Welcome to the Stables

Published: Apr 26th, 2015
Last Edit: Apr 27th, 2015


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Welcome to the Stables

By Sasquatchman


*Disclaimer* This erotic tale contains themes and content that some people may find disturbing, distressing, odd, or just plain weird.  Lurking below, you will find content ranging from non-consensual sex, consensual sex, people changing into strange creatures, people having both consensual and nonconsensual sex with said creatures, mind altering/corruption, and even some foul language.  Reader discretion is advised.


            All throughout the park, countless birds chirped peacefully amongst the overgrown benches and pavilions.  Nature had once again reclaimed this land from the humans who had so recently controlled it.  Aided by strange and unseen forces released during the latest apocalypse, the only traces of humanity’s dominion were rapidly crumbling.  However, as serene as the lush garden was, the picturesque scene was abruptly interrupted by a trio of young humans frantically sprinting through the tall, wild grass,

            “Jesus Christ, what the hell is that thing!?” Justin looked over his shoulder mid-stride, scanning the sky for the monster that was chasing them.  Sweat poured down his face and soaked into his t-shirt, but years of early-morning jogs had kept him in excellent shape.

            “Huff…I…don’t…know!” Chris lagged behind his friends.  Never one for physical activity, Chris was much more at home in front of a computer screen than sprinting for his life.  Already, every muscle in his body ached and burned painfully.  Fear and adrenaline kept his feet moving; but with each step, his pace slowed. 

            “Don’t…talk…just…huff…keep running!” Mary cast a worried glance behind her.  The monster that had been chasing them was nowhere in sight, but it couldn’t be far behind.  Sure enough, as the trio crossed a deserted, vine-coated playground, a loud, angry roar echoed through the trees behind them. 

            None of them got a good look at the creature, but whatever it was, it was huge, it could fly, and, even worse, it was mad.  Or hungry.  Or hungry and mad.  Whatever the reason, the large beast was bound and determined to chase down the humans as they desperately tried to escape.

            Chris’ ragged breaths began to get louder and louder as he struggled to keep up the pace,

            “I…huff, huff…I can’t…”

            “You can do it, Chris, just focus on breathing!” Justin looked back at his friend with a worried face and tried to offer encouragement.  No amount of words would keep Chris moving, however.  They needed to find some place to hide, and quick.

            The trio sprinted past the weed-covered remnants of a swing set.  All that lay ahead of them was open ground: a small parking lot, the street, and rows of soccer fields.  Aside from a handful of cars in the lot, there was nowhere in sight to hide from the flying creature.  As Justin scanned the area, the monster that chased them let out another deafening roar once it cleared the trees of the park.  It had spotted them,

            “….oh god… I don’t…want to…die!” Chris managed to choke out the words between gasps for breath.  His pace was rapidly decelerating now, his legs felt like burning jelly.  He could barely even jog anymore.

            “Look!  Over there!” Mary pointed towards the far end of the small car lot.  Sure enough, a deep ditch lay on the opposite side of the lot, and it led straight to a large, open storm drain.  Mary coughed and panted a few times before continuing, “We can hide in there!”

            The trio altered their course and headed towards the concrete tunnel.  Meanwhile, the huge, winged beast continued roaring at them as it rapidly closed the distance to its prey.  With each flap of its leathery wings, a loud, resounding thwump echoed throughout the park.  Small clouds of debris flew about underneath the beast, stirred up by its heavy wing beats.   

            Justin was the first to reach the storm drain.  Thankfully, the concrete tunnel was large enough for a person to easily crawl inside, but not large enough for the beast to squeeze in.  Once inside, he turned around and watched in horror as the large, reptilian creature swooped down towards them.  It was only a few hundred feet behind now, and closing fast.  Mary panted and coughed as she finally stumbled into the tunnel, but Chris was still far behind. 

            “Oh god, he’s not going to make it…”

            Mary turned around and saw that Justin was right.  The huge beast was swiftly gliding down on its massive wings while Chris struggled to reach the tunnel.  There was no way he would make it in time. 

            “Chris!  Run!” Justin tried in vain to encourage his friend to pick up his pace, but Chris simply had no energy left.  As he panted and coughed, Chris’ head began to loll on his neck.  He started to stumble and weave.  His eyelids began to flutter and his eyes rolled up in his head.  His body couldn’t take any more.  After one last, stumbling step, Chris’ legs gave out underneath him and he fell flat on his face, still a good hundred feet from the storm drain entrance. 

            “Oh no…” Justin whispered the words in despair as he saw his life-long friend fall.  A look of anguish fell across his face as he saw the large, dragon-like creature descending upon Chris’ prone form.  There was nothing they could do for him.

            Mary, however, had not given up.  With a forceful shove, she pushed Justin out of her way and grabbed a hefty rock outside the drain entrance.  Empowered with anger and adrenaline, she charged back out – directly at the beast.  Mere seconds before it would have swooped down upon Chris and snatched him with its huge, wicked claws, Mary heaved her impromptu weapon with all of her might.  Miraculously, it landed square on the beast’s snout, eliciting a roar of confusion and pain.  Much to everyone’s surprise, the large creature swooped back up into the air and turned around. 

            “…whoa,” Mary stared wide-eyed at the retreating monster and panted heavily, “I guess…those years…of softball…really paid off…huh?”

            Justin, meanwhile, ran out and grabbed Chris by the arm and lifted him back up.  Chris gasped and wheezed for breath, but his legs still refused to cooperate.  Justin and Mary each grabbed one of his arms and helped their fallen friend to his feet.

            “…that…was…awesome…” Chris managed to weakly cough out the words as he stumbled and tried to stay upright. 

            “I know, right..?” Mary paused to cough and catch her breath, “Guess I don’t know my own stren-“

            However, before she could finish the word, the monster’s loud roar again echoed through the park.  Quickly peering over their shoulders, Mary and Justin confirmed that the flying beast had not given up.  After flying off a few hundred feet, the creature swiftly turned about mid-air and returned for another pass towards its prey. 

            “Shit.” Justin hissed the word out in panic as he re-doubled his efforts to carry his incapacitated friend to the tunnel. 

            Foot by foot, the trio limped towards the storm drain as the huge creature bore down upon them.  Somehow, its’ roar sounded even angrier and louder than before.  For a moment, Justin was certain he would feel its sharp claws tearing into him at any second.  But, to his surprise, the trio fell into the entrance of the storm drain unharmed.  They scrabbled and crawled down the concrete tunnel.  From behind, a heavy thud heralded the landing of the massive beast.  Mary, crawling behind her friends, took a quick peek over her shoulder at the silhouetted claws of the monster.  A second later, the creature stuffed its tooth-filled maw into the tunnel and let out another ear-piercing roar, eliciting terrified screams from all three of them.

            Thankfully, the tunnel entrance proved too small for the huge, reptilian beast to fit into, but that didn’t stop the trio from continuing deeper into the darkness of the tunnel.  Their heavy breaths echoed loudly around them, only reinforcing their panicked fear.  Occasionally, they could hear the reverberating roar of the monster as it tried in vain to fit into the tunnel to retrieve its meal.  The three friends continued crawling down the tunnel for several minutes in silence.  They were all far too frightened to stop or even speak.  When Chris finally spoke, his voice echoed eerily around them,


            With a word of acknowledgement from Justin, the trio stopped their crawling and sat back against the curved wall of the cylindrical tunnel to catch their breaths.  Justin blindly rummaged through his backpack for a minute before he finally found the flashlight he had packed inside.  Even though the tiny flashlight cast out a pitiful amount of light, it was a welcome break from the oppressive darkness of the tunnel.  He aimed the beam down at his two friends.  Mary and Chris were panting in exhaustion and covered in sweat, but they were both unhurt.  With a sigh of relief, Justin laid down the light and rested his head against the cool concrete.  The curvature of the tunnel was uncomfortable, but it beat the alternative, he decided.  For a few moments, the trio sat quietly, with only Chris’ ragged breathing penetrating the silence. 

            “You guys okay?” Justin asked once Chris’s breaths finally became regular and controlled.  Chris simply nodded quietly and stared ahead.  Long strands of his brown hair clung to his face from all of the perspiration, but he was far from caring.  His mind was still trying to process the close call with death they had all just narrowly avoided.

            “Yeah…yeah I think we are.” Mary blinked several times and brushed a lock of black hair out of her eyes.  She, too, was dazed by the terrifying escape.  The chase seemed oddly surreal; it was hard to believe that what they just experienced actually happened.  It seemed like something out of a movie.  But, then again, what they had just experienced was only a taste of the strange and apocalyptic events that had been going on all around the city over the past three weeks.  

            Less than a month ago, the three friends were simply regular, ordinary college students.  Their concerns were focused on studying, partying, and more partying.  And not necessarily in that order.  Then, one crazy afternoon, everything suddenly changed.  Now, survival was key.  Lounging around at a frat house and drinking beer was a thing of the past. 

            One moment, the three of them were studying for an upcoming exam, and the next, the world was ending all around them.  Satellites, internet, cell phones… even the power.  Everything started to fail.  All of the modern conveniences that our civilization relied upon suddenly ceased working.  It didn’t take long for total chaos to break out.  However, to everyone’s surprise, that was just the beginning. 

Within hours of the initial failures, people started to… change.  It was like some kind of weird and perverted virus-like infection had been released.  Without warning, folks everywhere began mutating and changing into strange, animal-like creatures.  People began growing fur, tails, fangs, scales, hooves…and, to top it all off, the infection drove people nuts.  It seemed to drive their libido into overdrive.  Once they were infected, the mutated people began fucking anyone and everyone they could, which only caused the infection to spread all the quicker.  Before long, the streets were full of crazy, animalistic predators, all looking to force themselves upon anyone they could find to satiate their lusts and spread their infection. 

Mary, Justin and Chris were lucky.  They were quietly studying at Justin’s apartment when all hell broke loose.  The sound of screaming (and moaning) college students from the nearby campus alerted them that the power outage was far worse than a simple blackout.  And, once they caught sight of infected mutants running around and raping passersby on the street, they quickly decided to barricade the apartment and hunker down.  Though Chris’ apartment was cheap, and far from luxurious, it proved to be easy to barricade and defend. 

Days went by, and things only got worse.  The three friends could only watch from the apartment windows as the world changed around them.  More and more mutants began to roam the streets. Some moved alone, others traveled in packs.  Some still resembled humans and seemed mostly sane, but most were so bizarrely transformed and sex-crazed that it was hard to believe that they could ever have had any scrap of humanity in them. 

After the days turned to weeks, it was clear that this peculiarly perverted apocalypse would not be ending any time soon.  Before long, the trio had finished off the meager stockpile of food in Chris’ apartment.  And, once the water went out, they were stuck drinking whatever source of water they could find.  Trips to nearby buildings for food and water became a daily chore.  By some crazy stroke of luck, or perhaps a minor miracle, the three of them managed to avoid getting violated by the hundreds of mutants that roamed the neighborhood.  There had been a few close calls, but they had somehow managed to remain unharmed and unchanged. 

“Mary, that was an awesome throw, by the way.” Chris grinned and broke the silence with the upliftingly casual compliment.  Though he continued staring at the concrete ahead of him, the shock of their situation had finally subsided.  Mary laughed, perhaps a bit too hard,

“Yeah, I don’t know who was more surprised, me or that…thing!”

“What the hell was that thing anyways, some kind of dragon?  What the fuck is going on around here?” Justin threw the questions out, but didn’t really expect an answer.  Maybe they would never be able to explain what had just happened.  It was bad enough being chased by mutated half-animals, but a literal dragon?

“…You guys saved my life…” the grin on Chris’ face faded away, replaced by the alarming realization that he had just narrowly escaped a terrible fate.

“You would have done the same for either of us, I know it.” Mary placed a comforting arm around Chris’ shoulders and hugged him.  Chris simply sighed and frowned.

“I nearly got you both killed.  I should have stayed back at the apartment.  I only slow us all down…”

“Dude, shut up.  No one can be expected to outrun a fucking… dragon… thing… whatever that thing was.  But…if it’ll make you feel any better, you can carry my pack on the way back.” Justin smiled and teasingly offered his backpack to Chris in an attempt to cheer up his friend.  The dim light of Justin’s flashlight reflected off of the tunnel walls, allowing him to see a slight grin return to Chris’ face.

“…Fuck you.” Chris tried to sound angry at the suggestion, but he couldn’t hold back a slight chuckle. 

“Speaking of ‘the way back’…” Mary said at length.

“Yeah…where the hell do you think we are?  How far in are we?” Chris, again in good spirits, raised his head up and began studying the tunnel.  Justin hmmed as he pondered the questions,

“Dunno, hard to say.  Quarter mile?  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t really want to go back the way we came.  That fucker seemed pretty determined to catch us…”

Mary nodded her head in agreement, “Yeah, I don’t really want to see him again.  Maybe there’s another exit further down the tunnel?  I’ve got my flashlight, too, so we should be okay for light.”

“Bleh,” Chris sneered, “I really don’t want to crawl around down here anymore, but…guess we don’t have any choice.”

“Hey, maybe if you ask nicely, the dragon will give you a lift back to the apartment?” Justin again grinned as he took a verbal jab at his friend.  This seemed to help set Chris at ease,

“Fuck off!” Chris laughed.  He reached over Mary’s head and tried to playfully slap Justin. 

“Hey, hey!  Knock it off, boys,” Mary made sure to put emphasis on the word ‘boys’, “We should get moving, it’ll be night soon, and I sure as hell don’t want to be stuck outside in the dark.”

There was no objection to her suggestion.  After a few more childish insults between Chris and Justin, the trio was again awkwardly crawling down the circular tunnel. 

Progress was slow and painful.  Due to the curve of the tunnel, there was no comfortable way to crawl along.  Long minutes slowly passed by without any sign of exit.  Aside from an occasional drainage pipe, there were no manholes or branching tunnels in sight.  It wasn’t until at least an hour later that Justin finally noticed a faint glow far ahead of them,

“Huh…there’s something ahead.  Hold on,” Tentatively, Justin flicked his flashlight off for a brief moment, “…Damn.  It’s not light, but there is something reflective up there.”

“Wonder what it could be?” Mary mused.  With their interest roused, they continued down the drain. 

Before long, they arrived at a branch in the tunnel.  To their left, they discovered a large, rectangular tunnel made of worn bricks.  The eroded bricks seemed far older than the more modern concrete tube they had been crawling down.  The remains of a grate of iron bars separating the old tunnel from the newer storm drain had been clearly cut apart and bent open to allow access, but it was impossible to tell how long it had been that way.  And, even stranger, the glow that Justin’s light had revealed was caused by a highly reflective paint splattered on the wall next to the branch.  Although crudely written and misspelled, the word ‘DANGR’ was clearly legible.  Directly under it, an arrow pointed down the newer tunnel in the direction the trio had been traveling,

“What do you think?” Mary looked at the reflective paint with a puzzled expression.

“Probably from a bum or something,” Justin offered, “Maybe some homeless people were squatting down here?”

“…could be a trap.” Chris quietly offered as he scrutinized the paint.

“…What?  A trap?” Justin said incredulously as he pointed his light at Chris’ face.

“Yeah, like, maybe- gah, cut it out!” Chris brought a hand up to his face to block the flashlight, “Like…maybe someone wants us to go down this other way?”

“…what?  Why would anyone do that?” Mary gaped at Chris with a look of confusion. 

“I don’t know!  Just seems weird, is all…”

Justin sighed and shone his flashlight down both tunnels before settling the beam on a strange, round object down the newer concrete tube,

            “Hold on, there’s something down this way.” 

            Flashlight in hand, he crawled another thirty feet down the tunnel.  After a brief pause, Justin called out over his shoulder for his friends,

            “Holy shit!  Check this out!”

