As I ran down the halls, the mall began to resemble a war zone mixed with a zoo.  Kiosk tables were knocked over.  Shop windows were broken.  People were running in all directions and screaming.  And amongst them were more of these strange mutated animal-human hybrids.  A female rabbit-woman with long, floppy ears dangling over her head was aggressively riding the cock of a shopper on the floor; her six massive breasts jiggling hypnotically with each bounce.  A man covered with bright green feathers and a curved beak was chasing down a group of customers while stroking his long and bizarrely shaped penis.  A man with thick black and white fur in the unmistakable pattern of a husky dog was carrying an unconscious and naked woman over his shoulder, heading for an exit door.  And I ran past them all… I was too afraid to help any of them.  I keep telling myself that there was nothing I could do to help, that there were too many of those mutants running around; but I still feel awful about it all. 

I was running in a blind fear.  I didn’t even know where I was running to; my feet were on autopilot, and my mind was switched off.  I vaguely remember running into a tall, lithe woman in a narrow corridor.  At first I thought she was still ‘normal’, until she turned to look at me.  Her face was contorted into a long, narrow muzzle.  Two long, curved front teeth jutted from her upper jaw.  She curled her lips up in a lusty smile and licked her lips as she approached me.  Oddly, I remember she had on a nametag from the mall’s pet shop that read ‘Laura.’  I said something to her, but she kept approaching me, moaning out in arousal and rubbing her hands over her body.  The next thing I remember is seeing her on the ground, unconscious, with the two electrodes of my stun-gun sticking into her chest.  It wasn’t until I ran past her that I noticed the long, naked rat-tail that snaked out of her pants. 

Eventually, I found myself in the security office up on the second floor of the building.  In a panic, I locked the door and piled desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and whatever else I could in front of it.  Then, I sat down on the floor and tried to make some sense of all the madness that I had just ran past. 

As the adrenaline wore off, I realized that I had cut my arm pretty badly somewhere, and I was bleeding pretty heavily.  I finally got to put those first-aid courses to use.  Thankfully my boss kept the first aid kit in our office well stocked.  For a couple hours, I huddled up in the corner and simply listened to the noises outside.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t do much to block out the continuous sound of screams, breaking windows, and loud, lusty moans.  A couple times I peeked at the security cameras, but I couldn’t watch for long.  All over the mall, packs of strange mutants were going about fighting and fucking each other.  Some of them seemed more interested in robbing stores; carrying out large pieces of electronics or other goods.  On the parking lot cameras, I could see that the pandemonium inside the mall was just as bad as it was outside.  I could see figures running everywhere; some on two feet, some on all four.  The lanes of the parking lot and nearby streets were littered with car crashes; there would be no way anyone could drive anywhere without a pretty powerful all-terrain vehicle.  Off in the horizon, I could see several plumes of smoke rising up from downtown, undoubtedly fires broke out somewhere. 

I tried to get some information from the radio and computer, but just as I had heard earlier, the internet was down and I could only receive static on the radio.  I resigned myself to stay locked in the office until things came back to normal; whenever that may be. 

For an hour or so, I simply listened to the chaos downstairs and collected my thoughts.  Suddenly, I heard the office doorknob rattle and someone pound heavily on the door.  A familiar voice began to yell at me for help; it was Lenny, one of the other guards for the mall, and a pretty good friend.  Without thinking, I rushed to the door and began removing the barricade to let him in.  After a minute of shoving furniture out of the way, Lenny practically fell inside.  He was panting heavily, obviously having just run a long ways from somewhere else in the mall.  Together we re-barricaded the office.  Thankfully, none of the creatures outside had followed him, and we seemed to be safe again. 

            Lenny collapsed into a chair and caught his breath, thanking me profusely for my help.  We exchanged stories about the madness that was going on outside.  We both ended up having similar experiences.  Lenny managed to sneak past multiple creatures and ran to the security office, just like I had.  We pondered together the bizarre events that were unfolding outside.  Eventually, we settled down in silence, either too tired or too shocked to make any kind of conversation. 

            After perhaps a half hour, I noticed that Lenny had not yet stopped panting.  Hadn’t he caught his breath back?  Was he that out of shape?  Soon he was complaining about how warm it was in the office, and he began to take off his work shirt.  As he lifted it over his head, I was horrified by the sight of an additional two nipples prominently sticking up underneath his original set.  The flesh underneath was visibly and rapidly swelling.  Soon, Lenny had two sets of small breasts on his originally muscular chest.  After pulling off his shirt, Lenny let out a loud moan.  His eyes were partly closed and seemed clouded with lust.  Raising his nose upward, Lenny sniffed the air just like a dog would, and remarked at how ‘wonderfully sexy’ I smelled.  He got up and began to approach me while biting his lip and fondling his new tits.  He pinched one of his nipples; this elicited another loud moan from him, his voice now a very high-pitched and very feminine.  I backed away from him, repeatedly warning him to stay away.

Lenny didn’t seem to hear me, and he kept approaching.  He started begging me to play with his new breasts.  As he massaged them, his breasts continued to swell.  Lenny stuck one of his hands down into his pants and let out a loud, lusty cry of pleasure.  Lenny stopped momentarily to rip off the remainder of his clothing, revealing his formerly muscular body was now rounded and curved into a very feminine shape.  I watched in rapt horror as his genitalia began to rapidly shrink.  Lenny moaned loudly and started to eagerly stroke his shrinking cock with one hand while massaging his huge breasts with the other.  Eventually, his hand became too big to stroke his dwindling manhood, and he resorted to rubbing his fingers over the nub of his penis, as if it were an engorged clit.  Meanwhile, his balls continued to shrink down in size, until they seemed to vanish completely.  I couldn’t help but watch in horrified fascination as his genitalia reshaped itself into the puffy, swollen lips of a woman.  Lenny cried out in joy as he… well, she plunged her fingers into the newly formed orifice. 

“Please,” she lustfully begged while finger-fucking herself, “I need you to fuck me, I can’t take it anymore!  I’m so horny!”  As she continued to advance upon me, I could see black and white spotted fur begin to sprout all over her body.  I tried again to back away, but she had me pinned into a corner.  In a panic, I searched the room for a way out, or something to defend myself with.  As she continued to change, her scent became stronger and stronger- a rich, musky odor that made my head spin.  Just seconds before she would have grabbed me, I instinctively grabbed the closest thing next to me and swung with all my might.  I don’t know who was more surprised, Lenny or I; but the next thing I knew, the husky-girl was laying on the ground unconscious and I had my heavy-duty metal flashlight in my hand. 

            I rushed to the door and once again removed the barricade.  As I lifted up my former co-worker and dragged her to the door, she began to wake up and moan in lust, again pleading me to have my way with her.  Thankfully, I managed to drag her into the hallway and re-lock the door before she woke up completely.  After re-barricading the door, I was forced to listen to Lenny banging on the door and whining for me to let her in.  It was nearly an hour later that she finally gave up and sought relief elsewhere in the mall. 

And, well… that about brings this journal up to speed.  For the past two days now I’ve been cooped up in this office, listening to the near-constant sound of moaning in the halls outside.  I’ve ripped up one of the office chairs and used the foam inside to make some earplugs, which have helped drone out the noise, and save me some sanity.  Occasionally, I’ve heard what can only be gunshots off in the distance.  Sometimes I’ll hear footsteps in the hall and someone… or something… tries the doorknob.  The door has held tight thus far, even against the repeated bashing from something extremely big.  I haven’t dared look at the cameras anymore.  The smoke in the city is mostly cleared now, so that is something to be thankful for.  If the fire had spread to the mall, I’d be trapped in here.  Unfortunately, I’m nearly out of food.  I’ll have to sneak out of here soon, and face whatever is going on out there. 


April 5th, 20XX

More bad news.  Sometime last night the power went out.  And worse yet, there are no windows in this office.  The emergency ‘Exit’ sign is bright enough to see in the office, but now I can no longer see what is going on outside with the cameras.  On the plus side, it is very quiet outside.  Maybe the creatures out there left after the lights went out? 

I’m pretty hungry, and all I’ve got left is a half-eaten bag of ‘Nacho Cheesier’ Doritos.  Blegh.  I’ll just have to suck it up for now.  As long as it remains quiet out there, I’ll poke my head out tomorrow and survey the mall.  There’s probably plenty of food in this place; assuming, of course, that it hasn’t all been eaten by the mutants down there.  

Power is almost out on my cell phone.  Not that it matters, I’m getting no signal.  I was getting pretty bored of playing solitaire, anyways.  Hopefully there are some magazines or something in this office to help pass the time. 


            April 6th, 20XX

            Well, it remained quiet out there overnight, so I think I’m going to go and see if I can find some food.  Maybe some candles from the candle shop, too.  Once that emergency light goes out it’ll be completely dark in here.  I’ve ‘borrowed’ a backpack one of my coworkers left in here; I should be able to load it up with enough supplies to hide out in this office for another week or so. 

            Wish me luck, I’ll write again when I get back.  *fingers crossed*



            I should have figured it wouldn’t be that easy… I snuck over to the catwalk overlooking the food court to survey the area before I went down.  It was hard to see in the darkness; the skylight overhead doesn’t let in as much sunlight as I had hoped.  But there are definitely several creatures down there.  It was too dark to make out what they were, but they were big.  Like, Incredible Hulk big.  And they were kind of hunched over, too.  They were just kind of slowly walking in circles around the court, as if they were looking for something.  Whatever they are, I don’t want to tangle with them; they look strong as hell.  I did rummage through a few offices up here on the second floor (thank goodness I have the master key for this building).  Found a few bags of chips and other snacks, but not really enough to last more than another couple days. 

            I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe they will have moved on.

            So… I’m back to being stuck in near darkness eating junk food and sitting in silence as the world ends outside.  But at least I have some peanut butter cups now, so I’ve got that going for me.


April 7th, 20XX

            The emergency light went out overnight.  Thankfully we have several flashlights and tons of batteries here in the office.  Still, the dark is pretty depressing.  And the silence is starting to get to me.  Going to go check out the food court again and see if those ‘hulks’ are still wandering around.  Gotta get some real food to eat, I don’t ever want to see another Dorito again in my life. 



            More bad news.  Again, I snuck over to the food court balcony to survey the ground floor.  And, again, those giant hulking mutants were patrolling around.  However, today it was a bit brighter inside (Maybe it was cloudy yesterday?  Just realized I haven’t seen the sky in a few days now.)  The first thing I noticed was the gleam of something shiny and metallic on the brutes walking about.  For a few moments I couldn’t figure out what it was, but then it dawned on me.  It was a security badge.  Just like the one still pinned to my uniform.  As the giant creature walked into a brighter area, my suspicion was confirmed.  Clothed in the shredded remnants of a security guard’s uniform was a gigantic, furry, and intimidating mutant.  I’m not certain what kind of animal hybrid this guy was, but he was covered in a thick, dark pelt and had a small tuft of a tail.  A wolverine?  Maybe a bear?  Whatever it was, it was clearly one of my former co-workers.  And, bizarrely enough, he seemed to still be patrolling the mall as if he were still on duty… 

            Could it be that some people who get changed by this weird mutation don’t become sex-crazed maniacs like I had seen thus far?  For a minute I contemplated going down to the huge brute.  Maybe I could talk to him?  However, what happened next made me forget that notion quickly.  As I watched the two guards pacing around the food court, I heard a shout from down the main hallway in the mall.  It was a deep, booming voice shouting what sounded like “Stop, thief!”  The two guards in the food court had heard it, too, and they both stood up straight and at attention as they looked down the hall to see what the commotion was.  Two mutants came rushing down the hall, each carrying garbage bags stuffed full of some (presumably) stolen merchandise.  As the thieves ran into the food court, the two mutant security guards rushed towards them with surprising speed and agility.  With arms full of loot, the two other mutants were unable to dodge the massive guards. 

            One of the thieves, a cat-girl by the look of things, was grabbed by the neck by one of the guards.  He easily picked her up in one hand. Her furry tail flicked back and forth rapidly as she was held aloft.  I could see the muscles in the guard’s massive arm flexing even under his heavy pelt and in the dim light; my suspicions about how strong they are was definitely confirmed.  With a deep, gravelly voice, the guard yelled out “SHOPLIFTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED,” before slamming the poor cat girl into a table.  It was like watching something out of a professional wrestling show.  The table shattered into two from the impact of the choke-slam, and the cat girl remained motionless afterwards.  Meanwhile, the other guard grabbed the other thief – a thin, androgynous person with pearlescent wings on its back.  The guard kneed this other thief in the gut.  I could see a pair of long, wiry antennae on the head of the thief droop down as the thief collapsed onto the ground.  

            Having incapacitated both of the thieves, I assumed that the guards would simply toss them out of the mall; but what happened next caught me by surprise.  The guards stood dominantly over the two thieves and began to strip both creatures of their clothing.  In the dim light I couldn’t make out much detail, but I could see enough to know what was going to happen next…  The cat girl had regained consciousness as her captor violently ripped off her clothing.  She mewled weakly and tried to struggle, but was held in place by one massive paw of the wolverine-like guard. 

            Meanwhile, the other guard was also ripping the clothing off of his victim.  The insect-like mutant weakly coughed and begged for mercy.  With its clothing removed, I could make out his small penis and tiny testicles.  Although male, this insect creature had an effeminate, wispy body, with frail limbs and a tiny waist.  As he struggled in the hands of his captor, his wings flapped pitifully on his back.  The wings reminded me of those of a moth, but I couldn’t be sure in the dim light.

            With his new prize stripped of clothing, the first wolverine unzipped his ill-fitting and ripped pants and pulled out his massive cock.  The cat-girl, upon seeing what her captors intents were, cried even louder and renewed her struggles.  I could only watch in horror as the rape began.  The wolverine’s member must have been well over 10 inches in length, and it was extraordinarily thick.  There would be no way it would fit into the tight body of the poor cat-girl, but the wolverine was determined.  With a loud grunt, he held the cat-girl aloft and began prodding at her exposed pussy with his erection.  Still dazed, the she could only squirm weakly in his grasp.  After several attempted thrusts, the wolverine roared in frustration at the tightness of his prey’s hole.  He moved his hands from his victim’s throat and leg, and instead grabbed the small woman’s hips.  After positioning his cock in place again, he thrust with intensity into the cat-girl while using gravity to assist the penetration.  After a few more prods, the wolverine’s cockhead finally managed to push its way inside.  The cat-girl let out a loud squeal of pain, and the guard grunted happily. 

            Across the food court, the other wolverine began his sexual assault on his prey.  The moth-boi was forced to kneel down in front of the wolverine, whose massive cock was already out of his uniform pants and standing at attention.  With one hand grabbing the back of the moth-boi’s head, and the other aiming his cock, the wolverine poked his throbbing member against the moth’s lips.  After a few seconds of tight-lipped resistance, the wolverine forcefully shoved the bulbous head of his cock into the mouth of his victim.  I could hear the sound of gagging and muffled cries all the way across the food court. 

            To my surprise, the painful cries of the cat-girl were slowly giving way to moans of lust and cries of delight.  The wolverine was holding his prey aloft and bouncing her forcefully upon his member.  Like a ragdoll, the cat-girl's legs and arms flopped about weakly as the wolverine used her body.  Her mouth hung open slack-jawed while she moaned out in pleasure at the forceful penetration. 

