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Gaining Purpose
By Writer Person
Man to Lioness

The front door swung open slowly as I trudged inside, my snow-caked boots flaking off chunks of hardened snow onto the dirty, green tile landing. I ignored the snow, and didn't care about the mess the snow would make once it melted.

Trudging up the stairs, I examined the small carton the doctor had given me. On the front was a strange word that I couldn't even pronounce in bold letters, obviously the name of my prescription. Why did I even need this shit? The doc said I was "depressive" enough to warrant the usage of such a thing, but I didn't think so.

I considered myself a normal guy with a normal life; I held a simple job at a game retail shop, finding acute pleasure in helping people to choose only the very best games. That was about the only importance of my existence.

"How pathetic." I thought aloud, wishing I could be someone special. Someone people could marvel at for some cool talent. 'Wouldn't wanna risk my life as some sort of daredevil like Evel Knievel or all those other adrenaline junkies,' I thought. 'Maybe something nice and calm, like an inventor? Yes, an inventor. That's something I could get into. I'm just not good enough for something like that though, am I?'

Just as I reached the top of the stairs, I caught myself. "God, I am depressed."

Usually, my mind was always in the gutter too much to even realize the fact that I despised my life and couldn't stand the thought of how lonely a future I'll most likely have.

I began to seriously wonder if those anti-depression tablets would work.

If the doc hadn't remembered to tell me to call him as soon as I take the first tablet, I would have probably thrown the prescription away. Since the doc had me under the magnifying glass, so-to-speak, I had to take the pills and once I started the pills, the doc said, "You can't stop taking them until they're gone or else serious complications could arise." Complications my ass.

I was lucky, I suppose, getting a swift thought that perhaps I might be able to feel better and live happily with these little things. The thought stayed around long enough for me to open the medicine carton, take out the smoked-plastic prescription container inside, and pop a pill into my mouth along with a hearty swig of water.

Nothing happened, of course, since the "geniuses' at the FDA weren't good enough to make an instant-acting medicine.

"Oh well, might as well call the Doc now and get it over with."

I had such a persistent habit of talking to myself anymore, considering myself to be the only one who could understand me and genuinely care for my problems. I guess I was a shitty shrink, since not even talking to myself helped.

The phone on one of the dirty, magazine-laden tables was brand new - I had just picked it up the past week when my last phone, one of those finger wheel phones, got fried by lightning during a storm's power outage. I still think it was odd, a lightning storm in winter.

The doc's number was an easy one to remember, and I smiled a bit at the luxury of being able to just press the numbers and not dragging my index finger in a circle ten times.

I heard the familiar tone of the phone on the other side of the line ringing, and before long, his phone was off the hook, and he was connected with me. I found it nice that I didn't have to go through his secretary, since he'd provided me with his cell phone number.

"Jake, is this you?" The young doctor asked in a calm, scholarly voice.

"Yeah, it is. I just took two of those tablets with some water."

The doctor sounded pleased to hear I had been taking my medicine; the last two times he'd prescribed me these drugs, I'd just thrown them out.

"Good! You remember what I told you about stopping the pills; you have to keep taking those pills three times a day until the container's empty, and you're not going to need a refill. Be sure you don't drink alcohol, either. That'll at the very least make you vomit, and, at the most leave you dying."

I'd heard his sermon before, just two hours ago at his office. The man was very persistent when it came to substance abuse.

"Alright, I've got ya. I'll be taking the pills, alright? See you later." I didn't give the man time enough to say goodbye in return.

Slowly, I set the receiver down on the hook, and turned my attention to the ratty couch that sat snuggly against the wall of my small home. I was feeling tired already. Another glance at the medicine bottle told me about the drowsiness-inducing properties of the medicine, an indication to me that the medicine was working. 'Perhaps if I go to sleep for awhile, I'll be feeling better when I wake up?' Hah, I could dream.

I flipped the TV on, sighing at the usual realization that I'm not going to be watching anything interesting. All for the better, I knew I couldn't stay awake long enough to watch the commercial breaks, let alone the actual programming.

Sleep really is bliss.


As I snuggled into the warmth of the couch, encompassed in the cozy darkness of slumber, I dreamt. Visions danced around inside my head, visions of many different things; all the way I wanted them to be. My very own perfect world. The dream took place in a very warm grassland. Tall thickets of tan grass and the occasional tree, all beneath an endless sapphire sky. Not a cloud in sight. It was beautiful, my subconscious thought. Just as I began to enjoy my mind's environment, the dream faded, and my eyes fluttered open.

The TV was still on, showing a commercial for some sort of feminine beauty product. I looked at it, smiling a bit. The perfume they advertised, a grape vineyard-scented perfume, seemed awfully nice. I always did like grapes. Too bad I wasn't a woman, I wouldn't be caught dead with that sort of stuff on me, being the guy I was.

"Weird," I thought aloud, knowing I'd never before thought in such a way about something like what I saw on TV. Truth was, I felt a lot better than I did earlier.

Yawning, I rose from my position on the couch, stretching my scrawny muscles, not caring that I looked like a train wreck. To me, it didn't really matter, as long as I was feeling good. After having been worried so long about my physical appearance, my bigger-than-normal belly, the stretch marks here and there on my stomach and chest, and my almost complete lack of muscle tone, I just grew used to it. Doesn't mean I like it though. It was one of the reasons I took medication to deal with everything. I really was pleased with the already-apparent affects of the medicine. I hadn't felt that good after waking up for months.

A quick glance outside told me it was morning. I'd slept in my huddled position on the couch for a full night and work loomed ahead.

'Ugh, work.' As much as I loved working in a game store, being as knowledgeable an employee as I am, it was still nowhere near fulfilling. The wages were low, the work very lonely, and the policies on gathering preorders and slamming customers with services they didn't want was murder. I only had a 4-hour shift there during the mornings, and sometimes the evenings, but the hours drag on and on and on, too. If I weren't so broke, I would buy myself a TV or something to watch while on the job. Ironic, isn't it? A video game store with no TV's to watch. All the TV's they had in there were hooked up to game systems and running game demos. I'd played every one of them at least a hundred times. The shop itself isn't anything too special; a lonely little place on the outskirts of a nearly abandoned shopping complex, which accounted for its loneliness.

One of the other employees there, a veteran at the place, told me there used to be a whole lot more people coming to that store back when the shopping complex still had business. How I wish the place still had as much business. Maybe I wouldn't be so lonely then.

I followed my ritual morning procedure, feeling a bit better about it all. I took my shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed in my store uniform with my dorky nametag pinned to the front pocket, and headed out the door for the "long' workday ahead.

I walked outside with a lightened gait, feeling better about life than I had in so long. Not even the fact that my old car wouldn't start immediately could get me down. Those sure were some pills the doc gave me. Speaking of the pills, I'd taken one with breakfast, and kept the bottle along with me in the car. I couldn't believe how well they worked!

As a boy, I'd hated any and all forms of medicine. Cough syrup, Tylenol, pain killers, flu medicine, cold medicine, everything. It got to the point where the only reason I would take medicine was when it was absolutely necessary. That only happened a few times, and every time I'd taken a pill or a swig of medicine, I'd gag and take a nice trip through a segment of my personal hell. I hated it that much. But this medicine was very different. I liked the way it tasted, with sort of a citrus flavor. The stuff kinda reminded me of orange tic tacs.

At work, the day was as long as it usually was. Occasionally, a person would come into the store and ask me a question about a pre-release, or a game we already had in stock. I'd had to turn some people away, since our supply of some very popular games had been exhausted. All in all, it was perfectly normal…The weirdest thing, though, was when I was watching someone play a game on one of the TV's near the back of the store. Disney's "The Lion King" for SNES, no less. That really wasn't a good game in my opinion, and so old that I wondered why we even kept it playing, but somehow I seemed transfixed by it. I even found myself with a slight erection at the sight of Simba as an adult, pouncing on one of the game's many cartoonish enemies. Realizing my excitement, I blushed deeply, thankful the customer playing the game didn't notice anything amiss.

At 5 pm, I headed home from work, tired, bored out of my mind, and in need of another pill. I rushed to the car, quickly opening the door, grabbing the large bottle of medicine. I took two pills, and popped them into my mouth…I was only supposed to take one pill, but I felt that since I hadn't been able to have one during work, I might as well compensate.

The ride home, as always, was uneventful aside from the traffic. Traffic was always so horrible here. When one car pulled right in front of me at a stop light, nearly getting me into an accident, I gripped the steering wheel hard as I could, and slammed down on the horn! Those moron drivers got me SO angry! What's weird was that I never get so angry at things like that. I'm usually one of those people who just didn't give a damn anymore, and let people do whatever they wanted. Oh well, probably the pills…

I finally made it home, after driving to the local Arby's to pick up two roast beef sandwiches. They smelled so delicious that I couldn't wait until I got in the house and ate. I walked in, locked my door tight, got my coat off and tossed it on a nearby chair. It fell to the floor, to be tramped upon until the next time I needed to use it.

I quickly opened the Arby's bag, and took the sandwiches out of it. I supposed after not eating anything since noon, anyone would be starving to the point of frenzy. I quickly removed the bread from the sandwich, and grabbed a handful of the roast beef, eating it noisily. It tasted so good…

Before long, the sandwiches were completely eaten, all except for the bread, which I only nibbled at a little. I didn't care for it much, and threw the bread away. While in the kitchen, I grabbed the large bottle of pills, and popped three more into my mouth, washing them down with a swig of my lemonade.