            A few seconds later, a yelp of surprise signaled Mary’s arrival,

“Holy shit…is that…?” Chris looked over Justin’s shoulder with a sneer of abhorrence. Sitting in a small pile of dead leaves and trash was a skull.  It was clearly human.  Justin looked back at his friends with a concerned look,

“Fuck that; I am not going down this way.”

“I second that,” Mary held a hand over her mouth in disgust.

This time, there was no argument from Chris.  After turning around and heading back to the intersection, Justin again took the lead and crawled through the mangled iron bars.  Once inside the older tunnel, he paused to stand up straight and stretch out his back,

“Oh god, that feels so much better,” he whispered with a sigh of relief, “I don’t ever want to crawl through another drain again.”

Meanwhile, Mary and Chris carefully made their way through the rusted bars and joined him.  The older tunnel was well-worn and had an unpleasant smell to it, but it was at least tall enough to properly walk. 

“Wonder if this was part of an old sewer system?” Mary pondered out loud as she inspected the stained wall. 

“Yeah, maybe,” Justin said as he began to walk down the slick tunnel, “…Some trap this is, eh?”

“Oh shut up…” Chris murmured with a roll of his eyes.

The trio again continued on in relative silence for nearly half an hour.  Unfortunately, the sewer tunnel seemed to completely lack any surface access.  They passed by several other tunnels, but all were firmly sealed with iron bars.  They had no choice but to press on through the old sewer.  The long trek through murky darkness mixed with their exhaustion, leaving everyone feeling lethargic and eager to return to the light of day.  Unfortunately, with their attention divided by thoughts of sweet freedom and a well-deserved rest in a soft bed, none of them were particularly alert.  None of them noticed the movement of silent figures lurking in the shadows around them. 

The three humans entered a wide cistern and paused near the middle, where Justin found another splatter of the reflective paint.  As they all gathered around the clearly marked ‘X’ on the ground and pondered its meaning, they were completely unprepared to dodge the large net that was dropped upon them. 

Their panicked yells mingled together and echoed off of the brick walls around them.  They thrashed and struggled against the large net, but this only further entangled them within it.   Darkness enveloped them when Justin’s flashlight clattered to the ground and shut off.  However, to their surprise, light again flooded the room from several points.  Shadowy figures on a second floor catwalk shone bright lights onto the entangled group. 

“Woo hoo!  Got some!” A woman’s voice called out from above.  The trio squinted at the bright light to try to see their captors, but they could only make out their silhouetted forms.  The clambering of feet against the rickety metal catwalk began to echo around the cistern as the shadowy forms descended upon the group.  Once on the ground and out of the glare of the lights, the humans could clearly see who their captors were: mutants.

A total of four infected creatures descended from the catwalk and approached the trio.  Mary pulled and stretched at the net, trying in vain to rip it apart.  Justin struggled about and tried to find the edge of the net to crawl under it.  Chris, meanwhile, regarded the approaching figures with a look of dread and apprehension,

“…hey Justin?” Chris whispered,

“Unf…don’t…ergh…say it.”

“…told ya so.”

The four mutants casually walked up to their latest catch.  Justin and Mary both gave up their struggles and inspected the tall, imposing figures.   Although they walked on two feet like a human, it was clear their ambushers were heavily infected: they were far more animal than human.  Their long, naked tails and rodent-like muzzles revealed that they were probably some sort of rat.  Each of the lanky, lithe mutants stood well over six feet tall.  They were covered in a fine pelt of rat fur, ranging in hue from a dark charcoal grey to jet black.  At first, they all appeared female.  The exaggerated curves on their bodies certainly suggested as much.  However, below the massive breasts, thin waists, and overly-wide hips, each of the rat-women sported an inhumanly large package of male equipment between their legs.

All four of them wore tattered remnants of clothing, but, due to their inhuman figures and rodent-like shapes, the scraps of cloth did little to cover their bodies.  On one, a tight, ripped t-shirt struggled to barely contain the voluminous breasts underneath.  Another was clad in a leather vest and chaps, each strapped tightly with buckles to keep her assets from spilling out.   The shortest of the rat-girls wore a painfully tight pair of ripped jean-shorts.  A long, tubular bulge stretched from her crotch down one of the legs of her shorts, where the bulbous head of her cock peeked out.  And the last of the rats, dressed only in a stretched bikini top and bulging panties, casually carried a machine gun of some sort in her paw-like hands.  The other three mutants were also armed, albeit with crude knifes and makeshift clubs.

As the trio of humans regarded their captors, the four rats smiled wickedly and giggled at their prey,

“Hey, Linn?” the short rat-girl smiled widely and revealed her elongated front teeth as she spoke to one of her companions,

“Don’t say it…” the bikini-wearing rat-girl, or ‘Linn’, rolled her black eyes and shook her head in annoyance.

“…told ya so!,” she smugly congratulated herself, “That fake skull was an awesome idea.  Remind me again how our bet went?  I get to fuck you in the ass if we catch anything today?” She sarcastically reminded Linn of their agreement with a wink.

Meanwhile, the leather-clad rat woman approached the entangled humans and knelt down to study them closely,

“Heh heh…looks like we got us a bunch of pure humans!  Boss’ll be happy when she sees this!”

Justin, Chris and Mary were all too shocked and scared to speak up against the rats.  Within minutes, the mutants had untangled the humans and tightly bound their hands behind their backs with plastic ties.  With a machine gun pointed straight at them and the other rats well-armed, none of the humans dared try to flee or struggle.  After gagging each of the humans, the rats pushed and prodded their captives down the dark tunnels of the sewer system. 

The group made their way through a winding maze of sewers, with the rat-like mutants talking excitedly amongst themselves behind them.  They were eagerly rooting through the human’s backpacks and discussing the contents.

“Oh, score, a candy bar!” the exclamation was followed by the crackling of a wrapper.  Chris groaned in disappointment through his gag.  He had been saving that…

“Hey, you think Boss’ll let us keep any of the humans?” One of the rats spoke up hopefully.

“Nah, probably not,” another replied in disappointment, “Pure humans are too valuable.  We can probably get their weight in supplies from the Stables.”

“Damn…’s too bad.  Been so long since I’ve had any fun with a real human.”

The three captives exchanged looks of concern with each other.  Even though they couldn’t talk, it was obvious they were all wondering the same thing.  What exactly was this ‘Stables’ thing?  Were they about to be sold into some sort of slavery? 

After a few more turns in the labyrinth-like sewer system, the group arrived at their destination.  The trio of humans were paraded through an ajar door and into a large room, possibly a former maintenance facility of some sort.  However, rather than being filled with tools and equipment, the large room was instead set up as a spacious den for the mutant rats.  Scattered around the room was a wide array of large pillows, old couches, and dirty mattresses.  And, lying on top of these makeshift furnishings was at least another ten of the mutant rats.  All over the room, the busty, lewd creatures were busily fucking or being fucked by one another.  In one corner, a naked rat-girl was throwing darts at a board hung on the wall.  An errant shot bounced off the concrete wall and nearly hit a lounging rat, who sprang up and tackled the dart-thrower.  Within seconds, the ‘victim’ of the near miss had her massive rat cock shoved down the dart thrower’s throat.  Two other rats were obviously attempting to play a game of pool in far end of the room, but the game had been interrupted mid-way when one of the players was bent over the table and forcefully fucked from behind.  All over the room, the rats were eagerly kissing, licking, sucking and fucking each other with abandon.  However, once they caught sight of the new ‘arrivals’, they all paused their orgy and swarmed around the humans. 

When the lusty and sex-crazed mutants approached the humans to inspect them, the leather-clad rat shouted out a warning,

“Back off, shitheads!  These three are off limits!  Anyone so much as touches them and I’ll chop off yer dicks!”

This warning proved effective.  The rats quickly backed off from the captured humans and disappointedly went back to their suspended orgy.  Justin, Mary and Chris could only watch with a mixture of fear and disgust at the perverted scene all around them.  They had been saved from being raped by the crazed rat-women, but surely an equally worse fate was still ahead of them. 

With forceful shoves from behind, Justin and the others staggered forwards toward a closed door on the other side of the room.  The bikini-wearing Linn, with her firearm still at the ready, walked up to the door and gave it a tentative knock.  A loud, authoritative voice on the other side called out,

“What is it!?”

“Got some fresh meat, Boss.” Linn replied.

“So?  (Ah…ooo!  Hey, cut it out!) Why the fuck… (Oh yeah, just like that…) are you bothering me?  Throw ‘em to the girls.” The female voice on the other side of the door sounded extremely annoyed, but was obviously distracted by something…or someone.

“Well, they’re humans, Boss.  Pure.”

The only reply this time was the sound of muffled conversation and movement inside the room.  Seconds later, the door cracked opened, and a sweat-covered rat girl, wearing only a grin and a splattering of sexual fluids, slipped out the door and into the den.  Shortly afterwards, a tall, imposing rat threw open the door.  There was no doubt that this rat was clearly in charge.  When the intimidating mutant stepped out, the rest of the rats instinctively lowered their heads and took a step back. 

This ‘boss’ rat stood at least another foot above than the already tall rats.  Well-toned muscles were clearly visible under her sleek, black fur.  Every movement of her powerful form conveyed a sense of supreme confidence and authority.  Even her clothing was far more elegant than the other rats.  Sparkling diamond earrings lined her large, round ears.  Rather than the tattered street clothes the others wore, ‘Boss’ was wearing a stylish, silvery dress that barely contained her massive assets.  The dress hugged her form tightly, lewdly showing off her wide, curved hips and ass.  An obscene bulge stood out prominently against the fabric between her legs.  As she regarded the group in front of her personal bed chamber, she carried herself with an air of superiority and indignant distraction.  However, when she laid eyes on the human captives, a wide grin spread across her face,

“Well, well…what do we have here?” Boss asked rhetorically.

From behind the group, the short, jeans-clad rat girl piped up,

“We caught ‘em with my trap, Boss!  They totally fell for it!”

Boss, however, paid no attention to the rats.  Her attention was completely focused upon the bound humans that stood before her.  She stooped down to look each of the captives in the eye.  With one of her clawed hands, she cupped their faces and slowly ran her fingers over their bodies.  With a satisfied smile, she beckoned Linn to bring them inside her chamber.  Mary practically fell inside when the rat behind her shoved her forward.  Justin and Chris were likewise pushed and prodded through the door and into the room.

Inside was a well-furnished chamber, obviously set up to be the personal bedroom of the lead rat.  A large bed covered in soft pillows and sheets took up the majority of the room.  Other assorted pieces of furniture had been drug down into this room as well, including an expensive-looking armoire, a full length dress mirror, and a collection of fine tapestries hanging off of the brick walls.  The three humans were shoved towards a series of old pipes set into the wall.  With a forceful push on their shoulders, each of them was forced to sit or kneel by the pipes.  The attending rats then tied the captives to the pipes, securing their prisoners to the room. 

“A good catch, indeed,” Boss whispered as she gazed at the humans, “three pure humans.  We could bargain a great deal for them at the Stables.” As Boss lewdly gaped at the bound humans, one of her paws absent-mindedly reached down and stroked along the length of the hard bulge under her dress.  She was interrupted from the show by a cough from one of the other rats, still standing at attention by the doorway.

“Yes, yes, you are excused now.” She said with a dismissive wave.

“Uh, well, Boss, we were thinking…” Linn sheepishly responded.

Boss sighed, but didn’t look up from the kneeling humans, “…what is it now?”

“Well, see, we thought that since…well, since we caught three humans-“

“Pure humans!” ‘Shorty’ rat piped in. 

“Uh , right,since we caught three pure humans…well, that’s a lot of swag we can get from the Stables, right?  But, like, maybe we could…I dunno, keep one of them here?  Two pure humans can still land us plenty of supplies.  And, it’s been so long since the gals and I have had a-“

“Hm…you have a point.  It has been a long time since we’ve been able to enjoy a real human, hasn’t it?”

Boss brought one of her clawed hands up to her chin and pondered the thought,

“Yes…I think we will keep one of them.  Obviously, I get to choose which one, and I get first dibs.” 

The rest of the rats all exchanged happy looks of surprise and glee at the prospect of having a new fuck toy in their den. 

“Very well.  Leave me now.  I will send out the new slut once I’m finished.”

Grinning eagerly, Boss’ subordinates left the room.  The sounds of high-fives and whispered conversations followed along with them.  As the door was closed, ‘Shorty’ called out with an enthusiastic voice,

“Hey Linn, bend over!  I think it’s time for you to make good on our bet!”

The obscene sounds from the rat orgy outside were then muffled as the heavy door was closed shut.  The three humans, still bound and gagged, glared at the lead rat with expressions ranging from loathing to nervousness.  Boss stepped across her chamber and approached the bound humans, still stroking a paw along the bulge in her dress and licking her lips,

“Now then, which of you to choose?”

She first bent over and inspected Justin, who glared at her angrily.  Slowly, seductively, she ran a claw-like finger along his chin and down his chest before forcibly reaching into his pants and grabbing his genitalia.  His eyes bulged out at the shock of the sensation and the pain of her grasp.  Justin made muffled groans through his gag as she fondled his balls and stroked along his shaft,

“Mmm…not bad.  Kinda skinny, though.”

The rat lady withdrew her hand from his crotch and gave her fingers a few obscene licks.  She then turned her attention to Mary, who was sneering in disgust at the mutant. 

“Hm…a pure female.  Now, that is tempting.” Boss lewdly grinned as she knelt down in front of Mary.  The mutant raised her paw-like hands and began to fondle Mary’s small breasts.  Mary helplessly wriggled against her grasp.  Muffled obscenities spilled out of her gagged mouth.  If anything, the rat woman seemed to enjoy her struggles,

“Ooo, feisty are we?  I like that.”

Boss ran her long tongue along her rat-like front teeth and let out a pleased snicker.  After a few more good squeezes of Mary’s chest, she languidly ran her clawed hands down to Mary’s side, along her hips, and onto her ass.  The rat woman gave her rear a few hard squeezes while chuckling happily,

“Been a while since I’ve had a pure female, too.”

With a firm slap against Mary’s backside, the rat woman stood back up and turned her attentions to the third and final captive.  She cocked her head and smiled as she looked at Chris.  Chris, meanwhile, was busy staring at the floor and trying to look as uninteresting as possible.   Unfortunately, the rat lady seemed keenly interested in him.

She walked up to Chris and ran her clawed fingers through his curly brown hair.  She grasped his hair tightly and forcibly lifted his face up to look at her.  Chris’ eyes were wide in fear, which seemed to make the rat quite happy,

“Mmm, well hello there my dear.”

Boss bent over and ran her fingers along Chris’ body, pausing once she reached his torso.  Chris let out a muffled cry of surprise as she firmly grasped a thick bulge of his stomach in her hand,

“Got some meat on your bones, just the way I like ‘em.”

She let go of his gut and continued to run her hands along his body.  Just like Justin, she eagerly stuffed one of her paws down Chris’ pants to determine what he was ‘packing’.  She let out a soft coo of pleasure and surprise as she felt around in his pants,

“Oh my, someone’s happy to see me.  And what a big boy you are!” 

Chris felt his cheeks burning bright as the rat-like paw continued fondling his manhood.  To his embarrassment, he felt his body warming up to the attention she was lavishing on his body.  Before long, his cock was painfully erect in her paw-like hand.  Boss licked her lips and smiled happily,

“Oh ho, I do believe we have a winner!”

The statement caused Chris’ eyes to bulge out with terror.  He looked at the rat woman with panic-filled eyes and tried to plead with her.  All that came out was a series of fear-filled and unintelligible sounds.  To his side, Mary and Justin also let out muffled yells of protest.  Boss looked over at them with a sinister smile,

“Oh, I’m sorry my dears.  As much as I’d like to, I can’t keep you all.”

