Making Amends

Published: Apr 26th, 2015
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A powerful dragon slayer has finally met his match. Unfortunately, his captor plans on using him to re-populate the dragon menace he worked so hard to eliminate. (Man to female anthro dragon)


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Making Amends, Part I

-By Sasquatchman

*Disclaimer* This story contains graphic material that many people will probably find distressing, disgusting, or simply really, really weird. Within, you will find the graphic descriptions of the genitalia of mythical creatures, and the insertion of certain individuals into said genitalia.  Reader discretion is advised; you have been warned.


            Pain.  Everything was pain.  It was all he could feel.  Everything hurt.  Even thinking seemed to cause sharp jolts of agony to shoot through his head.  How long had he been lying here?  He couldn’t remember; it hurt too much to think.  Joss let his mind clear.  He focused on the pain.  At this moment, it was all that encompassed his world. 

            Then, suddenly, a different sensation.  A faint rumbling in the ground underneath him.  Barely noticeable, but certainly there.  For a brief moment, he was reminded of a trip he took to far-away Celadon many years ago, where the locals were used to the sporadic rumblings and shaking of the ground underneath their feet.  Caused by the snoring of a sleeping god, they claimed.  Joss groaned quietly at a particularly excruciating jab of pain in his head.  No time for memories, the pain demanded his attention.

            But still, even as he lay motionless in hopes of not provoking any further agony, that rumbling sensation continued.  He focused on the tremors.  There was a strange rhythm to the reverberations.  Every few seconds it would waver for a brief moment before resuming.  It was almost like… well, like the snoring of a sleeping god, he figured.  Or the deep, regular breathing of a great beast, such as a drag-

            Like the shock of plunging into an arctic lake, clarity snapped back to Joss’ mind at the realization.  Of course it sounded like the breathing of a dragon!  He was just fighting a dragon!  Immediately, his instincts took over.  In one fluid motion, Joss snapped open his eyes, clamored to his feet and reached for his weapon.  A brief moment of panic and confusion washed over him when he realized his sword was no longer strapped to his side.  But, any concern regarding his missing weapon was quickly pushed aside by the return of intense pain.  Joss’s legs relented to the agony and gave out underneath him, causing him to collapse to his knees.  Blackness washed over his vision.  He felt weak, dizzy, sick.  His neck no longer wanted to bear the weight of his head.  He brought one of his gauntlet-clad hands up to his forehead in order to keep his head aloft. 

            Tentatively, he opened one of his eyes.  Everything was blurry, faded.  He was on the ground.  That didn’t seem right.  He was supposed to be on the back of his gryphon, fighting that dragon.  His mind tried to ignore the pain and sort out his situation.  He had been fighting a dragon.  Yes, that much he knew.  But… what happened?  Where was his gryphon, Rei?  Where were his troops?  It was so hard to think.  He blinked his eyes several times; his vision was still blurry, but he began to pick out detailed shapes on the landscape.

            He was… outside.  On the ground.  Had he fallen off of Rei?  Was she hurt?  Couldn’t remember… There were… shiny rocks all around the hillside.  No… not rocks.  Bodies.  The armored bodies of his troops.  Again, he noticed that rumbling sensation in the ground.  Where was it coming from?  He turned his head slowly.  It hurt so much to move…  That rumbling… was it getting louder?

            He continued scanning the landscape, pausing every few seconds when the pain caused his vision to temporarily fade.  There were bodies everywhere… They all died?  Armored corpses were strewn about everywhere he looked.  They couldn’t all be dead…could they?  No, he refused to believe it.  That dragon!  That monster.  It would pay! 

            “No… no…” he tried to speak, but he barely had the strength to cough out a few words.  None of the corpses stirred.  Everyone was dead… he had failed them.  He led them to their deaths.

            However, Joss would have no time to mourn their loss.  He was violently awoken from his thoughts by a deafeningly loud voice behind him. 

            “Oh yes…your eyes do not deceive you.” 

            At first, he didn’t recognize the roar-like sound as speech.  Joss cried out in agony as the pain in his head returned tenfold.  Gritting his teeth through the pain, Joss awkwardly stumbled to his feet and spun around to confront whatever monstrosity had created that awful noise. 


Joss sneered and growled angrily at the source of the sound.  There, no more than a dozen feet away, was the fiendish monster that he had so recently been fighting.  The gargantuan beast sat calmly and quietly on the ground, studying him.  Joss gaped at the magnitude of the beast.  Somehow, it looked even larger up close like this.  The colossal dragon towered high over his head.  With its head held aloft on a long, flexible neck, the creature was easily over one hundred feet tall.  The sun’s rays glimmered off of its glossy red scales, causing Joss to squint against the bright light flashing in his eyes.  As Joss’ vision faded in and out, he momentarily caught of something else reflecting the light of the sun: his sword.  The monster had one of its massive claws casually sitting atop it.  The great beast opened its huge maw, revealing the fierce arsenal of razor-sharp fangs within.  The dragon let out a deep, repetitive, rumbling sound.   Was it… was it chuckling at him?  Even with its bestial features, the dragon did have a certain sense of… smugness to it.

“You… bastard,” Joss managed to choke out the words between groans of pain.  The fiend only ‘grinned’ wider and ‘chuckled’ louder.

“Good,” The beast’s voice was deafeningly loud.  Joss gritted his teeth and groaned as the pain in his head re-surfaced.  “I was worried you hadn’t survived our little ‘skirmish’.  In fact, it seems that your fighting spirit is just as strong as ever.”

Anger welled up in Joss’ chest.  What the hell was the beast talking about? 

“Just… k-kill me and… get it over… with.”

“Kill you?  Oh my, no,” Again, the massive beast let out a deep chuckle.  “You have more than earned your life, little mortal.  A spirit as fierce and determined as yours is rare, indeed.  Killing you would be such a waste.  No, I have other plans for you.” 

That arrogant bastard!  Fury grew in Joss’ chest until it reached a boiling point.  The beast defeated him in combat, slew his comrades, and now it intended to keep in as some sort of pet!?  A low growl built up in his throat until it burst out as an inarticulate scream of pure hatred and anger.  He clenched his fists and charged at the dragon.  Better to go out fighting than live as this beast’s plaything.  However, in his injured state and blind rage, Joss never saw the dragon’s massive tail as it lashed through the air behind him.  The whip-like appendage smashed into the back of his head, and unconsciousness again overtook him. 


When consciousness finally returned, Joss felt like years had passed.  Every muscle, every bone…every single part of him felt stiff and sore.  For a while, he struggled to remember why it was that he hurt so much.  Had he actually fought that dragon?  Had he actually lost?  Or was that all just a terrible dream?  He had slain scores upon scores of the vile things before, but this dragon… this monster was unlike anything he had faced before.  It was almost inconceivable how massive and powerful the creature was.  Joss’ memories were still disjointed and hazy, but he began to put together pieces of the battle.

He recalled falling off of Rei, some two hundred feet in the air.  The gargantuan dragon had knocked him off of his gryphon with a powerful blow from its wicked tail.  He recalled… when he and his troops first spotted the dragon.  Even though it was leagues away, the massive creature seemed larger than life.  As it swooped down the mountain valley, he was astounded by the sheer magnitude of the beast.  Joss vaguely remembered shouting orders and commanding his troops from his airborne steed; trying to get them into position to fight the huge creature.  And… he remembered their cries of pain and fear as the demon beast rent them apart with its massive claws.  It all felt like a horrible nightmare.  He wanted so much to think it was just a dream; but, deep down, Joss knew it was all terribly real.

The sobering memories stirred Joss from his delirium.  He was suddenly aware that he was sitting down on hard stone and his arms were held aloft by heavy chains.  Blinking a few times to clear his vision, he looked about and took in his surroundings.  He was inside a small cave of some sort, that much was certain.  But, aside from a blazing bonfire on the far side of the cavern, there was little indication of what this place was.  His wrists were shackled tightly and chained to metal loops driven into the stone.  And, curiously, he had been stripped completely naked.  Among the many battle scars he had collected from his previous dragon hunts, Joss could clearly see many new additions.  Huge swaths of purple bruises covered various parts of his body, further evidence of his latest fight.

Tentatively, Joss tugged at the chains that held him in place.  He wasn’t terribly surprised to find they held tight.  He growled in frustration.  This indignity would not stand.  What the hell did that monster have planned for him, anyways? 

Joss found that he wouldn’t have to wait for long to find out.  A few short minutes later, he heard the clacking scrapes of clawed feet echoing through the cavern.  As they grew louder, it became clear that they were far too small to come from a dragon, which meant that they probably belonged to a much more despicable creature…Joss’ suspicion was confirmed when three short figures entered the room.  Dragonkin.