The rest of the day went much the same, without a soul calling on the phone or walking up to the doorstep to greet me. I didn't mind at all. I felt very content, probably due to the pills. The world, to me, seemed to be a good place.

While watching TV, I felt suddenly bored and it bothered me. It usually didn't, since my entire life was boring, but now I felt a need to do something. after the thought came, I quickly turned off the TV, slipped on my coat, and headed out the door to do something, whatever that something might be.


I ended up driving to the mall. The lively, popular, huge mall that took up a large portion of a much nicer suburb some miles from where I lived. People swarmed the mall, each of them going about their either busy or bored lives, perhaps looking for that next thing they want to claim as their own with their hard-earned cash. Or maybe even more of them were there for the reason that I was, just looking for something to do. Whatever the case was, it didn't concern me. I walked around the mall, looking for a store I'd like to browse through.

After awhile I just gave up searching and took a seat in the food court near the Manchu Wok restaurant. The smell of Chinese food, rice, chicken, and egg rolls hung heavily in the air. It was making me hungry again. 'Amazing', I thought to myself, noting I was hungry again even after just having a meal at home. The thought was fleeting, as most thoughts are to me anymore, and I walked up to the restaurant and ordered a large plate of General Tso's chicken. Too bad they didn't have anything without this sweet sauce all over it. Oh well, I didn't care . I loved this chicken, anyway.

While sitting there, slowly forking the chicken into my mouth, I spotted this man sitting at a table near me. God, he was handsome….I found myself staring at him, hoping he wouldn't notice. I eyed him like I would a woman, gazing at his crotch, his chest, his chestnut brown hair and hazel eyes. It's too bad he was with who I assumed was his wife. I actually felt anger boil inside me at the sight of her with that man. As I realized what I was doing, I seriously began to question my sexuality. "Am I gay?" I wondered aloud, noticing that just looking at the man had made me hard. I smiled a little, not even caring that I had these homosexual tendencies all of a sudden.

By the time I snapped back and regained myself, I had an empty plate in front of me, and a still-hard dick. I sat quietly, trying to hide my excitement until it shrunk away. Fortunately, after a few minutes that's exactly what it did, and I got up to throw my trash in the nearby can.

I resumed my journey through the mall, my mind suddenly solidifying on something I had an urge to buy. It wasn't long afterwards that I was walking out of JC Penny's with a bag of clothing. Clothing designed to be worn by a woman. I had picked out this really nice looking faux-silk dress, a few bras, and some pairs of silk panties. I had never before wanted to feel what it was like to wear feminine clothes, but the thought now seemed so inviting. I really thought it would be fun to try these on. Just so long as nobody found this out I would be alright, I figured.


Soon enough, I was back at my crummy home with a smile on my face, anxious to try on the new clothing I'd just bought. Only one thing stopped me, and that was when I glanced into the kitchen and saw that big bottle of pills sitting there. I needed more pills, since I hadn't had any in quite awhile! I quickly undid the child-proof lid, dumped four of the pills into my hand, and took them down in one gulp. Immediately I felt better. I hadn't taken any pills since my last meal at home. I smiled, walking slowly into the living room, where the female clothes lay.

I blushed a little, stripping my clothes off until I was completely naked. Reaching into the bag, I brought out one of the bras that I'd bought at the store…It was a very pretty, stretchable off-white bra, B-cup. I didn't really care about cup size, since I didn't actually have breasts. I giggled a bit, fitting the bra on over my chest, noting how snug and firm the straps fit. The cups were very empty though, which didn't feel right with the kind of clothing I had on.

I grinned softly, taking out the pair of silk panties. They looked like a thong almost, but I didn't really care. The good thing was that they matched my new bra perfectly, a cream-colored off-white. I slowly slid them up my body, pulling the elastic panties over my hard cock, noting how my balls sorta spilled out the sides of the crotch of the panties, while my cock pegged the front up. They definitely looked strange on me, but I didn't care in the least.

For the finishing touch, I grabbed the sexy faux-silk dress out of the bag, slowly putting it on…The dress was tight around the waist, shoulders, and chest, but I made sure I got something that could fit me comfortably. The dress fit me like a glove, save for my lack of breasts to push the front of the dress out, and the large bulge at my crotch where my cock was. Boy, that thing was kinda ugly, poking out like that. The thought didn't occur to me that I looked like a horrible train wreck of biblical proportions just wearing those clothes.

I quickly ran into the bathroom, the dress restricting how far my hairy legs could stride. Once in the bathroom, I took a good look at myself in the mirror. If I were a woman, I'd definitely be hot. I could imagine myself without the bulge in my crotch and with two large mounds on my chest, filling out my bra and the chest of the dress.

I looked in the bathroom closet, quickly feeling a need to relieve myself of the tension built up after being so aroused. I grabbed a bottle of hand lotion, the very same lotion I used some nights to please myself. Groaning a little, flipping the top of the bottle, I walked back out into the living room. I sat down on the couch, breathing heavily as I guided my penis out of the panties, hanging off to the side along with one of my testicles. Squirting some lotion onto my hand, I grinned as I coated my cock in the lotion, stroking it slowly, moaning as I pleasured myself.

I had never before had such an intense orgasm! When I came, I nearly screamed, breathing heavily, about to collapse from the rush. I groaned, looking down at my cum-soaked lap, noticing something very odd about my cum…For some reason, my cum wasn't at all white. It was clear, and smelled very fragrant, unlike it had ever smelled before. It was strangely nice, and as I tasted some of it, I couldn't help but notice how good it tasted. I giggled a little, pleased to see that the stuff was still oozing out from the tip of my cock.

After taking a short bath, cleaning myself of all the dirt I'd trudged through during the day, I crawled into my warm bed, still wearing the pair of cream-colored, silk panties.


The next morning, I'd woken up in a cold sweat, feeling very suddenly nauseous and lightheaded. I slowly got up, groaning loudly, not feeling at all well enough to even lie in bed.

I looked at the clock beside my bed, noticing that had I been feeling well, it would be nearly time to head to work. I stood up, trying to keep myself from falling over as a result of the nausea. Slowly, I made my way into the kitchen, grabbing the phone off the hook, dialing up the number of my workplace.

My employer wasn't too happy at my apparent illness, and seemed even grumpier than usual. He told me that I'd better be at work tomorrow on time, or else I can find myself a new job. He was justified in saying so, since I'm always missing days at work, faking that I'm sick. It was my depression that kept me home I think. I stayed home so much, I hardly had enough money to pay the rent, let alone money for all the bills I had to pay.

I hung up the phone, slapping it down onto the receiver carelessly, and just groaned a bit, going as quickly as I could to my bathroom. I collapsed onto the floor, heaving vomit into the toilet, letting it all loose, hoping I might be able to just drain myself of the nausea I felt. Then I leaned back against the bathtub coughing a little.

It was then I noticed several little things I hadn't felt before, several things that would have freaked me out, had my head been clear. I held one of my hands up in front of my face, looking blankly at my fingertips. My fingers were bleeding at the tips, the skin looking as if it was being broken from the inside out. I touched one of my fingers, rubbing it a bit. Funny, how they only hurt when I touched them, since as soon as I touched my finger, I drew my hand back in pain.

"W-what the hell?" I said to myself, feeling another wave of nausea wash over me. I slowly pulled myself up against the toilet again, hurling into the bowl a second time.

I stayed in that bathroom most of the day, until the nausea finally subsided, and I felt well enough to stand again. There was only one thing I could think of as I slowly trudged out of the bathroom, forgetting to flush the toilet. As soon as I got into the kitchen, I grabbed the bottle of pills and downed five of the orange-flavored treats. I smiled, relaxing on the floor, already feeling better….

"What the hell…was that all about?" I panted a bit, reaching up for the phone….I used autodial, and phoned my doctor, the one who'd given me the pills. Maybe there were some side-effects I hadn't been told about?

After merely three rings, the doctor picked up the phone….I'd expected his secretary to pick up, but as I thought about it, he seemed to be his own secretary, answering his own phone calls.

"Hello?" I said, my voice a bit raspy.

"Ah, it's you! I thought you'd call sooner or later…" It was funny how the doc seemed to know exactly who I was…maybe he had caller ID?

"I've been having some trouble with these pills…"

"Well, how many have you been taking per day?" I thought back over the past few days since I got the medicine, thinking how many pills I'd taken. I finally realized how badly I was OD'ing on those pills.

"I….I think I've OD'd on them. This morning I woke up, really sick. When I took the pills, I felt better nd my fingers are all messed up � they're bleeding!"

The doctor chuckled. If I didn't know better, he'd have seemed to be pleased.

"Is this serious, doc? Should I just quit using the pills?"

"No no no, Jake. Those are just temporary side-effects. They'll go away in a few hours, alright? Keep taking the pills. You'll know when to stop taking them."

I nodded to myself, even though no one was around to see.

"Alright, I'll do that…" What kind of logic was that? I think I'm OD'ing, so I should take MORE pills? Somehow, I didn't really care.