As the rat continued rolling Chris’ testicles in her paw, she silently withdrew a small object from behind her.  With a snickt, a length of sharp steel flipped up – a switchblade.  Chris’ eyes bulged out in horror and he began to struggle against his bindings,

“Relax, hun, I’m not going to hurt ya.”

Her words were hardly soothing, but Chris stopped struggling and instead focused his terror-filled eyes on the knife.  With casual calmness, the rat slid the tip of her knife along Chris’ chin and down to his throat.  Chris let out an involuntary whimper of fear.  Then, in one, fluidic motion, she withdrew her paw from Chris’ pants, grabbed his shirt, and then cut the flimsy fabric with the sharp blade.  The torn shirt fell open, revealing Chris’ chubby torso.  With a few more cuts from the switchblade, Boss liberated Chris’ upper body from his sweaty t-shirt.  She murred lewdly as she ran her free hand over his chest and teasingly pinched one of his exposed nipples.

The lusty rat let out a groan of discomfort as she leaned back.  It was clear to see that she was becoming very aroused from teasing the young man.  The thick bulge in her dress was getting larger and larger by the second.  A dark spot of moisture began to seep into the fabric at the end of her concealed penis.  Boss set aside her blade momentarily and stood up.  After undoing the straps, she wriggled her body out of the tightly fitting dress, revealing her sleek body for all to see.  She let out a content moan of relief and stroked her paws over her smooth fur.  With a seductive grin, she locked eyes with Chris and began slowly gyrating her well-endowed body in an impromptu strip-tease.  Much to his confusion and embarrassment, Chris found that he couldn’t take his eyes off of the rat.  His manhood continued to throb in arousal as he gazed upon her curvy form.  Somehow, against his better judgment, he began to find her body…attractive.  Sexy, even.  As the strangely alluring rat continued her lewd dance, the straining bulge in his pants was becoming more and more uncomfortable.

Boss smiled happily.  She was really enjoying the hypnotized look on Chris’ face.  She ran her paws along the sleek, black fur of her sides until she reached her hips.  With a graceful turn, she presented her backside to her captive audience and bent over.  In one hand, she lifted her long, naked rat’s tail out of the way and used her other paw to spread an ass cheek.  As she exposed her previously-hidden pussy and round ass, Chris felt a warm tingle run over his body.  Meanwhile, Mary and Justin looked away from the obscene creature with disgusted looks.  After wiggling her ass a few times for good measure, Boss turned around and continued showing off her body to the humans.

“Mmm…you like what you see, honey?” Boss seductively moaned out the words as she stared longingly at Chris.  With one paw massaging one of her massive breasts, she used the other to stroke her long cock teasingly.  Against his wishes, the alluring sight was driving Chris wild.  The completely-heterosexual man was even beginning to long to touch and taste the thick penis that was being waved teasingly in front of his face.  When Boss finally finished her obscene dance, any thoughts of escape or resistance were long gone from Chris’ mind.  Boss bent down and again retrieved her knife.  Giggling seductively, she pressed her fur-covered breasts against Chris and rubbed them along his face.  To his surprise, her shiny, black fur was quite soft.  He closed his eyes and moaned contentedly as she squished her soft breasts against his face.  In the meantime, she reached behind her new toy and cut the bindings off of his hands. 

Instead of using his newfound freedom to try to escape, Chris instead reached up and ran his fingers through Boss’ soft fur.  She grinned and moaned happily at his eagerness.  She teasingly rubbed her breasts against his face a few more times before pulling the heavy mounds away from him.  A look of lust and longing clouded his eyes.  Knife still in hand, Boss then lifted the knife up and cut off the gag from his face.  Mouth finally free, Chris leaned forward into the embrace of the alluring rat and began lustily kissing and licking her massive breasts.  Behind him, Justin and Mary could only watch in repulsion and confusion as their friend suddenly threw himself into the arms of their captor.  Boss looked down happily at the human as he buried his face into the soft, pillowy embrace of her tits,

“Mmm…let’s get you out of those uncomfortable clothes, dear.”

Boss placed a clawed hand onto the young man’s head and gently pushed him away.  Reluctantly, he pulled his lips from a puffy nipple with a loud slurp.  Quickly, he stood up and began frantically pulling off his pants with the eagerness of someone trying to pull fire-engulfed clothing off of their body.  In record time, he had pulled off the tight, constricting jeans and boxers from his body, revealing his long and desperately twitching manhood.  Free from his clothing, Chris eagerly embraced the sexy rat again and began to rub his bare skin along her soft, warm body.    Boss allowed the human to grind against her for a few moments before she forcibly grabbed him by the shoulders and spun him around.  With a firm shove, she pushed Chris forwards onto her large bed, exposing his backside to her.  She placed one of her strong paws onto his back to keep the squirming human in place,

“Now, now.  Be a good boy and stay put.”

At first, Chris didn’t understand what the rat woman was planning.  As horny and eager as he was, he didn’t question his new lover’s orders.  But, he soon discovered her plans when he peeked over his shoulder.  The rat was grinning mischievously and stroking her throbbing manhood in one of her paws.  Realization came crashing down on the heterosexual man.  As eager as he was to make love to the strangely sexy creature, he wanted no part in being violated from behind.  When he began trying to crawl away, Boss hissed out angrily.  She jumped on top of him and pinned the human in the middle of the bed.  While she lay on top of him, the herm placed her muzzle to the human’s ear and whispered,

“Remember that part I said about not hurting you?  That only applies as long as you cooperate.”

There was clear, malicious intent in her words and her tone, which prompted Chris to cease his struggles.  He gulped heavily as she began grinding her thick, hot rod against his backside teasingly,

“Gonna need to get your body ready for this, baby,” she said, “Stay.” Chris whined.  The command was not a suggestion.

Boss crawled across the wide bed and retrieved a small vial from her nightstand.  With the vial in hand, she returned to Chris’ backside.  He watched over his shoulder as she knelt behind him and opened the small bottle of clear liquid.  She began to pour a thick, clear goop onto the palm of her hand, all along the length of her cock, and onto Chris’ bare cheeks.  He felt her paw-like hands firmly grasp his butt and squeeze the flesh.  With a giggle, she then began to spread the oil along his backside with her paws, especially between his cheeks.  She ran a clawed finger up and down the length of his crack, coating the area with a slick, slippery lubricant.  Before long, he felt her finger begin to rub the oily liquid against his tightly clenched anus.  Chris bit his lower lip and groaned at the unfamiliar sensation.  Slowly, she ran her nimble finger along the puckered ring of flesh.  Then, abruptly, she pressed her finger firmly at the entrance to his hole and pushed.  After a few seconds of resistance, her finger suddenly slipped in.  Chris groaned loudly.

Meanwhile, Mary and Justin had no choice but to watch the perverted scene unfold before them.  Chris seemed lost in pleasure.  Back at the apartment, the three of them had watched helplessly through their blinds as people on the street below were raped by strange, animalistic monsters.  It was always shocking to see how quickly the victims of these attacks became willing participants.  Somehow, the strange infection not only changed people’s bodies, but also their minds.  Libidos were raised.  Sensations were intensified.  And now, they got a front-row seat to the depraved corruption.  

Slowly, Boss slid her finger deeper into Chris’ virgin ass.  She curled her finger and began to stroke the tip of her paw-like finger against his prostate, eliciting a shocked moan of pleasure from the man.  After a few moments of rubbing the small bundle of sensitivity inside of him, she resumed the process of thoroughly coating his hole with the slick lube.  Before long, she had worked in a second finger, and then a third.  As he moaned at the strange new sensations, Chris’ body relaxed and allowed more and more of the rat’s fingers inside.

Boss let out a hiss of desire as she slid her slick fingers out of the man’s ass.  Foreplay was over; it was time for her to get to the main event.  Chris looked over his shoulder with a look of concern.  He knew what was coming next.  Boss caught him looking at her and winked seductively while stroking her shaft.  The obscene sounds of her paw stroking along the oil-coated shaft of her cock filled the room.  Satisfied that her cock was sufficiently lubed up, Boss grabbed her toy’s ass and lined her manhood up. 

When Chris felt the hot, hard shaft pressing against his anus, he clenched his fingers into the sheets of her bed and bit his lip.  He tried his hardest to relax his body, but he knew that no matter how hard he tried to prepare, the penetration would probably be a painful experience.  Behind him, Boss pressed the tip of her thick cock against his hole and began to press against his body.  Slowly, steadily, his loosened anus relented to the hot, hard intruder and allowed it inside.  After several long, agonizing seconds, Boss had finally worked the bulbous head of her cock into his hole.  Chris groaned.  The sensation was painful, but not nearly as much as he had expected.  In fact, the longer her cock rested in his body, the better the sensation felt.  Boss let out a long, lusty moan of pleasure as his tight hole clenched pleasingly around the head of her cock.  His ass squeezed a thick glob of her tainted seed out of her shaft and into his unchanged body.  Before long, the infectious cum was absorbed by his body and it began to slowly change him…

Driven by an insatiable lust, Boss couldn’t resist any further.  She slid her cock in and out of the young man’s ass with rapidly growing intensity.  The two of them began to moan out together at the sensation of her inhumanly large dick stretching his taut hole.  Inch after inch of her long, thick cock was stuffed into his ass with each of her forceful thrusts.  The pain of the intrusion in his virgin body slowly faded away and was instead replaced by pleasant warmth and an oddly satisfying sensation of fullness.  With each thrust, her hard, hot cock rubbed against Chris’ prostate, eliciting whimpering moans of pleasure from his throat.   As his ass continued to stretch and adapt to the massive girth of her cock, Boss stuffed more and more into him.  Soon, Chris could feel the soft fur of her belly brushing up against his ass cheeks with each of her thrusts.  With only a few thrusts more, Boss finally hilted her member fully into the human’s body.  A wide grin of satisfaction and pleasure spread across her rat-like muzzle.  His body was finally ready for her to begin fucking him properly, she thought.

Chris felt each and every inch of her long cock sliding in and out of his ass.  To his surprise, the sensation was immensely pleasurable.  He had long since unclenched his hands from the bed sheets.  With one hand propping his body up, he used the other to stroke his own manhood.  Meanwhile, Boss continued thrusting her cock into his body with increasing tenacity.  Her powerful thrusts caused her massive, hanging balls to slap against Chris’ own.  Soon, the two were lustfully rutting on the cum-stained bed like impassioned lovers.  And all the while, Chris’ friends could only watch and listen as he was violated.  Mary and Justin could close their eyes and look away, but there was nothing they could do to block out the obscene sounds of the mutant’s lubed cock sliding in and out of Chris’ backside.  What was once a coerced rape was now a consensual fucking.  Chris’ wild moans were clearly ones of pleasure and lust.  He was loving the sensation of being forcefully taken by the mutant.  However, as Justin and Mary listened to the disgusting act, Chris’ voice began to…change.

At first it was too subtle to notice, but as the wild rut continued, it was clear that Chris’ voice was shifting octaves.  With each happy grunt and groan out of his throat, his voice slightly increased in pitch.  Before long, his masculine voice had been completely changed into one of high-pitched femininity.  And that wasn’t the only part of him that was changing.  With each copious squirt of his lover’s infectious pre-cum into his body, Chris was becoming more and more like the rat behind him.  The two lovers were oblivious to Chris’ changes, but Justin and Mary watched on with looks of dismay. 

 The first part of Chris’ body to change was his ears.  Usually, his curly brown hair did a good job of concealing them.  However, as the infection took root in his body, Chris’ ears began to wiggle and move; as if they had a mind of their own.  Slowly, his ears migrated until they rested on the top of his head, near the back of his skull.  Now in place, his ears rapidly expanded until they were just like the large, rounded ears of the rat that was raping him.  A thin coat of black fur spread across the appendages to finish off the change.  Boss opened her lust-filled eyes and caught sight of Chris’ new ears.  A wide, wicked smile spread across her face – soon, she knew, the den would have another lovely rat sister to play with.  She imagined how Chris would look as a newly-made rat girl…how he would look with his belly swollen with his first litter of rat pups.  The thought made Boss gasp and groan loudly with perverse pleasure.  Orgasm was close - she was ready to fill up the young man’s belly with her infectious seed.

Boss’ thrusts sped up to a fevered pace.  She grabbed his hips and began to grunt loudly.   Chris recognized the sounds that came out of Boss’ mouth - she was close, very close.  A small and distant part of his mind realized what was about to happen and tried to warn him.  However, the sheer pleasure of the sexy rat wildly fucking him drove out any rational thought from his mind.  It felt far too good to stop.  He knew that if she came inside him, he would probably be changed forever.  But…he wanted this.  Each time she thrust her hot, hard cock into his body, it rubbed along his prostate and gave him pleasure like he had never known before.   There was no way he could fight this feeling.  He didn’t want it to end.

 Boss’s thrusts became deep and powerful as she wailed out loud; she was cumming.  Chris’ eyes bulged out with shock at the sensation of her cum flooding his belly.  Each rope of the hot, sticky goo filled him with warmth and caused his body to tingle pleasantly.  The sensation was more than enough to drive him to his own orgasm.  Chris’ feminine cries mixed with Boss’ own and echoed around the small bed chamber.  Thick jets of cum shot out from Chris’ cock and onto the stained sheets of the bed below.  Meanwhile, Boss collapsed upon Chris’ back.  She twitched and moaned as her balls continued to unload their heavy load into his body.  Chris marveled at the plentiful amount of seed that was pumped into him.  Shot after shot of her cum filled his belly, and he moaned contentedly with each one.  The feeling of the sexy rat on his back, the feeling of her hot cock still twitching in his ass, the feeling of his belly being filled up with cum…he was loving it all.  All across his body, he felt strange, warm tingles spreading like wildfire.  With his eyes closed in contentment, he failed to notice the small patches of fur spreading across his skin…

Mary and Justin couldn’t watch any further.  The disgusting act was horrible enough to watch, but to watch their friend start to enjoy the rape…to accept it…it was all too much.  They knew it wasn’t his fault.  They had seen it all before on the streets by the campus.  People would resist at first, but soon enough, they started to enjoy the attentions of their mutant assailants.  And, now that this mutant had unloaded her infectious seed into Chris’ body, they knew what would happen next…But, as unpleasant as the situation was, neither Justin nor Mary could resist watching as the strange, animalistic changes washed over their friend.  Morbid fascination held their attention to his rapidly mutating body. 

Chris moaned out loud in confusion when he felt his skin begin to crawl.  The warm tingling sensation along his skin was replaced by an equally peculiar feeling of prickling.  It momentarily reminded him of the unpleasant pins and needles one would feel when their foot or arm would ‘fall asleep’ if blood circulation was cut off.  The sensation was unpleasant enough that it caused him to snap out of his post-orgasm glow and look upon his changing form.  Before his very eyes, he watched as black fur rapidly spread down his arms and over his hands.  He couldn’t move, due to the heavy rat still lying on his back, but he didn’t need to look to understand what was happening; he was changing.  The rat had infected him.

Oddly, Chris found that he wasn’t terribly concerned by the realization.  In fact, he was far more curious than worried.  A small part of his mind realized that he probably should be concerned, but he simply couldn’t feel anything but intrigue.  Chris held out his hands and watched with fascination as they reformed.  Thankfully, the re-forming of bones in his hands was mostly painless.  As he watched, his fingers elongated and slimmed down, and a sharp claw grew out of the nail on the end of each digit.  Before he knew it, Chris’ hands looked far more like a rodent’s paws than anything else.  But, the changes didn’t stop there.  Chris felt a similar sensation in his feet.  Looking back, he caught the tail-end of the transformation; small claws worked their way out of each of his new, nimble, rat-like toes.  Chris bent and wriggled the new digits with a smile.  For some reason, he really liked his new paws.  They were far more useful than his old feet were; and much cuter too, he decided. He was eager to see what his next change would be when he again felt a surge of warmth spread throughout his chest.

