Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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Whitney starts to get strange dreams just as she is about to get a job at the town's pet emporium. Slight moments of other tfstf's, but mainly canine


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It was 10:01 p.m. and a young fair woman, named Whitney, in her twenties was getting ready for bed in her townhouse. She had short strawberry blonde hair which curled at the ends. Her figure was pretty fit, but had a little fat on her, which she took pride in, surprising some. Marking her calendar signifying the end her day, Whitney noticed that something felt off.  She suddenly began feeling really hot and humid, and tried taking off her clothes to help, but even after she was down to her skin, she still felt hot. Her dog, which was a grey Great Dane, soon came to her side sensing something wrong and sniffed at her perspiring skin. Almost immediately he began licking, surprising her as she began feeling immediately better. “Wow boy! I feel so much better, thanks!” Before anything else, the woman quickly put her clothes back on and led her dog towards her living room. She had, had him for a while and he was a very good protector. He knew when people around them were nice and who weren’t, but was smart enough to wait until his mistress gave a certain command to do anything about the bad ones. Once her dog curled up and began sleeping, she turned to go to sleep herself.

That night she dreamed that she was in a castle. Every room had a certain kind of animal stocked with much room for all of the animals to feel comfortable. Soon a bark sounded, jerking Whitney’s head towards the noise. She began walking until she reached a dead end. It was radial like a cul de sac, and the rooms there were for dogs, cats, horses and humans. She knew that she should enter the human room, forgetting the noise, but as she headed towards the door, the other doors opened. Whitney now felt as if she didn’t know were to go. She looked all around to see where to go and all of the rooms looked so welcoming. ‘Why do all of the animals have to be separated?’ she thought to herself. Soon a dog walked up, panting with a goofy smile on its face. “Buster!!” The dog barked with happiness and begun wagging his tail. Whitney felt really happy to see Buster and felt compelled to walk to him. After, the door closed on it’s own and Whitney woke to an alarm. Beep Beep Beep… With a start Whitney got up and looked around. There was nothing different about anything and she felt normal, so she quickly got ready for a morning walk with Buster. The stairs begun to creak as she made her way down into the kitchen to make breakfast for both her and her dog.

“So whadda think boy? Do ya think today’s the day I’ll get a steady job?” Buster tilted his head and barked, but after seconds of not receiving any food, he licked her hand and started to whine. “Sorry boy… I guess I feel a little distracted” After she set his bowls on a bench, Whitney had then begun cooking her own breakfast and then read the day’s newspaper for any jobs. “Hmmm… It looks as if they need some help at that big and awesome pet emporium! You know, where you see your friends all the time.” Buster gave a smile almost as if he knew what she was talking about. “Well… Maybe when we get into town on our walk, I’ll bring you in to play with some of the neighborhood dogs while I talk to the manager.” Buster’s tail began to wag as he heard the word walk and barked a few times. “Alright! Alright… Calm down!” Soon they headed off and made their way into the city, heading towards the pet emporium. “Here we are. The biggest shop in North Carolina! Will’s Pet Emporium.” As they headed in, Whitney and Buster made their way all the way to the back of the emporium where there was a little space for an outside/inside dog park. “Buster, you be a good boy, I’ll be right back.” Her dog barked, as if he was telling her goodbye, and after seeing Whitney leave, he begun playing with some dogs.

When she got back to the front of the store, Whitney rang the counter bell. “Hello? Can I help you?” “Is the manager around?” the worker nodded “I’m him, what is it you need miss?” Whitney knew just what to say since she had been on this job search since graduating high school. “Hello, my name is Whitney Khalie and I’m trying to get a job in pet care. I read that you are hiring, and I want to apply. I plan to be a groomer or a handler one day. I do have job experience, but only with small jobs. I can be a cashier, I’m good with pets, and I have worked in a cleaning company. I also have my resume on hand incase you need anything.” The man nodded as he looked over the papers. “Everything looks good, and I think you might be well qualified, do you want a tour of the place? Just so you can recognize the store better. After that then I want to ask you a few questions, and then maybe if I like what I hear, then you can have the job.” Whitney nodded and felt really excited. She knew that she was so close and she was really happy that she would be able to see the entire store. Once they were done, the manager begun asking her basic question of pet care, and then usual interview questions.

“Well Miss Khalie, all of these answers show how much you really care for the animals. We, here at Will’s Pet Emporium love seeing our workers who are very into their work. You seem like such a fine person. You got the job!” Whitney smiled and hugged the man. “Oh! I’m sorry, I- I was just in the moment I guess…” the manager waved his hand. “I-It’s fine. Hey, I. I, uh. I don’t think I gave you my name, or the name of the staff here. My name is Rick James, and there are at least ten or fifteen people working here. We’re actually close to a few about now! There are at least two workers who watch over stations with live animals.” Whitney nodded and looked to see Buster chasing another Great Dane in the park. He was having a good time, and then noticed his mistress coming towards him. He began to getting excited and sat patiently with his tail wagging quickly. “Yeah I’m here boy!” Making their way inside, Whitney clipped on Buster’s leash and then lead them as her and the manager walked towards the workers. “This is Randy, and this is Millie. They gave Whitney a smile, but quickly looked back at the dogs. “Woah! Clean up on aisle turf.” Randy laughed a little, but frowned slightly.

