The Pact - Part 2

Published: Apr 26th, 2015
Last Edit: May 22nd, 2015


Rebecca and Zachary have been loyal followers of the succubus, Cassandra, for many moons. But, disappointed by the slow pace of their alchemical studies, they decide to take on a new project without their mistress' permission - two of the succubus' acolytes wish to be joined together forever as a mythical beast. Another short story set in the world of the ERPG Fleshcult ( (Two women into herm centaur)


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The Pact II

-By Sasquatchman

*DISCLAIMER* This story contains content that many will undoubtedly find disturbing, distressing, disgusting, or simply really, really weird.  Inside you will find graphic descriptions of transformation, magical body modification, merging/conjoining, and other such bizarre things.  The content is heavily inspired by the ERPG Fleshcult, wherein you play as a succubus/incubus luring mortals into your service and modifying their body with bizarre, sexual transformations.  (  Reader discretion is advised.


“When a demon of lust entices a mortal into its service, a pact is signed.  The mortal provides life-granting sustenance to the demon, and, in return, receives gifts of unearthly sensation…”



            “I still think this is a bad idea...”  Rebecca stated flatly as she stared at the floor of the cavern.  “I really don’t feel comfortable doing this behind Cassandra’s back.  What if she doesn’t approve of this?  …What if she gets mad at us?  You saw what she did to that pixie she caught the other day!  I really don’t want to find out what it’s like to get… unraveled in Narcissus’ realm!”

            “Oh come on, Rebecca,” Zachary crossed his arms and gave his fellow apprentice a disapproving glance, “She would never do that to us.  And she won’t get mad at us, I promise.  This is just the kind of ritual we can do on our own to show her just how far we’ve come in our studies.  If anything she’ll probably be really pleased at our initiative!”

            “And besides all that, it’s our bodies we’re talking about.  We can do whatever we want with them!  Cassandra can’t tell us what we can or cannot do with our bodies!”  Susan also had her arms crossed and glared unhappily at Rebecca. 

            “She’s right Rebecca, this is our choice to make.  Susan and I thought about this a very long time, and we’re more than willing to go through with it.  If Cassandra finds out and doesn’t approve, Susan and I will take the fall for you both, we promise.”  Tiffany placed her hand onto Rebecca’s bare shoulder reassuringly.  Rebecca let out a long sigh in resignation. 

            “Ok… Fine, fine...”

            Zachary grinned happily at Rebecca’s decision.  Sure, he thought, I could probably do this ritual myself, but I suppose extra help wouldn’t hurt.  Meanwhile, Tiffany and Susan hugged each other tightly while squealing in delight.  Soon, their wildest fantasy would become a reality. 

            Rebecca groaned out again, “I still don’t like it, though.”

            The four figures were whispering conspiratorially in one of the darkened recesses of Cassandra’s lair.  The natural limestone cave system held many such hidden branches and small passages, and the group decided it would be best if they kept their plans a secret from the rest of Cassandra’s harem.  If word got out to the succubus, she might preemptively put a stop to the ritual. 

            Rebecca and Zachary had been studying the forbidden art of fleshcrafting for over a year under Cassandra’s tutelage.  The powerful demon had taught them all they knew about channeling the mysterious powers of Narcissus Apotheotic to reshape the flesh of mortals.  However, the two apprentices were hungry for more knowledge.  The powers of fleshcrafting were numerous and potent, and the pace at which Cassandra taught them seemed far too slow.  Zachary, in particular, felt that someone as naturally talented and intelligent as he should be given free rein to learn and experiment with the dark magics.  If anything, his mistress was only holding back his natural aptitude for the art. 

Zachary was always very eager to try out his new skills, and even experimented with his own body when he wasn’t allowed to modify Cassandra’s concubines or beasts.  His body was a testament to his skill and creativity.  Muscle, horns, claws… even tentacles were present on his warped body.  He even refused to remove his failed experimentations.  He left the strange scars and disfigurements on his body as reminders of his previous failures.  In particular, Zachary thrilled in creating and shaping the bestial protectors of Cassandra’s lair.  Few of the beasts that roamed the halls and kept out unwanted visitors would ever be mistaken for the humans they once were.  Their bodies were twisted by Zachary into much more powerful and terrifying shapes.