The doctor chuckled a bit as he hung up the phone, and I did the same. What was he up to? Any other doctor would probably have been very concerned with my problems, and I didn't know any medicine which normally produced the side-effect of bloody fingers.

I shook it off as soon as the thought occurred, thinking that if the man had attended collage for 8 years, he must know what he was talking about. No, I didn't have the powers of thinking things through that most people did.

I decided to get up, grabbing the bottle of pills, and took a seat on the couch to watch some TV as I waited for all of this to wear off.

As I sat there, focused on the television, I couldn't stop shifting around in the couch, my whole body still not feeling right. Most of all, my chest itched and my crotch felt very strange. I was also feeling very hot, and was even sweating a bit. I decided it wouldn't hurt much if I slipped off my shirt to cool off, so that's exactly what I did. At the sight of my chest, however, I gasped in awe. My small, male areolas looked very funny, kinda knobby and large in appearance, and a deep, dark color. My nipples, however, were what shocked me most � they were sticking out almost a full centimeter, very hard. I accidentally let out a whimper at the sight of my strange-looking chest, not even seeing that my chest around the nipples was swollen a bit, and that I had four more red spots on my skin, in rows of two down my stomach.

"Oh… w-what the?" I started getting scared at that point, looking down at my silken panties. Was something wrong down there, too?

I slowly pulled my panties off, afraid of what I'd see there….I whimpered loudly, not even caring that my whimpering sounded nothing like a sound a human being would make. My cock was there, my balls were, too, but they looked like the genitals of a two-year-old! I never was greatly endowed, but this was completely ridiculous! My pubic hair had even disappeared.

As I looked more closely at my tiny dick, feeling it with my fingers, hich still had blood on them, I noticed the hole at the tip simply wasn't there anymore. I gasped in fear, further noticing that most of my penis on the underside, which I hadn't seen at first, was a deep, dark color. As I stared, I could actually see my dick getting a little smaller and darker in color.

"Oh my God! What's that quack d-done to me?" I cried, sniffling and whimpering, my whole body shivering. I didn't know what was wrong with me; I thought I was going to die. The thought had occurred to me that perhaps this was a punishment from God for cross-dressing the way I had the night before. The very thought made me hate myself for indulging myself in such a disgusting way. I took the panties I was wearing completely off and hurled them across the room.

I rubbed the tears out of my eyes, feeling something brush my cheeks as I did so. Dare I even look? I was so scared from seeing my chest and crotch; I didn't think I could possibly take any more but something possessed me to look anyway. I looked at the underside of my arm, and sobbed. There was a big patch of hair there, abnormally shaggy, white hair that faded into a tannish color on the top of my arm. There wasn't too much of it, only a band that wrapped around my arm but even through my tear-blurred vision I could see that more was growing…and it itched like a thousand ants crawling all over my skin.

As I sat there crying, I couldn't stop thinking thoughts of, "Why me?' and "What did I do to deserve this?' A sudden terror washed over me, as I couldn't hear myself crying anymore! I quickly reached up to feel the sides of my head, and noticed with dread that my ears were missing. I tried to scream, but didn't hear any of it. Feeling all over my head for my ears in desperation, I found them, on top of my head. But they weren't like my ears in the least; they weren't even human! They were covered in a soft hair that felt like fur and they twitched when I touched them. Thankfully, my hearing returned and it was amazing! I could hear almost everything! I tilted my head towards the window and was shocked to hear in detail a conversation the mailman was having across the street with one of my neighbors, even though the window was closed tight.

I leaned back into the couch, panting softly, with my heart beating wildly in my chest. I looked down at my chest again and whimpered when I found that my areolas are now totally a deep, black color, and they were surrounded with white hair, long white hair that faded into growing tan hair. The thought crossed my mind suddenly, and I knew exactly what the hair was, "I'm growing fur!" I felt a little bit of the fur, accidentally rubbing some blood from my fingers onto my white fur. All I could do was whimper again and stare at my fingers as they too grew fur every place but the palms. Looking back down, I finally noticed the four lumps on my stomach only they weren't lumps anymore, they had grown into four separate nipples, each of them black in color and almost as big as the ones I had higher up on my chest.

Seeing this, I felt my ears flatten against my head as I sniffled. A horrible pain forming inside me as if something were trying to suck my organs out through a vacuum cleaner interrupted my sniffling. My hands tensed as I grabbed at the couch, long black claws shooting out of the holes in my fingertips. I shredded the arm of the couch, gasping breathlessly as the inside of my body rearranged itself.

For a moment, I couldn't even breathe! Shortly after my ability to breathe vanished I let out a heaving cough, actually spitting most of my teeth out. They each made little thudding noises against the carpet, and I cried out at the sight of them spread out about the room.

A sharp pain in my mouth made me even more worried as I accidentally spit the last of my teeth out during another heaving cough that assaulted my lungs. My mouth suddenly went completely numb and I could hear something cracking underneath my skin. I tried to yell for help, but no sound came out as my mouth and nose pushed away from my face. My whole head went numb and my body was trembling and thrashing about. Every bone in my body was feeling wrong. I felt the rest of my head go completely numb, hearing nothing but crackling noises as my whole skull reformed into a different shape. My mouth and nose changed drastically, the skin became much thicker there, my nose turning a pinkish color and becoming very moist. My taut lips became much more loose and thick, turning a deep black in color.

My vision blurred and became cloudy and distorted as my skull reshaped. My eyes grew larger and became less human. I cried silently as tears rolled out of my changed eyes. The numbing sensation seemingly never-ending.

I could feel pressure building up inside my mouth, from where my teeth used to be. I really had no idea what it was and it scared me more and more. I flailed a little, my arms going numb and I knocked something over. It spilled all over the floor and by the sound of it, there was a lot of whatever was inside.

Shortly afterwards, my vision returned to me, though not the vision I was used to having. Colors were very muted, having a washed-out effect on everything around me. Everything was so much sharper though, so much clearer. I could see a hundred times better than I had before. I couldn't help but notice though that my nose was now constantly in my vision. As I watched, eyes crossed, long whiskers protruded out from the sides of my new muzzle.

My hands were changing a little, and I watched them as my fingers grew shorter, slowly being covered with fur. Panting, I watched thick, dark pads form on the palms of my hands. Turning my hands over, I could plainly see that my fingertips were no longer bleeding, and my fingernails were gone. I whimpered a little, noticing the claws that protruded from my fingertips when I tensed my hand.

Breathing deeply, I was trying to keep myself from panicking at the sight of my body being changed in such a drastic way. I looked down, examining myself. From the waist down seemed pretty normal, except for one thing. I stared at my cock, unable to believe how tiny it had become; it was smaller than when I'd saw it last time! My scrotum slowly moved about a little, something happening to the testicles inside. A tiny moan escaped my thick, dark lips at the discomfort of my testes disappearing into my body. I felt my tiny organ, noticing how weird it was to touch it. My cock was never that sensitive. As I touched it, it sent a chill of pleasure up my spine, making me almost forget what was happening to me.

I pet my tiny dick for a little while longer, grunting at the occasional crack as a bone grew larger, or changed its position ever so slightly. After a short while of staring blankly at my crotch, I felt a sort of suction coming from inside me….My tiny scrotum slowly sank into my body, stretching toward my anus, becoming what looked like labia. My cock, completely dark as were my nipples, sunk closer into my body and became covered by a hood, transformed into a clitoris. It became perfectly clear to me at that moment; I was a woman. Sort of.

It was then that I looked at my chest, finally realizing what was happening to my nipples. They were becoming breasts. Already, they were a nice size, pert and full, all six of them. They stood out on my body proudly, the largest ones on the top, shrinking in size as they went down my body. I touched a nipple gently, softly groaning a little as it sent a jolt of pleasure straight to my brain.

I shook my head, snarrrrrling softly, wondering why I'd actually liked that. I tried as hard as I could to tell myself that this was not who or what I was. Then it dawned on me what was happening, I was losing myself. I would never be a human being again! I'd always be this female creature.

When I snapped upright, my legs got that pins and needles feeling all over, transitioning from sensitive to numb. I watched my legs as they were forced into a straight position, and I cried out loudly; I couldn't even move them! My legs cracked violently, the bones rearranging drastically into their new digitigrade position. I would have to walk either on all fours or on the balls of my feet now. Well, you probably couldn't call them my feet anymore � they were more like large paws. I only had four 'toes' on each foot, thick and hardly flexible. I tensed my foot, and noticed that I had those same rapacious claws down there that were now embedded in my fingers.

My whole body was disgusting. I didn't have much fur on me and for the most part I still had exposed skin. My skin itself felt weird. It was very coarse, almost like fine sandpaper and it didn't look at all like human skin. It was bumpy and pinkish-red in color, like what a shaved dog's skin looks like.

Just then, my eye caught something on the floor. It was the bottle of pills I'd knocked over when my vision left me for a few moments. I growled deeply at the pills, thinking that perhaps they had been what did this to me, what transformed me into a complete freak of nature. But for some reason, I felt this urge welling up inside me, an urge I couldn't hold back. I rolled slowly off the couch, plopping heavily onto the floor, weakly trying to stand up. It was a miserable failure and I just stayed down on my stomach, legs splayed out behind me. I lapped softly at the floor, eating all the little pills that had fallen to the floor and not caring how badly I didn't want them. I felt a need for the pills. It was really a physical and mental need to complete the transformation.