These vile little reptilian creatures were some sort of slave race for the dragons.  Rail thin and standing only three feet tall, these vermin were no real threat in combat, but they could be dangerous in large numbers.  They seemed to breed like rats, too.  Any dragon worth its horde had a sizable number of the little screeching bastards at its disposal.  And they were ferociously loyal.  They practically worshiped dragons as gods; they were more than happy to give their lives to serve their masters.  Joss felt no remorse when killing the little bastards.  This time, however, he was completely at their mercy.

The three dragonkin held no fear of the bound dragon hunter.  Each one wielded a crude, yet undoubtedly sharp, spear at the ready as they approached Joss.  The middle dragonkin, slightly taller than the others, began screeching and squealing at Joss; this was what the dragonkin considered speech.  Joss was quite familiar with it.  Their language was similar enough to the tongue of the dragons that he could pick out a few words out of the high-pitched gibberish the little devil was screeching.  Some kind of warning, blah, blah, blah, we’ll gut you, blah, blah, no running, blah.  Joss grunted in aggravation.  He’d rather rot in hell than take orders from these nasty little lizards. 

The two smaller dragonkin kept their spears pointed at Joss’ face while the middle one withdrew a key.  It hissed out one last warning at Joss before it approached him.  Joss allowed the creature to unshackle his hands, but, when he reached out and attempted to grab the little bastard, the other two dragonkin forcefully pushed their spears into his chest.  Not hard enough to pierce the skin, but enough to make their intents clear.  They wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if he resisted.  He growled in frustration and stood up.  Pain shot across his body as he got to his feet.  He was still extremely sore.  He could probably take out these three dragonkin without much trouble, but he’d be hard pressed to fight the legions that undoubtedly lived in this lair. 

Again, the three dragonkin hissed and shrieked orders at him, this time poking him with their spears to get him to move out of the room. 

“Alright, fine, I’m moving!”

The dragonkin escorted him down the winding corridors of the cave system.  Some parts were natural; others were obviously carved and widened by the dragonkin to make this underground complex.   And everywhere they led him, a thick, dense haze of smoke billowed around the ceiling, causing Joss to cough violently and struggle to breathe.  When they finally reached their destination, a massive, towering room, he was temporarily relieved to finally get a breath of air that wasn’t mostly acrid smoke.  But then, he saw what lay behind the thick haze.

At first, he almost mistook the creature as the far wall of the vast room.  Until it rose up, that is.  Joss was again face-to-face with the gigantic dragon that had captured him.  Somehow, it seemed even larger in this cavern.  Its head was nearly as large as a small cottage house, filled with teeth larger than broadswords.  Any rage that Joss was feeling was suddenly forgotten as he took in the sheer enormousness of the beast.  He was so awe-struck by the terrible beast that he never noticed his dragonkin escort leave the cavern behind him.  The dragon lifted its gigantic head and examined Joss.  It seemed to be studying him.  When it finally opened its maw to speak, he felt the entire cavern shudder at the reverberations from its deep voice.

“Hmm… about time you woke up.  I’ve been getting impatient waiting for you to recover from your wounds.  Had I known you were so fragile, I wouldn’t have been so rough with you.” 

Joss narrowed his eyes and sneered at the beast. 

“What do you want with me, monster?  Do you intend to have me beg for my life?  I will never bow to you or your kind.  You may as well kill me now; I will never comply with your wishes.”

Again, the cavern shook as the dragon rumbled in laughter,

“Good, good!  As defiant as ever, I see.  Even in the face of certain death, your spirit never wavers.   You possess a very rare quality, mortal; one that I intend to make good use of.”

The dragon narrowed its fierce, reptilian eyes and brought its head down so that the two were face to face.  It let out a long hiss before continuing,

“You want to know what I plan to do with you?  Very well.  I won’t keep you waiting any longer.” 

There was a sharp malevolence to the creature’s words.  For a moment, Joss actually felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end.  He was afraid.  Very afraid.  He tried his best to retain his grimace of hatred and anger. 

The dragon drew back its massive head before closing its eyes in concentration.  Soon, the cavern again shook with the deep rumblings of the dragon’s voice.  Joss didn’t understand the words the beast was saying, but he certainly recognized the chanting of a spell when he heard it. 

With the dragon’s attention diverted, Joss seized the opportunity and began to retreat from of the room.  He had no idea what the dragon intended to do with him, nor did he plan on finding out.  Searing agony shot through his body as he hobbled towards the tunnel behind him, but adrenaline-fueled fear kept him from succumbing to the pain.  Joss was only a few short steps from the cavern exit when the beast rumbled out the last word of the spell,

“…corpotarum arrestatos!”

As the dragon spoke out the last syllable, Joss suddenly felt a sharp tightness overcome the muscles of his body.  His legs, no longer responding to his will, gave out underneath him, causing him to greet the rough stone floor with his chin.  Even his arms refused to budge from his side to brace his fall.  Joss writhed and struggled against his own body, but it was useless; whatever the dragon had cast upon him caused his entire body to seize up.

“Now, now, none of that.  You belong to me now, there will be no escape.”

Joss tried to yell out at the dragon, but his mouth refused to work.  As he continued to try to get his muscles to respond, Joss could hear the behemoth stir and move behind him.  His vision was limited to the small corridor in front of him, but he could tell the beast was approaching.  Each step of its massive clawed feet made the cavern shudder and shake. 

Damn it, he thought, what the hell does this bastard plan to do with me?

Visions of being eaten alive and slowly being dissolved by stomach acid flashed through his mind.  But… if the dragon had planned on simply eating him, why had it waited so long?  It said that it wanted him alive for some reason, but what?

With only a few massive steps, the dragon reached the other side of the vast cavern.  Joss felt the huge claws of the dragon wrap around his paralyzed body and pick him up.  He desperately darted his eyes back and forth as he tried in vain to see what the dragon had in store for him next.  While holding Joss aloft in one of its clawed hands, the huge creature again sat down on the cavern floor, this time lying on its back. 

“Now then, where was I?”

The dragon again rumbled out its mocking laughter before it resumed chanting the strange words of some unknown spell.  All Joss could do was sit in the beast’s claws, awaiting his fate.  He didn’t have to wait long.  With a few additional magic words, the dragon completed whatever incantation it was casting.  Joss felt a strange tingling sensation coat his body as the magic washed over him.  The tingling intensified for a short while before fading away to nothingness.  He closed his eyes and awaited his fate.  And then… nothing happened.  Did the spell fail?  Was he immune to it somehow?  If it were still possible, Joss’ face would have scrunched up into a look of utter confusion. 

But, the dragon seemed unfazed.  Whatever the spell was supposed to do, it apparently wasn’t immediately obvious.  Again, Joss’ view shifted while the dragon moved its great, clawed hand about, this time bringing Joss in front of its massive maw.  The beast opened its jaws and revealed the multitude of sharp teeth inside.  Joss couldn’t be sure.  Was the creature grinning at him?  After examining the human for a moment, the dragon continued opening its mouth.  The dragon seemed to be holding Joss in such a way that he would have a clear view of the inside of its mouth.  He watched in fear as the black pit of its throat was revealed when the dragon’s sword-like teeth parted.

So.  It did plan on eating me.  Joss sighed internally.  At least this indignity would finally end, death would be upon him soon enough.  He braced himself mentally for the horrible trip ahead.  But, to his surprise, and confusion, the dragon instead lifted its tongue out and…licked him.  Slowly, the massive, forked tongue of the dragon stroked across his naked body. 

This…was not what he had expected.  The dragon continued licking all over his body, from his face all the way down to his toes.  The beast even took time to slowly twirl its wet, warm tongue around his manhood.  Joss found that at least one part of his body was immune to the dragon’s paralysis spell.  Joss groaned in humiliation as his body began to respond to the dragon’s ministrations.  In return, it rumbled out a short chuckle; the dragon seemed to take great delight in tormenting the poor human. 

Minutes passed by as the dragon continued licking every inch of Joss’ body.  The beast’s thick saliva oozed down his body before dripping off of his feet in huge, thick gobs.  As disgusted and humiliated as he was, Joss couldn’t deny that the sensation felt kind of…good.  The dragon’s tongue was surprisingly soft.  He caught himself feeling a bit disappointed whenever the dragon withdrew its tongue from his bare body.  The dragon again made a deep rumbling noise, but this time, it wasn’t a laugh.  Instead, the rumbling reminded Joss of a long, drawn-out moan of…pleasure.  His mind was spinning in confusion.  What the hell was this dragon doing?!

With one final lick across his face for good measure, the dragon closed its maw.  Again, Joss could only watch helplessly as the room spun while the dragon moved him.  This time, when he stopped moving, he got a clear view at the dragon’s belly.  The massive beast had spread its hind legs, clearly revealing the small, soft scales underneath.  While one of its forelegs held Joss aloft, he saw the other reach down between the dragon’s hind legs.  With remarkable dexterity, the dragon used its vicious claws to spread apart scales and expose its…genitals.  Joss could see now that his captor was clearly female. 