            Rebecca, on the other hand, was more reserved and careful in her studies.  She held a deep respect for the powers granted to her.  Unlike Zachary, Rebecca took a very pragmatic approach to her craft.  Whereas Zachary’s body was a canvas for him to display his skills and experiments, Rebecca chose to only make small, cosmetic changes to her form.  The formerly gawky, skinny girl used her newfound powers to enhance her figure; some extra curves here, a bit less fat there.  The most extreme change she gave herself was a pair of small, dainty horns on her forehead – an homage to her tutor.  Where she lacked in changes to her own body, she more than made up for on the many modified members of Cassandra’s harem.  Rebecca took great delight in changing the form of Cassandra’s concubines into erotic, sensual beings whose bodies would forever be dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh. 

So, when two of Cassandra’s faithful concubines approached Zachary and Rebecca with their plan, it didn’t take much to sway them.  Susan and Tiffany had spent many blissful months together serving their demonic mistress.  In this time, the two began to develop a deep and passionate love for each other.  Their love seemed deeper than mere words; deeper than even flesh would allow.  When Cassandra introduced her newest concubine, Jennifer, into her harem, the two lovers discovered a way that they could finally share their intense and passionate love in a way that no mortal could. 

            Jennifer, once an ordinary human, was now something much more.  After an intense fleshcrafting ritual performed by Rebecca and Zachary, Jennifer was forever changed into a powerful creature destined to forever serve Cassandra.  From the waist down, Cassandra’s body had been changed into a long, sinuous snake’s tail.  She had been remade as a naga; a half-snake creature of myth and legend.  However, Jennifer’s body didn’t tell the whole story of the transformation.  After speaking with Rebecca, Tiffany and Susan learned the truth about Jennifer’s snake tail.  It was actually the remains of her former boyfriend; he had been sculpted and transformed into the long, scaled tail that attached to her waist.  Jennifer and her boyfriend had been combined together and merged into one body.  Supposedly, the mind of her former boyfriend still existed, but only Jennifer could speak with him.  From time to time, Jennifer would be seemingly lost in thought and quietly murmur to herself.  Tiffany and Susan could only imagine the sensations of being so close; so intimate. 

After learning the details of Jennifer’s transformation, Tiffany and Susan instantly knew that they wanted the same thing.  The intimacy of being combined into one form was immensely appealing to the two of them, and they immediately began to plea with Cassandra to perform the ritual on them.  Unfortunately, Cassandra was far too busy dealing with some ‘baron’ these days, and she couldn’t perform the ritual.  As their patience wore thin, the two conspired to simply have her apprentices perform the ritual anyways, without Cassandra’s assistance.

The apprentices had already modified Tiffany and Susan’s bodies to better serve Mistress Cassandra; they had no fear of further transformation.  Susan’s body was modified by Rebecca to become something of a paragon of femininity.  She was already a very well-endowed woman before she joined Cassandra’s harem, but after several sessions with Rebecca, her enormous breasts had swelled several times over and constantly leaked thick, creamy milk from their engorged nipples.  Her curves were exaggerated to extreme measures.  Even her vagina was modified: the lips of her sex were swollen to massive proportions, and her body was modified to be able to accommodate any sized member; even the tremendous length of Cassandra’s horse-like cock. 

Tiffany had been mostly modified by Zachary.  With some disappointment, he gave her some more ‘normal’ changes – bigger breasts, a shapely ass, some nicer curves.  But, after some pleading and enticement, Tiffany agreed to let Zachary give her something far more exotic.  Now, hanging heavily between her legs, Tiffany had an enormous, bestial phallus and a pair of hefty balls.  Her new genitalia was clearly animalistic in nature; far more equine than human.  Tucked away behind her new manhood, Tiffany’s vagina was still present; but she came to love the sensations of her new penis far more.  Needless to say, neither Tiffany nor Susan were hesitant to be changed any further. 

They went to Zachary first - Cassandra’s more experienced apprentice.  He was more than willing to perform the ritual, but he would require the assistance of Rebecca.  Rebecca had some doubts and anxiety about the whole situation, but eventually she relented.  And, now that she had agreed to help them, they could finally set their plan into motion.  After many hours of whispered meetings, silent research, and quiet preparation, the four of them were now finally ready to get started.