As I lay on the floor licking up the pills with my much larger tongue, I felt my spine pressing outwards slowly, and I groaned as a large lump formed above my rump. The skin there broke open slowly, pushing outward, becoming a long, sinuous tail with a fluffy black tuft of fur at the tip. I looked back at it slowly and whimpered a little at the sight of my new appendage. I found it incredibly odd that I could actually control my tail, making it sway in whichever direction I wanted for it to. I shrugged it off after a short while and went back to lapping up the tasty little pills.

At this point, my mind was a complete mess. I didn't know what to think anymore, and I was extremely frightened. I rested on my side after finishing off the pills trying to fight off the strange animal mentality that kept closing in. My mind was becoming less human, wanting to give in to this creature's primal demands. I wouldn't let it. I wanted to stay me! I didn't want this! I cried softly, tears streaming down my furred cheeks and making little wet spots on the floor. I slowly looked down at my body, watching in silent horror as the fur spread across my skin like locusts in a field.

A sharp rapping noise cut through the silence of my apartment, it was coming from the door. I struggled to form words with my strange new mouth and tongue. My jaws were now huge, as was my tongue. "G-go, go away!" I yelled at the door. The knob turned anyway. With my improved vision, I easily saw the position of the lock on the door. It was unlocked.

I cried, sobbing at the thought of what this person would do once they found me. Turn me in to the animal control? Stick me in a government laboratory to be experimented on? Kill me? I didn't want any of this. I didn't want to be a freak. The thought of death or imprisonment though scared me more. I desperately tried to stand, but my strangely altered arms and legs just weren't working right. I didn't know how to control my own body…

The door opened, and I smelled the person coming in. He was a human, that was for sure, and from his scent, I could tell he was young and liked to use cologne a lot. How could I tell such things without even seeing him? He came around and into my field of vision, smiling down at me. He was a young Caucasian man with a brown crew cut and ordinary looking clothing. If you had seen him on the street, you'd probably mistake him for a med school intern. I knew who he was the instant I saw him though. That bastard of a doctor who'd given me the medicine, and turned me into a freak.

"Hello, Jake…I see you've been taking your medicine," he said as he smiled that smug little grin of his while walking closer to me. He didn't smell threatening but I snarled at him anyway.

"T-turn me back. Pleash. I don't want thish," I cried, looking slowly up at him, not really caring that he'd been the one who did this to me. I didn't even wonder why he was here. All I could ask was if he could make me who I was again.

He chuckled a little, kneeling down in front of me, seeming to know that I couldn't move a muscle to attack him. "You're very lucky, Jake. You know that? Very few people get a chance to be as beautiful as you are. Humans are so boring. But now you're a lioness, a beautiful lioness."

I whimpered softly…"Sh-shut up! I'm a d-damn freak! Why did you do thish?" Tears were still dribbling from my large, golden eyes.

He smiled, and pet my head softly. My head was already covered in fur and I murred softly, loving the feel of his hand grazing against my furred skin. It felt soooo nice…

"I did this because you wanted to be free of depression. You have become a wonderful creature! A thousand times better than what you were. You'll be so much happier this way, I promise."

I turned my head away from him, sobbing. I wanted to kill him so badly, yet, I couldn't even garner the strength to hold myself up, let alone attack the bastard.

He stroked my head some more, rubbing behind my ears. My whole body shivered a little, the rubbing feeling so tremendously wonderful. I nuzzled into his hand, not caring who he was anymore. Any thoughts of aggression disappeared, and I only wanted the rubbing to go on forever.

"Awww. That's a good kitty. I'm going to take you to my place, okay? I don't look much like it, but I'm a tremendously wealthy man. Stocks and inheritance is a great thing. I dedicated a large portion of my property as a game preserve for creatures like you. You may be the first, but I promise there'll be a male for you down the line."

As he told me that there would be a male for me I was only reminded of the awful reality. Not only was I no longer human, but I wasn't even a man anymore. Just the thought of being pinned down by a transformed lion creature made my stomach twist itself into a knot, but I knew that I had no choice but to accept it.

I looked back up at him, still scared and unsure. He wanted me to go to his home? I didn't like the thought of it. I'd be his pet, for God's sake! But then again. How could I live any other way? I would never be able to make it by just staying here. Someone would eventually come and get me. I knew that could happen.

"I, I don't know. Pleash jusht make me human. Pleash," I begged and pleaded with him as much as I could, not wanting at all to be stuck as this, this, lioness for the rest of my life.

All he did was smile, still petting my head. I liked it and all, but was still crying, just wanting to be turned back.

"I know this is really hard for you, but everything's going to be alright. You're not going to live completely like just another animal. I've have this nice place built just for you with a big outdoor place for you to run around and be your new self."

It sounded nice. It really did. I could live a life sheltered by another, just relaxing without any worries. But there had to be a catch to it. These things never happen without a catch, and I wasn't that dumb to think I could live there and that'd be the end of it.

"W-whatsh the catsh? I'm not going to be your p-pet," I groaned a little bit, my body still changing a little. My breasts were growing a little larger, completing themselves. I still found it an incredible shock to have not two, but six on my chest. I also noted that most of my body was covered in the creamy tan fur, white on my breasts, stomach, and inner thighs, and up my neck, where it covered most of my bottom jaw.

"Well, there isn't too much of a catch. I do need to examine you as soon as we get to my house and see if anything went wrong during your transformation. After that, I'll take you right to your place in my home."

I thought about it, laying my head down on the floor, I could feel myself wanting to say yes, but I knew it was the animal part of me that wanted to just go with him and accept it. My mind, battered and defeated by the lioness, gave in and let the lioness have her way. I nodded at him a little, and spoke softly, a bit of a shiver in my voice, "Y-yesh. I guesh I'll go."

He smiled wide, obviously happy I'd decided to go with him. He knew it was bound to happen, anyway. The transformation I had gone through affected more than just my body…It was transforming my mind to match. Already, I could feel it. I was becoming more and more comfortable with my body, finding myself even liking it. I wasn't afraid anymore of having my cock gone forever, nor was I terrified of the six cream fur-coated breasts protruding from my chest. I was still feeling very strange, but I was no longer scared of myself….

The doctor stood up, looking around my house. "Now, we're going to have to get you out of here…You can't walk just yet, so I brought along a stretcher so we can carry you out. Good thing that man downstairs wasn't even at his desk." He chuckled, seeming pleased with his ability to get a full-sized stretcher into the building without a soul noticing. "I'll come here later to get your possessions, though I don't know if you'll really be needing them anymore…."

I whimpered softly, looking around at my filthy apartment….I never noticed how much of a horrible housekeeper I've really been until now, refusing to see all the grime, the dirt, dust, and stains that were all over my house. It really was disgusting….But at this man's place, I would be able to live in a clean place with nothing to worry about. No more taxes, no more bills, no more job…

"I'll be right back for you, okay sweetie? Just stay there, and I'll go get the stretcher."

He scratched behind my ears again, a contented rumble escaping my lips, my tail swaying back and forth behind me. I felt a sort of happiness wash over me, and I started crawling after him. It was tricky to make my entire body move, with my different body frame, but I tried to scoot to the front door. I wanted him to scratch behind my ears again, it felt so wonderful. By the time I reached the top of the steps, he'd already left my apartment, the door closed behind him. I whimpered loudly, and rested my head on the carpet.

After a few moments of him not being around, I growled softly, looking down at the door, not entirely sure why I wanted to see him back here….It reminded me that I was no longer a human being, and the thoughts and emotions I felt were probably coming from the beast I'd become. I stared at my hand-paws, examining them closely, still curious to explore my newfound species.

My hand was completely coated in the tawny brown fur, my palms replaced by these thick, rough black pads. I smiled a little, tensing my hand-paws and watching as long claws slid out from my fingertips. They were familiar; I'd seen them when I was panicked during my transformation. But now I had the time to actually look at them, admiring what I'd become.

Before I could examine myself further, the knob on the door turned again, and the doctor wheeled into my apartment with a long stretcher, like the ones you see on those Trauma shows on TLC. I quickly looked up, panting softly, my muzzle contorting into a crude smile.

"Alright, Jake, I see you can move around a little. Come on down here, and get onto the stretcher"

I nodded slowly, cooperating with the man. I dragged myself down the stairs, crawling onto the stretcher, which was already set up. The hardest part was getting onto the thing since I nearly tipped it over as I crawled atop it.

Once properly rested on the stretcher, I sighed lazily, lying on my side. Unconsciously, I felt my throat rumble softly, my eyes half-closed. I felt so comfortable, and the doc hadn't even started petting me yet. But, when he did, the rumbling and murring grew even louder, giving his arm a lick. He smiled at me, rubbing my side, taking a large sheet and covering my body in it all the way up to the head.

"You like your new species, Jake? You really seem to enjoy it," he said as he pet my head again. Slowly he moved the stretcher from my apartment out into the hallway.

I nodded, giving his arm another lick with my large tongue. I really didn't have a problem with it, finding it such a great way to show him I loved it. "Yesh. I really like it." Even after this long being without a normal human mouth, I still had a slurred voice. It was annoying, and not something I could quickly fix.