“Always making jokes… Anyways, nice to have you on the team, does she have a specific job yet?” Whitney’s eyes narrowed at his words and she turned to Rick. “What? I thought it was a manger job?” Rick looked down. “Um sorry… Being totally honest here, I always have that ad in the paper when we need extra help, and don’t worry! I swear, no one who’s applied and found out about what they really do have ever quit. They all love it here!” “Then how do you end up needing more help?” Rubbing his head he looked back at Whitney. “Seriously, it’s actually all the same reason… they all, one way or another have to move somewhere…” “I think it’s a curse…” Rick looked a little upset, but let Randy’s comment go. “What do you mean?” “Well, at one point or another, someone feels not themselves and miss a day if not leave immediately. If the person lasts for a while, after maybe a week, they feel as if the job won’t work for them anymore and they say that they have to move, but it’s like they didn’t want to live… Look boss... I’ve made so many friends here. I loved working partly because of them, but just like all the rest, one by one, they all leave. Every time something would happen, I would always try to comfort them, but they’d push me away.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t just one person?” Whitney wanted to know. It would be her job too, and if this really did happen to all of the staff, what would become of her? “Yes… Time and time again even though one person would push I’d try the next and the next… Nothing changes, and if it wasn’t enough… Millie started… She just got hired a week ago, and already, she came to work late today. She might be pretending that everything’s ok right now, but soon enough, anyone will be able to tell that she isn’t well…” Randy then left and helped Millie up after it looked as if she tripped and was on the ground for a while. “So, when do I start, and what do I do?” Rick laughed and gestured her, “Well you can start tomorrow if you want. Your pet can be with the other worker’s pets in the back room.” Whitney cleared her throat. “I don’t know if it’s anything like the dog park because if it isn’t then no thanks… Buster likes to play a lot. He’s a big softy and loves company, but don’t let me give you the idea that he’s a pushover.” Rick nodded. “Well, if Millie really is next to leave, then you can have her position, but if you have any allergies to other animals don’t hesitate to tell me.” Whitney nodded and both she and Buster left to go home.

“So, how was your time with your friends?” Buster barked and licked her cheek as if thanking her for letting him play. “Haha, you’re so sweet, I know.” Buster soon began gently licking her nose and around her lips. Whitney smiled at his affection, and suddenly, she licked him back. She gasped at her action and quickly got up. Her hand touched her lips, but the feeling of affection from Buster lingered. “What was that?” As she begun making herself some lunch, Buster began barking at the window. “Bubs?” “Bark! Bark!! Arf Arf Bark!!” Quickly Whitney ran towards the window and felt her eyes bulge. “What the-!”  A young woman with long wavy red hair was walking on all fours and she had a tail. Looking back at Buster, she noticed that his ears were flattened and his tail was high in the air. He growled as if angry or didn’t like the sight of her, and then she realized who it was. “Millie!” Without letting Buster out, She went outside and tried talking to her. “Millie?” Millie hissed at her and jumped high in the air as if she was frightened. “Um…” Millie quickly got up and acted like there was nothing at all unusual or that anything ever happened.

Whitney then looked back at where she knew there was a tail, but then was shocked as not only was it really there, but she realized it was a cat’s tail. “So that’s why he growled…” She whispered. Millie, though, had heard it and looked down in fear. “You, you have a dog?” I- I have to get out of here!!” “Wait! Millie! Where are you going?!” But Millie had left and was gone from sight and Whitney sighed. “Is this the real reason? This… This is all- this can’t be real! I’m just dreaming, I had a stressful day. But I didn’t, so that can’t be it…” Sighing again, Whitney headed back inside and Buster seemed to be calmer. “That was weird… and aren’t you usually good with cats? I mean, Millie’s not a cat, but- Ugh, this is just too weird…” Trying to put everything past her she walked upstairs to her room. Leaving her door open just a bit, she jumped onto her bed and circled a few times before curling up like dogs would to go to sleep or lie down. After she rested her head, Whitney realized what she had done and slapped herself. Then she repositioned herself to sleep like a regular person and woke up at night.

She looked around feeling groggy and climbed out of bed. She was hot again and shook her body as if she was wet and climbed out of bed. Stumbling, she came downstairs and opened a sliding glass door into her high fenced backyard. The only time a person could see was if they looked out a window. Whitney shook herself again, and got on all fours like Millie had earlier. She looked around and began sniffing as if she were a dog. Buster had followed and watched curiously as his mistress walked almost like himself. He then came close to her and sniffed her backside, as if she were a different creature. Whitney, who still wasn’t conscious of her actions smiled and begun panting. Buster tugged at her pajama pants and since they stretched, they easily came off. Buster soon did the same with her underwear and soon all of her bottom half of her was naked. There was no tail, but her area had moved slightly, it was placed just like where a regular female dog’s vagina would be and it wanted to do business. Though Whitney didn’t know what was going on, she did feel pressure, so she continued to sniff around until she smelled an area where Buster had gone. She could smell his scent and she knew that she was the boss of this relationship, so with little thought, she crouched over and begun to urinate. Buster tilted his head at her action and felt his tail wag slightly. Slowly, he made his way and begun to gently lick her as he did earlier that day.

Just like last time, Whitney returned the favor and both were licking each other’s face and muzzle for a few minutes. Then as if she was waking up, she realized what had taken place and what she was doing. She gasped and prayed that no one was looking or home for that matter. She then picked up her clothes and put them on as she ran back inside the house. She waited for Buster to return and then she tried forgetting that whole moment as she refilled his bowls and made herself dinner. She sighed wondering if this really was all real. “It can’t be… It’s just a coincidence… I mean I saw Millie, so maybe this is the thing that makes people move, but it can’t be because the pet store… Can it? I don’t understand any of this…” She looked at the meat that she was about to cook till well done. Because of a show that her and Buster watched on Animal Planet about parasites, she was always afraid that she would get sick if she didn’t cook meat too well. As she stared at it, Whitney felt as if it didn’t matter anymore. She looked around and then before she could do anything, Buster smelt the raw meat on the counter and tried to nibble on some of it when Whitney looked over and suddenly growled at him. Buster whined and backed off surprising her even more.