“Unfortunately, we’ll need a lot of uninterrupted time to make this work,” Zachary brought his hand up to his chin and pondered when and how to conduct the ritual.

“Well, when Cassandra goes out to at night, wouldn’t that be enough time?” Susan questioned.

“Maybe… but then we’d be risking her coming back in the middle of the ritual and putting a stop to it,” Rebecca reminded.  Tiffany groaned in disappointment,

“So when can we do it?  I don’t want to wait any longer!”  Susan hugged her complaining lover and nodded her head in agreement.

“Well… she did mention something to me yesterday, but I don’t know if she’s going to go through with it or not,” Rebecca quietly offered.

“Hm?  What did she say?  C’mon ‘Becca, don’t hold out on us now!”  Susan clapped her hands together, hopeful that Rebecca knew of some secret that would allow them to make her dream a reality. 

“Well… I mean, she didn’t exactly say it to me.  She was talking with the beasts over by the sucker pod trap and I… maybe… overheard a bit of what she was saying.  It’s not like I was trying to eavesdrop or anything, but-“ 

“Out with it, Rebecca, what did you hear?”  Zachary was just as impatient to get the ritual underway as Susan and Tiffany.  He was getting a bit fed up with Rebecca’s apprehension. 

“Well… she said that she had to go meet with someone tomorrow after midnight.  Something to do with locating some kind of relic to help her fight this ‘baron’.  She said she wouldn’t be back until really late in the morning, probably after sunrise.  But… she sounded kind of unsure about the meeting; she said it might be a trap, that they might expect trouble here at the lair.  So…I don’t know if-“

Again, Zachary cut her off, “Perfect, then it’s settled.  We’ll get started on the ritual immediately after Cassandra leaves tomorrow night.  We should have more than enough time to finish.  And just imagine how happy she’ll be to see how the two of you were merged!  She’ll be all over you, day and night!  You’ll be lucky to get any sleep.”  He winked suggestively at Tiffany and Susan, who giggled happily and exchanged excited smiles. 

Rebecca sighed silently.  She still didn’t like the idea, but… really, what’s the worst that could happen?

The next day, Tiffany and Susan found it difficult to contain their excitement.  Rebecca, on the other hand, tried her best to avoid Cassandra entirely.  She wasn’t thrilled to go behind her mistress’ back.  And, even worse, she was afraid of accidentally letting slip some hint as to what they had planned.  So, she took to a dark corner of the laboratory and read up on the ritual in secret.  Zachary, on the other hand, was as confident as ever.  He remained his usual calm and controlled self as while researching and preparing for the ritual.  With the brazenness of an experienced con artist, he snuck away the silken ropes, oils, candles, and other reagents necessary for the ritual.  Much to everyone’s relief, Cassandra seemed too preoccupied to notice anything out of the ordinary.  Or, if she did, she simply didn’t mention it. 

And so, once Cassandra flew off into the night to begin her hunt, both for sustenance and for some magical relic, the four conspirators gathered in the laboratory and began preparations for the ritual.  Tiffany and Susan sat upon the massive stone altar in the center of the room, eagerly chatting with each other.  Meanwhile, Rebecca was brushing up one last time on the necessary incantations for the ritual while Zachary prepared the reagents.

As he finished lighting the necessary candles, Zachary turned to the two concubines,

“So, the two of you are still set on the centaur form, correct?  Remember, there will be no going back after we begin.”

“Of course we’re sure!  We’ve had, like, months to decide this.  And besides, I think Tiff’s big ‘ol horse cock practically makes the decision for us,” Susan grinned lewdly and stroked her hand along the partially-erect phallus of her lover.  Tiffany moaned out at the attention from her partner and nodded to Zachary. 

“Yes, definitely planning on keeping this thing,” she said with a mischievous giggle.

“Well… fine.  It’s your choice.  But I’m telling you, there are a lot more exotic forms we could try.  I still think a shaft beast or tentacle monster would have been much more fun for you two…”  Zachary tried and failed to hide his disappointment.  A centaur?  He thought.  How boring!  Maybe after this ritual, he could convince some of the other concubines to try out a more exotic form.  Something with penis-tipped tentacles or lined with breasts or… Zachary shook his head, focusing his mind on the task ahead rather than the opportunities of the future. 