            Like before, I found myself unable to turn away from the scene unfolding before me.  The sights, sounds, and even smells of the forceful sexual assaults seemed to hold some kind of hypnotic sway over me; I felt as if some small part of my mind was unnaturally drawn to these acts of raw, primal sexuality. 

            Meanwhile, the gagging and slurping sounds of the poor moth-boi were growing louder.  His captor was increasing the power of his thrusts.  The moth's throat began to bulge out obscenely while inch after inch of wolverine cock was shoved into his mouth.  Oddly, just like his cohort, the moth-boi was no longer struggling against his captor.  With half-lidded eyes, the moth began to actively push his face into the crotch of his captor - eager to get more of that massive cock into his throat.  It seems the mind-altering effects of this mutation had a profound influence on its victims. 

            However, I was once again distracted from questioning the nature of these infections by my own lustful curiosity.  The wolverine began grunting louder and louder as he forced his cock deeper into the mouth of his victim.  With a final thrust and a primal growl, the wolverine hilted his manhood in the mouth of his victim.  The moth's eyes bulged in shock as the wolverine firmly held his head in place.  I could hear an audible gurgling noise as the wolverine pumped what must have been a massive load directly into the stomach of his prey.  Just before losing consciousness, the wolverine nosily slid his cock out of the poor moth’s throat.  The moth-boi collapsed to the ground while coughing and gasping for breath.

            Almost immediately after his 'co-worker' had dealt with the first thief, I could hear the other wolverine roar out as he climaxed.  After a few final bounces on his cock, the wolverine allowed gravity to hilt the cat-girl onto his monstrous cock.  She cried out in sheer delight as the wolverine began to fill her full of his seed.  The cat-girl collapsed into the arms of her captor, exhausted from her brutal ordeal.  After a few final moments enjoying his latest sexual conquest, the wolverine lifted the cat-girl back up.  His cock sloppily slid out of the cat-girl's abused cunt, and a torrent of seed spilled out with it.

            Having subdued the thieves, the wolverines seemed content that they would cause no further trouble here.  They lumbered off towards the exit of the mall, their captives casually draped over their shoulders.  With a strange delicateness, they laid out the thieves outside the front door of the mall, and gently covered them with what was left of their tattered clothing. 

            I decided that trying to talk with the wolverines was definitely out.  I'll have to try to sneak out past the wolverines, or find some other way out of here.  If there are two constantly on guard at the food court, there are probably more of these guards elsewhere in the mall.

            I'm still pretty shaken up (and bizarrely, a bit aroused,) from watching the scene in the food court.  I still have enough snacks here for the night.  I'll pack up some supplies from the office with this backpack and get the hell out of here tomorrow.  I don't want to spend another minute in this place...


April 8th, 20XX

            I didn't sleep too well.  Had some very... interesting dreams.  All I could seem to think of was the wolverines and their brutal ‘disciplining’ of the thieves.  I kept having visions of being in the place of either that cat-girl or that moth... being forcibly taken by a large, dominant, and powerful creature.  I'm completely straight.  I've never had thoughts like this before.  For some reason, however, the thought of sucking on the long, thick cock of one of those wolverines seemed very enticing...  Before I knew it, I was masturbating furiously while fantasizing of the wolverines. 

            For now, I'm just going to push those thoughts out of my mind and chalk it up to being stressed out and confused by the bizarre events of the past few days.

            I'm definitely not going to get any more sleep tonight.  Maybe sneaking out at night will be easier anyways.  Along with the handful of chips I have left, I've stuffed the backpack with the first aid kit, several bottles of water, extra batteries for my flashlight, and a few other supplies that may be handy. 

            I've taken a few minutes to steel my resolve before heading out.  If there are no further entries after this... well, I'm sure you can assume what has become of me.  Wish me luck...



            That was... not at all what I had expected.  Needless to say, I was not brutally violated by the gigantic mutants that were my former co-workers.  I'm actually still a bit shocked by what did happen; it almost seems like a weird dream. 

            I started out from the office, backpack strapped tight and flashlight in hand.  I kept it off; I had no intention of using it as anything but a club.  With the skylight and a few working emergency lights, I had enough light to find my way.  I spent what seemed like hours slowly sneaking down the halls, moving behind trashcans, tables, and anything else I could use for cover.  Every now and then I could see the light from one of the wolverine's flashlights; but some of them seemed more comfortable not using one at all, choosing instead to silently patrol down the corridors.  I began to worry that their mutations may have given them super-sensitive sight or smell.  My heart was racing. 

            Having successfully dodged all patrols on the second floor, I finally made my way to one of the maintenance stairwells tucked away in the back of the mall.  I knew that at the bottom would be one of the emergency exits.  It would probably set off an alarm as I exited, so I knew I needed to be ready to keep running the second I breached that door. 

            I waited at the top of the stairs for a minute or two, listening carefully for any approaching footsteps.  After finally gathering up my courage, I began to slowly creep down the stairs towards my freedom.  Step by step I approached the door; pausing every few stairs to listen for the sound of nearby guards.  With the door only a few short steps away, and the stairwell absolutely silent, I decided to risk it.   I readied myself, and with a leap, cleared the last few steps and hit the door and crash bar with all of my might and...

            Thud.  Nothing.  The door was sealed tight.  Someone had securely barricaded the door from the outside.  As the alarm from the crash bar blared out, I tried in vain to force open the door, with no success.  No doubt the alarm could be heard throughout the mall, and I was left with a choice: do I head back up the stairs and try to find another exit, or head into the main walkway and head for one of the main doors?  Having seen the most guard activity in the main halls and food court, I opted to head back upstairs to find another way out.  Adrenaline pumped through me as I raced back up the stairs.  Having thrown caution to the wind, I was caught completely by surprise when I ran face first into a huge, furry wall at the top of the stairs.

            Terror filled me as I slowly looked up at one of the creatures I had been trying so hard to avoid.  The gigantic wolverine guard looked even more intimidating and powerful up close.  I could only stand paralyzed in fear and shock as the wolverine peered down at me.  And then, something completely unexpected happened.

            “Oh, hey Jason.” 

            The massive creature rumbled out a deep, yet amiable, greeting to me.  I was caught completely by surprise by this.  Rather than being ripped to shreds or brutally raped, the wolverine acknowledged me by name and simply walked past me down to the blaring door.  After pulling out a small key to reset the alarm on the door’s crash bar, the wolverine grumbled,

            “Darn kids, always setting off these alarms…”

            With a loud sigh, the guard walked back up the stairs to where I was still standing in confusion.  With a hearty laugh, the wolverine clapped one of his massive hands onto my shoulder,

            “Sheesh man, aren’t you a bit early for your shift today?”

            With the alarm done blaring out, my mind began to clear.  Obviously, this guard recognized me; but I had no clue who he was, or rather, who he used to be.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t see his nametag in the darkness.  Not knowing what else to say, I played along,

            “Right, I am a bit early.  Guess I set my alarm clock wrong!”

            “Hah!  No worries man.  Go home and get some sleep.  I’m really looking forward to when you get back; it feels like I’ve been on duty for days!”

            Not wanting to risk provoking the massive wolverine, I simply nodded my head in agreement and forced a laugh. 

            “Okay then, I’ll see you later.  I’d better get back to my rounds.”

            And, just like that, the huge creature simply walked away.  Looking back now, I assume it was my guard uniform that may have saved me from a pretty nasty fate.  Regardless, I was snapped out of my shock once the wolverine plodded off.  Not wanting to risk another minute here in the mall, I rushed back down the stairs and headed for one of the main exits.  I really didn’t want to gamble on the other wolverines being as friendly as that one.  I saw how they had dealt with thieves – they certainly wouldn’t take kindly to people setting off alarms or stealing personal property from the security office.

            After rounding several corners, I could see a collection of lights in the center of the mall, near Brookstone Books and that creepy old curio shop.  I assumed that the wolverines had made their home there, so I decided to head in the opposite direction.  After a couple minutes of walking, an exit was in sight – the western parking lot entrance.  With freedom only a few hundred feet away, I picked up my pace and began jogging towards the exit.  The sky was just starting to brighten outside, which only made me more eager to get the hell out of the mall. 

However, in my haste, I didn’t notice the large, shadowy figure standing by the doors until I nearly ran into it.  Hoping it would react like the other guard I ran into, I put on my best smile and tried to act casual as I walked past.  Thankfully, the guard simply nodded curtly to me.  I breathed a sigh of relief, and, before I knew it, I was out of the mall and in the parking lot.

…Talk about into the frying pan and into the fire.  Everything outside seemed so… different.  Aside from the lanes and streets choked with car crashes, everything seemed ominous and just… strange.  At first I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was off.  It was like walking into a dead city.  There were no lights on.  The air was still and silent.  There was no constant hum of traffic from the nearby highway.  No car horns or chatting people.  Just… silence.  Silent, that is, until I heard a series of rapid gunshots echoing from someplace far off.  No time for sight-seeing.

I decided to head straight for my car first.  Keeping my head low, I snuck between cars and headed for the back of the lot where I had parked so many days before.  I noted that many cars had been broken into already.  Many had smashed windows or simply had their doors left wide open.  Thankfully, my car had been left alone.  I guess having a rusted old Geo Metro played in my favor for once.  From my trunk, I took out my softball bat.  It’ll make a much better weapon for self-defense than my old flashlight. 

            For now, I’m sitting in the front seat of my car waiting for the sun to finish rising.  I plan on getting the hell out of this city as soon as I can.  Like I mentioned, with the streets full of car wrecks, driving is out of the question.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a bicycle; but I’ll probably have to hoof it.  I’ve pulled out my city map from the glove box and plotted a few routes.  To avoid any sex-crazed mutants, I’ll probably want to avoid downtown and any other densely populated areas.  I think I’ve got a good route planned, but it’ll be a very long walk. 

            Well, the sun is up, and I am eager to get the hell out of here.  I’ll write again later with updates.



            Taking a breather in an empty drug store right now.  It’s past midday and I’ve only covered maybe a mile so far.  It really does seem like the end of the world out here.  It seems like every corner I come across I see mutants either fighting or fucking.  Wolves, cats, foxes, birds… I’m seeing a lot of different kinds of varieties (strains?) of mutations out here.  Some seem more predatory than others. 

            Earlier, as I was walking down a street full of shops, I saw a door open up about a hundred yards ahead of me.  I quickly hid behind a garbage can and watched what seemed like a human-sheep mix carefully walking out of a sandwich shop.  She was still wearing some tattered clothing, but I could visibly see wool covering most of her body and poking out of her clothes.  As she exited the building, she carefully peered up and down the street.  Unlike the wolverines or wolves I had seen earlier, she seemed to be looking for potential threats, rather than someone to have her way with.  She was carrying a large duffle bag over her shoulder, full of some unknown goods.  I assumed she had been looting the store for food.  She seemed harmless enough, not to mention still sane, and I thought maybe I could talk to her.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had anyone to talk with.  And I’ve still got a ton of unanswered questions about what the hell is going on in this city.  I decided I would try to speak with her. 

            However, as I stood up to call out to her, I heard a loud screeching noise from overhead.  The sheep and I both turned our heads up and saw a group of three blue figures soaring out of the sky.  As they swooped down, two of the creatures headed towards the sheep, while the third one was clearly headed directly for me.  I readied my bat in my hands and prepared to swing at the creature should it get too close.  I heard the sheep-woman let out a terrified cry, but I didn’t get a chance to see what happened to her.  Before I knew it, the large bird creature landed right in front of me.

            ‘She’ seemed to be a strange mix of bird and cat.  And I say ‘she’, only because of her enormous breasts and heavily curved figure.  However, between her legs was a huge, black, knotted penis and heavy, full balls.  She was covered head to toe in a fluffy blue and white fur, but on her back was a wide set of large blue wings.  She also had a wicked looking beak and sharp talons on her feet.  She was obviously pretty ‘happy to see me’, as her large cock was standing at attention and eagerly dripping with precum. 

            I warned her to back off, and gave my bat a few swings to show her I meant business.  Not impressed by my threats, she simply chuckled and charged at me.  Most of the fight was a blur, but I do remember getting a few good hits on her.  Aside from occasionally scratching me with her claws, this weird mutant seemed much more interested in simply subduing me rather than actually hurting me.  She repeatedly tried to pin me.  Sometimes she just ground her large cock or massive breasts against me while saying some really lewd and nasty things.  However, after a few good hits with my bat, she eventually backed off.  With a graceful leap, she spread her wings and took off into the sky again.  After re-gaining my composure, I looked around but could find no sign of the sheep or her two attackers.  Not wanting to risk being caught by those mutants again, I ran like hell and have kept to the shadows of buildings ever since.  I managed to ward off one of them, but if two or more of them had attacked me at once…

            Now that I think of it, I think I’ll just camp out here in the pharmacy for the night.  I’m feeling a bit out of sorts just thinking about that run in with those sexy (holy crap did I actually just write that??) bird things. 


April 9th, 20XX

            Didn’t sleep well again.  Kept having really messed up dreams about those bird mutants.  I kept envisioning how it would feel to be groping and grinding against their soft fur while… OK, not going to write about that anymore.  Need to clear my head.  Oh god, I’m not infected with whatever it is that’s changing people am I? 

            Ok, just found in a mirror and looked myself over.  As far as I can tell I am still myself and completely human.  No tail or scales or anything else out of place…  Maybe it’s just the shock of the situation, but I’m having a hard time keeping my thoughts straight.  I need to get the hell out of this city.

            Will write again later today with an update.




            Ok, I think I’m safe now.  Wow…  I’m not sure what the hell I just ran into, but it was big.

I was carefully making my way down a side street dotted with small shops and offices when I heard a strange flapping sound.  At first it sounded like the slow, steady wing beats of a bird; but judging by how loud it was, I could tell it was much larger than any bird I knew of.  Not wanting to tangle with anything large enough to create that much noise, I quickly ducked behind a truck and scanned the sky. 

The shadow of the creature was the first I saw of it.  As the loud flapping grew closer, the sun was momentarily blotted out by the silhouette of a truly gigantic creature.  My jaw dropped as I got a clear sight of the creature.  Slowly gliding overhead was a creature I can only describe as some sort of… dragon.  Its two massive wings stretched thirty or forty feet across, somehow holding this gigantic, lizard-like creature aloft.  Its body was about the size of a truck, and was covered in a dark, scaled hide.  I felt a mixture of fear and awe as I watched the large creature slowly glide by overhead.  It was scanning its head back and forth, obviously looking for someone, or something.  Occasionally, it would open its huge maw to reveal rows upon rows of knife-like teeth. 

As the huge creature flew past, I remained crouched prone behind cover, waiting for it to be well out of sight before I moved on.  Unfortunately, just before it flew over a row of shops, the creature suddenly lifted up its snout and seemed to sniff the air.  It had picked up a scent… my sent.  It unleashed a loud, guttural roar as it easily swooped back towards where I was hiding.  I realized just how exposed I was crouched in the street behind a truck; a creature of that size could probably bowl over anything smaller than a tank.  I bolted from the street and towards a nearby shop. The flaps of the massive creature grew faster and louder as it rapidly approached. 