Meanwhile, Justin and Mary watched on as their friend rapidly mutated before their eyes.  Already, his body was covered in sleek, black rat fur, and his hands and feet had become rat-like paws.  Now, they watched in trepidation as his body made far more drastic changes.  Boss, too, had recovered from her mind-shattering orgasm to regard the rapidly changing man.  She bit her lower lip and pulled her deflating cock out of his well-fucked ass with a loud and obscene shlurp.  Chris moaned out at the sudden feeling of emptiness in his body.  What little of the rat’s infectious seed that hadn’t been absorbed by his body now poured out of his ass and pooled underneath him.  Boss sat back on the stained bed and watched with glee as the newest member of her den was being created.

Chris groaned in discomfort and clutched his paws to his stomach.  As the warm feeling intensified in his belly, it suddenly felt like everything inside was being rearranged.  Agonizing seconds ticked past as the strange sensations continued traveling downwards from his stomach to his loins.  Then, suddenly, the skin behind his testicles gave way and split vertically, revealing a new orifice in his anatomy.  The sensation of his new vagina forming caused Chris to whimper and moan loudly in his high-pitched voice.  The skin around his new sex twisted and writhed until Chris had a perfectly formed vagina tucked behind his balls.  The lips of his new sex quivered and shuddered with alien sensations.  A trickle of arousal seeped out of the new orifice and down his legs.  It felt so hot!  Strange new desires began to form in Chris’ head as new hormones flooded his system.  The desire to be fucked…to be filled…to be bred.  He again thought of the sexy rat that had so recently fucked him and whimpered with desire.  He wanted that cock inside him again.  He wanted it in his needy new cunt.  He wanted to be taken like a woman.

Chris gazed upon the sexy rat sitting next to him on the bed with lust and longing.  Already, his manhood was again stirring and hardening between his legs, ready for another round of action with the alluring creature.  The new herm crawled on all fours across the bed, practically panting with desire.  As he crawled, Chris’ body continued to change.  His body shifted mass around on his form - emphasizing his curves and softening out his masculinity.  His hips abruptly widened out with a slight crack, causing his inflating ass to jiggle obscenely.  Large breasts rapidly grew upon his chest until they swayed heavily underneath the new herm as she crawled.  Chris’ cock and balls also grew considerably, but anyone looking upon the new half-rat would be hard pressed to consider Chris anything other than female.  Mere moments after being filled with the infectious cum, Chris’ body had changed from that of a chubby man to that of a buxom hermaphrodite.  Her body retained most of its fat, giving Chris a full-figured body that begged to be squeezed. 

Boss gaped at the new rat crawling towards her.  Much to her delight, Chris had turned into a very sexy girl indeed.  She even retained her thick body, which nicely accented her wide hips, ample ass, and growing bosom.  Boss knew that, in time, Chris’ body would continue to change until she was a proper rat.  It would only take a few more good breeding sessions with the rest of the rat sisters until Chris’ body was complete.  Boss smiled with delight and lifted a paw to the crawling rat’s chin.  She raised Chris’ still-human face upwards and kissed her passionately.  Chris moaned happily at the attention, and eagerly parted her lips to allow the rat’s long tongue to explore her mouth.  Before long, the two were again tightly embraced; lustily rubbing their furred bodies against one another.  Boss reached around Chris’ form and grabbed her plentiful butt within her paws and squeezed, eliciting a feminine squeal from Chris.

As much as Boss wanted to continue fucking the new rat, she realized that the rest of the den would probably raise hell if she kept this sexy thing all to herself.  So, with one last squeeze and a slap against the new rat’s ass, Boss led Chris out of the bedroom and into the den.  Mary and Justin, still bound and gagged on the floor, let out muffled protests that fell upon deaf ears as Chris happily followed her new leader into the den.  Obscene sounds from the orgy outside again flooded into the room when Boss opened the door.  However, once the half-transformed Chris walked out, a great cheer rose up from the many rats outside.  Before long, the sounds of the orgy returned, except this time, there was an additional high-pitched voice screaming out in pleasure above the others.  Mary and Justin exchanged looks of anguish; they both came to the same crushing realization - they would probably never see Chris again.  Or, at least, never see him again as he used to be.

Boss returned from the den and shut the door behind her, mercifully muting the explicit sounds of the rampaging orgy.  She caught sight of the distressed looks upon the human’s faces,

“Aw, don’t worry my darlings.  She’ll be happy here, I promise.  We’ll make sure to fuck her good and hard on a daily basis.  She’ll have plenty of big, meaty cocks to fill her up and keep her content.” Boss smiled lecherously and rubbed a paw through Justin’s hair.  Justin angrily pulled his head out of her grasp and cursed the rat through his gag.  Boss laughed before continuing,

“Well now, I recommend you two get some sleep; you’ll need your strength.  You’ve got a big day ahead of you tomorrow!”

And, with that, the naked rat collapsed upon her cum-stained bed and curled up to sleep.  Within minutes, loud snores echoed through the room.  Justin and Mary tried for nearly an hour to squeeze out of their bindings, but the thick plastic ties that held their hands together proved impossible to remove without something to cut it.  With nothing else to do, the humans tried their best to sleep.  But, sitting on the cold, hard floor was hardly an ideal position to sleep.  And, with the muffled sounds of the orgy still persisting outside, neither of them managed to get much sleep that night.  What little rest they got was filled with unpleasant dreams. 

All three occupants of Boss’ bedchamber were abruptly awoken many hours later by a heavy banging upon the door.  The slumbering rat called out grumpily from her bed,

“Mm…whaddaya want?”

An unfamiliar voice responded from behind the door,

“Uh, hey Boss, I think it’s about time we headed to the Stables.  You know how funny they can be about us bein’ on time and all.”

Boss grumbled and cursed under her breath, but she did finally relent and rise up out of her bed.  Within the hour, Boss and three of her underlings were pushing Justin and Mary through the dark, winding tunnels of the old sewer system.  As Mary and Justin were escorted out of the den, they caught sight of a particularly large pile of rats slumbering in the center of the room, all in various states of undress.  They idly wondered which of the slumbering, cum-soaked creatures was Chris, and if she even remembered who or what she used to be. 

It took over two hours of trekking through the damp, foul-smelling sewers before the rats finally reached their destination.  After passing through a number of maintenance doors and small access tunnels, the group stepped out into what seemed to be a long-abandoned underground rail station.  Mary and Justin both looked around the dark, forlorn complex with wonder and amazement; neither of them suspected that places like this existed right under the streets of the city.  The station’s design and décor suggested that it had been built sometime in the early 20th century, perhaps around the 1920s.  And, judging by the obsolete equipment, broken fixtures, and the thick coating of dust, the place hadn’t been used in a very, very long time. 

The rats seemed familiar enough with the eerie station; they continued to poke and prod the humans along whenever they paused or stumbled.  After climbing up several flights of stairs, a dim light became visible down an old hallway.  Sure enough, after pushing open a heavy and rusted door, the group stepped out into the bright glare of the mid-day sun.  None of the rats seemed particularly pleased at the prospect of coming outside, but they kept their complaints to a minimum after a few angry words from Boss. 

After closing the unmarked door to the underground, the group of rats continued escorting their captives towards their ultimate destination.  Justin and Mary scanned the block for any kind of familiar landmarks, but this area was one of the older and less-traveled parts of the city.  None of the street names were familiar to either of them.  The streets were mostly narrow one-way lanes surrounded on both sides by either antiquated brick buildings or run-down factories and warehouses.  Justin briefly recalled hearing from a friend on campus about a ‘red light’ district somewhere in the old town.  Was this it?  It certainly seemed seedy enough.  The piles of trash, scrapped cars, and other junk were obviously in place long before the world went to hell.  If they were going to be sold off into slavery, this would certainly be the kind of place to do it, he thought.

The group of rats paraded their captives through the tight streets while scanning every dark alley and shadowy window for any sign of trouble.  Even with four armed guards, one with a machine gun, it was clear the rats were still wary of something that lurked in the area.  However, other than a few scared mutants fleeing at the sight of the well-armed convoy, the group ran into no trouble.  After turning down one last alley, the group arrived at their destination: the Stables.

The Stables stood out pretty well in the dilapidated neighborhood.  Even though the old building was fairly run-down and in desperate need of repairs, it was by and large the biggest building on the block.  Judging by the design and layout, it was probably a hotel complex; although it was clear to see it was well past its prime.  The building was probably built at least a century ago, and, judging by the architecture, it was probably a fairly luxurious and ritzy place during its heyday.  As the group approached, Justin and Mary could make out a massive, illuminated sign placed above the front lobby doors.  Large, crudely painted letters welcomed visitors to ‘the Stables’.  Several horseshoes adorned the sign, but there was no real indication to either of the humans of what went on inside this strange building.

Two tall guards stood at attention on either side of the front doors.  It wasn’t until the group got closer that their features could be discerned.  They, too, were mutants; a variety of horse-like features covered their bodies.  Their heads appeared far more equine than human - each with a long, horse-like muzzle and flexible ears perched atop their skulls.  Their powerfully built and muscular bodies were coated in the sleek, coarse fur of a horse.  Long horse tails twitched lazily upon their backsides.  It was plain to see that both of these horse-people were clearly male.  Neither wore any clothing to cover the massive equine genitalia between their legs.  Each one sported a long, thick, black horse cock that reached below their knees.  A pair of huge, swollen balls hung heavily behind their dangling cocks.  Justin and Mary both blushed and looked away from the lewd sight as they were forced closer and closer toward the building.  The horsemen tilted their heads with curiosity as they regarded the approaching rats and their captives.

Boss, again clad in her shining, silvery dress, stepped out in front of the humans and approached the horsemen.  She placed her paws upon her wide hips and held her head high, looking very much like a woman who knows exactly what she wants and expects to get it,

“Move aside boys, we’re here to trade.”

The two horsemen exchanged glances before nodding to each other.  Without saying a word, one of the horsemen stepped inside the building, only to return a minute later with another horseman.  The guards re-took their position by the door, leaving the third horseman to approach the group of rats with his arms crossed.  This newest horse was clearly someone of authority, and it wasn’t hard to see why.  The Clydesdale horseman stood well over eight feet tall and was completely packed with muscle.  His massive hands looked like they could easily crush anyone who dared oppose him.  But, despite how intimidating this horseman was, Boss seemed completely unafraid of him.  She approached the imposing Clydesdale and stared up at his face with unflinching authority,

“The hell are you?  We’re here to speak with your boss, not one of his flunkies.  Now go get your boss or get out of our way.”

The massive Clydesdale snorted through his large muzzle,

“Boss is busy.  You deal with me.”

The elegantly-clad rat was clearly not used to this kind of service.  She angrily shouted at the huge horseman while poking a clawed finger into his chest,

“Like hell he’s busy!  We’ve got some grade-A premium goods, here.  I ain’t trading with some nobody like you!”

The Clydesdale was not impressed,

“Boss is busy.  You deal with me.” 

The rat sneered and hissed, but said nothing.  She contemplated his offer for a brief moment before relenting,

“Fine…but you can be sure we’ll be takin’ our business elsewhere after this!  The ‘roos over at Down Under pay just as much as you and don’t give me half as much shit!”

If the horseman was impressed by her threat, he didn’t show it.  He stoically stared down at the rat woman with calm coolness,

“Well?  What you got?”

“Wha..?  What have I got?!  Take a look, you idiot!  Humans!  Two of them!” Boss stepped aside and gestured angrily at the two bound humans.

The Clydesdale raised an eyebrow and approached Justin and Mary on his heavy hooves.  The horseman’s gigantic cock was dangling nearly at eye-level, which caused both of them to look to the side out of disgust as the horseman drew near.  The Clydesdale looked over the two humans for a few moments before again speaking in his deep, rumbling voice,

“They pure?  Can never be too sure with you rats.  Know how you can’t resist playing with ‘em.”

Boss growled angrily at the remark,

“Of course they’re pure, just look at them, you ass!”

Justin thought he caught a glimpse of a smirk briefly cross the horseman’s lips.  The horseman methodically examined both of the bound humans like a butcher inspecting cuts of meat.  The process was thoroughly embarrassing for both Mary and Justin.  Whenever either of them grumbled or tried to pull out of the huge horseman’s grasp, a sharp poke from one of the armed rats reminded them the importance of cooperating.  The mutant Clydesdale ran his thick, hoof-like hands up and down every inch of their bodies, and every space in between.  After a few minutes of feeling up the two humans, the Clydesdale nodded and grunted in approval,

“Come.” He turned about and gestured for them to follow him inside, “Your guards - they stay outside.”

This time, Boss did not argue with the horseman.  With a few whispered commands to her subordinates, she followed the massive horseman into the antiquated building.  Justin and Mary felt the heavy hoof-tipped hands of one of horsemen guards grab them by the shoulders and forcefully escort them inside. 

Beyond the front door, an elegant hotel lobby awaited.  Although the carpet was stained and torn in a few places, the room retained much of its antiquated charm and finery.  Stylish oil lamp fixtures softly lit the interior.  Immediately to the left was an unoccupied receptionist’s desk.  A small, hand-written sign was propped up on the counter that informed the group that the receptionist was currently ‘On break’, and that customers should ring the bell for service.  Seeing that no one was behind the desk, the Clydesdale huffed angrily and banged a massive fist on the countertop,

“That damn ass, where the hell did she get to this time?” The stallion slammed his hand on the bell several times while yelling, “Jenny!  Jenny get out here, damn it!”

After waiting a few seconds, it was clear that ‘Jenny’ wouldn’t be returning any time soon.  Boss took the opportunity to throw another insult at the Stable’s poor service standards,

“No wonder this place is falling apart, you can’t even keep your staff occupied for five minutes!  Or is the problem that they’re too occupied?  And you said that we rats couldn’t be trusted to stop playing around…”

The Clydesdale grunted angrily and glared at the smug-looking rat.  He turned to the horseman who still had his hoof-tipped hands clamped tightly on the humans,

“You.  Go get some bridles for the fresh meat.”

The horseman nodded and quickly shuffled off, eager to not draw any of the intimidating Clydesdale’s wrath.  After the horseman disappeared through an ‘Employees only’ door, the two remaining mutants suddenly had a complete reversal of demeanor.  Wide, pleasant grins spread across their faces as two embraced,

“Oh Armin, it’s good to see you.”

“You too, my dear.”

Justin and Mary exchanged confused glances as the two mutants kissed passionately.  No more than a minute ago, the two looked like they were ready to tear out each other’s throats.  Now, they were eagerly plunging their tongues down each other’s throats instead.  The two broke off their impassioned kiss momentarily, but their hands continued to rub and grope each other’s bodies.

“I hate that we have to hide our love like this.” The horseman, ‘Armin’, moaned out while nuzzling his lover’s neck.

“Mmm…me too, hun,” the rat girl sudden put on a straight face, “You been playing around with the mares?”

The horseman grinned and snickered knowingly, “Who, me?”

Boss smiled and ran her long tongue along the horseman’s muzzle, “Hehehe…good, that’s what I like to hear.  Ya slut.” 

Again, the strange lovers locked lips in a tight, lusty kiss.  Justin was staring at the scene with a look of confusion and disgust when he felt a slight tap on his leg; Mary poked his shin with her foot to draw his attention.  When the two locked eyes, Justin immediately knew what she was planning.  She nodded her head backwards at an open doorway on the other side of the lobby.  With the two mutants distracted, maybe they could sneak out?  It was better than sticking around here and waiting for them to do…whatever it was that they had planned, Justin decided.  With a slight nod to Mary, he took one last glance at the two lovers and followed her lead.