Between the dark red scales of her belly, the dragon spread apart the protective scales of her slit to reveal the pink, fleshy folds underneath.  She continued to spread open her slit until her gaping passage was wide open.  And then…she moved him towards it. 

Wait, what?!  What the hell?!  What is she doing to me!?

Joss’ mind reeled in confusion and surprise as the dragon slowly brought him closer to the gaping hole.  He again heard the deep rumble of her laughter behind him; obviously, she enjoyed teasing him by oh-so-slowly moving him closer to her sex.  Joss tried in vain to get any of his muscles to respond to his will, but he remained completely paralyzed.  To his horror, he could feel an immense heat radiating off of the dragon’s genitalia as she drew him near.  As he got closer, he could see the soft, pink skin inside glistening with moisture.  Before long, the dragoness had pushed his face within a foot of her passage before stopping.

She held him there, teasingly close, for what seemed like minutes.  A powerful scent emanated from her nethers.  A thick, heady aroma that caused Joss’ head to spin.  Then, without warning, she forcibly pushed his face into her folds.  Joss couldn’t believe how hot it felt.  The soft, slick flesh of her passage rubbed across his face as she slid him inside.  He couldn’t help but take in huge gulps of air filled with the strange, musky scent of her sex.  With every breath of her powerful aroma, he found it harder to think. 

Ever so slowly, the dragoness pushed the helpless human down her slit.  Joss might have found the situation almost erotic if he wasn’t so terrified and confused.  Instead, the sensation of the hot walls of flesh clamping down on his shoulders was simply strange and horrifying to him.  Inch after inch of his body slid into the dragon’s slick passage.  The thick coating of saliva all over his body made it all the easier for him to slip inside.  As he was pushed in deeper and deeper, he began to feel a distinct trembling through the wet folds of her sex.  All around him, he could feel the dragoness rumbling out groans of pleasure.  The slick walls of her sex repeatedly clamped down upon his body.  Clearly, she was enjoying the sensation of having the tiny human inside her.  And, as Joss continued to take in breaths of the hot, humid air around him, he found that he, too, was beginning to enjoy the sensation.  By the time his cock was pressed up against her entrance, it was already rock hard. 

Minute after minute passed by as the dragoness leisurely slid Joss further and further inside her.  Rational thought had long since left his mind.  Joss simply closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations.  The hot, wet embrace of her sex was unlike anything he had ever experienced before.  Even the steam baths in the mountains of Kagam were no comparison to her tight, warm embrace.  Joss almost didn’t notice when his feet finally slipped past the outer lips of her sex.  A small, quiet part of his mind was horrified by this prospect, but it was quickly pushed aside as he welcomed the pleasurable sensations.  The dragoness continued to rumble in ecstasy, which caused her sex to vibrate pleasingly all over Joss’ body.  He was so lost in pleasure, that he barely even noticed that the dragoness’ body was continuing to pull him deeper and deeper inside, even without the aid of her great claws.

With each contraction of her muscled passage, Joss slid a bit deeper into his captor’s body.  But he didn’t care.  The sensation of her hot, wet passage tightly wrapped around his whole body felt heavenly.  All thoughts of fear or hatred had long since left his mind.  Time ceased to have meaning.  Had he been inside her warm, loving caress for minutes?  Days?  Years?  It didn’t matter.  Nothing mattered to him anymore. 

            Eventually, the dragoness’ body ceased pulling Joss inside.  He had finally reached his destination.  Aside from the hot, wet embrace of her sex, the only sensation that Joss could feel was the deep, rhythmic reverberations of his host’s heartbeat.  Joss found the sound very comforting, almost hypnotic.  Contentment and bliss washed over him as he focused on the sound of the dragoness’ heartbeat.  Suddenly, he felt very exhausted.  Before he finally drifted off into a blissful sleep, he was vaguely aware that his body began to move of its’ own accord – his legs curled up underneath him and his arms wrapped around them.  He didn’t question how or why he suddenly was curled up like this; he simply enjoyed his new home and drifted off into a deep sleep…

Making Amends, Part II

                                                                -By Sasquatchman         

            Joss slowly awoke from what he suspected had been the best sleep he’d ever had.  A long, relaxing, invigorating sleep filled with pleasant (if a bit strange) dreams.  He found himself smiling involuntarily and simply enjoying the comfort of his bed.  Smiling, that is, until he realized he wasn’t in a bed at all.

            In his groggy state, he didn’t notice it at first; but for some reason, he was curled up in the fetal position – head tucked to his chest, legs curled up to his abdomen.  More distressing, however, was the fact that he couldn’t move.  Something was constricting him on all sides, like he was sealed in a box.  He tried to recall where he was, what he was last doing, how he got here, when he fell asleep…but it was hard to think.  He felt slow and drunk, like his mind had been put on ice and was only now just starting to thaw out. 

            Weakly, he tried to struggle against his prison, to no avail.  Whatever it was, it was strong.  And dark, too.  He couldn’t see anything.  Where was he?  Again, he refocused his mind and tried to recall something… anything.  Slowly, bits and pieces of memories began to seep back into his mind.  He remembered…falling?  When did that happen?  Why?  Was he hurt?  Yes, he remembered that.  There was pain, lots of pain. 

            Like looking at the scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, Joss only saw bits and pieces of the big picture.  Somehow, he fell, and was badly hurt.  And then… there was an earthquake?  No, not an earthquake, but something had reminded him of it.  He recalled the bright, reflective rocks strewn across a mountain valley.  No, no; not rocks.  They were…suits of armor.  Armor worn by his comrades!  They were fighting a-

            Suddenly he remembered.  That dragon!  He and his company had engaged a dragon.  And not just any dragon…quite literally the biggest dragon Joss had ever seen.  For years, he had traveled the far reaches of the world hunting those monsters, but never before had he seen a dragon of this magnitude.  As he recalled that horrible monster, everything started to fall into place.  He fell from the back of Rei, his loyal gryphon mount.  A heavy blow from the dragon’s tail dismounted him.  He recalled waking up on the battlefield, surrounded by his fallen comrades.  And then… that vile creature… it had waited for him to wake up so that it could taunt him face to face.  As he pictured the twisted, evil visage of that monster, anger began to well in his heart and heat his blood.

            Its great red eyes, big as wagon wheels, were full of hated and malevolence.  Twin horns as big as trees twisted out of the back of its head and tapered to dagger-sharp points.  He remembered it opening its mouth to reveal those terrible teeth. Dozens upon dozens of the wicked things lined its maw; each as large as a sword, and twice as sharp.  Gigantic red scales as hard as granite.  And those claws… humungous things each the size of a man…yes, Joss remembered that demon beast quite clearly.  He remembered its terrible voice.  He remembered how it ripped his troops apart while they screamed in pain and terror.  Most of all, he remembered how it even refused him the dignity of death.  Instead, it had the audacity to take him back to its lair as some kind of…prized pet

            As he recalled the horrors of his battle against the dragon, hatred welled up within him.  Suddenly, he no longer cared why or where or how he was imprisoned.  All that mattered was getting out and finding that dragon.  His memories faded and were replaced by visions of bloody revenge against the dragon that had wronged him.  Again, he struggled against the walls of his prison.  His intense hatred not only cleared the haze from his awakening mind, but also filled his body with strength.  He squirmed and twisted, trying to find some kind of crack or seam in his prison – some kind of weakness to exploit.  To his confusion, he found that whatever he was encased him was oddly spherical in shape.  The surface felt smooth, almost like polished glass.  To his disappointment, he could find no cracks or joints along its surface. 

None of the strange aspects of his prison phased Joss; he was far too overcome with rage and thoughts of rending the dragon with his sword to question them.  Nor did he question some of the odd sensations of his body.  In the back of his mind, he thought it a little strange that the nails on his fingers and toes had grown so very long and sharp, but he ignored this and instead tried to use them to his advantage to free himself.  He didn’t question the strange lumps poking out of his back, or how it hurt to press against them while trying to force his way out.  When he growled in anger, he didn’t register the unfamiliar way his voice sounded.  And he was far too distracted to take notice of the strange new appendage curled up behind him.  All that mattered was escaping and sending that dragon to the underworld, where it and the rest of its kind belonged.

Finally, after struggling for what seemed like ages, he heard a slight cracking sound all around him.  His prison was finally relenting.  Bolstered by the sound, he redoubled his efforts.  More cracking, this time accompanied by a sliver of light filling the strange chamber he was enclosed within.  He growled and continued pressing against the walls.  More and more light spilled in as his prison cracked apart and shattered.  With one, final push, the entire structure fell apart, and the mighty dragon hunter was finally free.  His eyes, unaccustomed to light, were momentarily blinded by the sudden illumination.  He didn’t care, he was free.  Soon, he would get his revenge.  He blinked several times as he tried to adjust to the brightness.  Instinctively, he reached up with his hands to rub his eyes.  But, when he caught sight of his hands, he stopped in shock and confusion.