“Rebecca, are you still reading up on the incantations?  We had days to get ready for this!”  Zachary was finding it harder to hide his irritation at Rebecca’s apprehensive approach to the ritual at hand. 

“For the last time, yes, I am ready!  I’m just making sure I have all the words right!  I know you don’t care if we screw up, but I for one take pride in getting my works correct.”  

Zachary grunted.  He was a little bit insulted in the insinuation that he didn’t take pride in his works.  At least he owned up to his mistakes and didn’t immediately try to hide them like some apprentices!  Not wanting to anger Rebecca any further and risk putting off the ritual again, he kept his mouth shut. 

“So, um…  I don’t mean to be impatient or anything, but are we about ready to begin?  I’m just really excited to get this started!”  Susan tried to defuse the hostility between the two apprentices by re-focusing them on their work. 

“Yes, Rebecca, are we about ready to begin?”  Zachary couldn’t help but throw one last jab at her.

“Agh!”  With a growl of frustration, Rebecca slammed shut the tome and stomped over to the altar, “Yes, yes.  Let’s get this over with.” 

Tiffany squealed in joy and gave Susan a loving hug. 

“Ok then,” said Zachary, “Let’s get this show on the road!”


It took over an hour to properly set up and begin the ritual.  Even with the enthusiasm of Tiffany and Susan making it easier to get them into position for the binding, the rest of the preparations were tedious and lengthy.  Placing incantations on the silken bindings, lighting the proper candles, offering the right sacrifices to Narcissus Apotheotic… the whole process was much more involved and delicate than anything either Zachary or Rebecca had done before.  Also, they were much more accustomed to using Cassandra’s flesh loom - a magical portal to the realm of Narcissus Apotheotic which could quickly and easily unravel the forms of those dipped inside and reshape them.  Working from scratch like this was a lot more time consuming.

Finally, however, the two volunteers were properly bound together, and the first stage of the ritual was ready to begin.

Tiffany and Susan were both laid out on their sides on the massive stone altar.  They were bound together in a crude representation of their desired form.  Susan, who would be the ‘upper’ body of the final product, kept her body straight while lying on her side.  Meanwhile, Tiffany was bent at the waist, with her head pressed firmly into Susan’s lower back.  Tiffany’s arms were tightly bound to Susan’s legs with the magically enchanted ropes.  Similar ropes also held her head and neck in place behind Susan, so that the two would properly merge together once the process began.  When all was finished, Tiffany’s entire body would become the lower half of Susan’s new centaur form.  Tiffany’s legs would become Susan’s new hind legs and her arms would merge with Susan’s legs to become the forelegs.  The only part of Tiffany’s body that would remain unchanged would be her thick horse-cock.  As the apprentices finished their preparations, the two girls giggled on the altar with eager delight while they waited.

“Shush.  Remember, the two of you need to remain completely still for this to work.  If either of you flinch, there could be some massive complications,” Zachary chastised the duo.  The two nodded in understanding and regained their composure.  Tiffany stifled one last giggle and settled in to begin.

“Ok, Rebecca, get the oil ready,” Zachary commanded as he began pulling on the long, black, rubber gloves necessary to apply the oil.  Even one errant drop of the oil on his own skin would risk his body fusing with his subjects.  Rebecca, also clad in protective gloves and a heavy apron, approached the altar while carrying the ornate ewer full of enchanted oil.

“I’m right here,” Rebecca grumbled to Zachary.  She wasn’t delighted by taking orders from him.  Even though she had a great deal of respect for his skills in the art, she really hated his attitude, the smug bastard. 

“Good, good,” Zachary replied, with only a hint of satisfaction in his voice from ordering around his colleague.  “One last chance; you two sure I can’t interest you in any tentacles or horns or anything..?” 

“No!” the two bound women yelled in unison. 

“Fine, fine, your loss.  Ok, Rebecca, let’s get started.”

With everything set, Rebecca moved next to the altar and began applying the oil.  Slowly, delicately, she used a ladle to drizzle the oil upon the bare skin of the two women.  Starting at Susan’s waistline, Rebecca carefully spread the oil down her legs.  Susan involuntarily moaned out at the sensation.  The potent aphrodisiacs in the oil provided an intense tingling sensation so that more reluctant subjects would be pacified.  A quick word of chastisement from Zachary reminded Susan to remain as still as possible, regardless of the pleasurable sensations she was experiencing.