The two tip-toed their way down the hall.  They passed several doors on either side, but most were unlabeled.  Mary was keeping her hopes up for an emergency exit or a back door.  The hallway stretched for another hundred feet or so.  An unlit ‘Exit’ sign at the end of the hall indicated that there was probably at least a fire exit at the end.  Agonizing seconds passed by.  The two humans knew that at any moment, their captors would notice that they had slipped away.  The hotel was huge, but it was also probably chock full of mutants.  At any second, one of the many side doors they passed could unexpectedly burst open to reveal another of the horsemen, eager to grab the prized humans.  The two of them steadily picked up the pace as they moved further and further from their captors.

Then, suddenly, the inevitable happened.  A loud, terrifying sound echoed down the corridor.  It almost sounded like a man roaring in anger crossed with a horses’ neigh.  There was no doubt to whom the voice belonged to.  Justin and Mary felt their hearts skip a beat.  The time for stealth was gone; they both began sprinting down the hall.  From far behind, they heard a deep, commanding voice shout,

“You!  Stop right there!”

Neither of them cared to follow the order.  The heavy clomping sound of hooves on the thin carpeting began echoing through the hallway.   At last they reached the end of the hall, a T-intersection.  An arrow underneath the exit sign indicated that their freedom could be found to the left, and the two humans clamored in that direction.  There, only a dozen feet ahead of them, was a closed emergency exit.  The sound of heavy, thumping hoof-beats were clearly getting louder and closer.  Mary reached the door first.  With a heavy thud, she threw her weight into the crash-bar of the door and…bounced off.  The door didn’t budge.  Justin nearly tripped over Mary as she tumbled backwards on the floor.  He, too, threw his weight into the door to no avail.  For some reason, the emergency exit was sealed tight.  Mary and Justin felt panic wash over them; they were trapped!

With her hands still bound behind her, Mary awkwardly stumbled to her feet just in time to see the huge, hulking mass of the Clydesdale turn the corner.  Justin took one look back at the terrifying beast and again threw his weight into the emergency exit, but it was no use.  The door held tight.  The Clydesdale let out an angry snort through his wide nostrils and plodded his way down the small hall towards the two humans.  His eyes were narrowed into angry slits.  Mary tried to back away from the huge creature, but only managed to bump into Justin.  The huge horse-man flexed his well-muscled arms and extended his wide hands to make a grab at the humans.  At the last second, Mary tried to duck and get underneath his reach, but the horse’s reflexes proved too fast.  The horseman grabbed Mary by the throat and effortlessly picked her up.  She struggled feebly in his massive hand, but without her hands, she could only put up a token fight. 

The sight of Mary held aloft by the mutant threw Justin’s mind into a fury.  Protective anger overtook him.  He let out a muffled growl of rage and charged at the huge creature with his shoulder, intent on slamming his weight into the beast’s chest.  However, the horseman’s inhuman reactions were more than enough to counter the charge.  With his free hand, the powerful Clydesdale back-handed the human and slammed him into the wall.  Justin’s shoulder throbbed with pain after colliding with the wall, but his rage was not quelled.  Again, he moved toward the horse, but this time focused on attempting to dodge his powerful hand at the last second.  Somehow, against all odds, Justin managed to duck below the reach of the Clydesdale.  Emboldened by anger and adrenaline, Justin then forcefully slammed a knee directly into the crotch of the horseman.  With such a large target, he found that it was surprisingly easy for him to connect. 

Mary fell and collapsed on the ground.  The horseman had released his grasp on her and fell to his knees.  He held his battered testicles in his hands while letting out a long, loud groan from the incredible pain.  There was no doubt that he’d be incapacitated for quite some time.  Justin, meanwhile, knelt down by his coughing friend and nudged her; trying to get her back on her feet.  With the gag still firmly in her mouth, it was difficult for Mary to catch her breath.  She coughed and gasped a few more times, but she finally managed to get stumble and stand back up. 

Justin peered around the corner and back down the hallway.  There were two more figures running towards them.  They had to act, and quick.  Justin let out a muffled yell to Mary, trying to get the dazed woman to follow his lead.  She was still shaken and trying to regain her breath, but she nodded in understanding.  Justin led her further into the Stables, away from the emergency exit.  This hallway was also lined on both sides by nearly identical doors, almost all of which were unlabeled.  Heavy, thumping footsteps drew closer from behind; he had to make a choice.  At random, Justin picked a door, turned around and grasped the knob with his bound hands, and gave it a twist.  This time, luck was on their side - the door was unlocked and easily swung open.  The two humans practically fell inside. 

Unfortunately, the two of them landed inside a small storage room.  To their dismay, the unlit room was no larger than a broom closet.  Heaps of old clothing lay on the floor of the room, remnants from former captives, Mary assumed.  Still, there was a slight chance the horsemen might not find them hiding in the closet.  Justin carefully closed the door, trying his hardest to keep the sound as quiet as possible.  The humans then sat in total darkness as they strained to listen for footsteps outside. 

They didn’t have to wait long.  Mere seconds after the door closed, the heavy hoof beats of their pursuers thudded to a stop somewhere down the hallway.  Muffled voices talked amongst themselves.  Loud, thumping steps approached.  Mary and Justin held their breath.  The thumping grew louder.  For a brief moment, a shadow swept across the sliver of light at the base of the door.  Silence.  Justin’s lungs began to burn; but he dared not breathe.  Did their pursuers pass by?  The doorknob rattled, turned, and suddenly the small room was bathed with light.  Justin and Mary felt their hearts sink in despair and resignation.  Three of the huge, muscular horsemen were right outside.  And, standing in front of them, was one very intimidating and very angry looking Clydesdale.   The huge stallion simply sneered at the humans and snorted irritably. 

Any fight left within the two humans rapidly vanished.  They were cornered, exhausted, and outnumbered.  There was no choice but to again surrender.  Within minutes, they were being escorted through the dimly lit halls of the Stables, this time under heavy guard.  Eventually, the horsemen brought the humans to their destination: a small dining room of some sort.  The room had long since been repurposed for a far different use.  Rather than elegant dining tables filled with fine silver and chinaware, the room now featured a floor covered in fresh straw and a number of hitching posts.  The horsemen forcefully shoved their captives inside the strange room.  Again, Justin and Mary heard the deep, commanding voice of Armin, the Clydesdale,

“Gear them up.  I will return after negotiating with the rats.  I plan on breaking these two in personally.

The horseman practically spat out the last word in anger.  No doubt he was furious from the near-escape and from Justin’s assault.  With another loud snort, the Clydesdale stomped back down the hall, leaving Justin and Mary alone with several of the other horsemen.  The two humans wondered momentarily what the stallion meant when he commanded them to be ‘geared up’.  However, it was soon made clear when one of the horsemen retrieved a pair of leather bridles and reigns from the corner of the room.  In the powerful hands of the horse mutants, neither Justin nor Mary could put up more than a futile struggle. 

With practiced ease, the horsemen soon had the bridles strapped upon the humans.  The thick leather devices were clearly fit for humans, yet they retained all of the features a proper horse’s bridle would have; including a thick metal bit stuffed into their mouths.  Compared to the nasty rags that had been gagging them, the bits were easier to breathe around, but far more uncomfortable.  Once the bridles were tightly strapped to the humans, their reigns were then securely tied to the hitching posts.  The lengths of leather were just short enough to keep the two of them from standing up properly, leaving Mary and Justin no choice but to kneel down at the hitching posts in embarrassment.  With their captives properly restrained, the horsemen violently tore their clothing off.  Justin and Mary tried in vain to hide their bare bodies, but with their arms still bound behind them, and being tied to the posts, the best they could do was clasp their legs together.  The horsemen smiled and whickered amongst themselves happily, all apparently very eager to see what was going to happen next. 

Minutes dragged on.  The two humans could do nothing but glare at the horsemen while they chatted.  A bet was proposed to see which of the humans would ‘break’ first.  Two of the mutants decided that the feisty male, who had incapacitated their powerful boss, would probably take the longest to break.  The other two claimed that the female looked far more willful, and would probably fight until the end.  Thus, the bet was split 50/50, and all parties agreed that the losers would have to suck off the winners.  After a few more minutes of teasing and joking amongst the horsemen, the stomping hoof beats of the huge Clydesdale again reverberated down the halls. 

The powerful beast then appeared in the doorway, seeming somehow larger than ever before.  There was a clear look of anger, frustration, and malice in the mutant’s eyes.  As he entered, the other four horsemen stepped aside and took up positions on the side of the room, eager to watch the show unfold.  Justin and Mary felt shivers of fear tingle down their spines as the intimidating figure approached.  He parted his equine lips in a cruel smile and addressed them in a loud, authoritative tone,

“Welcome to the Stables.”

Something about the way that he said the simple phrase seemed so meaningful…so ominous.  It made their blood run cold.  He began to pace back and forth in front of them, continuing with his drill-instructor like speech,

“From this point on, you are not humans,” There was a clear tone of loathing when he spoke the word ‘humans’, “From this point on, you are now mares.  The quicker you come to accept this fact, the easier this will all be on you.  You will forget your past life.  That part of you is now dead.  You are now a mare.  You are property of the Stables.  You are now little filly sluts.  From now on, your only purpose in life, your only desire, will be to do as you are commanded.  You will have no more independent thoughts.  You will want nothing more than to do what you are commanded.  You will submit to your owners.  Your bodies belong to us.  You are the mares, and I am your stallion.  Do I make myself clear?”

The intimidating horseman stopped his rant and locked eyes with each of the two humans.  It almost looked like he hoped they would remain defiant.  Of course, neither Mary nor Justin would have any part in submitting to this crazy mutant.  Mary looked away and simply ignored him.  Justin stared right back at the creature with a look of defiance and hatred.  Again, a cruel smile spread across the beast’s equine lips.  He stomped towards Justin first.

 With one of his broad, powerful hands, the mutant grabbed hold of Justin’s hair and pulled the man’s head in place so that he was forced to look straight at the massive horseman’s crotch.  The Clydesdale forcibly held Justin’s face mere inches from his dangling cock.  Justin’s gut twisted with revulsion.  He could smell a potent, heady aroma emanating from the stallion’s body.  Justin had never been close to a horse before, an actual one anyways, but he assumed that the strange scent was exactly what one would smell like.  The beast held Justin’s face teasingly close to his crotch for several seconds before speaking,

“Take a good look, little filly.  Soon enough, you’ll be thinking of nothing else but this.  You’ll be begging for this huge cock to fill your body and fill you with foals.  It will become your life.”

The stallion shoved Justin’s head back.  From the back of the room, the spectating horsemen let out quiet, whicker-like laughs.  Next, the Clydesdale stomped over to Mary, who continued to look away from the intimidating mutant.  Just like he had done with her friend, the domineering horse grabbed her by the hair and practically rubbed her face into his crotch.  Mary tried to say something, but all she could get out through the thick metal bit in her mouth was a series of garbled sounds.  The Clydesdale snorted at this before continuing,

“Yes, the bits remain in your mouths until I say so.  Speech is a privilege.  One that you must earn.  Only good, submissive little maresluts get to speak.  The same goes for your reigns.  Once you accept that you are mares - that you will always be mares - then you will again be allowed to walk.”

The horseman let go of Mary’s hair and went back to pacing back and forth in front of the two ‘trainees’.  Long hours dragged on as the domineering stallion continued to ‘train’ the newest additions to the Stables.  He drilled into them the importance of being a submissive little mare.  He continuously reminded them how they were no longer humans.  They were now maresluts.  They were always maresluts.  To be a maresult was to be submissive.  To be submissive was to be happy.  The continual influx of conditioning began to blur and soak into the humans’ overloaded minds.  It was eerily overpowering just to listen to it.

The near-constant flurry of insults, commands, and authoritative coaching began to wear down the humans.  Somehow, the verbal assault began to actually physically exhaust them.  After several agonizing hours, their first ‘training session’ was finally complete.  With one last reminder that he would be back in the morning to continue their training, Armin finally left.  The spectating horsemen chatted amongst themselves for a few minutes before they, too, left.  Apparently, there was no clear indication which of the humans would be the first to break, but they were all very eager to see how they would fare come morning. 

Mary and Justin were then left alone.  They glanced at each other briefly, but neither of them could look the other in the eyes.  The thoroughly demeaning experience left them both feeling broken and embarrassed.  Mary tried to lie down on the straw, but was again reminded of the aggravating reigns tied to her bridle.  It was just short enough to keep her from standing, and it was just short enough to keep from lying down properly.  With a sigh of resignation, she leaned back against the hitching post and rested.  Before long, both she and Justin drifted off into an uneasy sleep. 

They were awoken some time later by the sound of happy, content humming.  The tune was unfamiliar, but the pleasant, feminine voice was comforting to listen to.  At first, Justin thought he was dreaming.  But, when he opened his eyes, he discovered the source of the soothing sound.  Another horse-like mutant had entered the room at some point, but this one was clearly female.  Like the other horsemen, she was coated in coarse hair.  However, her white pelt was sleek and shiny, obviously well-groomed.  She was kneeling down in the corner of the room on her long, slender legs.  The mare was calmly reading a book while quietly humming to herself.  Justin couldn’t help but find the inhuman creature…beautiful.  Her face was far more equine than human, but he found that her horse-like ears, muzzle and mane all looked rather pretty.  When she paused to flip the page of her book, she glanced up and caught sight of Justin staring at her.  Her lips curled up in an awkward smile, and she spoke with a lovely, soothing voice,

“O-oh!  Hi there.  Sorry if I woke you, hun.  I, uh…When I really get into a book, sometimes I hum without thinking about it.”

The mare woman looked a little embarrassed at having woken up the bound man.  Justin absent-mindedly wondered if she was blushing underneath that coat of fur on her muzzle.  He wanted to reassure the bashful mare and tell her that her humming was quite nice to wake up to, but he was rudely reminded of the bit in his mouth when he tried to speak.  In the meantime, Mary gently opened her eyes as the soft whispers woke her up.  When she noticed Mary stir, the mare again looked distraught.  She spoke in a soft, demure voice,

“Oh no! I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to wake you up.  I-I came here to bring you two some food, but you were both asleep so…I-I didn’t want to bother you…” the mare’s voice trailed off as she apologized.  She set her book upon the straw covered floor and instead grabbed two bowls that were sitting down beside her, “Um…I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to take off your bridles yet, so…this will be a bit awkward...  Sorry.”

The white mare stood up on her long, slender legs and walked towards the two bound humans.  Mary found herself a bit at awe at how easily the mare walked on her hooves.  It seemed like it would feel a lot like walking in high heels, but the mare was very graceful in her movements.  In fact, Mary idly found herself looking over every aspect of the mare’s body and finding it all quite appealing to look at - her lovely pelt of horse hair, her long, swishing horse tail…even her well-groomed hooves.  In the meantime, the mare knelt down between the two humans and set both bowls down.  A white, creamy liquid swirled around inside - obviously milk of some sort.  Having settled down on the straw floor next to the humans, the mare continued,

“Oh!  I-I’m Clover, by the way.  I, uh…well I’m really excited to get to know you!  Um…after you get the bridles off, of course.”

Clover appeared to be struggling to rationalize how the two humans were obviously not here of their own accord.  After pausing a moment, she grabbed one of the bowls of milk and lifted it up towards Justin’s face,

“Um…this will probably be a bit messy.  Sorry.”