There, right in front of his eyes, he saw a pair of red-scaled, clawed hands.  At first, his mind didn’t register that they belonged to him.  He gasped in shock, and tried to back away from them.  When he tried to move away from these wicked claws, they instead followed his every move.  To his confusion, he found that these claws were responding to his movements… they…they were his?  Slowly, he curled a finger and found that the hand in front of him responded perfectly to the mental command.  Looking past his strange, taloned hands, he noticed that they weren’t the only part of his body that had been changed…

It was almost like a horribly vivid nightmare.  He slowly looked down at his body, but where it was supposed to be, he only saw a strange, unfamiliar, reptilian body covered in glossy red scales.  His legs, once thickly muscled and covered in scars from his many battles, were now vicious, monstrous things.  His toes had been replaced by sharp, black talons.  His skin was coated in the same glossy red scales he saw on his hands and arms.  Even the configuration of his joints was alien – they were bent in a strange and animalistic manner.  Like…like those of a dragon, he reckoned.  The thought both shocked and repulsed him.  What had that vile demon creature done to him?! 

He continued to look over his body in trepidation.  His face was elongated into a lizard-like maw; he felt around inside with his elongated tongue and discovered it was full of sharp fangs.  He found a long, thick, and muscular tail was attached to his lower back.  Two large, leathery dragon’s wings sprouted from his back and twitched slightly to his thoughts.  His formerly short, cropped blonde hair had been replaced by a strange bony ridge along his scalp and two sharp horns.  However, this all paled in comparison to what he found next…

When he looked down to view his stomach, Joss found that strange, rounded growths on his chest blocked his view.  For a brief moment, he stared at them uncomprehendingly.  Then… it clicked.  And the realization made him feel sick.  Tentatively, he reached one of his clawed hands between his legs and confirmed his fears.  Instead of the familiar sensation of his manhood, he instead brushed a sharp claw against the sensitive folds of an entirely different set of genitalia.  He…she felt a sick ball of dread well up in her stomach.  Not only had that evil bitch of a dragon transformed him into some kind of abomination, it also made him female

Joss craned her neck to see over her new, large breasts.  Sure enough, she could see the slit of her new sex prominently laid amid the shiny red scales between her legs.  Like the rest of her new body, her vagina appeared to have strange mix of dragon and human characteristics.  This…this couldn’t be happening, she thought.  This all had to be some kind of terrible dream.  Joss’ mind reeled from the shock of it all.  Slowly, her memories returned.  She remembered what had happened after the dragon brought her back to its lair; when she was still a he.  Strangely, the dragon had no intent of eating Joss.  Oh no, it had very, very different plans.  Joss recalled the dragon casting strange magics on him, leaving him completely immobile while it…inserted him into its...vagina.  She recalled the warmth, the wetness, the humidity…even the oddly erotic scent of the dragon’s moist passage as he was slowly pushed inside.   Joss felt shivers run down her spine as she recalled how comforting and soothing the dragon’s womb felt.  What kind of bizarre, perverted magic had that she-devil cast on her? 

Joss looked down at the strange casing that she had just freed herself from.  There was no mistaking it…she had seen them many times before.  Scattered around her in jagged fragments were the remains of a dragon’s egg.  Her egg.  Joss had just hatched.  The entire situation was almost too outrageous, too shocking, to conceive.  Whatever strange magic the dragon had cast on Joss allowed her to be…re-born?  Re-born and re-created as some sort of female half-dragon monstrosity.  Not only had that horrid creature killed her companions, captured her, and denied her an honorable death, but it also twisted and changed her form into the very thing that she hunted. 

Again, Joss felt the anger in her heart take control.  She would get revenge on that monster, even in this warped body.  No longer distracted by the shock of her new body, Joss examined her surroundings.  She was in a small cavern.  Several large bonfires raged in the room.  It was blisteringly warm, but Joss hardly noticed.  A hatching chamber of some sort?  No matter, a single doorway led out of the chamber; Joss focused on the task ahead.  She rose unsteadily on her new legs.  The strange configuration of her legs would take some time to adjust to; it almost felt like walking on one’s toes.  Joss growled, no dragon had bested her before.  There was no way she’d let this indignity stand.  She would overcome any obstacle, even these twisted legs, and rip that monster’s heart from its chest!

One step at a time, Joss clumsily stumbled towards the exit of the chamber.  Involuntarily, she began to growl deeply while curling and uncurling her new claws.  Anger coursed through her veins and made her feel very…animalistic.  Primal.  Predatory.  She longed to taste the heart of that bitch of a dragon. 

Strange.  There was a sword next to the exit, carefully propped up against the wall.  Joss recognized the gilded emblem set into the hilt, her family crest.  This sword was very familiar to Joss; she had slain countless dragons with it before.  Why was it here?  It didn’t matter.  Soon, it would end the life of another dragon.  She grabbed it in one of her clawed hands and continued staggering out of the cavern.  The sword felt awkwardly small in her new hands, but that didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that it was still sharp. 

Slowly, Joss made her way through the winding, smoke-filled passageways of the dragon’s lair.  With every step, the talons on her feet clacked sharply upon the rough stone floor.  Her pace began to pick up as she adjusted to her new legs.  Each clacking step brought her closer to the beast that took away her humanity.  Joss kept picturing how it would look to plunge her sword into the eye of that monstrous dragon.  Rage boiled in her veins.  She would soon have her revenge. 

By the time Joss finally located the large, central chamber, she had become so accustomed to her new legs that she was practically jogging.  She no longer needed to imagine the hated face of her enemy, for there, on the opposite side of the vast chamber, the massive beast was waiting.  Joss charged in, sword held high for the kill.  There was no point in sneaking; the monster was already looking straight at her, its face still full of arrogance and imperiousness.  Joss’ eyes went wide with rage as she let out an inhuman roar; the sound of which was somehow both feral and feminine at the same time.  The dragon simply sat there and cocked its head to the side in a mocking gesture. All rational thought slipped from Joss’ mind, and, with a mighty swing, Joss brought down the sword onto the vile creature.

At least, that’s what Joss tried to do.  Instead, she found herself standing mere feet from her target, sword stopped in mid-swing.  The muscles in her body had suddenly seized up and she stumbled to a complete stop. 


The dragon began laughing – a deep, rumbling sound that caused the cavern to shudder in its volume.

Joss narrowed her eyes in anger.  She took a step back and brought her sword to bear again before swinging it down.  Again, she found that the muscles in her body simply refused to bring the sword any further.  The rumbling laughter from the dragon grew louder.

“Y-you bastard!  What have you done to me!?” 

The dragon simply looked down upon the former human and bared its sharp teeth in a wicked smile.

Again, Joss roared in anger and tried to swing at the beast.  There was no magical shield, no invisible barrier…her arms simply refused to bring the sword down upon the dragon.  Slowly, Joss lowered the sword and simply stared at the object of her fury.  The dragon had some kind of enchantment on her, some sort of pacification magic.  And the dragon had intentionally left her sword in the egg chamber.  It knew she wouldn’t be able to attack properly.  The conceited bitch.  The dragon’s echoing laughter slowly quieted.

“What the hell did you do to me you son of a bitch!?” Joss shouted out in rage.

“Why, isn’t obvious, little mortal?  You have been reborn!  Re-made to better suit my needs.  I have given you my blessing and provided you with a new life, a new purpose.  You, Joss, have been chosen for a grand purpose that no mortal could ever dream of.”

Joss’ narrowed her eyes in confusion and suspicion,

“Wha- H-How do you know my name!?”

 “Oh yes, I know all about you, Joss.  ‘Joss the Powerful,’ ‘Joss the Bane of Drakes,’, ‘Joss the ‘Dragonslayer.’” The massive dragon spat out the titles with derisive hatred, “You have slain many of my offspring, little mortal.  Make no mistake; I hold no lament for their loss.  They were weak.  Pathetic.  Any dragon that allows itself to be slain by a lesser creature is unfit to live.”

Joss sneered and growled angrily at the creature. 

“Hm...I know all about you, little human, but I have yet to even introduce myself!  A proper host should always make proper introductions with their guests; how very inconsiderate of me.  You may address me as Losvir, or ‘Anathema’ in your tongue.”

Losvir!? Anathema!?

Joss’ eyes went wide in shock and horror.  She knew that name.  Practically every mortal in existence knew the name ‘Losvir’.  The mythical primal dragon.  A dragon said to have existed before the start of civilization, before even the start of time itself!  The mother of all dragons.  But…Losvir was a legend!  A myth!  She couldn’t be real

“Oh my!  I see you have heard of me!  Good, good, I’m glad my reputation still precedes me.  Of course, now you should truly understand how fortunate you are that I have chosen you to become my mate.”