I slammed into the door of the shop and tried opening it only to find the door locked tight.  In terror, I quickly glanced over my shoulder at the approaching beast.  I looked just in time to watch it open up its massive jaws and spit out a stream of some kind of yellow-white ooze at me.  I just barely managed to raise my arm up to block the gunk from hitting my face, but I still found myself covered in a thick coat of it.  My immediate fear was that it was some kind of acid or venom.  But, rather than being immediately harmful, I soon discovered the true purpose of the goo – as soon as it hit me, the goo began to thicken and become like viscous glue.   

In horror, I found myself firmly rooted in place – the goo stuck my feet to the ground and had my arm pinned to the door.  As I struggled to get free, I felt the ground shake as the massive lizard-creature landed.  Again, it roared at me and spit a stream of goo in my direction.  Thankfully, this glob barely missed my face, instead splattering on the wall behind me.  With the creature just a few feet from me, my adrenaline-fueled strength finally managed to give me to the power to rip myself out of the congealed goo.  I turned tail and simply ran, ducking into alleys, hiding behind dumpsters – doing anything I could to get away from the creature.  A few more errant shots of goo struck the walls near me as the creature gave chase.

Eventually I managed to find a small back alley, maybe four feet across - barely large enough for a person to walk down.  The creature tried to squeeze inside, but all it could do was roar and spit at me.  With some luck, I managed to find an unlocked door in the alley.  I slammed shut the door behind me, locked it, and collapsed onto the ground in exhaustion.  In the distance, I could hear the huge lizard roaring in frustration at my escape.  It wasn’t until I finally had a chance to catch my breath and re-gain my bearings that I noticed a distinct numbing sensation on my right arm.  I scraped off what was left of the creature’s goo; apparently it did indeed have some kind of toxin in it…

I’ve been waiting in this building since then, just to be certain that monster had lost any interest in me.  I did a bit of scavenging around this place; it seems to be a small office building.  Found a few bottles of water and some food.  Thankfully, it appears this place was uninhabited when I had to take refuge here.  I guess my luck isn’t all bad. 

It’s nearly midday now.  I haven’t heard anything outside in a couple hours.  As reluctant as I am to see that monstrosity again, I’m much more eager to get the hell out of town.  Time to press on before night.



Its late afternoon now.  I made remarkably good progress today, all things considered.  Thankfully, that dragon thing was nowhere to be seen.  As I had assumed, the further I get from the city center, the fewer mutants I’ve run into.  I may actually get out of town after all.  Still, there are plenty of those freaks running around; I’m nowhere near safe.  I’ve barricaded myself in the office of an auto body shop right now.  The place seems like it hasn’t been looted yet; I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.  At least this back office is secure, and I’ve got a window in the bathroom that I can climb out of in case of emergency.  Got a water cooler too, so I’ve refilled my empty water bottles.  At least clean water isn’t a concern yet.

I’m beginning to get really curious about what the hell is going on around here.  Was there some kind of biological attack?  Like, an engineered virus or something?  It seems like this mutation is spread by certain ‘bodily fluids’, which might lead credence to that theory.  It seems to have some kind of mind-altering effect as well, causing those infected to either attack or rape others, which would also make for an excellent method of spreading the infection.  But… then again, I did run into a few mutants so far that seemed more interested in hiding or simply surviving than attacking others.  Occasionally, I’ve seen mutants still wearing clothing and acting kind of… normal?  I guess?  The guards at the mall seemed almost coherent, if a bit over-zealous in their punishment of thieves.  And that giant dragon-thing I saw – there is no way that was a mutated person.  Is there…?  Also, I haven’t seen any animals so far.  Well, normal animals that is.  No squirrels or loose dogs or anything.  Has this virus affected them as well?  Making them more… human? 

I guess I may never know what is really going on here.  I should remain focused on getting out of here before I get caught by something and forced to find out first-hand how this mutation works.

Damn it.  Just noticed that I have no can opener.  I’ve got a couple cans of soup, but without some way of opening them, I’m outta luck.  I’m getting pretty sick of all this junk food.  I’ll have to remember to find a house to loot tomorrow and get some real food.  I actually feel kind of guilty for breaking into places and stealing things but… I have to do what I have to do to survive, right? 


April 10th, 20XX


Slept pretty well for a change; no weird, kinky dreams.  I was pretty exhausted from all the walking and running yesterday, so that probably helped.  Got a bit of a stiff back from sleeping on the floor, however.  It sounds pretty quiet outside.  Seems like no one tried to break in overnight, either.  Keeping my fingers crossed that my luck continues to hold out.  Refilled my water again.  Time to head out; wish me luck.



Almost noon.  I just got done looting an apartment building.  Hm… ‘looting’ is such a bad word.  Scavenging, maybe?  Sounds less negative at least. I’m just doing what I can to survive.  Oh, found a can opener!  With the power out, I had no way of heating up any of my food, but I did have a couple cans of fruit, which was a really nice break from all the junk food I’ve been eating.  Got some bread and vegetables, as well, which was rather nice.  I’m almost into the suburbs now.   Maybe in another three or four days I should be out of the city.  I’m beginning to wonder what things are like in the rest of the country.  Or even the rest of the world.  Could this be happening in other places?  Or, everywhere?  Sheesh, I may not be safe anywhere if that is the case, but I think the country would be a lot safer than around here. 

Saw some more mutants today, but I managed to avoid them all.  Saw some strange people milling about the library.  One of them looked like they were dressed up in a Japanese school girl’s outfit?  Like, one of those navy sailor’s uniform with the skirt?  He or she was also carrying a sledgehammer and clearly had some kind of tail, so I decided it was best to stay away.  Anyone wearing that kind of outfit might not be the most mentally stable. 

I’m still seeing a wide variety of different mutant creatures.  Saw quite a few people that were clearly mutated into some kind of dog, like a huskies or german shepherds.  Some seem to blend the features of multiple animals, too, like those blue bird-cat mutants.  I saw a small pack of what looked like foxes, but they all seemed oddly… shiny?  Like they were made of rubber or coated in oil or something.   Most of the mutants I’m seeing still look pretty dangerous.  A lot were either chasing down other mutants or actively fucking each other.

Heard the distinct rumble of a few motorcycles off in the distance today as well.  Seems like that’d be an excellent way to get around.  With all the streets clogged with broken down cars, a motorcycle would still be agile and small enough to get around.  It may draw a lot of attention, though, now that I think of it.  I wonder if you’d be able to outrun one of those dragon things?  I don’t know if I’d want to take that risk.  Walking may be slow, but at least it draws less attention. 

Well, I’ve filled my pack with some non-perishable food and I’ve still got lots of water.   Time to head out again.



Good news for a change!  I’ve managed to make a new friend and travelling companion out here!  I can’t describe how great it is to finally have someone else to talk to after being on my own in this madness for so long. 

Anyway, her name is Jane.  Well, I guess that isn’t technically her name, since she’s forgotten her original name.  And… um, maybe I should just start at the beginning. 

A little past noon, I was walking down a small avenue in a mostly residential neighborhood.  There were a lot of apartment complexes in that area, so there had been a larger number of mutants in the area.  Unfortunately, this meant I had to be extra cautious. I ended up having to make a lot of detours to avoid trouble, and a few times I had to hide and wait for a roaming mutant to move past. 

Now, there has been more than a few times so far that I’ve witnessed a creature, or pack of creatures, chase down and attack/rape someone.  Sure, I feel bad enough about witnessing these events and not being able to do anything, but I’ve never been inclined to risk myself to save someone who may end up trying to rape me in return.  That said, I’m not entirely sure what brought me to intervene in this particular instance.  I think it may have been how normal Jane sounded when I heard her cry for help.  Or maybe it was just how terrified she sounded.  Regardless, when I heard her yelling for help, I moved towards it, rather than getting as far away from the scene as possible.

When I rounded the corner of an apartment complex, I saw a small lot filled with trees and flowers – some kind of community garden.  I could see two mutants standing in the midst of the garden.  One of them, Jane, was swinging a large stick at the other mutant while backing away.  The other mutant, a very large dog-man covered in the white and black patterned fur of a husky, was aggressively approaching Jane.  He was eagerly stroking his long, knotted cock while trying his best to seduce Jane with promises of making her his new bitch and filling her with his puppies.  It was obvious to see that Jane was also infected.  She was covered in a fine layer of brown fur, which turned to a creamy brown on her chest.  Her feet ended in black hooves, rather than feet.  Right above her butt, a small fluffy tail twitched about.  Her face was elongated into a muzzle, complete with a black nose.  And on her head was a pair of small antlers.  It was pretty obvious to tell she was partially deer, but I wasn’t certain of her gender.  Along with her small, petite body and perky breasts, she also had a fairly large cock and balls hanging down from her crotch.  As she swung her makeshift club at the husky, I caught a glimpse of her black-skinned vagina tucked away between her legs.

Even though she was clearly infected, the way she was begging the husky to leave her alone made me feel that she was still sane.  She didn’t seem lust-crazed like nearly all the other mutants I’ve seen so far.  Still, I watched for a short while, not sure if I should risk interfering or not.  The husky kept approaching Jane, occasionally making a grab for the stick she was carrying.  Eventually, she backed into a tree, which startled her.  As she was momentarily distracted, the husky took the opportunity to grab her weapon and tossed it aside.  Jane attempted to run, but the husky managed to leap and grab her by the legs and pull her to the ground.  The husky chuckled and licked his lips, certain he had managed to capture his prey.

Suddenly, the sound of Jane’s cries of fear made me snap.  I grabbed my bat firmly and charged in at the husky.  He was so distracted with trying to get his cock into his newest victim that he never even heard me charge up.  I managed to land a powerful blow to the back of the husky’s head, which luckily knocked him out cold.  Now that I was up close, I could see just how big this husky was; if I had to get into an actual fight with him, I don’t know if I would have been the victor.  Jane squirmed out from underneath the husky as he lay motionless on the ground.  I stood there over the husky, bat in hand; ready to swing again if he so much as squirmed.  Thankfully, he did not.

Jane was clearly as surprised to see me as I was at having defeated the husky.  I stood there for a moment, suddenly a bit afraid that she might try to attack me.  Instead, Jane simply burst into tears and hugged me tightly, thanking me over and over again for saving her.  However, we had no time to celebrate.  We both could hear the approaching footsteps of multiple creatures.  No doubt all of the noise from the fight drew other mutants nearby.  Jane grabbed my hand and instructed me to follow her.  I’m not sure why, but I followed her lead.  She seemed confident that she knew where she was going

She led me inside the apartment complex’s lobby, just on the other side of the garden.  We could clearly hear the hooting and howling noises of a group of creatures pursuing us.  Once inside, she led me down a long, twisting hallway.  We could hear the sound of our pursuers echoing in the hallways - they seemed to be gaining.  Several of the apartment doors were wide open; I silently hoped that our pursuers might be fooled into thinking we hid inside one of them.  We kept following the hallway until we reached an open fire exit, which we quickly ran through and closed behind us. 

I wasn’t sure where Jane was leading me, but for some reason, I trusted her.  We kept running, now in a parking lot behind the building.  There was a wooden fence, maybe four feet tall, bordering the lot.  While running full speed at it, Jane made a running leap, cleared the fence, and kept running without breaking her stride.  I guess being partially turned into a deer certainly has its advantages.  I, however, had to slowly and clumsily clamor over the fence. 

Jane led me around the back corner of another apartment complex before coming to a stop behind the building.  She began to rummage through one of the bushes.  I could hear some yelling and howling from behind us, but Jane ignored me when I tried to insist we keep running.  Soon, I found out what she had been looking for; out of the bushes, Jane pulled out a collapsible ladder!  Suddenly I knew what she had planned.  Sure enough, the window of one of the apartments on the second floor was open.  Apparently, she had this set up as an escape plan well ahead of time.  We set up the ladder and rapidly climbed into the second story window.  Once inside, Jane and I grabbed the ladder and slid it inside.  A quick peek outside confirmed none of our pursuers were in view.  We had actually made clean getaway! 

Jane and I collapsed onto the floor and caught our breaths.  I’m not sure why, but I suddenly started to giggle.  I think it may have been the thrill of escape and a head full of adrenaline.  Maybe it was just the relief of getting away from such a close call.  At first a bit confused, Jane soon caught on and started giggling with me.  Smiling happily, she came over and again hugged me tightly.  For a few minutes we embraced and caught our breaths. 

I thanked Jane for saving our hides, and introduced myself to her properly.  Oddly, this seemed to make her very awkward.  With some sadness, she explained that she no longer knew what her name was.  After she had been infected and changed, she lost most of her memories, including who she was.  As she explained, I could see that she seemed very distraught by this.  Her voice began to break, and soon she was nearly crying.  I couldn’t help but hug her for comfort.  This seemed to help; and she jokingly said that I could simply call her ‘deer-girl’, or ‘hey you’.  An idea came to mind just then.  On police or hospital TV shows, when someone unidentified is mentioned, they’re referred to as either a ‘John Doe’ or ‘Jane Doe’.   I mentioned this to ‘hey you’, and she seemed to really like the idea.  She agreed that Jane was a good a name as any, and she adopted it on the spot. 

The ‘Jane Doe’ pun seemed to really improve Jane’s mood.  She took my hand and showed me around the apartment.  She had been hiding out in it since the ‘outbreak’.  The building had eight separate apartments inside, four on each floor.  She chose one on the second floor as her new home.  Inside, she had created a small stockpile of assorted food from the nearby apartments, and filled as many containers with water as she could, in case the water was cut off.  She had also collected a bunch of candles from a nearby store.  All things considered, she had been living pretty comfortably in here.

Jane and I hit it off quite well from the start.  We made some lunch and sat down and chatted for hours.  Jane couldn’t remember much about her past, but she told me of the things she had seen while wandering the city and scavenging.  Like me, she had seen lots of strange animal-human hybrids.  However, she also had seen much stranger things.  People made out of metal, wolves made of latex, flying reindeer… literal chocolate dogs.  My previous theory of these mutations being the result of a virus merging human and animal DNA seems like it is off the mark.  I was kind of curious to know how Jane got infected, but I didn’t ask; it probably wasn’t a very happy tale… I did ask why it was that she didn’t wear clothes.  She said that with all of her body now covered in fur, clothing felt too warm and very uncomfortable.  I guess I can’t argue with that logic. 

Jane asked a lot about me, and before I knew it, I was telling her my whole life story.  She is amazingly easy to talk to!  Already I feel like we’ve been friends for years.  I told her about the wolverines at the mall, the huge dragon-creature (She had seen one too, but from far away), and some of the other crazy things I’d seen thus far.  When she asked what I was doing so far away from where I started, I told her about my plan to leave the city.  She thought I was pretty crazy for risking my neck like that.  She was content to wait out this infection.  “Surely, the government or military will eventually come in and they’ll help us out.”  I have my doubts about that, but I didn’t argue about it.  If the military was going to help, wouldn’t they have done something by now?  It’s been a week already since the outbreak.  And there’s also the chance that this infection is running rampant around the whole country, maybe even the rest of the world!