At first, Justin wanted nothing to do with the strange milk.  With power out throughout the city, he didn’t need many guesses to figure out where this liquid came from.  However, when Clover brought the bowl up to his face, he suddenly found himself very hungry, and extremely thirsty.  His stomach growled demandingly to remind him that it had been a very long time since he had anything to eat or drink.  And, oddly enough, the creamy milk smelled…delicious!  When Clover put the bowl to his lips and tilted it back, he eagerly gulped down the liquid.  Thick rivulets of the warm fluid trickled down the corners of his mouth, but he managed to drink down most of the milk around the bit.  Before long, Justin had downed the entire bowl of milk and found himself wanting more.  Clover smiled happily at how eagerly Justin drank.  She brought one of her hoof-tipped fingers to his chin and wiped away the dribbled milk. 

“There we go, that better?”

Justin felt a little bit perturbed by how eagerly he just gulped down the milk, but he couldn’t deny that he felt much better after filling his empty stomach.  He blushed in embarrassment, but nodded his head contentedly.  This seemed to satisfy Clover.  She set down Justin’s empty bowl and then grabbed Mary’s.  Much to her own embarrassment, Mary’s stomach was also impatiently demanding the milky offering.  When the mare placed the bowl to her mouth, she leaned forward eagerly and nearly spilled the contents.  Clover tried to calm her,

“Whoa, whoa; easy now, hun.  Take your time.”

Mary closed her eyes and focused on drinking down the delicious liquid around her bit.  Like Justin, some of the creamy substance leaked out past her lips, but she managed to drink down the whole bowl full in seconds.  As the rich milk trickled down her throat, Mary thought she felt a soothing warmth spread throughout her body.  Clover smiled happily at the two humans before again rising to stand.

“I, um… I’ll let you two get some sleep now.  M-maybe we can talk tomorrow?” Clover glanced at Mary’s bridle momentarily and frowned, “…O-or you know…whenever you…Um, anyway, sleep well, ok?”

The shy mare gave the two a parting wave and walked out, empty bowls and book in hand.  Justin and Mary both sighed with satisfaction.  The warm milk filled their empty stomachs and made them feel content and relaxed.  A strange, yet pleasant warmth seemed to radiate from their stomachs and spread throughout their bodies.  The trials of the past days faded away and they drifted into a deep sleep.  The two humans were already fast asleep when the infectious mare’s milk began to alter their bodies…

Many hours later, a loud, snorting laugh abruptly woke up the pair.  Groggily, Justin and Mary blinked open their eyes to again reveal the towering Clydesdale standing before them; his lips curled up in a big grin.  Behind him, the peanut gallery of horsemen were already eagerly gathered for the morning’s training session.  Clearly, they all found something very amusing.  Armin let out a few more snorting, neigh-like laughs before speaking,

“Good, good.  You’re both starting to look the part already!” he paused and took in the confused looks from the humans before continuing, “Hm..?  You haven’t noticed?  Or maybe your new bodies feel so natural to you that you finally accepted what you truly are?”

The Clydesdale gestured at the two humans with his wide hands, directing their gazes downwards, towards their own bodies.  Almost in unison, the two humans looked down and let out a muffled gasp around their bits.  Sure enough, as they slept, the infectious milk had been hard at work reshaping their bodies. 

First and foremost, the most obvious change was their faces.  When they brought their gazes downwards to examine their bodies, both of the humans noticed a strange shape jutting out from their faces; the start of new, equine muzzles.  The shape of their skulls had been altered overnight, resulting in their noses and mouths being pushed outward into a slight muzzle.  The startling revelation prompted Mary and Justin to look at each other.  Both sets of eyes widened in shock as they examined each other.  Unfortunately, the horse-like faces were not the only changes their bodies had endured. 

Mary looked down at Justin’s body and cringed.  When Justin caught sight of her reaction, he, too, looked down to see what it was that drew her attention.  He had to tilt his head to the side to see around his new muzzle, but it was immediately obvious what she was so taken aback by.  Hanging off of his chest, Justin now sported a pair of perky breasts.  His previously solid and muscular pecs had inflated dramatically, leaving Justin with a set of B-cup breasts, each tipped with thick, puffy nipples.  And the changes to his body didn’t stop there.  All along his previously sculpted and masculine body, the curves and angles had been shifted to a much softer, delicate form.  His waist had been drastically narrowed, and his hips were much wider.  Every contour of his body had extra padding to it, making him look very dainty and feminine.  Even his legs, once powerful and toned, were now long, slender, and girlish. 

Justin’s mind was spinning; this all seemed so unreal.  Was he dreaming?  He looked like…like a mare.  The word sprung to his mind without any prompt, but he had to admit, it was apt.  The horse-like face, his slender, toned body…it all seemed to suggest that he was infected and changing into a mare, just as the Clydesdale had predicted.  The only comfort he had was that his manhood appeared mostly unchanged.  It was hard to be certain, but his package did seem a little bit…smaller.  But, at least it was there…for now.  A shiver ran down his spine.  Was it too late to stop this from happening?  Was he going to change into a mare, just like that horse-woman who visited the night before?  He felt sick.  His stomach was twisting in knots.  Thoughts rushed through his mind; memories of people being raped on the street and forcibly changed.  Memories of the pretty young mare, Clover, and her beautiful body.  Thoughts of those horsemen and their…huge…bulging…throbbing…Justin shook his head.  No, he thought, I am NOT a mare!  I can fight this! 

In the meantime, Mary, too, was examining her body with equal amounts of despair and anguish.  It was bad enough seeing her good friend literally changed into some kind of…girl-boy horse creature.  But…looking down and discovering an unfamiliar, mutated body where you expect to find your own?  It made her head hurt and her stomach ache.  Just like Justin, Mary found that her body had been altered into a more equine form.  Her legs had obviously lengthened overnight.  And her feet were starting their transition into hooves.  On each foot, the outer toes had drastically shrunk, while the middle three began to merge together.  The nails on her combined toes had fused together and thickened, obviously they would eventually become hooves.  But, her body’s changes were not restricted to simply horse-like traits.

Mary’s body was never one of a supermodel or porn star, and she was okay with that.    She accepted her flat chest and thin, lithe figure.  However, overnight, that had all changed.  In mere hours, her breasts had grown at least three cup sizes.  Her waist and hips were both sculpted and enhanced until she had a bombshell body most women would kill for.  Even her ass had expanded; leaving her with a big, ample, squeezable butt.  Years ago, Mary would have been delighted with this sexy new body.  But now, it all seemed so eerily…wrong.  Unnatural.

Mary and Justin were abruptly interrupted from inspecting their bodies when the towering Clydesdale in front of them cleared his throat,

“You ladies finished?” Justin grunted angrily at the question, which only caused the stallion to smile more before he continued, “It’s time we resumed your training.  But first, I have a gift for each of you.”

Armin retrieved a pair of small, strap-like items from nearby.  Holding one in each hand, he returned to his trainees and proudly displayed a pair of leather collars, each with an engraved nameplate on the front.

“Remember, your old lives are now a thing of the past.  You are now mares.  And, your owner has seen fit to give his newest mares proper names.  You will forget your old name.  This is your new name.”

The Clydesdale approached Justin first and held out one of the thick leather collars.  He brought the item up to Justin’s eyes so that he could clearly read the name on it: ‘Buttercup’.  Justin sneered in disgust and anger.  Buttercup!?  They were going to name him Buttercup!?  When the horseman began to bring the collar towards Justin to place it around his neck, Justin squirmed away in defiance.  He made several gagged protests through his bit.  This caused Armin to narrow his eyes and bellow out a single, simple command,


The word almost seemed to strike Justin.  No sooner had his mind processed the sound, he found himself instantly frozen in place.  He couldn’t resist the command!  His mind reeled as he tried to comprehend what had just happened.  Meanwhile, the Clydesdale smiled with satisfaction and tightened the collar around Justin’s neck.  Afterwards, the stallion ruffled Justin’s hair with one of his broad, powerful hands,

“Good girl.”

Justin’s eyes widened with shock.  That simple phrase, that sentence of praise – it felt…good.  Hearing the compliment from the stallion sent happy tingles down his spine and flooded his mind with pleasant feelings of contentment.  Realization crashed down hard upon the young man: the infection wasn’t just affecting his body.  It was also reshaping his mind.  Justin’s body went slack as he processed the information.  His head drooped down and he stared unblinkingly at the floor, mind lost in thought. 

The Clydesdale left Justin to his thoughts and moved on towards the other human.  Mary involuntarily gulped and eyed the other collar nervously; the name ‘Willow’ was clearly engraved upon it.  Her new identity, she realized.  She, too, backed away from the dreaded thing when the horse brought it to her.  She saw what the stallion did to Justin, but she didn’t understand.  It was like all of the fight in Justin suddenly left with one word from the horseman.  Why did it affect him so profoundly?  However, just like Justin, a single, authoritative command from the mutant froze her in place,


Now she understood.  The stallion’s words, they were so…powerful.  She couldn’t resist them.  She, too, realized that her mind was being corrupted by the strange infection, leaving her submissive towards the creature.  As the leather was placed around her neck, she tried to summon any will left in her body to fight against it, but none remained.  The horseman gently stroked her black hair and praised her,

“Good girl.”

Like with her friend, Mary found her body instinctively reacting to the praise.  It felt so good to be complimented by the dominant creature.  She knew that it wasn’t right, that she was being manipulated, but it didn’t matter.  It was like her mind was being split in two – a human half, and a mare half.  And right now, it felt like the mare half was winning.   

The two humans sat quietly through the day’s training.  Again, the stallion drilled into them the importance of being submissive little mares, their place in the Stables, and their new purpose in life.  Armin also made sure to constantly remind the mares of their new names, and how they should forget their old ones.  His words seemed to drift ethereally into their heads and nestle deep inside.  They tried to fight it, but the infected portions of their minds eagerly accepted the information.  It was getting harder and harder to remember that they were humans.  That they were ever humans.

Eventually, several hours later, the stallion finished the session with a long diatribe on how beautiful the new mares would look once they are pregnant with their first foals.  By this point, Justin and Mary were both staring forward with glazed eyes.  The constant barrage from the Clydesdale left them feeling dizzy and hypnotized.  However, when the stallion moved forward and removed the bit from Justin’s mouth, the two of them were roused from the daze.  Justin coughed and enjoyed the relief of having the thick metal obstruction out of his mouth.  The stallion, meanwhile, held the bit in front of Justin’s face and asked a simple, yet ominous question,

“What is your name, little mare?”

The man’s mind spun.  He knew what would happen if he said the wrong thing.  That damned bit would go back in his mouth.  But…as much as he hated the thought of that, he hated the thought of giving in to the mutant even more.  He stared directly at the horseman and stated his actual name.  At least, that’s what he intended.

“My name is J-“

He paused.  His brow furrowed with confusion.  Why..?  Why couldn’t he say his name?  He steeled his resolve and tried again,

“…M-My name is…J…J-Ju…”

It was like his lips refused to speak the word!  The young man let out a sigh of frustration and tried once more,

“My.  Name.  Is.  Buttercup.”

His eyes widened in shock.  No!  That wasn’t right!  He didn’t mean to say that!  All around the room, the gathered horsemen whickered in amusement.  Buttercup felt her cheeks redden in embarrassment.  Had she actually just called herself that?  The mare shook her head in denial before stammering again,

“M-my…name…is… B-Bu…” another shake of her head, “my name…is…Buttercup.”

Her face fell in resignation.  Try as she might, Buttercup simply couldn’t get the right word to come out.  The infection; it was too far entrenched in her mind.  Was it too late?  Could she fight this any longer?  Or was she destined to be a mare?  Could she ever go back to being a human?  The powerful stallion put away her bit and smiled happily.  He again gently rustled her hair,

“Good girl.”

Buttercup let out an involuntary whine.  It felt so good to hear those words.  Deep down inside, she knew she should fight those feelings, but it felt like her mind was no longer her own.  It was like her mind and body were running on some animalistic instinct.  The stallion left Buttercup to her thoughts and moved on to the other mare.  Again, he removed her bit and asked the same, simple question,

“And you, little mare; what is your name?”

Mary stretched her lips and contorted her face at the sudden relief of having the bit removed.  However, she simply couldn’t enjoy the sensation; she was far too preoccupied by the horror of what she just heard.  Her good friend, whom she had known for many years, had just willingly referred to himself as ‘Buttercup’.  Just how powerful was this infection, anyway?!  Was it actually twisting her friend’s mind and making him think of himself as a horse?  A female horse?  Would she start feeling the same way?  No, she decided, she could fight this.  With eyes filled with anger, she glared at the horseman and spoke,


Her eyes widened a bit with worry.  She had to fight – no, she had to struggle - to get each of the words out.  The infection really was affecting her thoughts.  It felt so wrong to speak out against the stallion.  But, somehow, she got the words out.  The spectating horsemen whickered in quiet laughter at her outburst, but the massive Clydesdale in front of her had a very different reaction.  His eyes narrowed in displeasure.  Mary looked at his face in shock.  He was…disappointed in her.  She felt sick.  She had let him down.  The mare in her was aghast that Mary would willingly defy her master like that.  When the stallion reached forward and replaced her bit, Mary didn’t struggle at all.  Part of her knew that she deserved this punishment.  With the bit re-set in her mouth, Mary looked back down at the straw-covered floor and tried to sort out her mind.  She had to focus.  She was a human, damn it! 

Meanwhile, the towering Clydesdale stood back up on his hooves and addressed the mares,

“Rest now, little mares.  Tomorrow, we will continue your training.”

With that, Armin again left the new mares.  The small group of spectating horsemen erupted in excited talk at the revelations.  The male was close to breaking, and the female was still defiant.  The two horsemen who had bet on the female breaking first contended that she was just as close to the breaking point as the male.  Mary, overhearing this statement, couldn’t help but agree with them.  She was close to breaking, and she knew it.  It was hard enough to defy the Clydesdale, and afterwards, she willingly let him gag her again.  She understood now how Justin felt; it was like her mind was rebelling against her.  Her thoughts were no longer her own.  She looked up from the floor and at the young man next to her.  His face was one of profound confusion, despair, and anguish.  He simply stared ahead at the ground.  She could tell his mind was in overdrive, simply trying to sort out what was going on. 

The two sat in silence; each deeply lost in their own thoughts.  They weren’t stirred from their reverie until many hours later, when a familiar humming began to drift from the hallway and into their room.  Both humans perked up at the sound of the comforting tune.  Within seconds, Clover had arrived.  She poked her equine face into the room first to check if the humans were awake.  Seeing them both wide-eyed, if a bit somber, she smiled sheepishly and stepped inside.  Again, she carried two wooden bowls in her hands.  The stomachs of both humans audibly gurgled at the sight.  Just like the night before, Clover sat down next to the hitching posts and spoke to the humans in a quiet, pleasant voice,

“Hi again.  I-I figured you’d probably be pretty hungry, so…I brought you some more milk.”

As the shy young mare sat down, she caught sight of Justin’s bridle, and the missing bit.  A happy smile came to her face,

“Oh!  He took out your bit!  That’s good!  I was…well, I was hoping that we could talk a bit?  Maybe?  If it’s okay with you, that is.”

Justin remained silent and stared at the floor.  Clover, obviously feeling a bit awkward, paused and took a glance at Mary.  She noted the bit remained in the young woman’s bridle.  Clover simply looked away and didn’t mention it.  She coughed and cleared her throat before again speaking,

“So…um…” she looked back at Justin, “what’s your name, hun?”