Joss was still so stunned by the revelation that this beast was the legendary Anathema that she nearly missed that last, key word.

W-Wait…did she say…mate!?

Joss’ draconic maw drooped open, eliciting another deep, rumbling laugh from Losvir.

“Yes, your fierce spirit is a rare gift indeed, especially for a mortal.  A very useful trait, indeed, to pass on to my next brood.” 

Joss’ face scrunched up in confusion,

“B-but… you are…female..?” the words were equal part statement and question. 

“Mmm, yes.  I find the burden of bearing eggs to be well below a creature of my magnificence.  No, I always modify my mates to better suit me,” again, the cavern filled with the echoing rumble of Losvir’s laughter, “I do so love how the arrogance of a powerful drake is brought down to scale once he is gravid with his first clutch of my eggs.  But you, my dear…you are something extraordinary indeed.  You shall be my first mortal mate, so I have chosen a special form for you.  I have blessed you with a draconic form so that you may bear my children.  I hold a great respect for your fighting spirit.  Perhaps I may even return you to your original form after you lay your first clutch of my offspring!”

Joss sneered in disgust at the thought,

“I…I won’t.  I will never serve you.”

Again, the cavern shook with Losvir’s rumbling laugh.  This time, however, there was no mirth to the sound.  The monstrous dragon brought her massive head down to the former human and glared her in the eyes.  Joss could clearly see the malevolence in those reptilian eyes.  It sent a chill of fear down her spine and all the way to the tip of her new tail.

You have no choice.  Just as you cannot strike against me, you will equally find yourself unable to leave my domain.  You belong to me now.  You will do as I say.” 

Joss felt sick.  Deep down, she knew it was true.  She couldn’t even swing a sword against the beast, how could she fight this?  As her face fell with anguish and resignation, Anathema again bellowed in laughter,

“Oh, do not despair, little one,” Losvir cooed in mock sympathy, “You have a great destiny ahead of you!  You will be the brood mother to a new lineage of dragons.  One more cunning, tenacious and powerful than any before it.  Once again, dragon-kind will take its rightful place as rulers of this world, and you will be the one to herald it in!  ‘Joss the Dragonslayer’ will now forever be heralded as ‘Joss the Broodmother!’”

Joss fell to her knees in defeat.  It was all over.  She had been beaten.  No, not just beaten.  She was about to forcibly assist with the repopulation of these monsters.  Above her, Anathema continued chuckling and gloating in her ultimate victory against the powerful dragon slayer,

“Maybe you will even come to enjoy your new life?  If you submit to me, you will find that I can be a very gentle and caring lover.  All of my formerly male mates learned to love having their eggs fertilized by my powerful seed.  Oh, how they cried in ecstasy when I bred them and ensured they would lay another clutch of whelps for me.  Some even came to love the sensation of being so heavy with eggs that they could barely move!  They came to love their new bodies, perhaps you will too?”

Losvir continued mocking the defeated human.  Anger, humiliation, and sorrow filled Joss’ heart.  She couldn’t even bear to look up at that horrid creature any longer.  Her old life was over; and a whole new one was about to begin…

Making Amends, Part III

-By Sasquatchman


            Joss slowly stirred in the luxurious bed, turning from one side to the other.  For a brief moment, she forgot about the previous day and simply enjoyed the sensation of the soft, warm silks that wrapped her unclad body.  Then, unfortunately, the haze of sleep lifted from her mind and she recalled where she was…Joss let out a soft groan of resignation.  The events of the past two days all seemed like some terrible, twisted dream.  Yet, no matter how hard she tried, she could not wake up from this living nightmare.

            Joss curled up in the soft bed.  Her gut ached painfully at the horrible realization that all of the strange and unthinkable things that happened to her were quite real.  The dragoness shuddered when she felt her new tail involuntarily curl up between her legs; another reminder of her stolen life.  It had all happened so quickly…One day, Joss was been on a dragon hunting expedition, and then the next…everything had changed. 

Joss had ventured deep into the northern mountains of Merten, following the reported sightings of a dragon in the area.  This, of course, was back when Joss was still a dragon hunter, still human…still male.  He and his comrades, a small band of elite dragon hunters, were trekking through a deep mountain pass towards a small mining camp, north of the dwarven strongholds.  And then, it appeared.  Joss had fought and slain countless scores of dragons before, but he had never seen one so massive.  This beast was at least three times the size of an elder dragon.  When he first glimpsed the monstrosity taking wing down a mountainside and soaring towards him, he thought his eyes were simply playing tricks on him.  How wrong he was.

The dragon was truly massive, and equally powerful.  It easily defeated him after a short skirmish.  It literally ripped his comrades to shreds.  And then, as a final insult to the once proud dragon hunter, the beast refused to kill him.  Instead, it took his beaten and broken body back to its lair for a much more devious purpose.

Using potent magic, the monster paralyzed the dragon hunter, rendering him helpless as it prepared him for a strange ritual.  To his horror, the dragon hunter soon found his paralyzed body being forcibly inserted into the female dragon’s sex.  It literally un-birthed him.  With his body immobile, all he could do was watch as his body was slowly pushed into the hot, wet folds of the dragon’s vagina.  Inch after inch, the dragon’s body sucked him in, until he was forcibly curled up in her womb.  The calm, comforting embrace of her body’s depths lulled him to sleep; and then the true purpose of the ritual began.

It wasn’t until months later that Joss would discover what had been done to him while inside the dragoness’ body.  When he finally awoke from his hibernation-like slumber, he found himself trapped inside a massive dragon’s egg.  After struggling against the stone-like shell, he finally hatched from the egg and discovered what the dragon had done to him.  While sleeping in the dragon’s womb, his body was twisted and changed into a new form.  When he awoke, Joss was no longer human anymore.  He wasn’t even a he anymore.  She awoke to find her body had been warped into a strange half-dragon hybrid.  Just like the dragon that had reformed her, Joss’ new body was coated with glossy red scales, equipped with sharp claws and wicked horns, and even a pair of wide, leathery dragon wings.  The dragon not only defeated Joss, but it changed her into the very creature she hunted.

And that wasn’t even the worst of it.  Joss was filled with rage towards the vile monster, but, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t command her body to harm the beast.  The dragon had placed some sort of pacification magic on her, ensuring her complacency.  This would be necessary, she soon found, for the dragon’s true goal: creating a new brood of powerful dragons. 

Much to Joss’ surprise and horror, the dragon revealed that it was none other than Losvir, better known in the tongue of mortals as Anathema, the primal dragon.  A mythical, legendary beast that supposedly was the original dragon; a god-like creature rumored to be the mother of all dragons.  Whether or not this was true didn’t matter; this dragon had grand plans for Joss.  This ‘Losvir’ had decided that Joss’ fighting prowess, unbendable spirit, and fierce tenacity would be excellent qualities to pass on to a new brood of dragons.  So, using some strange draconic magic, Losvir changed the powerful dragon hunter into a fertile dragoness so that Joss could help create a new lineage of dragons.  Losvir intended to breed Joss and force her to bear her offspring.  And no matter how much Joss wanted to fight against this, Losvir’s powerful enchantments ensured that she had no choice but to comply.

Joss threw off the silken covers.  As a ‘gift’ from her new mistress, Joss had been given a lavishly furnished bed chamber in the dragon’s lair.  Losvir took malevolent delight in tormenting Joss whenever possible.  She took every opportunity to remind the new half-dragon that she would never again leave the cavern unless her owner permitted it.  And, most of all, the vile dragon loved to remind Joss that she would eventually submit to her owner, just like all of Losvir’s previous mates.   

See, unlike other female dragons, the arrogant Losvir felt that she was above the inconvenience of bearing eggs.  Being burdened with a heavy load of offspring was beneath a dragon of her ‘magnificence’.  Instead, she delighted in tricking male dragons into her lair before changing them into females with her perverted magic.  Having already modified her own body into that of a hermaphrodite, she would breed her mates and fill them with fertilized eggs.  The former males would then be forced into a life of a brood mother: laying eggs for their mate while she remained unburdened by the process.  Losvir claimed that, no matter how hard they tried to deny it, they all came to love being her mate.  She swore that they all eventually accepted their fate as fertile breeders, cooped up in her lair, repeatedly bred and then forced to lay eggs for the rest of their days.  The thought made Joss sick.

Joss sat up on the edge of the bed with a sigh.  She looked down at her changed form.  Every part of her new body felt so strange; so alien.  She even had to re-learn how to walk.  Her legs had been twisted into a draconic shape, complete with massive talons on the ends of her feet.  Unused to having a tail, Joss found herself constantly sitting on the new appendage or unintentionally slamming it into walls.  And her breasts.  Even though she was mostly dragon now, Losvir had chosen to give Joss a massive pair of breasts.  They were soft as a human’s, yet still covered in the same glossy, red scales that coated the rest of her body.  Joss found the fat, heavy things a humiliating burden; they were constantly getting in the way.  She woke up several times in the past two nights to crushing pains when she accidentally rolled on top of them in her sleep. 