After Rebecca finished applying the oil along Susan’s lower body, she proceeded to slowly apply the oil along Tiffany’s arms and neck.  Meanwhile, Zachary began the process of spreading the oil.  Safely protected with the thick rubber gloves, he slowly massaged the oil into Susan’s legs and waist with practiced ease.  To ensure a successful joining, the skin around the affected areas needed to be completely coated with the oil.  Any mistakes could ruin the entire process.  Zachary ignored the deep, lusty breaths of pleasure from Susan and massaged in the oil with detached professionalism.  Carefully and diligently he rubbed the oil over Susan’s waist, thighs, and every space in-between.  Susan again let out a quiet moan of pleasure as he slid an oil coated finger between her thighs and carefully coated the lips of her sex. 

As Zachary coated Susan’s body with the oil, Rebecca finished applying the oil onto Tiffany’s skin.  She returned the ladle into the vase and set it aside, careful to not waste a single drop of the precious oil.  With the vase safely aside, she quickly set her gloved hands upon Tiffany’s arms and began to massage in the oil; the magical oil would quickly be absorbed into the skin of the subject, so she needed to move fast to ensure it was evenly spread.  Tiffany moaned quietly, the pleasure of the oil on her skin was almost mind numbingly good.  Yet, with a great deal of willpower and determination, she managed to somehow remain completely still.

Rebecca and Zachary worked diligently to finish coating the necessary body parts of the subjects, paying particular attention to the small gaps and crevices between the two women.  Having finished coating Susan, Zachary wasted no time and began chanting the necessary incantations.  He quietly recited the strange, alien words of the long-dead language of Narcissus Apothotic.   As he spoke the words, the slick regions of oil-soaked flesh began to take on a watery appearance.  Activated by the magics, the skin of the two women began to melt together like a viscous liquid; mixing and flowing together until the seams completely vanished. 

As the gaps of flesh between the women melded together, the enchanted bindings began to tug and pull.  Slowly, Tiffany’s form began to literally sink the body of her lover.  She couldn’t help but make a happy cooing noise as she felt her body mixing and flowing into Susan’s.  The sensation was strange, unlike anything she had experienced before.  Even the sensations of being sculpted and reshaped by the flesh loom paled in comparison to the feeling of flowing into the body of her lover. 

Tiffany’s arms began merging with Susan’s body first.  The silken bindings tightened and pulled the two together, causing her arms to be slowly drawn in and absorbed by Susan’s legs.  At first, it almost felt like dipping her arms into the waters of a hot, comforting bath.  But then, after her arms were fully enclosed in her lover’s flesh, she could feel the magic of the oil began to break down and dissolve her arms.  Tiffany closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.  Thankfully, the process was painless.  If anything, the sensation was almost pleasurable.

 Susan, meanwhile, was wide-eyed in surprise at the sensations she was experiencing.  It almost felt like her skin had a mind of its own – like it was forcibly sucking and pulling in Susan’s body.  Before long, both of Tiffany’s arms had been fully drawn into Susan’s legs.  The magical bindings relentlessly pulled the two together, causing more and more of Tiffany’s body to flow into Susan’s.  Susan began to feel an intense pressure on her lower back that grew in intensity until the skin suddenly relented and parted. Tiffany’s head began to rapidly sink into Susan’s lower torso.  Moments before her face was pulled in, Tiffany quietly whispered out to her lover,

“I love you.”

Susan smiled happily and returned the sentiment, eager to say it before her flesh covered over Tiff’s ears,

“I love you, too.”

For Tiffany, the sensation of her face being pulled in was at first pleasurable, but then intense panic swept over her as her mouth and nose were pulled inside.  She tried to pull in a breath of air, but found she was no longer able to do so.  Fear almost caused her to pull away from her lover, potentially ruining the ritual.  But, to her relief, she found that she no longer needed to breathe.  As her head finished sinking into Susan’s body, she found that her lungs weren’t burning for oxygen.  From that moment on, Susan’s body would do the breathing for the two of them. 