Whitney then felt like she needed to eat the meat, as if it was a prize for showing dominance.  She hesitated for a moment, but then started chewing and smiled as the flavor was like nothing she had ever had. Looking guiltily, she took another and ate the strip whole. Buster came and looked at her pleadingly. “Sorry boy. I don’t know what happened…” Buster sighed and decided to go out in the backyard to do his business. Whitney then tried to finish making her dinner, when she looked at the healthy salad that she was going to toss. She felt hungry, but as she stared at the salad, she just didn’t feel interested. Sighing, she quickly dumped it in the trash and tended to the meat she was cooking. When buster returned, Whitney tossed a cutlet of cooked meat at him, and he ate it rather quickly. “What’s wrong with me?” she thought to herself, as she remembered all that had happened. After she finished cooking the meat and some rice that she felt was still ok to eat, she said a little prayer and then tried eating. It was like her taste buds had changed in an instant. The meat tasted fine, but she knew that she liked the raw meat better. “I hope this is just a dream… I just wanna wake up!” Buster felt her sadness and began gently licking her cheek making her feel the need to lick back again, but fortunately she stopped herself and cleaned up her dinner.

The next morning was uneventful which helped her feel better and thought it was a dream. Until she had to use the bathroom… Whitney, after breakfast, felt the need to do her business. Immediately she made her way to the bathroom, but then she paused. It didn’t feel right and she felt as if she needed to find the perfect spot in the backyard. Buster had come from doing his business himself and tilted his head as he saw Whitney go back on all fours, walking around. She headed into the backyard and walked around looking for the perfect spot and when she felt like something was missing, she began sniffing around. It was then that she felt as if she could undeniably tell where she should go. When she found the spot, she took off her pants and underwear like last time, and squatted. After she finished she had again, realized what she had done and began crying. “Why again?! And I even felt in control as well…” Whitney began crying harder as she realized the truth in her words. She was more conscious than before, but she didn’t fight it as much as she thought that she would…

When she regained her composure, she looked around and put on her discarded clothes. When she finished, she ran into her bathroom and tried to see if it was all in her imagination and her private area was normal again. Unfortunately, it was very real, and as she felt herself, she had finally realized that it was now a permanent feature to her body. She felt herself start to tear and even cried slightly knowing it was there forever. “Does this mean, I have to go outside now? Like I- I… Oh crap, I have to go to work… I’ll figure this out later. C’mon Buster!” Buster barked knowing that they would go on another walk, and got really excited. Whitney smiled at his energy and felt herself getting pretty excited for the day! Once Buster was secure, they jogged all the way to the emporium. When they arrived, Whitney checked in with her manager. “Mr. James, I’m here!” Randy surprisingly came out of the back and looked a little jumpier than usual. “Uh, hi Whitney…” “Randy are you ok?” He nodded, though it was so fast and little, that it blended with his occasional shaking. “Yeah, sorry, Mr. James had unfortunately had to move…” Whitney’s eyes enlarged. “What? But- but he was just…” He nodded his head more defined that time. Whitney figured that the sudden move was causing Randy to act this way, but as she looked closely, it seemed as if he knew something.

“Uh, Whitney… Mr. James said that today was going to be the day when he would make the announcement of who would have his position and of course announcing that he was going to move.” Whitney looked around at some of the staff nearby. It was like they were thrown off their schedule and all of them tried to keep things together. “Uh, so who has his position now? I mean he had to have left something. Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to keep anything a secret. I think I know why everyone who works here has to move! I just saw Millie the other day and she had a cat’s tail! I think everyone here are somehow becoming animals!” Randy stared wide-eyed at Whitney as if she hit the nail on the head, but Whitney thought that he thought she was crazy. “Oh, um… Forget I said anything then… I can see you think I’m nuts.” Randy at that moment had somehow felt more in control of everything and everyone that was around him. “Uh, yes. No Whitney, I don’t think your crazy, I believe you, but right now, we need to check on everybody. First and foremost, I had received news that Rick entrusted me with the position, and the sudden move just fazed me. I’m going to put you on dog park duty so it’ll be more convenient for you and your dog.”

Whitney nodded and took her leave, but after walking a little ways, she turned back into the staff office to get her uniform when she noticed that a frog jumped out of the room. Not knowing what to do, she tied buster to an aisle shelf and told him to stay. Buster was very obedient and waited as she tried to catch the frog. When she did, she walked to where the other frogs were and put him in with it’s own kind. After she locked the top, she went back, untied Buster, and got her uniform. The moment she finished, she felt compelled to look around to get more familiar with the office. Looking down, Whitney spotted a slightly open box and wondered what was inside. When she looked closer, she gasped as she saw writing that said. ‘For my very long working employee, Randy, you are the manager. Try and get everyone calmed down and back to normal. I’ve told you what you need to know for now so you’ll know what I mean when I say, I’ll try and keep these urges under control. If I escape, there is a picture of under the rippings.’ Whitney looked around to see if anyone was close or coming inside the office, but when a few seconds past with no sign, she looked at the box and dug through the paper. “Oh my gosh!” Covering her mouth, she stared at the picture before her as she heard footsteps. Quickly, she put the picture back and tried to make it look like it had been as it were before she messed with it.

“Oh! Whitney, what a-are you doing here?” Randy immediately grabbed the box and looked around nervously. “Oh, I just had to put my outfit on…” Randy nodded and left, but then came back in a rush. “Did you see a frog around here?” Whitney knew that she had to tell him what she saw and did, but she didn’t feel like telling him what she knew when she came into the room. “What? I mean… Good work. Um, I’ve been able to maintain control of the staff, but we’re going to have to keep the store locked until we finalize everything, if you want, you can explore the staff pet room and then get familiar with your station, if another position comes up I’ll let you know.” Randy left and ran towards the reptile and amphibian section. Whitney watched and somehow hoped that he would get the right one. She thought about what Randy had said and led buster into the staff pet room. When she entered she saw the different pens for cats and dogs, and tanks for reptiles and amphibians. It was a little noisy, but she soon focused on a particular animal. It was a red furred cat meowing more than usual and tried to get far away from the cage. To help ease the cat’s worries, Whitney let Buster join two dogs that were already kind of playing. One was a husky while the other was a Bernese mountain dog. When Buster entered the pen however, the other dogs retreated to corners of the pen. “That’s strange…”