Joss stood up from the bed and looked in one of the many mirrors that decorated the room.  Losvir made sure to place at least a dozen mirrors in the bed chamber to constantly remind Joss of her new life.  The largest of them was a huge, three-paneled dressing mirror set in elegantly carved wood.  Joss had spent nearly an hour examining her new body the previous night.  Everything still felt so strange, so surreal; as if she would suddenly wake up from this crazy dream and find herself back as, well, himself.  But, no, this was all a horrible reality.  She approached the mirror and looked at her new form with disgust. 

It felt so unreal - looking at a mirror and watching a complete stranger mimicking your every move.  Especially one as bestial and repulsive as this reflection.  For years, Joss had done nothing but hunt down and kill these monsters.  Dragons were a scourge upon the mortal world.  They relished in slaughtering the mortal races.  There was no negotiating with them.  They couldn’t be reasoned with.  They lived to kill.  And kill they did.   Men, women, children…it didn’t matter.  Entire villages would be wiped out overnight.  Now…she was one of them.  And soon, she would begin producing more of them. 

The new dragoness ran a clawed hand over her scaled body and grimaced.  There was no question of what purpose this body was intended to fulfill...each curve of her reptilian body was overly-sexualized; a bizarre parody of human femininity and draconic fertility.  Her hips were almost impossibly wide – perfect for laying large clutches of dragon eggs.  Although she would not need to provide milk for her offspring, Losvir saw fit to give Joss a pair of massive human breasts that wobbled lewdly with each movement.  Huge, puffy nipples poked prominently out of each of the large things.  Every curve of her body, from her narrow waist to the calves of her dragon-like legs, was exaggerated to look as feminine as possible.  Joss hated the reflection she saw in the mirror.  The creature she looked at was an abomination.  The worst part was that the reflected abomination was her. 

Joss’ introspection was suddenly interrupted by a quiet call from the bedchamber door.  The high-pitched, screech-like noise was the telltale sound of one of the dragonkin – small, lizard-like creatures that serve dragons.  Vile little creatures that Joss used to kill by the dozens when she was still a slayer of dragons.  Now, the repulsive things eagerly provided for Joss with anything she could ever want.  Joss wasn’t sure which was worse: having the nasty things trying to swarm and stab her or having them treat her as some kind of goddess.  Right now, as one stood in the bedchamber door carrying a large platter of meat, Joss decided she’d rather they tried to kill her,

“Get out of here you vile little demon!” she hissed at the creature.

The little lizard let out a terrified ‘meep!’ of fear and fled.  Joss sighed and skulked back to the massive bed before collapsing upon it.  Just hearing the sound of her new, unfamiliar voice was humiliating and reinforced her hopelessness.  But, before she had any time to again feel sorry for herself, she heard a familiar voice at the doorway,

“Tsk, tsk…you shouldn’t treat the little darlings so harshly, my dear.  They want only to make your life here as pleasant as possible!  Why, you’re practically a goddess to them.”

Joss didn’t need to look up; she knew the voice well, no matter what form it came from.  Standing in the doorway was none other than Losvir, Joss’ captor and tormentor.  Like all elder dragons, Losvir had the ability to change her shape at will.  After she transformed Joss into a half-dragon monstrosity, Losvir opted to adopt a similar shape.  Now, the cruel creature was standing in the doorway with her clawed hands set upon her wide hips.  Just like Joss, the powerful dragoness had chosen a peculiar blend of human and dragon features for her new body.  However, unlike Joss’ weak and purpose-built body, Losvir’s form remained menacing and powerful.  The dragoness stood nearly twelve feet tall, dwarfing the former human.  Each movement from her sleek, predatory body caused powerful muscles to noticeably flex under her red scales.  Her horns and claws were easily twice the size of Joss’, and noticeably sharper.  Like Joss, Losvir chose to give her new form a pair of human-like breasts; although, they were much smaller than the huge udders that Joss was forced to carry around.  Losvir obviously wanted to remind Joss who was in control here. 

But, by far the most repulsive part of her captor’s body was the massive penis that dangled from Losvir’s scaled crotch.  She wore no clothing, of course, so the intimidating member was always plainly visible.   It was easily two feet in length, and nearly five inches thick.  And, just like a dragon’s member, Losvir’s penis was lined with sensitive barb-like protrusions and sported an immense, swollen bulb at its base.  Just the sight of the intimidating thing caused Joss to feel sick to her stomach.  She knew that soon enough, Losvir would be attempting to insert that terrifying thing into her new body. 

            “Mmm… can’t help but stare at it, eh?” the dragoness smiled wickedly as she caught Joss staring at her genitalia.  Joss looked away in embarrassment.

“Can you feel it yet?  The heat welling up in your new body?  The urge to be bred?  All you have to do is submit to me, my little dragoness.” Losvir hissed out the words alluringly. 

She was again teasing the former dragon hunter.  Rather than simply forcing herself upon Joss, Losvir chose to wait for her new ‘mate’ to personally submit to the powerful dragon.  Merely defeating Joss in combat and turning the dragon hunter into her mate wasn’t enough.  No, the arrogant, sadistic dragon wanted Joss to give in and beg the dragon to fuck her.  And, to Joss’ horror and despair, she did feel the heat welling up in her body.  She did feel the urge to be bred.  The sensation started out as an uncomfortable burning sensation deep within her loins, and it had only been increasing in intensity since.  To her embarrassment, Joss found herself idly longing to try out her new sex, to explore her new body.  Even worse, whenever Joss caught a glimpse of Losvir’s powerful form, she felt a sense of need deep in her belly.  It took all of her concentration and willpower to not stare at Losvir’s impressive member and imagine how it would feel to be penetrated by that bestial thing. 

“I can take away all those feelings.  I can give you what you want, what you need,” Losvir teasingly grabbed her thick cock with a clawed hand and gave it a few strokes while smiling lewdly at Joss,

This can be all yours my little brood maiden.  All you have to do is ask.”

Joss remained silent and stared away from her tormentor.  She reused to dignify the arrogant bitch with a response.  As much as her body desired the dragon, Joss’ willpower was greater.  She resolved to never submit to that beast.  She may be unable to strike against the beast, but she could at least resist her perverted schemes. 

“Hm, so be it.  You will find that a dragon as powerful and old as me does not lack patience.  Soon enough, you will be submitting to me.  You will be begging for me to fill your fertile little belly with my spawn.  But, in the meantime, I have created this for you,”

Joss looked back up at the dragoness just in time to see a small, paper-wrapped package being tossed to her.  The package landed softly upon the silken sheets of the bed, but Joss made no motion towards the thing,

“Just a little gift for you, my dear.  Something to remind you of me; and of your place here.” 

With another evil chuckle, the dragoness walked off, leaving Joss to her thoughts and the burning desire in her belly.  Another gift, she thought with a scoff, lucky me.  Joss grabbed the package in a clawed hand and tossed it off the bed.  The new dragoness let out a loud sigh and fell backwards onto the soft bed.   Oh, how she wished she could take a cold shower after that.  She needed some kind of distraction… something to take her mind off of the thought of Losvir…Her bed chamber was stocked full of books, thoughtfully provided by Losvir, but Joss found she couldn’t concentrate on reading with the uncomfortable pangs of desire constantly coursing through her.  With nothing else to do, Joss closed her eyes and tried to fall back to sleep.  

            But, try as she might, Joss found that she simply couldn’t take her mind off of her captor.  Images of that colossal penis kept filling her head.  Thoughts of how it would feel to be taken by the powerful dragon.  The intense desire to be filled, not only with that long, thick cock, but also with eggs.  Dozens of them.  Joss found herself idly wondering how many eggs she would have at a time.  She imagined how her body would look heavy and gravid with a clutch of eggs in her belly.  She even began to imagine Losvir’s powerful scent.  The longer she spent in the dragon’s lair, the harder it was to ignore the strangely potent musky aroma the dragon exuded.  It caused her head to spin and her sex to dampen with desire. 

            Joss opened an eye.  Something seemed wrong.  That musky smell…it seemed so intense.  It had never been that potent before.  It was almost as if Losvir was still here in the bedchamber, idly stroking that alluring cock of hers.  The former human found herself involuntarily lifting her draconian snout into the air to take in more of that irresistible scent.  Sure enough, it seemed to be radiating from inside room.  It was like Losvir was standing right beside the bed... 