"Why ish my voish all shlurred shtill?" I asked him, hoping this annoyance would go away. It almost made me feel like some sort of cripple.

"That's because you aren't used to having a muzzle, yet. It won't last forever, I don't think. Just get used to talking, and it should go away." He started walking with me down the hall, after closing my door, and headed towards the elevator. "When we get downstairs, I'm going to cover up your head so nobody sees you. Try not to move."

I nodded in agreement; I surely didn't want anybody to see what I was. It was funny, though. Lions have always been a symbol of bravery and valor. I knew first-hand that it was a falsity. Lions can get just as scared as anything else.

He pressed the button for the elevator, and the elevator doors promptly opened with a loud chime. The chime assaulted my ears, and I cringed a little at the sound, whimpering. It was so loud!

The doc looked concerned as he pushed the stretcher into the elevator car, looking down at me. "You alright, Jake? That noise seemed to hurt. It'll take awhile for you to get used to having ears that sensitive. At any rate, I have to put the sheet all over you, now. Try to tuck in your legs and your tail, alright?"

"O-okay." I pulled my legs and arms closer, my tail swishing forward, tucked neatly between my legs. The doc pulled the sheet over my head, adjusting it so that nothing of me could be seen. Then, he pressed the button on the elevator control panel, and the doors closed.

As the elevator descended the five floors down the shaft, the doc ran his hand down my chest, his hand caressing my breasts beneath the sheet. I felt that rumbling feeling in my throat again, each of my six nipples rising, becoming hard, miniature erections. "Just be totally quiet," he told me, just as the elevator doors slid back open.

I felt the stretcher move along the old tile floor, bumping and jostling around, as the floor wasn't made for something as heavy as I was to be rolled across it. Not long after, someone noticed the doc rolling a stretcher with what looked like a body on top of it through the lobby.

"What the hell're ya doing with a stretcher in here? This ain't no morgue, ya know."

The man had a gruff, laid-back tone to his voice. I could easily tell who he was, not only by the sound of his voice, but by the scents that radiated from his body. I could smell the beers he'd recently drunk, the cigarettes he'd smoked, the cologne he'd rubbed around his neck two days ago. The scent of the woman he'd made love to in his suite on the top floor was also still hanging off his body. I could keenly discern the perfume she'd worn. It was fragrant and smelled strongly of berries. The man obviously was a slob, and his surroundings reflected his lazy lifestyle quite nicely. He was my landlord.

"I was just getting some things out of Jake's room. This stretcher here was up in his room because he needed a table for something awhile back to put his stuff on � the hospital I work at isn't going to let that happen, though, so I've gotta take it back," the doc smiled softly, pushing the stretcher forward a bit.

"Ah, what the hell. You tell that bum he'd better pay his rent, or else he'll find himself livin' on one of them things."

I sniffed the air a little, knowing for a fact he had a beer on the table in front of him, from which he had just drunk. I don't know how many beers he'd had, but it was so many I could've smelled it even as a human. He was as drunk as they came.

"Thanks a lot, and I'll tell him that." The doc slowly wheeled the stretcher forward, and I felt the stench of my landlord grow farther and farther away. Before I knew it, we were headed out the doors, and into the parking lot, where his parked car awaited.

I peeked out from beneath the covers, inhaling a deep breath of air. I don't say fresh air, because the whole area was nothing but a polluted mess. The air stank of filth, car exhaust, garbage, animal excrement, and all of the waste of human society. Suffice it to say, my neighborhood was a collecting basin for society's filth.

I felt happy, though, I was finally going to leave. I was going to be taken away from this filth and given a new life in which I didn't have to worry about anything. I would finally, for the first time since my childhood, be happy. I smiled to myself, thinking of all the wonderful time I'll have, thinking of all the freedom and all the carelessness I would experience.

Something bubbled up deep in my subconscious, though. It was rational human thought, the thought that once dominated my mind. It had now been reduced, fused and assimilated into my new animal mind, one with it. Yet it still didn't like the thought of losing its humanity. It hated the idea that I was no longer male, that I would spend my life not impregnating women, but carrying and giving birth to furry little lion cubs. Sexual pleasure for me was now dependant on my mate, and I would be as submissive as they came. It wasn't my choice, it was the lion's choice inside me that yearned to be what a lioness was meant by nature to be: docile, submissive and motherly yet still strong and protective creature.

Soon, we arrived around the back of the apartment building, and the doc headed for a nice sized minivan, a beautiful and clean tannish pearl in color. He used a small remote on his keychain, and all the doors unlocked, the back popping open along with the front door.

He wheeled me and the stretcher around to the back, positioning me right before the van's large cargo area, pushing me into the van. The front wheels of the stretcher collapsed, followed by the rear wheels as he pushed me in, much like what you see stretchers do when they're loaded onto ambulances. With a loud thud, he closed the large back door, and walked around to get into the car himself.

I grinned, my tail flicking about slowly, pulling the sheet off my body…The thing had become so uncomfortable against my fur, and it was nearly unbearable. I relaxed, lying on my side on the thoroughly padded stretcher, feeling the van softly shudder as the doc turned the ignition, and drove away from my old home.

"You okay back there, Jake? It's going to be a long drive to my house since I live out in the farmlands where it's a lot quieter."

My ears twitched a little the second he began talking, tuning in to his soft-spoken voice. "I'm alright. I still can't move well. Ughhh," I groaned softly, my innards still feeling strange from the radical change they'd undergone not even a half hour before. I couldn't help but marvel at the sound of my new voice though. It was a husky, yet smooth and beautiful feminine voice, with a hint of a purr or a growl in it. It wasn't terribly noticeable, but I also slightly rolled my r's. I found myself growling playfully and making soft little lioness noises, loving the sounds they made as they rolled out of my mouth.

"Your stomach and such probably still hurts from being changed back in your room. Don't worry, it'll go away. I suggest you sleep it off." He stopped at a red light slowly, and looked back at me in the rear of the van. I was playing around with myself a little, petting the fur on my arms, making soft leonine noises that no human could ever hope to reproduce. "You look so happy. Are you happy I was able to transform you, Jake?"

I looked up at him, smiling a little, "Yeah. It's really weird, but great. I love it."

Had my human mind been in control, I would have probably begged him again to change me back into the pathetic, boring human I used to be. But my human mind didn't have any more power. It was drained and only necessary to keep me from becoming a complete lioness. It was what kept me able to talk and think like a human does and not some feral beast intent on doing nothing but eating and taking care of cubs. 'Sleep sounds nice. I think I'll sleep'

The car started going again, and I heard the doc chuckle, "You're turning out beautifully. For my first transformee, you're an astounding success. You get your rest, and we'll be home in no time."

I grinned, shifting around a little on the stretcher. It was so comfortable, and I nuzzled softly into the plush cushion, slowly closing my heavy, furred eyelids.


A sudden jerking in the car woke me up, as if the car were traveling across a very bumpy road. I grunted and growled softly, my eyes fluttering open.

"Wha?" I yawned deeply, my yawn actually having a tiny bit of a roaring sound in it. I was amazed at how wide my mouth could open and got a kick out of the mini-roar I let out when I yawned. It was so wonderful. Everything about this form, I was learning, was wonderful.

"We're just about there. Sorry to wake you up, girl. The road's really a mess with potholes, here."

He didn't look back at me but focused on the road ahead of him. I looked around a little, noticing nothing different. I simply yawned lazily, feeling an urge to lap at my fur again. It felt so incredibly nice, almost as nice as being pet by the doc. I stretched out my arms, grooming my coat happily.

Not after long, the van came to a slow halt, and the doc shut the engine off. "Alright, we're here! Hold on for a second, and I'll open your door."

I grinned, my tail swishing around a little in a leonine expression of happiness. I tried to stand up slowly and was actually able to lift my own body. I looked back at my wobbly legs, noticing how oddly shaped they were…I was a digitigrade creature now and my legs were crooked, bent in two places. It felt comfortable this way, standing on all four legs, almost completely natural. Needless to say, I was happy that I could finally control my body enough to stand up. But walking was a whole other issue.

The doctor came around to the back of the van, opening up the back door for me. The expression on his face when he saw that I was finally standing was one of great pride and satisfaction. I knew for a fact he loved seeing his little guinea pig learning to use her new form correctly.

"Can you walk? If not, we can just use the stretcher again."

I held up one of my front paws, placing it forward. It was hard at first, but in almost no time I was walking on all four legs, able to time it so that I didn't stumble and trip. My mind, even though it was almost completely leonine now, still didn't know how to walk fully on four legs. It didn't matter, as I was soon able to walk in circles inside the van and I could safely hop out of the back of the van.

The doctor stepped back a little, getting ready to close the door, as I slowly walked away from the van. I heard the door slam shut but didn't even turn to look. I was busy looking around at what would be my new home. It was a beautiful place, a three-story craftsman-style home with rolling meadows and grassy fields in every direction as far as the eye could see. Some distance away, I could see the silo and farmhouse of a privately owned farm. It was old and dilapidated in appearance.