As she looked more into the pen, the more she felt like she had met the dogs before, but her attention came back towards the cat with red fur. When she came closer towards the cage, she began sniffing at her, almost as if she was trying to find out more about her, but her nose didn’t pick up anything other than the smell of cat. “It’s ok kitty, I won’t hurt you!” The cat then spoke. “I know you won’t Whitney, but- I mean… Meow!” Her meowing sounded just like a real cat, but Whitney felt shocked hearing it talk. “What the… Wait, aren’t you Millie? Millie! You were near my house when you just had a tail and walking on all fours! What happened?” Millie just kept meowing and curled up in a corner away from the cage. Even if Millie was pretending to not being able to talk, Whitney needed an answer. Changes were already happening to her and she needed to know what is going on and what would become of her. When she came back to Buster, the dogs had finally been playing a bit of tag or something similar, and she smiled, almost feeling the energy of the animals. Soon, she felt another impulse that told her to join their fun. She thought, ‘It’s just playing with the dogs… what could happen?’ So she let herself in the pen. The dogs including Buster all walked around her and began sniffing her. As she pet the dogs, she noticed that there was one boy and one girl.

Again, like she had with the cat, Whitney had begun to sniff around, but instead of nothing, she had actually picked up a scent or two. Her curiosity had soon gotten the better of her and she got down on all fours and begun sniffing some more. As she was taking in more smells, her nose soon took on a darker shade and different texture. Her olfactory system changed and she could smell more and more things with each whiff. All at the same time, she realized that she could sense more things by sniffing the animal’s backside and came closer to each of them. As this happened, a hairless tail had begun growing and wagging at her discoveries. She could smell what all of the dogs had earlier for food and tell that they were all healthy. “What are your names?” Whitney felt as if they might have not been able to answer back, but she still wanted to try. Luckily, she heard them, but she also heard them barking, confusing her slightly. The husky answered first. I’m Geremy… he gently licked her nose to which Whitney instinctively licked back. Next was a Bernese mountain dog. I’m Beverly, but you can call me Bev. She gave Whitney a lick on her cheek as well, but Whitney felt compelled to sniff her a little more before licking back. Buster then came up to her. “Buster, I already know your name…” Buster gently licked her as well feeling love as a dog had for it’s master, and Whitney had returned his affection. Her tail had wagged pretty hard, and yet, she didn’t notice anything about it. They then began nipping at one another’s flanks, and had played for what seemed like hours. Soon, Randy had come in.

He was putting the box in a frog habitat and quietly talked with the new frog neighbor. “Sorry sir, I don’t think the anyone else knows yet, but the new staff member seems to be a little suspicious, and I don’t know if she has started changing yet, but everyone else looks fine.” The frog, which had just turned around, nodded at him. “Good work Randy.” He said in a raspy frog voice. “Us animals usually lose the ability to talk within a week of transforming completely and our humanity is forever lost after six months… I want you to try and keep everyone calm. If you see anyone going into the transformation, quickly bring them here and keep them in the back. We have to keep an eye on them, or we’ll be getting things we don’t need.” Randy scratched back of his head and Rick could tell that he wanted to ask something. “What is it?” “Well, sir… Why is this happening to our staff members? I mean it doesn’t seem like any of this is possible!” the frog nodded, and dodged a couple of normal minded frogs. “I know… I didn’t know why myself! Heck! I still don’t know… The manager before me told me that he didn’t know either, but that this has been going on for many years. The ones who don’t transform the longest become the manager, and when they find someone that hasn’t changed the longest, like themselves, they become the new manager and they finally start to change.”

Rick had then jumped around with the other frogs and began acting more like a regular frog would. “Wait!” he stopped and turned to him. “What should I tell the next person that changes? Is this really my future?” Randy was a regular guy, and though he loved animals, he didn’t want to become one. He had his dream after he had joined the staff, but as he was about to enter an animal door, a voice came from the human room. “Wait! Don’t go in those! Stay in this room for now!” Randy turned to see a figure, but the head was too bright to see any features. He tried to look for a face, but woke up before he could determine what the person looked like. Rick had a similar dream, but when he realized that Randy was the one to replace him, he had the same dream, but wasn’t stopped like last time, so he wandered and headed towards the frog room. He usually never remembered his dreams, but after having one similar to it in the beginning and knowing what was in store for him made Rick never forget it, though it was slowly slipping away from his memory. “Yes… I’m sorry to say, but you will eventually turn into an animal once you figure out your replacement. As for when another staff member changes, just tell them the truth and that it is best for them to lose all contact with anyone that they’ve come to love. Also, tell them not to worry about their futures. It’s sad to say, but once we all lose our humanity, we’re regular animals. If we happen to be pets, then put us with the others. If we are wild, it’s best to take us back to our natural habitat while we still have our humanity.”

Randy nodded and even took out a little notepad and wrote down his instructions. “It is the up most importance that everyone must face the fact that they are going to be animals. If not, they’ll just end up miserable for their last ‘human’ days…This could have negative side effects and something could happen to their DNA” Randy nodded and let Rick return to acting like a normal-ish frog. As he was about to head back to the store, he saw Whitney in the pen with the other dogs, behaving strangely. Meanwhile, she had been sniffing around and soon felt turf on her hands and knees. She had then felt the need to use the bathroom again, and knowing what she knew now, she looked around and took off her pants and underwear. She sighed and squatted, relieving herself, and then dabbed her slightly urine wet area on the ground where it was dry. When she finished, she was about to put on her clothes when Geremy, Bev and Buster were sniffing her. At first she was hesitant, but then she felt that it was only right since she smelled them. Waiting patiently, she listened for their noses to stop taking in her scent to put on her clothes. When she was fully clothed she remembered of her mark and began sniffing at it, as if she had to make sure it was hers. When she finished, she went back to try and play with the dogs again, when Buster tugged at her pants.  She whimpered her dislike, but otherwise didn’t care at the moment and even shook herself, making it easier for her pants to slip.