 We kept talking for a few hours and lost track of time.  Before we knew it, the sun was already beginning to set.  Jane lit a few candles and closed the curtains so that the light wouldn’t attract any unwanted attention.  Jane said she would be more than happy to let me spend the night in her new home.  She only had one bed, so, being the gentleman I am, I offered to sleep on the small futon in the living room, or in one of the other apartments.  But, Jane insisted that I share the bed with her.  To tell the truth, I really had wanted to sleep with her.  I’m not sure how, but even being half-deer, I find Jane to be remarkably attractive.  She has such beautiful brown eyes!  And the fur on her body is very, very soft.  It feels remarkable.  Heck, I even think the antlers on her head are really cute.  Is that odd?  I feel like maybe I should be weirded out by that.

 I still plan on heading out of the city, and I’m hoping I can persuade her to come with me.  But for now, I’m just going to enjoy our time together.  Good night!


April 11th, 20XX

            I had a wonderful night.  Jane is making some breakfast for us now, but I didn’t feel like getting out from under the covers yet.  The bed is a bit small for the two of us, but with the way Jane was cuddling up with me, it wasn’t much of an issue.  She seems to really like me, and the feeling is certainly mutual.  Jane and I curled up together in bed for a long time and continued talking.  I had been telling her about my family, my home, and some other mundane things when she suddenly got really quiet.  At first I thought she had fallen asleep, but then she leaned in really close and kissed me.  I was taken a bit by surprise at this, it was so sudden.  She seemed equally surprised by her actions.  Jane pushed back and apologized; she said she got an urge to kiss me.  She must have been blushing fiercely underneath her fur.  Suddenly, in the dim glow of the moon shining through the curtains, she seemed like the most attractive person I had ever met.  I wanted nothing more than to make love to her. 

            She was still apologizing when I leaned in and returned her kiss.  It felt… strange.  With her mouth stretched out into a muzzle, it was a bit hard for us to get the ‘mechanics’ of kissing down, but eventually we figured it out.  The two of us passionately kissed and groped each other’s bodies for what seemed like hours.  I eagerly pulled my t-shirt over my head, breaking our kiss only momentarily to be free of its confines.  Jane lustily rubbed her hoof-tipped fingers over my chest while I in turn massaged her breasts.  With every flick of her thick black teats, she released a muffled cry of pleasure.  She began to grind her pussy up and down upon my bare leg, coating it in her juices.  Eventually, my hand reached down between her legs, and I was suddenly reminded of the ‘uniqueness’ of her gender.  My hand brushed up against her hot, hard cock.  I had forgotten about that aspect of her anatomy and instinctively I pulled back.  Jane broke off our kiss and looked at me with a look of terror and sorrow.  She looked away shyly and started stammering out an apology.  “Oh god, you probably don’t want to do this with me… not with that… thing down there.” 

            I’ve been a straight man all my life and I’ve never even considered being with a man before, but… for some reason, I didn’t care what was between Jane’s legs.  I was completely entranced by her.  Once again, I interrupted her apologies with an impassioned kiss.  With one hand, I began to slowly stroke her throbbing member, and with the other, I reached down behind her large balls and began to caress the folds of her wet pussy.  In return, Jane reached into my boxers and stroked her hand over my cock.  We both let out muffled moans of pleasure as we continued exploring each other’s mouths.

            Not wanting to wait a second longer, I took my hands off of Jane’s hot nethers and clumsily began to pull my boxers off.  Not breaking our kiss, Jane reached her hands down and assisted in their removal.  I groaned in relief as my cock was freed from its confines; it had never felt this hard before.  Jane broke off our kiss as she slowly drew her face away from mine; our tongues reached out and touched each other until the last possible moment.  With a lusty and devious grin, Jane leaned back and straddled my hips, positioning her pussy achingly close to my cock.  With one hand on my chest to keep her balance, and the other firmly holding my penis in position, she eased herself down onto me.  As I slid into her hot, wet depths, we couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure together. 

            I’ve made love with several women before, but none of my sexual encounters came close to this one.  Jane’s pussy felt absolutely wonderful.  As she began to ride my cock in earnest, her perky tits began to bounce alluringly. I reached up and eagerly grabbed her breasts and groped them lustily.  In return, she moaned in pleasure and her pussy clamped down on my cock even harder.  Jane leaned forward again and kissed me passionately.  With our bodies pressed up against each other, her own hot, throbbing cock slid between our stomachs in time with her bounces on my manhood. 

            I was in absolute heaven; I didn’t want this moment to ever end.  But soon enough, I could sense the inevitable approach of orgasm.  In between kisses and joyful moans of pleasure, I warned Jane so I could pull out; but she simply shook her head and muffled my protests with her mouth.   I couldn’t hold out any longer.  Suddenly the world seemed to explode around me.  I grabbed Jane’s hips and hilted my cock as deep into her as I could before I began to shoot my load deep inside her.  Jane cried out in pleasure as the sensation caused her to tip over the edge.  Her pussy began to tremble and grasp wildly on my member as she reached orgasm.  Wedged between our hot, sweaty bodies, her cock coated our stomachs with a copious amount of cum.  We cried out in unison and grasped each other tightly. 

            As the blissful afterglow overcame us, Jane simply collapsed in exhaustion upon my chest.  My cum slowly leaked out from her still-quivering pussy, and I could feel her cum slowly slide down between our bodies and coat my manhood.  We made quite a mess… I could feel warm tingles all over my skin.  We gazed into each other’s eyes and simply enjoyed the moment.  I could feel a deep, profound attachment to this woman.  We had only met a few scant hours previously, but already I could feel at that moment that I… loved her.  Maybe it was just the pleasure from our rutting, or the attachment from having survived such a dangerous situation earlier.  But never before have I felt so close to someone as I do her.  Maybe chalk it up to love at first sight, but I’m not going to question it.  I simply laid back, gazed into her beautiful brown eyes, and enjoyed the moment.

After such an exhausting and satisfying bout, we both slept very, very soundly that night.  We woke up still embracing each other.  I felt a little bit embarrassed at how quickly things had gotten out of control the night before, and I could sense that she felt the same way.  We barely knew each other for a few hours before fucking each other’s brains out in wild, passionate sex.  But still… it was worth it. 

I suppose I should continue my trek out of the city today but… maybe I’ll wait here another day.



Oh god it’s happened. I didn’t even think of it until now.  After I got done with my last entry it suddenly dawned on me that Jane is infected.  I ran into the bathroom and looked myself over in the mirror.  Sure enough, I’ve caught whatever it is that she has. 

I haven’t changed all the way, but I’ve definitely become part-deer, just like Jane.  My ears have reshaped into those of a deer and ‘migrated’ to the top of my head.  They’re covered in a brown fur.  If I concentrate, I can move them around.  It’s a bit disorienting.  Between them, I’ve got a couple of small antlers poking out of my hair.  Unlike Jane’s antlers, mine don’t have any ‘branches’. (What are they called, tines?  Or is that a fork?)  Also, they’re not as tall as Jane’s.  I assume if I continue to change they will probably get much bigger.  Also, I’ve got a small, fluffy tail sticking out of my backside.  It too is covered in a brown fur, but is a creamy white color on the underneath. 

But by far the most notable change I have is that I simply became smaller.  I’ve lost a lot of my muscle tone.  I’ve never been really ‘ripped’ before, but now I look pretty thin and… feminine.  My body seems a lot more curved now.  My waist is definitely thinner, and my hips seem a lot wider.  My butt is also much rounder… if I didn’t know it was mine, I’d find it pretty attractive.  My face is different, too.  My jaw is a lot less defined.  I can still recognize myself.  I just look…  Different.

Also, I’ve got boobs now.  They’re pretty small, thankfully.  Maybe an A, or B cup at most.  Thankfully, nothing ‘down there’ seems to have changed.  I’m still a man; but I guess only technically. 

            I’m pretty shaken up by this.  I was so overwhelmed by passion with Jane that the thought of being infected by her didn’t even come across my mind.  Will I continue to change until I look just like her?  Am I going to lose my memories, too?  Honestly, that thought really scares me. 

            As I was looking at my new body, I heard a clattering noise behind me.  Jane saw me examining myself in the mirror and gasped in shock; on the floor was the plate of sandwiches that she was bringing into the bedroom for breakfast.  I guess when she got up she didn’t see my changes.  Jane was horrified.  Not of me, but at what she had done to me.  She, too, had forgotten that she would infect me when we made love last night.  And now, she blames herself for changing me. 

            She ran into the bedroom and curled up on the bed, crying.  She kept saying how sorry she was.  I tried my best to comfort her.  I, too, should have known the risks.  As held her in my arms and tried to cheer her up, I realized that I still have very strong feelings for her.  As I held her close, I lifted her face up and looked her in the eyes.  I told her about how strongly I felt for her, and that, as long as I was with her, I didn’t care how much I changed.  And, oddly, I really meant it.  All I really want now is to be with her.  When I told her this, she fought back her tears and replied that she felt the same way about me.  Without thinking, I simply told her “I love you.”  At first, I feared that Jane would be creeped out by me admitting to loving her after knowing her for so little; but, to my relief, she admitted that she had fallen in love with me, too.  We embraced again.  I eased her fears a bit further by admitting that I kind of liked the way I look now.  As long as I get to be a cute deer like Jane, I’m more than happy.  This seemed to make her feel a bit better.  Regardless, we both agreed that we would stop any further sexual encounters, just to be on the safe side.  Jane is really worried that I’ll lose my memories. 

            After our breakfast, Jane and I took turns washing up a bit in the shower.  By the way, cold showers are the worst.  Water heaters are one of the most overlooked conveniences.  I can’t wait until this is all over and I can take a hot shower again. 

            I’ve decided to stay here with Jane for another day and continue my trip tomorrow.  I’m going to keep trying to convince Jane to leave the city with me, but she seems pretty scared of running into crazed mutants out in the streets.  Can’t say I blame her for that, I have been pretty lucky so far.  I’ll write again tomorrow morning before I head out. 


April 12th, 20XX

            Well; I’ve got good news and bad news.  The bad news?  I couldn’t convince Jane to come with me out of the city.  The good news?  Jane has instead convinced me to stay here at this apartment instead.  With the uncertainty of how the rest of the world has fared in the outbreak, it does seem to make more sense to stay in a secure location rather than risk venturing into a much more dangerous situation. 

            Jane spent a few hours showing me around the apartment complex.  She spent two days after the outbreak fortifying the building, and she’s done a pretty thorough job.  She boarded up or barricaded all of the first floor doors and windows.  She’s got emergency escape ropes or ladders at several of the second floor windows.  And, she’s got a pretty good stockpile of food and water here.  In all of the other apartments, she’s filled the bathtubs, sinks, pots, pans and whatever other containers she could find with water, so there should have plenty to rely on once the water goes out.  I think the most convincing argument for staying here has to be Jane herself, though.  I feel so connected with her.

            I had been thinking on that a lot yesterday.  Part of my mind is still a bit weirded out by how quickly I fell for Jane.  I’m worried that this infection is altering more than just my body.  Do I really love her, or is this mutation causing me to feel this bond with her?  In the end, I’ve decided that I don’t really care if my love for her is ‘natural’ or not.  It feels so wonderful to be with her that I don’t care how or why I feel this way.

            I spent some time looking around the building for some new clothing.  After my body changed, I found my clothes no longer fit properly.  Plus, my uniform was beginning to smell pretty bad.  I managed to find some more ‘masculine’ clothes that fit me well enough, along with a decent pair of running shoes that fit nicely.  Thankfully, I don’t think my breasts are large enough that I’ll need a bra.  I wonder how much they will bounce around when I run?

            As I was rummaging through drawers and closets in the place, I came across a dresser drawer that obviously belonged to a young woman.  There was a wide selection of lingerie neatly folded inside and… well, I kind of had an urge to try them on and see how they looked on my new body.  I pulled out a matching set made of white lace and tried them on.  It felt so weird to try them on; but they were actually really, really comfortable.  There was a tall, full-body mirror in the closet door, and I took a good look at myself.  The bra was a few sizes too big for my small breasts, and the panties looked kind of silly with my package bulging out of the front and my tail sticking out over the back.  But still… I have to admit; I do actually look pretty cute with such a girly body. 

            After spinning around and checking myself out from various angles, I suddenly felt really, really embarrassed about what I was doing.  Sure, no one was watching, but I felt so silly.  I put the lingerie back where I found them and tried my best to forget about that whole little incident. 

            Jane and I are going to head out into the neighborhood and see if we can find some more food to increase our stockpile.  With two of us searching together it should go a lot faster, and we should be able to carry quite a bit more.   I’m hoping that the neighborhood is still quiet; we haven’t heard much commotion out there the last day or two.  I’ll write when we get back.



            Going to head to bed pretty soon, thought I’d update this again beforehand.  We had a pretty successful scavenging trip today.  We got a duffle bag full of canned food, some more candles, and some other supplies.  Also decided to grab some books, magazines, and playing cards.  We may end up having a lot of down time until any kind of help arrives.  Oh, and we found a little campfire stove that runs on propane!  We can actually heat up some meals now!  I’m really looking forward to that. 

            While we were scavenging in a house, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a bathroom mirror and a nagging doubt crossed over my mind.  Now that I look so feminine, is Jane even still attracted to me?  I tried to be logical and rational and set myself at ease, but I felt absolutely terrified that Jane would no longer love me now that I looked like this.  I was so worried that I actually began to feel some pain in my stomach; I don’t think I’ve ever been that worried about something before!  I was afraid to ask Jane, in case she reaffirmed my doubts.  After a while, I couldn’t take it anymore and I simply asked her out of the blue how she felt about my new appearance.  I cannot put in words how overjoyed I was at her response; not only did she still find me attractive, but she said that my new features looked really good on me.  She said I made a pretty sexy deer and gave me a little kiss on the cheek.  I must have been blushing terribly after that, she laughed and gave me a hug and told me not to worry. 

            Anyways, beside the nice things we managed to find, we didn’t run into any trouble during the trip.  At one point, we saw a big group of mutants standing around in the middle of an intersection a few blocks away.  They were all yelling and cheering about something, but we decided to stay the hell away from that.  I can only imagine what was going on there.  Also, we caught sight of a group of four men wearing what looked like some kind of military special ops gear sneaking around.  They all had what looked like some pretty heavy-duty weapons, some kind of SMGs.  Their uniforms were all black, which seemed kind of odd.  Maybe they are forward scouts for the military?  Thankfully, they didn’t see us.  We decided to avoid them too, just in case.  Other than that, we only saw a handful of other mutants, and we managed to avoid any real trouble.    

            Well, going to head to sleep now.  Will write again tomorrow.


April 13th, 20XX

            Wow!  Had some intense dreams last night…  I think I’m getting a little sexually pent up being so close to Jane but resisting our urges to get intimate.  The dreams are all kind of hazy already, but there was one part that still sticks out vividly for me.

            In the dream, I was with Jane at what looked like some kind of carnival or circus.  Tents, flashing lights, rides and all of that were everywhere.  I think there were other people there, too, but I can’t remember what any of them looked like.  It all seemed pretty normal.  Soon, we were riding on a ferris wheel.  I remember that we were hugging each other pretty tightly on the way up, and we kissed several times.  Once we reached the top, the ride suddenly stopped.  We seemed to know that the ride was stuck and that we would be there for a while.  Feeling pretty frisky already, we began to make out pretty passionately.  The next thing I know, we both were stripped naked and groping each other eagerly. 