The doc's house was a beautifully designed building made of old cobblestone with a dead little garden surrounding the walkway that led up to the veranda, and an extension of the garden that surrounded the walk which led around to the back of the house. No doubt, the garden was full of beautiful flowers during the springtime and summertime. The walkway that led around back looked like a sort of a beautiful wooden lattice hallway with a path through the middle made of cobblestone. Plants and vines were tangled into the lattice, which in the spring, would create this amazing-looking scene out of a fairy tale. I loved it…

"What do you think, hmm? This is where we're going to live," he said as he pet my head with a gentle hand, and I purred deeply in response, I was happy. I loved the house before me, the beautiful work of architecture and landscaping that was to become my home. I would have never dreamed I'd be living in a place like this.

"I, I love it! It's soooo pretty," I giggled girlishly, knowing for a brief moment the excitement women feel at the sight of such a beautiful house. "Where am I going to stay?" I looked up at the doctor, nuzzling into his leg. I really was curious, since I didn't think for a moment he was going to coop me up inside there. As beautiful as it looked, I don't think I'd be comfortable living in there…

"Follow me around back and I'll show you," he smiled. I could feel an aura of pride about him. I knew he was incredibly proud of what he'd created and greatly happy that his dreams were becoming reality.

Slowly, he walked down the lattice hallway that was the walkway to the back of the house. I followed close behind him, looking around at the well-designed landscape about me. He led me around the corner, and I saw a strange-looking backyard. It was obviously freshly constructed, a huge area that was fenced in by an old wooden fence. Apparently, he trusted me enough to stay at the house. Near one of the sides of the fenced-in enclosure (which was a huge enclosure with plenty of room for a lioness to be happy in) was a neatly constructed, larger-than-usual shed.

I walked ahead of the doc, grinning. It was so perfect here. I trotted around sniffing the ground and the air. I smelled nothing suspicious around here. It was all mine! I growled happily, rolling onto my back on the walkway and pawing the air softly, grinning toothily at the doctor, already feeling a great release from the pressures of human life.

The doc laughed while walking slowly towards me. He knelt down and rubbed my stomach just below my bottom row of breasts, making me kick my legs softly and eliciting a deep rumble.

"Heh heh heh. You're so cute like this. I can't wait until I get you a mate in here. You'd be irresistible! Well anyway, get on up, I have to give you your physical, remember? We have to go into that little building over there," he pointed towards the oversized shed, with pretty windows on it. I hadn't taken too much notice of it before and now that I did, I smiled at the realization that it was made to look almost exactly like the main house. It was so cute. But what was it?

I rolled back over onto all fours and stood up slowly. By the time I had gotten up, the doc was already at the shed. I quickly trotted over to him with a smile on my face. The front door of the shed was awfully cute. It had a hole in it, very much like one of those little doors people use to let their dogs in and out of their houses, except this one was big enough for me to walk through. I giggled, walking up to it and peeking my head inside…After being sure enough that I could fit myself through the "door", I walked all the way in.

The shed was very well decorated inside, looking very much like a bedroom for two. There were two large beds on one side of the room, conveniently custom-made for a creature my size and shape to lie down on. Shelves adorned the walls, probably to house our personal possessions, and a closet on one side of the room would keep even more in storage. A nicely-sized television was suspended from a specially designed shelf made to hold a TV against the wall, much like the kind hospitals use. There was also a desk and a dresser against the wall with the TV on it, and on the desk was a laptop computer. I really wondered why he'd put a computer in here, since these paw-hands of mine aren't going to be good for typing at all anymore…Maybe he thinks I'll use it as some sort of diary or journal for my new life? Whatever the case, the room had everything I could possibly need in it. On closer observation, I noticed that beneath the desk in a cozy spot was a mini-fridge, to hold food for me to eat whenever I needed it. The microwave which sat atop a small table beside the desk would let me heat up food whenever I needed to, as well. I was really impressed. It was a complete home for me, with a nice big yard to play around in during the day, and all sorts of different things I could use at night. And nice, cozy beds, too!

The doc opened the door fully, and slowly walked in. "How do you like it, Jake? You've got everything you'll need in here and out there. I really tried to make it nice for you, and even threw in stuff like that laptop over there. Not sure if you'll even be able to use it, but it's there if you'd like to play around with it. And tomorrow, I'm going to go out and get all of your stuff at your apartment, so you can put it all in here." I grinned, crawling up onto one of the large beds. It was so soft and plush, easily better than lying on the cold ground outside…For some reason, I tensed my hand-paws, and started clawing at the plush mattress, finding it very soothing…

"You can claw it all you like, Jake. Those mattresses are really tough � made of stuff you can't rip up with your claws."

I growled softly, still pawing at the mattresses, delighted in the rip-like sounds my claws made as they dug into the mattress. The doc went over to the dresser, opening the bottom drawer. I saw a black case inside the drawer. The doc took the case out, setting it onto my bed next to me. "We're going to have to do that physical, now."

The physical he gave me lasted awhile, and was very extensive. He pulled out a stethoscope, and pressed them against one of my breasts, right where my heart was. He smiled, and I could feel my heart beating for him so that he could hear. I had always hated going to the doctor's office for anything, even a checkup. It always made me so nervous. I was terrified that something might be wrong. Over time, it had turned into a phobia, something I had to live with every time I went to the doctor's office. But for some reason, I wasn't afraid of him now. A large part of me loved the idea of lying there, being examined by him.

He ran through several other standard tests, checking my reflexes (Which were incredibly sharpened, and vastly improved over a normal human's), taking my blood pressure…It was all the stuff a person would normally get done if they were to go to the doctor's. I whined a little, scared of the blood test the doc put me through, and during the tests afterwards, I suckled on my finger, to try relieving the sharp pain.

The part of the exam that scared me the most was when he brought out two large needles, each filled with a dull liquid. "These are immunization shots for you. Real lions at zoos and such get these shots, and it's to protect them from distemper. I don't want some nasty disease getting to you and killing you."

He took one of the needles into his hand, squirting a bit of the liquid out to keep bubbles from forming inside the syringe. I backed away slowly, whimpering loudly, still having that terrible fear of needles. "Jake. I have to give you this shot. It isn't going to hurt you. Alright?"

I nodded silently, whimpering as he brought the needle against the skin on my thighs, pressing it in. Promptly, I snarled in pain, nearly scaring the doc into wetting his pants. I wasn't going to hurt the man, I really wasn't. I just hated needles.

After going through both shots, I felt very much relieved and relaxed all over again. The shot in my thigh and on my arm still stung a little bit, since he had trouble getting the needles through my tough skin. I didn't mind the pain too much. I could certainly take it. The doc was definitely feeling much better, too. I could smell it.

Even now, it was odd for me. My nose was so good, I could actually smell emotions. I knew what the man was thinking because of the way his scent changed. The whole idea of smelling emotion made me grin at all the possibilities.

Just as I was about to think of all the fun things I could do with my greatly enhanced sense of smell, the doc got out these weird metal instruments. I had never seen them before in my life. I sniffed them a little, smelling nothing but metal, nothing threatening, there.

"Now for the new stuff. As you know, you're not a man anymore. You're completely female, with a vagina, clitoris, labia, and breasts. Ask any woman and they'd probably be lying if they didn't admit to going to the gynecologist every so often to have their 'plumbing' checked out. That's what I'm going to do to you now. You're going to have to get used to having your period, though when lions have it, they're in heat."

I looked blankly at him, the last bit of my male mind shuddering. I have to visit the gynecologist? I'd no sooner asked myself the question, when I realized who was going to be probing my new sexual organs, he was. I don't know why I hadn't realized it sooner, since the guy had just said it to me in plain English. Maybe the shock was a tad too much for me?

"Lie on your back and spread your legs wide open for me."

I whimpered softly, opening my crooked digitigrade legs for him. My very lion-like pussy was in plain view to him and I watched a smile move across his face. I could already smell a scent lingering in the air. A new scent. He was aroused? I couldn't help but blush beneath my fur, my ears flattening against my head as I did so. I felt the doc touching different parts of my new sex, prodding them a little and examining them up close.

"Wow! This turned out much better than I thought! Your vagina, clitoris, and labia are all perfectly formed. It looks like you're in great health, too. No yeast, no rashes or any other abnormalities caused by the change."

I grinned at his explanation of my good health. It still felt very uncomfortable laying back, feeling him probe at body parts I'd never had before. When he gave me a pat on the leg, I happily sat up, and got into a much more comfortable position on the bed. It was such a comfortable bed.

The doctor smiled and rubbed my head gently. "I'm going to let you go for now. If you want to sleep, have something to eat, or even go outside for awhile, you can at any time. And if you need me, there's a call button near the door that'll give my beeper a ring, okay? I promise you you'll be happy and safe here."

I grinned, shifting my body around on the bed, the tuft of my tail lightly brushing my muzzle. I could smell my own scent. My fur was very musky and rich, a beautiful smell that humans couldn't pick out…

I gave the doctor's hand a friendly lick, murring softly, feeling content and relaxed all at once. I loved my little home, and couldn't help but think how perfect it was for me…

The doctor stayed a minute longer, enjoying the playful sounds I made as he softly pet my furred head. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay any longer and had to leave. I whimpered, my ears flat against my skull, lowering my head down onto the bed. I wanted him back so he could keep petting me and comforting me. I never knew how nice it could actually be. I finally understood why dogs and cats always liked to be petted so much and spend time with their masters.