            Joss’ eyes widened with realization when she looked down off the side of the bed.  Of course…that wonderful aroma…it was coming from the package.  As much as she wanted to simply throw away the cursed thing out of spite, Joss instead found herself involuntarily drawn to it.  Impulsively, she grabbed the source of her frustrations.  To her embarrassment, Joss couldn’t help but lift the paper parcel up to her face and inhale deeply.  A shuddering whine of arousal escaped from her throat.  Impatiently, Joss tore apart the paper wrapping with her sharp claws to reveal its contents.  What she found caused her to hiss in anger and humiliation.

              The cruel dragon had found yet another way to torment her captive.  Her latest ‘gift’ turned out to be nothing more than a lewd facsimile of Losvir’s penis…a sex toy.  It was obviously modeled after Losvir’s member, but was perhaps half the size of the real thing.  Every curve, vein, and barb was present along its length.  Even the large bulb at the base was accurately included.   And, to her disgust, Joss found that the thing practically flooded the room with Losvir’s musky aroma now that it was freed from its packaging.  As she gaped at the enticing replica, Joss saw a small droplet of fluid fall upon it.  It was saliva… Joss found herself involuntarily drooling in desire.  She couldn’t resist it any further; she had to…touch it.

            Tentatively, Joss reached into the package and wrapped a hand around the toy’s shaft.  To her surprise, it was soft and warm to the touch.  It almost felt alive in her hand.  Losvir must have put some sort of enchantment on the thing; it would certainly explain the potent aroma it was emitting.  Joss began breathing out of her mouth as she hefted the thick length up and brought it to her face.  The smell…it was too much for her.  Her body no longer responded to her thoughts.  With a weak whimper of despair and desire, Joss found her clawed hands bringing the lengthy toy up to her gaping mouth.  Like it had a mind of its own, Joss’ forked tongue slowly reached out to taste the warm toy. 

The overpowering aroma was nothing compared to the indescribable taste.  Joss eagerly flicked her tongue over the veiny surface.  She teasingly rubbed over each of the fleshy barbs.  Within seconds, she was enthusiastically shoving the warm length down her maw while massaging its length with her long, thin tongue.  Joss had never done something like this before; had never even considered the thought of being intimate with a man.  But, somehow, she found herself fervently sucking and slurping the life-like toy with practiced ease.  With her elongated mouth, she had no trouble taking the entirety of the thick shaft.  Desire washed over her, forcing her to continue fellating the shaft against her will.  Her body refused to cooperate; it was too eager to sate its burning desires.  Before long, simply sucking on the toy wasn’t enough.  Her body wanted more.  It wanted to feel this hot shaft inside.  It needed to feel that long, veiny, barbed length inside.    

When Joss tried to withdraw the shaft, her mouth and tongue simply refused to let it go.  She had to forcefully pull the long shaft from her greedy maw.  With a loud schluuurp and a moan of disappointment, the toy was free.  Joss gazed hypnotically at the long, wet thing and shuddered.  Mindlessly, her clawed hand guided the length down to her loins. 

For the first two days now, Joss had defiantly resisted her temptations to explore the folds of her new sex.  But now…with her head clouded with lust, she was unable to resist any longer.  Slowly, gently, she rubbed the pointed tip of the toy against her slick nether lips.  Joss cooed and narrowed her eyes in pleasure from the sensation.  But, her body needed more.    It needed to feel that long shaft inside.  Joss bit her lower lip and slid the tip in place outside her entrance and then…

There was no resistance.  Her passage was already soaking wet with arousal, and the toy was slathered with her saliva.  Joss let out a long, loud, hiss of pleasure as inch after inch of the thick shaft delved into her quivering folds.  The sensation…it was incredible.  Any and all rational thought was swept away by sheer, primal pleasure.  The sensation of fullness was completely foreign to the former male, but she soon found herself wanting more.  With each thrust, she could feel each and every vein and teasing barb slide against the lips of her sex.  No longer able to sit up, Joss collapsed backwards on the bed and began pounding the toy in and out of her sex feverishly.  With each plunge of the warm toy into her drooling sex, she cried out louder and louder in passion.  Before long, the massive bulb at the base of the toy was stretching out her lips obscenely. 

The world seemed to dissolve around the moaning dragoness.  Her entire body thrummed with pleasure.  The lusty dragoness brought her free hand up to one of her massive breasts and squeezed the fleshy orb.  Nothing else in the world existed anymore; everything was replaced by indescribable, erotic pleasure.  She began to writhe about on the bed, completely lost in the sensations.  Part of her mind began to wonder why she denied herself this pleasure.  Why had she been fighting against this?  This was heaven!

The dragoness’ fevered cries began to peak to a crescendo.  Joss’ mind shattered as she felt the first waves of pleasure from her first female orgasm.  With one, final thrust, the dragoness hilted the thick toy into her into her sopping pussy.  The thick base stretched her passage widely, causing her eyes to widen with shock at the sensation.  Her maw gaped open to let out a silent scream of passion.  Her body shuddered as she thrashed against the bed involuntarily.  Her pussy eagerly gripped and quivered along the long shaft still embedded deep within her body.  Minutes seemed to pass as Joss continued to enjoy the flood of powerful hormones and sensations from her orgasm.  Every cell in her body seemed to burn with intense contentment and pleasure.  Still panting and moaning lustily, Joss felt exhaustion overcome her and she drifted into a deep, pleasant sleep; the long shaft of the toy still firmly lodged in her body. 

From the dooryway, Losvir grinned lewdly at the sweaty, lust-soaked dragoness passed out on the bed.  She knew that the dragon hunter wouldn’t be able to resist much longer.  Soon, very soon, Joss would be on her hands and knees with her tail raised, presenting her drooling sex to Losvir.


For three more days, Joss tried in vain to resist her mate’s advances.  Every few hours, Losvir would again appear at Joss’ door to tease her by lasciviously stroking her long, thick cock or whispering seductive promises of the great pleasures she could provide the needy dragoness.  After many more frantic masturbatory sessions, Joss despairingly found that even the bizarrely realistic sex toy could no longer sate the burning desire in her belly.  It seemed her body would never be content until she finally gave in and submitted to the powerful ‘male’ and accepted a belly full of her mate’s virile seed. 

The powerful desire, the uncomfortable heat, the hormone-fueled yearning…it was far worse than any pain or torture Joss had ever endured.  With every visit from Losvir, it became harder and harder to deny her body what it wanted so badly.  She couldn’t eat.  She couldn’t sleep.  There was no way to distract her mind from the constant thoughts of Losvir’s alluring body.  Joss found herself longing to see the strangely beautiful body of her mate-to-be.  She was a fascinating mixture of draconic power and human sensuality; an enticing combination of masculine strength and feminine grace and beauty.  Her strikingly beautiful scales, her overpowering aroma…that huge, bestial penis between her legs…Joss’ body wanted it all.  It longed to have that powerful, dominant dragon ravish Joss’ small, feminine body. 

Losvir’s powerful scent flowed into her room and began to fill Joss’ nose; again heralding the arrival of her mate.  She whimpered pitifully.  Joss’ body began to instinctively react to the scent.  Her sex began to quiver and moisten.  Her heart began to race.  Her mouth watered with anticipation.  As she sat on the soft bed, she could even feel her tail begin to rise of its own accord; ready to present her sex to the dominant dragon. 

Within seconds, Losvir was standing in the doorway with a hand on her wide, feminine hip and a wide grin on her face.  Her long, thick cock was already partially erect.  Joss moaned when a large, fat droplet of precum fell from the tip.  

“Mmm…Did you know that I can smell your arousal even from outside my lair now, little egg-slut?  Naughty girl, have you been playing with yourself again?  Just look at your bed!  It’s practically soaked with your juices.”  Losvir grinned seductively and began stroking a hand languidly along the shaft of her cock.

“Your body wants this, my dear.  It needs to have my big, fat cock inside it.  There’s no point in fighting it any longer.  Why don’t you give your body what it wants?  You don’t need to suffer any longer.  One way or another, you will submit to me.  You will bear my eggs.”

Joss whimpered and swallowed.  It took every last ounce of willpower not to simply run up to Losvir and rub her body all along the enthralling penis that dangled from her crotch.  But, somehow, Joss remained silent and stared at the floor.  Somehow…she resisted once again.  But…how much longer could she stand this? 

Losvir chuckled in amusement,

“Alright, little dragoness.  Have it your way.”

To Joss’ relief, her tormentor turned around to walk away,

“…W-wait.  Don’t…”

Joss’ eyes widened in shock. 

Oh gods, did I just say that?  But… How did..?  Without any conscious thought, Joss had called out to her mate.  Losvir paused in the doorway and looked back over her shoulder,

“Mmm?  Yes, my little brood-maiden?  Was there something you wanted to say?”

No!  No, don’t say anything!  Just shut up!  Joss steeled her resolve, but, again, she found a quiet voice of submission pouring from her lips,

“…Don’t…don’t leave.”