Justin’s face contorted into a look of anguish.  The simple question seemed to deliver a physical blow to him; he doubled over, almost as if he had just been punched in the gut.  His chin began to tremble.  A tear rolled down his face.  Clover’s eyes widened with shock and distress.  She stammered sympathetically,

“Oh!  Oh honey!  I’m so, so, sorry.  I-I didn’t…I didn’t know…”

The mare embraced Justin tightly; he was crying, and hard.  She gently rubbed one of her hoofed hands up and down his back and whispered,

“Shh, shh…Oh hun, I’m so sorry.  I know it’s hard…”

Mary could only watch helplessly as her good friend cried at the revelation that his identity was slowly slipping away.  She wanted so much to go over and comfort him.  She, too, understood how he was feeling right now.  The thought of losing yourself was profoundly distressing.  Mary almost felt herself coming to tears just thinking about it. 

Clover held Justin’s trembling body in her arms for a long minute.  Eventually, he relaxed again, and Clover released him.  She lovingly lifted his chin up and brushed away the tears from his face.  With a compassionate smile, she quietly spoke to him,

“Would you like some milk, hun?  It’ll make you feel better.”

Buttercup simply nodded pitifully.  Deep down, she knew that the milk would keep changing her.  But, her stomach twisted with pain at the thought of denying the meal.  And, besides, she was already changing into a mare, wasn’t she?  There was no way she could fight against this infection.  Why starve herself too?  Clover lifted up the bowl of milk to Buttercup’s lips and tilted it back.  With the bit finally gone, Buttercup found that she could easily gulp down the liquid.  Her parched throat burned, but the quenching liquid filled her body with pleasant warmth and gently swept away all of her pains and worries.  With a loud slurp, she finished off the meal and quietly thanked Clover.  Clover nodded and gave the young mare another quick hug.  She then turned to Mary and sheepishly raised the second bowl to her,

“Um…A-are you hungry, too?  I-I understand if you don’t want it…I won’t force you.”

Mary paused and looked longingly at the milk.  It smelled so good.  She had never felt such pain coming from her stomach before.  And her throat felt like sandpaper was being dragged up and down her esophagus with each breath.  Her mind fought with conflicted desires.  Part of her wanted to drink the nourishing milk to quench her thirst and her hunger.  And another part wanted her to keep changing into a mare.  If she gave in…would there be any going back?  Would she forget her name, just like Justin did?  Her mind spun with confusion and apprehension.  Eventually, she found she simply couldn’t ignore the physical pain any longer.  She leaned forward and accepted the milk.

With greedy gulps, Mary drank down the mare’s milk.  Again, thick streams of the liquid leaked from the corners of her mouth, but she didn’t care.  It felt so good to drink down the warm, creamy milk.  She let out a soft sigh of relief as the pain in her stomach and throat subsided.  The agony she felt was washed away by the beverage and replaced by comforting warmth.  When the stream of milk finally finished pouring into her throat, Mary licked the last few droplets off of the thick bit set in her mouth.  She was lost in the pleasure and relief the milk provided, but a sudden feminine moan from beside her snapped her from her stupor.  At first, Mary didn’t recognize the voice.  But, when she heard it again, Mary instantly understood.  The high-pitched, feminine moans were coming from Justin.

Justin was still sitting upon the straw floor with his back upon the hitching post, but his eyes were closed and he was squirming about.  His breaths were getting faster and deeper - he was panting.   Every so often, he would let out a quiet, sensual moan from his throat; one that sounded far more appropriate for a porno actress than the young man.  It’s happening again, Mary realized.  He’s changing.  Sure enough, as Justin writhed about, his body began to twist and transform before Mary’s eyes. 

She first took notice of Justin’s ears.  They began to grow and expand at an alarming rate.  At the same time, they moved through his hair towards the top of his head.  Within a matter of seconds, Justin’s ears had reformed themselves into the long, wide, tapered ears of a horse.  By the time they settled on the top of his head, a thin coat of chestnut brown hair had covered them.  Mary watched in fascination as the strange, animalistic things twitched and moved. 

Meanwhile, the rest of Justin’s face continued to become more horse-like.  His previously small muzzle rapidly expanded, which elicited more womanly grunts and groans from the young man.  Nostrils widened, bones softly crunched, and teeth reformed before Mary’s very eyes.  As his face finished changing into a horse-like muzzle, a slight coat of that same chestnut hair coated the rest of Justin’s face.  However, it didn’t stop there.  Like paint slowly pouring down a wall, the chestnut brown hair continued to spread down Justin’s body.  Another sensual moan escaped Justin’s equine lips.  Mary gaped at the look of bliss on Justin’s face.  Was he…enjoying this?  Her friend certainly looked like he was.  As the fur continued spreading down his body, Justin continued squirming and moaning happily at the sensation.  Before long, the sleek horse hair had spread all across Justin’s body – from head to hoof. 

After the hair finished coating Justin’s body, he seemed to relax again.  For a moment, Mary pondered if the change had finished.  Then, suddenly, Justin’s eyes bulged open with shock and he let out a startled yelp.  He doubled over for a moment before twisting his horse-like head over his shoulder to look down his back.  What was he looking at?  Mary could hear a slight cracking sound coming from somewhere on her friend’s body, but she couldn’t tell what was happening.  Then, suddenly, a lump began to grow just above Justin’s fur-covered butt.  A tail, Mary realized.  Slowly, the lump grew and lengthened.  Long, thick strands of horse hair slowly grew from it.  Before long, Justin had a long, brown horse’s tail sticking atop his backside.  Mary stared in wonder as the new appendage twitched and flicked back and forth. 

Buttercup, too, was staring in fascination at her new body.  The sudden wave of changes were intense, but also quite pleasant.  Before she knew it, her entire body had been dramatically transformed.  She slowly looked over her body with awe.  Her lovely brown fur, her cute horse tail, her new hooves…they were all so beautiful!  She longed to run her hands along her new fur.  It looked so sleek and soft.  It was perfect!  The new mare smiled happily and adored her body.  However, a surprised moan from Mary snapped Buttercup from her trance.  She looked at her friend with a look of concern before she realized what was going on.  Willow was changing, too!  Buttercup smiled excitedly.  She couldn’t wait to see how her friend would look as a mare!

Just like Buttercup, Willow’s head was the first part of her body to change.  Her ears lengthened until they finally poked out from the thick strands of black hair that had covered them.  They widened and came to a tapered point far more becoming of a mare’s ears.  At the same time, the appendages slowly drifted upwards to their new resting spot on top of Willow’s head.    It felt like her ears were being pulled by unseen hands, or like they were simply moving across her scalp like they had a mind of their own.  A thin coat of black hair sprouted from them once they reached their destination.  Willow let out a soft whicker from the tickling sensation of the fur growing.  That same tickling then spread downward along Willow’s body.  She looked down past her expanding muzzle and watched with fascination as her body grew a glossy new coat of black fur.  Willow smiled around the bit in her mouth; her sleek fur caught even the dim light of the training room and reflected it alluringly.  She felt a certain sense of pride when she looked over the beautiful coat of fur on her body. 

Willow’s inspection of her new pelt was interrupted by a strange crunching sensation down in her feet.  She knew what was coming before she even looked down.  The mare stretched out one of her long, curvaceous legs and watched with glee as her foot finished its change into a proper hoof.  Far more appropriate for a mare like her, she thought.  As she looked over her new hooves with pride, Willow felt the strange warmth slowly dissipate, signaling the end of her changes.  But, something seemed off… something wasn’t quite right.  Something was…missing?  Willow took a peek at Buttercup’s beautiful new body.  And then, it clicked: a tail!  Buttercup had a cute little horse’s tail above her sexy butt, but Willow hadn’t grown one at all!  It was completely unfair!  For a few moments, Willow pouted and bemoaned the missing appendage.  However, a strange, rogue thought suddenly came into her head from out of nowhere. 

This all seemed…wrong, somehow.  Why would it be wrong for her to want a pretty little mare’s tail?  She was a mare, why wouldn’t she have a proper tail?  Wait…no…that wasn’t right.  She…wasn’t a mare.  She was…human?  Yes, that was it.  Mary shook her head and desperately tried to regain her senses.  For a moment, the infection had completely taken over!   The thought made her shudder.  The new thought processes had slowly and subtly taken over.  She had even begun to think of herself as ‘Willow’!  She had to fight it!  She had to keep a tight grasp on her identity.  She had to remain vigilant; those strange, corrupting mare’s thoughts were insidious.  Mary was still struggling to keep her thoughts straight when she heard a pair of distinctively feminine moans from beside her.  It was Clover.  And Butter- wait, no, Justin.  Clover was passionately embracing Justin

While they had been changing, Clover watched with joy as the former humans became pretty mares just like her.  She was so excited to get to know her newest sisters!  When she saw how beautiful Buttercup had become, she just had to feel her soft, shiny fur!  Buttercup seemed to like the attention, too.  Her small cock was stirring to attention from the mare’s sensual strokes and kisses.  Clover gave the tiny little appendage a few strokes with her hoof-tipped fingers; it was almost like a really big clit, she thought.  She couldn’t wait to play with Buttercup once she was a proper mare!  Clover paused a moment and looked Buttercup in the eyes. 

“Mmm…you make such a pretty mare, Buttercup.  I can’t wait until you come join me in the stalls and we can get to know each other a bit more…personally.”  

Clover giggled and nuzzled the new mare one last time before breaking away.  Suddenly, she again looked sheepish and embarrassed.  She cleared her throat and regained her composure before gathering up the empty bowls and standing back up.  As she headed out the door, she paused a moment and looked over her shoulder,

“I, uh…I’ll see you two tomorrow?  Maybe we can talk some more?  Sleep well, okay?”

With a grin and a wave, the white mare stepped back into the hall and was gone.  Again, the two mares sat in silence.  Neither one found the courage to look the other in the eye.  Mary was still busy collecting her thoughts and trying to hold on to the last scraps of her humanity.  Buttercup, too, was collecting her thoughts, but she was finding it rather difficult to remember certain things. 

She knew that this whole situation wasn’t right, but she wasn’t sure why or how.  Was she always a mare?  Wasn’t she a human at some point?  When was that?  Days ago?  Weeks?  Years?  Also, she realized that Buttercup wasn’t her original name.  She had a different one once, but she couldn’t quite remember.  It was like the memory was tauntingly close; on the tip of her tongue.  Didn’t it begin with a J?  Jessica?  Jennifer?  Julia?  She let out a sigh of frustration.  Her mind was a jumble, it was hard to think.  She looked over at her sister, Willow; maybe she knew?  However, the other mare was staring at the ground, apparently deep in thought.  Buttercup decided not to bother her sister; she obviously had a lot on her mind, too. 

Within minutes, Buttercup let exhaustion overtake her and she drifted off into a pleasant sleep, leaving her sister to mull over the conflicting thoughts and memories in her head alone.  Mary took a glance at Buttercup and sighed.  At least she – no, that wasn’t right, it was he – at least he looked happy, now.  Had they already lost the fight to keep their humanity?  Should she even bother trying to resist it any longer?  Wouldn’t it be better to just…give in and accept her new life?  Focus on being happy in the now, rather than worrying about the past?  She pondered the questions for quite some time before she, too, succumbed to exhaustion.  Like her friend beside her, Mary’s dreams were pleasant ones.  Dreams of happy lives as horses.  Dreams of handsome stallions and their big, powerful bodies.  Dreams of carrying their cute little foals.  And, most of all, dreams of giving in and becoming submissive mares.

The following day, the two mares were again stirred from their sleep by the towering form of their trainer in front of them.  He had a very pleased look on his face this morning.  The usual dour, antagonistic tone was gone from his voice, replaced by a much more approving and lascivious tone,

“Good morning, my mares.  I hope you slept well.  I see you both have been making excellent progress,” the stallion paused a moment to examine the mare’s bodies and run his long tongue across his lips, “You certainly are quite a feast for the eyes.”

The big Clydesdale stepped forward and stood in front of Buttercup.  Her nose was in overdrive.  His scent!  It was so powerful!  So…sexy!  With her new, equine nose, Buttercup could finally fully appreciate the stallion’s delightful aroma.  As he stepped closer to her she closed her eyes and let out a series of quiet huffs.  Her large nostrils flared open to let in as much of that wonderful scent as she could.  When she again opened her eyes, she found that the handsome stallion’s manhood was staring right back at her.  Her heart began to race.  Her eyes widened with desire.  She barely noticed his deep, sexy voice above her when he spoke,

“Mm…you certainly look the part, mare.  But, are you ready to accept your new life?  Tell me, little one, what is your name?”

Buttercup couldn’t take her eyes off of the hypnotizing view in front of her.  His huge, thick cock.  Those heavy, full balls.  The sight made her mouth water.  How had she not noticed how sexy this big, powerful horse was?  He was like a symbol of pure sexuality.  Her mind eventually processed the words that came from his mouth, and she responded instinctively,

“…m-my name is Buttercup.”

The big stallion whickered happily, as did the large crowd of horsemen behind him.  Buttercup paid the crowd no mind.  The huge, powerful Clydesdale in front of her was all that mattered.  His body was her universe.  When he again spoke with his rumbling voice, it sent shivers of delight all the way from the nape of her neck to the tip of her tail,

“Good girl.  And what are you, Buttercup?”

Again, her focus was solely on the sexy form standing in front of her.  She responded automatically,

“I am a mare.  I am…your mare.”

Her trainer smiled and stroked her pretty chestnut hair.  His touch felt almost electric.  It made her shiver.   She wanted to make him happy, so that he would continue to lavish attention upon her.  Again, his alluring voice tingled in her head,

“Good girl.  A good, sexy, mare like you should be rewarded.  And I have just the thing.”

With one of his big, broad hands, the Clydesdale grasped the thick girth of his massive penis and gave it a few strokes.  Buttercup found the sight hypnotizing.  The huge organ throbbed and twitched as it hardened.  She could feel the immense heat coming from his body.  Her body, in response, heated up.  Her head felt like it was spinning.  Between her legs, the last remnants of her manhood twitched and stood painfully erect, but she paid it no mind.  Her big, powerful stallion continued to stroke his own, much larger and far more impressive manhood.  Oh, how she longed to have a proper mare’s cunt for him to stick that large cock in!  She whined with desire at the erotic display.  Buttercup involuntarily licked her long, equine tongue across her lips when she caught sight of a large dollop of precum form at the tip of his immense cock.  She couldn’t resist any further.  She had to have it!  With a loud moan of desire, Buttercup opened her mouth and leaned forward.   

Using her flexible lips and long tongue, Buttercup first suckled on the flared tip of the Clydesdale’s massive cock.  She could taste the precum on her tongue; it was delightful!  She closed her eyes with contentment and began to slowly work her muzzle up and down the wonderful length of cock.  The warmth of the flesh, the subtle bumps from his throbbing veins, the wide tip…it was all felt so good as it rubbed along her lips and tongue.   Even though she had never done such an act before, she certainly knew all the best spots to focus on.  And, with her nimble, dexterous tongue and lips, she expertly pleased her stallion.  He let out a deep groan of pleasure, which only made Buttercup feel even better.  Giving pleasure to her male, it was almost as good as being pleased herself!  Before long, Buttercup’s bobbing head fell into a smooth, steady rhythm.  Nothing else in the world mattered.  All that mattered was providing pleasure for the handsome male before her. 

She felt one of the stallions big, powerful hands grasp the back of her head.  He let out a loud moan – he was close, Buttercup could sense it.  The thought drove her wild.  She wanted to make him cum.  She wanted him to stuff his big cock down her throat and fill her belly with his thick seed.  Driven with determination, Buttercup focused her efforts and drove the long, thick cock further into her mouth and into her throat.  Whether by virtue of her intense desire or the body-altering effects of her infection, Buttercup’s throat easily parted to allow the massive intruder inside.  Her gag reflex was no more.  Soon, she had worked all fifteen inches of the cock into her mouth and down her throat.  This drove the Clydesdale over the edge.  He grunted and panted above her.  With one hand on the back of her head, he began to forcibly shove her face into his crotch with increasing fervor.  Then, with one, last forceful thrust into her throat, the stallion let out a loud whinny of pleasure.  Buttercup moaned happily as she felt the thick length of his cock begin to pulse and throb; he was unloading his heavy balls directly into her stomach, and she loved it. 