Now that her head was in place inside Susan’s body, Tiffany again began to feel that strange sensation of her body melting and mixing with Susan’s.  The sensation was indescribable.  As her skull was broken down and absorbed into Susan’s body, Tiffany felt her spine begin to stretch and pull.  With an intense series of crunching sensations, Tiffany’s spine grew upwards.  At the same time, Susan’s spine began to grow downwards, eliciting the same feelings for her.  Within seconds, the spines of the two women fused together as one, effectively sealing their fate and binding the two into one shared body.

Tiffany couldn’t be happier.  Her dream was finally coming true!  Even if she still had a mouth, mere smiles could never fully display the sheer joy she was experiencing.  Susan, however, began to distinctly sense her lover’s intense emotion,

“Oh!  Oh wow.  I-I… I can sense her!  Tiffany, she’s so happy!  We’re so happy!  Oh this is wonderful!” 

Zachary ignored Susan’s outburst and simply continued watching the flesh of the two women mix and flow together.  The process was just about finished, and he was eager to begin reshaping their bodies into a more bestial form. 

Rebecca, on the other hand, was beginning to feel a bit…unpleasant.  At first, she wasn’t sure why she suddenly had pangs of sadness creep up on her.  But, as she listened to Susan’s cries of glee, she realized then that she was feeling a bit jealous of the two.  Rebecca could only imagine how wonderful it must be to be so intimately joined with someone you love that deeply.  Rebecca sighed and tried to focus her mind on the work ahead.  Soon, the merging was complete, and the second stage of the ritual could begin.

“Good, everything looks like it went well,” Zachary said with a hint of pride, “What do you feel Susan?  Can you move Tiffany’s legs?”

Susan looked back at her new additions and concentrated.  As Tiffany’s former legs began to move, Susan gasped in glee.  Experimentally, she kicked both legs back and forth,

“Wow, yes!  I can feel it all!  And Tiffany!  I can feel her presence inside me!  Oh wow, I can’t believe we finally did it!”  Susan giggled excitedly and hugged her arms to herself.

Meanwhile, Zachary looked over Susan’s new body carefully, looking for any imperfections in the merge. 

“Yes, yes.  It’ll take some time for your minds to fully meld together.  Until then, you’ll only sense occasional bits of her emotions and thoughts.  Can you feel this?” Zachary experimentally poked and prodded various bits of Susan’s new back legs.  Susan affirmed that she felt every bit of her new body.  She began to whisper quietly, trying to communicate with her lover,

“Oh wow, she can hear me.  Oh dear, I love you so much!  This is going to be great!”

Zachary turned and looked at Rebecca, who was still lost in thought,

“Hey.  Hey!  Pay attention!  We need to start reshaping her lower torso before the incantations expire.”

“What?  Oh…right.  Right, of course,” Rebecca shook her head to clear her thoughts and began removing her gloves.  Now that the oil had been absorbed into their skin, it was again safe to touch Susan and Tiffany’s combined form. 

Meanwhile, Zachary had already stripped off his gloves and was preparing to begin shaping his latest project.

“Ladies, please.  I need you to remain as still as possible.  We don’t want to grow an extra leg or anything down here, right?”

“What?  Oh!  Sorry, we were… I was… Uh, right.”  Susan seemed confused and distracted, but complied with Zachary’s orders and lay back upon the altar again. 

With a quiet sigh, Zachary placed his hands upon Susan’s lower back and concentrated.  Slowly, a slight blue aura began to emanate from around his hands.  As he continued to concentrate, the aura grew in intensity until it completely encapsulated his hands.  Susan and Tiffany felt a bizarre tickling sensation underneath Zachary’s hands, almost like having a spider crawl along one’s skin.  Zachary began to slowly move his hands along the duo’s shared lower torso, revealing a fine patch of auburn horse hair wherever his hands passed.  Meanwhile, having removed her gloves, Rebecca began to concentrate and prepare to assist in the reshaping. 

“Rebecca,” Zachary said quietly, trying not to break his concentration. “Have you done hooves before?  I can shape them if you don’t feel up to it…”

“I am more than capable of doing them,” Rebecca replied harshly.  She tried to ignore his jab as she placed her now-glowing hands upon Susan’s legs.  Zachary smiled slightly.  He enjoyed teasing Rebecca like this, but, truthfully, he respected her skills and knew she was perfectly able to alter Susan’s legs into those of a horse.