Soon she was down to her undies and even then, Buster tugged. Geremy even joined him and soon, her underwear tore. “Guys! Now I won’t be able to cover myself!” You don’t need them though! They’ll just be in the way when you need to pee. Buster said in an as-a matter-of-fact tone. Whitney thought about his logic and nodded. “Yeah… You’re right, sorry guys.” Soon Randy had come and stared wide eyed at Whitney. “Whitney?” Snapping out of her funk, she fully realized that, except for the top half of her body, she was naked!” Oh! I… Randy… Can you keep a secret?” Randy cut her off incase anyone came in to check where any of them were. “Quick, before you say anything, follow me!” He tugged at her shirt since she was on all fours still. Buster, though questioning about Whitney’s status, knew that she was still his mistress. “Barrr- Bark!!” Get your paws off her! As if feeding off of his energy, the other dogs began barking at Randy, but Whitney calmed them. “It’s alright guys, stop!” The dogs stopped barking, but they continued to follow them. Soon, all of them ended into a farther end of the back room, which was closed off so no one could see unless they went through another door.

Once he knew they were safe from sight, Randy let go of her shirt. “Sorry about that Whitney, but I just don’t want anyone to see you. Look, it’s strange since this is suppose to be your first day, but I can see that you have it now.” ‘So Randy did know something!’ Whitney thought. “So what happens now?” Randy told her what Rick told her and what really happened to him. What affected her most was the news to do nothing about it and just wait till the changes come, there had to be some way to fight it. “Sorry Whit… There’s no way to change what’s already been done. You are going to be a dog, and we’ll have to wait till you’re fully a dog to start your life over again.”  Sighing, she felt another urge overcome her. She whined a little and felt her tail droop, making her finally notice it.  “Well, look at that… I have a tail now…” Randy could see that she was taking it quite well, despite her sadness. “Now remember what Rick said about your mood, I know it’s going to be hard, but you don’t want any abnormalities in your transformation…” Whitney nodded and felt better as her dog began licking her cheek. “Can I make one request?” Randy had witnessed his boss, Millie, and now Whitney becoming animals, but this was the first that he heard of any kind of request. To help keep her happy, he agreed to it. “When it comes time for me to become adopted, I don’t want to leave Buster’s side… Even if my dog mind doesn’t care anymore, my real mind wants Buster to stay with me. Can you make that happen?” Randy knew that he could make this happen and he wanted to make her happy not just for while she transformed, but he just wanted to do something even if he didn’t know her that well.

“I promise!” Whitney smiled and returned playing with the other dogs. They had a way to go to the staff room without a door, but Whitney knew not to follow them if they went there, or people would know… Meanwhile, Randy was about to head out, one of the staff members came. “There you are! The other staff members are looking for you. They say that they saw Whitney come in, but they can’t find her at her station!” “It’s ok, calm down. Sadly, Whitney had to quit. She had an emergency with her family and had to move.” The staff member lowered her head. “That’s a shame… She just got the job…” Randy nodded and they headed back out. When the dogs came back, Whitney’s happy energy returned. “So, since I’m stuck here for now, and I think you guys are here too till your humanity slips… What do you guys want to do?” Buster, who was already resting from the day, gave the rest of them ideas to sleep as well. Soon, all of them went in a circle and laid on their stomachs. “Uh guys… When did you all fully transform into dogs? I mean I can tell that it’s been more than two weeks since you cant talk, but I want to know how much time I have with… Well, with people like me.” Geremy and Bev nodded in understanding. I was finally done transforming exactly two weeks and a day. Geremy nodded and then spoke. I finished just last week and four days ago, so I’m actually the latest transformee or whatever. Lowering her head to get ready to sleep, Whitney looked back at her tail. It was pretty long which she was happy about, but there was no sign of fur yet. Since she knew it was inevitable, she felt better about becoming a dog, with a tail fully grown on her end. Luckily there wasn’t much that she had to do till she was fully a dog.

She was an orphan just last year, and there really weren’t any relatives that she could rely on. In fact, Buster was the only family member for now. She didn’t make many friends since she moved far from her hometown. She hadn’t contacted them in years anyway, and Buster who had been with her since her move, would hopefully always be with her if Randy kept his word. After a few minutes, she began to fall asleep. She had another dream where she was in the castle full of animals divided by rooms and her taking the same action. The only thing that was different was she felt as if the temperature had risen. As she walked around the room, Whitney frantically searched for the thermostat or an air conditioner, but unfortunately there wasn’t any around. “No!” Whitney looked on in shock as she saw many dogs having sex, and looked around her to find that a few dogs were looking at her funny and sniffing around her area. “Stop! Get back!” Whitney had then woken with bolt standing on all fours. She sighed as she realized that it was just a dream, but became worried as she noticed the other two waking up in very much the same way. “You guys had that dream of the hot temperature?”  They nodded in unison, and felt the need to do their business. As they found turf, they noticed Buster had joined them and all of them looked for a spot. Whitney went first and squatted. When she was finished, she didn’t dry herself like last time, but had sniffed it again. After, Bev went over her mess, and then Buster went over that. Sorry… I couldn’t help but go over your spot…

Whitney shook her head. “It’s ok, I don’t really mind.” Geremy had come back from his business, but then had smelled Buster’s scent and pissed over that. Buster had growled at him for what he had done and Geremy whined, but then changed, almost as if someone had snapped their fingers. He began to growl and Buster got a little bit intimidated, but stood his ground. It was back to back growling and eventually Buster had won being the boss of the group since he was a real dog and had no real humanity to him. Buster then went over Geremy’s scent and everyone went back to playing around. At a point or two, Whitney felt her temperature rise a little and felt like she needed to get something done, but had no idea what. After more and more moments, she couldn’t take it anymore. “Does anyone feel this ache? I need something to fill me!” Bev nodded and told her that she felt the same, but Geremy shook his head. Well… I do feel an ache, but it’s different than what you guys have… I don’t know what it is! Then Geremy and Buster began sniffing the air. Do- Do you guys smell that? I- I feel… I feel horny… Geremy looked down at his sheath and saw his penis poke out a bit. “Oh God! Now I know why we had that dream… Bev! We’re going into heat!” Bev whimpered and began running around. Geremy had started chasing after her. All the while, Whitney sniffed around and frantically searched for a spot to hide. She was surprised how much the ache hurt more as time passed, but that she was able to distract herself. Suddenly, as she stuck her head in a little spot hidden from the other dogs, Whitney felt a cold nose on her butt and sniffing a little.