Soon, I forgot about the doc. Lying on my side on the bed it was plush, cozy, and seemed to even massage my back and sides. I just rested there, looking down at my body, tiredly moving my strange new legs, or rubbing one of my furred breasts. I was fascinated with it all. It was so new to me, so strange. But I loved it.

After staring at myself for nearly an hour, I fell asleep with a smile on my face, purring softly as I dreamt the things a lioness would dream.


The next few days were rather uneventful, save for the time the doc brought me almost all of the things I had once kept in my old apartment. Old pictures, video tapes and DVD's, video games and their systems, a time capsule I kept all sorts of little trinkets and treasures in, my MP3 player…All sorts of little things I would probably never use again, because my leonine nature just didn't really care for those human things anymore…I kept them all around and in the closets of my little home, of course, but I didn't know if I would ever use them.

A day or two after I'd been brought to the doc's house, we had a big snowstorm, so I stayed inside my little place. Sometimes, I would look out the window, and wish it was really hot and sunny outside. I even dreamt about it without really knowing why. I suppose it was my lion mind at work again, it yearned for a life in the wild grasslands that it seemed to call home. My dwindled human mind was the only thing that kept me able to stand this tame, domestic life.

Eventually, I gave into my miniscule desire to be at least a little bit the way I was. I lazily grabbed the TV remote from a nightstand next to my bed, and turned the tube on. The TV flashed to life immediately, and displayed a movie. It was a good movie, one I loved to watch all the time back before I was transformed, but this time, it held new meaning for me. I grinned at the screen, and my tail twitched about in a sort of tail-smile. "The Ghost in the Darkness", a movie about two really intelligent lions was playing on HBO. It's ironic that such a movie would be on here and now. It was as if it were doc's way of weaning me into accepting and loving my new form. He probably didn't know that I was already happy with it, but I didn't care. I loved the movie, whether or not it was put on by the doc and whenever I saw the lion stalking through the tall, rugged and plain savanna grasses, a tingling feeling built up in my thighs, accompanied by a warm, gooey wetness. I thought I knew what it was, and it did seem really weird to me, but I just stared at the movie as it played anyway.


After my experience with the TV, I became more and more comfortable with using the things the doc had brought me from my house. Not even a day had passed before I was playing some old video games I used to love playing; my paw-hands weren't very well made for the controllers, though. I was awfully fortunate I still had thumbs.

I also learned how useful the doc's call button was. After relaxing on the bed as I watched yet another movie on the TV, I used the call button (Which was more appropriately a call phone), and I asked politely as I could for something to eat. He chuckled a bit, reminding me of the fridge and microwave in the room, but still felt good enough to come out to my place to give me some raw beef steaks. He was really such a kind man, despite his fascination with transforming unsuspecting people into animals.

The meat he brought was indescribably good. I had never tasted meat quite as good, even when I was a human, stuck eating meat cooked. The real reason I didn't go near the stuff in the fridge was because of how artificial it seemed. The day before, I'd warmed up a small piece of steak, and it tasted really funny. I quickly tossed it out, and refused to eat from the fridge again.


On my fifth day living on the grounds of the doc's house, I received a huge surprise; a surprise that actually scared me, at first…

Rain poured down from the sky as if the Earth were floating in water, and the sky was punctured with a knife � it pounded down on the roof, splattering onto the ground, causing the ground to be made into an earthen sludge of deep, dark mud. It was so strange, yet another thunderstorm in the middle of winter like this. strange, and rare.

I rested on the bed, which was now covered with shed fur, and listened to the hypnotic pounding of the rain. I stared out the window watching the ocean pour down from the sky in a brilliant display of but a fraction of mighty Gaia's fury. Lightning streaked across the ashen heavens, and booming clashes of thunder followed suit. It was so easy to see why the ancients thought of a thunderstorm as a war between the gods.

The peacefulness inside my home was in stark contrast to the natural chaos outdoors, making me glad I had a place like this to be sheltered inside of. Suddenly, two brief knocks on the door cut the serenity, and the door swung open. It was the doc, soaked with rain, carrying something large. He walked inside and it was plain to see that he was carrying a human woman in his arms, she looked unconscious.

She had this really long dark hair tied into a tight ponytail that dribbled with the ozone-scented rainwater from outside. Her face was soft and supple, one of those gentle, intellectual-looking women. She appeared to be in her early twenties, like me, and wore tight-fitting clothes that showed off her curvy body quite well.

I quickly jumped off the bed, trotting over to the doc, sniffing at the female he'd brought so unexpectedly. "What's this for?" I looked up at the doc, cocking my head to the side slowly.

"Well, I thought you were lonely, so I got you a mate….She hasn't transformed yet though." I was pretty shocked that he did this again, but I sure didn't show it. Instead, I grinned happily, and nuzzled his pant leg as he set the female down on the other bed.

At the sight of the young woman lying on the bed, a tiny bit of my humanity resurfaced, and a few tears rolled down my cheeks. "You shouldn't have done this. I don't want her to be like me." The doc only chuckled, and petted my head. He knew that I was feeling bad for this woman who would shortly have her humanity stripped from her and he knew that I wouldn't want that to happen to her.

I sniffed at the girl, climbing up onto the bed beside her, nuzzling her hair. She smelled so fragrant and pretty too. Must've been her perfume. Not sure what kind it was, but the female part of me thought it would be fun to put some of it on myself and smell as she did. The smell reminded me of summer raspberries, something I loved to eat as a human, but something that would probably make me sick as I was now.

As I was busy examining the woman, never having been so close to a human female before, I didn't notice the doc tinkering with an opening in the wall, opening it up and adjusting the settings on a camera he'd placed there.

My only concern, though, was the woman. I felt a sort of need to take care of her, to keep her safe. It was something I'd never felt before. I felt the doc petting my head, and I rumbled softly, resting my head on the female's bosom.

"I'll leave you two alone, for now," he said

I looked up at the doc for a moment, thanking him for his "gift" of sorts. At the same time, though, I loathed him. My speck of humanity, a grain of sand in an entire beach, was enraged.

He left our shed, leaving the watchful eye of a camera latched to the wall in his wake.


She lay there for hours, and I stayed right there with her. As I started to close my heavy, furred eyelids, I felt her skin rise in temperature sharply. All at once, almost, the surface of her skin felt as if she had a fever, and yet it got even hotter. I knew all too well what was happening to her.

Unfortunately for her, this rise in her temperature woke her up, startled. Needless to say, the fact that she had a humanoid lioness lying her head on her breast didn't help her calm down one bit. She screamed, scrambling away from me as fast as she could, backing against the wall.

"G-g-get away!"

I could smell it in her, how scared she was….Her scent changed drastically, from a sort of bittersweet human stench to a spiked, spicy and peppered scent. I wasn't fazed by her screaming and girlish whimpering, but instead was fascinated by my new ability to smell what emotion was like. I could be the ultimate lie detector! I smiled on the outside at the woman, thinking about it. My smile, a bizarre thing to see grace a lioness' face, brought an expression of horror and fascination upon her velvet face.

Still shaken by the fear gripping her from being face to face with one of the world's finest killers, she managed to sputter out the single question anyone who'd see my strange and lovely form would most certainly ask. "W-w-what, are you?"

The lioness I had become wasn't as comfortable at using words as I used to be, preferring to keep things simple as could be. Even so, I told her what I was in that throaty, deep feminine voice with that leonine touch of rolling r's and a low purr or growl thrown into the mix. I even told her I used to be a male, having once had a penis and a scrotum hanging proudly from my crotch. I didn't, however, tell her she was going to suffer the same fate as me. And knowing the doc, little as I did at the time, she would not get to keep her gender, either. Simply the idea of having a male around gave me that tingling, gooey feeling in my groin. I liked it…

I crawled closer to the woman, wordlessly assuring her I wouldn't do a thing to hurt her. She smiled, wiping the beads of salty sweat off her forehead as I nuzzled her stomach, taking in her feminine scent. She did, however, start to feel the onset of nausea as her symptoms progressed.

"So….how did you come here…?" I asked her softly, wondering why she didn't have that bottle of pills with her that was so necessary for the change, which was the catalyst of my own transformation. She stroked her hand along my head, rubbing behind my round ears. "I needed more of those pills the doctor gave me," I smiled at that, knowing she wouldn't need any more pills at this point. Although, as with my transformation, having more of them did help.

"I, I can't believe you used to be a guy," her voice a little shaky, still numb from the disbelief that this gentle yet fearsome creature resting beside her was once a human being.

I, on the other hand, was startled that she hadn't figured out that this would happen to her, too, but before I could do anything else, she rushed off to the small bathroom in the corner of the house, vomiting into the toilet. I whimpered softly, knowing how hard this part was. All I could do was lay there, being the lazy creature I had become. I listened to the spattering of vomit dropping into the toilet bowl, my ears flat against my head.


Around an hour later, she stumbled out of the bathroom, her skin pale as the sheets I was lying on. She gasped, groaning and crawling up onto the bed, right next to me. "G-god. What's wrong? I feel awful."

I murred softly, licking at her sweaty, salty forehead. I did my best to reassure her without really talking, giving her the occasional lick or nuzzle. She did nothing but smile weakly, and cough. At that moment, I felt really bad for her. She looked so pathetic, just lying there helplessly, as she got sicker and sicker.