The two apprentices worked in relative silence for over an hour.  Rebecca sculpted Susan and Tiffany’s legs into an equine shape.  Bones were elongated and thickened to support additional weight, toes were stretched out into a new lower joint, and thick, heavy hooves were painstakingly shaped.  Meanwhile, Zachary continued coating the new centaur’s lower body with a fine pelt of horse hair while adding additional muscle and body mass to the subject’s flanks.  Susan and Tiffany simply lay back and enjoyed the sensations.  Already their minds were beginning to meld together, allowing them to mentally share emotions and sensations with each other.  They were lost in the bliss of being of one mind; until they felt a sharp tugging sensation just above Tiffany’s former backside.  Zachary was focusing his attentions there, causing Tiffany’s spine to elongate and push out of her lower back, forming the beginning of a tail.  Minutes later, the new centaur had a long, lovely horse tail.  Susan giggled in glee at the sensation of the hair brushing against her backside as she swished it around experimentally. 

It took nearly two hours for the two apprentices to sculpt their latest subject.  As they let the blue aura fade form their hands, they stood back and admired the finished product.  They poured over Susan and Tiffany’s new body carefully, checking for any imperfection on their latest work.

“Hmm…” Zachary pondered as he lifted up the tail over what used to be Tiffany’s ass.  “How… erm, anatomically correct did you want your genitals to be?” he questioned.

“Oh!  Gosh, I guess I didn’t even think of that.  It’s not like I can really see it.  I guess it should be like a horses’, though, since I’m a centaur and all.   But, I want to keep my pussy back there, though, ok?  And my cock.  Best of both worlds, right?” Susan giggled coyly.

“Is Tiffany ok with that, then?” Zachary wanted to confirm with both of the subjects before making the final alterations.

“What?  Yes, I’m ok with it, I just said so!” Susan sounded a bit confused by Zachary’s question.  A look of concern spread across Zachary’s face.  Did Susan just respond to the name Tiffany?  Were their minds already melding?  That seemed oddly quick to him.  Was something wrong?  As he prepared to reshape Susan and Tiffany’s genitalia, he beckoned Rebecca over to him.

“Did you hear that?” He whispered, “She just answered as Tiffany.  How the hell are their minds melding together already?  I thought it was supposed to take days for that to happen?  Do you think we messed something up?” Zachary quietly whispered to his partner.  He seemed very concerned, an emotion he rarely showed.

“Well… maybe it has something to do with how much they wanted to be joined?  Or how similar their mindsets are?  I’m still kind of unsure about how all of that works.”

Zachary paused and considered what Rebecca said.  Her logic seemed to make sense.  Besides, the merging ritual was already complete… there would be no going back now.  An improper melding of minds could drive the resulting subject completely insane, but that was a risk they were all willing to take.  No sweat off of his back, he figured.  He concentrated again and summoned the blue aura around his hands.

With practiced ease, Zachary modified their shared genitalia.  His attentions elicited the occasional moan of pleasure from Susan.  Soon, the lips of her pussy had taken on the elongated, darkened, and muscular shape more akin to a mare than a human.  He then moved on to her already erect cock, which he stretched and thickened before setting it into an animalistic sheath under her belly.  Rebecca stood back and watched Zachary work.  She always found animalistic genitals to be unappealing, so she was more than content to allow him to reshape them.  Before long, the sculpting was finished, and Zachary sat back and admired his latest work with a pleased smile.  He had crafted hermaphrodites before, but this latest work was definitely one of his best, he decided. 

“There we are, all finished!” he said with a clap of his hands. “There’s a mirror over there, why don’t you come take a look?  Take it easy now, it’ll probably take a while to get used to walking on four legs.”

Susan-Tiffany smiled happily as she slid off the altar.  Carefully, she placed one hoof on the ground at a time before shakily standing up.  She stumbled several times before getting her balance right, and it took a few minutes for her to walk across the laboratory to the large mirror.  But, once she arrived, a look of pure joy and bliss swept across her face. 

“It’s perfect.  We- I’m perfect!  This is amazing!”  Susan-Tiffany slowly and awkwardly spun around to fully examine all parts of her new body.  She giggled happily as she flicked her tail and admired her hind quarters in the mirror.