            Neither of us were afraid of anyone of the people on the other ferris wheel cars watching us; in fact, it seemed kind of normal (I have no idea why) for them to be watching us.  In a hazy blur, I recall Jane and I lovingly rubbing our hands over each other’s bodies.  However, suddenly, I found myself bent over the side of the car with Jane standing behind me.   This all seemed perfectly natural; in fact, I remember that I was very eager for her to… penetrate me.  I could feel her cock prodding at my backside teasingly.  I remember looking over my shoulder at her and actually begging her to fuck me.  In response, Jane grinned lewdly, pulled away from my rear momentarily, and rammed her manhood into me.  I cried out loudly in pleasure; completely unfazed by the faces of the other people on the ride watching us.

Oddly, I can actually remember the feeling of her being inside of me, her long, thick cock sliding in and out of me.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always been completely straight.  The thought of putting something into myself, especially there, has never crossed my mind before.  But, again, for some reason, this all felt completely normal; almost like we had done it many times before.  For some time, I remember Jane pumping her hot cock in and out of me.  She had her hoof-like hands on my hips and pulled me back into each thrust.  It felt wonderful.  All I could do was squirm in pleasure and moan out as she took me. 

Before I knew it, our ride was moving again; we were descending back down the ferris wheel back towards the ground.  I could see down below that there was a large crowd of people watching us.  I began to feel a bit embarrassed, as I couldn’t help but cry out while being fucked by Jane.  As we continued to descend, Jane’s thrusts began to pick up in pace.  Again, I looked back over my shoulder at my lover.  She was lost in pleasure; her eyes closed and head tilted back.  As I looked at her, I felt an intense love for her.  This all seemed so right, so perfect. 

We were about halfway back to the ground when I noticed a heavy weight on my chest.  Looking down, I was shocked to see that my breasts had grown to massive proportions.  Swinging on my chest in time with Jane’s thrusts was a huge set of tits.  They were way beyond the size of anything natural; maybe the size of basketballs.  I remember groping them with my hands, squeezing the flesh between my fingers and absolutely loving the sensation.  Even though I was shocked to see these massive mounds on my body, I again got the feeling that they were supposed to be there; that this was all normal.  This was about the same time that I realized that Jane wasn’t actually fucking me in my ass, like I had previously assumed.  Looking down, I could see Jane’s massive cock thrusting in and out of the wet lips of my pussy.  My manhood was nowhere to be seen.  Again, part of my mind seemed to feel that this was normal; that I was supposed to be this way.  Regardless, the pleasure of having her pound my backside and fill me with her thick cock felt way too good to question anything. 

The ride was just about nearing the ground again, and we descended into a large crowd of people.  I can’t remember any of their faces or what they looked like, but I did get the distinct sensation that they were all watching as Jane and I fucked like animals on the ride.  Just as we were about to reach the bottom, Jane suddenly cried out in pleasure and buried her cock into me with a powerful thrust.  She began shivering as she held me tightly, and I knew instantly that she was cumming inside me.  I could feel each squirt of her hot, thick cum deep inside my belly.  It felt so erotic and wonderful that I, too, began to orgasm on the spot.  As we both moaned loudly and enjoyed our orgasms, I began to feel a strange sensation of fullness in my belly.  Looking down, I could visibly see my belly expanding slowly with each pump of my lover’s semen into me. 

Jane’s orgasm seemed to have no end.  As she continued to shoot copious amounts of cum into me, it became obvious that she was shooting way more than physically possible, even with balls as large as hers.  I watched in rapt fascination as my belly continued to fill with her fertile seed, growing slightly larger with each second.  Even though the ludicrous amount of cum bloated me up like a balloon, I felt no pain, only pleasure.  The dream was so intensely vivid… when I rubbed my swollen belly, the wonderful sensation felt so real.  I remember feeling an odd sense of both erotic sensuality and beaming pride as I felt my belly continue to swell with my lover’s seed.  Eventually, Jane’s bewilderingly long orgasm subsided, leaving me swollen as if I were pregnant with triplets.

Unfortunately, that’s when I woke up.  The dream felt so fantastic that I didn’t want it to end.  And the vividness of the dream was so intense that I actually reached down between my legs to confirm that I still had my manhood intact.  It was all there, of course, but sticky with dried cum from my unconscious orgasm.  Jane giggled and kissed me when I woke up.  Apparently I had woken her up a couple of times with my moaning, but she didn’t have the heart to wake me up.  She said that I sounded pretty cute moaning out things like ‘Oh Jane, please fuck me harder.’ 

Well, anyways, Jane and I are going to go look for some more food and supplies today.  Hoping for another good haul and no trouble, but I’ve still got my trusty bat just in case.  I’ll write again tonight.



            Wow, what a day.  More good news and bad news, I’m afraid.  I’ll give the good news first this time:  we’re both back at the apartment and safe.  And what’s more, we did manage to get a very good haul of food from some of the nearby apartment buildings. 

            But, here’s the bad news: my changes progressed pretty far today.  I was so caught up in the moment with Jane that I couldn’t resist her anymore and… well, maybe I should explain. 

            We started out from the apartment a bit before noon.  Jane knew of a pretty big apartment complex south of here that she hadn’t been inside of yet, so we decided to go take a look and see what we could find.  While on our way over, we saw virtually no other mutants wandering around, which seemed a bit odd at first, but we were just thankful that we didn’t have to sneak around or take any big detours to get there.   We got to the apartment in pretty good time and did a quick scout around the building.  It seemed uninhabited, but most of the doors and some of the windows were open.  It looked like someone had already been by to clean out the place.  We decided to check it out anyway, figuring there would probably be enough food for us to at least fill one of our bags.

            We snuck around in some of the unlocked first floor apartments, finding most of them pretty well picked over.  Odd….  I just remembered that I did find a couple bags of beef jerky in one of those apartments, but... I didn’t take them.  I love beef jerky!  And that stuff can stay good for a real long time.  But for some reason I unconsciously left them there…  Anyway, we picked through a few of these apartments and had little luck.  We didn’t run into any trouble on the first floor, and the building was completely silent.  Maybe we felt a little bit emboldened by the lack of crazies that we had seen so far, but when we got to the second floor, we decided to split up to ransack the place quicker. 

            Well, as you can imagine, it turned out that the place was inhabited.  I had already picked through two unlocked apartments and gotten a decent amount of food; I think that lulled me into a false sense of security and I let my guard down.  Around a corner in the hall, I found a door slightly ajar.  As I approached the door, I caught a whiff of some kind of powerful musky smell emanating from inside.  I pushed open the door a bit and peeked inside.  It was a mess.  There was a goopy white substance splattered all over the walls, windows, floor, and even dripping from the ceiling.  I could only imagine what had caused that…  But, I reasoned that as long as I avoided that stuff, I should be fine.  The kitchen seemed pretty clean, too.  So, I crept inside the room and began rummaging through the cupboards for cans of food. 

            As I was crouched down filling my backpack with cans, I was completely unaware that someone had snuck up behind me from the other side of the room.  The only warning I had was a slight creak of the floor behind me before someone cracked me hard in the back of the head.  Everything went black, and the next thing I knew, I was sprawled out on the floor, and someone was tugging on my pants.  My head was still spinning, and everything was kind of blurry.  After blinking my eyes a few times, I got a good glimpse at my attacker.  He was obviously infected – he looked to be more ram than human.  From head to toe he was covered in this shaggy white wool.  A huge pair of curved horns jutted out from his head. I could see blood dripping off of one of the horns – my blood I assumed.  With his hoof-like hands, he was aggressively trying to pull my pants off.  It was clear to see what his intent was – between his legs was a long, thin ram penis already standing at attention and dribbling precum.  Underneath his cock was a truly massive pair of balls, each easily the size of a grapefruit. 

            I tried my best to struggle, but I was still really weak and disoriented from the hit to my head.  I’m pretty sure he gave me a concussion.  I feebly tried to plead with him to stop and leave me alone, but he simply laughed at my struggles and said something about ‘messing with the ram and getting the horns’…  I definitely wasn’t coherent enough for his jokes, and I really didn’t want to find out where he planned on sticking his member.

 As my head slowly stopped spinning, my strength returned a bit as well.  After he finally managed to get my pants off of my ankles, I mustered all my strength and kicked up at his face, hoping to catch him in the jaw.  Unfortunately, my aim was off, and I ended up just uselessly grazing his shoulder.  The ram angrily growled at me for this.  He grabbed my hair and bashed my head onto the ground a few times for good measure.  Again, the world began to spin and I felt weak and sick.  Happy that my struggling stopped, the ram began to wriggle my underpants off of my legs, exposing my nethers to the cool air of the apartment.  The ram again laughed and said something about making me his new ewe.  I tried again to struggle, but my head throbbed in pain; all I could do was moan out weakly as the ram prepared to have his way with me.

With a confident smirk on his face, the ram grabbed my hips and flipped me over and spread my legs.  He held is cock in one hand and spread my ass cheeks with the other.  I clenched my teeth and prepared for what I knew would be a very painful penetration.  Thankfully, rather than the sharp stabbing pain of my anus being violated, I instead heard a loud, sickening crack behind me.  The next thing I know, the ram was now lying face down next to me, completely still.  Weakly, I looked behind me and saw Jane standing there, holding a cracked baseball bat in her hands and looking furious.  She glared down at the unconscious ram and slammed the bat down onto him once again.  I heard another crack, this time it was from the bat splintering and breaking apart from the sheer force of the hit. 

Satisfied that she had dealt with my would-be rapist, Jane’s face turned from furious anger to one of sadness and concern.  She fell onto the ground next to me and hugged me tightly.  I was still a bit out of sorts, so I don’t remember exactly what she said.  She was apologizing to me and cursing herself for not doing a better job of protecting me.  Jane helped me sit up against a cupboard, which caused my head to throb in pain once again.  Seeing how much pain I was in only made Jane feel worse for not being there to protect me.

For a couple of minutes she simply hugged and tried to comfort me as best she could.  When the ram-man started to wake up, she kicked him hard in the head until he was still again.  With my headache not subsiding, it became clear that I would need some time to recover from the blow to my head, and we were definitely not safe in this apartment.  Jane muttered something about ‘taking this bastard outside to get a taste of his own medicine,’ and began to drag him out by his feet.  She told me she would return soon, but refused to leave until I assured her I would lock the door behind her, just in case.  I was pretty out of it; all I could do was nod my head stupidly, not really understanding what was going on.  After she left, I fumbled at the door but couldn’t figure out how to lock it.  Instead, I slumped down with my back against the door and tried to get my head straight.

When Jane returned a few minutes later, I was starting to finally get my bearings again.  I realized that she had dragged the ram out of the apartment with the intention of doing something pretty malicious to him.  Suddenly, I was horrified that she might have done something terrible.  Sure, he did try to rape me and all, but would she have… killed him?  With a bit of fear, I asked Jane what she did with the mutant.  She assured me that all she did was drag him out into the street for the other mutants to have their way with him.

  “With any luck,” she said, “another mutant will come by and give him a dose of his own medicine.”

The smell of dried cum in the apartment started to get to us, so Jane and I decided to head to a cleaner apartment and rest a while.  Jane put her arms around me and helped me walk to one of the unlocked apartments she had already looted.  It was a bit messy inside, but at least it wasn’t coated in bodily fluids.  Jane laid me down on a coach and looked out the window, watching to see what would happen to the ram.

As I lay on the couch, I drifted in and out of consciousness a few times.  I don’t know how much time had passed when I heard Jane gasp out in shock at something going on outside.  Although my head still hurt, I actually felt considerably better after my lay down.  Shakily, I rose to my feet and looked out the curtains with Jane.  In the street, I could clearly see a group of those flying, blue-furred bird creatures gathered in a circle around a white figure (whom I assumed was the ram.)  They were obviously having their way with him, but I couldn’t make out any details from that distance.  Oddly, this wasn’t what Jane had been shocked to see. 

Further down the road to the west, there was a large black vehicle slowly approaching.  Whatever the vehicle was, it must have been massive and powerful.  Rather than avoiding the wrecks of abandoned cars on the road, it simply ran into them and pushed them out of the way.  As it drew closer, it became apparent that this was a tank or armored vehicle of some sort.  Flanking it on both sides was a number of men wearing black military uniforms.  They looked suspiciously like the group of men we saw sneaking around the day before. 

As the small convoy approached the impromptu ram gangbang, the bird creatures tried to grab their prey and fly off.  With the group breaking up, I could see that the ram had been pretty heavily infected by his attackers.  His wool was now a shiny blue, and seemed to be intermingled with feathers all over his body.  A long, furred tail hung off his butt, replacing the small nub that he used to have.  And, rather than a pair of intimidating horns, the ram now had a long yellow beak on his face.   As the rest of the birds flew off, two of them stayed behind and attempted to carry off the ram.  However, the ram was still struggling, and they were unable to take wing.  As the large tank got closer, the soldiers flanking it drew out their weapons and began yelling something.  The birds decided the ram wasn’t worth getting mixed up with these soldiers, so they dropped their prey and attempted to fly off.  I watched as one of the soldiers lifted up a huge weapon of some type; it looked like a cross between an RPG and a T-shirt cannon.  With a muffled boom, the soldier shot some kind of net at the bird creatures as they attempted to fly off.  Entangled in the net, one of the birds fell to the ground next to his former prey and began to struggle to get out.  The other bird simply flew off, seemingly unconcerned with the predicament of her former cohort. 

The rest of the soldiers rushed the struggling bird and incapacitated ram.  They forcefully tied the mutant’s hands behind their backs and put what looked like brown sacks over their heads.  After a few minutes, a black helicopter approached from the east and landed in a clearing across the street.  Jane and I watched in confusion and fear as the military men loaded their captives into the helicopter.  There appeared to be some kind of logo or insignia on the helicopter, but from this distance, all I could make out was what looked like a large letter 'Z’.  Almost as quickly as it appeared, the helicopter flew off, to only god knows where.  With the helicopter gone, the military men and their tank rolled on down the street. 

Jane and I weren’t sure what to make of what we had seen.  Surely those men weren’t from the military, but who could they be?  Some kind of black-ops group from the government?  Jane didn’t get a good look at the logo either, but she said it might have said ’Shepherd’  Maybe some kind of corporation?  Regardless, it’s clear we don’t want to get close to them. 

My head was getting pretty clear by this point, and the pain had mostly subsided.  However, neither Jane nor I were in a big hurry to leave the apartment and risk getting caught by those soldiers.  We locked the door to the apartment and decided to rest there for the remainder of the afternoon; we would head back before nightfall.  Hopefully those military guys would be long gone by then.   Now that I could think clearly again, I recalled my close encounter with the ram, and how Jane had just narrowly saved me from a very painful rape.  I hugged her close and thanked her profusely for her heroic rescue.  She insisted that it was her fault that the ram attacked me, she felt she shouldn’t have left my side and should have been there to protect me.  I tried my best to console her and remind her that we both agreed to split up, but she still seemed pretty angry with herself. 

While hugging Jane close to my body, I began to pick up a peculiar odor.  It was kind of musky, much like what I had encountered in the apartment with the ram.  However, unlike that ram’s odor, this scent was very pleasant.  I took several deep breaths and enjoyed the smell.  Each breath of that smell sent tingles down my spine, and I found myself leaning in to Jane’s neck each time I breathed in that wonderful smell.  It was coming from her!  Jane was still a bit distracted, still musing over her failed protection of me, and didn’t notice that I was now practically nuzzling the crook of her neck, eagerly inhaling as much of her musk as I could.  Soon, I was beginning to get a bit aroused from the smell and my close proximity to my lover. 