Long seconds dragged on as the stallion continued to pump thick, hot ropes of cum into her belly.  The thick obstruction in her throat was choking off her air, but she didn’t care.  All that mattered was pleasing her stallion.  Moments before the world faded to black, the Clydesdale mercifully pulled his long dick from her throat and out her mouth with a loud shlurp!  He began to stroke his cock as it continued to shoot out thick ropes of sticky cum onto her face, tits, tummy and legs.  She loved how the hot goo felt on her fur.  The pleasure of submitting to her stallion made her feel so content, so…complete.  In fact, she felt an intense warmth and tingling sensation all over.  She recognized the sensation - it was the tell-tale sign of the infection again working to re-form her body.  She smiled happily and moaned; she was finally going to become a proper mare! 

Armin let out a few last grunts of pleasure as he finished coating the new mare with his seed.  He shook the blissful fog from his mind and turned his attention to the sexy little filly below him.  He smiled - she was changing.  He decided a further reward was warranted for the submissive mare.  As she writhed in pleasure on the floor, he reached behind her and undid the restraints on her wrists, freeing her hands.  Immediately, she used her new-found freedom to run her hands up and down her sleek body as she lustily groaned. 

Buttercup was absolutely lost in the sensation.  She never even noticed her hands had been released; she began stroking her soft fur and big, heavy tits without even thinking.  The pleasure was intense.  All over, her body was rapidly transforming.  The slight curves of her hips and waist were further enhanced, leaving the new mare with wide, child-bearing hips perfect for carrying healthy foals.  Her waist and stomach narrowed and her breasts inflated, giving her a curvy, hourglass figure.  Extra fat and toned muscle grew along her thick thighs and calves until her legs were a perfect combination of horse-like power and feminine sexuality.   But, all of the pleasure, all of the erotic sexuality of her new body…it all paled in comparison to the final crescendo of the transformation. 

Having finished modifying the rest of her body, the heat and warmth from the infection seemed to gather and coalesce in Buttercup’s loins.  Her eyes widened with surprise.  The heat continued to build up until it reached a fire-like intensity.  She knew what was coming, and she practically screamed in pleasure when the changes started.  With one of her free hands, she reached down and eagerly rubbed two of her fingers up and down the painfully erect penis that remained between her legs.  She felt the tiny thing continue to shrink in her grasp until she could no longer stroke it properly.  Undeterred, she then resorted to rubbing the nub of exquisitely sensitive flesh furiously.  Deep inside her body, the infection worked hard to change her internal anatomy.  Organs were shifted and moved to new locations before the infection altered them.

  Buttercup felt an intense sucking sensation between her legs, practically right underneath her tiny scrotum and grape-sized testicles.  Then, suddenly, she felt one of the tiny things pull up into her body.  She gasped at the sensation – it felt incredible!  She could feel the tiny organ move further up into her body.  Before long, its partner, too, was sucked up into her body.  The two orbs traveled deeper into her body until they rested in a new position in her lower belly.   There, the infection altered them and prepared them for a far different purpose.  Her eyes widened with realization – ovaries!  She smiled with joy.  Soon, she would be able to be impregnated with her own cute little foals!  Meanwhile, the flesh between her legs continued to warp and twist.  The small orifice that her balls had so recently been sucked into began to widen and stretch vertically.  The sensation was intensely pleasurable. 

Buttercup couldn’t resist any further; she stuffed two of her thick, hoof-tipped fingers into the new orifice and began to eagerly pump the digits in and out.  All the while, her new sex continued to stretch and mold itself until she was left with a black, thick-lipped pussy.  A proper mare’s pussy, Buttercup thought.  She smiled with contentment at the realization before stuffing a third finger into her snatch.  The sensation was unlike anything she had ever felt before.  The sensation of fullness…the pleasure of having her muscular lips stretched to accommodate the plunging fingers…the wonderful bundle of nerves perched on top…it was all too much for the horny mare.  Her eyes closed and she screamed in ecstasy.  The mare collapsed on the straw floor and writhed in orgasm.  She didn’t care about the group of horsemen gathered around her, all of whom were eagerly stroking their cocks at the sight.  She didn’t care about the sad and terrified expression on her sister’s face.  She didn’t even care about the big, strong Clydesdale who was eagerly watching her.  All thoughts and worries were blown away from her mind as she experienced her first female orgasm. 

Mary, meanwhile, could only watch with despair as her friend succumbed to the infection and finished transforming into a mare.  She looked upon Buttercup, twitching and writhing on the floor, and felt a sense of sadness.  Justin, the human, was no more.  Now, there was only ‘Buttercup’, the mare.  And, worse yet, she knew that she would be next.  Though he was still happily watching Buttercup explore her new body, Mary knew the big Clydesdale would soon turn his attentions to her.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist him.  Already, she could smell his powerful musk.  It made her head spin and her nethers wet.    She couldn’t take her eyes off of his long cock, still dripping with spit and cum from when he corrupted her friend.  Now, she too wanted to taste that huge length of pure masculinity.  She wanted to feel him plunge that thick cock deep into her pussy.  When the stallion finally turned and looked at Mary, she was practically drooling with desire.  He smiled and rumbled in his deep, commanding voice,

“Well, well…enjoying the show, little mare?  Or, maybe, you’re too distracted by something else, hm?” he used one of his big, broad hands to tauntingly wiggle his huge cock in her face, “Mmm, yes.  You can feel it now, can’t you?  The desire to submit to this?  Are you ready to accept your life now, mare?”

Mary gulped and shivered.  A desperate, albeit quiet, voice in the back of her head demanded she resist the temptation.  She let out a whine.  How could she fight it?  Why should she fight it?  Was it so wrong to submit to his power?  His dominance?  Was it so bad to be a sexy little mare?  Wouldn’t it be so much better if she simply gave in and enjoyed being a mare?  Her mind was spinning.  She barely noticed when the big stallion pulled the bit from her mouth.  Strands of saliva leaked out of her gaping mouth.  She couldn’t stop staring at his rapidly inflating manhood.  It was hypnotizing.  She heard a distant, commanding voice speak to her,

“Well, mare?  Tell me, what is your name?”

Her name?  Her mind was foggy.  For a moment, she couldn’t remember.  What was her name?  Something with an ‘m’?  No, that wasn’t right.  It began with a ‘w’.  Then, automatically, she spoke,

“…my name is Willow.”

Yes, that was it.  Her name was Willow.  How could she forget?  She heard the deep, alluring voice of her stallion speak,

“Good girl.  And, what are you, Willow?”

Willow smiled happily at the compliment.  It felt so good to please him.  And what was she?  Well, that much she knew for certain,

“I’m a mare.  I am your mare.”

She leaned forward to breathe in more of his wonderful smell.  His cock was so teasingly close.  Try as she might, the reigns held her back from that wonderful organ.  Why was she being denied his cock?  Again, she heard his magnificent voice from above,

“Good girl.  You know your place now, little mare.  I think you deserve a reward, too.”

With a deep, rumbling chuckle, the big horseman unclasped the reigns from Willow’s bridle, freeing the mare.  Immediately, she leaned forward and ran her muzzle along his big, long cock.  She used her nimble lips and long, dexterous tongue to lovingly stroke and please the long member.  It was heaven.  The hot, throbbing length felt amazing on her lips, but it wasn’t enough.  She wanted to taste it.  She wanted to suck it.  She wanted it inside her.  Willow opened her mouth and let out a low moan of desire before plunging the length into her mouth and down her throat.  There was no resistance.  Each and every inch of his hot, throbbing dick was eagerly engulfed by the mare.  Willow moaned happily around the thick cock and began to bob her head up and down.  She understood now.  She finally knew her place.  It was here, before her male, giving him pleasure and submitting to him.  Contentment welled up in her mind as she happily sucked on his wonderful cock. 

From above, the domineering stallion whickered with pleasure.  Having one new mare eagerly accept her place as his slut was good enough, but two?  He closed his eyes and groaned.  The mare kept skillfully bobbing her head on his member.  She even knew how to use her new lips and tongue to stimulate the underside of his shaft.  Some mares need lots of additional training to learn how to use their new mouths, but this one was a natural.  He placed one of his large hands on top of her head and stroked her hair.  He especially loved the dark, shiny coat on this mare.  Maybe the boss would let him keep Willow as his own personal fucktoy?  Armin imagined how the pretty little thing would look with her belly swollen with his foals.  She would make for a damn sexy mother, he reckoned.  He was distracted from the thought by a particularly deep thrust of his dick into her mouth.  Willow hilted the huge length down her throat and slathered her long, flexible tongue across his heavy balls.  Damn she was good!  The Clydesdale let out a loud whinny; she was going to make him cum already! 

Below, Willow smiled happily around the cock in her mouth.  Hearing his pleasured moans and horse-like neighs was like music to her ears.  It made her feel so wonderful, so sexy, knowing that she was giving him so much pleasure.  When he placed the second of his big, strong hands on the back of his head, she knew that he was rapidly approaching orgasm.  Willow moaned and imagined the thick load of cum that he would soon be giving her.  She focused on breathing and allowed the dominant male to forcibly shove his cock into her throat.  Before long, his panting breaths came faster and faster until he reached a peak.  Then, with a forceful thrust deep into her mouth, he began to unload his cum deep into the new mare. 

The thick member pulsed and throbbed as he shot thick streams of cum down her throat.  She could feel it slide down her throat and reach her stomach, where it made her belly tingle with warmth.  After several seconds of filling her gut with his seed, the stallion slid his dick out of her mouth and continued shooting the last of his cum onto her body.  The white strands of seed soaked into her black fur and made Willow moan with joy.  She longed to have her hands free so she could rub the sticky goo all over her body.  Instead, she leaned forward and tried to catch as much of the delicious treat in her mouth as she could.  Willow suckled on the flared tip of his cock and eagerly gulped down thick mouthfuls of her stallion’s cum.  Even long after she had sucked him dry, Willow kept on running her nimble lips and tongue along his shaft, cleaning off every last drop of the delightful substance. 

However, that warm, tingling sensation in her belly never subsided.  In fact, it continued to grow and spread.  Willow finally realized what was happening.  The stallions cum had further infected her – she was changing again.  When she looked down at her body, she felt a strange sense of despair.  Why did the thought of becoming a proper mare make her feel sad?  She pushed the thought from her mind and instead watched with glee as her body changed. 

First and foremost, the warmth spread all over her body before settling along her curves.  The skin and flesh underneath crawled and grew.  First, her already wide hips and big ass continued to expand.  Thick layers of fat were rapidly added, causing her assets to jiggle.  Her backside continued to expand until Willow had a big, round ass that was perfect for grabbing and squeezing.  Her hips had further widened to nearly impossible widths.  Her thighs and calves also received additional padding, giving her a thick and matronly appearance.  Willow grinned happily at the sight.  She briefly recalled how rail-thin she used to be.  She absolutely loved her new curves.  She felt so sexy!  But the changes didn’t stop there.  The infection continued altering her body, making her more and more voluptuous. 

Next, intense pressure focused underneath Willow’s breasts, causing her to moan.  She looked down at her chest and watched with eager fascination as her bust rapidly inflated.  The huge mounds continued to grow and grow, all the while jiggling and wobbling lewdly.   Before long, Willow’s tits had grown to massive proportions; the huge, pillowy orbs were well over an E cup size by the time the finally finished growing.  Willow shook her new assets and giggled.  The weight of them hanging from her chest felt marvelous.  Her strong, horse-like back was more than able to carry the weight of the giant boobs.  As her nipples thickened and puffed up, Willow idly wondered how big they would grow once she started producing milk for her foals.  She whickered happily at the thought. 

Willow was suddenly distracted from looking over her buxom, voluptuous body by a strange, tight sensation right above her butt.  Peeking over her shoulder, Willow could see a strange nub of flesh rapidly growing from the end of her tailbone.  Her eyes widened with delight – her tail!  Finally, she was going to have a cute little tail of her own!  Willow smiled and enjoyed the strange sensation of the new appendage growing.  As it lengthened, long strands of hair grew from it.  Inch by inch, the new tail extended from her spine, until she was left with a sleek, black horse’s tail.  Willow concentrated and flexed new muscles to make it swish.  She giggled with glee.  It was so cute!  However, she didn’t have much time to admire it.  From all over her body, the warmth from the infection seemed to be drawn inward, towards the core of her body.  The heat intensified and merged at one spot in particular - her sex.

Willow looked away from her new tail and watched with fascination as her vagina was re-shaped.  Her pussy lips seemed to stretch and move as if an invisible hand was molding them.  Her vulva puffed up with muscle and turned a deep black color.  Before her very eyes, Willow’s sex and transformed into the thick-lipped and muscular sex of a mare.  Then, finally, the infection finished sculpting her body.  The new mare couldn’t help but feel pride when she looked over her body.  With its womanly curves, ample butt, huge tits, and wide hips, there was no doubt what Willow’s body was designed for.  And she eagerly looked forward to putting this body to use. 

Willow shook her head.  She had been totally captivated by her transformation that she forgot what was going on around her.  To her side, her sister, Buttercup, was eagerly bouncing on the huge cock of one of the handsome horsemen.  At the same time, she was sucking on another lucky stallion’s long member and using her hands to stroke off two others.  Willow smiled happily at the sight of the gangbang.  She was so glad that her sister was happy and enjoying the many handsome stallions.  But, where was that big, gorgeous Clydesdale? 

Before she got a chance to look around, Willow felt a pair of strong hands undo the bindings on her wrists.  She smiled with joy and looked back.  Smiling back down was the very stallion she was looking for.  He was so handsome!  Once he had her hands free, Willow eagerly rose to her hooves and embraced him tightly.  The two shared a passionate kiss.  Willow teasingly rubbed one of her knees between his legs.  When the smooth fur of her leg brushed against his manhood, it once again rose to attention.  Willow’s lips curled up in a mischievous smile.  She winked seductively before spinning around and bending over her hitching post.  She gave her ample posterior a few good shakes and lifted her tail to give her mate a very clear invitation.  Not one to disappoint, Armin smiled and prepared to give the mare the ride of her life…


Days later…


A buzz of excitement spread throughout the stalls – a new customer had arrived at the Stables!  The gathered mares all chatted eagerly amongst themselves in anticipation.  Soon, one of them would be chosen to ‘entertain’ the new customer.  They all enthusiastically wondered just who it was, and, more importantly, how handsome he was.  However, two mares in the back of the stalls remained out of the conversation.  They were reclined upon a pile of soft cushions, relaxing and enjoying the entertaining spectacle before them.  Both of the beautiful mares were heavily pregnant; each had a full, round belly.  Obviously, the voluptuous black mare and her slender, sexy, chestnut companion would be off limits to the mysterious new customer.

Willow and Buttercup were both expecting their first foals any day now.  They were eagerly looking forward to seeing their newborns.  There was no clue who the father was, obviously.  There were so many handsome stallions here at the Stables, and they were all so very eager to welcome the new mares.  Neither of the young mares could keep track of the countless sexy, virile males that bred them.  But, it didn’t matter.  Life here at the Stables was wonderful.  They couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  Or being anything else.  What greater joy in life was there than giving pleasure to sexy young stallions and bringing new life into the world? 

As they slowly ran their hands over their swollen bellies, both mares felt profound contentment.  They had found their purpose in life.  They had found their place. 

And it was here, in the Stables.




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