 “I… we?” Her face scrunched up in frustration, “No, I, can’t thank you enough.  Both of you!  This is more than I... um…we… ugh.  Pronouns are going to be tricky for a while.  Wow, this is so strange.  I can sense both Tiffany’s memories and Susan’s memories, but I’m… Ah, nevermind that.  Really, though, thank you so much!”

“My pleasure,” Zachary said with a slight bow. “If you ever want any more additions to your new body, all you have to do is ask.” 

Rebecca rolled her eyes at Zachary, but she couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride at their latest work.  Susan and/or Tiffany seemed so happy in her/their new form!  “Yes, you are very welcome!  I hope the two of- erm, I hope you enjoy it!”

Susan giggled, “I think I need a new name.  Susan had been thinking of combining her name with Tiffany’s somehow.  Like… Susany?  Tiffan?  Eh.. no, those aren’t very good.  How about…Siffy?  Eh… I don’t know, I think I’ll need to think on this for a while.” 

The new centaur went back to admiring her new form in the mirror, pausing occasionally to rub her hands over the coarse hair covering her backside. 

“Well… now to just wait and see how Cassandra reacts…” Rebecca shuddered a bit at the thought.  She could still hear that pixie’s high-pitched screams from when Cassandra offered it as a sacrifice to Narcissus Apotheotic. 

“Oh, quit worrying.  We did a fantastic job.  There’s no way she’s going to be mad at us for this.  If anything, she should be thanking us for helping her out when she’s been so busy.  C’mon, let’s get something to eat.  I’m exhausted,” Zachary turned and headed out of the laboratory.

“Oh, I wonder if Vic will help me ‘try out’ my new body!” ‘Symphony’ giggled excitedly as she stumbled out towards the harem, eager to start experiencing the pleasures of her body. 

Rebecca sighed and mumbled to herself as she followed the other two out, “Yeah, he’s probably right.  She might not be mad at all.  And really, what’s the worst that could happen?”


From the shadows, Cassandra watched the trio leave with a smile.  Her apprentices would have to be punished, of course.  But… as angry as she was that they conducted such a dangerous ritual without her consent and oversight… she couldn’t help but be pleased with their results.  Their talents continued to impress her.  Still, it was very foolish of them to think that she wouldn’t learn of their plan.  Cassandra knew everything that happened in her lair.  Secrets would not be tolerated here.  This was her domain, damn it.  Her eyes flashed with anger at the thought.

Perhaps she would take away Zachary’s manhood and let the beasts ravish his new body for a few days?  As she imagined this, a wicked smile spread across her face.  And Rebecca… she was always so repulsed by bestial and extreme body modifications… maybe Cassandra would alter her body into a more animalistic shape so that she could learn to love it?

For now, she would let the apprentices relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  She had other, more pressing concerns to focus on anyway. 





Thank you for the comment! :)

I have hit a major slump in my writing the last year, but I do have several more 'chapters' for this series planned that show more of the world at large. There isn't a whole lot of lore or backstory in Fleshcult, but there is just enough to paint a pretty interesting world of advanced technology, dark magic, demons, and even hints of Lovecraft-esque 'elder gods'.
Most of the game play in Fleshcult either comes in the form of heading out and sexing up potential recruits until they bend to your will, or managing your harem of pact-bound minions. One of the major reasons I wanted to write up this story series was due to the lack of interaction you get to have with your minions after you recruit them; they become just a name and stats for you to micro-manage. I found myself imagining back-stories for these folks; how they ended up summoning/encountering a succubus, the lives they gave up in exchange for becoming thralls to a sex demon, how they interact with each other, etc..

I always envisioned my succubus as a more or less benevolent guardian to her thralls; sure, she wouldn't hesitate to use dark magic and sexual charms to lure them into her service, but she would do anything in her power to ensure they are happy, content, and safe.
The possibility of a demonic overlord intent to see how mortals and their imps interact in an infernal bureaucracy makes perfect sense. Even allowing a pair of ditzes corrupt her subordinates because she's too busy or otherwise wants a pretext to torture them is great, but the whole boutique-transformations seems a bit strange in the context of a totalitarian demon.

There hasn't been very much "Hell is just another political office drama" since Buffy/Angel finished up its broadcast run. Invoking demonic presence and mentioning outside goals only peripherally makes it seem like the story's going to be leaving home periodically though; any chance we see more of what happens in the broader world? Like it so far, keep it up!