When I let out a slight, trembling moan of pleasure, Jane snapped out her thoughts and noticed what I was doing.  She was a bit confused about what I was doing.  The best way I could explain was to simply state that she smelled really, really good.  She stammered out a protest, saying we should try to remain on alert, in case those military guys came back.  However, judging by her slowly hardening cock, I could tell that she was turned on by my attentions.  As I continued nuzzling at her neck and taking in her scent, I watched with fascination as her penis began throbbing and growing.  I recalled my dream that morning, and suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to taste her. 

With a mischievous giggle, I slowly worked my way down towards Jane’s nethers; kissing and licking her body as I approached my destination.  She started to say something, but she was cut off by a gasp of pleasure as I licked over one of her thick, black teats.  I continued nuzzling down her body, following the trail of cream-colored fur on her belly.   As I approached her fully erect member, I moved from my position at her side on the couch and instead kneeled down at her feet.  I moved my hands onto her legs and slowly massaged her inner thighs.  She made happy little gasps and moans of pleasure, which only further encouraged me to keep pleasuring her. 

As I write this now, I’m realizing that I probably should have been more interested in her pussy rather than her cock.  I think it’s pretty clear now that this infection has definitely changed my sexual orientation.  Rather than being appalled at the thought of sucking on her penis, I was instead incredibly eager to get that huge, throbbing spire of meat into my mouth.  Eventually, my mouth reached her hard cock.  Again, I could smell the intense odor of her musk emanating from her; but it was much more potent between her legs.  Tenderly, I kissed the top of her penis and sucked off the small droplet of precum that had gathered there. 

It wasn’t until after I tasted her cum that I remembered how infectious her bodily fluids were.  For a brief moment, I paused and considered what I was doing.  But, I shut out my rational mind completely and continued.  Jane whispered a warning to me as well, asking if I really wanted to do this.  In response, I placed the head of her cock between my lips and smiled happily at her.  At that moment, there was nothing else in the world I wanted beside my mate.  I took in another deep breath of her erotic scent and slipped my mouth down her thick, erect shaft.

Obviously, I’d never given a blowjob before; but I’ve been on the receiving end of my fair share, so I kind of knew what to do.  Slowly, I eased her cock into my mouth as far as I could.  As it brushed up against the back of my throat, I started to gag and cough a little; but I was determined to pleasure her as best I could.  I managed to get it down my throat a bit more each time I bobbed my head on cock.  As I worked my tongue over her thick shaft, the heady aroma of her musk mixed with the peculiar taste of her cock; the flavor was intoxicating and wonderful.  I began to absent-mindedly wonder what it would taste like when she finally filled my mouth full of her seed.  I eagerly began to pick up the pace. 

Jane seemed to love the sensation.  She put one of her hands on the back of my head and began to push my head down onto her cock.  Soon, I had relaxed my throat enough that I could fully take all of her huge cock into my mouth.  My nose began to press into the fur of her lower belly whenever I hilted her cock into my eager mouth.  I took a break from massaging her thighs and instead brought my hands to her nether regions.  With one hand began to slowly massage her heavy balls.  With the other, I reached behind her manhood and began to rub the lips of her pussy.  She was practically dripping with juices from her cunt.  With ease, I slid a finger into her cunny and started to finger-fuck her. 

The combined sensation of being stimulated from both her sets of genitals at once drove Jane wild.  She began to cry out loud in passion writhe on the couch.  She put her second hand on the back of my head and now began to forcefully thrust her monster cock into my mouth.  It was a bit difficult to breathe, but I was in bliss.  It felt so wonderful to be able to give my mate this much pleasure.  I focused as much as I could on taking in a small breath of air with each of her thrusts into my tight throat.  Drool started to spray out the corners of my mouth.  If any other mutants were in the apartment, they surely would have heard Jane’s loud cries of joy along with the squelching noises of her furiously face-fucking me. 

Soon, I felt Jane’s balls tightening up in my hand, and I knew that she was close to orgasm.  I worked an additional finger into her cunt and doubled my efforts at finger-fucking her.  In response, Jane screamed out loud, forcefully hilted her cock into my mouth, and began pumping her thick, hot seed directly down my throat and into my stomach.  I could feel her pussy twitching and grasping at my soaked fingers in her cunt as she orgasmed from both ends at once.  She held my face to her crotch with a tight grip as she continued shooting her load into my stomach.  As eager as I was to please her, I began to run out of air.  Instinctively, I pushed back against her hands and tried to pull my face off of her cock.  At first, Jane wouldn’t relent; she was lost in pleasure.  But, just as I began to lose consciousness, she must have realized what she was doing, and she quickly pulled my head off of her cock.  With a loud slurping noise, the massive shaft slid across my tongue and out my mouth.  Jane was still cumming, and she shot her last few shots of seed onto my face. 

Jane collapsed onto the couch in exhaustion and bliss as I coughed and caught my breath.  I could still taste her cum in my mouth.  With an eager fascination, I scraped off her thick strands of ejaculate on my face and slathered the goo onto my tongue.  Rather than the bitter, salty taste that I expected, her cum was delightfully sweet, almost fruity in flavor.  I couldn’t help but scrape off as much of her cum from my face and lick it all up.  Seeing additional cum drooling out of her softening cock, I eagerly licked and sucked on her cock until I was sure I ate up every last drop of her cum. 

I felt Jane’s hand cup my chin and she gently lifted my face up to hers.  Her eyes looked deep into mine, and she grinned with a look of pure satisfaction and adoration.  Seeing that look on her face was one of the greatest feelings of my life.  She put a hand on my head and ruffled my hair,

“That. Was. Amazing.” 

I was going to reply to her but was interrupted by a strange tingling sensation.  It seemed to originate somewhere in my stomach, and slowly radiated outwards.  Soon, my whole body was covered in this warm tingle.  Then it dawned on me - I was changing.  Unlike the last time it happened, I was wide awake to experience it this time.  I leaned back, held my arms out in front of me, and waited to see what would happen next.  I didn’t have to wait long.  The warm sensation on my skin began to get hotter and hotter.  It felt like my skin was on fire, but thankfully it wasn’t painful, just sort of uncomfortable. 

Since I was still stripped of my clothing from my encounter with the ram, I could easily see the beginning of my changes.  All over my body, small patches of brown fur began to sprout.  Much like Jane, the fur on my chest was a creamy white color, while the rest was a deep brown.  Soon, my body was covered from head to toe with a fine layer of soft fur.  I couldn’t resist stroking my hands over the fur and enjoying the sensation of it.  However, the changes weren’t finished.  I was distracted from the sensations of my new pelt when I felt a sharp pain in my feet.

I watched in fascination as my feet began to reshape themselves.  With disturbing crunching sounds, my toes began to elongate and my toenails turned a dark black.  Toes began to meld together and reform until I was left with a pair of dainty hooves at the end of my legs. Thankfully, the pain was brief and not too intense.   I was reaching down to touch my new hooves when I felt the warm tingling sensation return, this time centered on my chest.  I looked down just in time to see the flesh of my small breasts rapidly swell.  What were once tiny A-cup breasts soon became heavy D-cups.  My nipples changed too.  Each one puffed up immensely and turned a dark black color.  It may be more accurate to call them ‘teats’ now.  Curiosity compelled me to reach up and grasp these new additions.  I cupped each one in a hand and gave them a gentle squeeze; I was rewarded by a pleasant, tingling sensation. 

As I groped my new chest eagerly, I was again distracted by another bodily change, this time; I could feel an intense heat emanating from my nethers.  The flesh behind my balls felt like it was burning.  I leaned back and lifted my balls to try to get a glimpse at what was happening behind them.  I couldn’t quite see, but the sensation I had left me with no doubt as to what happened.  With a slight squelch noise, I felt something open up behind my testicles.  I brushed my fingers over my new orifice; the shocking sensation of erotic pleasure confirmed that I now had a pussy behind my manhood.  As I slid my fingers over my new netherlips, I moaned out loud.  The sensation was similar to that of rubbing my penis but… different?  It’s difficult to describe, but definitely very pleasurable.   

After the addition of my new femslit, the tingling sensation spread outward, focusing on my hips and butt.  A strange sensation overcame me as I felt my butt changing shape.  Soon, it was considerably rounder and fuller.  The curves of my body seemed to become even more pronounced – more feminine.  And, with that final change, the tingling sensation around my body subsided.  My latest transformations were complete.  I was now practically a deer, just like Jane.  From head to toe, I’m now covered in a soft, brown layer of fur.  My feet have been replaced by a pair of small hooves.  My short, fluffy tail and the furred ears sticking out of the top of my head also make it clear to see what type of animal I’m becoming.   However, unlike Jane, my antlers are still pretty small.  They’re still just little nubs sticking maybe three or four inches off my head.  Also, my face doesn’t poke out in an animalistic muzzle.  Lastly, my hands are still mostly human.  Although they’re covered in brown fur now, I still have all my fingers, rather than the hoof-like fingers on each of Jane’s hands.  Oddly, my breasts are now considerably larger than Jane’s are. 

In fascination, I rubbed my body all over, taking in my new form.  I felt very… sensual.  I eagerly rubbed my huge new breasts.  Experimentally, I pinched my thick nipples and let out a very feminine gasp at the feeling.  Intrigued, I cleared my throat and noticed that my voice had shifted several octaves higher.  Now, the only trace of my former gender is my manhood, which ironically sits awkwardly close to my new female sex. 

Rather than be afraid or distraught by these changes, I’m actually really pleased with them… Jane seems to like my new body, too.  After a minute of fondling my new body parts, I remembered that Jane was sitting right there next to me.  I glanced up to see her ogling my new body with a look of curiosity, intrigue, and clear arousal.  Her cock, so recently relieved of its pent up sexual energy, was again stirring in her lap and getting harder as her eyes explored my new curves. 

Jane snapped out of her trance when she noticed I was looking at her.  All she could do is say,


That summed up my transformation pretty accurately. 

“Wow.”  I concurred.  My voice sounded so strange, it’ll take a while for me to recognize my new, higher-pitched voice. 

Suddenly, I felt very, very horny.  As I watched Jane’s member throbbing and getting harder, I felt a sort of sexual energy by knowing it was my body that was arousing her.  It felt pretty erotic knowing that she found me so attractive.  Again, a mischievous grin crossed my face.  I sat up and began to stand, eager to get into Jane’s arms and allow her to explore my new body.  However, I forgot about all of my changes.  As I attempted to stand up, I remembered too late that I no longer had normal feet.  As I tried to set one of my new hooves onto the floor, I began to wobble and lost my balance.  The next thing I remember, I was lying down on the couch, with my head in Jane’s lap.  She was stroking my face with a look of love and tenderness.  She explained to me that I fell over when I tried to stand and managed to knock myself out again. 

That kind of killed the moment.

We spent the next few hours resting in the apartment.  We ate some canned fruit from the pantry and gathered together our latest haul of food.  All things considered, we did get a pretty good pile of food from that mostly-scavenged building.  Jane and I sat in silence mostly.  Every now and then I caught Jane taking a peek at my new body.  When I caught her taking a glimpse at my expanded and rounded butt, I gave it a good shake to tease her.  I couldn’t help but giggle when she quickly turned away, embarrassed that I caught her staring at me.  

Once the sun began to set, Jane and I gathered our things and headed back home.  It took a bit of time to get used to walking on my new hooves; Jane caught me from falling on my face more than once. 

We were still a bit worried about running into that group of soldiers, so we took it slow and stuck to darker corners and alleys to get back.  Thankfully, the streets remained pretty empty today. 

            Well, we’ve managed to get through another day.  All things considered, I’m really glad I decided to stay here with Jane.  I didn’t know it was possible to love someone as much as I do her.  As long as we’re together, I don’t care what happens in the rest of the world.

 Anyways, good night.  Will try to write again tomorrow. 

            April 14th, 20XX

            A bit of a somber day today.  Jane and I had a pretty serious talk about this infection.  She’s really worried about me losing my memories to this infection, and maybe my mind, too.  It’s becoming clear that I’ve already begun the process of losing my memories.  This morning, while warming up some food in the kitchen for our breakfast, I heard Jane calling out someone’s name.  I had no idea who she was calling to.  Did she see someone she knew outside?  Did she fall back asleep and was dreaming?  I left the kitchen to go see who she was calling for.  When I got to the bedroom, she wondered why it took so long for me to respond to her.  Then it dawned on me; she was calling for me. She was calling out Jason, trying to get my attention.  The worrying part is that I didn’t even recognize it as my own name anymore. 

            After I realized this, I must have had a very shocked and terrified face; without saying a word, I had informed her why I didn’t respond to her calling out my name.  We ate our breakfast quietly, both silently mulling over these troubling prospects.  Jane was obviously very, very disturbed by the thought of me losing my memories.  She had experienced it before, and didn’t want to see someone she cared for go through the same process.  However, I found it difficult to feel much concern about the whole situation.  Part of my more rational mind realizes that I should be worried about losing my memories.  But, I feel sort of… disjointed about the process.  It’s hard to describe. 

            I tried to console Jane as best I could.  Not only would I have her with me to help me along, but I’ve also been writing in this journal since the start of the outbreak.  Maybe I’ll start writing down as much of my past that I can remember, so that if when I do forget, I’ll at least have a record of who I was. 

            While we were discussing my memory losses, Jane suddenly got very somber.  She said she wanted to tell me what she remembered of when she was initially infected; a story she previously had kept to herself.  I had asked her about it before, but it was a very unpleasant memory for her to bring up, so I never pressed the issue. 

            I’d like to record her story in this journal as well.  However, rather than write down her story verbatim myself, I think I’ll see if she wants to write it down in here on her own.


            Hi, this is Jane!  Jason asked me to write in here about how I was infected.  So… I will do my best to write down what I remember and totally not read any of his entries about me! J Please excuse my handwriting.  It’s been a while since I’ve had to write anything, and holding a pencil is really hard with my new hands. 

            Well, like Jason has probably mentioned, I don’t remember my past at all.  The earliest thing I remember was that I was jogging through the park.  It was a really pretty day, actually.  The sky was nice and clear, and the temperature was perfect.

I remember that I stopped at a bench to catch my breath.  I was sitting there for no more than a minute when I heard a rustling noise in some bushes near me.  There are (were) no really big animals in the park at that time, since this it is pretty far into the suburbs.  So, I assumed it was another person who was cutting through the woods.  I remember that I was a bit nervous that maybe there was a mugger (or worse!) coming for me.  But, since it was the middle of the day, and there were other people on the trail, I felt relatively safe. 

The rustling grew louder and closer, so I got ready to move on in case it was some kind of creeper in there.  Instead, a large deer walked right out of the trees!  I’d never seen anything larger than a squirrel in that park before, so I was pretty amazed to see it!  He was a big whitetail buck.  I don’t know how many ‘points’ his antlers had, but they were pretty big.

So, this big deer walks right out of the woods maybe 50 feet away from me.  I was pretty excited, because I had never seen a deer so close before.  He was really pretty, and I wanted to get a picture of him on my camera.  I assumed he would run away as soon as I made any movements, so I pulled out my phone really carefully.  I do remember that my cell phone had no signal at that time, which was pretty odd.  Anyway, the deer was clearly looking straight at me.  He was flicking his tail a bit and sniffing the air, but he didn’t seem too afraid of me. 