Whitney prayed that nothing would happen, and for a while nothing did, making her sigh in relief, but then she felt a tongue begin licking her, making her feel horny as well, but she was still mostly human, and tried to get away from whoever was doing that as fast as possible. When she turned around, she gasped as she saw Buster was the dog licking her. She backed up into the spot and felt her tail touch her backside. Almost forgetting that she had a tail, she jumped slightly and run along with Bev. As she ran, her hands had finished transforming into paws and her arms were just about finished. Her hind legs had just begun as she was keeping up with Bev, and went back and forth between the staff pet room and the secret back room. She knew that she wasn’t allowed to go there, but she didn’t want to be a mother more. Luckily, Randy had come in and saw the sight of Beverly and Whitney running from Geremy and Buster. “Hey! What’s going on Whit?” She tried talking as she ran as fast as she could, escaping both male dogs. “We didn’t mean to be! We- are in- We’re in heat! They keep chasing us!” Randy gasped and grabbed Geremy’s and Buster’s collars letting all of the dogs catch their breath. “Oh… Thanks Randy…” Randy soon heard footsteps and told Whitney to hide. “What’s wrong? I thought I heard something in here? Hey… Isn’t that Whitney’s dog?” Thinking quickly, he told the staff member that Whitney couldn’t take Buster with her and that he would own Buster temporarily. “That’s sad… I used to have a dog that I would think was like Whitney owning the dog. I mean I just met her so I don’t know, but anyways… I really love my dog, and he was very intelligent.”

“Sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt, but it’s actually pretty important that you take these guys right now while I take the girl. It seems that she’s going into heat… I need to get a fence.” The staff member nodded and held a tight grip on their collars. “Why aren’t they spayed and neutered?”  Randy soon fixed the fence to keep the males at the front and the female(s) in the back part of the room. “I don’t know, but for now, we just have to keep them separated.” Once they were separated, Randy let the staff go home and closed the shop a little early that day. When he came back, he backed his car into the back room of the staff pet room and opened the trunk to reveal a crate. He knew that if he was ever spotted without Buster after telling them that he would own him temporarily, they would start to wonder why and what was going on. Looking around, he waited a few seconds till he loaded Whitney in the car. She tried climbing, but her now fully transformed limbs didn’t help, so she jumped, and smiled at how high she managed to go. She was soon packed in the crate, and Buster was next. He got in no problem, and since the fence could stretch even more, he tied up Geremy on one side and Bev on the other, and changed the direction of the fence long ways, so they would have an equal amount of turf. After, he let them go, Randy gave them a refill of their food and water bowls, and cleaned a little bit of the turf. “You guys should be good for now. Don’t worry… I’ll try and get you guys comfortable for now and I’ll bring Buster and Whit back soon.” The dogs gave a canine smile and panted at the news. Soon he was at his house and unloaded Whitney first to get her paws on real grass. Her tail wagged with delight, but then soon felt the need to have sex again.

Whimpering, she began sniffing around the backyard to distract herself. Randy had a nice modest house. It was certainly an upgrade from Whitney’s townhouse, and he had a very tall wooden fence that would give them privacy. It was perfect. “This is actually pretty convenient.” She said, her tail starting to feel pins and needles. She whimpered slightly, but Randy knew something was up. “What’s wrong Whit?” She shook her head and lifted her tail. It was growing white fur, but it didn’t grow too much “Oh your fur is starting to grow.” Feeling better about her transformation, she looked back eagerly and saw it. It began wagging harder and she began running around the yard. Soon buster had joined them. “Try and hang tight… I’m going to close the trunk. Whitney nodded and continued running, even nipping at Buster’s sides to encourage him to play with her. As this happened, a pop sounded and more feelings of pins and needles came. “Ow… I hope that the transformation hurries… I just want the pain to end…” As she stood around, her pheromones once again attracted Buster’s attention and he began to sniff around Whitney’s backside. Forgetting about almost being screwed an hour or so ago, she let him and even took Buster’s invitation to sniff his. She could tell by his scent that he was pretty happy and excited. She even felt her tail wagging, feeling the same way.

As their activity continued, Whitney began gravitating to Buster’s sheath and watched as his penis began peeking out. A little hesitant, Whitney felt compelled and eventually began gently licking him and felt her vagina started to moisten.  She knew that she had to have his penis in her and began licking more and more triggering an erection Buster, though knowing she was his mistress, became confused as he smelled the scent of a female dog in heat. He tried to find something to help him determine who she really was to him now, and begun licking her. As he continued licking, he knew then that she was fully a dog and begun tugging at the remainder of her clothes. Becoming a little nervous at Buster’s actions, Whitney tugged the other way and soon she was fully naked. Before anything else happened, she started checking herself over incase she still had her regular breasts, but luckily they had already flattened into nipples and the last pair of eight was about finished. She also noticed that more fur had taken over her body. “Wow I’m almost fully transformed!” Buster then barked, breaking her distraction. “Oh! Um… Where were we?”  Buster licked her cheek and she licked back. She didn’t care anymore if a fading part of her thought it was weird. She was going to become an animal and she knew that she had to get used to her developing animal instincts. Before any of them made another move finishing what they started, Randy had finally gotten back. “So, sorry that I took so long, I just wanted to get my house ready for you guys, and I know that you want to stay together, but I think for the time being, it’s best that I keep you guys separate.”