All that, though, came to a sudden halt when she grabbed at her stomach and let out a loud, painful yelp. I could smell her fear. It was so much stronger than when I'd smelled it before. Her body involuntarily twitched and spasmed, her fingernails digging into the mattress. I snuggled closer to her, her body hot and moist to the touch. Her skin was baby-smooth, except for a small place on the back of her hand, where a patch of fur had already sprouted. I grinned at it, nuzzling her hand softly, feeling the fur grow beneath my muzzle. It spread across her trembling hand, up her arm, until the velvety coat soon spread onto her chest. The trembling stopped, and she no longer seemed to be having a seizure. A huge relief to her, until I nudged at her arm enough for her to notice what had happened there.

She held her arm in front of her, a horrified gaze spread across her face, "M-my arm!" she gasped, watching helplessly as the bone structure of her arm shifted, her fingers becoming shorter, fingernails disappearing, pads inflating where her palms once were.

I licked her arm, loving the sight of the tawny fur, marveling at how similar it was to my own. My fur was a few shades lighter than hers, but I thought it looked beautiful. Apparently, she didn't think so in the least. She watched me, fear in her deep blue eyes. I watched her eyes become a beautiful golden color, much the same as my own. She moved her mouth to talk to me, revealing her sprouting fangs, but no words came out. She knew immediately what she was becoming. "Relax, it'll be over soon," I smiled at her, resting my paw on hers.

I noticed more than she did that she had grown in size, her clothes stretched tight across her body. I could see tufts of fur protruding out from holes in the fabric and it actually rippled slightly as the fur spread further and further. She tried to scream in fear but her voice had all but disappeared for the moment, replaced by a loud whimper. The sound of an animal's whimper coming from her own mouth forced her to do the only thing she could do to deal with the sheer terror she felt, cry. Her leonine eyes streamed tears down her rapidly furring cheeks as her clothing shredded apart and the full extent of her transformation was revealed.

Her chest had sunken in and since she had no bra on, I could see that her breasts were almost nonexistent. Her nipples and areolas were small, like a man's should be. She reached up to her bosom with her hand-paws and tried cupping the breasts that were no longer there. All she did was tremble at the sight, hold her paws over her eyes, and sob. I nuzzled her lovingly while licking her chin, which was growing white fur. I followed the white fur with my eyes, noticing it went down her body from her chin, down her neck to her flat chest, to her stomach, and down further to where she still had a flat, feminine crotch. I couldn't keep myself from smiling, noticing that her long, flowing hair had undone itself from that ponytail she once had, becoming a shaggy, mahogany-colored mane. Her hair began to blend into the fur on her neck and back, where it was the same color. As I watched, her mane slowly began to spread down the center of her body, tapering off until it reached her navel.

I just smiled at her, petting her head as her ears shriveled, reforming atop her head, nearly lost in her mane. Fortunately for her, her voice came back, now deeper, more masculine and throaty with that same rumbling quality to it as mine. She made no hesitation to use that beautiful new voice to tell me how she felt. "P-please stop it! I, I don't want to be a lion."

I kept smiling, looking over her body. My new female mentality looked to see if her genitals had changed yet, I anxiously waited for her pussy to transform, wanting to see it for myself. I even nuzzled her crotch, licking her still-human, still-female genitals. As I licked, her tiny little clitoris began to swell, as did her labia. Her clit grew and grew, getting thicker and longer, beginning to take the familiar shape of a penis. I wasted no time, and lapped at it as it grew. Her labia were also swelling, growing into a sac, a scrotum.

The space in between her labia closed up, and the woman no longer had a vagina. Her whole crotch soon became covered with a soft, white fur, and testicles filled her new scrotum. The sight of her newly formed male organs made my crotch feel gooey and wet yet again and I wasn't ashamed of the scent I put off, a scent she could probably pick up already.

They say too much of a good thing is always a bad thing and that was all that kept me from going further with her new sex. I decided I could hold off for now, though the temptation to submit myself to her right away was hard to resist.

Looking up at her body again, I could see that she was almost finished, the last bits of tender human flesh became coated with the musky fur, and I felt the tickle of her new tail and its tuft swishing across the bed and across me. She, or should I say he, was finished. He was a lion now, and a very special lion at that. I wasted no time in nuzzling him lovingly, giving him my own sort of welcome to this strange new world that I myself still hadn't become used to in full.

He gasped softly, looking down at his body, and over to me. I couldn't hold back from grinning, and laying down right beside him, my muzzle resting comfortably on his shaggy chest. He only whimpered, letting his head slump back against the bed. He was so crushed, anyone could tell.

He cried softly, his sniffles intertwined with small whimpers. I snuggled right up next to him, murring gently, trying to relax him. He turned his head to look at me, still crying, "W-w-why'd this h-happen? I, I don't want to be like this forever!!"

My paw ran through his musk-scented mane, and I licked his soft nose. "I don't know why, but I'm so happy with what the doc made me, and you will be too," I smiled, resting my head back down on his chest. To me, it was an incredibly tender and loving moment. For him, it was the dawn of a living nightmare. He shuddered at the thought of actually loving what the doctor had done to him, thinking he would never be content as some side show freak at a carnival.

I wondered to myself, while nestled in his warm yet reluctant embrace, why human beings were so terrified of anything different than them. To humans, there is nothing but themselves; all else is freakish, cute, or unspeakably ugly. I knew that I was once a human being, that I was once afraid of everything I didn't understand, but when I look back on that now, it seems so strange and idiotic. I saw that in the new lion, whose name I didn't even know, yet already seemed to know so much about. I saw how he thought, and it served only as a reminder to what all of those who cease to be human will lose in the process.

Maybe that's why the doctor envied us so much? Maybe that's why he seemed to think of us as superior and free, because we're not bound to the fear of the dark, the fear of what lies beyond our grasp. No doubt such fears haunt him in his sleep, fears perhaps of what might happen while driving his minivan to work, fears of what might happen should a patient come to his office with some condition he cannot help them with. He knows he fears what he doesn't know, and all of humanity is just the same. Maybe he wanted to end it all, those fears of his, by giving his gift to two of his patients and then perhaps using it on himself. Is this why lions are said to be fearless? Because they don't fear the future, the biggest threat to the human mind?


The days passed along, days blending into each other until they had no meaning for either of us. Cara, as I learned was his old name, was coming into his new disposition very nicely. The day after he'd changed I remember what fun he had experimenting with his body, even giving me playful licks on my muzzle and nose, always commenting on how strange yet wonderful it felt to have fur atop his skin, to have claws instead of fingernails, fangs in place of teeth. I still felt that way, and we would spend hours some days just talking about how much we liked it, and even our few minor grievances with our leonine forms.

The one most pleased, we think, was the doc. He'd visit us every morning to give us a nice warm breakfast, and every evening to serve us dinner. I came to like dinner the most, since he took the time to join us, and we'd just talk for hours on end about every little thing that would come to mind. I never seemed to remember to ask him the one question I wanted most to hear him answer, what was the real purpose he changed us?


About a month or so after we had been changed, according to the doc, my mate and I decided we wanted to have our very own cub. I remembered jokingly telling Carl (His new, male name) how we were the "Adam and Eve" of the leonine race, after he told me how much he'd love to father his own cub. I smiled and told him how much I would love to be that cub's mother.

A mother. A month ago, I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that I would become the mother of a lion cub, but that night when Carl asked me if we could mate, I leapt at the offer. Not too long afterwards, he made love to me for the very first time. It was the most amazing, beautiful and loving moment in my life. From the blindingly wonderful pleasure of being penetrated by his large leonine member, to the solace my soul felt as he told me how much he loved me. He told me how much he genuinely cared for my well-being. It was nothing short of a physical and spiritual euphoria, a great swell of love and caring bubbling up from the bottom-most reaches of my heart. It was nothing like how real lions mated, true, but it was something altogether different and wonderful.

After we had finished, and he pulled himself out of me, we just lay on the bed of our little home, and cuddled one another, celebrating with each other how wonderful our lives had become. He knew first-hand how a woman loved to be treated, and I knew just how to make a male happy, having been one myself. It was yet another benefit of being cross-gendered, which was probably why the doctor insisted on making the changes as radical as they were. I smiled at my mate, licking his nose tenderly, letting him know I was the happiest lioness that ever lived. He smiled back, letting me know the same thing in return.

I looked down at my stomach, rubbing it slowly, feeling the warmth of the lion's semen inside me, and knew within a few months I would swell and start to give milk, in preparation to give birth to a cub. I thought about all those TV shows I've seen on channels like Discovery and TLC, about women having babies. It became so clear to me right then and there how they felt, and what it meant. But none of those babies would be as special as the one I would give birth to. He or she would be the first naturally born lion-human hybrid cub in the history of this planet, and we would be the parents. I felt so special at that thought. It was something I hadn't felt in the longest time, to be special in the most genuine way. My mate and I would be the first of a new race, a race that someday might even vie with humans for control of this little place we call Earth.

Perhaps the doctor wanted it to be this way. Perhaps he wanted to bring forth a new kind of sentient being on this planet, something that could very well replace humanity? I might never know what that man really wanted by transforming the two of us into such beautiful creatures, but I do know that he opened a new chapter in history, a new age. My mate, my unborn cub, and I, would be there to see it from the very beginning.

The End


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