As I got my phone out and started taking a picture, the deer actually started walking toward me.  He seemed to be pretty interested in me!  I tried to make as little movement as possible as I took the pictures, but it was clear he wasn’t afraid of me at all.  The buck got about ten feet away from me and stopped.  He stuck his nose out towards me and seemed to be sniffing me.  I feel pretty stupid about it now, but for some reason I decided I would try to pet the deer.  I’d never seen a deer that close, so I guess I was just pretty excited to see such a large and beautiful animal up close. 

I stood up slowly from the bench.  The buck brought his nose back a bit and tilted his head, as if he wasn’t sure what I was going to do.  I stood there calmly to try to put him at ease.  After a few seconds he took another step towards me and started sniffing at me again.  I giggled and held out my hand for him to sniff, hoping that he’d come closer and I could touch him.  Sure enough, he began walking towards me again, sniffing the air as he went.  He eventually reached my hand and gave it a good sniff.  I remember giggling when his cold nose touched my hand.

Eventually, the deer seemed to determine I wasn’t a threat to him and he walked closer to me.  The next thing I know, the deer is literally right next to me.  I reached out slowly and touched the fur on his side.  It felt so smooth and soft, but a bit coarse at the same time.  Meanwhile, the buck was investigating my body as well.  He began to sniff all over me.  At first I thought it was really cute.  But then he started to get kind of aggressive.  He started pushing his body against me a bit forcefully.  The buck was trying to smell my backside, and this kind of freaked me out, so I moved away from him.  He poked me with his antlers a few times and pushed me around until I let him smell me.  I started to get a bit afraid.  I realized that his antlers were actually pretty big up close, and he could really hurt me if he wanted to.  I decided to just let him smell me and be done with it so he would move on.  

That wasn’t his intention, though.  He seemed to really like how I smelled.  He stuffed his nose between my legs from behind.  I could hear him taking in deep breaths of air, and he started licking my pants between my legs.  This really freaked me out!  I wasn’t sure what he wanted with me, but I did not want anything to do with it.  I pulled away from the buck again and waved at him while yelling “shoo!”  The buck couldn’t care less; he wasn’t afraid of me at all.  I remember looking him in the eyes at that moment… his eyes seemed really intelligent and emotional.  Almost human-like.  It was pretty freaky.  He seemed kind of mad at me! 

The buck lowered his head a bit and started walking towards me again.  I thought he was going to charge at me and gore me with those antlers.  I decided I’d had enough with the deer; I turned around and started jogging away, hoping he wouldn’t follow me any further.  I looked over my shoulder and, sure enough, the buck began to trot after me.  Now I was starting to get really scared.  I started to sprint into the trees, hoping that I could lose him if I weaved between the trees.  This seems like a silly idea now, but I had no idea how fast a deer could run!  He kept pace with me the whole time, but always just a few steps behind me.  It almost felt like he was teasing me; like he enjoyed chasing me down. 

I was so afraid and focused on the deer that I didn’t notice a big root poking out of the ground in front of me.  My foot caught on it and I fell flat on my face.  I managed to hit my head pretty hard on the ground.  Everything started spinning.  I always thought ‘seeing stars’ was just a silly thing that happened in cartoons, but suddenly I started seeing those little dots of light everywhere.  My ankle was definitely sprained, too.  The pain was really bad. 

Now that I was on the ground, the buck casually walked up to me and kind of stood over me.  I tried to stand up and keep running, but my bad ankle gave out and I fell again.  Then I tried to crawl away from him, but the buck just kept walking with me.  He bent down his nose and started to sniff at my butt again.  I tried to scare him off again; I yelled out at him and kicked back with my good leg.  My foot managed to actually connect with the buck’s nose.  For a moment, I thought that maybe I had finally snapped some sense into him with that kick.  He took a few steps back and looked kind of shocked.  But then, I swear I saw him narrow his eyes at me, like someone who was really, really mad.

The buck made this kind of deep grunt noise and lowered his antlers towards at me.  Oh god, I thought, he’s going to kill me!  I tried again to crawl away.  As I was crawling, I suddenly felt a sharp scratch on my back as the buck started rubbing his antlers on me.  My shirt started to rip in a few places from this.  Then he caught his antler on my sports bra, and he started pulling on it.  He actually lifted me up a couple feet before the bra finally snapped off.  My stomach fell on a rock when I landed, which really hurt and knocked the wind out of me.  He kept scratching at my shirt until it was mostly ripped off, and then he started doing the same thing to my running shorts.  Crawling was no longer an option - I was in a lot of pain from my ankle and having the wind knocked out of me; not to mention I probably had a concussion.  I tried to yell out for help but I couldn’t get enough breath to make more than a whisper. 

This buck kept ripping off my clothes until I was completely naked, lying there in the dirt in the middle of the park!  I looked up at the deer again; and I swear that he had a smug grin on his face.  That’s when I noticed his… penis.  It was starting to swell up and poke out of his crotch.  I remember thinking that it was all some kind of really weird dream; surely I wasn’t about to get raped by a deer!  I tried again to crawl away, but the buck just followed me.  He stuffed his cold nose between my exposed butt cheeks and started sniffing me again.  He stuck out his big, rough tongue and started licking me!  I was terrified by what was happening, but… it felt really good, too.

He kept licking at my exposed pussy while I tried to slowly crawl away from him.  I kept hoping I’d find someone else in the park and they’d chase him off.  We were pretty far off of the path, though, and there was no one else around.  His licking started to feel very, very good, and I found it harder and harder to crawl away from him.  I remember that I started to pick up a really weird smell coming from the buck.  It smelled kind of musky and heady, but really nice.  Almost like cologne.  Suddenly, he stopped licking at me.  For a split second, I actually was a little bit disappointed that he stopped.  But, the big buck had other plans…

He took a few more steps forward until he was standing directly over me.  His smell was really strong now, and my head started to get kind of foggy.  It was getting hard to think straight.  After receiving all that attention from his tongue and breathing in his scent, I was actually starting to feel pretty horny.  I remember that part of my mind was terrified and wanted to get as far away as possible; this whole situation wasn’t right!  However, I was having a hard time thinking straight and coordinating my movements.  I started trying to crawl away again when I heard the buck make another deep grunt.  He put one of his front hooves on my back and pressed down hard.  I was too tired and weak to fight back.  I tried to wriggle out, but he was way too heavy and strong. 

Suddenly, I felt something hard and hot poking at my rear.  I knew instantly what it was, and I tried even harder to get away.  No matter how much I struggled, he kept me pinned tightly on the ground.  I started to cry; I was so afraid of what was going on – what was going to happen.  He kept poking at my butt a few times with his cock, trying to get it in me; and I kept wriggling around, trying to keep it out of me. 

And then it finally happened.  Oh god did it hurt.  He was so big!  Even though I was kind of wet from him licking me, his cock was just too big.  He managed to get a few inches of his penis into me, but he was determined to get the whole thing in.  With his hoof still pressed firmly on my back, there wasn’t much I could do to get away.  My breath was back again, and I screamed out in pain… but there was no one around to hear me.   He kept thrusting his hips into my rear over and over.  Each time, he managed to get a little bit more of his cock into me. 

I’m not sure how long it lasted; it seemed like hours, but it was probably over in a couple of minutes.  The pain was finally starting to subside a little bit when he let out this loud bellowing cry; he was cumming.  I could feel his hot seed start to flow into me.  I began to feel a sensation of intense pressure as he filled me up.  He his cock out a bit and tons of the stuff started leaking out the sides of my vagina.  There was so much… It poured out of my abused sex and pooled up on the ground underneath me.  The buck finally pulled the last of his cock out of me and lifted his hoof off of my back.  I was crying pretty bad by that point.  I was in so much pain.  I had literally just been raped by a deer.  But then, I started feeling this strange sensation all over my body…

I know now that the deer had infected me, but at the time, I had no clue what was happening to me.  My lower belly started to feel really warm, and the sensation started to slowly spread outwards and cover my whole body.  Not only did it seem to dull the pain, but it actually felt pretty nice.  Erotic, even.  I started to get a strange feeling all over my skin; kind of like pins and needles.  I looked down at my belly, where the sensation was strongest.  Then, like magic, brown fur started growing in patches all over my skin!  I was too shocked to be scared.  It all seemed like a really bizarre dream.  I just kind of watched in fascination as this brown fur spread all over my body.  It was a creamy color on my chest, and faded to a light brown everywhere else.  The feeling was actually pretty enjoyable – almost like walking into a sauna or dipping into a hot bath.  Before I knew it, I was covered completely in brown deer fur.

Meanwhile, the buck stood to the side and simply watched me...  I was too distracted by my changes that I didn’t notice him.  After the fur finished coating me, I felt a strange tugging sensation on my backside, at the base of my tailbone.  I reached around and felt a nub slowly growing just above my butt.  It kept growing longer and longer.  After a few seconds, I finally realized that it was a tail.  And then it all clicked together.  This deer just raped me, and now I was changing into a deer, too!  I started freaking out again, and I tried to get up and run away again. 

As I stumbled to get back on my feet, the next change began.  I felt an uncomfortable crunching sensation in my face.  My nose seemed to be stretching outwards.  I reached up a hand and hopelessly tried to push my face back into place, but soon I had a long muzzle.  The crunching and reshaping of my face continued; I could feel my tongue growing longer and wider.  My teeth reshaped themselves.  My nose grew much larger and turned black.  With my next breath, I was overwhelmed by a variety of really potent scents.  Some familiar, some I had never before noticed.  The most potent smell, however, was coming from the huge buck that stood next to me. 

His scent was so powerful now; I couldn’t ignore it no matter how much I tried.  And damn did it smell good.  Suddenly, I no longer had any desire to run away.  I completely forgot about how I was changing into a deer.  Instead, I was hypnotized by this large, powerful buck that had so recently raped me.  I was in a sort of trance; and getting hornier by the second.  I began to stumble towards the buck.  He suddenly seemed so… desirable.  I could see his long penis still poking out of his sheath, dripping with cum.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  There was a little voice in the back of my head warning me, trying to get me to run away, but it grew quieter and quieter the more I gazed at the buck and breathed in his scent.  No, I didn’t want to run away anymore.  I wanted him.  I wanted him to fuck me.  I wanted him to mate me. 

The buck seemed pretty happy with my changes.  His cock began twitching and hardening again.  I wasn’t afraid of him anymore.  In fact, all I could think about was him.  My mind shut off and my body started moving on instinct.  In my twisted thoughts I realized that I should be bent over on all fours for him to best be able to mate with me.  And so got down on my hands and knees and… presented myself for him.  I even managed to figure out how to work my new tail; I lifted it up so that he had a nice clear view of my pussy.  I wagged my butt at him, trying my hardest to entice him into fucking me again.  God, I feel so embarrassed remembering this part.  I know it was this infection controlling me, but I should have fought harder… I gave in so easily! 

The buck seemed to like my invitation.  His cock was fully erect again and ready to breed me.  I remember feeling so excited.  Ugh… I wanted him to take me; to make me his little doe.  He put his front hooves around my sides and positioned his cock to take me again.  I could feel his cock prodding at my backside again.  Instead of trying to squirm away like the last time, I instead lifted my butt up as high as I could, to make it easier for him to get inside of me.  Finally, he managed to slide his cock back into me.  God, did it feel good

There was no pain this time, only intense pleasure.  I could feel each inch of his massive cock slowly sliding into me.  I remember feeling so small and submissive to this big buck.  It felt so great to be taken by this big, powerful deer.  I started to push back against his cock, trying to get as much of it into me as I could.  As he got more and more of it into me, his big, heavy balls started to slap against my clit.  God it felt amazing.  I started to beg him to fuck me and make me into a deer just like him.  I began to imagine how I’d look as a deer like this big, strong buck who was dominating me.  All my fears about changing were long gone.  Instead, the thought of becoming a deer seemed really great.  Why would I want to stay a human when I could be a big, sexy deer? 

I was so lost in the sensations and my fantasies of being a deer that I almost didn’t notice when my new mate was getting ready to cum again.  He bit down on one of my ears – not hard enough to be painful, but more like a nibble.  It made me feel even more submissive to him, and I began crying out in pleasure, eager for him to fill me with his infectious cum and change me further.  I didn’t have to wait much longer.  The buck gave a few last, powerful thrusts into my slick, wet pussy before he bellowed.  I cried out in pleasure with him once I felt his hot cum start to fill me up again. 

Everything after that moment is a bit of a blur.  I remember that I changed again and became more of a deer.  Not only did I grow a big set of antlers, but soon I also had my own cock and balls.  This all seemed perfectly natural and normal.  I was supposed to be a buck.  I was always a buck. 

After that, the buck and I roamed the forest together.  We… found other people in the forest and had our way with them.  It seemed so right to make other people into deer like me.  I don’t know how many I forcibly changed.  I feel so horrible remembering it.  I heard them crying and pleading for me to stop but…

This must have gone on for a couple days, until my mate and I ran into some kind of big predator.  I ran and ran, and hid inside some kind of building.  After spending a few days hiding indoors and away from the corrupting influence of the buck, my mind started to come back.  I began to realize what I had become, what I had done.  It wasn’t long after I started to regain my mind that I met Jason.

That is why I don’t want Jason to get infected by me.  I don’t want him to become some kind of animal like I was.  I guess I feel a bit better writing this down, but those memories are terrible, and I’ll never forgive myself.

  Going to give this back to Jason now…


            Ok, Jason again.  It’s been a hard day for both of us.  I had no idea that Jane had gone through all of that.  It really helps put into perspective why she was so afraid of me changing.  I need to think on this.  I’ll write again tomorrow. 


April 15th, 20XX

            Jane and I spent the rest of yesterday and most of today in the apartment.  She was still pretty shaken up after dragging up all of those bad memories.  We mostly just spent the day together and did some reading and relaxing.  Did some walking around the apartment building as well.  It’s pretty hard to walk on my new hooves, but I’m getting a bit better with practice.

            This morning, I literally forgot to put on any clothing.  It seemed so normal and natural that I didn’t even notice I was naked until Jane pointed it out.  When I put some clothes on, it just felt all warm and itchy and uncomfortable.

            Every time I catch a glimpse of my new body in the mirror, or brush my arm across my new tits… I can’t help but get really aroused.  I should probably be pretty distraught by my new body, but I just feel really sexy.  I actually turn myself on just looking at myself in the mirror. 

I’m really tempted to try out my new… equipment, but I’m a bit embarrassed to play with myself with Jane around.  After our last talk, I’m kind of hesitant to get intimate with Jane at all.  But... every time I see her, I can’t help but feel really curious about how it would feel to have that big cock of hers inside of me.  And her scent!  Her musk is constantly filling my nose and making me feel so hot.  The fur between my legs was constantly wet with my juices today.  Maybe I’ll find some excuse to sneak out and get myself off elsewhere in the building.    

            Well, beside all that, not much has been going on outside.  We heard a few helicopters flying by today, but we didn’t get a look at any of them.  I’m wondering if they were more of those black helicopters like the one that came by and abducted those mutants the other day.

            Maybe we’ll do some upgrades to the building barricades tomorrow.  I need to do something to get my mind off of Jane’s cock.