Oh gods, what am I saying?  No!  I have to fight this!  I won’t give in!  I won’t let her…bend me over and…plunge that… big…hard…cock of hers into my…

A wicked smile spread across Losvir’s draconic face.  She knew that she finally won.  She had finally broken the former human’s spirit.  Soon, she would fill the little slut with her seed…Losvir paused in the doorway, waiting patiently for Joss to finally submit.  To beg.

“Tell me, little slut.  What is it you want from me?  Is it for this big, firm, throbbing cock to fill you with fertile eggs?” Losvir teasingly grabbed her manhood in her hand and ran a claw along its length. 

Joss’ mind went blank.  She couldn’t help but stare longingly at Losvir’s cock.  She finally broke,

“Y…yes…” she whimpered.

“Mmm…you want me to fuck you?  Want me to breed you?  Fill your tight, wet cunt with my long, meaty dick?  Is that what you want?” Losvir began to slowly approach the panting dragoness.


Losvir paused at the bedside.  Her hardened cock tantalizingly close to Joss’ face.  A heavy droplet of precum beaded on the tip.  Joss’s tongue licked across her lips with desire as she stared hypnotically at the organ. 

“Then beg for it.  Beg for my cock.”

Joss whined pitifully, “…N-no, please…don’t make me…”

Losvir laughed cruelly and waved her cock in Joss’ face,

Beg me to fuck you like the little slut you are.  Beg for this thick, hard cock to breed you and fill your belly with my whelps.  Beg me to make you my little brood maiden.”

Joss moaned in desperation.  She couldn’t resist any further.  Her body needed this.  She needed this. 


Losvir grinned and paused, waiting for the dragoness to continue,

“Please what?

Another moan of desire and desperation,

“Please…f…f-fuck me.  Please fuck me!  Oh gods please, don’t make me beg anymore!”

Joss quickly spun around on the bed and got onto all fours.  She lifted her scaled backside to her mate and lifted her tail; eagerly presenting her drooling sex to Losvir,

“Oh gods…please, please, fuck me!  I can’t take this any longer!”

Losvir tilted her head back and laughed wickedly,

“Such a good little egg-slut.  Well, since you asked me so nicely, I guess this is the least I can do to help ease your suffering.” 

Losvir grabbed hold of Joss’ backside in one of her strong hands and pulled the dragoness back towards her throbbing cock.  Joss grasped the silken sheets on the bed in her clawed hands and held them tightly as she braced herself.  With one hand on the dragoness’ full, curvy hip and the other lining up her cock, Losvir began to slowly slide the tip of her cock up and down Joss’ slick, wet folds teasingly.  In response, Joss whined and writhed in her mate’s grasp.  She began to press and grind her backside into Losvir’s cock, trying to get that huge shaft into her body.  She wouldn’t have to wait long.  Losvir placed pointed the tip of her cock at the entrance to Joss’ body, grabbed her hips tightly with both hands, and forcibly shoved the long member in.

Joss screamed out in pleasure from the penetration.  The sensation was simply mind-blowing.  Her fingers…the toy…they were nothing compared to the real thing.   She could feel each and every inch of Losvir’s thick member as it slid inside.  Each vein.  Each soft, teasing barb.  It all felt so amazing.  When Losvir slowly withdrew her cock, Joss felt a pang of disappointment and emptiness, only to scream out in joy again when that emptiness was filled with the next thrust.  And, all the while, Losvir grunted in satisfaction with each pump of her dick into her latest mate.  The pleasure of victory over the powerful dragon slayer paled in comparison to the pleasure of getting the former male to submit to her will. 

Joss continued to moan and wail in sexual passion as she was forcefully bred by her new mate.  All of the aches, all of the uncomfortable heat and desire…it was all washed away with the repeated thrusts of that wonderful cock in her new pussy.  Before she knew it, Losvir had managed to work all two feet of her massive prick deep into Joss’ accommodating body.  All along the shaft, the muscles in Joss’ cunt gripped and massaged the welcome intruder.  A distant, nearly forgotten part of her mind cried out in desperation to end this perverted act, but Joss’ new body brushed away any thoughts of resistance and replaced it with deep desire and anticipation.  Anticipation for what was to come. 

Sure enough, Losvir began to rapidly approach orgasm.  She had never mated in this humanoid form before; it was an exotic and thrilling new sensation, one she was eager to try out many times more.  She tried in vain to hold out, but Joss’ tight pussy kept sucking in her cock and massaging it firmly.  With a loud roar, Losvir grabbed the dragoness’ thick, wide hips and began battering her backside with powerful thrusts.  The dominant and animalistic rutting was more than enough to bring Joss to climax.  She buried her face in the silken sheets of the bed and let out a muffled cry of joy.  Her body began to writhe and twist in Losvir’s strong hands.  The sensation of her mate’s pussy quivering around her length finally shot the powerful herm over the edge as she, too, climaxed.  With a hissing roar, Losvir buried the bulbous end of her cock into Joss’ pussy, tightly locking the two together and ensuring each and every drop of her potent seed would remain inside the fertile dragoness.

Joss’ eyes widened in pleasure and surprise as she felt the first squirt of hot, thick cum erupt deep inside her body.  Her new mate collapsed on her back and held the two tightly together as she squirted ounce after ounce of sticky seed into her belly.  The muscles of her cunt continued to grasp and massage along the length of Losvir’s cock, pulling all of her virile cum deeper and deeper towards its ultimate destination.  Joss was overcome by a profound sense of joy and contentment from the insemination.  All of the yearning desire to be bred and full of fertilized eggs was finally fulfilled.  Soon, Joss’ body would begin the process of creating new life. 

Losvir smiled serenely as she rested upon the back of her new mate.  She happily imagined how Joss would look swollen with her first clutch of eggs.  Joss, meanwhile, felt the blissful afterglow of orgasm begin to fade.  A deep sense of despair at having submitted to the dragon was coupled with an equally deep sense of joy at having been successfully bred.  Maybe…just maybe…she could learn to accept this new life.  A pleasurable tingle ran up her spine as she felt her mate ineffectively try to pull out her swollen cock from the tight lips of her pussy.  Joss smiled… perhaps this wasn’t such a bad fate, after all.  As she lay in the soft bed, with her lover’s weight atop her, Joss began to picture how she would look full of eggs.  How many would she lay?  Would it hurt?  She sighed contentedly and fell into a pleasant sleep. 


Many months later…


Joss’ roar echoed through the caverns.  Her voice a bizarre mixture of high-pitched femininity and feral rumbling.  The dragoness lay back in a bed of soft silks with her legs splayed apart widely.  After months of waiting, the gravid dragoness was finally about to lay her first clutch of eggs.  Ever since she finally submitted, Losvir eagerly bred the new dragoness multiple times per day, even well after Joss’ eggs were assuredly fertilized.  Losvir was true to her words that Joss would know great pleasure once she finally submitted to the powerful dragon.  Before long, she forgot all about her old life and instead enjoyed every day in the loving embrace of her mate.  When her belly began to swell with eggs, Joss felt nothing but pride and anticipation. 

Her once small, petite form had slowly changed over the months, leaving her thickly curved and completely immobile.  Her massively bloated belly was nearly large enough to fit her former human self inside.  And her already-huge breasts had continued to swell and grow until they rested heavily upon her egg-filled belly.  And now, nearly a year since her defeat, it was time for Joss to lay her first clutch of eggs.

Joss again let out a loud groan of exertion.  Slowly, the smooth, shiny exterior of her first egg began to push out from her sex.  Losvir, for all of her arrogant postulating and boasting, sat comfortingly at her mate’s side with a clawed hand resting on her belly.  As Joss cried out again, Losvir held one of the former human’s hands in hers and clutched it tightly.  The dragon, once so eager to taunt and torment Joss, now showed nothing but love and tenderness for her mate. 

Slowly, the lips of Joss’ sex stretched and distended as her first egg was pushed out.  With care and love, Losvir took the slick egg from between her mate’s legs and handed it off to one of the attending dragonkin.  The dragonkin eagerly carried the egg of his goddess to the incubation chamber with pride.  Meanwhile, Joss began to cry out again as the second egg began to push against the strained lips of her sex.  It wasn’t until over an hour later that Joss finally pushed out the last of her eggs.  All seven eggs in her first clutch were healthy and full of promise.  A wide, content smile spread across her draconic face as she breathed a sigh of relief and exhaustion, her belly finally empty again.  She gazed lovingly into the eyes of her lover and clutched her clawed hand. 

“Rest for now, my dear.  You will need your rest; for tomorrow, we begin work on your second clutch.” Losvir winked lewdly at the small dragoness.  Joss grinned happily and looked forward to what was to come…


Please make a spinoff, Amazing Story,Love it
Im surprised she didnt try to kill herself if dragons were such a menace to the survival of mankind.