Whitney nodded her head, and then realized that she was about to have sex minute ago and whined. “What is it?” Lowering her head, she told him how she almost had done it, but at the same time, she thought ‘so what?’ “I mean, yeah I’ll have puppies, but I- I feel like nothing’s gonna stop this, and I even want it to happen!” Randy lowered his head. Whitney may have changed her mind because she was in heat, but he didn’t. He was already in charge of way too much. More than his position promised, but at the same time, he felt afraid that if he didn’t keep with the transformed, he would just end up as an animal as well. He knew he would end up as an animal anyway, but he wanted as much time as a human as he could manage. If it happened, he couldn’t stop it, but he knew that he had to try. “Well, let’s just get you guys some dinner.” Clipping a leash unto Buster’s collar, he led both of them inside and tied him to the corner of the kitchen.  After he poured the kibble, he put pairs of food and water bowls on the floor and kept them apart. Whitney knew that Randy probably wanted her and Buster to stay separated until the heat was gone, and the more she though of his request, to which she decided to try and uphold, she thought about her reasoning of why she had changed her mind. ‘Maybe it’s just me in heat talking…’ By then she tried her hardest to distract herself as long as she could from falling victim to the urges. After they ate and had their fill of water, they were led outside with the help of Randy, and set out to go to the bathroom.

After a long day, all of them soon headed into bed. Randy had installed two dog doors incase they needed to go out and do their business while he slept and hoped that Whitney could handle herself. To keep them apart as much as he could, he brought a fence that he had borrowed from the emporium and stretched it out in his living room so they would be separate and gated any other openings so they couldn’t meet each other besides the dog doors. Finally he brought the dog bowls from the kitchen and brought beds. “Ok, I’m counting on you guys to stay separated, I tried getting the biggest of fences, but you might find a way out… Please, just try…” Both whimpered, but Whitney nodded trying her best to suppress her urges. Luckily there were no other changes. At the moment Whitney had the head of a human with the exception of her dog nose. The rest of her body was that of a dog but only her tail and her paws all the way up to her limbs had fur. On the inside, it was all dog, and Whitney knew that with the rate of the changes, she was sure to physically be a real dog by tomorrow. As the night grew Whitney began to fall asleep, until she heard a voice You in the mood yet? Jumping, Whitney began looking around. She didn’t have night vision yet so her eyes slowly began to adjust to the darkness and soon found a figure that she figured was Buster. “I don’t know if you can understand me, but yes…” She whispered. Unfortunately he didn’t and he asked again. Thinking, she tried to communicate by barking softly. “Bar-” Yea- I-Yeah. It was weird to bark and hear it’s meaning, at least, when she did it herself.

Buster understood enough and tried to find some way to get to her, and even asked her if she knew, forgetting about the dog door for the moment. She watched on as her desire grew with his determination. She really wanted him. She even whimpered a little, feeling the ache that buster could help fix, but she also tried to distract herself. She didn’t want to, but then she did. Becoming more confused just thinking about it, Whitney circled around and curled upon the dog bed. Buster eventually remembered and walked through the doors, meeting up with her and began licking her cheek. Lifting her head up and realizing Buster figured out the doors, she ran outside. They ran for minutes up to an hour until both were tired and rested for a few seconds. When they finished, Buster was quickly right behind Whitney and began licking her. Failing to fight the urges, Whiney began licking back and lowered her head to his sheath. As she sniffed she felt a pull, as her muzzle was beginning to form. As this happened, her tongue lengthened and her teeth quickly changed. Waiting for the changes to be over, she stopped sniffing for a bit. Then continued when it finished, and even began licking. Buster whined with pleasure as his penis protruded, becoming a full-blown erection. Buster had returned the favor as he began licking her vagina. Neither of them stopped, sensing their excitement of one another with each lick. After a few more seconds, both of them couldn’t take it anymore and Whitney faced her backside to Buster’s muzzle with her tail raised to the side. Buster didn’t hesitate and mounted her.

When Buster finally slid his penis in, Whitney never knew that she could ever feel so good. He then began humping her, making her fidget a little as she felt more and more pleasure overtake her body. To help her hold still, Buster nipped on her neck lightly and kept her still. Whitney moaned and even barked a few times, feeling more and more in ecstasy until she came. She howled as it almost became too much, but Buster kept going. Soon a bulge entered her, and with one final push, Buster released and did his own howl as the walls of Whitney’s vagina spasmed. It was over, and on instinct, he turned and they were stuck. Catching her breath, Whitney turned to see how Buster was doing. Even though she had just had sex with him, for now he was still her dog. She tilted her head and began licking his muzzle, and he licked back. Once the knot died down, they cleaned themselves and even went at it again a few times. After, they sniffed around, did their business, and they both headed back inside and slept in separate spots. The next few weeks, Whitney, who was a fully transformed Dalmatian saw her stomach bulge. Randy didn’t ask her, but knew that both her and Buster must have screwed around the time he brought them to his house and sighed, He knew it wasn’t all her fault and even told her that he forgave her. Eventually, Whitney had lost her ability to speak, but she could understand just like Geremy and Bev did when she met them. Speaking of which, just like Randy promised, he brought Whitney and Buster back to the emporium to play. They all would play until Beverly and Whitney’s bulges were too much for them. Randy had found that Bev had developed a bulge as well the same time as Whitney, and knew that somehow, Geremy found a way to get to her. So, you got fucked to? Whitney nodded. I couldn’t fight it anymore and I was even the one that kinda started it… Beverly licked Whitney’s muzzle.