April 16th, 20XX


            Well, we can’t say we didn’t try… Jane and I managed to keep our hands off of each other for half of the day at least.  But, these feelings and sensations that our new bodies are giving us are just too hard to resist.  Unless we actually physically separate ourselves from each other, I don’t think we’ll be able to resist fucking like… well, like animals.  Needless to say, we ended up making love again.  Also, please excuse my handwriting.  It’s kind of hard to write with my new hoof-fingers.

            This morning, I decided I’d head to the lower level of the apartment building and see what I could do about reinforcing the barricades on the windows and doors.  I had some more erotic dreams about Jane and I the night before, so I was feeling pretty worked up.  I had to get away from Jane for a while or else I’d end up forcing myself on her.  I’m pretty sure she is feeling it, too.  We tried to keep some distance between ourselves, but every time I saw her, she was either fully erect or even absent-mindedly stroking her penis.  She kept sneaking glances at my body whenever we were around.  Cold showers have helped a bit, but our bodies are just swimming in hormones. 

            So, I excused myself to go downstairs and work on the barricades.  Really, I mostly wanted to get a chance to be alone and explore my new anatomy.  I didn’t want to do that in front of Jane; we were in enough sexual frustration as it was.  I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or an unconscious decision, but I ended up wandering into the same apartment that I had previously found and tried the sexy lingerie on in.  I remembered how sexy I felt when I tried on that lingerie, even though it didn’t fit me at the time.  The thought of seeing my curvy new body in some lacy panties was too irresistible to deny.  As I was digging through the drawers to retrieve those sexy undergarments, my hand brushed against something else in the drawer.  It was hard and plastic.  I grabbed it and pulled it out to reveal my prize – a thin, pink vibrator.

            I suppose I should have been a little disgusted by even touching someone else’s obviously used sex toy, but instead I was really, really curious.  I twisted the base of it and it sprung to life, vibrating in my hand with a soft buzz.  My mind cleared of all other thoughts – I needed to get that thing into my body now. 

Eagerly, I grabbed my new toy and jumped onto the bed.  I lay down and prepared for what I knew would be a wild ride.  With one hand, I lifted up my manhood to expose my new pussy.  With my free hand, I started eagerly rubbing the sensitive lips of my already wet cunt.  I was already pretty worked up from all of my pent up sexual frustration that morning.  Unable to resist any longer, I grabbed the slim pink toy and began rubbing it along the edges of my sex before slowly sliding it inside.  It felt fantastic!  It was a bit bigger than my finger, which was the only thing I’d had inside before that.  I slowly slid it in and out, going a bit deeper with each thrust.  As each inch of the plastic toy slid deeper inside of me, it felt better and better.  But, I knew there was much more to come.  With an eager grin on my face, I pulled the toy back out, placed it on my clit, and turned on the vibrator.

The sensation was so intense!  It was way more than I had expected.  I let out a yelp of surprise at the feeling and involuntarily pulled it off of my clit.  As the toy buzzed in my hand, I took a few seconds to collect myself to try again.  Slowly, I gently rubbed the toy along my pussy lips and worked it up towards my clit.  Even on my new pussy lips, the sensation was really strong.  But once I got it onto my clit again, my mind went blank and I cried out in pleasure again.  It was almost so pleasurable that it was painful, if you can imagine such a thing!  But, there was no way I could stop, it simply felt so good! 

With one hand rubbing the vibrating toy on my female sex, I reached up with my other and grasped my hard cock and began pumping away.  The combined sensation of both of my sexes being worked at once was beyond pleasurable.  I was in heaven!  I began to involuntarily grind my hips up in the air as I writhed in erotic pleasure on the bed.  The whole rest of the world seemed to blur away; everything was replaced by the sheer pleasure I was experiencing.

I don’t know how long I lay there, enjoying the sensuality of masturbating both of my sexes at once.  It felt like time simply stopped.  Before I knew it, I could feel my whole body begin to shake and tremble on the bed and my mind snapped in orgasm.  It was like fireworks began shooting off in my head!  I simply cannot put into words the feelings and sensations I was receiving.  As my cunt began to tremble and quiver, my cock shot off a huge load of cum straight into my face.  Shot after shot of cum coated my tits and my face; but I didn’t care.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours, my orgasm finally finished, and my thoughts began to resurface.  In exhaustion, I collapsed back on the bed and panted heavily to catch my breath.  As the fog of lust cleared from my mind, I became aware that there was someone else in the room with me.  A bit shocked, I jumped back on the bed and gasped before I recognized who it was.  There, standing in the doorway to the bedroom, was Jane.  Her eyes were wide in a mixture of shock, confusion, and intrigue.  As she stood there, wide eyed and mouth slack, one of her hands was still absent-mindedly stroking her long, dripping cock.  I must have been quite a sight… lying in some strangers bed, drenched in my own sweat and cum.  Jane’s eyes traveled up and down my body, taking in each and every inch of my curvy form. 

“I uh… I heard you screaming, so I… I…” 

I could only grin sheepishly at her.  She stuck her nose up a bit and took in a deep breath.  No doubt, my scent was extremely potent in the bedroom by then.  Jane’s expression turned from one of shock and confusion to one of pure lust.  Her lips turned up into a sly grin and she slowly approached me.  Even after my earth-shattering orgasm, I still wasn’t satisfied.  I wanted so much more.  I wanted Jane!  I wanted to feel her body against mine.  I wanted to rub my hands along each and every inch of her sensual body.  And, most of all, I wanted to feel her big, hard cock inside of me.  I returned her lusty grin, lay back, and spread my legs; exposing my soaking wet pussy for her. 

            Jane paused momentarily.  For what would be the last time, she asked if I really wanted her to do this.  There would probably be no going back.  If we gave in to this infection and let ourselves go, we would probably lose everything that made us human.  But I didn’t care.  As long as I was with Jane, I didn’t care what happened to me.  I wanted her more than anything else in the world.  As I told her this, relief spread across her face – she felt the same way, but was afraid I wouldn’t want to go through with it.  Again, she smiled in a coy, mischievous way before pouncing on me.

            We rolled around on the bed, eagerly rubbing our hands and mouths over each other’s bodies; alternating between kissing, massaging, nibbling, kneading, and suckling each and every body part we could think of.   Suddenly, Jane grabbed my legs and hoisted them up into the air.  With an intense look of desire and arousal, she grabbed her throbbing member and began to rub it along the slick lips of my pussy.  The hot, soft skin of her cock felt wonderful against my nether lips, and I began to writhe in her hands. 

She grinned coyly and said in a commanding voice, “Beg for it.”

I whined out loud in protest.  She was teasing me!?  No fair!  I couldn’t take waiting any longer!  I gave in and begged repeatedly for her to shove her cock into me - to make me her little doe. 

Seemingly happy in my submission to her, she slowly yet firmly began to press the wide head of her cock against my slit.  For a brief moment, I felt a wave of terror wash over me.  Was she too big for me?  I needed that cock in me!  It had to fit!  Jane grunted in frustration and kept pushing her cock into me.  Suddenly, my pussy relented and her manhood slid into me.  I cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure.  It hurt to be spread so widely around her thick cock, but it also felt wonderful to be full.  Jane gave my pussy a while to acclimate to her huge cock before she began to move again.

With tenderness, Jane slowly worked her cock back and forth in my pussy, going a bit deeper with each inward thrust.  Slowly, the pain subsided and was replaced with pleasure.  Jane lifted up my legs and placed them onto her shoulders.  With her hands again free, she instead grabbed my hips and began to pull me onto her cock with each thrust.  It felt simply amazing to have her huge cock inside of me.  It was simply unlike anything I had experienced as a man.  The feeling of fullness.  The heat and throbbing of her member.  I could even feel the veins along her shaft as they rubbed past my lips.  It was all so amazing.  I cried out in joy at the sensation.  My body went limp.  My brain was focusing all attention to the incredible sensation centered between my legs. I was like putty in her hands. 

As my pussy stretched and got used to the massive length inside of it, Jane increased her pace.  She, too, was lost in the sensation.  Jane began to let out soft grunts as she worked her manhood in and out of my tight passage.  Soon, she began to thrust rapidly and forcefully into me, with an almost animalistic passion.  As she continued pounding into me, I looked up at her eyes and felt a profound love and connection with Jane.  I knew that from now on, we would be together.  I was hers and hers alone.  I reached up, grasped her neck, and pulled her face down to mine.  We kissed passionately, grunting and moaning into each other’s mouths as our passionate lovemaking continued. 

I wanted so much to have this moment last an eternity, but I could sense Jane was approaching orgasm.  Her thrusts began getting faster and harder.  She slipped her hands from my hips and grabbed my ass tightly.  She pulled my body back onto her cock, trying desperately to get as deep into me as she could.  As she finally managed to get the entirety of her massive cock into me, I was finally set over the edge. I cried out loudly and began to involuntarily thrash about on the bed.  Again, my mind was awash with sensation, and the rest of the world simply disappeared.  As my pussy twitched and convulsed around Jane’s member, she, too, called out in orgasm.  She buried her cock as deep into me as she could and began to fill me full of her cum. 

We clutched each other and ground our bodies against one another as we shared an orgasm.  Jane pumped ounce after ounce of built up seed deep into my body.  For a brief moment, I envisioned myself being bloated and inflated with her cum, just like the dream I had a few days prior.  Eventually, Jane’s orgasm died down and she finished filling me up.  She collapsed on top of me and began nuzzling lovingly against my cheek.   My mind slowly came back as my own orgasm finished.  I could feel Jane’s cock still firmly lodged inside of me, still throbbing and dribbling out a few last shots of cum. 

In the afterglow of my orgasm, I felt a profound sense of comfort and joy wash over me.  As Jane lay on top of me, I felt almost… complete.  Exhausted from the intense bout of rutting, the two of us drifted off to sleep.

 In my sleep, my body again changed after being further infected.  It wasn’t until I woke up several hours later that I could see what had happened to me.  I was a bit hesitant to get out of the warmth of the bed and the comforting embrace of my mate, but I was very eager to see my new changes.  She was still asleep, so I had to be careful as I crawled out of Jane’s arms.  A quick glance in the mirror confirmed that my infection had progressed once again. 

The most obvious change was my face.  Just like Jane’s, my nose and mouth now stick out in a very deer-like muzzle.  I quickly learned that my new nose is very, very sensitive.  I had trouble ignoring Jane’s scent before, but now it’s almost irresistible!  My tongue is also much longer and more prehensile than my old one.  I was eager to test it out on Jane’s body.  Also on my head, I noticed that my antlers had completely vanished.  They were never terribly big anyways; they were nowhere near as impressive as Jane’s wide set.

I also noticed that my body seemed a bit curvier and smaller than before.  My breasts had definitely grown again.  I don’t really know what cup size they are.  Probably bigger than a DD now.  I must have groped them in my hands for nearly an hour this afternoon; the feeling is very pleasant.  Speaking of hands, my fingers became more hoof-like.  It’s like my fingernails overtook my fingertips.  Each of my fingers now has a thick nail at the end, like a miniature hoof. 

Oh, also, my manhood seemed to shrink down pretty significantly.  My cock is maybe half of its original length; same with my balls.  My penis seems a bit less sensitive now, too.  I don’t really mind.  I love being Jane’s doe.  I won’t be needing a penis anymore. 

Oh!  Speaking of Jane, she changed too!  Her antlers grew a bit; they’re even wider and thicker now.  For some reason, I find them really sexy.  She also seems a bit taller, but maybe that’s just because I shrunk a few inches.  Also, she seems a lot stronger now, too.  Her muscles are a lot more defined, even under her sexy fur.  She’s still got her female sex and her breasts, but she does seem a bit more masculine now.  And that’s fine; I find her new body really irresistible. 

Mm… all this writing about Jane and I fucking and changing is getting to me.  Need to stop writing now. 


April 18th, 20XX

            Oops, I completely forgot to make an entry yesterday.  I was pretty distracted; Jane and I spent almost all day fucking.  We must have tried each and every position we could think of.  Maybe we should find a copy of the karma sutra at a book store! 

            Also, I suppose I should mention that I am finally completely female, and Jane is now 100% male.  As we continued to screw each other’s brains out, Jane and I continued to change.  There is no trace left of my manhood.  In fact, I can barely remember even being a male anymore.  And Jane has become very, very, sexy.  Her… well I suppose I should say ‘his’ chest is now really wide and muscular.  Also, his body kept growing; he’s now almost a foot taller than me.  Oh!  And his antlers!  They’re huge!  Mm… I love running my hands along them.  He’s so powerful and strong now.

Sometimes I wonder why it is that the infection turned me into a doe and Jane into a buck; but it just seems like we were meant to be like this.  I can’t imagine it any other way.  I love the way he holds me in his big, powerful arms.  He makes me feel so submissive and sexy. 

Mmm… I need to go now. 


April(?), 20XX

            Good news!  I’m pregnant!  Over the last couple days, I noticed my belly slowly getting bigger.  At first I didn’t realize what was happening to me, since human pregnancies never progress this fast.  Maybe as a deer they go faster?  I’m really excited about having a fawn, though!  Maybe I’ll have twins! 

            My breasts started lactating this afternoon.  It’s kind of hard to milk them properly with my hoof-hands, but Jane has been helping me out.  She insists that it’s best to have the milked naturally anyways.  The feeling of her suckling on my big, full breasts is really erotic. 

            Speaking of my breasts, they’re starting to get pretty full again.  They seem to fill up really quickly.  I hope Jane is thirsty!


            April(?), 20XX

            Bad news.  Jane and I had completely forgotten about the outside world.  We were so caught up with making love and enjoying each other’s bodies that we didn’t notice what was going on right outside.        

            At some point those guys in the black uniforms came back in force.  They’ve got a huge base set up down the street, full of tents and trucks and helicopters.  It’s not safe to stay here anymore.  They may come over here and take us away somewhere.  Or worse.  Jane and I decided that we should head out of here and look for somewhere else to live and raise our fawns.  There is a really big forest not too far from here; I think we’ll be ok there. 

            I think this is going to be my last entry.  It seems silly now to write in this journal.  It belongs to someone who doesn’t exist anymore.  All my entries would be pretty boring anyways, just me rambling on about how hard Jane fucked me that day. 

            I guess I’ll leave this journal somewhere safe for people to find.  I’ve long ago forgotten everything about my old life, but I’m guessing that Jason probably had some family or friends that would like to know what happened to him. 

            I hope this journal doesn’t make you sad about what happened to Jason.  I can’t stress enough how happy I am!  When I am with Jane, it’s like I am finally complete.  I feel like this is who I was always supposed to be.  Please, please, if you find this, do not come looking for us.  We don’t want to go back!  We love what we are now and don’t want to be human again.  We want to stay as we are, raise our fawns, and enjoy our lives together.  I hope that this makes sense.  If you truly loved Jason, I hope you’ll honor my request. 

For what it’s worth, I really hope that humanity made it through the weird events that happened around here, but, I am no longer human.  I don’t belong in a human world anymore. 






(Blank pages fill out the rest of the journal, save for one page near the back which contains a crude drawing of a pair of crudely-drawn anthropomorphic deer performing a lewd sex act in a forest.  “Love you Jason!  XOXOXO   –Jane” is written underneath.)


Wow. Very well done.