Don’t feel bad… at least we’ll be mother’s together. Whitney licked her and nodded. Soon it was time for the puppies to arrive. Randy and another staff member helped, but Whitney and Bev were doing really well for their first time. Beverly had a total of eight puppies, three of which were boys. For Whitney though, she had ten, and she had an equal amount of boys and girls, but having ten pups and eight teats, she knew that it would be hard. They both quickly nuzzled each of their pups to their bulging teats and though they were happy about their pups being well fed, they also loved the feeling. Another type of pleasure pulsed through each of them and both hoped that the pleasure could last forever. Soon the pups rested and the new mothers, and even the dads groomed their pups. As the next few weeks passed, all of the transformees were relieved to see that they all acted like regular pups and that there were no strange side effects. To help her keep track of her pups though, Whitney all mentally gave them names. Bev also thought of names for hers, and with them raising their pups together, the pups had plenty of playmates. To Whitney’s surprise, Buster had shown to be a pretty good dad, though he didn’t have much common thought, and she smiled whenever she picked up some of his talk. Good boy… now sniff it out! That’s a good girl! He even tended to her when she grew too stressed. He would often lick her muzzle or tug affectionately on her ear and they would sometimes end up playing and their pups would join them.

Though it was a little tuff, Whitney and the others did love raising their ‘children’, but eventually, it was time to sell the pups… Seven weeks had past and a little pen was set up with a sign. “Great Dalmatians for sale! They’re very smart! Fifty bucks each!” Whitney couldn’t believe what she had just heard coming from Randy and made her dislike known by growling. “Don’t be like that Whit… This is mostly your’s and Buster’s own fault. We can’t keep them, besides, soon you might not remember much of this when you fully become a dog…” Her head lowered at the truth, and fear that Randy would be right in her forgetting possibly all of these moments. Frantically she jumped into the pen and tried snuggling with her pups one last time. Although she didn’t want it, people began crossing the sign’s path and headed towards the pen. Whitney wanted to growl and bite some of the hands that picked up her pups, but she knew that not only would it be wrong of her to do that, but that Randy might even punish her. She sighed as she watched a few go, and then soon, all of her pups had been given to good homes. I hope they really are… Whitney whined. Buster jumped into the pen and began licking her muzzle. Pups will be fine… We’ll have more when the time comes. Another three months later, Whitney was in heat again. This time however, Geremy and Bev were fully dogs, and knew of Whitney, but they didn’t hold conversations or acted like themselves anymore and were eventually adopted.

Whitney didn’t look forward to being in heat since she knew that she would be alone, although, she knew what to do now… When she did go into heat, she also had found that it was hard to distract herself more than last time. She knew that soon she would fully be a dog soon, and that she would be different when she had her new litter. Randy, who had come home from work had gotten used to Whitney and Buster greeting him at the door like regular dogs since Bev and Geremy were gone, but he knew that Whitney, though still retaining her rational thoughts, would soon be an ordinary dog. “Guys! I’m home!!” Meanwhile, in the backyard, Whitney had felt her mood change and the ache of wanting to be penetrated, and wasted no time to get Buster’s attention. She quickly ran up to him and began gently licking his sheath’s tip, triggering Buster’s penis to emerged, and didn’t stop till he was fully ready. Buster had smelt her scent and also began to lick her vagina lips. Whitney shuttered at the sensation, and turned, moving her tail to the side. Buster quickly mounted and began thrusting. His penis poked several times until he found the right spot and humped. Whitney didn’t moan like before, but whimpered more and more as waves of pleasure surged through her whole body. She wanted more and barked for it! As he almost over satisfied her, the tip of his penis hit the end and soon his knot had entered. I love you Buster! Good boy… Whitney orgasmed and then suddenly felt a little different, but didn’t think about it for now. She was still in the middle of something and didn’t want to interrupt anything. Buster nipped at her neck, keeping her in place. He then released and howled victoriously.

Randy, who had been looking for the dogs heard it, and felt his eyes widen. “NO! Nononononononono!” When he finally found them in the backyard it was too late. He knew it was useless, but tried to separate them somehow. Both, though, had growled at him, like he was annoying them. Buster licked Whitney’s muzzle and Whitney licked back. “Whitney! Why? Why would you do this again?” Whitney glanced at him for a few seconds, but then went back to licking Buster’s muzzle. Buster had turned over at that time and both of them continued showing affection with one another, and after the knot shrank, Whitney didn’t hesitate to get Buster back in the mood. Randy on the other hand gave up and went inside to have a drink. “She didn’t respond to me like she usually does, and it’s been at least six months since she had lost her ability to speak… I- I guess this means… This must mean she’s just a regular dog now…” When he walked to look out of his window he stared in sorrow as he saw Whitney and Buster resting after their fourth time mating. Randy sighed and went to bed, not knowing what to do since he couldn’t reason with them. After about five more times, Whitney and Buster were finally done for the rest of the day. They began sniffing for places to go to the bathroom and then they spent the next few minutes cleaning themselves before playing tag with one another.

When they finished, Whitney licked her mate’s muzzle and Buster licked back. They were almost like lovebirds, and when they headed inside for some kibble, they smelled the scent of their master. As they ran to Randy’s room, Whitney had felt as if Randy meant more to her than just her master before, but nothing came to mind other than he was a nice master. When they reached his room, they hopped onto the bed and began sniffing him. Randy woke up to licking and almost licked back since he dreamt of running as a dog and then saw Buster and Whitney run to his side and lick him. Randy bolted and woke in a cold sweat. “Ah! Oh, I- I hope this doesn’t mean I’m gonna be you guys yet…” Both dogs tilted their heads at the sound of Randy’s speech sounding afraid. Sighing, Randy relaxed remembering that the dream was different meaning that he wouldn’t transform for a while. He reached his hands out and began to pet both dogs who began licking his palms, and for the rest of the evening, they all rested. The next two months, Whitney was ready to give birth and knew what to do, but didn’t act like how her human mind would have told her to do during her first pregnancy. This time, her litter consisted of five pups, three were boys and two were girls. She was a great mother and cared for them greatly, and then when it was time for their adoption, she whimpered, but didn’t do much else as all of her pups went to great homes.

Eventually Randy had found a buyer that took both Whitney and Buster, and they spent the rest of their lives living as carefree dogs and even had more litters as the years past. Whitney never remembered her old life, but of course it didn’t bother her too much. After all, she is now just a regular dog.